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Killexams : iSQI (CTAL-TM_001) syllabus - BingNews Search results Killexams : iSQI (CTAL-TM_001) syllabus - BingNews Killexams : RBSE Class 10th Math Syllabus 2023: download New Syllabus PDF

RBSE Class 10  Math Syllabus 2023: The syllabus of Math for the current academic year 2022-23 has been published by the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan  in a common document. In this article, get the complete pdf of Class 10th Math syllabus by RBSE  separately.

RBSE Class 10th Math Syllabus: The syllabus of Mathematics for the current academic year 2022-23 has been published by the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (BSER). Students of class 10th in schools under Rajasthan Board of State Education can now access the syllabi for class 10th from the official website of RBSE at The common document with the prescribed syllabus of each subject is available there. 

In this article, we will be going through the syllabus of Maths only. Students will also get to download the PDF of RBSE class 10 Maths syllabus from the link given towards the end of the article.  

Rajasthan board class 10th Math syllabus of class 10th contains the course structure, course content and the list of prescribed books. Students must prepare the whole syllabus without leaving anything because this year there are no reductions in the syllabus that will be evaluated in the class 10 board examination by Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan. 





























Euclid’s Division Lemma , The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic , Revisiting Irrational Numbers , Revisiting Rational Numbers and Their Decimal Expansions . 



Geometrical Meaning of the Zeroes of a Polynomial, Relationship between Zeroes and Coefficients of a Polynomial ,Division Algorithm for Polynomials 


Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables, Graphical Method of Solution of a Pair of Linear Equations, Algebraic Methods of Solving a Pair of Linear Equations (i).Substitution Method (ii).Elimination Method (iii).CrossMultiplication Method, Equations Reducible to a Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables. 


Quadratic Equations ,Solution of a Quadratic Equation by Factorisation, Solution of a Quadratic Equation by Completing the Square, Nature of Roots . 


Arithmetic Progressions, nth Term of an AP , Sum of First n Terms of an AP . 



Similar Figures, Similarity of Triangles, Criteria for Similarity of Triangles, Areas of Similar Triangles, Pythagoras Theorem. 


Tangent to a Circle , Number of Tangents from a Point on a Circle 


Division of a Line Segment , Construction of Tangents to a Circle . 



Distance Formula , Section Formula , Area of a Triangle 



Trigonometric Ratios ,Trigonometric Ratios of Some Specific Angles ,Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles , Trigonometric Identities . 


Heights and Distances 



Perimeter and Area of a Circle — A Review , Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle , Areas of Combinations of Plane Figures . 


Surface Area of a Combination of Solids , Volume of a Combination of Solids , Conversion of Solid from One Shape to Another , Frustum of a Cone . 



Mean of Grouped Data , Mode of Grouped Data , Median of Grouped Data , Graphical Representation of Cumulative Frequency Distribution . 


Probability — A Theoretical Approach . 

DOWNLOAD RBSE Class 10th Math Syllabus 2023

The prescribed book is Mathematics - NCERT's Book Published under Copyright.

The Mathematics syllabus for class 10 by RBSE is designed keeping in mind that although some students might not pursue Mathematics beyond secondary level, it is important for all students to have a basic understanding of the subject to incorporate Math in their daily lives, academic lives and professional realms as and when required. 

Stay tuned to Jagran Josh for more content related to Rajasthan Board of State Education.

All the best!

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Killexams : For Frictionless Syllabus Access, Some Professors Bypass the College

Humans write syllabi, which means they make subjective choices about words, tone and content. And students read them—or not, depending on whether they have access, find them approachable or understand their significance. Even when students read these documents, their past experiences may influence how they make sense of them.

Some professors who recognize that syllabi are not neutral documents have experimented with creating liquid syllabi—public, accessible, mobile-friendly websites that include traditional syllabus ingredients along with humanizing elements that ensure students feel supported. Many report that their efforts to create liquid syllabi pay dividends in terms of student retention and success, especially for those who need frictionless access.

But some colleges do not recognize these innovative, tech-enabled syllabi. That means that some instructors perform this work on their own time, sometimes at their own expense, and in addition to writing and submitting traditional syllabi. Also, in bypassing the university’s website and learning management systems, some instructors feel vulnerable, even if they remain committed to providing students with barrier-free access to course information and materials.

“We lose most of our students between the moment that they register for classes and the first day of school,” said Jennifer Ortiz, professor of English literature at West Los Angeles College, one of nine colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District, whose liquid syllabus for her College studying and Composition II class is available before her class starts. Students who click on the link do not need to recall a username or password or navigate a cumbersome platform to receive her message recognizing their commitment to educational goals and acknowledging many societal challenges. “We’re trying to capture students before they provide up or say, ‘I don’t want to show up that first day.’”

Equity-Minded, Humanistic Syllabi

A syllabus is often considered a contract between an instructor and their students. It communicates how the course will be taught, outlines how students will be evaluated and promotes the values of an institution or an individual instructor.

“Syllabi can become instruments of all the ways in which you can fail this course or instruments of all the ways in which you can be successful in this course,” said Estela Bensimon, professor of higher education at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education and director of the Center for Urban Education. Bensimon and her team created an inquiry tool that helps professors evaluate their syllabi from a racial equity perspective. Equitable syllabi demystify college policies and practices, communicate care and support, and communicate a belief that all students are expected to succeed, among other attributes, according to the tool.

But a syllabus that is difficult or impossible to access during the vulnerable period between when a student registers for a class and when the student starts the class may never make an impact—positive or otherwise. That’s because students often arrive at college with mind-sets. Those from nonmajority groups, for example, may wonder about whether they belong, a phenomenon known as belongingness uncertainty. Some may also feel at risk of confirming negative stereotypes associated with their identities, known as stereotype threat. Others from varied racial groups and genders suffer from impostor syndrome.

“When the human brain is in a state of belongingness uncertainty, it is scanning—oftentimes unconsciously—for the same things we scan for in a face-to-face environment,” said Michelle Pacansky-Brock, a faculty mentor for online teaching and learning at Foothill–De Anza Community College. “It’s scanning for verbal and nonverbal cues. It’s looking for a smiling face or a warm gesture.” Pacansky-Brock, who is the lead principal investigator on a project focused on humanizing online STEM classes, coined the term “liquid syllabus” in a 2014 blog post.

