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E3 Strategic Management Question Tutorial
CIMA Management health

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CIMAPRO17-BA2-X1-ENG Real Questions
CIMAPRO17-BA2-X1-ENG Practice Test
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E3 – Strategic Management Question Tutorial
Question: 51
The year-to-date results at the end of month 9 included sales revenue of $3,600,000 and variable costs of $2,100,000.
During month 10, sales revenue was $450,000 and variable costs were $270,000.
What year-to-date contribution to sales ratio (C/S ratio) would be reported at the end of month 10?
A. 58,5%
B. 70,9%
C. 41,5%
D. 40,0%
Answer: A
Question: 52
Which TWO of the following are characteristics of Management Accounts? (Choose two.)
A. Governed by rules and regulations
B. Provide information to managers
C. Provide information needed by shareholders
D. Internally focused
E. Statutory requirement
Answer: BE
Question: 53
In a company that manufactures many different products on the same production line, which TWO of the following would NOT be classified as indirect production costs? (Choose two.)
A. Salary paid to the factory manager.
B. Factory rent.
C. Maintenance costs for the company’s only production line.
D. Commissions paid to the sales team.
E. Royalties paid to the designers of the products.
Answer: AB
Question: 54
A small airport’s management accountant has prepared the following management report on the performance of its four retail outlets.
Which retail outlet has the highest contribution per square metre?
A. Outlet A
B. Outlet B
C. Outlet C
D. Outlet D
Answer: C
Question: 55
The staffing policy for a supermarket is to have one cashier station open for every forecasted 20 customers per hour. Cashiers are hired by the hour as and when required, and do not perform any other duties.
The cost of the cashiers in relation to the number of customers would be classified as which type of cost?
A. Stepped fixed cost
B. Variable cost
C. Semi-variable cost
D. Fixed cost
Answer: C
Question: 56
A company uses standard absorption costing. Budgeted and actual data for the latest period are as follows.
What was the production overhead absorption rate per unit?
A. $21
B. $27
C. $35
D. $29
Answer: C
Question: 57
Which of the following would NOT be an appropriate performance measure for a profit centre manager?
A. Return on capital employed
B. Contribution per unit
C. Sales price variance
D. Gross margin
Answer: B
Question: 58
The following data are available for a company that produces and sells a single product.
The company’s opening finished goods inventory was 2,500 units.
The fixed overhead absorption rate is $8.00 per unit.
The profit calculated using marginal costing is $16,000.
The profit calculated using absorption costing and valuing its inventory at standard cost is $22,400.
The company’s closing finished goods inventory is:
A. 3,300 units
B. 1,700 units
C. 3,900 units
D. 8,900 units
Answer: A
Question: 59
Which of the following would NOT require taking into account the time value of money?
A. Deciding to make a long-term investment in a project on the basis of its payback period.
B. Selecting an investment project on the basis that it has a positive net present value (NPV).
C. Calculating the present value of a five-year annuity.
D. Taking a long-term investment decision on the basis of the project’s internal rate of return (IRR).
Answer: C
Question: 60
Which of the following is a relevant cost?
A. A sunk cost
B. A committed cost
C. An incremental cost
D. A historical cost
Answer: C
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CIMA Management health - BingNews Search results CIMA Management health - BingNews IMAC, Cayman Finance, CIMA joint participation in American Society for Health Risk Management Conference...

The three leading industry and governmental organizations who represented the Cayman Islands at the American Society for Health Risk Management’s (ASHRM) Annual Conference last month found their joint participation provided valuable connections for the industry and jurisdiction. This event was the first time the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC), Cayman Finance, and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) sent a combined delegation to an international event.A

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Healthcare Management Graduate Certificate

Gain a Competitive Edge in Healthcare

As one of the fastest-growing industries, healthcare represents a world of opportunities for dedicated professionals. Given today's complex challenges, there is a demand for strategic managers with a vision toward the future. Clarkson University's Healthcare Management Graduate Certificate gives you the business acumen that will set you apart in the workplace.

Why Study Healthcare Management at Clarkson?

This 18 credit-hour program was designed for current healthcare professionals and individuals who are interested in how business and management intersect with the industry. The tools you gain during the certificate will allow you to tackle advanced business challenges in healthcare organizations.

This flexible certificate accommodates the schedules of working individuals. The two required courses offer a broad background in healthcare systems and management. The electives supply you the opportunity to tailor your studies to your own interests and goals. You can take courses online or at our Capital Region campus. As a Clarkson student, you will benefit from the same faculty and resources that have made us one of the leaders in healthcare management education.

The Healthcare Management Graduate Certificate also grants an alternative pathway to the MBA in Healthcare Management. All courses can be applied toward the MBA program, should you decide to pursue that degree. 

What You’ll Learn

The courses cover:

  • Healthcare systems
  • Healthcare operations
  • Healthcare management
  • Healthcare finance
  • Health economics
  • Healthcare marketing
  • Health policy
  • Data analytics

Review the full curriculum and course information below.

The required courses are:

  • HC600 Introduction to Health Systems
  • HC651 Health Systems Management

You then choose four courses from the following electives:

  • AC604 Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making
  • HC605 Health Operations Management
  • HC617 Healthcare Finance
  • HC620 Health Economics
  • HC626 Health Systems Marketing
  • HC647 Statistical Methods for Data Analytics
  • HC648 Health Informatics
  • HC650 Health Policy Dynamics
  • HC656 Group Practice Administration
  • HC657 Proseminar in Healthcare Leadership
  • HC674 Legal Aspects of Healthcare
  • HC680 Managerial Epidemiology

A complete application consists of the following:

  • Application form.
  • Resume and statement of purpose.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Official transcripts.
  • TOEFL/IELTS (if applicable).
  • GMAT/GRE is not required to apply for the Reh School of Business's advanced certificate programs.

