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California Subject Examinations for Teachers
Teacher-Certification Examinations Questions and Answers
Killexams : Teacher-Certification Examinations Q&A - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/CSET Search results Killexams : Teacher-Certification Examinations Q&A - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/CSET https://killexams.com/exam_list/Teacher-Certification Killexams : CAT 2022: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On exam Syllabus, Format
CAT 2022: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On exam Syllabus, Format

CAT 2022 answers to FAQs

New Delhi:

The Common Admission Test (CAT) for admission to postgraduate management programmes is set to be held on November 27. Applicants due to appear for the CAT exam must be preparing in full swing. The students will also be provided with CAT mock tests to acquaint them with the online mode of exam.

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As per CAT 202 exam pattern, CAT will be held in three shifts of two-hour examination comprising three sections -- Verbal Ability and reading Comprehension; Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. The test will be timed.

Question: Will CAT 2022 be held as an online examination?
CAT 2022 will be conducted as a digital or computer-based test (CBT) and not an internet-based test (IBT); meaning a candidate will not take the examination on an internet site. Instead of reading the questions in a paper booklet and darkening the ovals on the answer-sheet, a candidate will read the questions on a computer terminal in CAT 2022 exam and choose an answer by clicking on the correct option.

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Question: Can a candidate take CAT exam 2022 from any computer?
A candidate must take the CAT examination on a computer system assigned at the test centre based on the test cities selected while registering for CAT. The test centre details will be printed on the CAT admit card.

Question: Can CAT 2022 candidates take calculators along with them to the exam centre?
Candidates are prohibited from taking calculators to the testing centre. However, they may use the onscreen calculator that will be available throughout the exam.

Question: Does CAT 2022 have a syllabus for examination preparation?
No, the CAT examination does not have a defined syllabus for CAT exam. However, you can attempt the mock test to understand the pattern of examination and types of questions.

Question: Who will provide a scribe/reader in case required by a PwD candidate?
The PwD candidate will have to make arrangements for a scribe. He/she will have to carry the Scribe Affidavit available on the CAT website.

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Killexams : Knowledge Tests Include Preparation of the Applicant, Location

It’s true: $175 is a lot of money to pay for a two hour, 60-question test. Just ask anyone who has taken the private pilot airplane knowledge exam recently at a flight school or FBO. 

In reality, the tests are offered by PSI Services, Inc. The FBOs that provide testing are contractors, offering the tests as a convenience to their customers. The FBOs are currently paid $65 for each test, but as of January 1, 2023, payment to the FBOs will drop to $22 per test—and that is making some FBOs reconsider offering the service.

What does this mean to aspiring pilots? Finding a place to take the knowledge test may become more difficult.

A Monopoly

PSI Services, Inc. is a global company, and the only entity authorized by the FAA to administer the knowledge tests required for obtaining a pilot certificate or certain ratings. In the past there were two other providers, Laser Grade and (CATS) Certification Activity Tracking System, but both are have gone the way of the dodo bird. This becomes apparent when you go to the FAA website and select “Airman Testing” and “Find a Testing Center,” and PSI is the only provider that pops up. You enter your zipcode into the appropriate search box and up pops a list of testing centers within a certain radius, say 50 miles.

PSI has a few dedicated testing centers in larger cities with 20 to 30 test stations, but most of the facilities are small, third-party operations at FBOs and flight schools with no more than three or four seats. In addition to aviation tests, PSI also provides tests for cosmetology, real estate, and building trades—in short, that testing center can be a busy place, so you may be competing for space.

The tests are taken on a computer—so please don’t call them “written” tests, because they haven’t been written tests since the Reagan administration. Today, the only writing the applicant does is signing their name when they check in to the testing center and again when they check out.

The testing facility at the airport is usually one room equipped with a few computers, and a closed-circuit video system to monitor the test takers. The business has someone on staff who has been trained to proctor the tests. The applicant registers for the test on the PSI site and on test day, the tests are uploaded from PSI, and in theory, they should be waiting for the test taker when they get to the site. This is why you have to make an appointment in advance with PSI—and it is a good idea to call the testing location in advance to make sure they offer testing on a particular day.

Changes Ahead

The change in the compensation structure noted above that will come in 2023 came as a surprise to a few of the airport-based test providers FLYING reached out to. They had received the email with the notification of the change in the fee that they would receive, but had not fully read it yet.

It was noted that flight schools don’t really make a lot of money on the test now—$65 doesn’t go very far when you consider the vendors have to pay the salary of the test proctor, pay for the computers, utilities, internet access, cameras, testing supplies and insurance. The new fee of $22 won’t cover those expenses, so it is likely that some FBOs will drop the knowledge test, and pilot applicants will lose this convenience.

Does the FAA collect a fee for the knowledge test? FLYING reached out to both the FAA and to PSI Inc., to inquire if the agency received payment for each test taken, but no response was received by press time.

Make the Test a Non-Event

Given the challenges of setting up the knowledge test, you want to make it a non-event, beginning with your arrival at the testing center. For starters, make sure you know how to get to the testing center and how long it will take you to get there before test day. Also, be sure to have identification that includes your photograph, signature, and home address. For most people this is a state identification card or driver’s license.

That’s the easy part. You also need, per the FAA, to demonstrate you are prepared to take the knowledge test by presenting one of the following:

  • A certificate of graduation from a pilot training course conducted by an FAA-approved pilot school, or a statement of accomplishment from the school certifying the satisfactory completion of the ground-school portion of such a course. These are often issued by ground school instructors from Part 141 programs at the end of the course, provided the applicant has passed the final exam. Check for an expiration date: Some schools provide their learners a limit of 60 days to take the test, and if it is not completed within that window they must retake the course or get a CFI to sign them off as ready to pass the test.
  • An endorsement from an FAA-certificated ground or flight instructor, certifying that you have satisfactorily completed the required ground instruction. This endorsement is found in Advisory Circular 61-65: Aeronautical Knowledge Test: FAR 61.35(a)(1), 61.103(d), and 61.105. It states: “I certify that [First name, MI, Last name] has received the required training in accordance with § 61.105. I have determined [he or she] is prepared for the [name of] knowledge test.” For aspiring fixed wing pilots the name of the test is “Private Pilot Airplane.”
  • A certificate of graduation or statement of accomplishment from a ground school course conducted by an agency such as a high school, college, adult education program, the Civil Air Patrol, or an ROTC Flight Training Program—again, double check for an expiration date.
  • A certificate of graduation from a home-study course developed by the aeronautical enterprise providing the study material. These are your online courses such as Sporty’s, King Schools, or Gold Seal.

Don’t expect to walk into the FBO or flight school on the day of your test and have a new-to-you flight instructor sign you off on the spot. No professional instructor will provide an endorsement unless they are confident that you can pass the test.

Practice Tests First

Before you are endorsed for the $175 test, your instructor may ask you to bring them three practice questions all done in the same week with a score of 90 percent or higher. These practice questions can be found online from a variety of providers. Do this and you will get the endorsement.