A brief, if imperfect, welcome video as part of an instructor’s liquid syllabus can help mitigate students’ sense of belongingness uncertainty, Pacansky-Brock said. Ideally, the faculty member would film the video in a nonacademic setting, use welcoming language that speaks to social inclusion and offer a window into who they are outside the classroom.

An online syllabus for English 102Instead of authoritative statements such as “no late assignments accepted,” the instructor could provide context about how late assignments may undermine a student’s overall studies and provide them with choices that include submitting on time for full credit or late for reduced credit.

Most important, when the welcome video is part of a liquid syllabus that is accessed via a public website, students do not encounter the barrier that learning management systems, which require usernames, passwords and navigation tools, sometimes present.

Frictionless access to mobile-friendly syllabi supports equity, as Black and Hispanic U.S. adults are less likely than white adults to have a traditional computer and broadband at home, according to a 2021 Pew Research Center study.

“In order for us to really close equity gaps, we have to begin thinking about how students access college materials, especially something as important as a syllabus,” Ortiz said, noting that when she was in college, she found the contractual language on syllabi intimidating. Her students access her liquid syllabi much more frequently than when the syllabi were stored in a learning management system. Many return to the documents throughout the semester, for example, for the hyperlinks she added to campus resources such as counseling, disability accommodations and basic needs.

“Higher ed isn’t a neutral space … Look at our racial equity gaps,” Ortiz said, noting that a syllabus is not just another document. “Faculty always say, ‘Well, the rules are on the syllabus’ or ‘look at the syllabus,’ so we know that this document is very important” in informing student experiences.

Barriers to Barrier-Free Syllabi

Many colleges aspire to provide students with mobile-friendly, frictionless access to course materials, but they have been slow to respond. Some faculty members have stepped in to fill that accessibility gap by offering liquid syllabi, even when doing so introduces other challenges.

“Some of our administrative duties haven’t been reconsidered”—that is, considering work done on making syllabi more accessible, Ortiz said. For each of the six classes Ortiz is teaching this semester, she was required to submit PDF or Word document versions of her syllabi. She also created liquid syllabi, which required learning new tech skills and making sure that important information was embedded on her course websites that exist outside the university system. “We’re essentially doing double work.”

Liquid syllabus websites that stand apart from the college’s learning management system and college website are not without risks. Because the websites are public, faculty who create them could be targeted due to controversial subjects they teach or because of their identities.

“I’ve talked to the faculty of color who are concerned about sharing their appearance in video because they don’t want to be judged and discriminated against by their students,” Pacansky-Brock said. “There’s a lot that needs to be untangled. It’s complicated.”

Lisa Paciulli, a lecturer in the biology department at North Carolina State University, generally avoids putting personal information online, but she paid a graduate student with her own money to create her public, online syllabi because she feels strongly that students should have easy access to information about her courses.

“My secret hope is that the only people who will ever see [my liquid syllabi] are my students,” said Paciulli. “It would be better if it were somehow within the university website or system.”

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay offers support, including template design and word choices, for instructors who create liquid syllabi. But once the liquid syllabi are created, they “live” in the institution’s learning management system, said Breeyawn Lybbert, associate professor of chemistry, which requires usernames and passwords.

“There is some pressure [from liquid syllabi enthusiasts] to be part of the living document,” said Heidi Sherman, associate professor of humanities at the University of Wisconsin. Still, Sherman considers liquid syllabi to be a “great partner” for her general education students who, without easy access to course information “may be a bit less motivated to keep up with the work.”

The support she received from her university’s teaching and learning center ensured she did “not need to reinvent the wheel.” She also sees liquid syllabi as supporting sustainability efforts. “Before I used a liquid syllabus, I probably printed hundreds and hundreds of pages for the syllabi. So much paper and ink and money, and then students lost them.”

Despite risks of going outside college learning management systems and websites, many faculty members remain committed to the practice of ensuring access and inclusivity by way of liquid syllabi.

“So many times, we hear administration say that faculty don’t want to change,” Pacansky-Brock said. “This kind of grassroots adoption shows that’s not true. We need to pay attention to what’s preventing the change, recognize those as barriers and start to take those apart.”

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Killexams : Syllabus: Lower Intermediate


Lower Intermediate Course – A=activity, L=listening, R=reading, V=video




News and Drama

Unit 1 – Nice to meet you!


L Question forms
6 Minute Grammar

R Keith Wallace, travel journalist
Question forms practice

R Questions forms
Grammar reference

L Suffixes
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Ways to say hello

R Formal and informal writing


L News Report

L The Race – Episode 1
Asking questions and giving information

Unit 2 – What to wear


L Present simple and present continuous
6 Minute Grammar

V Tom Ford, fashion designer
Using present simple and present continuous

R Present simple and present continuous
Grammar reference

L Adjectives and adverbs
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Smart or scruffy?
Describing your clothes

L News Report
How fashionable is business?

L The Race – Episode 2
Present simple and present continuous


Unit 3 – Like this, like that


L 'Like' as a verb and preposition
6 Minute Grammar

L London voxpops
What's it like where you live?

R 'Like'
Grammar reference

L Prefixes
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Do you like cats?
Vocabulary to describe cats

L Nick Grimshaw, DJ
Using 'like' as a filler word

L News Report
How dangerous are cats?