Prerequisites: BS/BA or equivalent.

Clarkson University offers an alternative pathway to admission into the MBA in Healthcare Management for those students who are still weighing their options or would prefer admission be based on other criteria than the traditional application process.

This pathway might be right for you if:

  • You want to get started right away without taking an admission test.
  • You want to be considered for admission into the MBA program based on your performance in core MBA courses.
  • You're not sure you want to obtain an MBA but would like to learn core business principles in a short amount of time and still be able to apply the coursework to an MBA program.
  • You want to try out the MBA program by taking courses that you can use for a valuable and recognized credential, even if you decide not to obtain the degree.

Career Possibilities

Apply your knowledge to start a position as a:

  • Healthcare director
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Senior project manager
  • Senior financial planner
  • Policy analyst
  • Health information manager


Students who have studied healthcare management at Clarkson have secured positions in these organizations, among many others:

  • St. Peter's Health Partners
  • Ellis Medicine
  • Albany Medical Center
  • Mount Sinai
  • NYU Langone
  • Northwell Health
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Veterans Affairs
  • MVP Health Care
  • Highmark
  • Anthem BCBS
  • UPMC
  • Medco
  • Optum
  • GE
  • U.S. Navy Healthcare

Contact Us

Graduate Admissions Team
Phone: 518-631-9831

Interested in learning more about the Healthcare Management Graduate Certificate? Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions today with your questions.

Find out more in the Reh School of Business. 

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CIMA success at Management Level with Wisdom

In the highly complex CIMA curriculum, the Management Level is yet another challenge: one that must be overcome. In order to assist you in surpassing this challenge, Wisdom, the pioneer CIMA institute in Sri Lanka, offers you the best possible lecture panel. Consisting of a group of diverse individuals with the most relevant and exciting corporate experience under their belts, they will ensure that coursing through the Management Level to the Strategic Level is no difficult task.

Performance Management
Performance Management, the performance pillar subject of the Management Level, is an area where both your theoretical skills and numerical skills get tested. Hasitha Premaratne, Wisdoms' highly popular lecturer for Performance Management will make sure that you are not at a loss when it comes to either of these skills.

Heading the finance function at Brandix Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Hasitha's diverse and colourful corporate experience in areas such as capital markets, economics, finance and management adds flavour to his classes. He has produced over 12 Sri Lankan prize winners during his lecturing career of 10 years, while also having received the prestigious CIMA 'Tutor of the Year' Award for 2009. His academic and professional qualifications include an MBA in International Finance and a BSc in Computer Science, along with associate membership of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Society of Certified Management Accountants and also fellow membership of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Enterprise Management
Enterprise Management, with a greater focus on the business and its competitive environment, requires students to gain a thorough understanding of the theoretical aspects and also to apply them in typical company related scenarios. Lectures for Enterprise Management are carried out by Tharindu Amaresekere, a young and vibrant lecturer who has received much praise and acclaim from his students over the past 6 years.

Tharindu bears many academic and professional qualifications, which include a Bachelor's Degree in computing. He is also the only EM lecturer in Sri Lanka to hold a Master's Degree in Project Management, a vital component of the EM syllabus. He is currently studying for his MBA specialising in Marketing from the University of Colombo and CIM Diploma in Marketing.

Currently employed as a brand consultant for an international web solutions organisation, Tharindu's combined local and international experience renders him the perfect lecturer for a theory related subject in the likes of EM, where building the link between theory and practicality will never lose importance. His keenness on practising Corporate Stimulus Teaching, where theory is aligned with real world companies, has won him a large fan club among CIMA students. He also provides individual focus for improvement of writing skills, which will assist in presenting your arguments in a succinct and comprehensive manner.

Financial Management
For Financial Management, Wisdom presents two individuals with well respected financial and teaching skills. Mallik de Silva, who has found much favour among his students as a friendly and approachable person, has over 15 years lecturing experience. Currently serving as the Group Finance Manager at Richard Pieris and Company PLC, he counts diverse and versatile exposure in many multinational organisations. An associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and a fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK, he also possesses an MSc in Financial Management.

Akalanka Saparamadu, who joins Mallik at Financial Management, is a CIMA passed finalist who has also completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance Special) degree with a First Class from the University of Colombo. At present, he is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) - Level 3 candidate. Akalanka is presently employed at HSBC Sri Lanka as an Account Relationship Manager.
Together the duo has produced many prize winners and consistently maintained above average pass rates. Their combined efforts in teaching will expose you to a novel experience in finance.

In addition to the stimulating back up received from the lecture panel, Wisdom also provides you with a balanced environment where extra-curricular activities are promoted without disturbing academic activities. Thus, your CIMA studies are bound to be a combination of fun and success. When you are being presented with such a great opportunity to be coached under the best quality lecture panel for CIMA, would you want to say 'no'? Join Wisdom and experience a refreshing CIMA journey. Classes for Management Level began on June 4 2011.

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MPH in Health Management and Policy

What is the Health Management and Policy Masters Concentration?

The Master of Public Health (MPH) in Health Management and Policy is an in-person, on-campus graduate degree program at the Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health.

Students can choose to complete the MPH program on a full-time basis in either 12, 18, or 21 months.

The Health Management and Policy MPH program teaches students how to Boost the delivery of healthcare and population health through roles in management and policy making.

