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DES-1B31 teaching - Specialist - Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: DES-1B31 Specialist - Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) teaching June 2023 by team

DES-1B31 Specialist - Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)

Exam Title : Dell EMC Certified Specialist - Systems Administrator - Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)
Exam ID : DES-1B31
Exam Duration : 90 mins
Questions in test : 60
Passing Score : 63%
Official Training : ECS Getting Started (MR-EWN-ETECSO)
ECS Data Client Integration – Amazon S3 (MR-1WN-ECSDCAAS3)
ECS Data Client Integration – OpenStack (MR-1WN-ECSDCAOSW)
Data Domain Cloud Tier and ECS Integrated Solution (MR-1WN-ECSDDCT)
Isilon CloudPools and ECS Integrated Solution (MR-1WN-ECSICP)
NetWorker with CloudBoost and ECS Integrated Solution (MR-1WN-ECSNWCB)
ECS Management and Monitoring (MR-1CN-ECSMGTMON)
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Specialist Systems Administrator Real Questions
VCE practice test : Dell EMC DES-1B31 Certification VCE Practice Test

ECS Overview
- Describe ECS key features, functions and capabilities
- Describe ECS architecture and components
- Describe the ECS solution, including hardware configuration, typical single and multi-site deployments, and case scenarios 13%
ECS Management and Monitoring
- Describe how ECS packages and protects data within a site. Describe ECS failure handling and failover scenarios in single-site and multi-site environments
- Describe how to configure ECS using the portal, including creation of storage pools, VDCs, RGs, namespaces, users and buckets
- Describe how to configure ARM, ACLs, quotas, and retention policies on namespaces and buckets
- Describe ECS D@RE features and functionality and Active Directory integration with ECS
- Describe ECS monitoring and metering capabilities and Syslog support operations 38%
ECS Data Client Access
- Describe ECS integration with Amazon S3, configuration and management using the ECS Portal, the Amazon S3 browser and REST APIs
- Describe ECS integration with OpenStack Swift, configuration and management using the management interfaces and APIs
- Describe the ECS configuration of object client applications such as Centera CAS and Hadoop HDFS
- Describe ECS NFS file features and functionality 28%
ECS Integrated Solutions
- Describe the integration between ECS and Data Domain Cloud Tier, including use cases and configuration
- Describe the integration between ECS and Isilon CloudPools, including use cases and configuration
- Describe the integration between ECS and Networker with CloudBoost, including use cases and configuration 20%
Specialist - Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)
DELL-EMC Administrator, teaching

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Specialist - Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud
Storage (ECS)
Question: 58
How do ECS object users authenticate to the ECS OpenStack Swift Service when
running the Version 2 protocol?
A. Simple token
B. Scoped token
C. PEA file
D. Login and password
Answer: B
Question: 59
A retention policy and a retention period are defined for the same object. What will
control the deletion of that object?
A. The one that was created first
B. Only the retention policy
C. The one with the greater time interval
D. Only the retention period
Answer: D
Question: 60
What is the name of the process for copying necessary metadata to a replication group to
which a zone has been added?
A. Load balancing
B. Bootstrapping
C. Equalizing
D. Failover
Answer: B
Question: 61
An ECS is configured as backend storage for OpenStack Cinder. Which type of data will
it store?
A. Disk and server images
B. OpenStack Swift client access information
C. Multimedia files
D. Volume data backups
Answer: A
Question: 62
What technology is used in ECS to protect loss of a site in a two-site configuration?
A. Full Mirror Copy
B. Erasure Coding
D. Dual Parity
Answer: A
Question: 63
On which level(s) is an ECS retention policy enforced?
A. Bucket only
B. Bucket and namespace
C. Object and namespace
D. Bucket and object
Answer: B
Question: 64
When a disk state is suspect, what are the allowable disk operations?
A. Read
B. Write
C. Read and write
D. No operations allowed
Answer: A
Question: 65
What is the minimum number of nodes required to configure an ECS storage pool?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: B
Question: 66
Which log file should you check if you suspect that an authorized user has been logging
in to an ECS system?
A. eventsvc.log
B. authsvc.log
C. resourcesvc.log
D. provisionsvc.log
Answer: B
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DELL-EMC Administrator, teaching - BingNews Search results DELL-EMC Administrator, teaching - BingNews Dell dabbles in education

