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DES-5221 Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking tricks |

DES-5221 tricks - Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: DES-5221 Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking tricks November 2023 by team

DES-5221 Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking

Exam Detail:
The DES-5221 Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking test is designed to validate the knowledge and skills of candidates in implementing and configuring data center networking solutions. This test is part of the Dell EMC Specialist - Implementation Engineer track. Here are the test details for the DES-5221 certification:

- Number of Questions: The exact number of questions may vary, but the test typically consists of multiple-choice questions and hands-on simulations.

- Time Limit: The time allotted to complete the test is 90 minutes.

Course Outline:
The course outline for the DES-5221 Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking certification covers various Topics related to implementing and configuring data center networking solutions. The Topics typically included in the course outline are as follows:

1. Data Center Network Design:
- Understanding the principles and best practices for designing data center networks.
- Analyzing business requirements and translating them into a network design.

2. Data Center Network Implementation:
- Configuring and deploying network devices for a data center network.
- Implementing network protocols and services such as VLANs, routing protocols, load balancing, and security.

3. Data Center Network Troubleshooting:
- Troubleshooting common issues in data center networks.
- Using network analysis tools and techniques to identify and resolve problems.

4. Network Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking (SDN):
- Implementing virtualized network environments using technologies such as VXLAN, NVGRE, and SDN controllers.
- Configuring overlay networks and integrating them with the physical network infrastructure.

5. Network Automation and Orchestration:
- Implementing network automation solutions for data center networking.
- Configuring network devices using tools like Ansible, Puppet, or other automation frameworks.

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the DES-5221 Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking test are as follows:

- Assessing candidates' understanding of data center network design principles and best practices.
- Evaluating candidates' proficiency in implementing and configuring network devices and protocols for a data center network.
- Testing candidates' ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues in a data center networking environment.
- Assessing candidates' knowledge of network virtualization, software-defined networking, and network automation in the context of data center networking.

Exam Syllabus:
The specific test syllabus for the DES-5221 Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking certification may cover the following topics:

1. Data Center Network Design:
- Design principles and best practices for data center networks.
- Network requirements analysis and planning for data centers.

2. Data Center Network Implementation:
- Configuration of network devices (switches, routers, load balancers) in a data center environment.
- Implementation of network protocols and services (VLANs, routing protocols, load balancing, security).

3. Data Center Network Troubleshooting:
- Troubleshooting methodologies and tools for data center networks.
- Identification and resolution of common data center network issues.

4. Network Virtualization and SDN:
- Virtualized network environments and technologies (VXLAN, NVGRE).
- Integration of overlay networks with the physical network infrastructure.

5. Network Automation and Orchestration:
- Network automation frameworks and tools (Ansible, Puppet).
- Configuration management and automation of data center network devices.
Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking
DELL-EMC Implementation tricks

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Specialist Implementation Engineer, Data Center
QUESTION 50 When configuring VRRP in tandem with VLT, what is the default
VRRP mode?
A. active-active
B. primary-standby
C. active-standby
D. master-backup
Correct Answer: D
A network administrator wants servers to avoid spanning-tree convergence immediately after connecting to a leaf switch. Which spanning-tree feature would allow this?
A. spanning-tree vlan priority 0
B. spanning-tree port-type disabled
C. spanning-tree port-priority 0
D. spanning-tree port-type edge
Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 52 When installing OS10 on a switch from a USB drive, what format is used for
the file system?
B. FAT32
Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 53 What benefit does VRRP version 3 provide over VRRP
version 2 in OS10?
A. Provides preemption capability.
B. Provides MD5 authentication.
C. Allows subsecond timers.
D. Allows multiple masters in the topology.
Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 54 Which commands are required to properly configure an OS10 switch to run OSPF on eth1/1/3 and to add network to
OSPF area 0?
A. OS10(config)# interface ethernet 1/1/3
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# no shutdown
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# no switchport
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# ip address
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# ip ospf 1 area
OS10(config)# router ospf1
B. OS10(config)# router ospf 1
OS10(config-router-ospf-1)# router-id
OS10(config)# interface ethernet 1/1/3
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# no shutdown
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# no switchport
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# ip ospf 1 area
C. OS10(config)# interface ethernet 1/1/3
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# no shutdown
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# ip address
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# no switchport
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# ip ospf 1 area
OS10(config)# router ospf 1
D. OS10(config)# interface ethernet 1/1/3
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# no shutdown
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# ip address
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# no switchport
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# ip ospf 1 area
OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/3)# router ospf 1
Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 55 From which range can a network administrator choose when setting the RSTP
priority value?
A. 1-6400
B. 0-61440
C. 0-614400
D. 1-64
Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 56 Which router types are contained in a single-area OSPF
A. Stub router and ABR
C. Internal router and ASBR
D. Backbone router and Internal router
Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 57 Which field in an IP header is used for
QoS marking?
A. ToS
C. CoS
Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 58 What type of network in a Data Center flattens the core and aggregation layers into
a single tier?
A. Leaf
B. Leaf-spine
C. Spine
Correct Answer: B
At which layer does LLDP operate?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 2
D. 4
Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 60 In the OS10 CLI what
does Ctrl+A do?
A. Deletes all the text before the cursor.
B. Moves the cursor to the start of the command line.
C. Moves the cursor to the end of the command line.
D. Deletes the word before the cursor.
Correct Answer: B
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DELL-EMC Implementation tricks - BingNews Search results DELL-EMC Implementation tricks - BingNews Dell EMC World 2017