L The Race – Episode 3
Using the word 'like'

Unit 4 – The daily grind


L Adverbs of Frequency
6 Minute Grammar

L London voxpops
Commuting and adverbs of frequency

R Adverbs of frequency
Grammar Reference

L Chunks of language
6 Minute Vocabulary

L Travel vocabulary

L Pronunciation
Two ways to say 'often'

L News Report
Extreme commuting

L The Race – Episode 4
Adverbs of frequency

Unit 5 – Christmas every day


L 'Have to' and 'must'
6 Minute Grammar

L 'Have to' and 'must'
Future and past usage

L Jagtar's interview
Language practice

R 'Have to' and 'must'
Grammar reference

L Binomials
6 Minute Vocabulary

L Informal English
'Have got to' versus 'have to'

V Pronunciation
Silent letters

L News Report
Christmas dinner

L The Race – Episode 5
'Have to' and 'must'

Unit 6 – Great achievers


L Past Simple
6 Minute Grammar

L Rob and the triathlon
Learn the past simple

A Danny Murphy, footballer
Past simple questions & negatives

R Past Simple
Grammar reference

L -ing and –ed adjectives
6 Minute Vocabulary

L The pub quiz
Using the past simple

V Pronunciation
Past simple endings

L News Report
Is Ronaldo the perfect player?

L The Race – Episode 6
Using the past simple

Unit 7 – The Titanic


L Past simple and continuous
6 Minute Grammar

V Eva's story
Past simple and continuous

R Learn the language
Past simple and continuous

A Past simple and continuous

R Past simple and continuous
Grammar reference

L Lexical sets
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Titanic vocabulary

V Eva's animated story
Titanic survivor

R Karen's letter
Titanic survivor

L Gus's audio story
Titanic survivor

L News Report
Happy and sad jobs

L The Race – Episode 7
Past simple and continuous

Unit 8 - Travel


L Articles
6 Minute Grammar

L Learn the language

A When to use 'the'

L When to use the zero article

R Articles
Grammar reference

L Compound adjectives
6 Minute Vocabulary

L Holiday vocabulary

V Pronunciation
Articles in spoken English

V Talking about your city
St Petersburg

L News Report
The island at the end of the earth

L The Race – Episode 8

Unit 9 – The big wedding


L 'Going to' and present continuous
6 Minute Grammar

A Past, present or future?
Wedding stories

A 'Going to' and the present continuous
Planning a wedding

R 'Going to' and present continuous to talk about the future
Grammar reference

L Word stress
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Wedding vocabulary

L Pronunciation

V Is that rain?
Different ways to talk about the future

Language for making plans

L News Report
A wedding on a budget

L The Race – Episode 9
'Going to' and present continuous to talk about the future

Unit 10 – Sunny’s job hunt


L Verb patterns
6 Minute Grammar

R When to use the gerund and when the infinitive after a verb

R Verb patterns
Grammar reference

L Job Suffixes
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Sunny's mistakes
Writing a covering letter

L Craig, BBC HR Manager
Interview advice

L News Report
Girl power in Ghana's schools

L The Race – Episode 10
Verb patterns

Unit 11 – The bucket list


L Present Perfect
6 Minute Grammar

L Londoners' experiences
Past participles and the present perfect

A Asking questions
Present perfect questions

R Present perfect
Grammar reference

L Contractions
6 Minute Vocabulary

A Life experiences

R Susan Boyle's present perfect life

V Pronunciation
Present perfect

L News Report
Swiss children used as slave labour

L Frankenstein – Episode 1
Present perfect with 'never' and 'ever'

Unit 12 – Moving and immigration


L Present perfect with 'for' and 'since'
6 Minute Grammar

R Present perfect reminder

R Present perfect with 'for' and 'since'
Grammar reference

L Adjective order
6 Minute Vocabulary

L Sourena, broadcast journalist
Changing jobs

L How long have you lived here?
Students speak about the UK

L News Report
Mushrooms are the business for Burmese migrant

L Frankenstein – Episode 2
Present perfect with 'for' and 'since'

Unit 13 – Welcome to BBC Broadcasting House


L Comparatives and superlatives
6 Minute Grammar

R Newest, largest and bigger
Comparatives and superlatives explained

R Much and more
More about comparatives

R Comparing nouns

R Comparatives and superlatives
Grammar reference

L Similar words
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Find out about the BBC
Superlatives and comparatives activity

A superlative guide

L Describing change in your neighbourhood

L News Report
Minecraft player builds virtual city

L Frankenstein – Episode 3
Present perfect with 'yet', 'just' and 'already'

Unit 14 – New Year, New Project


L 'Just', 'already' and 'yet' with the present perfect tense
6 Minute Grammar

R 'Just' and 'already'
The rules

A 'Yet'
More rules

R 'Just', 'already' and 'yet' with the present perfect tense
Grammar reference

L Compound nouns
6 Minute Vocabulary

V New Year's resolutions

A A vegetarian breakfast?
Present perfect with 'yet', 'just' and 'already' practice

L 'Just', 'yet' and 'already' in business
Business vocabulary

L The Sagrada Familia
A listening activity

L News Report
Too many graduates, not enough jobs

L Frankenstein – Episode 4
Comparatives and superlatives

Unit 15 – From Handel to Hendrix


L Defining relative clauses
6 Minute Grammar

R Handel and Hendrix
Getting a handle on relative clauses

R Which, where or that

R Relative clauses
A structure

R Defining relative clauses
Grammar reference

L Homophones
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Famous London
Descriptions with relative clauses

A What does … mean?
A useful question

L The Handel House Museum
A listening activity

L News Report
The Taj Mahal in your living room

L Frankenstein – Episode 5
Relative clauses

Unit 16 – What’s the weather like?


L May, might and could
6 Minute Grammar

R The weather supercomputer
Understanding  might, may and could

R Predicting the weather
Using will and might

R May, might and could for possibility
Grammar reference

L Weather words
6 Minute Vocabulary

A Welcome to the weather
Weather vocabulary and symbols

V A weather forecast
Understanding a weather forecast?

V Climate change
Cause and effect relationships

R Climate change
Is the risk from extreme weather set to rise?

L Meet a weather presenter
Using 'could' and 'couldn't

L Britain's great storm

L News Report
Entrepreneurial spark

L Frankenstein – Episode 6
'May', 'might' and 'could'

Unit 17 – The Digital Revolution


L Used to
6 Minute Grammar

R Talking about change
A guide to used to

R Used to and the past simple
What's the difference?

V Used to or use to?