Today, Dell debuted a plan to teach its customers how to defend their
from spyware, adware, and viruses. Almost 20% of all calls
to the computer maker’s desktop technical support department involve
spyware and virus issues, and the tide of malware is on the rise. In
response, the company is starting a customer education drive, and has
created a new security site to help users handle online security issues.
Later this year, Dell will deliver security tips with its catalogs and
software to counter spam, spyware, and popups. For those uninterested in
self-service, Dell remains happy to help with "third-party"
software—at $39 per incident.

Sun, 14 May 2023 17:55:00 -0500 View all posts by Andrew Champion en-US text/html
CRN's Coverage Of Dell EMC World 2016

Power At Every Position: Dell Fills Exec Lineup With Seasoned Channel, Sales Veterans
The new Dell Technologies intends to lean heavily on EMC's channel experts. Here's a rundown of the executives leading Dell Technologies' sales and channel operations.

Dell Adds Systems Integrators To Its IoT Solutions Partner Program
Systems integrators have a 'unique vertical experience,' says a Dell IoT executive, and have expertise in manufacturing, utilities and industrial automation.

Dell EMC Launches First Midmarket-Focused VMAX Solution At Sub-$100K Price Point
The new 250F is 'VMAX for everyone,' says Dell EMC Vice President of Marketing Peter Smails, delivering enterprise capabilities to a new market of midsize customers.

Partners: Cisco And Dell EMC Will 'Inevitably' Hit VCE Architecture And Sales Crossroads
Although Cisco and Dell are playing nice around VCE for now, partners say architectural differences and sales incentives will inevitably lead to a break up.

6 Fun Facts About Dell Technologies You Might Not Know
Ahead of the first Dell EMC World, here are six fun facts about Dell Technologies, including its environmental efforts, sports sponsorships and its high profile in television and movies.

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Dell EMC Ups Its Storage Game

Dell EMC is waging an all-out assault on the storage market with significant investments, storage sales specialist hiring spree and for the first time launching new channel storage sales quotas.

Dell EMC

Dell EMC is waging an all-out assault on the storage market, investing $2 billion in the effort, hiring 1,200 new storage sales specialists and offering new, robust, storage compensation incentives for its partners. A trio of executives leading the charge - Scott Millard, Joyce Mullen and Marius Haas - talked to CRN about how Dell EMC is putting the pieces in place to help its partners win big in storage.

'Refuse To Lose': Dell EMC Primes Its Partners For A Storage Revolution
Driving the company's storage sales offensive are new robust storage compensation incentives for solution providers and an influx of Dell EMC sales reps working side by side with those partners.

Dell EMC President Marius Haas On The Company's 'Refuse To Lose Approach' To The Storage Market
Dell EMC's Marius Haas on the Dell EMC's storage push and how channel partners are vital to Dell EMC's success.

Storage Boost: Dell Hires 1,200 Sales specialists To Drive Partner-Led Selling
By hiring 1,200 new storage sales specialists, Dell boosts its storage team by upward of 25 percent with an eye on skyrocketing storage revenue through its partners in 2018.

10 Hot Dell EMC Storage Products
CRN looks at 10 key products in the Dell EMC storage lineup, one that offers the broad capabilities to match the company's position as the world’s largest storage vendor.

Tech Tour: Behind The Scenes At Dell EMC's Storage Manufacturing Facility
CRN recently toured Dell EMC's storage manufacturing facility in Massachusetts which assembles, tests and ships converged and hyper-converged products throughout North America.

