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DANB Dental Assisting National Board

DANBs test outlines list the syllabus covered on each exam. You can use these outlines to help create your study plan. get free outlines by clicking on the links below.

Note: DANBs exams do not correspond directly to any specific textbook or dental assisting program. Instead, they are based on an analysis of the duties commonly performed in real dental assisting practice, which is called a content validation study. This study serves as the basis for what DANB calls the test outline.

National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) certification
• Anatomy, Morphology and Physiology (AMP)
• Infection Control (ICE)
• Radiation Health and Safety (RHS)

Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification
• General Chairside Assisting (GC)
• Radiation Health and Safety (RHS)
• Infection Control (ICE)

Certified Orthodontic Assistant (COA) certification
• Orthodontic Assisting (OA)
• Infection Control (ICE)

Certified Preventive Functions Dental Assistant (CPFDA) certification
• Coronal Polishing (CP)
• Sealants (SE)
• Topical Fluoride (TF)

Certified Restorative Functions Dental Assistant (CRFDA) certification
• Impressions (IM)
• Sealants (SE)
• Temporaries (TMP)
• Restorative Functions (RF)

All DANB test Outlines
• Anatomy, Morphology and Physiology (AMP)
• Coronal Polishing (CP)
• General Chairside Assisting (GC)
• Infection Control (ICE)
• Impressions (IM)
• Orthodontic Assisting (OA)
• Restorative Functions (RF)
• Radiation Health and Safety (RHS)
• Sealants (SE)
• Topical Fluoride (TF)
• Temporaries (TMP)

Dental Assisting National Board
Medical Assisting techniques
Killexams : Medical Assisting techniques - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/DANB Search results Killexams : Medical Assisting techniques - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/DANB https://killexams.com/exam_list/Medical Killexams : Two Tokyo-Based Med Tech Startups Make Breakthroughs

With medical and nursing care technology thriving, two Tokyo startups are making remarkable strides: Triple W Japan and Holoeyes.

When Holoeyes MD is worn, the 3D surgical data on organs and other parts of the body is projected in the professional’s VR headset as if they could touch them. Courtesy of Holoeyes

The World's First Wearable Device for Predicting Urination

Tokyo-based Triple W Japan has developed DFree, a wearable urinary incontinence gauge that uses ultrasound technology to monitor when users need to relieve themselves. At approximately 26 grams and equipped with an ultrasound sensor, this compact gadget is worn on the lower abdomen and measures bladder distension in real time. It connects to a user's iPhone or a dedicated device to indicate how much urine has accumulated on a 10-point scale and sends a notification when it's time to go to the bathroom.

Nakanishi Atsushi, the CEO of Triple W Japan, holds D Free, an ultrasound device that monitors when users need to relieve themselves. TONOMURA SEIJI

The ability to predict when a user will have to urinate could help lessen anxiety when going out for those struggling with bladder control in their daily life. It will also help caregivers guide their patients to the bathroom in time, facilitating mess-free urination.

Nakanishi Atsushi, who founded Triple W Japan in 2015, said that excretory care is a common challenge across the globe. "About 400 million people are said to have excretory problems worldwide," Nakanishi explained. "That includes not just the elderly but also those receiving in-home care after a stroke, those with mild dementia and youths with intellectual impairments. In a lot of cases," Nakanishi said, "these people may not make it to the bathroom in time or may not be able to communicate their needs. Giving up on measures meant to support their independence that would have otherwise been successful, they start using disposable diapers instead."

For in-home-care users, the D Free device is sold as a set with a small tabletop tablet (left) for displaying notifications. TONOMURA SEIJI

Nakanishi said that he wanted to start a business in the health care field with a more global perspective, inspired by his experiences as a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) overseas volunteer and studying abroad in the United States. Together with some classmates, he researched the idea of a wearable device that could predict when a user would need to urinate. Eventually, they were able to make available to the public the world's only long-term bladder-monitoring device with ultrasound technology. It's now widely used in clinical examinations. The product was rolled out in collaboration with Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital and Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital. The majority of patients saw an improvement in their level of urinary independence.

"Our product is now being used at about 300 facilities nationwide," Nakanishi elaborated, "and we've expanded into 20 countries around the world. Bathroom-related problems affect people's sense of dignity, and being able to urinate without issue can help reinvigorate people's lives. Moving forward, we want to further our development and make it possible to predict bowel movements by monitoring the large intestine."

The D Free in-home-care model (left) has a dedicated app with an easy-to-read indicator. Courtesy of Triple W Japan Inc.

The age tech market, which centers on the needs of older adults to support them in their daily life, is gaining momentum worldwide. Devices like Triple W's D Free and its bowel monitor, which are effective in assisting people with bathroom issues go by themselves and gain independence, in turn help reduce the heavy burden of nursing care.

Bringing Advanced Medical Techniques to the Masses With VR

Tokyo-based Holoeyeswas founded in 2016 as a tag-team effort between a practicing surgeon and a VR app engineer. Together they developed the medical imaging software Holoeyes MD, which helps medical professionals by converting computed radiography (CR) and MRI images into 3D models in as little as 10 minutes. When Holoeyes MD is worn, the 3D surgical data on organs and other parts of the body is projected in the professional's VR headset as if they could touch them. The technology can be used during preoperative planning meetings and for training, as well.

Wearers of Holoeyes MD are able to grab and rotate the 3D internal images virtually, by hand, to view them from different angles. Courtesy of Holoeyes

Holoeyes MD is now the only medical imaging device to be certified in Japan, establishing evidence of its efficacy and facilitating its use in hospitals. Nakamura Kazuya, the business manager for Holoeyes, explained, "VR simulations are helpful for training students and junior physicians, too."

Establishing Efficacy With Support From TMG

Triple W Japan and Holoeyes were both selected for the King Salmon Project, an initiative run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) to support startups. Through the project, TMG helps promising startups have their products and services adopted on-site by metropolitan government departments and expand their business overseas

Nakamura Kazuya, the business manager for Holoeyes, said that Holoeyes MD’s rapid development was the result of the teamwork between a surgeon and a software engineer specializing in VR applications. TONOMURA SEIJI

User feedback is essential in spreading and improving new technologies, but the barrier to entry for new devices is high in the medical and nursing care world. With support from TMG, Triple W Japan and Holoeyes were both able to establish their product efficacy at Tokyo metropolitan hospitals, leading to major breakthroughs for the companies. They have now expanded their sales channels overseas, and investors are sure to be desparate on these fast-growing Tokyo-based startups.

These companies, just two examples of the many currently in Japan, show that the possibilities for innovation are infinite, not only within the country but abroad, as well. Said Nakamura, "If more doctors are able to acquire more knowledge and expertise, we can open up fields of discipline that have only been mastered by a handful of veterans."

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Killexams : Ukraine war: NHS surgeons training Ukrainian doctors in First World War techniques via WhatsApp

NHS surgeons are training and assisting Ukrainian doctors in surgery techniques used during the First World War including via messages on Whatsapp, as Russia’s invasion poses unique challenges for medical staff in conflict zones.

Plastic surgeon Shehan Hettiaratchy, who works at St Mary’s and Charing Cross hospitals in London, returned from Ukraine only two weeks ago after travelling to the country with British frontline medical charity UK-Med.

He told i the team worked to train Ukrainian doctors in a combination of surgical techniques ranging from the “absolute highest end” of delicate and complex tissue transfer to “really simple quick operations that take 20-30 minutes” but can save limbs for civilians and soldiers suffering from blast or shrapnel injuries as a result of war.

Shehan Hettiaratchy (sitting with the laptop on his knee) in Lviv where he was running training for Ukraine surgeons (PHOTO: Supplied UK Med)
Shehan Hettiaratchy (sitting with the laptop on his knee) in Lviv where he was running training for Ukraine surgeons (PHOTO: Supplied UK Med)
TRUSKAVETS, UKRAINE - FEBRUARY 10: A patient with prosthetic leg walks on jogging machine as rehabilitation of soldiers and citizens are given in the Hospital in Truskavets, Ukraine on February 10, 2023. Since the beginning of the war, the Truskavets City Hospital has become a place for both physical and mental rehabilitation for wounded soldiers and citizens. (Photo by Adri Salido/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
A patient with prosthetic leg walks on jogging machine as part of his rehabilitation in a hospital in Truskavets, Ukraine (Photo: Adri Salido/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

“The majority of the cases they have can be treated using five or six simple techniques,” he said, involving “moving bits of skin or muscle to cover open bones because of blast or gunshot injuries.”

Many of these techniques were first developed during the First World War, he said, and can be easily taught to Ukraine’s highly skilled medical community.

“For not a lot of training and investment we are totally changing what they can do. There are people who have just watched from lectures and now can go away and do this,” he added.

The plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specialises in limb extremities said the WhatsApp messaging service has proved invaluable to working during a war zone, allowing surgeons to gain a variety of opinions and talk about complex cases in real time.

“The most powerful thing has bizarrely been a WhatsApp group,” he said, adding that surgeons are able to discuss cases with colleagues in the US and UK including options such as “should we amputate this limb or shall we try and save it?”

“That’s been really powerful,” he said. “Getting world-class opinions in seconds and it’s so accessible, so easy, so simple,” he added, citing an example from earlier that day in which a doctor in Ukraine had messaged about a severe lower-limb injury and received five different opinions within minutes.

“Some of the complexity of the injuries [Ukraine’s doctors] are getting and the volume is a huge challenge for any healthcare system. They are very quickly becoming the experts in these type of surgery,” he said, “We’ll be learning from them rather than the other way around.”

Mr Hettiaratchy is part of the UK-Med team that deploys frontline medical staff to conflict zones around the world. It has been operating in Ukraine since the early days of the war, delivering medical training to surgeons, civilians and helping hospitals develop mass casualty plans.

The charity has performed more than 200 surgeries in the country in the past year on civilians and soldiers ranging from young children to elderly people. Those in the field are sometimes transported to hospitals on a medical evacuation train and can arrive with wounds contaminated by dirt or infections.

The team on rotation also includes fellow NHS surgeons James Henderson and Ahmed Emam who have worked to treat injuries from bullet wounds, cluster bombs and landmines in “ortho-plastic techniques that Dr Henderson described as a “British war time speciality.”

Patients include men like Volo*, a 20-year-old who stood on a landmine and arrived in hospital with a badly infected one-week old wound before being operated on.

“Without the operation the infection could have spread to his bone requiring amputation,” Dr Emam said, adding that he is now recovering after surgery.

BAKHMUT, UKRAINE - JANUARY 29: A wounded man, Vadim, takes medical treatment at the hospital as the Russia-Ukraine War continues in Kostyantynivka, Ukraine on January 28, 2023. Before he arrives to the hospital, he was sent to Zabakhmutka city with neither medical nor fire brigade. After Zabakhmutka destroyed, Vadim walked three kilometers to get help at the point of invincibility. (Photo by Marek M. Berezowski/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Many of those injured on the frontline receive blast or shrapnel injuries, doctors said. Pictured, wounded man Vadim, who walked three kilometers to get help (PHOTO: Marek M. Berezowski/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Former British military orthapedic surgeon Andy Kent has been in the country for five weeks offering assistance with major limb injuries, open fractures and reconstructive surgeries which are mainly caused by blast and shrapnel because of the style of trench-warfare of the war. He has also been delivering training to paramedics, civilians and hospital staff for mass casualty events and said people in Ukraine have become accustomed to living in a heightened state of emergency.

“They’re absolutely delighted to be offered this sort of training and it’s so well received. Everyone we train we’re giving medical kits to with dressings, tourniquets etcetera. We teach them how to use equipment but also how to improvise. Patients with arms and legs blown off will bleed to death so we can teach them how to stop catastrophic bleeding in a few minutes,” he said.

For Dr Kent, one of the most satisfying parts of the work is seeking people use his techniques in action, including at a missile strike in Kharkiv last year where he saw photographs and videos of medics they had trained a week earlier carrying out the techniques.

Andy Kent in Dnipro (PHOTO: Supplied UK Med)
Andy Kent in Dnipro (PHOTO: Supplied UK Med)

Both Dr Kent and Dr Hettiaratchy fear the Russian spring offensive, already reportedly underway, will bring a new wave of casualties in the coming weeks, combined with added demand for live-saving surgery in the wake of the Turkey-Syria earthquake.

“It is quite emotional going across the border going into a country of war… particularly now they’re about to face another wave of casualties and another wave of strikes,” Dr Hettiaratchy said.

“Their absolute resolution and morale and determination to make sure that they overcome this invasion” is striking, he said about Ukrainians. “They’re very proud nation and proud of what they’ve achieved this year. I’ve huge respect for them as people.”

“When you leave you always feel hugely guilty – that you’re leaving them behind.”

*Name changed to protect identity

Sun, 19 Feb 2023 00:27:00 -0600 en text/html https://inews.co.uk/news/world/ukraine-war-nhs-surgeons-ukrainian-doctors-ww1-whatsapp-2149960
Killexams : Team's imaging strategy enhances lipedema treatment
Team's imaging strategy enhances lipedema treatment
From left, Paula Donahue, PT, DPT, MBA, Aaron Aday, MD, MSc, and Rachelle Crescenzi, PhD, are part of a multidisciplinary effort at VUMC to Strengthen the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema. Credit: Susan Urmy

A unique collaboration between imaging science, vascular medicine and rehabilitation at Vanderbilt University Medical Center is transforming the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema, a debilitating, abnormal deposition of fatty tissue that afflicts an estimated 17 million women in the United States.

Lipedema is often mistaken for obesity, yet it does not respond to diet or exercise. In women, the accumulation of fat occurs mainly in the legs, causing them "a lot of pain and difficulty with their daily activities," said Aaron Aday, MD, MSc, assistant professor of Medicine.

"It's a real thing," said Aday, who specializes in . Yet many women "are having a horrible time, trying to find a diagnosis."

About seven years ago, Rachelle Crescenzi, Ph.D., decided to do something about it. As a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences at VUMC, she began to apply imaging techniques to Strengthen diagnosis.

Lipedema "had been characterized in the 1940s, but people were relying on external measurements, which made it a very difficult diagnosis," said Crescenzi, now an assistant professor in the department. With imaging, "we can look inside the body and show that this really is different from obesity."

Lipedema is a disorder of the lymphatic system, which plays a major role in removing excess water (edema) from . Too much fluid in the heart, for example, can lead to heart failure.

Sodium (salt) plays a major role in regulating blood pressure and fluid volume. It is also a magnetic molecule and, as such, can be tracked by MRI.

Crescenzi and her colleagues developed an MRI strategy to quantify sodium content and fatty subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) throughout the body. They found that sodium and SAT volumes were significantly elevated in patients' legs, but not arms, compared to women without lipedema.

In 2021 Crescenzi received the first R01 (independent investigator grant) ever awarded for lipedema research by the National Institutes of Health. Supported by the five-year, $2.5 million grant, titled "Visualizing vascular mechanisms of lipedema," Crescenzi established the Sodium Adipose and Lymphatics Translational (SALT) Lab, which is evaluating various treatments and diagnostic modalities.

In particular, the researchers are looking at conservative physical therapy to relieve patients' lipedema-related leg pain, weakness, and excess fluid, Strengthen mobility and optimize their home self-management program.

The manual techniques used in therapy include manual lymphatic drainage massage, myofascial and soft tissue releases to relax contracted muscles and surrounding connective tissues, along with use of graded negative pressure to expand and stretch tissue—all of which can Strengthen lymphatic circulation.

This is where Paula Donahue, PT, DPT, MBA, comes in. Donahue, a Certified Lymphedema Therapist by the Lymphology Association of North America (CLT-LANA), is an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Working with Crescenzi's team, they have shown that and improved function experienced by women with early lipedema after physical therapy correlated with a reduction of tissue sodium in the skin and SAT as measured by sodium and water MRI.

This proof-of-principle study, reported in August 2022 in the journal Lymphatic Research and Biology, showed that hands-on manual massage techniques not only helped patients feel better, but acted directly on the source of their pain.

One of the patients "was dealing with pain which was unexplained, and her doctor didn't know what to do," Donahue said.

With , "her pain basically went down to zero and very quickly for her … For these individuals, it was very effective in changing their quality of life."

"It wasn't thought that you could compress out any of the pathologic tissue in lipedema, that it was just fat," Crescenzi added. "But it really is fat and edema. We think sodium is a marker of inflammation … and it reduces after therapy."

MRI is expensive, so Crescenzi and her colleagues are testing whether a lower-cost diagnostic method, ultrasound, is as effective in quantifying the extent of abnormal salt and SAT accumulation.

They have also developed a technique called magnetic resonance lymph angiography to better understand the hallmark features of lipedema. "We think the vascular system is just overloaded with a lot of edema, and it shows up on angiography," Crescenzi said.

"We're at the infancy of understanding this disease," said Aday, co-author with Crescenzi and Donahue of the paper on the angiography technique published in June in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. "We don't have a good mechanistic understanding of this."

The hope is that identifying what causes lipedema will lead to better ways to treat or prevent it.

"We're in a position to develop a national resource for lipedema," said Crescenzi, who presented the group's latest findings in October at the American Vein and Lymphatic Society's Annual Congress in New Orleans.

