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E2 Managing Performance
CIMA Performance history

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E2 Managing Performance
Question: 69
Which of the following are examples of problems associated with group working?
(i) The Abilene paradox
(ii) Synergy
(iii) Risky Shift
(iv) Groupthink
(v) Conformity
A . All of the above
B . (i), (iii), (iv) and (v)
C . (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)
D . (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v)
Answer: B
Question: 70
Which THREE of the following are benefits of having strong discipline and grievance procedures in place?
A . Cost savings due to legal costs being avoided.
B . Staff have higher morale and are more motivated.
C . Any staff who dont perform as required can be dismissed without risk of legal action.
D . Company meets its legal requirements.
Answer: A,B,D
Question: 71
Setting a mission is the first stage of the rational approach to strategy setting.
According to David, which THREE of the following are useful areas to include in an organisations mission
A . Customers
B . Shareholders
C . Markets
D . Philosophy
E . Suppliers
F . Government
Answer: A,C,D
Question: 72
Performance appraisal systems are designed to meet a number of objectives.
Which of the following is a positive objective of such a system?
A . To motivate individuals by providing an opportunity for feedback and an opportunity for a staff member to discuss
any issues.
B . Managers have a reluctance to give the highest or lowest grades, so end up giving all members of staff an average
C . Timing of appraisals can lead to problems for management as it tries to schedule a number of performance
appraisals within a short time frame.
D . If the scheme does not have top level buy in, it will be unlikely to succeed and may become a box ticking exercise.
Answer: A
Question: 73
A major innovation has occurred in the automotive industry. Wheels are now available which are guaranteed to not
wear for at least five years.
Ben runs a chain of garages that sell new and second hand parts for cars, buses, trains and planes. His competitors are
slow to react to the new innovation so Ben decides to follow an emergent approach to strategy.
Which of the following actions is Ben likely to take? Select ALL that apply.
A . Ben changes his original business plan and responds to the innovation by stocking the new wheels in his garages.
B . Ben undertakes an analysis of the automotive industry before making a decision on whether to invest in the new
C . Ben immediately purchases all the wheels available and then generates a plan to market them.
D . Ben decides to purchase 100 units of the new wheels and will closely monitor how many of these sell.
Answer: A
Question: 74
Harvey Maylor defined four stages in the life cycle of a project. This became known as the 4D model.
Match the correct stage to each activity.
Question: 75
A manager is introducing a new bonus scheme into the business that will affect ail employees.
Using Likerts model he follows a benevolent authoritative style of management.
Which of the following best describes the way he introduced the new bonus scheme?
A . He made the decision to introduce the new scheme and enforced it ctcross the business with no discussion or
B . He makes the decision to introduce the new scheme and sells the idea to employees in order to get buy-in.
C . He asks for suggestions on whether to introduce the scheme but makes the final decision
D . He allows staff to make the decision but offers support and advice.
Answer: A
Question: 76
After undertaking competitive analysis, a company has assembled the information and is now in a position to
benchmark its performance against that of its competitor. A manager has been asked to carry out strategic
benchmarking, but he is unsure of what information he should use.
Which TWO of the options below could be used to undertake Strategic Benchmarking?
A . % Market Share
B . % return on Non Current Assets
C . % late deliveries
D . % sales returns
Answer: A,B
Question: 77
Mintzberg describes various forms of strategy and labels each form.
Which of the following options contains the correct matching of label with description?
A . Plan = means of identifying place in the environment/market
B . Perspective = manoeuvre in a competitive business game
C . Pattern = consistent behaviour over time
D . Ploy = a path to get from here to there
Answer: C
Question: 78
"The ability to exert influence and make someone act according to your own preferences" is the definition of which of
the following?
A . Responsibility
B . Delegation
C . Authority
D . Power
Answer: D
Question: 79
Which of the following are influential drivers of outsourcing? Select ALL that apply.
A . Cost savings
B . Synchronised deliverables
C . New skill sets
D . Rapid growth
Answer: A,C,D
Question: 80
W is the supervisor of the house-keeping team in a large hotel. X, a member of the team, is consistently late to work
which means that other team members have to perform extra work. A number of team members have also complained
to W about Xs aggressive behaviour. Two months ago W spoke to X informally about these issues and for a short
period things improved.
But it is now clear that X is again displaying unacceptable behaviour and upsetting colleagues. W knows further action
must now be taken to deal with the situation.
With reference to the disciplinary process, which is the best course of action for W to take?
A . Write a formal letter to X stating that if the unacceptable behaviour does not stop immediately X will be dismissed
without further notice.
B . Issue a formal verbal warning via a formal interview, with a record of the interview kept on file.
C . Reduce the paid hours allocated to X as a temporary punishment until the behaviour improves.
D . Speak to X informally in a private office and ask that X improves their behaviour and apologises to colleagues.
Answer: B
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CIMA Performance history - BingNews Search results CIMA Performance history - BingNews Surath Chandrasena creates History at CIMA

22 year old Surath Chandrasena created history at CIMA by being the only first ever student ever to receive Sri Lankan / world prizes for all six papers at Managerial Level examinations conducted by CIMA under its current syllabus.