CRN Interview: Dell EMC Channel Chief Joyce Mullen On Driving More Storage Sales Through Partners And Her Channel Vision For 2018
Joyce Mullen, an 18-year Dell veteran who is now president of global channels, OEM and IoT Solutions, spoke with CRN about enabling partners to drive more storage sales, the potential integration of VMware into the Dell EMC Partner Program, and her channel vision for 2018.

Dell EMC Doubles Down On Storage Services, Unifying Portfolio
Dell EMC executives are making sure partners have the competencies they need to sell the Dell EMC portfolio as well as their own services.

Fistfuls Of Growth: Dell EMC's Expanded Product Portfolio Paves New Paths For Partners
Michael Dell has emphasized that customers want cutting-edge hybrid cloud tech and they want to buy it from fewer vendors. Here's how three solution providers backed up Dell's assertion with skyrocketing sales across Dell EMC's broad portfolio in 2017.

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Admin Account & Password for Restore Option in Dell

Dell's System Restore option is part of the operating system, allowing you to back up your data, return the computer to factory condition and then restore all of your information with an integrated process. Certain operating systems and restore applications require an administrator password, to protect you from the kind of unauthorized access that can destroy all of your data.

Windows XP Computers

  1. The Windows XP restore process does not require an administrator password for initialization on a Dell computer. Users can access the restore option by pressing the correct combination of keys during system start-up. When the splash screen appears, press and hold the "Ctrl" key and "F11" simultaneously. Release both keys together and wait for the restore panel to appear. You must confirm the action because it erases the data on your drive, but no security password is required.

Windows Vista Computers

  1. Dell included more security features within the restore function on the Vista computers. You must enter your computer's administrator password when you start the backup function, and again when you launch the system restore. Any account with administrator privileges on the computer is acceptable to access and start this process.

DataSafe Local Backup 2.0

  1. Dell integrated an additional application in some operating system releases following Windows Vista. The Dell Local Backup 2.0 application prompts for an administrator account when you first launch the restore function. You can log in as any user with administrator privileges on the computer; it does not require the top-level "Administrator" account.


  1. By default, Dell de-activates the administrative password on new computers. You can and should enable the password feature for security purposes. You can help restrict access to your personal information when you secure your data with an administrator account. The user account section of the Control Panel allows you to customize the accounts, setting a password for the administrator account within that panel. If you lose your administrator password and are unable to restore it, you can contact Dell's support team for assistance.

Fri, 20 Jul 2018 15:33:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Dell EMC

With support from Dell EMC, and in association with Intel and Microsoft, Dippy's Naturenauts offers a mobile-friendly interactive experience for children aged seven to eleven.

A fun activity that supports Dippy on Tour, Dippy and Fern the fox lead kids through a series of exploratory games that encourage them to venture outdoors and interact with the nature in their area while learning about science.

Through their generous support of Dippy on Tour and Dippy's Naturenauts, Dell EMC helped the Museum to help the next generation of scientists engage with the natural world through a leading a digital experience, guiding and engage them in scientific thinking. 

Wed, 12 Jun 2019 18:01:00 -0500 en text/html
Become an Administrator

The School of Education offers pathways for professionals seeking to advance their careers in K-12 administration, higher education administration or as institutional scholars.

The K-12 Educational Administration degrees focus on educational administration and instructional leadership and offer cutting edge, practically-based courses which provide future leaders with the knowledge and skills needed for roles as principals and assistant principals.

Higher Education Administration

The Master's of Education: Higher Education Option focuses on policy and practice in Higher Education. Applicants to the program must be working or interning at an institution of higher education. 

Thu, 29 Aug 2019 07:41:00 -0500 en text/html
Hybrid-Flex Teaching

The Hybrid-Flex Approach

The hybrid-flex approach is the product of the programme team’s experience of delivering a world-class urban education programme. It offers participants the choice of attending teaching in-person in London or remotely from their home. 