R Used to
Grammar reference

L New words
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Modern technology is great?
selfie, photobomb and trolling

L Modern technology – the debate
old-school, bizarre, video call …

R Robot trucks do the jobs
Mining and tech vocabulary

L Christine's life
Using 'used to'

L News Report
Experimental schools of the 1970s

L Frankenstein – Episode 7
Used to

Unit 18 – A detective story


L Subject questions
6 Minute Grammar

A Inspector Stone's case  notes (Ep 1)
Possessive 's' and subject questions

R Gathering the evidence
Forming subject questions

R The Inspector finds a notebook
Word order

R 'Whose' or 'who's'?

L Inspector Stone's case notes
Intonation and question tags

R Subject-object questions
Grammar reference

L Male and female job words
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Inspector Stone Episode 1
Wedding vocabulary

V Inspector Stone Episode 2
Listening for specific information
More on subject questions

V Inspector Stone Episode 3
Practising the past simple negative

R The mother of the bride
Find the past simple negative mistakes

V Inspector Stone Episode 4
Intonation and solving the crime

L News Report
Murder mystery

L Frankenstein – Episode 8
Subject questions

Unit 19 – A place to live


L 'Too', 'very', 'enough'
6 Minute Grammar

A Modifying adjectives with 'too', 'very' and 'enough'

R 'Too much', 'too many', 'enough', 'not enough', 'very'
Grammar reference

L Strong adjectives
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Goldilocks and the three bears
'Too', 'very' and 'enough'

R London’s housing crisis
Housing vocabulary

V 'ough' words
Pronunciation tips for words like ‘enough’

L 'Too', 'very' and 'enough'
Using these words to say what’s wrong

L News Report
School shortage

L Frankenstein – Episode 9
'Too much', 'too many', 'enough', 'not enough', 'very'

Unit 20 – The Cult of Celebrity


L Tenses
6 Minute Grammar – present simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect, going to, present continuous with future meaning

V Daisy's audition
Present simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect

V Living in The Box
Present simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect

R Mixed tenses
Grammar reference

L –ic and –ical adjectives
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Life after The Box
Talking about plans for the future

R Daisy goes global
Fame vocabulary

R A disease called fame
Fame vocabulary 

L News Report
Robin Williams honoured

L Frankenstein – Episode 10
Past simple, present simple, present perfect, present continuous, 'going to' future

Unit 21 – Welcome to your new job


L Indirect questions
6 Minute Grammar

R Indirect questions

R Indirect questions
Grammar reference

L Multi-word verbs
6 Minute Vocabulary

V Going Up: Amith's First Day
Polite language

R Indirect questions with 'if' and 'whether'

L 'I wonder if you could help me'
Listening to phone messages

R French cafe causes a stir
Read an article about a French cafe

L News Report
Work after sport

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 1
Indirect questions

Unit 22 – Beyond the planets


L Present and past passives
6 Minute Grammar

R The passive voice

R Present and past passives
Grammar reference

L Onomatopoeia
6 Minute Vocabulary

L NASA's last shuttle flight
Space vocabulary

R Is there hope for the future?
Stories about the future

L News Report

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 2
Present and past simple passives

Unit 23 – Great expectations!


L First conditional
6 Minute Grammar

L Advice for new mums
Using the first conditional

R First conditional
Grammar reference

L Silent letters
6 Minute Vocabulary

L Baby talk
Idioms relating to having a baby

L Parents-to-be
'If' + present simple + will

R Different countries, different systems
Reading about healthcare and pregnancy

L News Report
Dads attending births

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 3
The first conditional               

Unit 24 – Eco-tourism


L The second conditional
6 Minute Grammar

L Would the world be better if…
Second conditionals

R Second conditional
Grammar reference

L Re- pre- and pro-
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Would you go to Antarctica?
Eco-tourism vocabulary

L My dream holiday
Talking about dream destinations

L News Report

If cars could run themselves

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 4
The second conditional

Unit 25 – Moving house


L State verbs
6 Minute Grammar

A State verbs: 'love' and 'hate'

R State verbs and action verbs
Grammar reference

L Phrasal verbs and context
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Finding somewhere to live
Vocabulary relating to living together

L Getting along with your housemates
Talking about living together

R How can you avoid choosing a terrible flatmate?
Talking about the problems of living together

L News Report
Sharing accommodation

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 5
State verbs

Unit 26 – It must be love


L Present perfect and past simple
6 Minute Grammar

R Present perfect and past simple
Grammar reference

L Spelling words that begin with /s/
6 Minute Vocabulary

L She’s the one
Talking about relationships

R The man who robbed a bank for love

L News Report
Breaking News

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 6
Present perfect and past simple

Unit 27 – Job hunting success… and failure


L Question tags
6 Minute Grammar

A Making questions in English

A Find the correct question tags

R Question tags
Grammar reference

L Business jargon
6 Minute Vocabulary

R The ideal candidate
Vocabulary of job adverts

R The dos and don'ts of job interviews
Vocabulary relating to job interview processes

L News Report
Job interviews

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 7
Question tags

Unit 28 – Speeding into the future


L 'Will', 'going to', 'might' and 'be likely to'
6 Minute Grammar

R Predicting the future
'Will', 'going to', 'be likely to' and 'might'

R 'Will', 'going to', 'be likely to', 'might'
Grammar reference

L British and American English
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Too much tech?
Vocabulary relating to digital technology

R Do we need to rescue our kids from the digital world?
Vocabulary relating to use of digital technology

L News Report
The future of travel

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 8
'Will', 'going to', 'might'

Unit 29 – Lost arts


L 'Used to' and 'would'
6 Minute Grammar

R 'Used to' and 'would'
Grammar reference

L Pronouncing verbs and nouns
6 Minute Vocabulary

L The Knowledge
'Used to' and 'would' in context

R How to plant the perfect tree
Suggestions, instructions and advice

L News Report
Health stories

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 9
'Used to' and 'would'

Unit 30 – Tales of survival


L 'Can', 'could', 'be able to', 'manage'
6 Minute Grammar

R Turning tragedy into triumph
'Can', 'could', 'be able to' and 'manage to' in context

R Present and past modals of ability
Grammar reference

L Words with double letters
6 Minute Vocabulary

R Surviving in tough times
Talking about ability

R After Typhoon Haiyan
Vocabulary relating to natural disasters

L Meet Jackie
Broadcasting in and about disaster zones

L News Report
Surviving the tsunami

L Alice in Wonderland – Part 10
Expressions of ability in the past and present

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Killexams : U'khand madrasas to have NCERT syllabus, dress code

The Uttarakhand Waqf Board has decided to introduce NCERT syllabus and a dress code in its madrasas from next year as part of efforts to modernise madrasa education in the state.