CRN is live at Dell EMC World 2017 in Las Vegas. Get all of ourr coverage of the event, as well content from the Dell EMC World 2017 special issue of CRN, here.

Dell EMC World

CRN is live at Dell EMC World 2017 in Las Vegas. Get all of our coverage of the event, as well content from the Dell EMC World 2017 special issue of CRN, here.

Dell EMC World News

Dell EMC Bringing Mission-Critical Cloud Power Virtustream Into Channel Program
The Virtustream Enterprise Cloud's move into the Dell EMC partner program is effective immediately and was announced today at the Dell EMC World conference in Las Vegas.

Pat Gelsinger: VMware Opens Up Tech Partners To Expand Cloud Capabilities
VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger said new partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Google, and other parts of the Dell EMC business will make it easier for customers to run applications and manage IoT over private, hybrid, and public clouds.

Virtustream Extends Mission-Critical Cloud Tech To Complex Health Care Applications
Virtustream, known mainly for its public cloud infrastructure for mission-critical apps like SAP, is now providing the ability to run Epic and other health care apps in a HIPAA-compliant cloud.

Michael Dell To Partners: 'Enormous Cross-Selling Opportunities For You'
Dell EMC CEO Michael Dell tells partners that the complexity inherent in enterprise digital transformations opens up more opportunities for partners to sell across Dell EMC's broad portfolio.

Dell EMC's David Goulden: Modern, Automated Infrastructure Provides The First Step For Cloud Migration
A big focus of this week's Dell EMC World is the ability of Dell EMC to provide the modern infrastructure that lets customers look at the cloud and other ways to add flexibility to their applications.

Dell EMC Rolls Out 'Flexible Consumption' Rebate For Partners
Channel Chief John Byrne hit the Dell EMC World conference stage in Las Vegas to talk about the vendor's new consumption-based rebate model for partners selling cloud and hyper-converged resources.

Dell EMC Takes Aim At Cisco With New Open Networking Push
Dell EMC is putting the pressure on Cisco and other networking market leaders, unveiling a slew of new open networking products at this week's Dell EMC World.


Dell North America Sales Chief: 'Winning In Both Consumer And Commercial PCs' Is Key
David Schmoock, who took over as North America sales head at Dell EMC in early April after the departure of 18-year sales veteran Bill Rodriguez, made the case at Dell EMC World for keeping the competitive pressure on in the PC arena.

Dell EMC World: Michael Dell's 7 Keys To The Future Of Dell Technologies And The IT Industry
In a keynote at the Dell EMC World conference in Las Vegas, Dell laid out the company's broad product portfolio for the more than 13,000 in attendance and gave insights into how that portfolio is positioned for the future of global business.

Dell EMC World: Enterprise Sales Chief Scannell Says Partners Are Booting Competitors, Winning Big Deals Amid Huge Market Opportunity
Scannell says the market opportunity for Dell EMC now is bigger than he's seen in more than three decades.

