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E3 Strategic Management Question Tutorial
CIMA Management availability

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E3 – Strategic Management Question Tutorial
Question: 53
HHH is an international distribution company which operates a number of large distribution warehouses. HHH employs over 10,000 staff who operate the warehouses 24 hours per day and process over 500,000 packages and parcels each day.
HHH operates in a highly competitive market and the senior management team recognize the importance of focusing upon its Critical Success Factors (CSF’s). However, some senior managers are confused as to the difference between CSF’s
and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
Which of the following are Critical Success Factors for HHH? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Percentage of stock damaged.
B. Market share percentage.
C. Customer satisfaction.
D. Continual maintenance of warehouse facilities.
E. Time taken to load and unload deliveries.
F. Efficient staff planning systems.
Answer: BC
Question: 54
Z is a medium-sized UK based accounting practice. Z operates a graduate training scheme. The trainees are given an induction and then placed on a three-year training programme designed to help develop professional skills and experience.
The training programme has been in existence for many years. However, there is no clear consensus amongst the partners of Z about what the trainees should be able to do on completion of the programme and therefore what the training
programme should emphasize. This lack of clarity is affecting the morale and commitment of the trainees and significant numbers are failing the programme or leaving to join a rival firm.
Z’s HR Department recognizes the need for committed and well motivated accountants to meet the increased expectations of clients and the competition from rival firms. The HR Department has identified changes to the training programme
that can be implemented gradually through a series of initiatives.
Which TWO of the following statements regarding the change required in Z are correct? (Choose two.)
A. Understanding which day-to-day behaviors to reinforce within the training programme, is about ‘routines and rituals’ according to the Cultural Web.
B. The change would be classified as a ‘revolutionary change’ according to Balogum and Hope Hailey.
C. The need to manage the competitive position is an example of an ‘external direct trigger’ for change.
D. The plans to combat competition would be considered as a ‘structure’ factor according to the McKinsey 7 S model.
E. The skills, abilities and competences of the organization’s employee’s are a ‘hard’ factor according to the McKinsey 7 S model.
Answer: CE
Question: 55
Which THREE of the following frameworks are used solely to evaluate the external environment of an organization? (Choose three.)
A. Porter’s Value Chain
B. Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard
C. PEST Analysis
D. Porter’s Diamond
E. SWOT analysis
F. Porter’s Five Forces Model
Answer: ACF
Question: 56
RRR is an insurance company which maintains an extensive database of its customer transactions over the last 10 years. RRR is developing a new product and has carried out a SWOT analysis.
Within which of the following aspects of the SWOT analysis would RRR include its customer database?
A. Opportunity
B. Threat
C. Weakness
D. Strength
Answer: D
Reference: (5)
Question: 57
When FarmCot Foods was founded five years ago, it was a small shop set up by a family of dairy farmers in a disused farm shed, selling their own produce to the local community. The family had decided, at that point in time, to diversify their
dairy farming activities into also selling their own milk, cheese and ice cream products. The aim was to increase their revenues, as dairy farming in their home country had been in decline for a number of years.
Since then, the shop has been very successful and has expanded rapidly over the last three years, due largely to a strong growth in tourism in its home country and a shift in consumer demand for locally sourced fresh farm products. FarmCot
Foods is now located in a large purpose-built building on the site of the original farm shed and also operates a very popular café, a children’s play area and sells a much wider range of products and gifts, which are all sourced from local
Which of the following best describes FarmCot Foods approach to strategy development in the last five years?
A. Rational
B. Freewheeling opportunism
C. Incremental
D. Emergent
Answer: D
Question: 58
Which of the following categorizations would be correct, according to McFarlan’s Strategic Grid, for a system which is critical to sustaining existing business but its future strategic importance is considered to be low?
A. Turnaround
B. Support
C. Strategic
D. Factory
Answer: B
%20critical%20to%20sustaining%20existing%20business%20but%20its%20future%20strategic%20importance%20is%20considered% 20to%20be%20low&f=false
Question: 59
As a CIMA qualified management accountant working within a manufacturing company, you are subject to both CIMA’s Code of Ethics and your company’s Code of Business Conduct.
Which TWO of the following statements are TRUE? (Choose two.)
A. As a CIMA qualified Management Accountant you must follow CIMA’s Code of Ethics.
B. Where there is a difference between CIMA’s Code of Ethics and the company’s Code of Business Conduct, the company’s Code of Business Conduct takes priority.
C. Both CIMA’s Code of Ethics and the company’s Code of Business Conduct must be based on a set of basic principles.
D. Both CIMA’s Code of Ethics and the company’s Code of Business Conduct include references to Confidentiality. Disclosure on public interest grounds is therefore prohibited.
E. A company’s Code of Business Conduct can be rules based.
Answer: DE
Question: 60
YZ operates a national mobile phone (cell phone) network in one country. It is considering upgrading its network to 4th Generation (4G) by providing an improved bandwidth that will enable its customers faster access to the Internet.
This investment will cost S29 million which YZ’s institutional investors have agreed to provide by subscribing to a rights issue. This is due to management having informed institutional investors that a rival is already offering 4G and that this is
taking customers away from YZ because its network is now regarded as too slow. YZ’s remaining customers have shown a willingness to pay extra for 4G and overall the investment will have a positive net present value. Which of the following
statements are correct? (Choose all that apply.)
A. It provides a market development opportunity for YZ.
B. YZ will gain a first mover advantage.
C. There is stakeholder approval for the investment.
D. It is essential given the strategic threats to YZ.
E. There are sufficient investment funds available
Answer: CDE
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CIMA Management availability - BingNews Search results CIMA Management availability - BingNews CIMA success at Management Level with Wisdom