But it's the patients who are driving the research and who are pushing for change in the treatment of lipedema. Said Crescenzi: "They taught me everything about it."

More information: Paula M.C. Donahue et al, Physical Therapy in Women with Early Stage Lipedema: Potential Impact of Multimodal Manual Therapy, Compression, Exercise, and Education Interventions, Lymphatic Research and Biology (2022). DOI: 10.1089/lrb.2021.0039

Citation: Team's imaging strategy enhances lipedema treatment (2023, February 17) retrieved 19 February 2023 from https://medicalxpress.com/news/2023-02-team-imaging-strategy-lipedema-treatment.html

This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.

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Killexams : Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market by End Users, Types and Applications | Global Situation Analysis and Forecast up to 2027

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Feb 14, 2023 (The Expresswire) -- The Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market (2023-2027) Research | Updated New Report | Market is including in Various Types, such as [Smart Speaker, Chatbot], and the Applications, like [Patient Tracking, Diagnostic Guides, Medical Reference, Drug Dosage, Nursing Reference, Others]. This Research Report is build up 116 Pages and 123 Tables and Figure’s offers unique data, Information, and details on the competitive environment in this specialized Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market for the future prediction period 2027.

“According to our Latest Research Insight, the Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market has been booming around in the globe and is future projection to Competition, Size, Increase Revenue, Industry Analysis, and Top Key Player of Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market through 2027 with the review period.Ask for trial Report

Moreover, Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Research Report provides significant and detailed information, as well as dependable statistics on the global request. The establishment's in-detailed data, crucial aspects, and overall revenue are all included. The Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market request is classified according to its trends, content, request exchange rate, segmentation, and Digital Assistant in Healthcare market share. This report analyses the current competitive terrain while also furnishing crucial details similar as request statistics and product releases from assiduity leaders.

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List of TOP Competitors in Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Report are: -

● Ada Health
● Amazon.com Inc.
● Babylon Healthcare Services Limited
● CSS Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
● Datalog.ai
● eGain Corporation
● Floatbot
● HealthTap
● iDAvatars
● Welltok, Inc.
● Kognito Solutions LLC
● Kore.ai, Inc.
● Medrespond LLC
● Microsoft Corporation
● Next IT Corporation
● Nuance Communications
● Sense.ly Inc.
● True Image Interactive, Inc.
● Verint Systems Inc.

In this Section report provide Top Competitor Analysis, Data, Information, Organization size, shares, revenue, current industrial status, financial analysis, manufacturing cost, supply chain analysis and in-depth analysis are covered. This report provides SWOT Analysis and Financial Analysis are shown which forecasts up to 2027.

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Market Analysis and Insights: -

This Digital Assistant in Healthcare industry report includes information on new significant innovations, trade regulations, exporting analysis, production analysis, supply chain optimization, market share, impact of domestic and standardized players in the market, rapidly growing revenue, changes in market regulations, strategic market growth analysis, market size, categories in the market, application niches and power and control, product approvals, product releases, and regional development and technology development in the market.

Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare: Drivers and Restraints: -

The important drivers in the Digital Assistant in Healthcare market are manufacturing costs, necessary raw materials, key competitors, product line and width divided by type and application, expert research report with charts and statistical data, forecasting future up to 2027, and so on. Digital Assistant in Healthcare market limitations include lower market growth in particular countries, overall sales record and prediction, emerging-market economic restraints, business market hurdles, and more.

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Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Segmentation:

The Digital Assistant in Healthcare market segment will include essential information about the Digital Assistant in Healthcare market such as description, critical factors, difficulties, forms of market segments, applications of target markets, market segmentation techniques, opportunity assessments, customer needs research, product development, and so on.

Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Types:

● Smart Speaker ● Chatbot

Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Application/ End-Users:

● Patient Tracking ● Diagnostic Guides ● Medical Reference ● Drug Dosage ● Nursing Reference ● Others


Considering the economic change due to COVID-19 Influence, Digital Assistant in Healthcare, which accounted of the Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market in 2023.

The most accurate research includes observations, analysis, overall estimation, and forecasts based on the economic impact of COVID-19. We are continuously tracking and updating information on the political and economic conditions in the world. Negative consequences are expected all throughout the world, but especially in Eastern Europe, the European Union, Eastern and Central Asia, and the United States.

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Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Regional Analysis -

Geographically, this report is segmented into several key regions, with sales, revenue, market share and growth Rate of Digital Assistant in Healthcare in these regions, from 2017 to 2027, covering

● North America (United States, Canada and Mexico) ● Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Turkey etc.) ● Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam) ● South America (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia etc.) ● Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

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● What is the Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market's size and forecast? ● Who are the most prominent players in the Digital Assistant in Healthcare market? ● What are the products/segments/applications/areas to invest in in the Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market over the forecast period? ● Who are the Digital Assistant in Healthcare market leaders in the United States and Canada? ● Who are the market leaders in European Digital Assistant in Healthcares? ● Who are the leaders in the Digital Assistant in Healthcare market in India, China, Japan, and South Korea? ● What techniques and strategic moves are thought to be appropriate for joining the Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market? ● What is the Expected CAGR up to 2027?

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Detailed TOC of Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Report 2023

1 Market Overview

1.1 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Product Scope

1.2 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Segment by Type

1.3 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Segment by Application

1.4 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Estimates and Forecasts (2018-2027)

2 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Estimates and Forecasts by Region

2.1 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Size by Region: 2018 VS 2022 VS 2027

2.2 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Retrospective Market Scenario by Region (2018-2023)

2.3 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Estimates and Forecasts by Region (2024-2027)

2.4 Geographic Market Analysis: Market Facts and Figures

3 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Competition Landscape by Players

3.1 Global Top Digital Assistant in Healthcare Players by Sales (2018-2023)

3.2 Global Top Digital Assistant in Healthcare Players by Revenue (2018-2023)

3.3 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Share by Company Type (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3) and (based on the Revenue in Digital Assistant in Healthcare as of 2022)

3.4 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Average Price by Company (2018-2023)

3.5 Manufacturers Digital Assistant in Healthcare Manufacturing Sites, Area Served, Product Type

3.6 Manufacturers Mergers and Acquisitions, Expansion Plans

4 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Size by Type

4.1 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Historic Market Review by Type (2018-2023)

4.2 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Estimates and Forecasts by Type (2024-2027)

5 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Size by Application

5.1 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Historic Market Review by Application (2018-2023)

5.2 Global Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Estimates and Forecasts by Application (2024-2027)

6 United States Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Facts and Figures

6.1 United States Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales by Company

6.2 United States Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Type

6.3 United States Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Application

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7 Europe Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Facts and Figures

7.1 Europe Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales by Company

7.2 Europe Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Type

7.3 Europe Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Application

8 China Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Facts and Figures

8.1 China Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales by Company

8.2 China Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Type

8.3 China Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Application

9 Japan Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Facts and Figures

9.1 Japan Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales by Company

9.2 Japan Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Type

9.3 Japan Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Application

10 Southeast Asia Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Facts and Figures

10.1 Southeast Asia Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales by Company

10.2 Southeast Asia Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Type

10.3 Southeast Asia Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Application

11 India Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Facts and Figures

11.1 India Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales by Company

11.2 India Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Type

11.3 India Digital Assistant in Healthcare Sales Breakdown by Application

12 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Manufacturing Cost Analysis

12.1 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Key Raw Materials Analysis

12.2 Proportion of Manufacturing Cost Structure

12.3 Manufacturing Process Analysis of Digital Assistant in Healthcare

12.4 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Industrial Chain Analysis

13 Marketing Channel, Distributors and Customers

13.1 Marketing Channel

13.2 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Distributors List

13.3 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Customers

14 Market Dynamics

14.1 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Industry Trends

14.2 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Drivers

14.3 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Challenges

14.4 Digital Assistant in Healthcare Market Restraints

15 Research Findings and Conclusion

16 Appendix

16.1 Research Methodology

16.2 Author List

16.3 Disclaimer

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Killexams : Spa specialist offers help for female cancer survivors

A new spa is opening in the Bitterroot Valley that specializes in re-pigmentation (tattooing) for women who have survived breast cancer and gone through a mastectomy.

Wyldflower Aesthetics Skin + Wellness Clinic owner Julie Grundel is the aesthetician, medical assistant and paramedical tattoo specialist.

She said that after a career in sales and marketing, she wanted more.

“I needed to do something rewarding, where I was giving back,” Grundel said.

She took a medical assisting course, managed a spa and realized a bigger need – re-pigmentation for breast cancer survivors.

She learned the art of tattooing and is helping women regain what they have lost.

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“My first goal is making clients feel welcome, comfortable and happy in their own skin,” she said. “I’ve had people say great things and I have been recommended by doctors.”