I am one of the instructors who asks for this. Why? Because 20-plus years as a ground instructor has taught me that most people lose at least 10 points off their scores when they walk into the testing center. I am not the only CFI who has seen this scenario play itself out. In fact, it has been a Topic of discussion at seminars and instructor symposiums, ergo, we want you to go in over-prepared—so over-prepared that you can pass that test on a bad day with a nosebleed.

The minimum passing score on the test is 70, but the better the score on the knowledge test, the less stressful the checkride tends to be. Most examiners use the soft spots, as identified by wrong answers on the knowledge test, to craft the scenarios for the check ride.

Other Tips

1. Leave your cellphone in the car. You will not be allowed to use it in the testing center.

2. Use the piece of scratch paper issued at the testing center to make a ruler using the scale from the figures of sectional excerpts provided in the test supplement (also issued at the testing center).

3. Even if you use an electronic E6-B, know how to use a mechanical E6-B, because some testing centers will not allow the electronic ones (although they are supposed to, per AC 60-11C) unless you prove it is not pre-programmed with answers. They may ask you to remove, then reinstall the batteries to prove it has not been programmed. If you forgot your E6-B, they may loan you a mechanical one. They will let you borrow a calculator and also let you use a plotter—but honestly I have never figured out why, since the scale on the plotter and on the mechanical E6-B does not match what is on the test book figures.

4. Figure out how to zoom in the images on the screen of the computer and either bring or ask for a magnifying glass if you need one. Test centers have these as well.

5. Another tip: Read the questions silently to yourself at least twice. You may find it helpful to move your lips as you read because this makes your brain slow down. Yes, I know every teacher who is reading this just cringed, but some of the questions can be worded in a very confusing manner. You sometimes need to slow down to determine what is truly being asked. This is particularly true on the performance questions.

After the Test

When you have passed the test you will be given an airman computer test report that shows your score. Make a photocopy of this piece of paper and put the original in a safe place. You will present this document to the designated pilot examiner (DPE) the day of your check ride. In addition, your instructor will want to know the outcome of the test, so send him or her a photo of the test results. 

If you missed any questions, the subject matter test codes will be indicated at the bottom of the paper. These codes can be found in the airman certification standards, so it behooves you to have a copy of the ACS (airman certification standards). For example, if you see the code PA.I.A.K1, that refers to certification requirements. Do yourself a favor and go through the ACS to find the areas you were found deficient in, and make a list of them. You may have missed just one question there, or it could be more—the codes indicate areas in which the applicant was found to be deficient.

Before you go for your private pilot check ride your CFI should go over those areas with you, and make an endorsement in your logbook indicating you have received additional instruction in those areas. The DPE will ask for the test results in advance of the check ride and will use them to build the scenarios for your practical test around these soft spots in your perceived knowledge.

If you do not pass the test, use those test codes to review your weak areas, and with the help of a good ground instructor, shore them up. You will get another endorsement and can take the test again. Make sure you bring that endorsement when you go for the retest.

A satisfactorily completed knowledge test is good for 24 calendar months. If the practical test for that certificate or rating is not satisfactorily completed during that period, another knowledge test must be taken.

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Killexams : Wittiest IAS exam and interview questions with weirdest answers The Civil Services Examination is a national competitive examination in India and one of the toughest exams to crack with multiple papers and interviews. People prepare for years before appearing for them, studying day in and day out.
Since cracking these exams can make you eligible for opportunities in higher Civil Services of the Government of India, these are definitely challenging at multiple levels.
Along with your knowledge, your common sense, sensibility and confidence are also tested, especially at the interview levels. Here are some of the weirdest questions asked in the exams and interview sessions to test your brain. See how many you can answer correctly:
Question 1. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Answer: Concrete floors are hard to crack with a raw egg!

Question 2. Jamie looked at his reflection on the window mirror of the 45th floor. Driven by an irrational impulse, he made a leap through the window on the other side. Yet Jamie did not encounter even a single bruise. How can this be possible if he neither landed on a soft surface nor used a parachute?

Answer: Jamie is actually a window cleaner. He got tired after cleaning the windows on the 45th floor and so leaped inside the building.

Question 3. A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven’t eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?

Answer: The third room is the safest as the lions would be dead by now from eating anything in the past 3 days. First thought for many people would have been that these lions might have been hungrier than ever, but this answer would be wrong.

Question 4. Twins (Adarsh and Anupam) were born in May but their birthday is in June. How’s this possible?

Answer: May is the name of the town in Queensland, Australia.

Question 5. The peacock is a bird that does not lay eggs. How do they get baby peacocks?

Answer: The peahen lays eggs and not the peacock.

Question 6. What is such a thing that dies after drinking water?

Answer: Thirst. period.

Question 7. How can a man remain without sleep for 8 days?

Answer: Easy, the man should sleep at NIGHT.

Question 8. What if a red stone is thrown in blue waters?

Answer: The red stone will drown. The use of colors in the questions is only to distract your mind and confuse it further.

Question 9. Is it possible for you to lift an elephant with one hand ?
Answer: The answer is not so much as it is impossible to find an ‘elephant with one hand’.
Question 10. What is it you can never have in your breakfast ?
Answer: You can never have lunch or dinner for breakfast. This question revolves around confusing you by making you think of food items.
Wed, 30 Nov 2022 21:36:00 -0600 en text/html https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/de-stress/wittiest-ias-exam-and-interview-questions-with-weirdest-answers/articleshow/95887827.cms
Killexams : 100+ Fascinating Questions That Don't Have Answers

It’s human nature to be curious, and people have an undying desire to answer every question that comes to mind.

With advances in technology and the connectivity of the internet, questions that might have gone unanswered for eternity have come to a conclusive resolution.

However, even with all of the information at our disposal, there are some questions that simply do not have answers.

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100+ Questions That Don’t Have Answers

There are many questions that have gone unanswered forever and will most likely continue to cause confusion in the minds of those who just need to know. And that list of unanswerable questions is huge.

Some of the questions that plague us are about the concept of time, science, or philosophy. Others are random, weird, or funny and are centered around curiosity, not a bonafide need.

Life’s Biggest Unanswerable Questions

Below is a list of thought-provoking questions that may leave you baffled, send you out in search of real answers, or make you double over in laughter.

1. If God made everything, who made God?

2. Do ghosts exist and, if so, how do we know?

3. How did life first start?

4. Is there anything that can travel faster than light?

5. How did we first determine there was a consciousness and a subconsciousness?

6. Do beings on other planets consider us aliens?

7. If everyone has their truth, how do we know what the real truth is?

8. Why are cars built to go faster than the speed limits?

9. What came first, the sun or the Earth?

10. How far east can you travel before you start traveling west?

Most Confusing Unanswerable Questions

This next set of questions can take you down an endless trail of confusion, thinking and rethinking your answers. In the end, you'll have to accept you simply don't know.