In the highly complex CIMA curriculum, the Management Level is yet another challenge: one that must be overcome. In order to assist you in surpassing this challenge, Wisdom, the pioneer CIMA institute in Sri Lanka, offers you the best possible lecture panel. Consisting of a group of diverse individuals with the most relevant and exciting corporate experience under their belts, they will ensure that coursing through the Management Level to the Strategic Level is no difficult task.

Performance Management
Performance Management, the performance pillar subject of the Management Level, is an area where both your theoretical skills and numerical skills get tested. Hasitha Premaratne, Wisdoms' highly popular lecturer for Performance Management will make sure that you are not at a loss when it comes to either of these skills.

Heading the finance function at Brandix Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Hasitha's diverse and colourful corporate experience in areas such as capital markets, economics, finance and management adds flavour to his classes. He has produced over 12 Sri Lankan prize winners during his lecturing career of 10 years, while also having received the prestigious CIMA 'Tutor of the Year' Award for 2009. His academic and professional qualifications include an MBA in International Finance and a BSc in Computer Science, along with associate membership of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Society of Certified Management Accountants and also fellow membership of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Enterprise Management
Enterprise Management, with a greater focus on the business and its competitive environment, requires students to gain a thorough understanding of the theoretical aspects and also to apply them in typical company related scenarios. Lectures for Enterprise Management are carried out by Tharindu Amaresekere, a young and vibrant lecturer who has received much praise and acclaim from his students over the past 6 years.

Tharindu bears many academic and professional qualifications, which include a Bachelor's Degree in computing. He is also the only EM lecturer in Sri Lanka to hold a Master's Degree in Project Management, a vital component of the EM syllabus. He is currently reading for his MBA specialising in Marketing from the University of Colombo and CIM Diploma in Marketing.

Currently employed as a brand consultant for an international web solutions organisation, Tharindu's combined local and international experience renders him the perfect lecturer for a theory related subject in the likes of EM, where building the link between theory and practicality will never lose importance. His keenness on practising Corporate Stimulus Teaching, where theory is aligned with real world companies, has won him a large fan club among CIMA students. He also provides individual focus for improvement of writing skills, which will assist in presenting your arguments in a succinct and comprehensive manner.

Financial Management
For Financial Management, Wisdom presents two individuals with well respected financial and teaching skills. Mallik de Silva, who has found much favour among his students as a friendly and approachable person, has over 15 years lecturing experience. Currently serving as the Group Finance Manager at Richard Pieris and Company PLC, he counts diverse and versatile exposure in many multinational organisations. An associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and a fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK, he also possesses an MSc in Financial Management.