Students learn to plan, implement, operate, and evaluate programs and organizations in order to respond to rapidly changing public health needs and address entrenched, longstanding societal problems.

How Does Health Management and Policy Relate to Public Health?

Health Management and Policy explores the relationship between public health and health care systems, which are integrated and dependent upon each other.

Health management and health policy have the power to shape and Boost public health and to reduce disparities in health status.

Drexel Dornsife faculty in the department of Health Management and Policy teach professional skills in management, organization, finance, advocacy, political action, research, and public policy analysis.

Why Pursue an MPH in Health Management and Policy and Drexel Dornsife?

Unique features of the Drexel Dornsife MPH in Health Management and Policy include:

  • Renowned faculty who are experts in such varied Topics as health economics, urban health, mental health, health law, immigration policy, nutrition, and more.
  • A program at the CEPH-accredited #1 graduate school of public Health in Philadelphia
  • Real-world applied practical experiences that are integrated into the MPH curriculum
  • Three MPH timelines to choose from: 12 months, 18 months, or 21 months

Admission Requirements for the Health Management and Policy Masters Program

To be considered for the Masters of Public Health program at Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health, students should have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university, or an equivalent international institution. Graduates of any major may apply.

A GPA of at least 3.0 is preferred. Those with lower GPAs are encouraged to apply, highlighting their interest in public health.

Application Requirements for the Masters in Health Management and Policy Program

Applicants for MPH admissions are asked to submit the following:

  • SOPHAS online application
  • Official transcripts from every college-level institution you attended (academic records from institutions outside the U.S. must undergo a credentials evaluation)
  • English proficiency test score (TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo), if applicable
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Statement of Purpose and Objectives

Applications for the Master of Public Health do not require the GRE.

Apply via SOPHAS – the Centralized Application Service for Public Health

Application Deadlines

The MPH endowed scholarship deadline is January 15. Applicants interested in being considered for funding through one of the school’s endowed scholarships or fellowships are encouraged to apply no later than January 15.

The regular decision deadline for the 12-month program is April 1.

The fall application deadline for international students is June 13.

The regular decision deadline for all fall programs is August 1.

Applicants to the Health Management and Policy MPH should submit their application and materials through SOPHAS – the Centralized Application Service for Public Health.

Major Competencies in Health Management and Policy

MPH students majoring in Health Management and Policy develop skills and competencies including the following:

  • Analyze the government powers and restraints from legal and/or historical perspectives that underlie the development and implementation of a public health program or policy
  • Apply financial and/or organizational management tools and measures to assure effective resource use in achieving population health improvement objectives
  • Assess how policy and programs can counteract the roles of history, power, privilege, and structural racism in producing health inequities
  • Apply population health principles in assessing value-based healthcare delivery and financing strategies
  • Contribute to the development of an evidence-informed program or policy proposal that addresses an important urban public health problem

MPH in Health Management and Policy Curriculum

Core Courses

All MPH students complete the same core public health courses in Public Health Foundations and Systems and Public Health Research Methods to begin their MPH studies.

These courses lay the foundation for an advanced education in public health before students break off into their respective concentrations.

MPH in Health Management and Policy Required Courses

Required courses for the Health Management and Policy concentration include:

  • Health Management and Policy – 3 credits
  • Health Management and Policy II – 3 credits
  • Health Disparities: Systemic, Structural, Environmental & Economic – 3 credits

Students also choose one Policy Selective, one Management Selective, and one Social Justice/Equity Selective.

Students earn a total of 56 quarter credits to complete the MPH degree.

View a sample Plan of Study

Elective Courses

Electives serve to further focus an MPH student’s academic work and define their career goals. Many students use their electives to complete a graduate minor.

MPH in Health Management and Policy Degree Requirements

Completion of the health policy MPH requires:

Health Management and Policy Applied Practical Experience

The Applied Practical Experience (APE) is a supervised, hands-on practical experience. Through the APE, Dornsife MPH students gain career experience while earning their degree.

Students engage in the practice of public health, working with an external organization to expand their skills and network outside the classroom.

Health Management and Policy Integrative Learning Experience

The Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) is a 6-credit research project, culminating thesis, or internship over the final two quarters of the program.

The goal is to develop skills and gain experience in practical applications of concepts. Students complete a high-quality written product at the end of the experience. See examples of recent health management and policy ILEs at Dornsife.

How Long Does an MPH in Health Management and Policy Take?

Students can complete this health policy graduate program at Drexel Dornsife as a one year MPH degree, or they can complete the program in 18 months or 21 months. The sample plan of study suggests a sequence of courses for each of these timelines.

What Can You Do with an MPH in Health Management and Policy?

With an MPH in Health Management and Policy, individuals have the opportunity to explore unique and fulfilling career paths. Some health management MPH jobs include:

  • Public Health Program Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Public Policy Analyst
  • Population Health Program Manager
  • Health Policy Consultant
  • Director of Clinical Services

MPH in Health Policy and Management Salaries

For a list of potential salary ranges for Health Management and Policy MPH graduates visit What Can You Do With a Public Health Degree?

If you are interested in learning more about any of our MPH programs at Drexel Dornsife, request more information to speak with our admissions team.

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Healthcare Operations Management Concentration

Why Healthcare Operations Management Concentration?

Learn to understand and manage the broad scope of healthcare operations from analysis to marketing and service delivery. As part of the Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation Program (rSBI), the Healthcare Operations Management Concentration is stackable with the following master's programs: Master in Supply Chain Analytics, MS in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence, MS in Supply Chain Management, MBA.