11. Was math invented by humans or simply discovered?

12. When you forget a thought, where does it go?

13. What makes you uniquely you?

14. If rules are meant to be broken, why make them in the first place?

15. What do people who have been deaf since birth hear when they think?

16. What do blind people see when they dream?

17. If you try to lose on purpose, but accidentally win, did you win or lose?

18. If you are expecting the unexpected, isn’t the unexpected now expected?

19. When your soul leaves your body, does it look like you?

20. If Adam and Eve were the first and only people, aren’t we all related?

21. If you enjoyed wasting time, were you really wasting time?

22. Who was the first teacher’s teacher?

23. When you wait for your waiter to come take your order, aren’t you now the “waiter”?

24. What exactly was the first person to milk a cow really trying to do?

25. What is the exact definition of perfect health?

26. Do animals have a subconscious?

27. Will reincarnation ever be possible, or does it already exist?

28. Do you really need a license for a self-driving vehicle?

29. Is it possible to know it all?

30. Can technology be used to control our emotions?

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Unanswerable Questions About the Concept of Time

Time is a big topic. Because we use it to decide when birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions occur, there tend to be many unanswered questions about the concept.

31. When did time first begin?

32. Is there a reason you are here at this point in your life?

33. Does time end at some point?

34. Will time travel ever be possible?

35. Why do we keep time?

36. Who decided age is based on rotations around the sun?

37. If the early bird gets the worm, why do they tell you that good things come to those who wait?

38. Who created the first calendar and how’d they know where to start?

39. How do we know the future is not actually the past and vice versa?

40. Will there come a time when people will live forever?

41. Will people still drive in 20 years?

42. Does time always move forward?

43. Are past, present, and future real?

44. Is time infinite or will it one day run out?

45. Does time really exist or is it a shared mental construct?

Scientific Unanswerable Questions

Science has resolved a lot of questions for humankind over time. Still, there are many curiosities for which there are still no answers.

46. Is the Earth alive?

47. Where does the universe begin and end?

48. If you drill a hole through the middle of the earth and leap through, are you falling or floating?

49. Were there people that existed before the universe?

50. If everyone on Earth leapt into the ocean at once, would we flood the world?

51. Do caterpillars know they will morph into butterflies or do they just like cocoons?

52. If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys running around?

53. Who decided February should have 28/29 days while all the rest had 30/31?

54. Will a journey to the center of the earth ever really be possible?

55. Will we ever find a cure for cancer?

56. How long before people can opt to clone themselves?

57. Is there life on other planets?

58. Will we one day be able to back our brains up on storage devices?

59. If a human being is genetically enhanced, are they still human?

Funny Unanswerable Questions

The questions in the section won't necessarily change our lives if answered, but will definitely garner a chuckle or two.

60. Why do people bake cookies but cook bacon?

61. At what age does old age begin?

62. How do you know your life isn’t just one crazy hallucination?

63. If you hit yourself and it hurts, are you weak or are you strong?

64. If something is described as “indescribable,” hasn’t it just been described?

65. How would you look up the word “dictionary” in the dictionary?

66. How far up do bald people go when washing their faces?

67. Why do people say “slept like a baby” when babies wake up throughout the night?

68. If a cyclops closes its eye, is it winking or blinking?

69. Are eyebrows facial hair?

70. Can you talk down to a person taller than you?

71. Are prisons equipped with emergency exits?

72. If you dive into the fountain of youth but can’t swim and drown, will you still live forever?

73. If Cinderella fit the lost slipper perfectly, how did she lose it in the first place?

74. If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how do we find it?

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Random Unanswerable Questions

Do you know someone who randomly asks questions that make you wonder how they got there? Well, there are some things they might have tossed around in their strange minds.

75. What are dreams made of?

76. How long will people remember you once you die?

77. Why set goals if everyone is eventually just going to die?

78. Are soulmates really a thing or do two people just like each other a lot?

79. Why do we have belly buttons for our entire lives?

80. What do they call French kissing in France?

81. What is the wealth and fame threshold for being “assassinated” and not “murdered”?

82. Do dentists go to other dentists?

83. If R-rated movies are for adults, why do children act in them?

84. Are braces removed when someone dies?

85. Since tomatoes are a fruit, should ketchup be considered a smoothie?

86. Does hating hateful people make you a hateful person?

87. If the number 2 pencil is most widely used, why is it not number 1?

88. If people forget about you after you die, did you really ever exist?

89. Do we all hear sounds the same?

Philosophical Unanswerable Questions

Many thinkers have attempted to provide responses to philosophical questions. But there are some that might forever plague us.

90. Are we actually free-willed or are our actions predetermined by destiny?

91. What happens after you die?

92. Is it really possible to be objective?

93. What is the purpose of human beings?

94. What is God?

94. What is the Devil?

96. Who decided what was right and what was wrong?

97. If killing is so wrong, what makes us kill people who kill other people?

98. Was there a time when nothing existed?

99. Is karma real or are we just making it up so people will be kind?

Weird Unanswerable Questions

Some questions can only be described as "weird." Sure, we might want to know, but is it really necessary?

100. Which came first, the fruit called “orange” or the color?

101. Are we really living or are we actually dying slowly?

102. At what point does it go from partly sunny to partly cloudy?

103. Why does glue not stick to the inside of the bottle?

104. In the word “scent” which letter is silent: the "s" or the "c"?

105. What is the color of a mirror?

106. If it loses its wings, is it still a “fly”?

107. Why does a “cold” make your body temperature hot with fever?

108. If you drop soap on the floor, is the floor now clean or is the soap now dirty?

109. How do we know when it’s “all said and done”?

110. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

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NyRee Ausler is a writer from Seattle, Washington, and author of seven books. She covers lifestyle and entertainment and news, as well as navigating the workplace and social issues.

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Killexams : 100% of parents failed this GCSE maths question...but can YOU get the right answer?

100% of parents failed this GCSE maths question...but can YOU get the right answer?

A whopping 100 per cent of parents failed a GCSE maths question which asked them to solve the area of a polygon  - following a summer which saw results drop as schools make their way back to exam-based marking.

When set the task by study resource site Save My Exams 1,000 parents were  defeated by the calculation, with 92 per cent left unable to do it at all, and 8 per cent trying but failing to reach the correct answer.

Many were left scratching their heads when they were asked to show that a shape's area - with most of its measurements given in algebraic notation - equaled 2x² + 24x + 46. 

The solution can be worked out by splitting the shape up into a selection of rectangles - but it was not a simple endeavour for many.

A whopping 100 per cent of parents failed a GCSE maths question which asked them to solve the area of a polygon

However, parents were evidently not discouraged by their subpar performance 

Despite the less than stellar results, an average 75 per cent of the parents still believe they would be able to pass their children's exams - even though one in two (52 per cent) admit they often don't understand the homework questions kids ask them about.

One mother admitted that she tries to help alleviate her daughter's academic pressures where she can - but struggles to offer schoolwork insights. 

'At exam time, my support comes in the form of emotional over academic,' Catherine Gray, in Dublin, revealed. 'It's often hard to understand the exam questions of today as they're so different from what I did back when I was at school, but knowing I'm doing all I can to support is comforting.'

Still unsure on how to solve it? Here's how to break it down!

This exercise looks to find out the area of the whole polygon - let's label it 'A'.

As demonstrated in the drawing above, to find our solution we must break the whole shape down into two rectangles.

The width of the top rectangle (label it 'B') will be (x + 1)cm, and the length, 4cm. The bottom rectangle (label this one 'C') will have a width of (2x + 6)cm.

The area of the polygon A will be a sum of the areas of rectangles B and C. 

So, let us first find out the areas of both separately. 