Michael Dell To Partners: 'Enormous Cross-Selling Opportunities For You'
Dell is contributing its Project FUSE source code to the EdgeX Foundry initiative, a project aiming to create a standard to align market leaders around a common Internet of Things framework.

Partner Marketing Push: Dell EMC Arms Partners With New MDF Resources
Dell EMC is simplifying its MDF strategy with its Partner Marketing Institute, an online portal that enables partners to seamlessly make their marketing efforts an extension of Dell EMC's.

Dell EMC Gives Partners The Nod On Commercial PCs With Extension Of Partner-Led Strategy
Dell EMC moves closer to launching its sales strategy for servers, storage and networking lines, establishing a "line of sight" for partners to make money.

Dell EMC Launches All-Flash Storage Barrage
Dell EMC debuts its VMAX 950X all-flash enterprise storage array and second-generation XtremIO all-flash block storage platform at Dell EMC World.

15 Hot Products Unleashed At Dell EMC World 2017
Whether you made it to Las Vegas for Dell EMC World or not, CRN was there.

Dell EMC World Special Issue

Dell EMC World

Dell EMC World: Transformation Titans Map Out Dell EMC's Path To Growth
With the right pieces now in place, Dell EMC's complete-portfolio call to action is being heard loud and clear across the partner ecosystem.

Marius Haas On Why There's 'Zero Debate' About The Value Of Dell EMC's End-To-End Portfolio
Marius Haas believes that when it comes to determining which vendor partner is going to provide you with long-term value creation opportunities, there's no debate that it's Dell EMC.

John Byrne On Partners Pivoting Away From Cisco, HPE, Lenovo, And Selling The Entire Dell EMC Portfolio
John Byrne says that Dell EMC partners are rapidly moving away from competing vendors and aggressively pushing new business opportunities across the entire combined portfolio.

Dell EMC's Cheryl Cook On The Combined Partner Marketing Perspective
Dell EMC's global channel marketing chief Cheryl Cook talks to CRN about the importance of communication when combining the marketing efforts of two massive partner programs.

Chad Sakac On Dell EMC's Push To Turn Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Into A Utility
Dell EMC is putting the 'pedal to the medal' when it comes to hyper-converged infrastructure and is tasking Chad Sakac and his team with making customer transformation as simple as possible for partners.

Jeremy Burton On How Partners Can Take Advantage Of A Combined Dell, EMC
Ahead of Dell EMC World 2017, Jeremy Burton dug into the blockbuster acquisition and how it primes partners to take advantage of the new combined company.

Dell EMC's David Goulden On What It Means To Be The Biggest Player In Storage
Ahead of Dell EMC World 2017, David Goulden talks to CRN about the new combined storage powerhouse and why you won't heard anyone referred to as 'ex-Dell' or 'ex-EMC.'

Mon, 18 Mar 2019 04:59:00 -0500 en text/html
CRN's Coverage Of Dell EMC World 2016

Power At Every Position: Dell Fills Exec Lineup With Seasoned Channel, Sales Veterans
The new Dell Technologies intends to lean heavily on EMC's channel experts. Here's a rundown of the executives leading Dell Technologies' sales and channel operations.

Dell Adds Systems Integrators To Its IoT Solutions Partner Program
Systems integrators have a 'unique vertical experience,' says a Dell IoT executive, and have expertise in manufacturing, utilities and industrial automation.

Dell EMC Launches First Midmarket-Focused VMAX Solution At Sub-$100K Price Point
The new 250F is 'VMAX for everyone,' says Dell EMC Vice President of Marketing Peter Smails, delivering enterprise capabilities to a new market of midsize customers.

Partners: Cisco And Dell EMC Will 'Inevitably' Hit VCE Architecture And Sales Crossroads
Although Cisco and Dell are playing nice around VCE for now, partners say architectural differences and sales incentives will inevitably lead to a break up.

6 Fun Facts About Dell Technologies You Might Not Know
Ahead of the first Dell EMC World, here are six fun facts about Dell Technologies, including its environmental efforts, sports sponsorships and its high profile in television and movies.