Grundel did most of the remodeling of the Wyldflower Aesthetics Skin + Wellness Clinic herself. It is a skincare clinic offering a wide range of services including mini facials, luxury facials, micro-needling, micro-blading, waxing and lashes. She has installed comfortable chairs and private rooms for tattooing.

“Let all the tension fall off your shoulders with an indulgent blend of specialty services, and skillful techniques, in a welcoming and comfortable setting,” Grundel said. “I am committed to making my clients feel secure, respected and comfortable at all times. My goal with each client is to create a realistic 3D tattoo to help complete their journey from reconstructive surgery.”

Although her business is new she has been gaining experience by working in other spas.

Wyldflower Aesthetics Skin + Wellness Clinic accepts credit cards, funds from health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts, and can provide a receipt with the billing codes needed for areola re-pigmentation reimbursement.

Grundel also is working with some nonprofits who are hoping to offer scholarships.

“It’s for those women who cannot afford to have this luxury, so nobody goes without it if they want it,” she said. “We have quickly become a sought-after destination for our specialty service of re-pigmentation for cancer survivors. I’ve researched and the number of breast cancer survivors in the Bitterroot Valley is overwhelming.”

Grundel said she remembers each client and their unique story.

“One client looked in the mirror and said, ‘Oh, my God I didn’t realize they would look real,’” Grundel said. “She was so pleased. I want people to feel good. I’ve heard from women that they don’t know they are missing it until they see it again. Then they are just like ‘whoa.’”

The Wyldflower Aesthetics Skin + Wellness Clinic is located at 3972 US-93 Suite C, Stevensville, and is open for free consultations and appointments by calling 406-552-3111. For more information visit https://www.instagram.com/julie_wyldfloweraesthetics/

Sat, 18 Feb 2023 22:30:00 -0600 Michelle McConnaha en text/html https://ravallirepublic.com/news/local/spa-specialist-offers-help-for-female-cancer-survivors/article_47c97707-6e6b-564c-bd61-5f43f299dc21.html
Killexams : In a Violent America, Safety Becomes a Sales Pitch

Many of the executives in the active-shooter-defense industry who were interviewed for this article said they did not support more gun restrictions.

Mr. Czyz, the owner of the protective glass company in Syracuse, said the gun debate “has blinded” many schools and businesses into overlooking practical steps they could take, while the broader issues remained mired in politics.

“Should we start addressing gun laws and mental health? Yup,” said Mr. Czyz, a former homicide detective. “But we have been having the same stupid argument since Columbine in 1999.”

Mr. Czyz added that he did not support a ban on military-style rifles because he “does not trust the government” to carry that out effectively.

Maria Cloonan, an administrative assistant at a school in western Massachusetts, said some staff members were panic about the psychological impact that active-shooter training could have on students and faculty.

“Some folks think the training is too strenuous on kids and staff,” said Ms. Cloonan, who serves on her school’s “safety team.”

But she said she believed that such training was helpful. Two years ago, when she was director of a nursery school in a church in Springfield, Mass., Ms. Cloonan hired a firm run by two former local law enforcement officers to train her teachers how to deal with a shooter. She had grown nervous because of increased crime in the city.

“We hope and pray this doesn’t happen to us,” she said. “But we also hope a child never has to use an EpiPen, but if they do the training kicks in.”

Mr. Keegan, the associate superintendent in North Syracuse, said that he thought there should be tighter gun restrictions but that the issue felt distant from his daily reality.

“We certainly hope for greater levels of gun control, but that is not something that we are going to hang our hat on,” he said.

Still, each year, his schools are adding more intense security measures. This fall, for example, North Syracuse has started posting armed officers at its elementary schools, in addition to the middle and high schools.

Fri, 17 Feb 2023 07:51:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.nytimes.com/2023/02/17/business/active-shooter-industry-us.html
Killexams : Forecast for 2028, 60GHz mmWave Radar Market 2023, Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Analysis, Demand

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Feb 17, 2023 (The Expresswire) -- 60GHz mmWave Radar Market | Outlook 2023-2028 | Pre and Post-COVID Research is Covered, Report Information | latest 89 Pages Report The extent and overview of the various commercial opportunities throughout the ensuing years are shown in the global "60GHz mmWave Radar Market" research report, together with the optimistic revenue projections. Application (, Smart Home, Health Care, Breathing Rate Detection, Heartbeat Rate Detection, Smart Hotel, Medical Assistants,), Many companies have established official economic ties with the organization, and individual advisors from all over the world have joined forces with it. Type (, 2D, 3D,)

The major players covered in the 60GHz mmWave Radar market report are:

● Texas Instruments ● Infineon ● Seeed Technology Co.,Ltd. ● Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ● Dalian ifLabel Technology Co., Ltd. ● Socionext Inc. ● Jorjin ● Calterah ●

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Short Summery About 60GHz mmWave Radar Market:

It additionally affords the proper insights and evaluation which are crucial to layout powerful commercial enterprise techniques and set the proper direction for improved boom for all enterprise gamers involved. With this information, the ones in rate might be capable of create new techniques, which consciousness available in the marketplace possibilities in order to advantage them, making their commercial enterprise efforts profitable withinside the process.

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60GHz mmWave Radar Market - Competitive and Segmentation Analysis:

This 60GHz mmWave Radar Market report offers detailed analysis supported by reliable statistics on sale and revenue by players for the period 2017-2023. The report also includes company description, major business, 60GHz mmWave Radar product introduction, accurate developments and 60GHz mmWave Radar sales by region, type, application and by sales channel.

Based on product type: this report displays the production, revenue, price, and market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into:

● 2D ● 3D ●

On the basis of the end users/applications: this report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications/end users, consumption (sales), market share and growth rate for each application, including:

● Smart Home ● Health Care ● Breathing Rate Detection ● Heartbeat Rate Detection ● Smart Hotel ● Medical Assistants ●

60GHz mmWave Radar Market - Regional Analysis:

Geographically, this report is segmented into several key regions, with sales, revenue, market share and growth Rate of 60GHz mmWave Radar in these regions, from 2015 to 2027, covering

● North America (United States, Canada and Mexico) ● Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Turkey etc.) ● Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam) ● South America (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia etc.) ● Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

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Some of the key questions answered in this report:

● What is the global (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa) sales value, production value, consumption value, import and export of 60GHz mmWave Radar? ● Who are the global key manufacturers of the 60GHz mmWave Radar Industry? How is their operating situation (capacity, production, sales, price, cost, gross, and revenue)? ● What are the 60GHz mmWave Radar market opportunities and threats faced by the vendors in the global 60GHz mmWave Radar Industry? ● Which application/end-user or product type may seek incremental growth prospects? What is the market share of each type and application? ● What focused approach and constraints are holding the 60GHz mmWave Radar market? ● What are the different sales, marketing, and distribution channels in the global industry? ● What are the upstream raw materials and manufacturing equipment of 60GHz mmWave Radar along with the manufacturing process of 60GHz mmWave Radar? ● What are the key market trends impacting the growth of the 60GHz mmWave Radar market? ● Economic impact on the 60GHz mmWave Radar industry and development trend of the 60GHz mmWave Radar industry. ● What are the market opportunities, market risk, and market overview of the 60GHz mmWave Radar market? ● What are the key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges of the 60GHz mmWave Radar market, and how they are expected to impact the market? ● What is the 60GHz mmWave Radar market size at the regional and country-level?

60GHz mmWave Radar Market - Covid-19 Impact and Recovery Analysis:

We were monitoring the direct impact of covid-19 in this market, further to the indirect impact from different industries. This document analyzes the effect of the pandemic on the zzzz market from a international and nearby angle. The document outlines the marketplace size, marketplace traits, and market increase for zzzz industry, categorised with the aid of using kind, utility, and patron sector. Further, it provides a complete evaluation of additives concerned in marketplace improvement in advance than and after the covid-19 pandemic. Report moreover done a pestel evaluation within the business enterprise to study key influencers and boundaries to entry.

Our studies analysts will assist you to get custom designed info to your report, which may be changed in phrases of a particular region, utility or any statistical info. In addition, we're constantly inclined to conform with the study, which triangulated together along with your very own statistics to make the marketplace studies extra complete for your perspective.

Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry.


