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CVPM Certificate of Veterinary Practice Management

To prepare students to seek a Veterinary Practice Manager position by providing them with the education to develop strategies, procedures, policies and management skills to run the daily operations of a veterinary business and to satisfy the college semester hours required for CVPM certification.

Basic Skills Assessment
Applicants are required to complete two Basic Skills Assessments, one in reading and one in math, to determine the level of readiness for beginning their selected program. Additional studies may be required.

Business Orientation
In this course, youll be introduced to distance learning; study skills and techniques; and ways to review for examinations. Youll discover similarities between personal financial goals and business goals and examine how to determine personal financial goals; set up a budget; and recognize the elements of a business.
Principles of Management
This course will review the functions of management and its role in planning, leading, organizing, motivating, and controlling. Basic Accounting
In this course, you'll discover the necessary accounting information to understand the basic accounting information, what it means, and how its used; The course will also cover financial statements, return on investment, bookkeeping process, cost accounting, and report systems.
Veterinary Practice Management
In this course youll learn the importance of understanding and implementing laws and requirements in a veterinary practice. Youll also learn the benefits of developing a professional, efficient, and knowledgeable team that provides exceptional customer service to their clients. Additionally, the course will provide you with instructions and information on how to help your practice to grow financially.
Human Resources Management
In this course, you'll investigate an overview of Human Resources Management (HRM), as its understood today. This course illustrates the dynamic interaction of the personnel functions with each other and with the objectives of an organization. Marketing
In this course, youll discover the principles of marketing. Youll learn how to develop a marketing plan; use social and mobile marketing effectively; integrate ethics into marketing strategies; influence the consumer decision process; perform market research; perform SWOT and STP analyses; make decisions concerning branding, packaging, and developing new products; price products and services fairly; set advertising objectives; and more.
Business Ethics
In this course, youll explore the types of ethical issues you may encounter in your professional life and discover processes to help in determining the best response to the issue. Youll discover how to determine a course of action with various philosophical approaches and business-related approaches to ethical issues in a professional setting; and a process for decision making in balancing different considerations. In addition, discover an overview of selected areas of business that may require particular attention.

Whether you're looking to start a new career as a Vet Practice Manager, or you want to start on a path toward certification, our Veterinary Practice Management undergraduate certificate program can help you achieve these goals. For up to $86 per credit, our Vet Practice Management program fulfills one of the requirements to sit for the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) exam.

Killexams Veterinary Practice Management Certificate online program fulfills the education requirement for certification. After students complete the Vet Practice Management online courses and graduate from the program, they will have met one of the four requirements to sit for the CVPM exam — Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, offered by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA). The CVPM designation is recognized by many veterinary practice leaders as the highest level of credential for professional veterinary managers and is often preferred or required when applying for a veterinary manager position.

Certificate of Veterinary Practice Management
Medical Certificate study help
Killexams : Medical Certificate study help - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/CVPM Search results Killexams : Medical Certificate study help - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/CVPM https://killexams.com/exam_list/Medical Killexams : 15 Certification Programs for Careers That Pay Well No result found, try new keyword!Learn more about ophthalmic medical technicians. This job involves installing solar panels on homes and businesses to help conserve ... You can earn a certificate through a self-study program ... Fri, 31 Jul 2020 11:48:00 -0500 text/html https://www.usnews.com/careers/articles/certificate-programs-that-pay-well Killexams : 16-year-old receives EMT certificate, looks to a future in medicine

High school junior Ethan Bustamante has his eye set on Stanford, Duke or Oxford University

Ethan Bustamante, 16, a Durango High School junior, completed an Emergency Medical Technician course with the Upper Pine River Fire Protection District. “Taking the course was all his idea,” said his father, firefighter Richard Bustamante. “That’s what he wanted to do this last summer.” (Jerry McBride/Durango Herald)

Ethan Bustamante has plans. Many teenagers his age do, but 16-year-old Ethan knows exactly what he has to do to make those plans a reality, and he’s been looking toward a career in the medical field for years.

Over the summer, Ethan took an Emergency Medical Technician course through the Upper Pine River Fire Protection District to enhance his academic profile and appeal to potential universities and their medical schools.

“Taking the course was all his idea,” said his father, firefighter Richard Bustamante, who works in Durango but commutes from Aztec. “That’s what he wanted to do this last summer.”

“We run an EMT training program,” said Upper Pine River Fire Chief Bruce Evans. “We usually have about eight or nine students. We use federal grant money to run free paramedic and EMT training. We run these classes all the time. He (Ethan) was the youngest kid we’ve graduated.”

Evans emphasizes the advantages Ethan has being a resident from New Mexico and not Colorado.

“In New Mexico, an EMT can be certified at the age of 16,” Evans said. “In Colorado, you have to be 18. To take the national certification program in New Mexico, you can be 16. We’re trying to get the regulations changed here in Colorado, so high schoolers like Ethan can get an early start on the medical side of their education.”

Ethan’s father believes his son’s interest in medicine goes back 16 years to his traumatic birth at the University of New Mexico Hospital.

When Ethan was born, he had a severe coarctation of the aorta, which is a constriction of the artery, as well as a bicuspid aortic valve, a congenital heart disease. Near death, he was life-flighted from UNM Hospital to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, where at just 3 days old, he underwent open-heart surgery to repair the valve.

“The severity of the coarctation has remained a UNM case study for cardiologists,” Richard said. “Ethan flatlined several times.”

He believes the event is one of the reasons Ethan is so interested in the field of medicine and Stanford University, and Ethan agrees.

“I think that all has something to do with it,” Ethan said. “I’m definitely looking at the field of cardiology because of that. I also wanted to be a surgeon for a long time, but it takes so much time. I’m not sure at this point. We’ll see.”

Ethan is also considering a career as a traveling nurse, a position that caught his eye during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They travel around the country helping different hospitals,” he said. “I would definitely be interested in doing that.”

“Ethan aced his PSATs as a sophomore,” his father said with a heavy amount of pride in his voice. “We get correspondence from Duke and other universities because of that.”

The father and son also know what they’re doing this summer.

“We’re going to Boston this summer,” Richard Bustamante said. “It’s this whole correspondence with a young medical leaders conference. It’s for the winners of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence. We got correspondences from Harvard and Yale because of that. We might go visit their campuses if there’s time.”

According to the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists website, The Congress of Future Medical Leaders established the Award of Excellence as a way to help high school students who want to pursue a career in medicine. Attendees to the Boston conference get to interact with Nobel laureates, medical school deans, Ivy League leaders, top professionals in the medical field, award-winning inventors and scientists.

“I’m excited about going and meeting all the people there,” Ethan said.