We know that the the area of a rectangle is equal to its width multiplied by its height.

Hence, to have a formula for the area of rectangle B, we must write the following out. 

Area of B = Length of B x Width of B

Length of B = 4 cm

Width of B = x + 1 cm


Area of B = 4(x +1) = 4x + 4


We need to find out the area of rectangle C. We know that its width, but not its length. The first step is, hence, to find out what the length is.

We can see by looking at the diagram that the length of C is equal to the length of the left hand side of the polygon minus four.


Length of C = x + 11 cm - 4 cm = x + 7 cm

We also know that

Width of C = 2x + 6 cm


Area of C = (x + 7)(2x + 6) = 2x2 + 14x + 6x + 42 = 2x2 + 20x + 42


At the beginning, we are given an area for polygon A. We also know that the sum of the areas of rectangles B and C equals to the area of polygon A. Now, all we have to do is prove that they are the same.

Area of A = 2x2 + 24x + 46

Area of B = 4x + 1

Area of C = 2x2 + 20x + 42

Area of A = Area of B + Area of C = [ 4x + 4] + [2x2 + 20x + 42] = 2x2 + 24x + 46


The solution could be worked out by splitting the shape up into a selection of rectangles - but this doesn't appear to have been a simple endeavour for many

Catherine also does breathwork with her daughter when she gets anxious, and plays  ASMR sounds in the kitchen 'while she studies so she feels calm and safe'.

Save My Exams' maths lead Lucy Kirkham shares her tips for working with intimidating numbers

'Seeing questions with loads of Algebra can be scary but breaking them down into smaller chunks will help you work through them more easily.

'This question gives you the answer you're working towards, which can sometimes be off-putting as you wonder "How am I ever going to get there?".

'Don't let it worry you, just try to start with the first step and you'll surprise yourself with how far you can get!

'Even if you don't get all the way through, marks are awarded for different stages of your working so you can always try to pick up some marks and use our model answers to see how you'd pick up the rest.'

For more information visit https://www.savemyexams.co.uk.


Maths, Science, French and English Literature were found to be the subjects stumping parents the most. 

The test question and research were commissioned by Save My Exams as part of the launch of 'Save My Kids' Exams', a series of free resources to help parents support their kids through exam season.

The resource was set up to help facilitate healthy communication between parents and teachers when it's crunch time ahead of tests. 

'Revising for exams is stressful for both children and their parents,' the company's Head of Revision Resources Jenna Quinn said. 'Relationships are often strained during these periods and most of the time this is because parents aren't in a position to help due to their lack of familiarity with the subject matter.'

It comes as GCSE exams have this summer been denounced as 'laughable' after embarrassing spelling mistakes surfaced on students' results sheets.

The mistakes, which include the words 'separate' and 'Chemistry' have appeared on multiple pupils' results slips at different schools, and are mainly in results which relate to AQA exams.

But this appears to be a coincidence as the exam board told MailOnline all data sent to schools was correct. 

The errors include two instances of 'separate' spelt 'seperate' and another two of 'Chemistry' spelt 'Chemsitry'.

The relatives of one student receiving her results had spotted an error, and told MailOnline the result sheet was 'almost laughable'.

Meanwhile, this year's results saw a drop several percentage points in top grades from 2021, which was expected as schools transition back to an exam-based marking system. 

But in statistics - which school experts said represent the impact of coronavirus on different areas of the country - the north-south divide only grew.

Some 32.6 per cent of students in London obtained top grades - 7/A or above - in this year's GCSE results, while the figure was 22.4 per cent for those in the North East and Yorkshire and the Humber.

It means the figure is some 10.2 percentage points below London - up from last year when the gap between London and the North East was 10.0 percentage points.

The divide has also widened from 9.3 percentage points pre-Covid in 2019, when 16.4 per cent of students in the North East got a top grade, compared with 25.7 per cent in London.

It comes as figures published this year by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) - covering GCSE entries from students predominantly in England, Wales and Northern Ireland - showed top grades of 7/A have fallen, as expected, this year.

They went from 28.9 per cent in 2021, when there were no formal exams due to Covid, to 26.3 per cent this year - a drop of 2.6 percentage points.

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Killexams : Principals Support Early Education Programs in Schools, But Need Support to Lead Them Effectively

Over the past year, our research team has been studying how elementary school principals in the state of North Carolina think about and support early education programs in their schools. Across the United States, nearly 60 percent of public elementary schools have at least one pre-K classroom—a figure that is similar in North Carolina. Our team was interested in capturing, first, whether and to what extent principals support having pre-K programs in their schools. Second, we wondered about the practices principals engage in to integrate those programs. Together, we refer to these factors—principal support and practices—as principal orientations to early education leadership. We were drawn to study this Topic given the profound impact principals can have in shaping the nature of pre-K programs located in schools and their relationship and alignment with the broader school environment. To answer these questions, we fielded a survey of all lead and assistant principals in the state of North Carolina. Here’s what we found:

Principals Strongly Support Pre-K Programs in Schools, But They Need Support to Boost Their Knowledge and Increase Practices that Support Early Learning

The survey results showed that an overwhelming majority of principals in North Carolina support pre-K programs in schools. For example, we found that 94 percent of principals thought having pre-K programs in their school building was a good idea. However, when we moved beyond questions about support for early education to practices, a different pattern emerged. Only 11 percent of principals were “very familiar” with the NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development—the standards that guide NC Pre-K classroom instruction on which principals are required to evaluate pre-K teachers. Twenty-one percent of principals reported regularly including pre-K teachers in vertical professional learning communities with early grades teachers. Only 17 percent of principals reported visiting the pre-K classroom(s) in their building every day.

Principals Who Have Backgrounds in Early Education—through Training or Teaching Experience—Have Higher Orientations to Early Education Leadership

We developed a measure of principals' orientations to early education leadership by combining measures of principal support and practices related to early education leadership. We used this composite measure to examine what factors led principals to have higher or lower orientations to early education leadership.

Two findings stood out from this analysis. First, we found that when principals had early childhood leadership coursework in their principal preparation programs, their predicted orientations to early education leadership were significantly higher. Second, we found that when principals had teaching experience in the early grades (preK-to-3rd grade), their predicted orientations to early education leadership were also significantly higher. Together, these findings provide evidence that preparation and background experiences in early education are key predictors of engaged early education leaders.

Yet, our data also show that early education-focused coursework and professional experiences in early education are rare, so work is needed to help spread these supports to more school leaders. In our sample, only one-quarter of principals reported receiving any early education-focused instruction in their principal preparation programs and only eight percent had teaching experiences in early childhood education.

Principal Preparation, Certification, and In-Service Training Policies and Practices Need Reform

Our finding that principal training and experience in early education are related to principal orientations to early education leadership implicates a number of areas ripe for reform, including principal preparation, certification, and in-service training.

In our other research, we find that formal inclusion of early education leadership content is rarely covered in principal preparation programs. This is largely due to the fact that national standards do not include it and programs often directly mirror these standards. These national standards should be revised and more principal preparation programs should think about ways to embed early education leadership content into their programs.