Detailed TOC of Global 60GHz mmWave Radar Market Research Report 2023

1.1ProductOverviewandScopeof60GHz mmWave Radar
1.2Classificationof60GHz mmWave RadarbyType
1.2.1Overview:Global60GHz mmWave RadarMarketSizebyType:2017Versus2021Versus2028
1.2.2Global60GHz mmWave RadarRevenueMarketSharebyTypein2021
1.3Global60GHz mmWave RadarMarketbyApplication
1.3.1Overview:Global60GHz mmWave RadarMarketSizebyApplication:2017Versus2021Versus2028
1.4Global60GHz mmWave RadarMarketSizeandForecast
1.5Global60GHz mmWave RadarMarketSizeandForecastbyRegion
1.6.160GHz mmWave RadarMarketDrivers
1.6.260GHz mmWave RadarMarketRestraints
1.6.360GHz mmWave RadarTrendsAnalysis

2.1.3COMPANY60GHz mmWave RadarProductandSolutions
2.1.4COMPANY60GHz mmWave RadarRevenue,GrossMarginandMarketShare(2019,2020,2021,and2023)

3.1Global60GHz mmWave RadarRevenueandSharebyPlayers(2019,2020,2021,and2023)
3.2.1Top360GHz mmWave RadarPlayersMarketSharein2021
3.2.2Top1060GHz mmWave RadarPlayersMarketSharein2021
3.360GHz mmWave RadarPlayersHeadOffice,ProductsandServicesProvided
3.460GHz mmWave RadarMergersandAcquisitions
3.560GHz mmWave RadarNewEntrantsandExpansionPlans

4.1Global60GHz mmWave RadarRevenueandMarketSharebyType(2017-2023)
4.2Global60GHz mmWave RadarMarketForecastbyType(2023-2028)

5.1Global60GHz mmWave RadarRevenueMarketSharebyApplication(2017-2023)
5.2Global60GHz mmWave RadarMarketForecastbyApplication(2023-2028)

6.160GHz mmWave RadarRevenuebyType(2017-2028)
6.260GHz mmWave RadarRevenuebyApplication(2017-2028)
6.360GHz mmWave RadarMarketSizebyCountry
6.3.160GHz mmWave RadarRevenuebyCountry(2017-2028)
6.3.2UnitedStates60GHz mmWave RadarMarketSizeandForecast(2017-2028)
6.3.3Canada60GHz mmWave RadarMarketSizeandForecast(2017-2028)
6.3.4Mexico60GHz mmWave RadarMarketSizeandForecast(2017-2028)



9 Research Methodology

10 Conclusion

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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Pumps Market 2022 Industry Analysis by Economic, and Financial System 2029

Desi Cow Ghee Market Share, Size, Trends, Industry Analysis Report, By Segment Forecast 2023 To 2029

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Killexams : University of Oklahoma engineer developing microscopic imaging technology to Strengthen needle placement for medical treatments

image: Qinggong Tang, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Stephenson School of Biomedical Engineering, Gallogly College of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, has received a prestigious CAREER award through the Faculty Early Career Development Program of the National Science Foundation. view more 

Credit: Image provided by the University of Oklahoma.

Qinggong Tang, Ph.D., assistant professor, Stephenson School of Biomedical Engineering in the Gallogly College of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, has received a prestigious CAREER award through the Faculty Early Career Development Program of the National Science Foundation. The five-year project will develop novel endoscopic optical imaging techniques to provide real-time visualizations to Strengthen clinicians’ ability to successfully administer needle-based medical interventions.

Many health treatments require the delivery of medication through injection, called needle-based interventions. Some examples include the delivery of anesthesia, a tumor biopsy or a pregnant woman receiving an epidural during labor. Although quite common, needle-based interventions require absolute precision during administration. Currently, practitioners rely on X-ray or CT ultrasounds to provide guidance for needle placement, but these methods do not provide details about the depth of tissue, ligament, muscle or fat beneath the skin that can impact the efficacy of these interventions.

“With current methods, doctors can see the needle tip, but they cannot see the different tissue types. With an epidural, for example, there is not a precise way to ensure the needle reaches the epidural space, which is surrounded by blood vessels and can be dangerous if punctured,” Tang said. “By developing our novel imaging technology to guide this kind of procedure, we can Strengthen the precision of needle placement.”

Tang’s research group has developed a kind of miniaturized imaging device small enough to be placed on the tip of a needle, that combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning software could allow clinicians to see a computer read-out of the types of soft tissues ahead of the needle tip before penetration.

“There will be broad applications for needle-based interventions used in brain surgery, for tumor-related or laparoscopic surgeries – all could benefit from our tool to provide precise guidance and avoid hemorrhage,” he said.

Additionally, with the support of OU’s Precollegiate, Engineering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Engineering Pathways programs, Tang will develop a “Biophotonics for Native Americans in Oklahoma” program to engage and mentor local Native American high school students and teachers in biomedical engineering and optics.

“This effort will enable Native American students to have access to the world-class research facilities at the University of Oklahoma and encourage more Native American representation in STEM,” he said. “Other educational activities, including curriculum development and specific microscope demonstrations for local K-12 students, will be organized to increase students’ interest in bioimaging.”


About the Project
The project, “CAREER: Intelligent Multi-Contrast Imaging Platform for Needle-Based Interventions,” is funded by an estimated $502,200 grant from the National Science Foundation, award #2238648. The project begins April 1, 2023, and is expected to conclude March 31, 2028.

About the University of Oklahoma Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships 

The University of Oklahoma is a leading research university classified by the Carnegie Foundation in the highest tier of research universities in the nation. Faculty, staff and students at OU are tackling global challenges and accelerating the delivery of practical solutions that impact society in direct and tangible ways through research and creative activities. OU researchers expand foundational knowledge while moving beyond traditional academic boundaries, collaborating across disciplines and globally with other research institutions as well as decision makers and practitioners from industry, government and civil society to create and apply solutions for a better world. Find out more at ou.edu/research

About the University of Oklahoma

Founded in 1890, the University of Oklahoma is a public research university located in Norman, Oklahoma. OU serves the educational, cultural, economic and health care needs of the state, region and nation. For more information visit www.ou.edu.

Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system.

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Killexams : The Best Health & Wellness Books for Your 2023 reading List

Three years after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s clearer than ever that our collective approach to health and wellness has radically shifted. Research firm McKinsey has reported data suggesting Americans share more interest in their personal health, fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness in 2023 than ever before—and are eager for tools that support this journey.

If you’re seeking wisdom and inspiration in your quest, these new health and wellness books for 2023 can deliver the phrase “new year, new you” a whole new meaning. 

Join the free Reader’s Digest Book Club for great reads, monthly discussions, author Q&As and a community of book lovers.

The best new releases of 2023

The Body Code

Author of the best-selling book The Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s latest work is designed as a DIY toolkit to pinpoint what’s going on in your body with actionable steps to address underlying causes of physical and emotional pain alike. This mind-body road map addresses potential imbalances in your body’s systems, nutrition, lifestyle, energy, toxicity, pathogens, and physical alignment—and offers first-hand accounts from Dr. Nelson’s decades of experience, illustrations, and concrete steps to guide you toward better whole-body health. 

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Living in the Light

Wellness icon Deepak Chopra, MD, has authored 93 books dedicated to health, spirituality, mindfulness, personal empowerment, and more—and his latest venture with yoga expert Sarah Platt-Finger unites each of these principles. Together, they’ve developed a practical, 30-day guide that harnesses the ancient tradition of Royal Yoga to honor your body, breaking limiting habits, cycles of negative-self talk, and restrictive belief systems.

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Deepak Chopra's #1 Meditation for Happiness

Finding Elevation

Lisa Thompson is the second American woman to reach the summit of K2, one of—if not the—most dangerous mountain in the world. (And this is after surviving a difficult battle against cancer.) Her story is part memoir and part exploration of resilience, spirit, and self-discovery that goes beyond mountaineering’s great heights. At its core, her story is about what happens when we stop letting others define our limits, face our fears, and believe in our own self-worth. 

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Gut Feelings

Available March 21

Any time you’ve “trusted your gut” to make an important decision, you’re getting signals from an unexpected source: your second brain. Dr. Will Cole unpacks the huge role this gut-brain connection plays in your physical, mental, and emotional health—and how you can influence yours for the better. With sustainable approaches grounded in self-love and self-care, Dr. Cole’s guide offers everything from recipes to flexible dietary goals and mindfulness techniques to support a healthy, happy gut, reinforcing stronger health and wellness. 

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Your Consent Is Not Required: The Rise in Psychiatric Detentions, Forced Treatment, and Abusive Guardianships

Through his work of investigative journalism, author Rob Wipond reveals today’s institution of forced psychiatric interventions—and the mental toll, trauma, and damage incurred by those people the system intends to “help”. It’s an eye-opening journey through the gaps present in today’s psychiatric approaches, urging all of us to prioritize destigmatization, transparency, and change for the greater good. 

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How to Set Boundaries to Protect Your Mental Health

Body by Breath

It seems like there’s magic behind the act of taking a deep breath: it can calm our stress, de-escalate anger, and send us into a meditative state. But in her new book, Miller demystifies this often overlooked power, digging deep into the science of the body-breath connection and how it influences everything from your physical health to emotional regulation and mental sharpness. And she offers more than 100 step-by-step, scientifically-supported techniques and practices to achieve better focus, lower stress and anxiety, pain relief, physical endurance, and more. 