Concentration Description

Facing constant challenges to reduce costs, Boost quality, and enhance the patient experience, the healthcare industry needs professionals who not only understand industry standards but also challenges associated with day-to-day operations. This concentration offers a combination of general healthcare domain knowledge and advanced operations analysis skillsets.


You can take the course listed below as individual classes or as stackable courses towards the completion of a concentration.

Healthcare Marketing

The market of healthcare services is quite unique: although patients receive the services, the payment comes from insurances and government agencies. So, who to market to and how to market is a complex question that yields unique answers. This course provides an understanding of the frameworks, tools, and strategies for marketing healthcare services. Main Topics covered include patient behavior, market segmentation and targeting, pricing, branding, relationship management, marketing research, promotion, and advertising of healthcare services. Students will learn to develop and implement effective and efficient marketing plans for healthcare services.

  • Course Number: 22:630:625
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Credits: 3
  • Delivery Mode: Online
  • Offered By: MS in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence
  • Programs Potentially Accepting Credit Transfer: Master of Supply Chain Analytics, MS in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence, MBA
  • Sample Relevant Careers: Healthcare Marketing Analyst, Healthcare Marketing Manager, Account Manager, Market Researcher, Healthcare Service Manager

Healthcare Service Management

This course introduces trends, strategies, techniques, and best practices to Boost unit, organizational, and integrated delivery system performance by applying key concepts from operations and supply chain management to the healthcare context. The first half of the semester focuses on the value-based purchasing programs including cost/efficiency, patient outcomes, patient safety, patient experience, and clinical processes. The second half of the semester focuses on service components including vertical integration and professional services outsourcing, service process design, quality improvements, healthcare supply chain management, project management, and healthcare analytics. The objective is to effectively manage information, material, and financial exchanges for healthcare provider organizations to Boost the quality of services and efficiency.

  • Course Number: 22:799:696
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Credits: 3
  • Delivery Mode: Hybrid
  • Offered By: MS in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence, MBA
  • Programs Potentially Accepting Credit Transfer: Master of Supply Chain Analytics, MS in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence, MBA
  • Sample Relevant Careers: Healthcare Service Manager, Healthcare General Manager, Physician, Nurse, Healthcare Analyst, Healthcare Database Manager, Healthcare Strategist, Healthcare Supply Chain Professional

Healthcare Law and Ethics

This course covers important legal and regulation issues such as Stark law, anti-kickback, anti-trust, and EMTALA, as well as their implications on the operations and management of healthcare services organizations. It provides updates on the last legislation changes and also discusses physician employment models and work ethics issues in healthcare services organizations.

  • Course Number: 22:799:629
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Credits: 1
  • Delivery Mode: Online
  • Offered By: MS in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence
  • Programs Potentially Accepting Credit Transfer: MS in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence, MBA
  • Sample Relevant Careers: Healthcare Service Manager, Healthcare Consultant, Healthcare Advocate, Healthcare Policy Maker

Operations Analysis

The objective of this course is to introduce models and tools to efficiently manage operations and supply chains that produce and distribute products and services. Topics include Forecasting, production and logistics, sales and operations planning, inventory management, project management and manufacturing systems. We illustrate the effectiveness of these models and tools by games, real-life cases and examples mainly drawn from diverse industries such as manufacturing, transportation, pharmaceutical, fashion and healthcare.

  • Course Number: 22:799:586 (listed as 564 by Full-Time MBA and as 580 by Part-Time MBA)
  • Prerequisites: Basic probability and calculus
  • Credits: 3
  • Delivery Mode: In-person/online, hybrid
  • Offered By: Master of Supply Chain Analytics, MS in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence, MBA
  • Programs Potentially Accepting Credit Transfer: Master of Supply Chain Analytics, MS in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence, MS in Supply Chain Management, MBA
  • Sample Relevant Careers: Procurement Officer, Buyer, Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, Supply Chain Operations Manager

The concentration and courses are offered by the Supply Chain Management Department

Sample Relevant Careers: Healthcare Service Manager, Healthcare General Manager, Healthcare Supply Chain Professional, Healthcare Consultant

How to Apply

Learn about the admissions process and requirements to apply.

Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation (rSBI)

The future of education is changing. The Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation (rSBI) program allows you to design your own cutting-edge curriculum to earn a standalone certificate or take courses that be transferred towards completing a Master’s degree. Working professionals can enhance their knowledge and upskill by taking relevant courses. If you are a student considering a Master’s degree, rSBI is a perfect way to test the waters in a particular discipline before committing to a full degree program. Employers can invest in the professional development of their employees and choose the courses that address business needs.

Concentrations & Courses

rSBI Supply Chain Management Concentration courses are taken during the course of the fall and spring semesters. Note that not all courses are offered every semester.

Learn More About Our Program

For more information, please complete the form below. Luke Greeley, the rSBI Program Manager, and Benjamin Melamed, Distinguished Professor, and rSBI Program Director will contact you.

rSBI Concentrations

View more of the available concentrations. Each academic department manages its own concentrations in the rSBI program.

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Health Fitness Management

Saxon Fit

A program run through our Exercise Prescription class for senior-level students, Saxon Fit provides an experiential learning opportunity, fusing classroom concepts with hands-on, independent application. Senior-level students work with Alfred University faculty and staff members to achieve individual physical fitness and wellness goals through individualized personal training.

Students meet with their clients to obtain baseline information before developing a vetted program that runs for several weeks before conducting post testing to determine effectiveness and improvement. This program has already generated immense interest and students leave with a sense of accomplishment and understanding of how to apply classroom information.