Hybrid-flex is based upon a blended learning approach, which combines high-quality asynchronous learning sessions delivered via the LearnWorlds platform and live sessions which can be attended in-person in London or remotely via Zoom.

The LearnWorlds sessions include video lectures, interviews, texts, real-world data and interactive learning activities which can be completed in your own time ahead of each teaching module. The content of these sessions is then elaborated on during live sessions, providing you with the opportunity to share your own expertise, experience and viewpoints with LSE Faculty, guest speakers and your fellow participants. This approach allows us to leverage the knowledge of academics and experienced urban professionals to address the challenges your city faces. 

Hybrid-Flex Key Facts 

  • Participants will be given the opportunity to choose between in-person or remote teaching ahead of each teaching module. 
  • Live sessions for all participants will take place from 11.00 to 15.00 (London local time) each day (Monday to Friday) during teaching modules. 
  • Further collaboration and networking sessions will be scheduled outside of these sessions. Additional in-person networking opportunities will also be provided for participants who choose to attend teaching in London. 
  • All participants will undertake LearnWorlds sessions in the lead up to each teaching module. These will be released 14 days before the accompanying live session. 
  • LearnWorlds sessions for each module will take approximately 10 to 15 hours to complete. These are designed to be taken at your own pace and the programme team will provide a deadline for completion so you can organise your time in a way that works for you. 
  • Between teaching modules there will be group challenges where you will work collaboratively with your fellow participants, LSE Faculty and professional specialists to complete an assessed project.
Fri, 29 Oct 2021 05:35:00 -0500 en-GB text/html
Education Administration: Higher Education

The degree requires 30 credits of graduate study. All candidates must complete 18 credits of required course work consisting of six credits of foundations, three credits of research and nine credits of core courses.

Additionally, each candidate chooses six credits of elective study and six credits of capstone experiences. Candidates who are working in UMass Lowell’s Division of Student Affairs will complete two semesters of substantial capstone/practical training at the end of their M.Ed. coursework. The capstone will be supervised and evaluated jointly by an appropriate supervisor in the Division and a faculty member from the School of Education. Candidates who are not engaged in work within the Division of Student Affairs will complete six credits of capstone course work in which they plan and implement a program within their institution of higher education designed to further the goals of their department, Improve procedures, or maximize the efficient operation of a particular group. The project must be planned and approved by the candidate’s current supervisor (there are no placement services for this option) as well as by the School of Education faculty member overseeing the course.

The School of Education's commitment to "Education for Transformation" provides opportunities for students in the M.Ed. Education Administration: Higher Education option to:

  • Demonstrate excellent knowledge, judgment and skills in their area of professional focus.
  • Promote equity of educational opportunity and access for all members of the Higher Education community.
  • Collaborate with other leaders, educators, and community representatives to support educational excellence in higher education.
  • Use inquiry and research to address higher education leadership changes and challenges.

Review the suggested Degree Pathway.

For the latest course information, please see the UMass Lowell Online Graduate Catalog.

Mon, 17 Aug 2020 02:46:00 -0500 en text/html
Ed.D. in K-12 Administration Program

Discover what’s next. In Bethel’s Doctor of Education: Leadership in K-12 Administration program, you’ll be prepared for the complex and challenging role of school and district leadership. By integrating a values-informed framework into your administrative practices, you’ll grow as a trustworthy leader capable of transforming students, colleagues, and communities. With an emphasis on innovation, clarity, and collaboration, you will be prepared to understand and meet the needs of today’s school communities.

In our Ed.D. in K-12 Administration program, you’ll prepare for the wonderfully complex and challenging role of leadership in K-12 settings. Students can earn a principal, superintendent, and special education director license. Non-license-seeking students complete an individualized directed study.
Sat, 03 Jun 2023 14:08:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Dell H Robison Middle School No result found, try new keyword!Dell H Robison Middle School is a public school ... These counts and percentages of students and teachers are from data reported by state education agencies to the federal government School ... Thu, 01 Jun 2023 12:00:00 -0500 text/html

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