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DEA-41T1 information - Associate PowerEdge test Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: DEA-41T1 Associate PowerEdge test information June 2023 by team

DEA-41T1 Associate PowerEdge Exam

Exam Title : Dell EMC Certified Associate - PowerEdge
Exam ID : DEA-41T1
Exam Duration : 90 mins
Questions in test : 60
Passing Score : 63%
Official Training : Dell EMC PowerEdge Server Concepts and Products (SV_SYS_1122)
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : Dell EMC PowerEdge Associate Real Questions
VCE practice test : Dell EMC DEA-41T1 Certification VCE Practice Test

This certification validates the ability to perform intermediate skill level tasks in installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting Dell EMC PowerEdge Server products

Server Installation and Upgrades (35%)
• Explain the steps to install a rack system
• Explain how various storage technologies are used in servers
• Explain basic RAID concepts
• Explain the basic steps to set up a typical server
• Explain how common server operating systems are supported

Basic Networking for Servers (5%)
• Explain server to network cabling, IP addressing, and the role of DNS
• Explain the concept of IP Addressing
• Define DNS and the role it plays on the network

Server Roles and Services (20%)
• Define several common server roles
• Explain the concept of DAS, NAS, and SAN
• Identify and explain common Dell EMC and Windows tools for monitoring server hardware
• Explain the concept and purpose of server virtualization

Basic Server Management (35%)
• Explain major server components and their role
• Explain common maintenance tasks on a server
• Understand server PSUs and the concepts of power redundancy
Explain common troubleshooting methods and tools for Dell EMC servers
• Identify and describe server management tasks and software
• Explain server configuration management

Security Best Practice (5%)
• Describe best practices and methods of securing and performing backups
• Identify and describe best practices for performing data backups
Associate PowerEdge Exam
DELL-EMC Associate information

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Associate PowerEdge Exam
Question: 53
Which initial option should be chosen from the iDRAC Virtual Console to access
System Setup?
A. Lifecycle Controller
B. Next Boot
C. Normal Boot
D. Virtual CD/DVD
Answer: A
Question: 54
What is commonly by a system administrator to prevent electrostatic discharge when
working inside a Dell EMC PowerEdge server?
A. Uninterruptible Power Supply
B. Voltage Regular
C. Anti_static wire strap
D. Non anti-static floor mart
Answer: C
Question: 55
What is an accurate statement regarding 40 Gbps Ethernet ports?
A. Can be used as a single Gb connection or used as four 10 Gb connections
B. Cannot be configure into a stack connection
C. Must be segmented into four independent 10 Gb connections
D. May only be used as a non-negotiable single 40 Gb link
Answer: C
Question: 56
Simultaneously pressing the "CTRL" + "Shift" + "Esc" keys launches which Microsoft
Windows built-in-tool?
A. Task Manager
B. Network Monitor
C. Performance Monitor
D. Resource Monitor
Answer: A
Question: 57
What is the object of server configuration management in an environment?
A. Reduce cost servers regardless of workload types, or performance requirements.
B. Minimize cost of server and to extend the lifetime of servers being used
C. Maximum performance per watt at all utilization levels and workload types while
performance requirements.
D. Maximize server performance, regardless of workload, utilization or performance
Answer: C
Question: 58
Which advance feature does a Dell EMC energy-smart power supply offer?
A. Provides thermal management of the supply
B. Reverse airflow to meet data center requirement
C. Throttles output to power-heavy components
D. Ability to update firmware without the downtime
Answer: A
Question: 59
Which error control technique is used by ECC memory?
A. Repetition codes
B. Hamming code
C. Checksums
D. Cryptographic hash functions
Answer: D
Question: 60
What benefit is offered by modular servers over rack servers?
A. Lower power requirements result in lower datacenter operating costs.
B. Higher density is achieved in reducing the amount of consumed rack space
C. Host replacement of any sever in the enclosure is possible
D. All hardware technology is integrated into a single circuit board
Answer: B
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With support from Dell EMC, and in association with Intel and Microsoft, Dippy's Naturenauts offers a mobile-friendly interactive experience for children aged seven to eleven.

A fun activity that supports Dippy on Tour, Dippy and Fern the fox lead kids through a series of exploratory games that encourage them to venture outdoors and interact with the nature in their area while learning about science.