Ethan is looking forward to a future in medicine, which may include getting a postsecondary education at Stanford, Oxford or Duke University. (Jerry McBride/Durango Herald)

Programs and conferences like Congress of Future Medical Leaders encouraging American youths to aim for a career in the medical field has been steadily growing over the years.

The shortage of health care workers has been rapidly increasing since the late 2000s, according to U.S. News, and officials are looking to recruit students right out of high school.

The Care Forward Colorado Program, using the money from Federal COVID stimulus funding, is currently providing free schooling for students interested in becoming certified nursing assistants, emergency medical technicians, pharmacy technicians, phlebotomy technicians, and medical assistants or dental assistants, as reported earlier this year by The Colorado Sun.

The need for medical personnel, especially EMTs and paramedics, is also the reason Bruce Evans wants to begin teaching EMT courses to Durango and Bayfield’s high school students, creating a pathway to those careers once they graduate.

“There is such a need for medical personnel right now,” Evans said. “We could employ students by the summer.”

Ethan agrees that EMT courses would be beneficial to high school students.

“It would expose kids to something different,” he said. “There’s really nothing offered in the medical fields in our school unless the student has an outside interest like me. It could be a senior elective.”

Now that Ethan has his EMT certificate, he will go through the EMT program in New Mexico and then take a National Registry exam to become an official EMT. He also has to finish his studies at Durango High School, if he’s going to be accepted into Stanford or Duke University. He’s currently taking all advanced placement classes like AP physics, biology and calculus. He is eligible to graduate early, but he is still assessing all of his options.

“I think about all the doctors preparing us for the disabilities he (Ethan) would have because of the lack of oxygen to his brain when he was born,” Richard Bustamante said. “They said he would be slower, and he would have learning disabilities, and it’s clearly the opposite of that. He’s proven them all wrong.”


Sat, 19 Nov 2022 20:45:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.durangoherald.com/articles/16-year-old-receives-emt-certificate-looks-to-a-future-in-medicine/
Killexams : PG Certificate Medical Education course structure information

The course consists of three 20-credit modules. Each module includes two study days.  During the two study days, the core elements of the module will be explored, with examples from practice used to illustrate key components.  Each participant will be expected to participate in approximately eight weeks of online activity.

Study dates

2023 study dates

All dates are subject to change. 

Attendance at all set dates is mandatory.


Study Dates

Induction Day

1 September 2023


(MDE61001) Module 1 - Effective Learning & Teaching

Study day 1 – 5 September 2023

Study day 2 – 12 September 2023

(MDE61003) Module 2 - Work Based Learning & Teaching

Study day 1 – 9 January 2024

Study day 2 – 16 January 2024


(MDE61002) Module 3 - Curriculum Design & Development

Study day 1 – 23 April 2024

Study day 2 – 30 April 2024

Module 1 (MDE61001) - Effective Learning & Teaching

This module is designed to engage participants in the ways that learning happens and is currently understood.  It links these understandings to the way knowledge is created and Tested through processes of evaluation and assessment.  It also requires participants to adopt a scholarly/theoretically informed approach to planning and delivering teaching and learning activities rather than being driven by situational factors.  It will draw on particular models such as constructive alignment and learning taxonomies to ensure that there are sound principles to accompany selected theoretical frameworks

Module Aims:

MA1 Develop a scholarly approach to planning and delivering teaching and learning activities
MA2 Base teaching practice on sound theoretical principles
MA3 Develop as reflective teaching practitioners

Module Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the module, a student will be able to:

LO1 Describe clear learning outcomes with reference to established learning taxonomies.
LO2 Plan and facilitate a teaching session applying the principles of constructive alignment and informed by learning theory.
LO3 Reflect on their own teaching session to critically evaluate it and plan improvements.
LO4 Critically evaluate their peer's teaching and learning practices by considering the principle of constructive alignment and learning theory.

Module 1 Assessment:

An account of their own taught session including their learning outcomes, chosen approach and intentions, with a reflective commentary. 2,400 words
Evaluations of a peer teaching session as a trial of critical application of theory to practice. 1,600 words

See full course information on our prospectus

The content of our courses is reviewed annually to make sure it is up-to-date and relevant. Individual modules are occasionally updated or withdrawn. This is in response to discoveries through our world-leading research, funding changes, professional accreditation requirements, student or employer feedback, outcomes of reviews, and variations in staff or student numbers. In the event of any change we'll consult and inform students in good time and take reasonable steps to minimise disruption.

Information last updated: 5 December 2022

Weekly online events

Attend an online event when it suits you, all year round, as an alternative to an open day.

Every Wednesday, Sheffield Live sessions cover different aspects of University life. You can also meet your department and learn more about studying your subject.

Sun, 04 Dec 2022 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/medicine/modules/pg-certificate-medical-education-course-structure-information
Killexams : Groundbreaking Study Finds WELL Certification Boosts Occupant Satisfaction and Perceived Health, Well-being and Productivity

NEW YORK--()--A new study in the Journal of Building and Environment found that WELL Certification drives significant benefits across occupant satisfaction, perceived health, well-being and productivity.

The peer-reviewed study, titled “Impact of WELL Certification on Occupant Satisfaction and Perceived Health, Well-being, and Productivity: A Multi-Office Pre- Versus Post-Occupancy Evaluation,” is the largest and most comprehensive longitudinal research of its kind. It analyzed the impacts of WELL Certification on occupants across four perspectives: satisfaction with the workplace, as well as physical and mental health, well-being, and productivity. Using extensive pre- and post-occupancy survey data, the analysis was able to assess the impact of WELL Certification on the people inside a space when compared to their experiences before certification.

According to the study’s survey findings, WELL Certification showed a series of statistically significant occupant benefits, including:

  • A near 30% improvement in overall satisfaction with the workplace, which jumped from 42% to 70%.
  • A 26% overall increase in reported well-being scores.
  • A 10% increase in mental health and a 2% increase in physical health.
  • A 10-point jump in median productivity scores.

The research team analyzed the impact of WELL Certification using more than 1,300 pre- and post-occupancy survey responses from six companies in North America with analyses conducted at both the aggregate and company level.

“It’s exciting to see that, for the first time, researchers have published rigorous longitudinal research that provides a holistic view of the tremendous benefits of WELL Certification,” said Rachel Hodgdon, President and CEO, International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), the creators of the WELL Building Standard. “This study shows unequivocally how WELL, with its people-first approach, supports wide-ranging benefits for occupants and organizations alike, creating significant improvements in all-important areas of occupant satisfaction and health, well-being and productivity.”

WELL is the leading global framework for scaling health across buildings, organizations and communities. Developed over a decade and backed by more than 7,000 studies demonstrating the latest scientific research, WELL outlines key building-level interventions and organizational strategies across 10 categories: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind and Community. Today, WELL is being used in 125 countries, by more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies and across more than 4.2 billion square feet of real estate.