The board has also decided to open the doors of its madrasas for children of all religions, Uttarakhand Waqf Board Chairman Shadab Shams told PTI on Thursday.

The board runs 103 madrasas in Uttarakhand.

The board has also decided that its madrasas will provide religious education to students for just an hour from 6.30 am to 7.30 am and conduct classes of general subjects from 8 am to 2 pm daily as in other schools, he said.

"We will introduce the NCERT syllabus and a dress code on the lines of English medium schools in our madrasas so that students feel on a par with the rest of school going children," Shams said.

The idea is to help madrasa students join the academic mainstream and prepare them for a better future, he said.

The board has also decided to create seven model madrasas, two each in Dehradun, Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar districts and one in Nainital where smart classes will be held, he said.

"The decision is in keeping with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of madrasa- going children holding the holy Quran in one hand and a laptop in the other. We want madrasas to emerge as centres of modern education," Shams said.

Meanwhile, the Wakf board has also decided to extend the duration of Hafiz-e-Quran education in its madrasas from four years to 10 years so that by the time the course is finished the students will have passed Class 10 or 12and will be mature enough to decide whether they want to pursue religious education or become doctors and engineers, he said.

"Modernisation of madrasa education will also help dispel the doubts often cast on their activities," Shams said.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and minister of social welfare and minority affairs Chandan Ram Das have assured the board of all possible help in its endeavour to modernise the madrasas, he said, adding the board will request them to provide NCERT books to madrasa students for free.

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Killexams : Uniform education syllabus challenged in LHC

LAHORE: The current enforcement of the uniform education syllabus has been challenged in the Lahore High Court (LHC).

The court on Monday sought replies from the federal government, the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) and other respondents.

Justice Jawad Hasan heard the petition of Maryam Basheer while Barrister Ahmed Pansuta appeared on behalf of the petitioner.

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Killexams : Brockhampton’s ‘TM’: All The Info To Know Including The Tracklist, Release Date, And More

Chances are you’re having a tough time keeping up with Brockhampton. Their new album The Family, out today, was supposed to be their last album. That was until they started teasing TM, which began when they shared a graphic this morning to promote The Family, but small text towards the bottom reads: “SURPRISE ALBUM (TM) MIDNIGHT LOCAL.”

A press release says that TM is “an album made up of songs that were started by the group during a two-week stint in Ojai, California in 2021, but were never fully completed during those sessions.” Apple Music shows that the LP is 11 tracks long and runs for 37 minutes.

The only Brockhampton member on The Family is Kevin Abstract, who explained that “the members of the band began to move our separate ways and focus on our individual careers and passions. With this project, a few of us were inspired to make something new that would bring closure to the past and set the table for all of us to finally be able to explore our individual futures.”

Check out the artwork and tracklist for TM below.

Brockhampton TM

1. “FMG”
2. “Animal”
3. “Listerine”
4. “New Shoes”
5. “Keep It Southern”
6. “Man On The Moon”
7. “Better Things”
8. “Crucify Me”
9. “Duct Tape”
10. “Always Something”
11. “Goodbye”

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Killexams : Bharathiar University withdraws new syllabus after protest by faculty in Tamil Nadu

By Express News Service

COIMBATORE: Following strong opposition from professors to Bharathiar University’s decision to implement a new syllabus for the first-year undergraduate courses less than a month before the commencement of semester exams, the university withdrew the new syllabus on Thursday.

When asked about the move of changing the syllabus, one of the Bharathiar University Vice Chancellor’s committee members, who did not wish to be named, told TNIE, “One month ago, the board of studies and syndicate members approved the new syllabus named Industry 4.0. Meantime, the State government directed that Tamil subjects should be implemented in the third and fourth semesters in the second year for Commerce and Computer Science streams.”

“As a result, we took a month and recently updated the new syllabus, Industry 4.0, in the portal. But, private colleges requested to implement the new syllabus from the next academic year as there would be difficulty in completing the new syllabus before the exams, following which it has been withdrawn and the exams will be held in the old syllabus,” the member said.

K Leninbarathi, assistant professor of physics in a private college welcomed this move and he told TNIE, “Earlier, the assistant professors were stressed as to how to complete the new syllabus within a short time, but now we are relaxed after they decided to withdraw it.”

V Krishnamoorthy, assistant professor of commerce in a private college told TNIE, “I was shocked to see that MS Office, which is one of the most important parts of the syllabus for commerce stream, was changed in the new syllabus. We request the university not to remove MS Office next year too, and we suggest that the university should include Industry 4.0 syllabus as add-on courses.”

According to sources, the objective of the syllabus is to understand the basic principles and technologies of industry 4.0, to enable the students to learn about Artificial Intelligence and Data analytics and the books for the new syllabus are written by BU’s former VC P Kaliraj.

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Killexams : BROCKHAMPTON Bids Farewell to Fans With ‘The Family’ & ‘TM’: Stream Now

After 12 years as a group, hip-hop collective BROCKHAMPTON is saying goodbye with their final album, The Family, released on Thursday (Nov. 16), and TM, which dropped on Friday (Nov. 17) and is billed as a “parting gift” to fans.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

The release comes seven months after the band announced that their next album would be their last during a much-hyped Coachella set in April. During the performance, they played a clip of Kevin Abstract sitting everyone in the band down and telling them he’d made a “group album” in New York, before showing a screen that read “THE FINAL ALBUM 2022.”