Akalanka Saparamadu, who joins Mallik at Financial Management, is a CIMA passed finalist who has also completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance Special) degree with a First Class from the University of Colombo. At present, he is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) - Level 3 candidate. Akalanka is presently employed at HSBC Sri Lanka as an Account Relationship Manager.
Together the duo has produced many prize winners and consistently maintained above average pass rates. Their combined efforts in teaching will expose you to a novel experience in finance.

In addition to the stimulating back up received from the lecture panel, Wisdom also provides you with a balanced environment where extra-curricular activities are promoted without disturbing academic activities. Thus, your CIMA studies are bound to be a combination of fun and success. When you are being presented with such a great opportunity to be coached under the best quality lecture panel for CIMA, would you want to say 'no'? Join Wisdom and experience a refreshing CIMA journey. Classes for Management Level began on June 4 2011.

Sat, 04 Jun 2011 08:48:00 -0500 text/html
Powering inventory availability and order management with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big trend in commerce right now. The value of AI in the retail industry is expected to rise from $3.7 billion in 2021 to $16.8 billion in 2030, a very healthy CAGR of 15.7 per cent.

The use of AI in customer-focused areas such as advertising and communications is well known. And one only has to think of today’s automated chatbots to see the major part that AI is already playing in retail customer service.

One area that is less well publicised is the use of AI in managing stock levels. But, in fact, inventory management is second only to customer care as a use case for AI, with nearly half of retailers (47 per cent) saying that AI can greatly enhance inventory management by tracking stock online and at physical locations, facilitating a truly omnichannel experience for customers.

Transforming inventory and order management

There are clearly significant opportunities in relation to inventory availability and order management where AI can help businesses increase efficiency and maximise profits. Let’s take a look at a few.

Inventory availability optimisation

Overstocking and understocking are two issues that any retailer wants to avoid. AI helps retailers optimise inventory levels, enhancing efficiency and profitability. Demand prediction is a particularly powerful tool here: AI predicts future demand based on historical data and other factors, enabling orders to be routed to the best location to maintain optimal stock levels.

Demand sensing is another important use case. This involves short-term demand forecasting that can alert you if an SKU’s inventory position is at risk of becoming out of stock or if an order sourcing rule is inappropriate based on the current inventory.

Something else that AI can help manage is safety stock. Safety stock is additional stock that is held back to reduce the risk of a stockout. However, in some circumstances, stock buffers can cause underselling. AI enables dynamic safety stock by constantly examining inventory positions, current demand and predicted sales, and then automatically updating safety stock levels. This technique can increase inventory turnover across an entire network of retail locations, online and offline.

Order sourcing optimisation

Another strength of AI is that it enables sourcing logic to be improved. Order sourcing involves routing orders to the best location based on a retailers’ business objectives. These may include: fast delivery; reducing split shipments; delivery cost; or shipping from the location with the slowest-moving inventory to avoid markdowns. By optimising sourcing logic, retailers can strengthen profitability, increase stock turnover rates, reduce markdowns and stock wastage and enhance sustainability.

Normally order sourcing is managed with simple sourcing rules – for example, to ship from the location closest to the customer. AI provides a valuable opportunity to use a richer data set, at speed. This can include location attributes such as labour capacity, the maximum number of open orders a location can handle, shipment damage rate and average order processing speed. Or product attributes, such as whether an item is fragile or bulky, or must ship alone. Or inventory attributes at a specific location, such as inventory age, sell-through rate, or the likelihood of markdowns. By uncovering complex data patterns, order sourcing can be transformed into a strategically significant process that will boost sales and bolster customer satisfaction.

Logistics optimisation

To enable the most efficient fulfilment operations, logistic processes must be optimised. This may include order consolidation using existing trunk routes, minimising cross docking or minimising staging time.

Order management and tracking is central to this. AI enables real-time tracking of multiple orders and can identify inventory issues, production delays and delivery bottlenecks. AI models can also factor other data into their analysis, such as telematics, to enable the optimisation of transport routes and ensure timely order deliveries.

Achieving success with AI

These are huge opportunities for retail. But achieving success with AI involves knowing the right questions to ask AI models. You need to understand your own business metrics and the improvements you want to make.