Spring Health & Wellness Tips

As a community service and health/wellness promotional ideal, students in Health Promotion Program Design create weekly "Health and Wellness Tips" which are shared with the campus community via the University's internal daily electronic newsletter, Alfred today.

The task allows students to provide sound information about all things health and wellness. The students also learn how to reach broad populations while making information visually desirable and easy to access.

Field Experience

Each Fall semester, students enrolled in the Health Fitness Management Field Experience course (HFMT 305) are tasked with earning observation hours with industry professionals and assisting in aspects pertaining to the daily operation of the profession.

Parents Night Out: Kids Skill Competition

The 2020 cohort paired with the Hornell YMCA again in the Fall of 2018. They put together a proper warm-up and stretching routine with a skills competition for ages that included a teaching module, a reinforcement and skills practice and, finally, a competition in that skill. A variety of skills, such as passing (football), shooting (soccer and basketball), hand-eye coordination, along with stretching and recovery were put to the test in a "free-range" atmosphere.

The community activity was paired with the existing program "Parents Night Out" to increase attendance and sports exposure. Overall, it was a great event and kept the students active and engaged while allowing for free play after the initial program. Our students were able to gain valuable experience in community pairing and small/large group child/adolescent coaching.

Age Avengers

The 2019 cohort worked with the Hornell YMCA on program development in hopes of engaging current patrons and enticing current non-members to consider the importance of physical activity in their daily lives.

Their program, Age Avengers, brought together multiple generations from caregivers to children, to promote the joy and importance of physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Through initial development to meetings with YMCA staff, the students created and conducted the program on November 10th, with the hope that the Hornell YMCA will continue this program on a monthly basis.

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Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management

Lead Healthcare Organizations Into the Future

Healthcare is the largest industry in the country — and arguably one of the most complex. Health organizations must find ways to financially thrive, all while putting high-quality patient care at the center. It requires leaders with exceptional business skills and an in-depth understanding of healthcare systems. Clarkson University's Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management focuses on bold solutions for these unique challenges. Shape a better future by taking this next step in your career. 

Why Earn an MBA in Healthcare Management?

For over 40 years, Clarkson University has been providing innovative education in healthcare management to ambitious professionals. Our program is one of only nine in the country to offer dual AACSB and CAHME accreditation. This distinction gives our graduates a competitive edge in the job market. The results are clear: 100 percent of our students find a position in their field within three months of graduation.

The MBA in Healthcare Management attracts students with a wide variety of professional experiences. Our small class sizes mean you will also benefit from the expertise of your fellow students. Our faculty members have extensive experience in the healthcare industry, which they bring into the classroom. The tight-knit environment makes it easy to tailor your studies to your own goals.

The program is designed to be flexible to accommodate working professionals. You can complete the program in person or online, full time or part time.

Check out our excellent career outcomes from the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

What You'll Learn

Our program is built on a competency model rigorously developed with input from healthcare managers, executives and practitioners. Students will achieve these competencies throughout the program and be well-prepared for the challenges of working in the healthcare industry.

  • Critical thinking
  • Disciplinary excellence
  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Written and verbal communication

The Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management consists of 16 courses for a total of 48 credit hours. There are 14 required courses and two electives.

You can complete the program in as little as one year as a full-time student or two to four years if enrolled part time. Courses are available online or in person at our Capital Region Campus in Schenectady, NY. Students are required to participate in two intensive weekend courses onsite at our Capital Region Campus.

All students must take and/or have waived the following required courses. You can have up to nine credit hours waived or transferred.

  • Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Health Informatics
  • Healthcare Leadership Proseminar*
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Healthcare Operations
  • Health Policy Dynamics
  • Health Systems Management
  • Introduction to Health Systems
  • Legal Aspects of Healthcare
  • Managerial Epidemiology
  • Strategic Issues for Healthcare Organizations (Capstone)*
  • Statistical Methods for Data Analytics

Electives (2): Students may take select non-equivalent courses offered in one of the following programs: Online MBA, MS in Healthcare Data Analytics or MS in Bioethics.

*Indicates a weekend-intensive course.

Boost your résumé and gain professional experience before graduation. The internship requirement is a chance to apply the knowledge you have learned in the classroom to a real-world setting. Former students have obtained high-quality paid internships at Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Albany Medical Center, Stratton Veterans Administration Medical Center and other organizations. The internship may be waived with professional managerial experience in healthcare.

Career Center 

For students seeking to boost their business and management background, Clarkson offers a combined degree program for the MS in Healthcare Data Analytics and the MBA in Healthcare Management. Students can work towards both degrees simultaneously, and courses can be completed online or through a mix of online and traditional onsite classes offered at Clarkson’s Capital Region Campus. Obtain both degrees by completing 21 courses and fulfilling an internship requirement.

A complete application includes the following:

  • Online Application Form
  • RĂ©sumĂ© or CV
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts
  • Optional GMAT/GRE test scores
  • For international applicants, an English proficiency test is required.
    • Minimum test score requirements: TOEFL (80) and TOEFL Essentials (8.5), IELTS (6.5), PTE (56) or Duolingo English Test (115).
    • The English language-testing requirement is not waived based on language of instruction, nor do we accept university certificates. English testing is waived if an applicant has a degree from a country where English is the Native Language. Click here to see the list of these countries.
  • Automatic admission: If you satisfy one of the below criteria, you are eligible for automatic admission into our graduate business programs:
  • An undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher from a regionally accredited college.
  • An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher AND a GMAT score of 500 or higher.
  • A master's degree or above from a regionally accredited college.

These criteria are for admissions purposes only. To be considered for scholarships, students should complete an application. Automatic admission applies only to candidates who have earned degrees from regionally accredited institutions in the United States. All other applicants will follow the prescribed requirements.