The Family has 17 tracks and was recorded in the spring of 2022 by Abstract, Bearface and Romil Hemnani of BROCKHAMPTON with artist and producer boylife serving as the executive producer alongside Bearface. The album features previously released singles “Big Pussy” and “The Ending” and is available in three limited edition box sets. 

TM, meanwhile, is made up of songs that were started by the group during a two week trip to Ojai, Calif., in 2021, but were never fully completed. Earlier this year, the group’s Matt Champion took on the role of EP and finished the album.

To commemorate the group’s final releases, Abstract took to social media to share a statement in which he reflects on moving on and how BROCKHAMPTON has changed his life. “I think about all of the good that came from my pain. That pain, those dreams – that was the coal in the furnace of my creativity – and still, as we got big and cool s— started happening, those embers never left,” he wrote. “The pain has found a way to adapt for the new life. Maybe that s—’s just the human condition or whatever. This project is the culmination of all that. And all that smoke from that furnace was making us all cough, for all our sakes it was time to air it out, to move into the future. Fresh air.”

Listen to both The Family and TM in full below.

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Killexams : Brockhampton Share Two New Albums ‘The Family’ and ‘TM’

Brockhampton dropped their new album The Family on Thursday, and a follow-up full-length, TM, arrived at midnight Friday.

The group confirmed they would be going on hiatus earlier this year, and they called The Family their “final album” in the lead-up to its release. Offering closure with lyrics that tackle the rise of the group and what led to their eventual split, the record is a bittersweet farewell to Brockhampton as a whole. 

While it is the final material Brockhampton worked on, The Family proved not to be the end quite yet. Predominantly a Kevin Abstract solo release produced by Bearface and boylife, the drop was followed by TM. Described as a “parting gift for fans,” the second record was executive produced by Matt Champion and consists of material they worked on over two weeks in Ojai, California in 2021. 

Alongside The Family, Kevin detailed the decision to have the record be a solo affair. "I understand that some of the fans are upset that no one is on the album but me. Over the past few years, the members of the band began to move our separate ways, and focus on our individual careers and passions,” wrote Kevin in a statement about the end of the band. “With this project, a few of us were inspired to make something new that would bring closure to the past, and set the table for all of us to finally be able to explore our individual futures. I hope you understand and enjoy the music.”

Enjoy both new Brockhampton albums, The Family and TM, below.

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Killexams : All the TM locations in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

© Provided by Upcomer

For those looking to add to the moves your Pokémon can learn, here are all of the TM (Technical Machine) locations in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. While you can craft a good chunk of TMs with the green machines at every Pokémon Center, here are all the places you can find these TMs all over the region of Paldea.

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there are a total of 171 TMs to get from travelling around. Instead of having to guess which Poké Balls are TMs, Paldea distinguishes them as shiny Golden Poké Balls you can find while travelling around. But, if you want to go get specific ones to build your Pokémon to their best, here is the full list. We’ll be mainly using directions from nearby cities, but for places a little bit far away from them, we’re using the provincial tags of Paldea.