In addition to finding that WELL Certification increased overall occupant well-being by 26%, the study also found it helped occupants feel more energized, more motivated to work and more confident that the workplace is conducive to health as well as an increased sense of pride in being a part of the organization.

In the study’s analysis at the organizational level, the findings on the impact of WELL Certification were similar. Every company in the study saw sizeable advances in overall occupant satisfaction. All saw marked improvement in overall perceived mental health, with one company jumping as high as 14% in its average perceived mental health score. The average productivity score also improved for all companies, ranging from 1.39% to as much as 6.72%. Lastly, the average scores for well-being increased considerably for all companies.

“For a long time, the community has been waiting for a systematic evaluation about the effectiveness of WELL in achieving its goals,” said Dr. Wangda Zuo, advisor and author of the study and professor at Pennsylvania State University. “This study takes a major step forward in helping fill this research gap by providing significant evidence showing the positive impact of WELL Certification.”

WELL Certification represents the highest pinnacle of health and well-being under the WELL Building Standard, spanning 108 features across all 10 categories in WELL. It provides a roadmap for improving the quality of our air, water and light with inspired design decisions that not only keep us connected but facilitate a good night's sleep, support our mental health and help us do our best work every day.

“WELL is not only the most comprehensive building certification program for health and well-being globally, but it’s also the most rigorous because of its requirements to test and verify through a third party. Rooted in the science and resolute on accountability, WELL provides real impact in the market,” said Dr. Whitney Austin Gray, senior vice president of research at IWBI and a co-author of the study. “This longitudinal study, consistent with all the case study literature, confirms WELL’s ability to Improve occupant perceptions of health, well-being and productivity. It also shows definitively how a robust measurable system like WELL can help other organizations reap similar benefits.”

“Based on what we know from other research, our hypothesis held that the human-centered design strategies found in WELL would have a positive impact on health and well-being,” said Nasim Ildiri, lead author, who is with the University of Colorado, Boulder. “The study overwhelmingly confirmed that hypothesis, showing notable improvements across each of the four major areas examined: satisfaction, health, well-being and productivity. For organizations and companies, the study verifies the material benefits of WELL, which could very well serve as another powerful accelerant for healthy building adoption.”

To learn more about key insights, please see an article summarizing findings from the research study here.

About the International WELL Building Institute

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is a public benefit corporation and the world’s leading organization focused on deploying people-first places to advance a global culture of health. IWBI mobilizes its community through the administration of the WELL Building Standard (WELL) and WELL ratings, management of the WELL AP credential, the pursuit of applicable research, the development of educational resources, and advocacy for policies that promote health and well-being everywhere. More information on WELL can be found here.

International WELL Building Institute pbc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delos Living LLC. International WELL Building Institute, IWBI, the WELL Building Standard, WELL v2, WELL Certified, WELL AP, WELL Portfolio, WELL Score, The WELL Conference, We Are WELL, the WELL Community Standard, WELL Health-Safety Rating, WELL Health-Safety Rated, WELLEquity, WELL Performance Rated, WELL Performance Rating, Works with WELL, WELL and others, and their related logos are trademarks or certification marks of International WELL Building Institute pbc in the United States and other countries.

Mon, 31 Oct 2022 22:24:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20221027005856/en/Groundbreaking-Study-Finds-WELL-Certification-Boosts-Occupant-Satisfaction-and-Perceived-Health-Well-being-and-Productivity
Killexams : Trustees recommend expansions in health care and medical education programs

In its final meeting of 2022, the Central Michigan University Board of Trustees approved recommendations to increase the capacity and strengthen the impact of CMU’s health professions and medical education programs.

During Wednesday’s Health Care Special Committee meeting, Trustees Sharon Heath and Dr. Mike Sandler presented recommendations related to expanding and enhancing programs in The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions and the CMU College of Medicine.

“These opportunities position CMU to be an even stronger health care leader in the future,” said Board Chair Richard K. Studley. “There are tremendous opportunities, not just for jobs but extraordinary careers, in health care where we can not only help our community and the Great Lakes Bay Region, but our entire state.”

Trustees voted unanimously to accept and endorse the committee’s recommendations.

The recommendations for health professions, which will move forward immediately, were:

-Increasing the size of cohorts in the physician assistant and physical therapy programs.
-Exploring expansion of CMU’s nursing programs, including development of a new four-year, on-campus nursing degree program.

And, in the College of Medicine, recommendations were:

-Developing and reinforcing partnerships to provide necessary clinical rotations for medical students, with the aim of providing equitable student experiences and ensuring LCME accreditation.
-Exploring opportunities to increase engagement among all four classes of medical students, including a discussion of having a single College of Medicine location.
-Discussing the option to increase the size of entering class cohorts in the College of Medicine to meet the growing need for physicians in rural and underserved areas.

New board leadership

Trustees also voted to elect board officers for 2023.

The nominating committee, which included Trustees Studley, Robert Wardrop and Regine Beauboeuf, presented a slate that included:
-Board treasurer: Mary Moran Hill, vice president of finance and administrative services and chief financial officer.
-Board secretary: Mary Jane Flanagan, chief of staff to the president.
-Board chair: Trustee Isaiah Oliver.
-Board vice chairs: Trustees Todd Anson and Sharon Heath.

The slate of nominees was unanimously approved by the board.

Excitement for InSciTE
Also during Wednesday’s committee meetings, Trustees heard a presentation from biology faculty member Wiline Pangle about a new interdisciplinary certificate program.

The Integration of Science, Engineering and Technology certificate program will use a multi-year cohort model that empowers students to drive their course of research and study.

A council of faculty representing all nine departments of the College of Science and Engineering assisted with the development of the certificate

Pangle said a pioneer cohort of 35 students has enrolled in a special syllabus class that will serve as a pilot of the cohort mode.

“When we talk about innovation in education and what will differentiate CMU from our peers, this new interdisciplinary program is what we mean,” Davies said. “It is collaborative. It is student-driven. It focuses on authentic experiences and equity.”

School of Journalism
Trustees approved organizational changes within the College of the Arts and Media.

The Department of Communication, the Department of Journalism and the School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts will merge to form the new School of Communication, Journalism and Media.

During discussion of the reorganization in Wednesday’s Academic and Student Affairs Committee meeting, Provost Nancy Mathews applauded the collaborative effort of to achieve the restructuring.

“I want to share how impressed I was by the process used to get to this point to reorganize,” Mathews said. “There were many discussions over the years with alumni and faculty who came together.”

In other action, trustees approved:
-More than 1,160 fall graduates.
-$5.7M in deferred maintenance expenditures.
-Lease of indoor practice space for two athletic teams.
-Budget for the planning, design and demolition of Northwest Apartments in 2024.
-Emeritus rank for seven faculty and staff members.