To date, Illinois remains the only state to formally expand its principal license to PK-12 and include early education content in its principal licensure exam. Research has previously spotlighted opportunities to advance state efforts to improve principal quality through a range of policy levers, especially by promoting improvements to principal preparation. In the immediate term, states, operating through their state departments of education and professional educator standards boards, could study the value and costs of adding and implementing new early education standards to principal certification requirements.

Change will be too slow if we do not also work to build capacity for early education leadership among practicing principals. A number of in-service training programs exist ranging from intensive certificates to brief online training modules. The National Association for Elementary School Principals and the National P-3 Center have also developed a useful booklet that outlines detailed information about six core competencies they deem critical for early education leadership.

What’s Next?

In order to best enact these potential reforms, further evidence is needed on this Topic and our P-3 Education Workgroup is actively working on building that evidence. To learn more about our ongoing work to support early education leadership, please visit our website.

Mon, 05 Dec 2022 04:07:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.newamerica.org/education-policy/edcentral/principals-support-early-education-programs-in-schools-but-need-support-to-lead-them-effectively/
Killexams : CISSP Certification Requirements And Cost

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations.

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential demonstrates mastery of developing and overseeing large-scale cybersecurity programs. When it comes to the best cybersecurity certifications, many consider CISSP the industry’s gold standard. Individuals who meet CISSP requirements can earn the certification and qualify to take on more professional responsibility in their field.

This guide offers information on CISSP certification requirements, including experience, suggested preparation times and CISSP certification exam costs.

What Is CISSP Certification?

CISSP certification, offered by (ISC)2, is an advanced credential for information systems and cybersecurity professionals. This certification highlights an individual’s ability to create, deploy and manage cybersecurity efforts for large organizations.

CISSP certification requirements include a significant amount of professional experience and passing a lengthy exam. This credential suits experienced workers over entry-level and mid-level professionals.

Though this certification is not required by employers, it can boost candidates’ earning power and help them qualify for advanced roles in information security. CISSPs often work in positions like chief information security officer (CISO), network architect, security auditor and security manager, among others.

CISSP Certification Requirements

Aspiring CISSPs should familiarize themselves with the certification’s requirements before pursuing this credential.

Gain Experience

CISSP certification requirements stipulate that each candidate must have a minimum of five years of relevant professional experience. (ISC)² specifies eight security domains:

  • Domain 1: Security and Risk Management
  • Domain 2: Asset Security
  • Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Domain 4: Communication and Network Security
  • Domain 5: Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Domain 6: Security Assessment and Testing
  • Domain 7: Security Operations
  • Domain 8: Software Development Security

Prospective CISSPs must accumulate experience in two of the eight domains to meet CISSP certification requirements. They can also apply (ISC)²-approved four-year college degrees and other credentials, which may qualify as a year of experience. Paid and unpaid internships also count toward the CISSP requirement.

Pass the Certification Exam

The CISSP exam covers the eight domains of security in a four-hour test comprising 125 to 175 required responses. These appear as multiple-choice questions and advanced innovative items. Test-takers must earn a 700 out of 1,000 to pass. Candidates register to take the exam with Pearson VUE.

Get Endorsed

After passing the exam, individuals can apply for endorsement online. The endorsement must come from an (ISC)²-certified professional who can advocate for your professional experience as a credential-holder in good standing. Individuals must receive endorsements within nine months of passing the exam.

Cost of Becoming a CISSP

Earning CISSP certification can deliver many professional benefits, but individuals should also understand the costs associated with pursuing the credential. Along with the required time investment, consider the following CISSP certification exam costs and any required payments relating to preparation and recertification.

CISSP Certification exam Prep

Many organizations offer prep courses for the CISSP certification exam, and their costs vary drastically. Make sure to include exam prep costs, which may range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, in your CISSP budget. (ISC)² offers several exam prep methods, including self-paced, instructor-led and team-based options. These offerings can cost over $2,000.

CISSP Certification exam Cost

The CISSP certification exam costs $749. Individuals can receive vouchers from partner organizations after completing CISSP exam training courses.

Recertification Cost

Individuals must meet CISSP recertification requirements every three years to maintain their credentials. Each certification-holder must earn 120 continuing professional education (CPE) credits over this three-year period. Costs relating to CPEs can vary significantly, but each certified individual must pay an annual $125 fee to (ISC)².

Common Careers for CISSPs

Individuals who have met CISSP requirements and earned their credentials can pursue work in many information security and cybersecurity roles. As of 2021, the number of open cybersecurity roles far outpaces the number of qualified professionals, indicating strong continued demand in the sector.

Data from Cyberseek.org indicates that among current cybersecurity openings requiring certification, CISSP ranks as the most in-demand credential. The following section explores roles for CISSP certification-holders.

Chief Information Security Officer

Average Annual Salary: Around $172,000
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, information security or a related field; master’s preferred
Job Description: CISOs rank among the top positions in information security for responsibility and salary. This c-suite role reports directly to the CEO and requires significant experience, practical skills and expertise in information security.

CISOs oversee their organizations’ information security efforts. Often referred to as “chief security officers,” they supervise teams of infosec workers, set organizational directives, establish company-wide best practices and manage resource allotment. CISOs working in large, international businesses may interact with government agencies and congresspeople to ensure compliance with legal standards for information security.

Information Technology Director

Average Annual Salary: Around $123,000
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, MBA often preferred
Job Description: IT directors oversee departments of IT workers and manage organizations’ computer systems operations. They provide solutions to companies’ computer-related issues, including software upgrades, security concerns and general technical issues. IT directors communicate with executives to ensure company-wide directives are carried out successfully.

These directors research new IT software and hardware to keep their organizations up to date and safe. They track metrics for managing IT professionals, along with storage, hardware and software. IT directors also handle employee schedules and departmental budgetary planning. As department heads, they must possess strong communication skills to interact with mid-level professionals and c-suite executives.

Security Analyst

Average Annual Salary: Around $70,500
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, computer and information technology or a related field
Job Description: Security analysts work in computer systems, networks and information security departments to prevent, monitor and respond to security breaches. This broad professional title refers to workers who handle a variety of tasks in computer and network security.

These professionals work in many industries as “first responders” for cyberattacks. They must demonstrate deep knowledge of hardware, software and data storage to understand potential vulnerabilities and security solutions. Security analysts may help design security systems and handle encryption efforts for businesses to protect sensitive information.

Network Architect

Average Annual Salary: Around $121,000
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in network engineering or a related field; master’s in cybersecurity or a related field often preferred
Job Description: Network architects design and implement organizations’ security infrastructures. These professionals test and analyze existing safety structures to identify vulnerabilities and deliver improvements. They handle the installation and maintenance of computer systems, including interconnected devices like firewalls and routers.

Before deploying any updates or upgrades, these information security professionals create models to test their networks in a controlled environment. Modeling allows network architects to forecast security and traffic issues before implementing their infrastructures in the real world. These professionals also train and educate IT workers on organizational best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions About CISSP Requirements

What are the requirements to become CISSP-certified?

The two primary CISSP requirements are passing the exam and gaining five years of relevant professional experience.

No. CISSP certification suits experienced cybersecurity and information security professionals, requiring a minimum of five years of experience in the field.