For example, are you looking to increase inventory turnover, reduce the amount that inventory is moved more than once, or Boost cross-selling by ensuring that newly popular product combinations are readily available? Once you know the questions you want to ask, you will be able to identify the data you need to provide the answers.

Data quality

Often the questions that you can answer with traditional systems are limited by the data that is available. Using AI-powered systems uncovers new opportunities to use data sets that were not available before.

But even AI models need data of sufficient quality. And unfortunately, when it comes to order and inventory processes, data of sufficient quality can be hard to find.

Inventory data is often poor quality. It may sit in multiple systems, stored in different formats, much of it poorly structured, and some of it incomplete or polluted by inaccurate or out-of-date information. In addition, it may contain irrelevant data that will cause AI systems to deliver biased outputs.

Providing quality data to train and operate AI models is a challenge. For most AI projects, approximately 80 per cent of the cost is getting the data right. And in many cases, even after a lot of effort, organisations find they don’t have the right data. So, the project fails before it is launched.

Finding good data

The data you need will depend on the questions you want to ask. This means being able to capture the right data and make it available to the AI model.

A modern order-management system such as Fluent Order Management can provide a continuous stream of sales datapoints on demand, together with related contextual data, including location (capacity or opening hours, for example), order (order date, delivery date), product (weight, fragility), and customer (credit status, return rate). This contextual data can be extremely valuable and should be stored, not purged or condensed, so it’s available for future analysis.

A seamless experience

The role of inventory availability and order management is to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience for consumers while bolstering retailer profitability. Modern, event-based systems such as Fluent Order Management capture all the data signals that enable retailers to take full advantage of AI models.

What’s more, it provides short term value as well. This enables retailers to get an accurate real-time view of their inventory so they can increase fill rates and reduce the number of orders that are cancelled because of delays.

With Fluent Order Management, inventory availability and fulfilment processes can be managed by region or channel to enable growth and support local needs. And order management processes can be integrated with other business systems that need to be aware of inventory levels. For example, advertising platforms can be managed so that investment is not wasted on adverts for out-of-stock items.

Alongside advances in customer experience such as chatbots and personalised shopping, today’s AI-enabling inventory availability and order management systems are enhancing retail profitability by maximising sales, increasing fulfilment speed and minimising waste.

To find out more about how AI can transform your inventory availability and order management, visit
Thu, 02 Nov 2023 07:03:00 -0500 En text/html
Management and Entrepreneurship

Organizations today need leaders who can navigate a fast-changing economy, applying an entrepreneurial outlook and desparate analytical skills to emerging business opportunities and global forces. At The New School's colleges and schools — from Parsons and Milano to Media Studies and Performing Arts — management and entrepreneurship education goes beyond promoting conventional business approaches to develop creative problem solvers skilled at managing within future-facing, creative, socially engaged environments. Our distinctive approach is rooted in five overarching themes and in-demand capacities: Design, Futures, Human Experience, Social Justice, and Systems.

Academic Programs

Module 20160707_DesignGEMS_108_900x600

Join our community of changemakers, who are re-envisioning management through entrepreneurship-focused graduate and undergraduate degrees and minors, certificates, and continuing and executive education programs. All of our management offerings draw on The New School's expertise in innovation and human-centered business leadership.



Diverse, experienced, and visionary, our faculty are leaders committed to cultivating managers and entrepreneurs who can transform fields and disrupt business as usual to foster enterprise that advances innovation and social good. They mentor, share their networks, and establish industry collaborations that deliver learning real-world relevance.

Centers, Labs, and Initiatives

Module 042815_Milano_Life_197_900x600

The New School's innovative management methodology is forged in applied, real-world work and research. University labs, incubators, and funded competitions deliver students and alumni an array of resources to bring innovation to established organizations and to develop new businesses, many of which are launched while students are still on campus.

Sun, 29 Aug 2021 13:31:00 -0500 en text/html
Credit Card Debt Has Officially Passed $1 Trillion No result found, try new keyword!The United States faces a significant credit card debt crisis, with the outstanding debt recently surpassing the $1 trillion mark. Alongside this, interest rates on credit card debts are reaching ... Fri, 10 Nov 2023 05:40:14 -0600 en-us text/html Strategic Design and Management

Career Paths

Graduates are well positioned for careers in business, sustainability management, innovation, social enterprise, strategic and service design, and entrepreneurship in a wide range of industries, organizations, and professional fields. Students who are already working can apply their learning to become "intrapreneurs" in their current organizations, or advance into novel and emerging roles such as chief change officer, chief innovation officer, or lead design thinker.