President’s report

In his opening remarks, Davies highlighted the positive momentum that has returned to the university following two years of pandemic operations and uncertainty.

“Over the past several months, members of our community faced many external stressors as we recalibrated to our new normal, yet they continued to show up with a Fired-Up Attitude,” Davies said. “It has been a privilege to observe CMU rising to this challenge.”

Davies pointed to latest successes in research and scholarly activity, grantsmanship, fundraising, enrollment and more, as well as the achievements of many students, faculty, staff and program offices. Highlights included:
-A new mural highlighting Native American and Indigenous people at CMU, in Michigan and nationwide.
-A 17% increase in grants and funding over this time last year.
-Student Eric Urbaniak received the Youth Philanthropy Award from the Mid-Michigan Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.
-The appointment of Mary Moran Hill as CMU’s vice president of finance and administrative services and chief financial officer.
-An “A” ranking in scholarship transparency from College Aid Pro.

Davies provided an update on the rollout of CMU’s strategic planning process. He said board members and committees representing various areas of the university would provide leadership and guidance for the inclusive process.

“Over the next several months, there will be many opportunities for our stakeholders to participate; this will include several sessions open to all members of the university community, as well as options to contribute suggestions and feedback online.”
Davies also thanked the alumni, donors and friends who contributed to student support programs such as the Student Food Pantry and Student Emergency Fund during a latest fundraising day.

“This year’s record-breaking Giving Tuesday engaged more than 2,400 donors and has raised more than $418,000 — far surpassing our goal,” Davies said. “Our donors see what is taking place at CMU and are inspired to help.”

Fri, 09 Dec 2022 00:53:00 -0600 CMU Communications en-US text/html https://www.themorningsun.com/2022/12/09/trustees-recommend-expansions-in-health-care-and-medical-education-programs/
Killexams : Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market 2023 In-Depth Insights and Business Scenario, by Analysts Certification 2028 | Newst 93 Pages Report

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Report is a large project with critical infrastructure designed to support complex access efficiently, scalable applications and integrates with large data generating companies such as SSY Group Limited, Gil Pack, Dai Han Pharm, Ilhaplast, Fresenius KABI. Using Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market is opening new frontiers across in the Medical Devices and Consumables industry. With the ability to manage things, the Medical PP Infusion Bottle market has a lot of power to change parts of the form (Below 50 ml, 50 ml-100 ml, Above 100 ml), application (Hospital, Clinic, Others). The Medical PP Infusion Bottle industry report provides research that includes market share of Medical PP Infusion Bottle size and business strategies across the globe at the regional and national levels, development of partnerships, providing detailed analysis, return to 2022 Medical PP Infusion Bottle market up-to- day market share.

Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market - Covid-19 Impact and Recovery Analysis:

We have been tracking the direct impact of COVID-19 on this market, as well as the indirect impact from other industries. This report analyzes the impact of the pandemic on the Medical PP Infusion Bottle market from a Global and Regional perspective. The report outlines the market size, market characteristics, and market growth for Medical PP Infusion Bottle industry, categorized by type, application, and consumer sector. In addition, it provides a comprehensive analysis of aspects involved in market development before and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Report also conducted a PESTEL analysis in the industry to study key influencers and barriers to entry.

Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry.


It also provides accurate information and cutting-edge analysis that is necessary to formulate an ideal business plan, and to define the right path for rapid growth for all involved industry players. With this information, stakeholders will be more capable of developing new strategies, which focus on market opportunities that will benefit them, making their business endeavours profitable in the process.

Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market - Competitive and Segmentation Analysis:

This Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market report offers detailed analysis supported by reliable statistics on sale and revenue by players for the period 2017-2022. The report also includes company description, major business, Medical PP Infusion Bottle product introduction, latest developments and Medical PP Infusion Bottle sales by region, type, application and by sales channel.

The major players covered in the Medical PP Infusion Bottle market report are:

● SSY Group Limited ● Gil Pack ● Dai Han Pharm ● Ilhaplast ● Fresenius KABI

Get a trial PDF of report - https://www.360marketupdates.com/enquiry/request-sample/20943604

Short Summery About Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market:

The Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate during the forecast period, between 2022 and 2028. In 2022, the market is growing at a steady rate and with the rising adoption of strategies by key players, the market is expected to rise over the projected horizon.

As the global economy mends, the 2022 growth of Medical PP Infusion Bottle will have significant change from previous year. According to our latest study, the global Medical PP Infusion Bottle market size is USD million in 2022 from USD million in 2022, with a change of % between 2022 and 2022. The global Medical PP Infusion Bottle market size will reach USD million in 2028, growing at a CAGR of % over the analysis period 2022-2028.

The United States Medical PP Infusion Bottle market is expected at value of USD million in 2022 and grow at approximately % CAGR during forecast period 2022-2028. China constitutes a % market for the global Medical PP Infusion Bottle market, reaching USD million by the year 2028. As for the Europe Medical PP Infusion Bottle landscape, Germany is projected to reach USD million by 2028 trailing a CAGR of % over the forecast period 2022-2028. In APAC, the growth rates of other notable markets (Japan and South Korea) are projected to be at % and % respectively for the next 6-year period.

Global main Medical PP Infusion Bottle players cover SSY Group Limited, Gil Pack, Dai Han Pharm, and Ilhaplast, etc. In terms of revenue, the global largest two companies occupy a share nearly % in 2022.

This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Medical PP Infusion Bottle market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.

Report further studies the market development status and future Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market trend across the world. Also, it splits Medical PP Infusion Bottle market Segmentation by Type and by Applications to fully and deeply research and reveal market profile and prospects.

On the basis of product typethis report displays the production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into:

● Below 50 ml ● 50 ml-100 ml ● Above 100 ml

On the basis of the end users/applicationsthis report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications/end users, consumption (sales), market share and growth rate for each application, including:

● Hospital ● Clinic ● Others

Get a trial Copy of the Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Report 2022

Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market - Regional Analysis:

Geographically, this report is segmented into several key regions, with sales, revenue, market share and growth Rate of Medical PP Infusion Bottle in these regions, from 2015 to 2028, covering

● North America (United States, Canada and Mexico) ● Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Turkey etc.) ● Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam) ● South America (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia etc.) ● Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

Some of the key questions answered in this report:

● What is the global (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa) sales value, production value, consumption value, import and export of Medical PP Infusion Bottle? ● Who are the global key manufacturers of the Medical PP Infusion Bottle Industry? How is their operating situation (capacity, production, sales, price, cost, gross, and revenue)? ● What are the Medical PP Infusion Bottle market opportunities and threats faced by the vendors in the global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Industry? ● Which application/end-user or product type may seek incremental growth prospects? What is the market share of each type and application? ● What focused approach and constraints are holding the Medical PP Infusion Bottle market? ● What are the different sales, marketing, and distribution channels in the global industry? ● What are the upstream raw materials and manufacturing equipment of Medical PP Infusion Bottle along with the manufacturing process of Medical PP Infusion Bottle? ● What are the key market trends impacting the growth of the Medical PP Infusion Bottle market? ● Economic impact on the Medical PP Infusion Bottle industry and development trend of the Medical PP Infusion Bottle industry. ● What are the market opportunities, market risk, and market overview of the Medical PP Infusion Bottle market? ● What are the key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges of the Medical PP Infusion Bottle market, and how they are expected to impact the market? ● What is the Medical PP Infusion Bottle market size at the regional and country-level?