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Fitter. Calmer. Stronger.

This is not just another celebrity wellness book. Goulding breaks the mold with a philosophy grounded in sustainable fitness and nutrition that prioritizes self-care above all. Drawing from her personal journey and the advice from field experts, her book is a down-to-earth guide on learning how to listen to and work with your body to develop balanced, mindful habits that work for (and are flexible to) your lifestyle. 

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Built to Move: The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully 

Available April 4

From office jobs to technological dependence, modern society isn’t set up to encourage movement—and today’s sedentary lifestyles can have devastating physiological effects as we age. Mobility experts Kelly and Juliet Starrett have worked with professional athletes for decades, developing a deep understanding of the human body’s durability, longevity, and overall well-being through movement. In their book (available this April), they’ve drawn from this experience to develop an easily-digestible guide—10 personal assessments and 10 physical practices—aimed to help anyone with any body type continue to do the things they love as they age, pain-free. 

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How Medicine Works And When It Doesn’t © via merchant How Medicine Works And When It Doesn’t

How Medicine Works and When It Doesn't: Learning Who to Trust to Get and Stay Healthy

Having a health problem is stressful enough. But while we live in an age of medical miracles, getting the care you need is hardly as straightforward as it should be—and is more often downright overwhelming. Dr. Wilson, a physician and researcher from the Yale School of Medicine, gets candid about today’s medical field and why the doctor-patient relationship has been in decline. But through his impactful stories and transparency, he outlines exactly how to make informed healthcare decisions, spot misinformation, and advocate for the best interests of yourself and your loved ones. 

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More essential health & wellness reading

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

This therapist-written memoir is great for anyone trying out therapy or counseling for the first time, says Tracy Vadakumchery, LMHC, a psychotherapist licensed in New York and Florida. "I love this book because it demystifies the process of therapy for first-timers," she says.

From a first-person point of view, author Lori Gottlieb destigmatizes mental health, while encouraging readers to learn more about themselves and develop introspection and insight.

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The 3 Words to Quash Any Conflict, from a Psychologist Who Is a Holocaust Survivor

How Not To Die

This book covers every body system and how we can reverse disease based on what we ingest, says Kimberly Parker, PhD, LCSW, a licensed clinical therapist with Healthy Mind Counseling & Nutrition. "[The author] Dr. Michael Greger gives us his background and a personal story of how he helped reverse his mother's heart disease, which extended her life well into her nineties," she explains. And the book continues to explore how simple changes in diet and lifestyle can help prevent common causes of premature death among Americans.

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Feeling Thankful Can Help Prevent These 7 Major Diseases, Says Research

Trauma Stewardship

This book is best for people who are holding a lot of emotional and traumatic material from their work life that has impacts on their personal lives and world view, says Ginelle Krummey, LCMHC, NCC, a therapist with Growth Point Collaborative Counseling and Group Facilitation. It provides examples of symptomology for being overexposed to traumatic material, and real professionals' stories about their attempts to balance their work with their wellness. "As a burnout specialist, I recommend this very readable book to everyone," she says.

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11 Steps You Should Take to Heal from a Traumatic Experience

Journal of Radical Permission

Krummey recommends this book of journaling prompts that explores philosophies like radical self-love, emergent strategy, and pleasure activism. The guide's deep questions encourage reflection and a path toward living life with purpose, honoring your body and mind's needs while helping to reframe the tendency toward self-criticism.

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Ready to Start a Journal? 6 Tips From Therapists to Get Started

Find Yourself at Home: A Conscious Approach to Shaping Your Space and Your Life

June 2023

This practical guide helps you reshape your home environment to reflect your values, build positive behaviors, and support your self-empowerment. Certified Feng Shui consultant Emily Grosvenor taps into a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science to design a personal living space that supports your goals and personal development.

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The 8 Best Indoor Plants for Mental Health, Say Wellness Experts

Built to Move: The Ten Essential Habits to Help You Move Freely and Live Fully

From office jobs to technological dependence, modern society isn't set up to encourage movement—and today's sedentary lifestyles can have devastating physiological effects as we age.

Mobility trainers Kelly and Juliet Starrett have worked with professional athletes, Olympians, and Navy Seals. With Dr. Kelly Starrett as the author of Becoming a Supple Leopard, which some figures in the literary community call "the movement Bible," the Starretts are known for their passion toward educating the public about the human body's durability, longevity, and overall well-being through movement.

In Built to Move (available April 2023), the Starretts have drawn from their professional experience to develop a simple guide—10 personal assessments and 10 physical practices—aimed to help anyone with any body type continue to do the things they love as they age, pain-free. Publishers Weekly named the title one of the Top 10 Lifestyle Books for Spring 2023.

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The Body Keeps the Score

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"This book is a revolutionary take on how mental health and trauma directly impact physical health," explains Sally Twellman, RD, a nutritional therapist with Heading Health. The Body Keeps the Score—a classic recommendation in the world of psychotherapy—explores scientific evidence that unravels the brain and body's response to traumatic events—and how these physiological changes can affect our physical and mental health for the rest of our lives.

"People are often slow to address their trauma and convince themselves that if they ignore it, it'll go away," adds psychotherapist Jennifer Weaver, LMHC. "But if you ignore your trauma, your body will find a way to remind you—and this text is helpful in assisting patients in understanding this." With more than 50,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Amazon, it seems those patients agree.

What's more, the overarching message is a game-changer for those who have struggled to find success with traditional therapies, according to Mark R., a reader who suffered from PTSD and severe anxiety. He called The Body Keeps the Score "the new Bible for trauma," which teaches how to "feel and experience what is going on inside us—not just think about it."

The book is also a big proponent of EMDR, a psychotherapeutic modality worth learning more about.

Atomic Habits

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"I loved this book!" Twellman says, adding that she regularly recommends Atomic Habits to clients struggling to create new, healthy habits. "It provides a simple and approachable way to achieve your goals," not only through step-by-step strategy, but mindset shifts that facilitate sustainable change.

Readers back this up, too. Haical Sajovic Haddad updated their review after applying the Atomic Habits system for 100 days "because [it has] sincerely worked." And with nearly 100,000 reviewers (at press time) who back the book's 4.8-star rating, this may be the tool to help you finally break out of negative habits while forming others that stick.

Trying to Quit Sugar? A Diabetes Patient Reveals the One Change That Saved His Life

Atlas of the Heart

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"This book is like a textbook for being human," writes reader Tomas Milo about Atlas of the Heart. "[Brown's] books deliver me the language to help me understand my hard feelings and experiences." By mapping out 87 distinct human emotions, Atlas of the Heart explores how these thoughts and feelings shape our lives and behaviors. This understanding aims to teach readers to turn inward in order to strengthen connections and relationships with others. And it's done just that for the more than 12,000 reviewers who rate it at 4.8 stars.

"[It's] the emotional dictionary you didn't know you needed," wrote therapist Rob Jordan. "Many of the emotions we recognize and discuss are just the tip of the iceberg, and this book helps you discover what's under the surface."

A Bone Health Doctor Just Listed the 12 Best Yoga Poses to Strengthen Bones

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

In Braiding SweetgrassRobin Wall Kimmerer brings together two perspectives she knows well. As a botanist and an ecology professor, Kimmerer is very familiar with using science to answer the mysteries of our natural world. As a member of the Potawatomi Nation, she also considers plants and animals to be our oldest teachers—and to hold answers all their own.

Her book marries her scientific background with Indigenous wisdom to help people connect to the world around them, recognize the gifts nature holds for us and how to offer our own gifts in return.

Five-star reviewer Melody called Braiding Sweetgrass "beautiful and important," writing, "Dr. Kimmerer has the kind of quiet voice that everyone hushes to hear, not wanting to miss a word of her eloquence. reading this book has reminded me to cultivate my love for the Earth in ways that my daughters can participate in, and to recognize the relationship between people and nature as a two-way street. We do not simply destroy or protect nature—we evolved in direct relationship with plants, and plants evolved in direct relationship with us. As an environmental scientist, I like to think that I look at the world through a lens of love and concern for the earth, but this book pushes me further in love and hope and urgency."

With more than 12,000 ratings on Amazon, Braiding Sweetgrass also received praise from Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert. If you haven't already checked out this beauty, now's the time to click above and listen to a sample.

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4 Wise Ways to Manage Travel Tummy Troubles, from Wellness Pros

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK

"Self-improvement is a journey, and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK provides a great read and great perspective to apply in today's world," says Stephanie Stathas, MS, LPC, NCC, CIT at Thriveworks in Reading, PA. "It teaches us how to have an honest assessment of ourselves," she adds, an exercise that can build greater trust and respect in relationships while helping us to develop the strength to face feelings like fear or anxiety.