A TM in the wild. | Provided by Michael Czar. © Provided by Upcomer A TM in the wild. | Provided by Michael Czar.
  • TM #001 – Take Down = Northeast of Zapapico, in a hole near a rock
  • TM #002 – Charm = Southwest of Artazon, under a tree
  • TM #003 – Fake Tears = South of Cortondo, near the large rock
  • TM #004 – Agility = West of Mesagoza, near the cliff
  • TM #005 – Mud-Slap = Northeast of Cortondo, in the middle of the tall grass
  • TM #006 – Scary Face = South of Glaseado Mountain, in the caves
  • TM #007 – Protect = North of Alfornada, on the rough terrain
  • TM #008 – Fire Fang = West Province Area One southern area, near tall grass on a hill close to the river
  • TM #009 – Thunder Fang = Northeast of Medali, in tall grass
  • TM #010 – Ice Fang = South Province Area Three middle area, on top of a cliff
  • TM #011 – Water Pulse = On a ledge near the Cascarrafa Gym
  • TM #012 – Low Kick = East of Cascarrafa City, besides a tree
  • TM #013 – Acid Spray = North of the Pokémon Center in South Province Area Two, near a cliffside
  • TM #014 – Acrobatics = Reward for defeating the Team Star’s Fire crew outside of Artazon City
  • TM #015 – Struggle Bug = Southern part of South Province Area One, on the edge of the cliff
  • TM #016 – Psybeam = Near a tree outside of Great Crater of Paldea
  • TM #017 – Confuse Ray = Northeast of the Pokémon Center in South Province Area Three, on a cliff above the ruins
  • TM #018 – Thief = Northeast of Cortondo, on the small cliff
  • TM #019 – Disarming Voice = Northwest of the South Province Area Two, near the wall
  • TM #020 – Trailblaze = Reward for defeating the Artazon gym leader, Brasslus
  • TM #021 – Pounce = Reward for defeating Cortondo gym leader, Katy
  • TM #022 – Chilling Water = Reward for defeating Casarrafa gym leader, Kofu
  • TM #023 – Charge Beam = Northwest of Cascarrafa, just off the path
  • TM #024 – Fire Spin = Near a tree in the Dalizapa Passage, the path between Zapapico and Medali
  • TM #025 – Facade = Reward for defeating the Medali gym leader, Larry
  • TM #026 – Poison Tail = In the middle of the Dalizapa Passage
  • TM #027 – Aerial Ace = Obtained by defeating five trainers in South Province Area Two, talking to League Representative at Pokémon Center
  • TM #028 – Bulldoze = Near Socarrat Trail, north of Casseroya Lake
  • TM #029 – Hex = Near the Team Star Dark crew’s base, next to a rock
  • TM #030 – Snarl = In the eastern area of Artazon City, near a tree
  • TM #031 – Metal Claw = Northeast of Los Platos, next to a wall
  • TM #032 – Swift = Reward after clearing the Inlet Grotto. from Nemona
  • TM #033 – Magical Leaf = North of South Province Area Four, next to a rock
  • TM #034 – Icy Wind = In the eastern side of Artazon City
  • TM #035 – Mud Shot = Southwest of Levincia, next to a rock
  • TM #036 – Rock Tomb = Reward for defeating Team Star’s Dark crew
  • TM #037 – Draining Kiss = Behind the Cortondo Gym building
  • TM #038 – Flame Charge = Reward for defeating Mela at the Starfall Street
  • TM #039 – Low Sweep = In West Province Area One, by a rock near the mountain
  • TM #040 – Air Cutter = In West Province Area One, on top of a rock at the center of a small lake
  • TM #041 – Stored Power = West of Los Platos, in a corner
  • TM #042 – Night Shade = South Province Area Two, near the ruins
  • TM #043 – Fling = Northeast of the Pokémon Center in South Province Area Three, hidden behind a tree surrounded by tall grass
  • TM #044 – Dragon Tail = In North Province Area One, on the cliff by the beach
  • TM #045 – Venoshock = At the border of South Province Area Two and West Province Area One
  • TM #046 – Avalanche = Between West Province Area Three and Glaseado Mountain, on the northern part of Tagtree Thicket
  • TM #047 – Endure = East of Los Platos, on the hill
  • TM #048 – Volt Switch = Reward for defeating the Levincia gym leader, Iono
  • TM #049 – Sunny Day = Northwest exit of Cortondo, along the road
  • TM #050 – Rain Dance = In the middle of the Asado Desert, under the broken watchtower
  • TM #051 – Sandstorm = The middle section of East Province Area Three, on top of the tower
  • TM #052 – Snowscape = Near the Pokémon Center on Glaseado Mountain
  • TM #053 – Smart Strike = Between the East Paldean Sea and East Province Area Two, at the foot of a cliff
  • TM #054 – Psyshock = East of Casseroya Lake
  • TM #055 – Dig = Southeast of Cascarrafa City
  • TM #056 – Bullet Seed = On the South side of the Glaseado Mountain, east of the Dalizapa Passage
  • TM #057 – False Swipe = Talking to Mr. Jacq in school after registering at least 30 unique Pokémon
  • TM #058 – Brick Break = In the North Paldean Sea, on a small island north of North Province Area One
  • TM #059 – Zen Headbutt = Cascarrafa City, on the cliff near the gym
  • TM #060 – U-Turn = North of the East Province Area Two Pokémon Center, just past the river
  • TM #061 – Shadow Claw = West of West Province Area One, on top of a cliff
  • TM #062 – Foul Play = Reward for defeating the Team Star Dark base on Starfall Street
  • TM #063 – Psychic Fangs = East part of Levincia City, on a rooftop
  • TM #064 – Bulk Up = Northeast of Cortondo, at the top of a winding hill
  • TM #065 – Air Slash = In South Province Area One, on a small island in the water
  • TM #066- Body Slam = In the northern section of the Asado Desert
  • TM #067 – Fire Punch = Only craftable, using three Medititie Sweat and three Charcadet Soot, and 5000 LP
  • TM #068 – Thunder Punch = Only craftable, using three Medititie Sweat and three Toxel Sparks, and 5000 LP
  • TM #069 – Ice Punch = Only craftable, using three Medititie Sweat and three Cubchoo Fur, and 5000 LP
  • TM #070 – Sleep Talk = Near the Western Cascarrafa city Pokémon Center, under a tree
  • TM #071 – Seed Bomb = In the Eastern area of North Province Area One
  • TM #072 – Electro Ball = On the second level of the South Province Area Two tower, northwest of the South Province Area Two Pokémon Center
  • TM #073 – Drain Punch = Only craftable, using five Croagunk Poison, three Mankey Fur and three Crabrawler Shell, and 8000 LP
  • TM #074 – Reflect = Northern side of East Province Area Three, located in the scaffolding
  • TM #075 – Light Screen = East of Artazon, on the rough terrain
  • TM #076 – Rock Blast = In the center of South Province Area One, at the base of a cliff
  • TM #077 – Waterfall = Northeast section of Casseroya Lake
  • TM #078 – Dragon Claw = On the island in the center of Casseroya Lake
  • TM #079 – Dazzling Gleam = Reward for defeating Team Star’s Fairy base
  • TM #080 – Metronome = On top of the tower Northwest of Artazon
  • TM #081 – Grass Knot = North of the Team Star Poison base, in the Tagtree Thicket
  • TM #082 – Thunder Wave = Reward for defeating four trainers on the path to Mesagoza City, talking to a League representative at Pokémon Center in front of the academy
  • TM #083 – Poison Jab = Near the bottom of Glaseado Mountain on the Eastern side
  • TM #084 – Stomping Tantrum = Reward for defeating six trainers in East Province Area Two, from the League representative at the Levincia Pokémon Center
  • TM #085 – Rest = Behind a bench near the pond in Los Platos