Our research analysts will help you to get customized details for your report, which can be modified in terms of a specific region, application or any statistical details. In addition, we are always willing to comply with the study, which triangulated with your own data to make the market research more comprehensive in your perspective.

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Detailed TOC of Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Research Report 2022

1 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Overview

1.1 Product Overview and Scope of Medical PP Infusion Bottle
1.2 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Segment by Type
1.2.1 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Size Growth Rate Analysis by Type 2022 VS 2028
1.3 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Segment by Application
1.3.1 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Consumption Comparison by Application: 2022 VS 2028
1.4 Global Market Growth Prospects
1.4.1 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Revenue Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2028)
1.4.2 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Capacity Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2028)
1.4.3 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2028)
1.5 Global Market Size by Region
1.5.1 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Size Estimates and Forecasts by Region: 2017 VS 2021 VS 2028
1.5.2 North America Medical PP Infusion Bottle Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2028)
1.5.3 Europe Medical PP Infusion Bottle Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2028)
1.5.4 China Medical PP Infusion Bottle Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2028)
1.5.5 Japan Medical PP Infusion Bottle Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2028)

2 Market Competition by Manufacturers
2.1 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Capacity Market Share by Manufacturers (2017-2022)
2.2 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Revenue Market Share by Manufacturers (2017-2022)
2.3 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Share by Company Type (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3)
2.4 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Average Price by Manufacturers (2017-2022)
2.5 Manufacturers Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Sites, Area Served, Product Types
2.6 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Competitive Situation and Trends
2.6.1 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Concentration Rate
2.6.2 Global 5 and 10 Largest Medical PP Infusion Bottle Players Market Share by Revenue
2.6.3 Mergers and Acquisitions, Expansion

3 Production Capacity by Region
3.1 Global Production Capacity of Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Share by Region (2017-2022)
3.2 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Revenue Market Share by Region (2017-2022)
3.3 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Capacity, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)
3.4 North America Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production
3.4.1 North America Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Growth Rate (2017-2022)
3.4.2 North America Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Capacity, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)
3.5 Europe Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production
3.5.1 Europe Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Growth Rate (2017-2022)
3.5.2 Europe Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Capacity, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)
3.6 China Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production
3.6.1 China Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Growth Rate (2017-2022)
3.6.2 China Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Capacity, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)
3.7 Japan Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production
3.7.1 Japan Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Growth Rate (2017-2022)
3.7.2 Japan Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Capacity, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

4 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Consumption by Region
4.1 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Consumption by Region
4.1.1 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Consumption by Region
4.1.2 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Consumption Market Share by Region
4.2 North America
4.2.1 North America Medical PP Infusion Bottle Consumption by Country
4.2.2 United States
4.2.3 Canada
4.3 Europe
4.3.1 Europe Medical PP Infusion Bottle Consumption by Country
4.3.2 Germany
4.3.3 France
4.3.4 U.K.
4.3.5 Italy
4.3.6 Russia
4.4 Asia Pacific
4.4.1 Asia Pacific Medical PP Infusion Bottle Consumption by Region
4.4.2 China
4.4.3 Japan
4.4.4 South Korea
4.4.5 China Taiwan
4.4.6 Southeast Asia
4.4.7 India
4.4.8 Australia
4.5 Latin America
4.5.1 Latin America Medical PP Infusion Bottle Consumption by Country
4.5.2 Mexico
4.5.3 Brazil

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5 Segment by Type
5.1 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Market Share by Type (2017-2022)
5.2 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Revenue Market Share by Type (2017-2022)
5.3 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Price by Type (2017-2022)
6 Segment by Application
6.1 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production Market Share by Application (2017-2022)
6.2 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Revenue Market Share by Application (2017-2022)
6.3 Global Medical PP Infusion Bottle Price by Application (2017-2022)

7 Key Companies Profiled
7.1 Company
7.1.1 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Corporation Information
7.1.2 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Product Portfolio
7.1. CMedical PP Infusion Bottle Production Capacity, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)
7.1.4 Company’s Main Business and Markets Served
7.1.5 Company’s latest Developments/Updates

8 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Manufacturing Cost Analysis
8.1 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Key Raw Materials Analysis
8.1.1 Key Raw Materials
8.1.2 Key Suppliers of Raw Materials
8.2 Proportion of Manufacturing Cost Structure
8.3 Manufacturing Process Analysis of Medical PP Infusion Bottle
8.4 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Industrial Chain Analysis

9 Marketing Channel, Distributors and Customers
9.1 Marketing Channel
9.2 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Distributors List
9.3 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Customers

10 Market Dynamics
10.1 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Industry Trends
10.2 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Drivers
10.3 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Challenges
10.4 Medical PP Infusion Bottle Market Restraints

11 Production and Supply Forecast
11.1 Global Forecasted Production of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Region (2023-2028)
11.2 North America Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production, Revenue Forecast (2023-2028)
11.3 Europe Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production, Revenue Forecast (2023-2028)
11.4 China Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production, Revenue Forecast (2023-2028)
11.5 Japan Medical PP Infusion Bottle Production, Revenue Forecast (2023-2028)

12 Consumption and Demand Forecast
12.1 Global Forecasted Demand Analysis of Medical PP Infusion Bottle
12.2 North America Forecasted Consumption of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Country
12.3 Europe Market Forecasted Consumption of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Country
12.4 Asia Pacific Market Forecasted Consumption of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Region
12.5 Latin America Forecasted Consumption of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Country

13 Forecast by Type and by Application (2023-2028)
13.1 Global Production, Revenue and Price Forecast by Type (2023-2028)
13.1.1 Global Forecasted Production of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Type (2023-2028)
13.1.2 Global Forecasted Revenue of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Type (2023-2028)
13.1.3 Global Forecasted Price of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Type (2023-2028)
13.2 Global Forecasted Consumption of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Application (2023-2028)
13.2.1 Global Forecasted Production of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Application (2023-2028)
13.2.2 Global Forecasted Revenue of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Application (2023-2028)
13.2.3 Global Forecasted Price of Medical PP Infusion Bottle by Application (2023-2028)

14 Research Finding and Conclusion

15 Methodology and Data Source
15.1 Methodology/Research Approach
15.1.1 Research Programs/Design
15.1.2 Market Size Estimation
15.1.3 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
15.2 Data Source
15.2.1 Secondary Sources
15.2.2 Primary Sources
15.3 Author List
15.4 Disclaimer


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Killexams : A Quick, Handy Checklist Of Info If You Want To Study Overseas

With the borders reopening across the globe, the lucrative Western world beckons for study overseas. The options are endless for students and families in India, but hanging above this jump is the question on everyone’s mind, “where do we begin?”