Learn more about admission requirements for graduate students. 

You are automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship when applying for a graduate degree program at the Reh School of Business. You do not need to fill out a separate scholarship application. Scholarships are given based on academic achievement (GPA), standardized tests (GMAT or equivalent), work experience and other notable accomplishments.

Additionally, we also offer the following opportunity for students in the MBA in Healthcare Management program:

  • Early Decision Award for Residential Business Programs: Receive an additional award when you commit to the residential program. This award is added to any existing merit scholarship. Awards vary based upon the level of merit award given. There are set commitment deadlines for the award as well, determined by your start date.

MBA Healthcare Alumni Invent Award-Winning Sepsis Screening Tool

Former Clarkson Healthcare MBA students Devneet Singh and Shayhaan Shaikh were recently honored with the Home Care Association’s (HCA) 2022 Quality and Innovation Award for their pediatric sepsis screening and intervention tool.

Read More

A week does not go by where I am not referencing something that I learned during my MBA and I ... will surely utilize a significant amount of the information I learned as I navigate medical school and opening my own practice. The information alone that I gained has been incredibly helpful in my journey, but also the relationships you develop with your classmates and the faculty provide lifelong resources. I enjoyed the fact that I could complete the MBA at my own pace in as little as a year as well, as that the program allowed me to be taught by professionals in the field who have real-world practical experience addressing the issues that we learned in class.

Eric Lovett Jr. '19 MBA in Healthcare Management

Career Possibilities

Graduates of the MBA in Healthcare Management have found successful careers in hospitals, health systems, health insurance companies, medical practices, technology and consulting firms, pharmaceuticals, medical device companies and more.

Possible job titles include:

  • Healthcare administrator
  • Healthcare director
  • Health information manager
  • Policy analyst
  • Senior financial planner
  • Senior project manager


Our MBA in Healthcare Management students have secured positions in these organizations, among many others:

  • Albany Medical Center
  • Anthem BCBS
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Ellis Medicine
  • GE
  • Highmark
  • Medco
  • Mount Sinai
  • MVP Health Care
  • Northwell Health
  • NYU Langone
  • Optum
  • St. Peter's Health Partners
  • UPMC
  • U.S. Navy Healthcare
  • Veterans Affairs

Overview of the MBA in Healthcare Management

Hear from our Professor Emeritus and Former Program Director John Huppertz, as well as alumni, about the benefits and special features of our MBA in Healthcare Management program.

Certificate Pathway to the Healthcare Management MBA

Clarkson University's certificate in healthcare management offers a strong foundation in essential business concepts within healthcare. It also offers an alternative pathway to admission into the MBA in Healthcare Management for students who are still weighing their options or would prefer admission be based on other criteria than the traditional application process.

This pathway might be right for you if:

  • You want to get started right away.
  • You want to be considered for admission into the Healthcare MBA program based on your performance in core courses.
  • You're not sure if you want to obtain a Healthcare MBA but would like to learn core business principles in a short amount of time and still be able to apply the coursework toward the Healthcare MBA program.
  • You want to try out the Healthcare MBA program by taking courses that you can use for a valuable and recognized credential, even if you decide not to obtain the degree.

All Graduate Business Certificates


The MBA in Healthcare Management is the only program in the Reh School that is accredited by both AACSB and CAHME.

CAHME logo

Clarkson University's Healthcare MBA program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education, whose accreditation is the benchmark for students and employers to ensure integrity of graduate healthcare management education. CAHME accreditation provides you with access to prestigious postgraduate administrative fellowships in some of the nation's top healthcare systems.

Clarkson's Reh School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Known worldwide, AACSB International challenges educators to pursue excellence and continuous improvement throughout their business programs.

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MBA in Healthcare Management Online

MBA in Healthcare Management Online Overview

How can you fit healthcare, business and your career goals into one master's degree program? It's possible, with Southern New Hampshire University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Management.

Healthcare is growing – and it's growing fast. To move your skills into the future, SNHU has revised its traditional MBA curriculum to better serve you in a role with high-performing healthcare companies.

The skills you'll learn in the MBA in Healthcare Management program help prepare you to transition into or excel in leadership roles in hospitals, clinics, medical offices, healthcare corporations, insurance and pharmaceuticals. And you'll get the hands-on experience you need through your participation in scenario-based learning, giving you the problem-solving experience you need to succeed.

Our 10-course program can help you excel at managing the day-to-day intricacies of major organizations, including healthcare systems, as well as develop the skills to think critically, fix programs and undertake strategic planning. And the updated curriculum was also designed to help you succeed throughout the program: With more fluidity in assignment due dates, some of your assignments will now span multiple modules.

At just over $19,000 total tuition, SNHU's MBA can be completed quickly – without sacrificing the rigor and complexity expected from an in-demand graduate program.

The program is designed for recent undergraduates to established professionals – and everyone in between.

Should you want to focus more on healthcare, SNHU also offers master's in healthcare administration and a master's in management with a concentration in healthcare.

Career Outlook

It's no secret that the healthcare industry is growing. It's even less of a secret that an MBA stands out on a resume. And when you put them together, you have an unstoppable combination.

Dr. Toni Clayton with text: Dr. Toni Clayton

With that, the job outlook for medical and health services professionals is bright as the healthcare industry continues to expand and diversify.

“There is a need for healthcare administrators and healthcare managers to provide leadership for day-to-day operations and for monitoring clinical and non-clinical staffing needs,” said Dr. Toni Clayton, executive director of healthcare professions at Southern New Hampshire University.