Learn more

Explore Our Community

Discover what our students, alumni, and faculty are doing in NYC and worldwide.

Tue, 25 Aug 2020 11:16:00 -0500 en text/html
Wisdom - the best for Financial Management (F2)

Wisdom Business Academy, the largest CIMA Education Institute in Sri Lanka, an outstanding educator actively engaged in nurturing professionally qualified Management Accountants in Sri Lanka offers the expertise and experience of two of their most dynamic lecturers for Financial Management an integral subject in CIMA Management Level.

Experienced lecturer - Mallik De Silva, who specialises in Financial Management at the Management Level, is the Group Finance Manager of the local conglomerate Richard Pieris and Company PLC. He is responsible for the preparation of group accounts, consolidated financial statements and the Annual Report which is the core subject area in the Financial Management Syllabus. His expertise is such that every student is exposed to the practical aspects of Financial Management and not just loaded with theoretical knowledge. The interpretation of financial statements has significant impact on the syllabus and carries 35 % of the weight.

As the Group Finance Manager Mallik interprets the performance of RPC Group and its subsidiaries on a continuing basis. His co-lecturer Akalanka Saparamadu, is a CIMA passed finalist and a business graduate from the University of Colombo with 1st Class Honours. In addition he is reading for CFA Finals. As a Relationships Manager attached to Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation - a multinational banking corporation, he analyses the financial statements of a large spectrum of clientele on a continuing basis. As such students learn how financial statements are analyzed in the business world. There's absolutely no doubt that this exposure gives the student a competitive edge at the examination.

The combined strength of these experienced CIMA campaigners is transferred to the students who in turn benefit and gain invaluable exposure and in-depth understanding of the subject, when studying at Wisdom Business Academy.

Furthermore, both lecturers have devised a mechanism where students are introduced to a "magical formula" to help them present their reports successfully to the utmost satisfaction of the examiners, which is to be unveiled during the course of their lectures. Report writing which includes an advanced analysis has so far been an area which has posed a difficulty for many a Sri Lanka student.

The two lecturers have also over the years developed yet another successful mechanism entirely focused on probable areas for the examination and more often than not these are the exact areas that are tested by the examiners during the final exam. Both Mallik and Akalanka provide examination coaching where the students are trained to answer the questions within a stipulated time frame as many students run short of time during the examination, even though they are well versed in the subject. Numerous ways of effective time management and other examination tactics and strategies are periodically rolled out during the entire session in order to get the student 'exam ready'.

Students are also given a minimum of four mock examinations with strict guidelines similar to the final exam, while the lectures take the effort to deliver personalized feedback to each and every student on their weak points, to ensure that they master these skills in time for the final exam.

What's more there's never a dull moment throughout the sessions, students learn the core functions of Financial Management in an interactive, dynamic and challenging environment where the maximum potential of the student is harnessed by the lectures. Their main aim is to lay the foundation for the creation of qualified Management Accountants in Sri Lanka. Financial Management sessions conducted by Wisdom Business Academy are created for the absolute convenience of the students, as they have to only devote one day per week to attend lectures, thereby saving valuable time.

'Comments about the FM - November 2010 Exam:
"The predictions were so accurate it was unbelievable at the exam" - Krishani Gallage
"We were so well trained in all areas the examination was a piece of cake. Wisdom is definitely the no:1 choice for FM"- Sunera Tennakoon
"Having done 4 mock exams under test conditions we were never worried about the real test which was so easy in the end" - Jeniffer Rajaratnam
"If you want to do CIMA, the ideal choice would be Wisdom especially for the management pillar. The FM paper was just as predicted and the sole reason was due to the young lecturers Mr Mallik and Akalanka's deep test focus and drive. The number of mocks, marking of mocks and discussion were fruitful. FM for wisdom would be nothing if deprived of you both. Thanks heaps and make the right choice"

Sat, 27 Nov 2010 08:21:00 -0600 text/html
Best Free Project Management Software (2023)

When evaluating the best free project management software available, we considered a variety of factors such as pricing, general features, additional features, reviews and recognition, and expert score. We assigned a weighted score to each value and narrowed the field down to the top contenders based on their total score.