Going to study overseas, whether you’re the parent or the student itself is a huge step and can cause anxiety because the first thing that looms above are the dollar signs. There is a minimum 50 times margin that families need to factor in for forex and usually that ends up being one or both parents’ retirement gratuity.

The questions, like the options are endless too. Do you just pick a country and go from there, or do you go where your families are, or do you go with the big named universities, do you go with the ease of visa options, or do you pick the subjects based on the career you want, or is it about which job will give you job security or is it all the above?

So, to help ease some of this stress, we’ve researched a few obvious countries where students might want to study overseas, as well as some non-conventional ones like South Africa, Netherlands etc.

We also decided that it’s not enough just to discuss universities, fees etc but also the culture and other factors that can be jarring to Indians, no matter how open or untraditional the families may be.

How to choose the country & universities you want to apply to for study overseas

Deciding to study abroad is a huge step.

It is important for students and parents alike to choose the course that aligns with your career aspirations. Gone are the days where a doctor, engineer or lawyer was considered as the gold standard for education.

When you are choosing a country to study overseas, it is important to make that decision as a family because of the many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

It is important to understand that not all universities are created equal. Some universities specialise in technology, some in medicine, some in fine arts etc.

As a student, you need to be very clear what your career aspirations and educational goals are before you narrow down on a country or university.

It is very important to find the right location and course because you will be spending a whole semester or a year or longer at that location and course.

Some of the key things you would need to consider are:

  • Finances and Foreign exchange, for example the cost to study in the UK is higher than in other countries
  • Family support- do you have close family support in the location you want to study at
  • Course and job opportunities- does the university you want to study at have the right level of courses and do they have sufficient job opportunities for that field?

Here are some key factors to consider. Ask yourself these 9 questions to help you decide.

Struggling to find the right country? Here’s help!

Deciding on the course you want to study overseas

Deciding on a course to study overseas can prove just as tricky as the location itself. The course must align to your interests and career aspirations.

There are a range of opportunities for international students. Anyone who wants to study in a country where they are not normally a legal resident of, is considered an international student.

It can be undergraduate study, a Masters, or a PhD. Certificate courses can be apprenticeships, teacher training etc. Teacher training can focus on primary aged students or secondary ages.

Find a Course by IDP also provides options based on the subject that appeals to you.

United Kingdom

There are a variety of courses that a student can choose from. There are tertiary courses or Bachelor degrees and above as well as certificate courses.

Remember that the United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and each country has different qualifications and requirement.

You can also compare the qualifications.

United States

There are some commonly chosen courses by international students who choose to study in the United States.

The U.S. Embassy in India provides comprehensive information. The United States probably has the greatest range of universities available as they have 50 states and each state have fantastic universities to choose from.


Studying in Europe has become very attractive to many international students due to the vast options and the scope to explore more countries.

Europe offers a variety of options for international students.

Europass also offers course options and advice.

South Africa

Studying in South Africa also has exciting prospects due to the many university options available.

South Africa offers tremendous diversity for international students which is very attractive along with their academic programs. South Africa is also among the most affordable places for international students.

The prospects of landing a job after your education is also comparably higher than other countries.


Recent government policy changes have made Australia more appealing to study for international students. Many of Australian universities are ranked in the top 100 universities to study.

The Australian Government has also provided a list of universities to study at.

New Zealand

New Zealand, although a small country has world class universities available. It is important you understand the NZ education system as it can be slightly confusing for international students.

Understanding the list of universities, the courses they offer, as each university offers specialist courses and the entry requirements can be very useful in choosing the right place.

Visas & Eligibility

All countries require that you have the right visa to enter that country. It is very important that you apply for the right visa based on the course that you want to study, but it is also equally important to understand the conditions on your visa.

For example, some countries might offer you the ability to work part-time depending on the course you are studying, some other countries might not.

Check the immigration websites of those countries you are applying for carefully when you are applying for a visa.

United Kingdom

There are 2 major types of visas available.

United States

The US Department of State also provides a list of visas and the requirements.


Student Schengen Visa is the entry visa to the Schengen area of 26 European countries.

The Schengen visa allows you to stay for 3 months, however if your course is longer than that, then you must apply for the long stay visa in the respective country in Europe that you wish to study.

South Africa

The Department of Home Affairs in South Africa has clear information regarding the visas and requirements.


The immigration department in Australia has clearly detailed information for international students.

You can also use the visa finder to help you decide on the right visa for your circumstance.

New Zealand

Exploring the Immigration NZ website will help you decide the best visa options available.

Most students can work part time as part of their visa conditions, but it is important to know what those conditionsare specifically to your situation and visa.

Key dates for applying to study overseas

It is important to know that most countries differ in their annual intakes, and for this, research of the university websites should be done well in advance.

For example, the US provides 3 intakes per year, unlike Indian universities which only provide one intake each year.

Australia has 3 intakes as well, based on a semester model.

New Zealand has 2 major intakes per year.

Individual dates, including exam dates will be shared by the universities.

Accommodation and Travel

Most universities have boarding available in the university itself, or in the vicinity. Checking with the universities during the application is helpful to get an understanding of availability. Please bear in mind that the accommodations can be booked out many months in advance, but there are also places for rent very close to universities.

Getting an understanding of the location of your university to local amenities is useful.

Knowing how you will get to and from your place of study to your place of stay is essential, especially to factor in rush hour traffic, or evening study times. For example, if you are staying close to the city or Central Business District (CBD) then owning a car is not of great benefit due to parking constraints even in your accommodation.

If your university is further out and you are staying in a rental in the suburbs, then a car is essential, especially if you have gone overseas with your family.

Most universities have information for students regarding public transport, costs, local entertainment etc which can be useful for new students.

Fees and living expenses

Tuition in each country is usually one of the major factors many of the international students.

Usually most countries allow students to work a certain number of hours to support themselves. This is usually decided by the immigration department and the conditions will be on your visa.

Usually students work in the local supermarket as it provides a range of flexible hours most suited for students.

Talk to your university student advisory team to understand the various options available to you.

Having an awareness of the tuition fee can help you decide to explore the courses and the country. Tuition fees are not just the annual fees, but it also includes books, administration fees, textbooks, stationery etc.

Apart from this, it is also important to have an awareness of the cost of transport. Living and accommodation costs, food, and spending money.