Graduates of MBA programs are often in demand. In fact, according to a Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey, the demand for hiring graduate management talent is now returning to pre-pandemic levels.2

Understanding the numbers
When reviewing job growth and salary information, it’s important to remember that actual numbers can vary due to many different factors—like years of experience in the role, industry of employment, geographic location, worker skill and economic conditions. Cited projections do not guarantee actual salary or job growth.

The GMAC survey also showed healthcare/pharma as one of the top industries expecting the demand for business graduates to remain stable or increase.2

In addition, 72% of healthcare/pharma recruiters state that leaders in the industry tend to have graduate business school education, according to the report.2

An MBA can also help you develop traits that work well for executive roles in other industries, such as:

  • Collaborative intent: Cast a wider net when it comes to who you need to collaborate with. Through the program's group work, you'll better position yourself to work with a wide variety of people from all over the world.
  • Execution discipline: Merge quality and speed to help Boost service, quality and cost – all while learning how to create and sustain high-performing organizations. Keep in mind that patients want accessibility and affordability.
  • Strategic nimbleness: Understand that reinvention will be key to your organization's longevity. Stay relevant by continuing to focus on access, data and quality for short- and long-term strategic planning.

So while an MBA is in great demand, focusing on healthcare can equip you to be most attractive to large, growing organizations.

Get Real-World Experience

Dr. Andrew GallionDr. Andrew Gallion, an adjunct instructor at SNHU

"Scenario-based learning takes actual case studies from industry and requires the student to apply the class principles for the same deliverables that would be required in the industry. This allows for an authentic experience and practice of creating actual industry-standard deliverables."

Courses & Curriculum

The subject-matter experts at Southern New Hampshire University have turned the traditional online MBA into a program that lets you practice the skills you'll need to lead healthcare while you're studying them.

Revised in 2021, the major courses have been trimmed down to 7 core courses in broad discipline areas, with each class weaving critical cross-cutting business themes – like leadership, strategy, management, technology and innovation. You'll enhance your business skill sets, strengthen your marketability and open doors for your career.

Within your classes, you'll have the opportunity to participate in scenario-based learning projects. Solving a problem on your own or with a group, you'll need to apply critical and creative thinking, as well as problem-solving skills, in a real-world context.

"The new program is more centered around creating the kinds of deliverables, including analyses and reports, that will be expected from an MBA in real-world practice," said Dr. Andrew Gallion, an adjunct instructor who contributed to the updated MBA curriculum. "While the exercises are academic, their application is absolutely based on actual scenarios in industry, and the resulting work products are measured against industry standards."

Aside from scenario-based learning – where your instructor will act as a mentor – the program includes:

  • Fluid learning paths: Take advantage of more flexibility than ever before in assignment due dates and fluidity of learning, with assignments that throughout the course that draw relationships between business principles.
  • Group work: Collaborate and discuss work with classmates – with individual contributions and grades.
  • Multimedia: Watch videos featuring industry leaders sharing business insights, use video communication tools and digest complex Topics through animations.
  • Timely resources: Consume relevant resource material from leading professional organizations and publications .

What's more, built into the courses are teachings that position you to earn industry-recognized credentials – like Power BI, Microsoft Excel and Tableau – throughout the length of your program. That way, you're earning more resume-building skills even before you get your degree.

In addition to gaining a solid foundation in business management in your core classes, earning your MBA in Healthcare online can also expand your understanding of:

  • Social, ethical and organizational challenges faced by healthcare workers and how to effectively handle these challenges
  • Introducing and managing clinical information systems and their effects on patients and interdisciplinary teams
  • Current trends in healthcare informatics practices and how technology can Boost patient care
  • Healthcare industry trends, including quality care initiatives, population health management, medical law and ethics, and other current topics

“Healthcare administrators support policies and processes for the delivery of care and services that impact our patient populations,” said Dr. Toni Clayton, executive director of healthcare professions at Southern New Hampshire University. “It requires leaders to apply healthcare principles and methodologies as they manage people and processes."

The MBA in Healthcare Management online program may include classes like:

  • Healthcare Informatics: Dive deep into the history and current state of healthcare, as well as how the industry uses information systems to Boost patient care.
  • Topics in Health Administration: Develop organizational processes and structures using the total quality management (TQM) approach to deliver health services.
  • Social & Organizational Issues in Healthcare: Study change management strategies, including the impact of introducing or enhancing clinical information systems and the effect of these systems on patients and on interdisciplinary teams within the healthcare setting.

"These courses, combined with the business curriculum, help students to expand business management theories and methodologies to a focus on healthcare delivery systems," Clayton said.

The healthcare concentration was designed to provide a solid understanding of business as it relates to the healthcare industry.

Thomas Scott with text Thomas ScottThat's why Dr. Thomas Scott '15 returned to school for a health-based MBA. As he was promoted up the ranks and moved over to the business side, he realized more and more of the conversations he was having were business focused. "Which is when I realized I needed to get a business degree, because a lot of the time I found myself sitting in meetings and not talking about medical stuff at all," Scott said.

Now, said Scott, responsibilities like creating budgets are no longer a mysterious process. "It all makes perfect sense to me now," he said.

Classes are taught by instructors with experience in business, giving you insight into what the workforce needs and is doing right now.

Breonna Williamson with the text Breonna Williamson"I never met an instructor at SNHU that didn't want to help me succeed," said Breonna Williamson '21.