Pricing is an essential factor when selecting project management software, and we gave this category a weight of 30%. This category includes whether a free version is available and the cost of the starting paid plan.

General Features

We assigned a weight of 30% to this category, which includes important project management features such as role assignment, timelines, Gantt charts, software integrations, dependencies and mobile app support.

Additional Features

Additional features can add significant value to a project management tool, and this category was assigned a weight of 15%. We considered whether the software offers budgeting tools, markup features, billing and invoicing, and guest/client access.

Reviews and Recognition

Reviews and recognition are valuable indicators of a product’s quality and customer satisfaction. We assigned a weight of 15% to this category, considering the ratings on platforms such as Capterra and Trustpilot.

Expert Score

Finally, we evaluated the expert score, which includes features, value for money, popularity and ease of use. We gave this category a weight of 10% to ensure we were taking into account both user and expert opinions on each product.

Thu, 09 Nov 2023 03:24:00 -0600 Katherine Haan en-US text/html
Sport Management

If you aspire to combine a passion for sport with a well-developed understanding of the complexities of the business enterprise, then the Sport Management Department at SUNY Cortland is the place for you. We will provide you with the formal educational foundation and the practical experiences necessary to gain access to a career in this exciting and competitive industry.

The Sport Management Department, which is housed in the College's School of Professional Studies, is based on a theory-to-practice model of learning. Students engage in required fieldwork with SUNY Cortland's Athletic Department, required and optional sport industry internships, study abroad opportunities, applied classes, and other endeavors that deliver students the chance to apply what they learn in the classroom to the fast-paced sport business industry. 

A department that actively promotes diversity and social justice, the Sport Management Department features special focus on sport business, experiential education, and gaining a global perspective of sport. Internationally, the Sport Management Department has affiliations with colleges in England, Germany, Finland, and Australia. SUNY Cortland's Sport Management Department is the oldest Sport Management Department in the SUNY system and has enrolled students since the fall of 1985. The program is consistently ranked the best program in New York State among public universities and among the best Sport Management Programs in the country. 

Department faculty have significant experience working in the sport industry, and they infuse their real-world knowledge into the classroom to proactively prepare students for careers in sport business.

There are currently more than 400 students in the undergraduate bachelor of science program. The department has a strong graduate program offering a Master of Science that is available on campus or online. Total graduate enrollment is approximately 70 students. 

Mission Statement

By combining the principles of a business curriculum with an experiential-driven curriculum specific to the sports industry, we prepare students for employment and leadership in the various fields of sport management.

The Industry

The sports industry is an economic powerhouse. In the United States, its annual valuation exceeds $400 billion, and on a global scale, that figure surpasses $600 billion. Major sport events such as the Olympics, World Cup, and Super Bowl consistently rank among the most-watched television broadcasts, both domestically and internationally.

The industry's scope is far from static; it is a diversified and continually expanding field. Emerging sectors such as data analytics, social media marketing, sports gambling, streaming platforms, e-commerce, and jersey sponsorship are rapidly changing the industry. 

Given this landscape, a degree in sport management from SUNY Cortland will equip students with the requisite knowledge, training, and practical experience to excel in the dynamic world of sport business. Career opportunities are abundant and varied, ranging from sports agency and ticket sales to public relations, event and facility management, information technology, game operations, marketing, and sponsorship sales. Furthermore, roles in intercollegiate and scholastic athletics offer rich avenues for professional growth.

Armed with a Sport Management degree from SUNY Cortland, you'll be well-positioned to navigate the complexities and seize the opportunities in this ever-evolving field.

Follow us 

Facebook   Twitter  Instagram  Linkedin


The Sport Management Club at the State University of New York College at Cortland is comprised of sport management majors and minors and is the largest student-run club on campus. Supported by the Cortland Student Government Association, the Cortland Sport Management Club provides students with unique opportunities to work at and run sports-related events, travel on educational field trips to sports venues, hear from guest speakers who work in the sport business world, and gain additional valuable industry experience with their peers.