"I loved how matter-of-fact this book was, and how it delivered some of the hard realities that make a reader wake up and realize the futility of sweating the small stuff," says Erica Alter, LMSW, a therapist at Cobb Psychotherapy in New York.

More than 75,000 Amazon reviewers seem to agree, lending The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK a 4.6-star rating. Among those readers, Aria Ursa called out how the book offers "a much-needed reminder to choose your battles wisely," which helped her learn to "let negativity wash over me now without letting it absorb into my soul, and my life has been much more enjoyable as a result."

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5 Ways Stress-Eating Impacts Your Gut Health, Mood, and More, Say Eating Psychology Specialists

The Body: A Guide for Occupants

Bill Bryson's book, The Body: A Guide for Occupants, is like a love poem to the human body, marveling at the million and one different jobs it performs—and that we all too often take for granted. Deeply researched but fully engaging, the book's fun facts and captivating anecdotes encourage a sense of wonder among its nearly 14,000 reviewers (who offer up an average 4.7-star rating).

What's more: it's a super fun read. Bryson answers nearly any question you've ever wondered about the body, reader Angie Boyter reflected. "Let me deliver you one caution: it might be best to read this book when you are alone because otherwise, you will annoy your family members, whom you will interrupt VERY frequently because you MUST share the latest fascinating and/or funny tidbit with them."

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4 Gentle Mobility Exercises a Trainer Says You Should Be Doing

From Strength to Strength: Finding Success, Happiness, and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life

Written by bestselling author, Harvard professor and The Atlantic's happiness columnist Arthur Brooks, From Strength to Strength  sets out to help you understand that happiness isn't just a young man's game. With nearly 2,000 Amazon reviews since its early 2022 release, this is a message that's clicking for many readers.

Brooks uses social science, philosophy, biography, theology, Eastern wisdom and interviews with dozens of people to outline a roadmap to happiness after 50. He reframes the idea that aging limits our abilities, and instead suggests that it's an opportunity for progress.

A. Dix's five-star review reads, "As an executive coach, I am always on the lookout for accessible resources to help my clients growth. This book is now my top recommendation for anyone over 40. It explains my own encore career choice as well as the many personal struggles I am experienced in my transition from achievement orientation to satisfaction, service, and gratitude. Well researched and highly readable."

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A Dietitian Just Listed the 7 Best Foods to Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

The Boys in the Boat is a true story about a young rowing team occurs during the turbulent years between the Great Depression and World War II. From within this setting, the book builds an inspirational message of perseverance, fortitude, and hard work—and how it all relies on strength from within.

"This book is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster," reviewer Katie Nana said, calling the story both heartbreaking and uplifting as the young men overcome tremendous loss and hardship. But it's a tale of true grit, and according to almost 30,000 other reviewers rating the book at 4.8 stars, it's tough to press pause on the narrative.

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How I Healed—and Found Peace—After Decades of Anger and Abuse

Keep Sharp: How to Build a Better Brain at Any Age

Keep Sharp is a practical guidebook must-have for anyone who wants to take ownership of their own aging. Dr. Sanjay Gupta quashes outdated myths and misconceptions about the aging mind, offering actionable—and research-backed—advice to ensure long-lasting wit, intellect, and brainpower alike.

The book doesn't just present you with the research, either. It weaves these lessons into a workable routine of realistic, healthy habits while describing why these behaviors are valuable to long-term health. "This book is a good roadmap for being our best now and mitigating future challenges that a good portion of us will face as we move through the faces of life," wrote Christopher Sheridan, one of more than 10,000 readers who rate the book 4.7 stars.

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This Is Your Brain on Sugar: A Dietitian Details How a Love for Sweets May Worsen Your Memory

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

"I loved how You Are a Badass was motivating and gave real, tactical tools for recognizing your worth—and communicating it to others around you," Alter says. The biggest lesson she took away from the book? "You set your own frequency, so set it high, and others will meet you here."

That message is what makes You Are a Badass such a stellar read for anyone—but it's particularly powerful for those struggling with imposter syndrome, making a career change (or feeling stuck in their current job), or striving to become an entrepreneur. In fact, many of the 35,000 reviewers on Amazon describe how the book helped them navigate crossroads in work and personal lives alike. "Every day when my alarm went off, or while I was driving to work, there was this overwhelming sense of dread," noted reader Guy. He added that this book helped him through some much-needed self-evaluation that spurred the changes he needed to make in his life.

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17 Self-Love Quotes to Remind You of Your Worth


This memoir extols the virtues of living bravely by trusting in your own instincts. Vadakumchery says this is her recommendation for those who struggle with people-pleasing anxiety. "As a therapist, I see so many clients who come from strict cultures and communities where they put others' needs before their own," she explains. "They struggle with this cultural conditioning that they are inherently 'bad' people for listening to their inner voice and honoring their own needs." The author, Glennon Doyle, breaks down why self-care isn't selfish and why it's important to have a healthy relationship with oneself. "We all have to honor our needs, even if other people consider it 'selfish' of us," Vadakumchery says. "We become our most authentic selves when we trust our gut and commit to our internal boundaries."

Untamed is written so that it doesn't read as a raw journal entry focused on despair and without hope, Kaufman says. "Still, [author Glennon Doyle] gives us her authentic emotions and true experience, making this book approachable and relatable even if we haven't gone through the exact same thing." This accessible storytelling rings true for more than 52,000 reviewers who rate the book at an average of 4.6 stars.

Just ask reader Serina Hertel, who struggled with loneliness, fatigue, homesickness, and anxiety as a traveling nurse practitioner during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Enter Untamed: the one thing keeping me going during this whole thing," she wrote. "Glennon's words and stories have been a balm for my soul. A battle cry. Permission to feel all my feelings about my current situation and about my life in general. Inspiration to keep going even when I am tired and anxious because nursing is what I'm here for."

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6 Ways Heart Disease Is Different for Women, Cardiology Experts Say

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Myth-busting the idea that only raw talent succeeds, Grit Angela Duckworth develops the concept of "grit" in her 4.6-star, 12,000 reader-approved book of the same name. Through well-crafted storytelling, we learn that grit is made—not born—by combining elements like passion, persistence, modesty, and self-control, all factors within our individual control.

"[The author's] interviews and general research have found that people who are very successful in their careers didn't simply find their passion from one incident," writes reader Jarin Jove. Instead, they build a mindset revolving around these gritty character traits—and, as the book explains, you can, too.

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Feeling inspired? Read up on the six happiness books mental health experts swear by.

How to Do the Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal from Your Past, and Create Your Self

Dr. Nicole LePera's How to Do the Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal from Your Past, and Create Your Self offers a "manifesto" to heal yourself from past hurt, and build a more joyful life for yourself. Dr. LePera tackles childhood trauma and adverse experiences, teaching her readers how to unlearn the unhealthy patterns and destructive behaviors they've developed.

Known as "The Holistic Psychologist" on Instagram with over five million followers, Dr. LePera's uniquely accessible insights resonate meaningfully for her followers. One of more than 10,000 reviewers, Jaclyn, said in their five-star review, "I just spent 60 seconds hugging this book and taking deep belly breaths in honor of the monumental change The Holistic Psychologist’s Instagram account has already made in my existence. I’m half way through the Audible version so I can tell you this much: If you are looking up reviews for this book you’re ready. And we are all here for you. Thank you, Dr. Nicole."

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The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, A Toltec Wisdom Book

A classic self-help tome for over 20 years, its accurate appearance on the New York Times bestseller list demonstrates The Four Agreements is still connecting with audiences today. In it, Don Miguel Ruiz shares wisdom of the Toltec, an Indigenous civilization that thrived in Mexico before the Aztecs, to help people break down self-limiting beliefs to truly set themselves free.

The age-old wisdom of the Toltec is still ringing true for many people today. One of more than 80,000 reviewers, Nick, wrote in their five-star review, "The wisdom in this book has completely transformed my life, more than anything thing else I've ever read or meditated on. This is not hyperbole. ... As I started to unpack what I was learning, I cried some good tears. This happened over and over, like the wounds in my soul were beginning to heal. They were healing through my active attention and I learned how to speak to myself without being judgmental. I thought I already knew how to do this through meditation and therapy, but this book uncovers something for me that I just can't explain."

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Brooke Shields Exclusive: Her 4 Wellness Must-Haves and the "Extraordinary" Privilege of Aging

The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream

The Alchemist is a modern classic, inspiring readers into self-discovery and teaching the importance of listening to your heart. It tells the story of a shepherd boy, Santiago, as he chases his dream of traveling the world in search of treasure. He travels from his homeland in Spain to the pyramids of Egypt, learning about the transformative power of his dreams along the way.