Don't have a business background? No problem. Our MBA is accessible to everyone. Interested students must have a conferred undergraduate degree for acceptance, but it can be in any field. Those without an undergraduate degree in business or a related field may be asked to complete up to 2 foundation courses to get started. These foundations cover essential business skill sets and can be used to satisfy elective requirements for the general-track MBA – a rigorous program that positions you for many positions throughout the business workforce. With foundations, the maximum length of your online MBA would be 36 credits.

Attend full time or part time. Students in the MBA have the option to enroll full time (at 2 classes per term) or part time (with 1 class per term). Full-time students should be able to complete the program in about 1 year, while part-time students could finish in about 2 years. Our students are busy, often juggling jobs, family and other obligations, so you may want to work with your academic advisor to identify the course plan that works for you. The good news is, you can switch from full time to part time and back again as often as you want.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates for SNHU's online degree programs are among the lowest in the nation. We offer a 25% tuition discount for U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty.

Online Graduate Programs Per Course Per Credit Hour Annual Cost for 15 credits 
Degree/Certificates $1,911 $637 $9,555 
(U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty)*
$1,410 $470 $7,050 

Tuition rates are subject to change and are reviewed annually.
*Note: students receiving this rate are not eligible for additional discounts.

Additional Costs:
Course Materials ($ varies by course). Foundational courses may be required based on your undergraduate course history, which may result in additional cost.

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Advance Your Career in Health Care Management

Saint Louis University's Master of Health Administration is your conduit to a successful career, with one-on-one attention from nationally recognized faculty and access to industry experts who bring applied healthcare projects into the classroom.

Webinar: Register for a Closer Look at SLU's M.H.A. Program
2 p.m.- 2:30 p.m., CST, Wednesday, November 8

A Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.) is the MBA of the health care world. Graduates from the nationally ranked SLU M.H.A. program lead careers in a variety of health care organizations such as hospitals, health systems, insurance companies, pharmacy benefit management organizations, consulting firms and physician practices. SLU's Executive and Residential Master of Health Administration programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

Applications Open

Request for Information


Why Choose SLU For Your M.H.A.?

  • SLU's nationally-ranked program offers you a practice-integrated education. Our students are transformed into knowledgeable, ethical professionals prepared for a range of management careers across the health sector.
  • As one of the nation's most established and largest M.H.A. programs, we'll keep you connected to a vast alumni network.
  • At SLU, we deploy a nationally recognized competency model adopted and adapted by health management and health administration programs nationwide. We have previously been awarded Program of the Year by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

Our recent alumni have been placed in organizations such as:

  • Burr & Forman LLP
  • Balch & Bingham LLP
  • HonorHealth
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles
  • UC Irvine Health System
  • Emory Healthcare
  • Claro Healthcare
  • Deloitte
  • Hospital Sisters Health System
  • Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
  • University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System
  • Press Ganey
  • Children’s Mercy Kansas City
  • University of Kansas Health System
  • Trinity Health
  • Anders Consulting
  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • BJC Medical Group
  • Children’s Mercy KC
  • Cigna-Express Scripts
  • Mercy Clinic
  • MU Health Care
  • Navvis
  • Polsinelli
  • SSM Health
  • The Resource Group
  • Abbott
  • Optum
  • Children's Hospital and Medical Center
  • UPMC
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • JPS Health Network
  • Mercer
  • Nixon Gwilt Law
  • Epic

Full-Time M.H.A.

The full-time M.H.A. program is designed for students seeking a traditional education experience. In-person students live locally or on campus and attend classes throughout the day. A GRE is not required and students have access to unique case competitions, internships and fellowship opportunities. SLU's full-time M.H.A. graduates move forward into successful positions with leading health care organizations. 

Saint Louis University’s Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.) program recently celebrated its 75th year, making it one of the oldest M.H.A. programs in the country and a pioneer in health management education. A standout amongst its peers, SLU’s M.H.A. program is one of the nation’s oldest and largest graduate programs in health administration. It is consistently ranked among the top programs in graduate health care management education by US News and World Report, accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME), and highly regarded by its competitors. SLU’s program was recently awarded Program of the Year by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). SLU’s program also has one of the field's largest and most engaged alumni networks.

Apply Via  Apply Via

Executive M.H.A. (Online)

The Executive M.H.A. program is uniquely designed for working professionals with courses 90% online and three yearly in-person executive weekends. Our cohorts include students with backgrounds varying from surgeons, doctors, nurses, and pharmaceutical and medical equipment sales, to consulting, accounting, marketing and communications. Some students live locally, while others are from across the U.S.; a GRE is not required. Our executive M.H.A. graduates advance in their current health care careers or use their education to transition into the health care industry.

Apply Through SLU Graduate Admission  Apply Through

Master's of Health Care Management (Online)

SLU's Master of Health Care Management (M.H.C.M.) program prepares individuals to develop, plan, and manage health care operations and services within health care facilities and across health care systems. Students can pursue specialized certificates in performance excellence, health data analytics, public health and other high-demand areas in health care. Each course includes instructor-designed opportunities for synchronous interaction tailored for the specific course. The 41-credit hour online Master of Health Care Management (M.H.C.M.) program offers the benefits of flexible, asynchronous learning and a short time to degree completion for busy professionals or recent college graduates with little or no professional experience.

Apply Via Apply Via

Questions? Contact Bernie Backer, director of graduate recruitment and admission, at or 314-977-8144. 

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Your Health

Kayleigh Butler, a hair stylist, stands for a portrait at her studio in Atlanta on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023. "Relaxers have taken an extreme decline ... as we became more knowledgeable about the effects of the relaxer on your hair and what it can do to your hair," says Butler, who remembers getting relaxers when she was 5 years old. Kenya Hunter/AP hide caption

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