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Killexams : Best Database Certifications for 2022
  • Database technology is crucial in multiple applications and computing tasks, and certifications help demonstrate job readiness and core competencies. 
  • Before pursuing a database platform certification, you should have a solid background in relational database management systems and the SQL language. 
  • Valuable certifications are typically tied to specific technology companies and their platforms, such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.
  • This article is for IT professionals considering database certifications to further their careers. 

While database platforms have come and gone through the decades, database technology is still critical for multiple applications and computing tasks. IT professionals often seek database certifications to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise as they navigate their career paths and pursue professional growth. 

While database certifications may not be as bleeding edge as Google cloud certifications, cybersecurity certifications, storage certifications or digital forensics certifications, database professionals at all levels possess in-demand career skills — and a plethora of database-related jobs are waiting to be filled.

We’ll look at some of the most in-demand certifications for database administrators, database developers and anyone else who works with databases.

What to know about database roles and certifications

To get a better grasp of available database certifications, it’s helpful to group these certs around job responsibilities. This reflects the maturity of database technology and its integration into most aspects of commercial, scientific and academic computing. As you read about the various database certification programs, keep these job roles in mind: 

  • Database administrator (DBA). A DBA is responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining a database management system (DBMS). The job is often tied to a specific platform, such as Oracle, MySQL, DB2 or SQL Server.
  • Database developer. A database developer works with generic and proprietary application programming interfaces (APIs) to build applications that interact with a DBMS. Like DBA roles, database developer positions are also often platform-specific.
  • Database designer or database architect. A database designer or architect researches data requirements for specific applications or users and designs database structures and application capabilities to match.
  • Data analyst or data scientist. A data analyst or scientist is responsible for analyzing data from multiple disparate sources to discover previously hidden insights, determine the meaning behind data, and make business-specific recommendations.
  • Data mining or business intelligence (BI) specialist. A data mining or BI specialist focuses on dissecting, analyzing and reporting important data streams, such as customer, supply chain and transaction data and histories.
  • Data warehousing specialist. A data warehousing specialist assembles and analyzes data from multiple operational systems (such as orders, transactions, supply chain information and customer data) to establish data history, analyze trends, generate reports and forecasts, and support general ad hoc queries. 

These database job roles highlight two critical issues to consider if you want to be a database professional:

  1. You need a solid general background. First, a background in relational database management systems, including an understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL), is a fundamental prerequisite for database professionals of all stripes. 
  2. There’s a focus on proprietary technologies. Second, although various efforts to standardize database technology exist, much of the whiz-bang capability that databases and database applications deliver comes from proprietary, vendor-specific technologies. Serious, heavy-duty database skills and knowledge are tied to specific platforms, including various Oracle products (such as the open-source MySQL environment and Oracle itself,) Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2. Most of these certifications relate directly to those enormously popular platforms. 

Did you know?Did you know? NoSQL databases — called “not only SQL” or “non-relational” databases — are increasingly used in big data applications associated with some of the best big data certifications for data scientists, data mining and warehousing, and business intelligence.

Best database certifications

Here are details on our five best database certification picks for 2022.

1. IBM Certified Database Administrator — DB2 12

IBM is one of the leaders in the worldwide database market by any objective measure. The company’s database portfolio includes industry-standard DB2, as well as the following:

  • IBM Compose
  • Information Management System (IMS)
  • Informix
  • Cloudant
  • IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop

IBM also has a long-standing and well-populated IT certification program that has been around for more than 30 years and encompasses hundreds of individual credentials. 

After redesigning its certification programs and categories, IBM now has a primary data-centric certification category called IBM Data and AI. It includes a range of database credentials: 

  • Database Associate
  • Database Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Application Developer 

IBM’s is a big and complex certification space, but one where particular platform allegiances are likely to guide readers toward the handful of items most relevant to their interests and needs. 

Database professionals who support DB2 (or aspire to) on IBM’s z/OS should check out the IBM Associate Certified DBA — Db2 12 certification. It’s an entry-level exam that addresses routine planning, working with SQL and XML, security, operations, data concurrency, application design, and concepts around database objects.

This certification requires candidates to pass one exam. Pre-exam training and familiarity with concepts, or hands-on experience, are recommended but not required. 

IBM Certified Database Administrator — DB2 facts and figures

Certification name

IBM Certified Database Administrator — Db2 12 (z/OS)

Prerequisites and required courses

None required; recommended courses are available.

Number of exams

One: C1000-122: Db2 12 for z/OS DBA Fundamentals (63 questions, 90 minutes)

Cost per exam

$200 (or local currency equivalent) per exam. Sign up for exams at Pearson VUE.



Self-study materials

The certification page includes self-study materials, including a study guide and a learning path. 

Did you know? IBM’s certification offerings are among the best system administrator certifications IT professionals can achieve.

2. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a broad range of tools and add-ons for business intelligence. Azure is a cloud computing platform for application management and Microsoft-managed data centers. Microsoft certifications include various Azure offerings based on job role and experience level.

Microsoft’s certification program is role-centric, centered on the skills you need to succeed in specific technology jobs. Because Azure has such a broad scope, Azure certifications span multiple job roles. However, specific certifications exist for the following positions:

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Database Administrators 

There are also certifications for learners at different experience levels. 

For those looking to take their Azure knowledge to the next level, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals certification is the perfect place to start. This certification is for beginner database administrators interested in using Azure and mastering data in the cloud. It offers foundational knowledge of core concepts while reinforcing concepts for later use in other Azure role-based certifications, such as those listed below: 

  • Azure Database Administrator Associate
  • Azure Data Engineer Associate
  • Data Analyst Associate 

Azure Data Fundamentals certification facts and figures

Certification name

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals

Prerequisites and required courses 

This certification does not have any prerequisites. However, for absolute beginners, Microsoft offers an Azure Fundamentals certification. 

Number of exams

One exam, DP-900, which is administered via Pearson VUE or Certiport.

Cost per exam

The exam costs $99 in the United States, though the cost changes based on where it is proctored. 



Self-study materials

Microsoft offers one of the world’s largest and best-known IT certification programs, so the exam is well supported with books, study guides, study groups, practice questions and other materials. Microsoft also offers a free online learning path.

3. Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator 

Oracle runs its certifications under the auspices of Oracle University. The Oracle Database Certifications page lists separate tracks depending on job role and product. MySQL is perhaps the leading open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). Since acquiring Sun Microsystems in 2010 (which had previously acquired MySQL AB), Oracle has rolled out a paid version of MySQL and developed certifications to support the product. 

If you’re interested in pursuing an Oracle MySQL certification, you can choose between MySQL Database Administration and MySQL Developer. 

The Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator (OCP) credential recognizes professionals who can accomplish the following tasks:

  • Install, optimize and monitor MySQL Server.
  • Configure replication.
  • Apply security.
  • Schedule and validate database backups. 

The certification requires candidates to pass a single exam (the same exam can be taken to upgrade a prior certification). Oracle recommends training and on-the-job experience before taking the exam.

Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator facts and figures

Did you know? According to Oracle, approximately 1.8 million Oracle Certified professionals globally hold certifications to advance their networking careers and professions to validate their IT expertise. 

4. Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification

For individuals interested in working in the Oracle environment who have the necessary experience to become a database administrator, Oracle’s Database SQL Certified Associate Certification is another top Oracle certification and an excellent starting point. This exam encompasses an understanding of fundamental SQL concepts that individuals must grasp for database projects. 

By earning the certification, individuals demonstrate that they have a range of knowledge in core SQL concepts:

  • Familiarity with queries, data modeling, and normalization
  • Strong base understanding of the underlying SQL language
  • An ability to create and manipulate Oracle Database tables 

This certification also requires candidates to pass a single exam. While Oracle does not specify any prerequisites, the company does state candidates should have familiarity working with the command line. 

Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification facts and figures

5. SAP HANA: SAP Certified Technology Associate — SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05

SAP SE has an extensive portfolio of business applications and analytics software, including cloud infrastructure, applications and storage. The SAP HANA platform’s foundation is an enterprise-grade relational database management system that can be run as an appliance on-premises or in the cloud. The cloud platform lets customers build and run applications and services based on SAP HANA. 

SAP offers a comprehensive certification program built to support its various platforms and products. We’re featuring the SAP Certified Technology Associate — SAP HANA cert because it aligns closely with other certifications we’ve highlighted and is in high demand among employers, according to job board surveys. 

This certification ensures database professionals can install, manage, monitor, migrate and troubleshoot SAP HANA systems. It covers the following skills:

  • Managing users and authorizations
  • Applying security
  • Ensuring high availability 
  • Effective disaster-recovery techniques 

SAP recommends that certification candidates get hands-on practice through formal training or on-the-job experience before attempting this exam. The SAP Learning Hub is a subscription service that gives certification candidates access to a library of learning materials, including e-learning courses and course handbooks. 

The annual subscription rate for individual users on the Professional certification track is $2,760. This online training program is designed for those who run, support, or implement SAP software solutions. Though this may seem like a steep price for online training, you will likely be able to pass any SAP certification exams you put your mind to by leveraging all the learning resources available to SAP Learning Hub Professional subscribers. 

Typically, SAP certifications achieved on one of the two most latest SAP solutions are considered current and valid. SAP contacts professionals whose certifications are nearing end-of-life status and provides information on maintaining their credentials.

SAP Certified Technology Associate facts and figures

Certification name

SAP Certified Technology Associate — SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05

Prerequisites and required courses    

None required.

Recommended: Hands-on experience and the following courses: 

  • SAP HANA Installation & Operations SPS12 (HA200) 
  • High Availability and Disaster Tolerance Administration SPS05 (HA201)
  • Monitoring and Performance Tools SPS05 (HA215)
  • Database Migration using DMO SPS05 (HA250)

Number of exams

One exam: SAP Certified Technology Associate — SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05, exam code C_HANATEC_17 (80 questions, 180 minutes)

Cost per exam




Self-study materials

The certification web page includes a link to demo questions. SAP HANA trade books and certification guides are available on Amazon. The SAP Help Center offers product documentation and a training and certification FAQs page. The SAP Learning Hub (available on a subscription basis) provides access to online learning content.

Tip: To broaden your skill set, consider pursuing the best sales certifications to better sell and implement various IT solutions, including databases.

Beyond the top 5 database certifications

Additional database certification programs can further the careers of IT professionals who work with database management systems. 

While most colleges with computer science programs offer database tracks at the undergraduate, master and Ph.D. levels, well-known vendor-neutral database certifications exist, including the following: 

  • ICCP certifications. The Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP) offers its unique Certified Data Professional and Certified Data Scientist credentials. Learn more about ICCP certifications from the ICCP website.
  • Enterprise DB certifications. EnterpriseDB administers a small but effective certification program with two primary certs: the EDB Certified Associate and the EDB Certified Professional

These are some additional certifications: 

These credentials represent opportunities for database professionals to expand their skill sets — and salaries. However, such niches in the database certification arena are generally only worth pursuing if you already work with these platforms or plan to work for an organization that uses them.

Key takeaway: Pursuing additional database certifications can be helpful for professional development if you already work with these platforms or plan to work with them in the future. 

Job board search results

Before pursuing certifications, consider their popularity with employers to gain a helpful perspective on current database certification demand. Here’s a job board snapshot to provide you an idea of what’s trending.




 LinkedIn Jobs 



IBM Certified Database Administrator — DB2






Azure Data Fundamentals






Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL Database Administrator






Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification












If the sheer number of available database-related positions isn’t enough motivation to pursue a certification, consider average salaries for database administrators. SimplyHired reports $91,949 as the national average in the U.S., ranging from $64,171 to over $131,753. Glassdoor’s reported average is somewhat lower at $84,161, with a top rung for experienced senior DBAs right around $134,000.

Choosing the right certification

Choosing the best IT certifications to enhance your skills and boost your career can be overwhelming, especially as many available certifications are for proprietary technologies. While picking a database certification can feel like locking yourself into a single technology family, it is worth remembering that many database skills are transferable. Additionally, pursuing any certification shows your willingness to learn and demonstrates competence to current and future employers. 

Ultimately, choosing which certification to pursue depends on the technologies you use at work or would like to use at a future employer.

Jeremy Bender contributed to the reporting and writing in this article. 

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Killexams : HTET 2022 exam on 3rd & 4th December: Check Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test Last Minute Tips

HTET 2022 exam on 3rd & 4th December: Know HTET 2022 preparation strategy shared by the experts. Also, know the names of the subjects relevant for levels 1, 2, 3, duration, subject, and Haryana TET marking scheme.

HTET 2022 exam on 3rd & 4th December

HTET 2022 exam on 3rd & 4th December: Candidates going to write HTET 2022 should stick to the last minute tips for acing the exam easily. The Board of School Education, Haryana is going to conduct the Haryana TET exam on December 03, and 04, 2022. The candidates who have completed the registration formalities should now do a proper revision so as to maximize their scores in the exam. 

Check Haryana TET 2022 exam Pattern & Syllabus

Haryana TET is going to be held for three levels, primary, upper primary and PGT teachers. The level of questions asked is of moderate level. However, experts suggest attempting mock tests and going through the syllabus prescribed by authorities to ace the preparations. Another important tip to crack the HTET exam is to be relaxed and attempt the paper in an easy-to-moderate sequence. 

HTET 2022 exam Pattern

  • The HTET exam will be conducted in pen and paper mode.
  • No negative marking is applicable for the wrong answers.
  • Unreserved category candidates will be required to secure 60% marks and reserved category will be required to score 55% marks to qualify for the exam.

Level I (Primary Teacher)


Maximum Questions

Maximum Marks


Child development and pedagogy



150 minutes




Environmental studies




(Hindi 15 MCQs & English 15 MCQs)



General Studies

(Quantitative Aptitude 10 MCQs, Reasoning Ability 10 MCQs and Haryana G.K. and Awareness 10 MCQs)






150 minutes

Level II (Upper Primary Teacher)


Maximum Questions

Maximum Marks


Child Development & Pedagogy



150 minutes

Languages (Hindi 15 MCQs & English 15 MCQs)



Subject-specific areas (Content & Pedagogy)



General Studies (Quantitative Aptitude 10 MCQs, Reasoning Ability 10 MCQs and Haryana G.K. and Awareness 10 MCQs






150 minutes

Level III (PGT)


Maximum Questions

Maximum Marks


Child Development & Pedagogy



150 minutes

Languages (Hindi 15 MCQs & English 15 MCQs)



Subject-specific areas (Content & Pedagogy)



General Studies (Quantitative Aptitude 10 MCQs, Reasoning Ability 10 MCQs and Haryana G.K. and Awareness 10 MCQs






150 minutes

Last Minute Tips for HTET Exam

The following last-minute tips should be used to clear the HTET examination in the first attempt.