Through their generous support of Dippy on Tour and Dippy's Naturenauts, Dell EMC helped the Museum to help the next generation of scientists engage with the natural world through a leading a digital experience, guiding and engage them in scientific thinking. 

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DELL.UCM.EXE Information
  • This is a valid program, but it is up to you whether or not you want it to run on startup.

    Whether or not you need to run this program on startup must be decided by you. If you feel that you want this program starting automatically so that you have it available as needed, then do not disable it. The following information is a brief description of what is known about this file. If you require f urther assistance for this file, feel free to ask about in the forums.

  • Name


  • Filename


  • Command

    %programfiles%\dell\dell controlpoint\connection manager\dell.ucm.exe

  • Description

  • File Location

    %programfiles%\dell\dell controlpoint\connection manager\dell.ucm.exe

  • Startup Type

    This startup entry is started automatically from a Run, RunOnce, RunServices, or RunServicesOnce entry in the registry.

  • HijackThis Category

  • Note

    %ProgramFiles% refers to the Program Files folder. The path to this folder is C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (X86)\ depending on whether the version of Windows or the program being installed is 32-bit or 64-bit.

  • This entry has been requested 5,398 times.


It is assumed that users are familiar with the operating system they are using and comfortable with making the suggested changes. will not be held responsible if changes you make cause a system failure.

This is NOT a list of tasks/processes taken from Task Manager or the Close Program window (CTRL+ALT+DEL) but a list of startup applications, although you will find some of them listed via this method. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL identifies programs that are currently running - not necessarily at startup. Therefore, before ending a task/process via CTRL+ALT+DEL just because it has an "X" recommendation, please check whether it's in MSCONFIG or the registry first. An example would be "svchost.exe" - which doesn't appear in either under normal conditions but does via CTRL+ALT+DEL. If in doubt, don't do anything.

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Associate in Information Technology (AIT)

What Is an Associate in Information Technology (AIT)?

An Associate in Information Technology (AIT) is a designation for insurance professionals with a working knowledge of computer and networking systems. It is geared towards agency personnel, agency principals, automation project team members, claims representatives, IT staff, line of business managers, support and general office staff, and underwriters.

The designation allows insurance professionals to bridge the gap between insurance and IT by covering the technical areas that insurance professionals should understand and giving the IT professional an in-depth understanding of insurance automation issues.

The AIT designation for insurance is granted by the American Association for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, also known as The Institutes. It should not be confused with the different associate's degrees in information technology offered by various vocational schools and community colleges.

Key Takeaways

  • An Associate in Information Technology (AIT) gives insurance and insurance IT professionals the skills and knowledge they need to bridge the gap between insurance and IT.
  • The designation provides an in-depth understanding of insurance automation issues.
  • There are three required courses for the AIT designation, as well as three final exams. Each can be completed virtually.
  • The AIT designation is managed by the Institutes, which also grants other insurance industry qualifications.

Understanding the Associate in Information Technology (AIT)

The insurance industry has experienced a transition from an era of centrally controlled data processing to a time when worldwide networks have empowered users. For many insurance and IT professionals, this has created a technology knowledge gap.

Technical IT staff requires knowledge of the business processes they serve, and insurance professionals require knowledge of IT. The AIT designation is designed to give both insurance professionals and IT professionals in the insurance industry the skills they need to meet the demands of their customers.


The total cost of coursework and exams for the AIT qualification, as of 2023.

Associate in Information Technology Curriculum

The AIT designation is managed by the Institutes, which also grants other insurance qualifications like the Chartered Casualty Property Underwriter designation. The curriculum for the AIT designation includes three courses, as well as an ethics qualification and a virtual exam. The coursework is expected to take 9-15 months to complete.

The required coursework for the AIT designation includes classes on big data analytics, general insurance, and cyber risk. Together, they are intended to provide IT specialists with a working knowledge of the requirements of the insurance industry, while also preparing insurance specialists for the unique hazards of an industry that is increasingly mediated by computers.

As of 2023, the required courses are:

  • AIDA 181: Big Data Analytics for Risk and Insurance
  • AIT 24: General Insurance for IT and Support Professionals
  • Cyber 301: Managing Cyber Risk

All three courses can be completed remotely, using materials purchased from the Institutes, followed by an exam. In addition, some third-party training centers may also offer in-person instruction.