Trip to MetLife Stadium

Read More About Sport Management Department Clubs

Fri, 21 Mar 2014 01:17:00 -0500 en text/html
Backslash Security announces availability of its application security posture management platform

Israeli application security startup Backslash Security Inc. today announced the general availability of its application security posture management platform for enterprise AppSec and product security teams.

The solution weaves ASPM capabilities with core AppSec functions, including software composition analysis, static application security testing, software bill of materials, vulnerability exploitability exchange and secrets detection in a single, visualized platform.

The solution seamlessly detects vulnerabilities across multiple fronts and offers built-in technology to prioritize them according to their reachability and exploitability. By integrating native risk assessment with reachability analysis, the platform unearths concealed risks and provides a comprehensive view of the highest-risk vulnerabilities and their real-world impact.

Backslash says that it designed the platform to address the issues wherein most AppSec professionals spend half or more of their time chasing vulnerabilities. The sheer volume of vulnerabilities flagged across multiple siloed tools is claimed to overwhelm a typical AppSec team and fixing the most critical security risks is increasingly challenging without the ability to prioritize.

Backslash’s APSM platform alleviates these issues by providing an integrated, continuous and holistic view of an organization’s application security posture.

Key features of Backslash’s platform include in-depth reachability analysis, which prioritizes the most pressing open-source software and code vulnerabilities. By focusing on risks that are genuinely reachable and exploitable, security teams can streamline their efforts and drastically reduce false alerts.

Native security analysis detection integrates into the platform, providing AppSec and product security teams with a unified perspective on critical risks. The platform highlights toxic flow analysis to combat alert fatigue and to ensure that teams address the most pressing vulnerabilities first.

Automated vulnerability and threat modeling in the platform gives users an immediate visual representation of their application’s security posture. When remediation is required, the platform targets the most appropriate developer for each code fix, backed by clear evidence, thus expediting the mean time to recovery.

“Backslash draws inspiration from the agile workflows we see in software development — just as devs have shortened and streamlined their cycles, we can now shorten and streamline ours,” co-founder and Chief Executive Shahar Man said ahead of the announcement. “The power to continuously prioritize the most critical, reachable vulnerabilities will enable AppSec to keep pace with their dev counterparts.” 

Photo: Backslash

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Accounting and Finance MSc

Hugh Aston Building

You will have access to our purpose-built Hugh Aston Building, equipped with lecture theatres and classrooms, break-out spaces for group work, quiet study zones for individual work and IT labs. Wherever possible, students will be given home access to specialist software.

You’ll also have access to the building’s new £5.5 million extension called The Yard, which provides more than 22,000 square metres of extra space. This is designed to facilitate your learning experience with large and airy breakout spaces, a new Student Advice Centre, and a balcony on the top floor. The Yard also features more comfortable classrooms and self-study spaces, allowing you to carry out independent study as well as group work.

Library services

On campus, the main Kimberlin Library offers a space where you can work, study and access a vast range of print materials, with computer stations, laptops, plasma screens and assistive technology also available. 

As well as providing a physical space in which to work, we offer online tools to support your studies, and our extensive online collection of resources accessible from our Library website, e-books, specialised databases and electronic journals and films which can be remotely accessed from anywhere you choose. 

We will support you to confidently use a huge range of learning technologies, including Blackboard, Collaborate Ultra, DMU Replay, MS Teams, Turnitin and more. Alongside this, you can access LinkedIn Learning and learn how to use Microsoft 365, and study support software such as mind mapping and note-taking through our new Digital Student Skills Hub. 

The library staff offer additional support to students, including help with academic writing, research strategies, literature searching, reference management and assistive technology. There is also a ‘Just Ask’ service for help and advice, live LibChat, online workshops, tutorials and drop-ins available from our Learning Services, and weekly library live chat sessions that deliver you the chance to ask the library teams for help.

Learning zones

Our Learning Zones and The Greenhouse also provide space for group or individual work and study.

There are 1,600 study places across all library locations, more than 700 computer stations, laptops to borrow, free wi-fi and desktop power outlets.

You can also book rooms with plasma screens, laptops and DVD facilities for group work and presentations, secure an individual study room with adjustable lighting or make use of our assistive technology.

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