  • TM #086 – Rock Slide = In the Eastern section of the East Province Area Three, on a cliff by the beach
  • TM #087 – Taunt = Northeast of Levincia, on top of the large cliff
  • TM #088 – Swords Dance = In West Province Area One, on the cliff beside the windmill
  • TM #089 – Body Press = In the middle of East Province Area Three
  • TM #090 – Spikes = In the Northern area of the Asado Desert, near the ruins
  • TM #091 – Toxic Spikes = In the Tagtree Thicket, in a bush
  • TM #092 – Imprison = Outside of the Team Star Fighting base
  • TM #093 – Flash Cannon = Southwest of the South Province Area Three Pokémon Center, on top of the cliffs
  • TM #094 – Dark Pulse = Between North Province Area One and Area Two
  • TM #095 – Leech Life = Near the Montenevera gym, under a tree past the fences
  • TM #096 – Eerie Impulse = At the Poco Path lighthouse
  • TM #097 – Fly = In the West Province Area Two, on a cliff
  • TM #098 – Skill Swap = At the entrance to Alfornada, behind the Pokémon Center
  • TM #099 – Iron Head = The northeastern area of Casseroya Lake
  • TM #100 – Dragon Dance = On a western platform in the Inlet Grotto
  • TM #101 – Power Gem = In the northern area of the Dalizapa Passage, in the caves
  • TM #102 – Gunk Shot = Reward for beating the Team Star Poison base
  • TM #103 – Substitute = Behind a building near the Alfornada gym
  • TM #104 – Iron Defense = East of the Eastern Province Area Three Pokémon Center, on one of the broken platforms
  • TM #105 – X-Scissor = East of Cascarrafa City, on a rock near a pond
  • TM #106 – Drill Run = North of Dalizapa, on rocky terrain within view of the Pokémon Center
  • TM #107 – Will-O-Wisp = North of Levincia, on top of the elevated platform
  • TM #108 – Crunch = Northwest of Levincia, in a cave near the main path
  • TM #109 – Trick = In the northwestern side of Cascarrafa, on a roof of a house
  • TM #110 – Liquidation = On Glaseado Mountain
  • TM #111 – Giga Drain = East of Cascarrafa City, just outside
  • TM #112 – Aura Sphere = South of Alfornada, by the edge of a cliff
  • TM #113 – Tailwind = In Levincia City, near a parasol
  • TM #114 – Shadow Ball = Reward for defeating the Montenevera gym leader, Ryme.
  • TM #115 – Dragon Pulse = In West Province Area Two, under a rock formation
  • TM #116 – Stealth Rock – In the Western section of the Dalizapa Passage, on a cliff
  • TM #117 – Hyper Voice = In the northern side of East Province Area Three, on a mountain near scaffolding
  • TM #118 – Heat Wave = Near a stake before the riverbank near Casseroya Lake
  • TM #119 – Energy Ball = At the northernmost point of North Province Area Three
  • TM #120 – Psychic = Reward for defeating the Alfornada gym leader, Tulip
  • TM #121 – Heavy Slam = Near one of the tents in Team Star Fighting base
  • TM #122 – Encore = Southwest of Mesagoza, outside near the water
  • TM #123 – Surf = In the southern part of Levincia City, near vending machines
  • TM #124 – Ice Spinner = Reward for defeating the Glaseado gym leader, Grusha
  • TM #125 – Flamethrower = East of Medali, near a boulder
  • TM #126 – Thunderbolt = East of Porto Marinada, next to a wall
  • TM #127 – Play Rough = In the southeastern area of South Province Area Six
  • TM #128 – Amnesia = In a cave within North Province Area Two
  • TM #129 – Calm Mind = West of Mesagoza
  • TM #130 – Helping Hand = On a cliff overlooking a Pokémon Center in South Province Area Three
  • TM #131 – Pollen Puff = Northwest of the Inlet Grotto, in a flower field near the lighthouse
  • TM #132 – Baton Pass = Behind the Pokemon League building
  • TM #133 – Earth Power = In the northern part of the Asado Desert
  • TM #134 – Reversal = In East Province Area Two, near the river
  • TM #135 – Ice Beam = In the southern part of North Province Area One, on an island near the river
  • TM #136 – Electric Terrain = Near the center of Levincia City, at a pier
  • TM #137 – Grassy Terrain = Southwest of Mesagoza, near a tree
  • TM #138 – Psychic Terrain = At the riverbank between East Province Area One and Two, under a tree near the Pokémon Center
  • TM #139 – Misty Terrain = South of South Province Area Six, on a cliff
  • TM #140 – Nasty Plot = Reward for completing all history lessons and catching all four Treasures of Ruin, and talking to Ms. Raifort
  • TM #141 – Fire Blast = On top of a rock near the Team Star Fighting base
  • TM #142 – Hydro Pump = Reward from the League representative at a Casseroya Lake watchtower
  • TM #143 – Blizzard = Reward for defeating 10 trainers on Glaseado Mountain, from a League representative at the Pokémon Center
  • TM #144 – Fire Pledge = At the largest of the two islands east of East Province Area Two, near one of the three trees
  • TM #145 – Water Pledge = At the same island as the Fire Pledge, at a different tree
  • TM #146 – Grass Pledge = At the same island as the two above pledges, at the third tree
  • TM #147 – Wild Charge = Northeast of Casseroya Lake, near the mountain
  • TM #148 – Sludge Bomb = North of Alfornada, on the cliffside
  • TM #149 – Earthquake = Reward for beating five trainers in the Asado Desert, from the League representative at the Pokémon Center
  • TM #150 – Stone Edge = Reward for defeating six Trainers in North Province Area One, from the League representative at the Pokémon Center
  • TM #151 – Phantom Force = In the northern section of the Inlet Grotto
  • TM #152 – Giga Impact = On the smaller of the two islands east of the Eastern Province Area Two
  • TM #153 – Blast Burn = In the northeastern cave at the Glaseado Mountain
  • TM #154 – Hydro Cannon = In the northeastern cave at the Glaseado Mountain
  • TM #155 – Frenzy Plant = In the northeastern cave at the Glaseado Mountain
  • TM #156 – Outrage = In North Province Area Two
  • TM #157 – Overheat = At the ruins in North Province Area Three, next to a broken vase
  • TM #158 – Focus Blast = On the circular building near the Alfornada gym
  • TM #159 – Leaf Storm = Reward for defeating four trainers in North Province Area Three, from the League representative at the Pokémon Center
  • TM #160 – Hurricane = The western part of the large northernmost lake in North Province Area One
  • TM #161 – Trick Room = The northern section of Levincia City
  • TM #162 – Bug Buzz = East of Alfornada, next to a tree
  • TM #163 – Hyper Beam = On the smallest of the two islands east of East Province Area Two
  • TM #164 – Brave Bird = South of Casseroya lake, at the top of the tower
  • TM #165 – Flare Blitz = Southeast of Medali, behind a tree
  • TM #166 – Thunder = North of Alfornada, at the top of a tower
  • TM #167 – Close Combat = Reward for defeating Team Star’s Fighting base
  • TM #168 – Solar Beam = Between Casseroya Lake and West Province Area Two, before the river widens going east
  • TM #169 – Draco Meteor = Reward for clearing the Starfall Street storyline
  • TM #170 – Steel Beam = Eastern part of North Province Area Three
  • TM #171 – Tera Blast = Reward for beating the Medali gym and Nemona fight afterwards
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CTAL-TM-001 exam dump and training guide direct download
Training Exams List