How Much Does an Associate in Information Technology Cost?

The Associate in Information Technology (AIT) designation from the Institutes includes three required courses. Between the costs of exams and course materials, the total cost for the qualification ranges from $1,545 to $2,055. When completed, these courses can also be used towards other certifications from the Institutes.

How Long Does an Associate in Information Technology Take?

The coursework for an AIT designation is intended to take around one year, according to the Institutes.

What Do You Learn With an Associate of Information Technology?

The coursework for the AIT designation covers IT courses like data analytics, cybersecurity, and data integration. It also covers general insurance courses like risk assessment, regulations, and loss control.

The Bottom Line

An Associate of Information Technology is a designation for insurance professionals with a strong understanding of how computer systems are used to evaluate risk and manage data in the industry. Whether you are an IT professional seeking to better understand insurance business processes or an insurance professional seeking to grow your knowledge of technology, AIT can help you manage your technological growth while you advance your career.

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CRN's Coverage Of Dell EMC World 2016

Power At Every Position: Dell Fills Exec Lineup With Seasoned Channel, Sales Veterans
The new Dell Technologies intends to lean heavily on EMC's channel experts. Here's a rundown of the executives leading Dell Technologies' sales and channel operations.

Dell Adds Systems Integrators To Its IoT Solutions Partner Program
Systems integrators have a 'unique vertical experience,' says a Dell IoT executive, and have expertise in manufacturing, utilities and industrial automation.

Dell EMC Launches First Midmarket-Focused VMAX Solution At Sub-$100K Price Point
The new 250F is 'VMAX for everyone,' says Dell EMC Vice President of Marketing Peter Smails, delivering enterprise capabilities to a new market of midsize customers.

Partners: Cisco And Dell EMC Will 'Inevitably' Hit VCE Architecture And Sales Crossroads
Although Cisco and Dell are playing nice around VCE for now, partners say architectural differences and sales incentives will inevitably lead to a break up.

6 Fun Facts About Dell Technologies You Might Not Know
Ahead of the first Dell EMC World, here are six fun facts about Dell Technologies, including its environmental efforts, sports sponsorships and its high profile in television and movies.

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Online Computer Information Systems Associate Degree No result found, try new keyword!An online associate degree in computer information systems may be a good fit for students who want to pursue a career in computing and programming. Computer information systems associate degree ... Sat, 15 Apr 2023 17:42:00 -0500 text/html Dell EMC Ups Its Storage Game

Dell EMC is waging an all-out assault on the storage market with significant investments, storage sales specialist hiring spree and for the first time launching new channel storage sales quotas.

Dell EMC

Dell EMC is waging an all-out assault on the storage market, investing $2 billion in the effort, hiring 1,200 new storage sales specialists and offering new, robust, storage compensation incentives for its partners. A trio of executives leading the charge - Scott Millard, Joyce Mullen and Marius Haas - talked to CRN about how Dell EMC is putting the pieces in place to help its partners win big in storage.

'Refuse To Lose': Dell EMC Primes Its Partners For A Storage Revolution
Driving the company's storage sales offensive are new robust storage compensation incentives for solution providers and an influx of Dell EMC sales reps working side by side with those partners.

Dell EMC President Marius Haas On The Company's 'Refuse To Lose Approach' To The Storage Market
Dell EMC's Marius Haas on the Dell EMC's storage push and how channel partners are vital to Dell EMC's success.

Storage Boost: Dell Hires 1,200 Sales specialists To Drive Partner-Led Selling
By hiring 1,200 new storage sales specialists, Dell boosts its storage team by upward of 25 percent with an eye on skyrocketing storage revenue through its partners in 2018.

10 Hot Dell EMC Storage Products
CRN looks at 10 key products in the Dell EMC storage lineup, one that offers the broad capabilities to match the company's position as the world’s largest storage vendor.

Tech Tour: Behind The Scenes At Dell EMC's Storage Manufacturing Facility
CRN recently toured Dell EMC's storage manufacturing facility in Massachusetts which assembles, tests and ships converged and hyper-converged products throughout North America.