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 02:22:00 -0500 en text/html

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Best Data Center Certifications

Job board search results (in alphabetical order, by certification)*

Certification SimplyHired Indeed LinkedIn Jobs LinkUp Total
CCNA Data Center (Cisco) 1,564 2,126 1,649 19 3,876
CCNP Data Center (Cisco) 1,025 1,339 1,508 14 3,145
JNCIP-DC (Juniper Networks) 125 37 14 4 130
VCE-CIAE (Dell)* 81 19 30 14 132
VCP6-DCV (VMware) 32 37 57 38 111

*Search results for the generic phrase “VCE data center engineer”

Regardless of which job board you use, you’ll find many employers looking for qualified people to join their data center teams. SimplyHired lists 114,000-plus data center jobs in the U.S., with more than 172,000 on Indeed, 50,000 on LinkedIn Jobs and 20,000 on LinkUp. With the right credential(s) in hand, one of these jobs is sure to be yours.

Data center job roles start at the network technician level and advance through senior architect. Most of the certifications covered would fit well with an associate- or professional-level network engineer position. According to SimplyHired, the average salary for network engineer jobs is about $79,000, and $111,000 for senior network engineers. Glassdoor reports a U.S. national average salary of about $73,000 for network engineers, and their average for senior network engineers climbs to $94,000.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Data Center

Cisco certifications continue to be some of the most recognizable and respected credentials in the industry. The CCNA Data Center certification is a great introductory certification for networking professionals who want to specialize in data center operations and support and have 1-3 years of experience.

Candidates for the CCNA Data Center certification need to understand basic data center networking concepts. These include addressing schemes, troubleshooting and configuring switches with VLANs and routers using Nexus OS, network and server virtualization, storage, and common network services such as load balancing, device management and network access controls.

The CCNA Data Center is valid for three years, after which credential holders must recertify. Recertification requires passing a current version of one of the following exams:

  • Associate-level test (except for ICND1 exam)
  • 642-XXX professional-level or 300-XXX professional-level exam
  • 642-XXX Cisco Specialist test (does not include Sales Specialist exams or MeetingPlace Specialist exams, Implementing Cisco TelePresence Installations (ITI) exams, Cisco Leading Virtual Classroom Instruction exams, or any 650 online exams)
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) written exam
  • Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) written test or current CCDE practical exam

Candidates can also sit through the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) interview and the CCAr board review to achieve recertification for CCNA Data Center.

CCNA Data Center facts and figures

Certification name Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Data Center
Prerequisites and required courses None required.
Recommended training:
  • Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN)
  • Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies (DCICT)

Cisco offers classroom courses, which run for five days and cost about $4,500.

Number of exams Two exams:

Both exams are 90 minutes and 55-65 questions.

Cost per exam $300 per exam; $600 total (price may vary by region). Exams administered by Pearson VUE.
Self-study materials The certification page provides links to self-study materials, including the syllabus, study groups, videos, study guides, Learning Network resources and learning partner content.

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Data Center

Networking professionals looking to validate their data center skills and achieve a competitive edge in the workplace can’t go wrong with the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Data Center credential.

Geared toward technology architects, along with design and implementation engineers and solutions experts, the CCNP Data Center identifies individuals who can implement Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) rack-mount servers; install, configure and manage Cisco Nexus switches; and implement and deploy automation of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). The CCNP Data Center is designed for candidates with 3-5 years of experience working with Cisco technologies.

When pursuing the CCNP Data Center, Cisco lets you choose either a design or troubleshooting track. Related data center certifications include the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA Data Center), for those with 1-3 years of experience, and the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Data Center, aimed at professionals with seven or more years of experience.

The CCNP Data Center is valid for three years, after which credential holders must recertify. The recertification process requires candidates to pass a single test to maintain the credential, or to sit for the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) interview and the CCAr board review. Credential holders should check the Cisco website for the current list of qualifying exams before attempting to recertify.

CCNP Data Center facts and figures

Certification name Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center (CCNP Data Center)
Prerequisites and required courses Valid Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center (CCNA Data Center) certification or any Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification. Training recommended but not required; classes are usually four or five days and start at $3,950.
Number of exams Four exams:
  • 300-175 DCUCI – Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing
  • 300-165 DCII – Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
  • 300-170 DCVAI – Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation
  • 300-160 DCID – Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
  • 300-180 DCIT –  Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure

All exams are 90 minutes, 60-70 questions.