Some countries also require you to open a bank account with them through their immigration processes, deposit a fixed amount for living costs which is then dispersed to your account monthly.

This section provides a brief overview of the fees and other financial requirements, it is important to check the exact and full costs with the universities themselves when you are applying.

United Kingdom

There is a comprehensive list of fees and other money you may require if you are travelling with your family to study overseas.

United States

IDP has provided helpful insight into the fees for the US.


The fees vary based on the universities and the countries within Europe, however this is the basic guide.

South Africa

The fee structure depends on the universities that you are choosing to apply at.


The fees to study in Australia depends on the universities, the course you want to study and the location.

New Zealand

Cost of living and fees again, depend on the university and course you are applying to. It is important to note, however that international PhD students pay the same fees as NZ students, which is about $7000 plus other costs.


Scholarships are offered to international students to help drive down the costs. They can be fantastic opportunities for students and most scholarships have a cut off date in the previous year for the next year application.

We have listed some of the key scholarships available in each major location to help with that decision.

United Kingdom

There are scholarships available for international students in the UK.

United States

There are a range of scholarships available via the US Embassy. There are also other scholarships available to bring down your tuition cost.


Due to the many university options available, there are several scholarship options available to international students.

South Africa

There are some scholarships available for international students.


Scholarships in Australia can be up to $15,000. The scholarship tool can help you see what scholarships you might be eligible for.

New Zealand

Scholarships in NZ can vary for international students. Using the scholarship finder might help you find if you are eligible and which scholarship you might be suited for.

Healthcare costs

It is extremely important as an international student to ensure that you are covered for unexpected medical events while you are in a new country. Most countries do not offer free medical care to temporary visa holders, but you will be able to pay a premium towards getting insurance to cover those expenses.

The same would apply if you are travelling with your partner or children as they would also need their own medical cover.

Insurance is to be taken out in the country where you have chosen to study. Usually, the university will inform you what insurance options are available and the level of cover you would need as approved by the immigration department.

United Kingdom

The NHS is the public healthcare system where most treatment is free for citizens of the UK, however paying the surcharge means that you can also access the healthcare system.

There is also a healthcare surcharge that you must pay depending on how long you plan on staying in the UK.

Once you have all the required documents, you can apply via the UK Government website.

United States

Unfortunately, international students cannot access any form of public health care, including Medicaid. Taking out insurance before you go there is your best option against unforeseen circumstances.


Each country in Europe has its own healthcare system and it is important to familiarise yourselves with it.

South Africa

Medical care is covered through insurance in South Africa for international students.


As an international student in Australia, you are required to have OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover. This is to be for the entire duration of your study.

New Zealand

All international students must have medical insurance for the duration of their course.

ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) is a scheme which covers everyone in NZ if they are injured due to an accident. Find out more about what ACC covers and how ACC can support you if you are not a resident.

Medical requirements

Tuberculosis (TB) test results, and India is always considered a high TB risk country. Most countries require travellers to either do a full medical to rule out diseases like TB etc.

The US has strict medical requirements that must be done at the embassy.

For the UK, any student studying for more than 6 months, must do the TB and other tests.

This is similar if you are applying to study in New Zealand or Australia.

Please check the requirements in the visas that you are applying for with the respective country’s immigration website.

English knowledge crucial for study overseas

It is also important to prove your English knowledge. Usually this is done via the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) tests at IDP  as since 2021, the British Council no longer deliver IELTS tests in India.

Here is more information on the IELTS test.

Remember to do the Academic Version of the IELTS test and not the general one.

There is also the option to do TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). This again is based on which country you are applying to and the immigration requirements. Usually the University websites and the visa application form will mention what is required.

Here are some differences of TOEFL vs IELTS.

There may be some questions on if you require to do IELTS or TOEFL if you have studied in a Cambridge or IGCSE school. This again depends hugely on the country you are applying to and the immigration requirements.

Other aspects not usually covered by information online

If you identify as a woman student who wants to study overseas

There are also some key points that might be more specific to those of you who identify as female.

It is important to note that most countries are fairly safe for women and this is usually a key factor to consider for those of you who might be travelling alone, or for parents who are sending their daughters overseas.

There are obviously pockets of violence against women, but it is generally safe to travel as a woman overseas.

Again, exercising common sense is crucial just like you would in any scenario because it is important to note that no one else can keep you safe so you must exercise caution in all scenarios.

If for some reason you require contraception or the ‘morning after pill’, most pharmacies have the medication you require. They will also provide medical advice as well as the right options for your situation and medical needs. There is no bias against women when it comes to contraceptives. Condoms are also available in most supermarkets.

With the controversial law change in the United States regarding abortion laws, it is important that you read up on the laws in the state where you will choose to study at.

There is another consideration – at times there might be a reason for you to take a break mid-study. This is usually applicable for those engaging in longer courses. This is a decision that will be made by the university where you are studying. Also ensure that if the university does approve your study break due to a compelling reason, please check with that country’s immigration policy to ensure that your visa will still be valid.

Cultural differences

Most Western countries are very liberal in their thinking, and this can be jarring for traditional Indian families and students.

Drinking, smoking and vaping is considered acceptable, regardless of gender. Some countries also have legalised the use of drugs. Prostitution is also considered legal in most countries, and it is rightfully considered a job, just like any other form of employment.

It is also important to understand the concept of no judgement or bias when you are travelling. Clothing that might be considered ‘sexually tempting’ in India has no meaning overseas. You can choose to wear what you are comfortable with.

There are strong LGBTQIA+ community support networks available at each university and within the communities as well.

The medical system also provides excellent support [SL7] for issues such as mental health, disabilities etc provided you have insurance for the duration of your study.

Speak to your university student advisory team who will have excellent knowledge of what is available in your chosen country.


This is probably a huge syllabu for Indian men and women alike. Coming from a country that considers marital rape as legal, while this is unacceptable in every other country, including Russia, makes Indians struggle to understand, let alone to talk about consent in relationships.

As a man entering a relationship, it is important to know that ‘no means no’ and for a woman, you have every right to decline any sexual advances, at any point. The same applies to our LGBTQIA+ community as well. Consent is important regardless of gender.

Police & Law

A lot of Indian students get into trouble with the law especially over drink driving and domestic violence.

It is important to understand that the law and police overseas are not overly corrupt agencies and if you are in trouble with the law, then it places a direct black mark on your visas.

This can result in deportation or being unable to extend your visa.

Some other FAQs

We have listed out each country’s frequently asked questions to help you make this decision to study overseas easier.