CRN Interview: Dell EMC Channel Chief Joyce Mullen On Driving More Storage Sales Through Partners And Her Channel Vision For 2018
Joyce Mullen, an 18-year Dell veteran who is now president of global channels, OEM and IoT Solutions, spoke with CRN about enabling partners to drive more storage sales, the potential integration of VMware into the Dell EMC Partner Program, and her channel vision for 2018.

Dell EMC Doubles Down On Storage Services, Unifying Portfolio
Dell EMC executives are making sure partners have the competencies they need to sell the Dell EMC portfolio as well as their own services.

Fistfuls Of Growth: Dell EMC's Expanded Product Portfolio Paves New Paths For Partners
Michael Dell has emphasized that customers want cutting-edge hybrid cloud tech and they want to buy it from fewer vendors. Here's how three solution providers backed up Dell's assertion with skyrocketing sales across Dell EMC's broad portfolio in 2017.

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Online Associate Degree in Health Information Technology No result found, try new keyword!The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increased demand for health information technicians due to the widespread use of electronic health records. Earning an online associate degree in health ... Sat, 15 Apr 2023 17:42:00 -0500 text/html Agile Business Hub


Yamana Gold

Nav Canada

Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC)

OTTO Motors

Dell EMC Case Study - OTTO Motors


Dell EMC Case Study - PCL Construction

Going Digital

The digital transformation journey begins with a single step This report takes a closer look at the pillars of digital transformation and what companies need to do to move into the digital era. Download Webinar Report

Journey to Transformed
How Five Companies Went Digital
This white paper looks at five leading Canadian organizations that have used their own digital transformations to better focus on the most important thing to their business success: the customers. Download Case Study

NatureFresh Farms

Dell EMC Agile Business Series: Nature Fresh Farms


Dell EMC Agile Business Series: Tandet Group

Soho VFX

Dell EMC Agile Business Series: Soho VFX


Dell EMC Agile Business Series: InvestorCom


Dell EMC: Compass Group

Dell Agile Business Hub Wins Canadian Online Publishing Award Gold Award for Best Branded Content.
Learn More

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Prepare for the career you want by enrolling in an associate degree program online or on campus. You'll learn from industry experts and gain the knowledge and skills you need to advance in your career. You'll have the support of academic and career advisors who are dedicated to your success, and can take advantage of some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation.

The benefits of earning your associate degree from SNHU include:

  • Transfer-friendly programs. Transfer credits toward your bachelor's degree. Once you've earned your associate degree, you can seamlessly transfer up to 90 credits toward your bachelor's.
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Earning your associate degree at SNHU will help prepare you for entry-level positions or promotion opportunities. Or, you can choose to continue your education seamlessly with one of our bachelor's programs.

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Getting Started with an Associate Degree

Whether you’re looking to get ahead in your current job or break into a new field, earning an associate degree is a great step in taking your career to the next level. Designed to be completed in as little as 2 years – or even faster if you have transfer credits – the associate degree is an attractive option for learners looking to further their education.

Standing Out in a Competitive Job Market

11% increase in jobs requiring associate degreesWith the job market becoming increasingly difficult to maneuver, earning an associate degree can open doors to new opportunities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs requiring at least an associate degree are expected to rise 11% from 2016-2026.*

After taking time off school and struggling to find her niche in healthcare, Emma Gilbert ’14 decided to branch out and enroll in an associate degree program at SNHU. “My supportive husband suggested I should take some courses in business administration to broaden my scope of practice,” she said. Shortly after beginning her schooling, Gilbert received a job offer.

Her story isn’t a coincidence, either. On average, people who have earned an associate degree are less likely to be unemployed than those who didn’t pursue a degree beyond high school.**

Climbing the Career Ladder

It isn’t just entry-level job seekers who are affected by the demand for candidates with college degrees. Increasingly, adults with workforce experience are enrolling in associate degree programs to help advance their careers.

“Recently, I have seen my company leaning more towards people with degrees when considering promotions,” said associate in business administration student Michael Hall. “I decided to step out of the shadows and go back to school for business administration.”

17.4% increase in average weekly earnings with associate degreeBeyond opening doors to more job opportunities, earning your associate degree is a good way to invest in yourself. On average, associate degree holders earn 17.4% more than those with only a high school degree.**

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