Cost per exam $300 per exam; $1,200 total (price may vary by region). Exams administered by Pearson VUE.
Self-study materials The certification page provides links to self-study materials, including the syllabus, study groups, webinars, Cisco Learning Network resources and learning partner content.

JNCIP-DC: Juniper Networks Certified Professional Data Center

Juniper Networks, based in California and incorporated in 1997, develops and sells network infrastructure equipment and software aimed at corporations, network service providers, government agencies and educational institutions. The company has a large certification and training program designed to support its solutions, which includes Data Center, Junos Security, Enterprise Routing and Switching, and Service Provider Routing and Switching tracks.

The Data Center track recognizes networking professionals who deploy, manage and troubleshoot Juniper Networks Junos software and data center equipment. The single test (JN0-680) covers data center deployment and management, including implementation and maintenance of multi-chassis link aggregation group (LAG), virtual chassis and Internet Protocol (IP) fabric, virtual extensible LANs (VXLANs), and data center interconnections.

The JNCIP-DC certification is good for three years. To renew the certification, candidates must pass the current JNCIP-DC exam.

JNCIP-DC facts and figures

VCE-CIAE: VCE Converged Infrastructure Administration Engineer

VCE, short for Virtual Computing Environment, was part of EMC Corporation, which Dell acquired in 2016. The VCE line of converged infrastructure appliances are still being manufactured and widely sold, and the company has a handful of VCE certifications geared toward designing, maintaining and supporting those solutions.

VCE certifications are now part of the larger Dell EMC Proven Professional certification program but have retained some independence. The program currently offers the VCE Certified Converged Infrastructure Associate (VCE-CIA), VCE Converged Infrastructure Administration Engineer (VCE-CIAE) and VCE Converged Infrastructure Master Administration Engineer (VCE-CIMAE) credentials. We focus on the VCE Administration Engineer in this article because it’s available to the public as well as Dell employees and partners, and it ranks well in job board searches.

The VCE-CIAE is a professional-level credential that recognizes professionals who manage and support Vblock Systems. The single test includes Topics such as system concepts, administration, security, resource management, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Candidates must recertify every two years to maintain a VCE certification. To renew, credential holders must pass the current VCE-CIA test (this is the prerequisite for the VCE-CIAE certification), as well as pass the current VCE-CIAE test or earn a higher-level credential.

VCE-CIAE facts and figures

Certification name VCE Converged Infrastructure Administration Engineer (VCE-CIAE)
Prerequisites and required courses Prerequisite: VCE Certified Converged Infrastructure Associate (VCE-CIA) certification

Recommended: VCE Vblock Systems Administration Management training; available as instructor-led classroom and online (five-day course, $5,000; prices may vary by course provider and location)

Number of exams One: exam 220-010 (60 multiple-choice questions, 90 minutes)
Cost per exam $200. Exams administered by Pearson VUE.

VCP6-DCV: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization

The VCP6-DCV is one of those credentials that sits firmly on the line between traditional data center networking and cloud management. As such, it appeals to a wide networking audience. In fact, the VMware website states that more than 100,000 professionals have earned VMware VCP6-DCV certification, making it one of the company’s most popular certifications.

VMware offers an extensive certification program with a rigorous Data Center virtualization track, which includes the VCP6-DCV. Candidates must thoroughly understand Domain Name System (DNS), routing and database connectivity techniques, and how to deploy, configure, manage and scale VMware vSphere environments and storage. VMware recommends that candidates have a minimum of six months of experience with VMware vSphere 6 before attempting the VCP6-DCV certification.

New candidates must take a VMware training course and pass two exams. Training courses start at $4,125; pricing is based on the specific course, delivery format and learning partner.

VMware requires credential holders to recertify every two years. Recertification is achieved by taking whatever test is most current for the certification, earning a new VCP certification in a different solution track or advancing to the next-level VMware certification.