United Kingdom

United States


South Africa


New Zealand

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Killexams : 'Concerning' study finds Black, Hispanic patients get shorter treatment for opioid addiction

tennessean.com cannot provide a good user experience to your browser. To use this site and continue to benefit from our journalism and site features, please upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Wed, 09 Nov 2022 22:22:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/health/2022/11/10/suboxone-opioid-addiction-treatment-racial-ethnic-disparities/8301706001/
Killexams : Deidre Gifford appointed head of CT health strategy office

Gov. Ned Lamont has selected Deidre Gifford, the state’s social services commissioner, to take over as head of the Office of Health Strategy, where officials are managing Connecticut’s certificate of need process on health system closures, expansions and consolidations, and monitoring the rising cost of health care across the state.

Gifford has been head of the social services department since 2019. She was also appointed interim commissioner of public health in 2020 after Gov. Ned Lamont fired then-leader Renee Coleman-Mitchell, leaving Gifford to work in dual roles during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. She remained acting public health commissioner until September 2021, when Dr. Manisha Juthani took over.

Andrea Barton Reeves, chief executive officer of the Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority, will replace Gifford as commissioner of social services. At the Office of Health Strategy, Gifford will take up the position vacated by Victoria Veltri, who had been in the role since the office was created in 2018 and left at the end of June.

“A well-coordinated, comprehensive approach to public health and health care access is vital to supporting the basic needs of the people of our state, and I am thrilled that we are assembling a team of the most dedicated, educated and respected professionals in this field who will be able to hit the ground running as we begin our second term,” Lamont said Wednesday.

“After two and a half years of COVID, how we know how important universal quality, affordable health care is for every one of our citizens. I know how important it is for small business. … And getting that right is priority number one.”

Gifford said a primary focus in her new job will be health equity.

“One of the less prominent roles that OHS has taken on is to lead some of the work around equity. We’re doing a study on how to make sure we’re collecting appropriate data on race, ethnicity and language across our state health programs,” she said. “I really want to continue to focus on that work.”

This year, the Office of Health Strategy developed a tool called the Health Care Affordability Index, which uses several factors, such as insurance type, family size, health status and age, to determine health care costs and affordability. Gifford said she was struck by some of the findings.

“I was reviewing some of the affordability index work, where they show that almost one in five working families in Connecticut would have to limit their spending on things like housing, food and clothing in order to afford their health care costs.

“A health system that only works for part of the residents of the state isn’t a high-functioning health system. We’ve got to have a system that provides equal access for everybody.”

Following double-digit rate hikes approved this year for fully insured health plans, including those on Connecticut’s insurance exchange, Access Health CT, state officials and lawmakers have begun to think about how they might propose policy changes to help curb the rising cost of health care. Hospital and pharmaceutical costs are two areas they are looking into ahead of the legislative session that begins in January.

The Office of Health Strategy has started a cost growth benchmarking program, setting annual benchmarks for the ballooning price of health care by requiring providers, insurers and others in the industry to report their yearly increases.

The program is designed to expose the hospitals, medical practices and insurance companies whose costs soar beyond the state-imposed targets. There is no penalty for those who exceed the benchmarks, but officials say the annual reporting mandate will create public pressure to keep costs down.

The findings are also likely to help inform legislation during the upcoming session. Some lawmakers have already cited the office’s work when discussing bills they hope to raise.

“If you look at the pre-benchmarking work that OHS has released, there are really two primary areas where cost growth is concentrated: in pharmacy and in hospital spending — not just inpatient, but also outpatient,” Gifford said. “You have to follow the money. If the cost growth is in pharmacy and hospital, then those are the areas where we need to focus and we need to partner.

“There should be a big emphasis on partnering with payers, providers — including hospitals — and employers who pay for a lot of the health care in the state and have a huge stake in making sure health care remains affordable for them and their employees. We can’t have health care costs becoming a drag on the economy.”

With health care consolidation and its effect on patients in the spotlight, a task force has convened to review the state’s Certificate of Need process and suggest modifications. Hospitals that wish to shut down services such as labor and delivery, or open a new unit, must go through the certificate of need process, overseen by OHS.

Gifford said she will look at any recommendations the task force submits as she steps into her new position.

“It’s important to look at health care consolidation and its impacts on cost growth,” Gifford said. “It has the promise of being more efficient, providing better access and better integration for patients. But we have seen evidence that consolidation does drive cost, and the impact on quality is sort of mixed.

“It’s important for us to be looking at, talking about and thinking about the impacts of consolidation and if there any ways to mitigate some of the adverse impacts.”

Gifford and Barton Reeves’ appointments must still be confirmed by the General Assembly. Lamont said he will forward their nominations to the legislature soon after his second term begins on Jan. 4.

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Killexams : Drug overdose deaths reach a record high among pregnant and postpartum women, study reveals

Drug overdose deaths among pregnant and postpartum women increased more than 180 percent in the past five years, according to a new study conducted at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. The analysis also revealed that the number of pregnancy-associated overdose deaths reached a record high in 2020, likely exacerbated by social, economic, and healthcare disruptions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings are published in Journal of Pediatrics.

We've seen significant increases in fatal and nonfatal overdose in the general population during the pandemic. It now appears that pregnant and postpartum womenare being affected as well."

Emilie Bruzelius, MPH, doctoral student in the Department of Epidemiology at Columbia Mailman School and first author

Pregnancy-associated overdose deaths between 2017 and 2020 were identified from national death certificate data which includes information on whether the death occurred among a person who was currently or recently pregnant. The researchers calculated annual overdose mortality rates and examined the specific drug types involved in each overdose. For comparison, the researchers also calculated overdose mortality rates among reproductive age women overall (who were not pregnant).

Of the 7,642 pregnancy-associated deaths occurring among pregnant and postpartum women, 1,249 were due to drug overdose. Over the four-year period, overdose mortality increased more than 80 percent to a high of 11.85 per 100,000 in 2020, compared to a 38 percent increase among reproductive age women overall. For both groups, increases in overdose mortality in 2020 were more were more pronounced than increases in any other prior year.

Pregnancy-associated overdose deaths involving benzodiazepines, heroin and prescription opioids were mostly stable from 2017 and 2020, versus large increases in deaths involving fentanyl, methamphetamines and cocaine. Increases in fentanyl-involved deaths were especially marked in 2020, nearly doubling.

"Pregnant and postpartum people are known to face barriers to accessing drug treatment and harm reduction services, that when compounded by pandemic-associated stressors, healthcare shutdowns, and an increasingly volatile unregulated drug supply, may have increased fatal overdose risk," said Bruzelius.

"Enhanced strategies supporting substance use prevention, treatment, and harm reduction efforts among pregnant and postpartum people are critical and much needed. We expect new and improved approaches will help address the concerning trends we are seeing," noted Silvia Martins, MD, PhD, professor of epidemiology and senior author.


Journal reference:

Bruzelius, E & Martins. S.S., (2022) US Trends in Drug Overdose Mortality Among Pregnant and Postpartum Persons, 2017-2020. JAMA. doi.org/10.1001/jama.2022.17045.

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