Though it may sound more fantasy than wellness, The Alchemist is an age-old fable with a powerful message. Five-star reviewer Kayleen, one of 88,000 reviewers, wrote, "To put it simply, this book changed my life. The author is overtly religious, and even though I am not, I admire the messages of this story in my own way. I think that this book would have had a profound influence on me no matter what state (good or bad) my life was in when I read it, and I would recommend it to anyone. There were many parts that I read over two or three times—not because I didn't understand, but I was so amazed that I found myself wanting to experience a passage again."

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Create the Ultimate Meditation Space: Mindfulness Experts Share 4 Easy Ideas

Meditations: A New Translation

The ancient Meditations of Marcus Aurelius have been supporting spiritual exercise and thoughtful reflection for centuries. This 2003 translation breathes a new life into them, sharing Aurelius' powerful insights in clear, concise language.

His teachings are still profoundly relevant today; today, his words of wisdom would not be out of place in an inspirational meme on someone's Instagram story. In their five-star review, K. Carter says "profound" doesn't even do it justice. "You can open this masterpiece to any random page, read just ONE passage, and realize something incredible which may be contemplated for hours, days, weeks or years," they wrote. "One sentence may alter the way you think and act - even something you may have read previously can come into a new focus on subsequent reading. The depth of observation and thoughts brought to bear in these pages can make you feel simultaneously meaningless and infinite. It is crazy! If another example exists where so much meaning can be gleaned from so few words, I do not know it.

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Here's How Much Exercise You Need to Counteract Sitting All Day, Says Study

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Fri, 17 Feb 2023 12:03:13 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/other/the-best-health-and-wellness-books-for-your-2023-reading-list/ar-AA17zUXB
Killexams : Six professors win Sloan Foundation research fellowships

The Sloan Foundation has announced that six Princeton professors — Shane Campbell-Staton, Felix Heide, John Jimah, Anirudha Majumdar, Mikkel Plagborg-Møller and Sanfeng Wu — have been selected as 2023 Sloan Research Fellows.

“Sloan Research Fellows are shining examples of innovative and impactful research,” said Adam Falk, president of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. “We are thrilled to support their groundbreaking work and we look forward to following their continued success.”

The fellowship recognizes creative early-career researchers in seven scientific and technical fields: chemistry, computer science, Earth system science, economics, mathematics, neuroscience and physics. More than 1000 researchers are nominated each year for 126 fellowship slots.

Including this year’s recipients, 243 Princeton faculty members have received Sloan fellowships since they were first awarded in 1955. Fellows are nominated by their institutions, and winners are selected by an independent panel based on research accomplishments, creativity and potential to become a leader in their field.

Shane Campbell-Staton, Felix Heide, John Jimah, Anirudha Majumdar, Mikkel Plagborg-Møller and Sanfeng Wu

Photos by Ben Gebo Photography; Sameer A. Khan/Fotobuddy; C. Todd Reichart, Department of Molecular Biology; David Kelly Crow; Adena Stevens; and Rick Soden, Department of Physics

Shane Campbell-Staton, an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology who studies contemporary evolution and adaptation, received a Sloan fellowship in Earth system science. Campbell-Staton’s research focuses on evolution in the Anthropocene, the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. His research combines environmental niche modeling, field biology, experimental physiology and genomic techniques to understand the lasting biological and evolutionary impacts of human activity

Campbell-Staton came to Princeton in 2021 from the faculty of the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), where he was an assistant professor of biology and genetics. He completed a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and his B.S. from the University of Rochester. In addition to his NSF fellowship, his many honors include a 2022 Pew Biomedical fellowship; a 2019 Life Sciences Excellence Award in Educational Innovation and a 2017 Life Sciences Division Excellence in Research Award, both from UCLA; the 2015 University of Illinois Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Postdoctoral Fellowship; a 2013 NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant and a 2012 Putnam Expedition Grant. His public outreach includes “The Biology of Superheroes” podcast, which has more than 300,000 downloads, and a six-part PBS miniseries, “Human Footprint with Shane Campbell-Staton,” launching July 5.

Felix Heide, an assistant professor of computer science, was selected as a Sloan fellow in computer science. He works on optics and computer vision, using nanofabrication techniques to create a new kind of camera that can analyze and perform computation on a scene before an image is captured. Today’s cameras work in the same way they did in the 19th century, with optical lenses recording images and any analysis performed after an image is captured. Heide’s goal is to build a new kind of thin, power-free optical computer inside camera lenses.

Heide joined the Princeton faculty in 2020 and leads the Computational Imaging Lab. He completed postdoctoral research at Stanford University, doctoral work at the University of British Columbia and an M.Sc. from the University of Siegen in Germany. He is the recipient of a 2022 Packard Fellowship, the AutoSens 2020 Young Engineer of the Year Award, Sensors Expo 2018 Rising Star award, ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 Doctoral Dissertation Award and the Alain Fournier 2016 Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation in Computer Graphics. He is also the co-founder and chief technology officer of Algolux.

John Jimah, an assistant professor of molecular biology, was selected for a Sloan fellowship in neuroscience. Jimah is a structural biologist who focuses on membrane remodeling in human cells and in parasites such as malaria. He uses cryo-electron microscopy and cryo-correlative light electron microscopy to examine the tiny walls between cells and cell organelles and determine how nutrients and pathogens are passed across them.

Jimah came to Princeton in January 2022 after completing a Nancy Nossal fellowship at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, a division of the National Institutes of Health. He grew up in Ghana and came to the U.S. for college. He received his Ph.D. in biology and biomedical sciences from Washington University in St. Louis and his B.A. in molecular biology from Colgate University. He was a member of the inaugural class of MOSAIC scholars — the Maximizing Opportunities for Scientific and Academic Independent Careers program of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Anirudha Majumdar, an assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering who works on building autonomous robotic systems, received a Sloan fellowship in computer science. Currently, most robots are deployed in tightly controlled environments, like factories. Majumdar and his lab are working to build drones and other robots that can operate safely in a more complex environment, enabling them to see obstacles and adapt to diverse and changing conditions.

Majumdar joined the Princeton faculty in 2017 and leads the Intelligent Robot Motion Lab. He received a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and did postdoctoral research in Stanford University’s Autonomous Systems Lab. He has won early career awards from the U.S. Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation, and his work has been recognized by Google, Amazon and the Toyota Research Institute. At Princeton Engineering, he has received the Alfred Rheinstein Faculty Award and an award for teaching excellence.

Mikkel Plagborg-Møller, an econometrician and assistant professor of economics in Princeton’s Department of Economics, was selected as a Sloan fellow in economics. He refines the statistical methods economists and other social scientists use to conduct their analyses. Much of his work focuses on time-series econometrics and helping researchers better evaluate the causal effects of different policy changes over time.

Originally from Denmark, Plagborg-Møller came to the United States as an exchange student at New York University, where he first developed an interest in economic research. After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Copenhagen, Plagborg-Møller earned a Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University. After a year as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, he joined the Princeton faculty in 2017. He was also a visiting scholar at NYU in 2019-2020. His honors include a 2021 Excellence in Reviewing Award from “American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics,” the 2020–2023 William G. Bowen Presidential University Preceptorship, and the 2018 Excellence in Refereeing Award from “American Economic Review.” He was a five-time recipient of Harvard’s Certificate of Distinction in Teaching.

Sanfeng Wu, an assistant professor of physics who specializes in experimental condensed matter physics and quantum materials, received a Sloan fellowship for physics. Wu and his team are investigating the properties of quantum materials that could unlock new capabilities in computing, communications and many other areas. His research focuses on developing novel quantum structures and devices from crystalline atomic monolayers and studying their emergent electronic phenomena driven by topology and correlations. He and his team employ both quantum electronic and optical techniques to manipulate and measure interesting quantum states at various conditions.

Wu came to Princeton in 2019 after completing a Pappalardo Fellowship at MIT. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 2016 and his B.S. in 2010 from the University of Science and Technology in China. Among other honors, Wu has received a 2021 award from the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Transformative Tech Fund and prestigious early career awards from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation. He is also associated faculty in the Princeton Materials Institute.

Fellows from the 2023 cohort come from 54 colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada. “Each in its own way, the nominating institutions are also helping to identify and support these flourishing young researchers,” said Daniel Goroff, director of the Sloan Research Fellowship Program. “We’re honored to join them in recognizing tomorrow’s scientific leaders.” Winners receive a two-year, $75,000 fellowship that can be used flexibly.

Wed, 15 Feb 2023 06:55:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.princeton.edu/news/2023/02/15/six-professors-win-sloan-foundation-research-fellowships
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