Note: VMware certifications are geared toward the VMware vSphere product, the latest incarnation of which is Version 6.5. As of April 2019, VMware is still rolling out various Version 6.5 exams. Currently, Version 6.5 exams are offered for the Professional and Advanced Professional (Design only) levels. We anticipate that Version 6.5 exams and credentials at the Associate, Advanced Professional Deploy and Expert levels will follow soon.

VCP6-DCV facts and figures

Certification name VMWare Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV)
Prerequisites and required courses Candidates who are new to VMware Data Center Virtualization technology: Six months’ vSphere 6 experience plus one of the following training courses:
  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6 or V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6 or V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage plus Virtual SAN Fast Track [V6]
  • VMware vSphere: Optimize & Scale [V6 or V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Bootcamp [V6]
  • VMware vSphere: Fast Track [V6 or V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Design and Deploy Fast Track [V6]
  • VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting [V6]
  • VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop [V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure and Manage plus Optimize and Scale Fast Track [V6 or V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale plus Troubleshooting Fast Track [V6]

Note: The cost of VMware training varies; expect to pay from $4,125 for classroom training to more than $6,000 for Bootcamps and Fast Track courses.

Number of exams Two exams for new candidates, those with vSphere 5 training only, those with an expired VCP in a different solution track or those with an expired VCP5-DCV certification:

One test for candidates with valid VCP5-DCV certification: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Delta exam, 2V0-621D, 105 minutes, 65 questions

One test for candidates with valid VCP certification, any solution track: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center

Exams administered by Pearson VUE.

Cost per exam
  • vSphere Foundations test (V6 or V6.5): $125
  • VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization exam: $250
  • VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Delta exam: $250
Self-study materials Links to an test guide, training and a practice test (if available) appear on each test page (see the How to Prepare tab). VMware Learning Zone offers test prep subscriptions. Numerous VCP6-DCV study materials are available through Amazon. MeasureUp offers a VCP6-DCV practice test ($129) and a practice lab ($149).

Beyond the top 5: More data center certifications

While not featured in the top five this year, the BICSI Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) is a terrific certification, designed for IT professionals with at least two years of experience in designing, planning and implementing data centers. This vendor-neutral certification is ideal for data center engineers, architects, designers and consultants. Another good vendor-neutral certification is Schneider Electric’s Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA), an entry-level credential for individuals who design, build and manage data centers as part of a data center-centric IT team.

CNet’s Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP) and Certified Data Centre Technician Professional (CDCTP) are also worthy of honorable mention. Based in the U.K., these certifications don’t appear in a lot of U.S. job board postings but still deliver solid results from a general Google search.

IT professionals who are serious about advancing their data center careers would do well to check out complementary certifications from our featured vendors. For example, Cisco also offers a number of certifications in data center design and support, including application services, networking infrastructure, storage networking and unified computing. VMware also offers additional data center virtualization certifications worth exploring, including the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Design (VCAP6.5-DCV Design) and the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX6-DCV). Also, the Dell EMC Proven Professional certification program offers a bevy of data center-focused certifications, including the Dell EMC Implementation Engineer (EMCIE) and the Dell EMC Certified Cloud Architect (EMCCA).

Because of the proliferation of data center virtualization and cloud computing, you can expect the data center networking job market to continue to remain strong soon. Achieving a certification can be a real feather in your cap, opening the door to new and better work opportunities.

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Join ARN Thu, 23 Sep 2021 16:46:00 -0500 text/html Dell Coupon Codes 2023


Are there active Dell coupons today?

Yes, choose from 44 Dell coupon codes from The Washington Post for all the trending Dell laptops, gaming computers, accessories, and more this November 2023.

How do I use a Dell promo code?

Simply, copy the Dell coupon to your clipboard and paste the code at the bottom of the checkout page before finalizing the purchase.

Can you stack coupons at Dell?

No, you can’t stack any Dell coupons with another active offer or deal.

What can I expect from the Dell Black Friday sale?

Score huge Dell discounts on laptops, Dell gaming computers, monitors, and more. You can expect free shipping and exclusive Dell coupons throughout the holiday season.

Is there a Dell military discount?

Yes, save 10% off with a valid military identification card. You’ll receive the Dell discounts upon successful verification. 