Prioritize Revision 

Prioritize revision before the HTET examination. The syllabus of the HTET exam is very vast and therefore a proper revision routine should be followed before the exam. Revise all the important concepts twice or thrice before the exam to keep them fresh in your memory. For difficult topics, try reciting them multiple times to avoid forgetting them easily. 

Use Standard Books

HTET is one of the state-based TETs with moderate difficulty levels. The reason for this is the twisted and out-of-the-box questions that are asked to judge if one has the qualities of becoming a teacher. Hence, in order to tackle these tricky questions, the candidates should prefer standard books. These books help in clearing the basics of the courses that are important for the examination.

Stick to the Syllabus

The first thing before preparing for the HTET examination is to stick to the syllabus released by the board. The exam has a total of four subjects namely Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English and Current Affairs. The candidates should obtain the HTET syllabus PDF and follow the same to prepare for the upcoming examination. It is advisable to refrain from studying anything apart from what is mentioned in the official syllabus. 

Follow an Approach

The winning strategy to ace the HTET examination is working on the approach first. The written exam has a composite timing of 150 minutes. Hence, an approach that involves using short tricks to solve the questions should always be considered. Additionally, one of the expert's suggested tips is to solve the easy questions first and then move to the difficult ones.

Mock Test

The last preparation tip to ace the HTET examination is to use a mock test on a regular basis. Mock tests help in knowing about the overall performance before the examination. It also highlights the weak and strong points for each section and relevant tips to work on that.


Q1: What is the HTET 2022 exam pattern?

As per the HTET exam pattern, there are going to be one hundred and fifty questions from Child development and pedagogy, Mathematics, Language paper, General Studies, and Environmental science. The candidates will get 150 minutes to complete the exam.

Q2: What is the HTET 2022 marking scheme?

As per the marking scheme, 1 mark shall be awarded for the correct answer and no negative marking is applicable for the wrong answer marked in the Haryana TET examination 2022.

Q3: Who is eligible to write the HTET exam?

Candidates who wish to work as primary or upper primary teachers with the Haryana government schools can write the HTET exam.

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Killexams : Q&A from the ‘Car Doctor’

Q. I have a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria that is losing coolant, I have checked the system for leaks and haven’t found any. Even after being parked for a few days there are no wet spots on the ground. The oil is clean with no signs of no moisture in it. I am adding about a quart of coolant a week, what is the issue.

A. The problem is most likely a leaking cylinder head gasket. The standard procedure is to pressure test the cooling system and if the system holds pressure, then the next step is to look for an internal leak. You can purchase a kit that uses a special chemical to look for exhaust gases in the cooling system. These kits are $35-$50 and are easy to use and quite accurate.

Q. My daughter has a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Lately the car has started to vibrate/slide as she brakes, as if the ABS system is engaging even though the road is clear and dry. The light with the squiggly lines will appear briefly. No other lights activate. Our mechanic has been able to experience the issue but has not been able to fix the issue. Any advice?

A. The anti-lock brake system uses sensors at each wheel that monitor wheel rotation. What you describe as a phantom ABS application can usually be traced to a rusted or cracked ABS tone wheel. A careful inspection and some testing should be able to pinpoint the problem.

Q. My Mazda 2014 CX-9 has about 55,000 miles on it. During a couple of four-hour drives on the highway I noticed a hum coming from the car. After some novice detective work figured it to be the right rear wheel bearing/hub was the problem. I removed the assembly and replaced it with a “sorry to say” economy brand part I purchased online. I road tested it and for about 300 miles of highway driving, no sounds. Unfortunately, after a few hundred more miles the same “hum” is back, although less intense. I did more internet research, and some comments were that this brand failed prematurely. And other sites mentioned a bit of a sophisticated install process. The replacement of this bearing hub is straightforward: remove defective part and install replacement. Four bolts hold the assembly to the rear axle assembly, and you just remove and reinstall the axel nut. Mixed recommendations on the torque specs for the axel nut: 200ftlbs/258ftlbs. Do you think I just got a lemon part? Did I install it incorrectly? Not like the old days when you’d repack the wheel bearings and “set” them with rotating the wheel and tightening and backing off the holding nut.

A. I suspect you may have gotten an inferior part. You are correct the replacement of the bearing is fairly simple. According to AllData the technical database I use, the attachment bolts should be tightened to 58–75-foot pounds and the axle nut is tightened to 175-202 foot pounds of torque.

Q. I have three simple questions that I can’t get an answer for so I’m coming to you. What window wash fluid do you recommend, especially in the cold Northeast states, are there any window treatment products do you recommend that shed water or prevent fogging and are gas additives worth the money? My car is a 2015 Kia Soul, but I’m sure the advice applies to most cars.

A. When choosing windshield washer fluid (which is basically soap, water and alcohol) look for fluid that will protect against freezing to at least 20 degrees below zero. Some fluids will have additives that do a better job of removing bugs and other debris and some will bead water. What ever fluid you choose, the best results come from a clean windshield. Clean the windshield inside and out with a good quality window cleaner and then go over the windshield with a clean microfiber cloth. Regarding window treatments, I have tried some and had mixed results, so I tend to stay away from them. If you are trying to prevent fogging, first make sure your defroster is set to fresh air. Fogging happens when there is a temperature differential of the inside and outside of the windshield. A DIY method to prevent fogging is to clean the window with shaving foam. I haven’t tried it on my car but it works on my bathroom mirror. Regarding fuel additives, adding a fuel injector cleaner periodically and using a gas line antifreeze just before cold winter temperatures can’t hurt, although typically not necessary if you use quality fuel and keep the fuel tak at least half full to prevent moisture.

Q. My 2008 Suzuki XL7, runs great but the RPM (idle speed) will dip or hesitate? Again, it runs great on the highway. I think it’s the timing belt or serpentine belt is off, what do you think?

A. A worn timing or serpentine won’t cause an engine to idle poorly. I suspect there is a fuel issue. This could be a clogged/dirty fuel injector, vacuum leak or even a sticking exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve.

Q. Let me first say that I enjoy the insight that comes from you on both your radio show and Newsday. My question is about thread sealant. When doing routine repairs on my vehicles (brakes, suspension etc.) is it advisable to use thread sealant as an additional measure of safety or is it ok to just tighten nuts and bolts according to manufacturer’s specification?

A. Topically use a thread locker (Loctite is one) when that bolt is under extreme stress or instructed to by the vehicle manufacturer. If the fasteners are something that is something that are removed periodically, I wouldn’t use thread locker, just tighten to manufactures specifications.

Got a car question, email the Car Doctor for a personal reply. jpaul@aaanortheast.com

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