Is there a Dell promo code for student discounts?

Yes, students can score great Dell discounts and promos by verifying their student status. You’ll receive a 10% off Dell coupon code upon verification.

How to Use a Dell Coupon Code

Whether you’re looking for a Dell XPS 13 or the Alienware 17in laptop, there are numerous Dell laptops and other electronic devices to purchase. You can score great Dell sales during promotional periods like Back to School or the Dell Black Friday Sale – or you can just use one of the Dell coupons from the Washington Post.

Learn how to apply your Dell promo code so you can maximize your savings when purchasing big-ticket electronics; see below:

  1. Take your pick on one of the coupons for Dell
  2. Copy the promo code for Dell to your clipboard and navigate to the Dell website
  3. Spend some time looking through all the trending electronics and models like the Dell Inspiron 15, Dell XPS 17, Dell gaming laptops, and more
  4. Add item(s) to cart and make your way to the checkout page
  5. Paste your Dell promo code before finalizing your purchase
  6. Enjoy the discount!

Enjoy Dell Free Shipping this November 2023

Good news! Enjoy Dell free shipping this November 2023 for all sitewide purchases. That means, you can stock up on all the Dell laptop essentials without paying an additional delivery fee.

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Dell EMC

With support from Dell EMC, and in association with Intel and Microsoft, Dippy's Naturenauts offers a mobile-friendly interactive experience for children aged seven to eleven.

A fun activity that supports Dippy on Tour, Dippy and Fern the fox lead kids through a series of exploratory games that encourage them to venture outdoors and interact with the nature in their area while learning about science.

Through their generous support of Dippy on Tour and Dippy's Naturenauts, Dell EMC helped the Museum to help the next generation of scientists engage with the natural world through a leading a digital experience, guiding and engage them in scientific thinking. 

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Dell Coupon Codes for November 2023


Is there a AAA Dell discount?

Yes, to receive your 10% AAA discount head to the Dell website and register your company and follow the email instructions sent to your inbox.

Does Dell offer free delivery?

We’re very happy to be able to tell you that Dell offers free standard shipping on all orders! If you’re a member of the Dell Rewards program you can also get free expedited delivery on selected orders to get your orders even sooner. Express shipping options are also available if you'd prefer, but these are subject to extra costs.

How do I contact Dell customer service?

To get in touch with the Dell support team you can call them at 1-877-275-3355, the opening hours are Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 23:00 or you can start a live chat on the website, which is open 24/7. 

Does Dell have Black Friday deals?

Yes, Black Friday is a great time of year to shop at Dell because you’re bound to find an abundance of deals. If you’d like the lowdown on what was available to purchase last year, check out our Best Black Friday Dell and Alienware deals guide, you could buy devices for hundreds of dollars less than their normal prices. We're guessing there’ll be some even better deals this upcoming Black Friday, so be sure to check back here to find out what the best offers are.  

Does Dell do a price match?

Dell offers a 30-Day Price Guarantee, so if you find the same product for cheaper on one of Dell’s qualifying retailers, the price will be matched. To get your price match you need to contact a Dell customer service team member either on the phone or through the live chat, sharing the active link which shows the product with a lower price and they will validate your price match.

What is Dell's returns policy?

Hardware, accessories, peripherals and parts ordered at Dell can be returned for a refund within 30 days of receiving them. However, shipping costs are non-refundable and there may be a 15% restocking fee. Items must be returned in their original packaging and in excellent condition.

Do Dell products come with a warranty?

Yes, most Dell products comes with a standard warranty of 1 year, however, some products can also have warranties of up to 5 years. Furthermore, warranty extensions can be purchased along side your item at the checkout. 

Hints and tips

Shop the Deals Section: There’s a handy ‘Deals’ section which can be found in the top bar of the website. In this dropdown, you can select from different categories including ‘Laptop Deals’, ‘Gaming PC Deals’, and ‘Monitors Deals’ just to name a few! What’s on offer changes regularly, so snap up a great offer when you find one.

Shop the sales: As well as Black Friday deals, Dell also has sales throughout the year offering some massive discounts. The main ones to look out for are the holiday season and New Year's sales. 

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