Surath who completed the foundation course of CIMA within a span of six months whilst awaiting entrance to the University, is now an undergraduate currently memorizing for a Bachelor of Business Management at Bangalore University, India under a Scholarship awarded by the Government of India and is reported to have completed the second year with the highest aggregate in the batch.

He took his 1st CIMA world prize at Managerial level in the Financial Accounting and Tax Principles paper in the May 2007 exams and was placed joint-second in the world and First in Sri Lanka for Financial Analysis in the November 2007 exams. He was placed third in the world and first in India for Management Accounting, Performance Evaluation whilst securing first India for Organisational Management and Information Systems. He was also adjudged first in Sri Lanka for Management Accounting Decision Management and Integrated Management.

Surath who took the initial step of embarking on CIMA although he was confident of entering a university speaking on his achievement and recognition Said "I am delighted to know that I'm the first student to get prizes in all six subjects of the Managerial level. CIMA is a challenging course but it's a challenge which I enjoy meeting as it's not just an accounting course but a course that helps to understand the intricacies of business"

A past Senior Deputy Head Prefect of Royal College, Surath is no stranger to success. With 4 A's and an aggregate of 2.3456 at the advanced level he achieved the best results in commerce at Royal in 2005 and was placed Eleventh in the island during that year.

CIMA Divisional President, Ms Gowri Shanker responded with delight and said "Surath has not only made history but has made the Sri Lankan CIMA fraternity proud. Surath is a clear example of the increasing brand equity of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in Sri Lanka. I congratulate Surath and look forward to him continuing with his record breaking strides in his future exams with CIMA and hope that he will be an inspiration and motivational factor for young CIMA students"

Congratulating Surath on his extraordinary accomplishment Bradley Emerson, CEO CIMA Sri Lanka stated that "This is a clear reflection of the intellectual capacity and commitment Surath displayed. Sri Lankan students have regularly walked away with world and Sri Lankan prizes, but a clear sweep of this nature is a record that would hold for a long time"

Surath is not confined to his books. He has excelled in many other fields whilst at school including scouting, drama and social service and is now known to be using his spare time whilst on vacation to lecture at Achievers where he himself studied for CIMA Foundation level.

Tue, 06 Jul 2021 01:01:00 -0500 text/html
From cruise control to self-driving mode: A history of automated car innovations No result found, try new keyword!While ESC does not Improve car or driver performance, it does reduce the chance of drivers ... the first passenger vehicle to offer a lane-keeping support system was a Nissan Cima sold in Japan in ... Wed, 01 Nov 2023 08:32:00 -0500 End-of-year performance reviews are coming. Here's how to nail them. No result found, try new keyword!Most performance reviews include looking back at an employee's performance history and identifying areas they could improve, Rosencrans said, while the manager does the same. Workers should set ... Tue, 24 Oct 2023 11:35:00 -0500 text/html After deadly Nevada crash, federal investigators want cars to warn drivers if they're speeding

DETROIT — Federal crash investigators want automakers to install systems on all new vehicles that warn drivers when they go over the speed limit, and it is asking regulators to figure out how states can electronically limit speeds on vehicles driven by repeat traffic offenders.

The National Transportation Safety Board’s recommendations to combat excessive speeding came after a accurate hearing on a January 2022 crash in North Las Vegas, Nevada. In that crash, the driver of a Dodge Challenger with a long record of speeding ran a red light at 103 mph and slammed into a minivan, killing himself and eight others.

Erlinda Zacarias, left, and her husband, Jesus Mejia-Santana, hold a portrait showing four of their six children who died Jan. 29, 2022, in a mass-casualty traffic crash in North Las Vegas. The children, counter clockwise from upper left, are Lluvia Zacarias, Bryan Zacarias, Adrian Zacarias and Fernando Mejia. 

The board, which can only make recommendations and has no regulatory authority, determined that the Challenger driver’s excessive speed and failure to obey a stop sign and red light caused the crash. His impairment from cocaine and PCP contributed. But it also found that the state of Nevada failed to seriously punish the driver after he was charged with five speeding violations in the 17 months before the crash.

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Some of the violations were reduced to parking tickets in plea bargains, and neighboring courts were unaware of the string of driving problems in other courts, the board said.

From 1992 to 2017, the driver was convicted of 11 traffic violations including three speeding violations. Yet at the time of the crash, his official state driving record had only one moving violation listed, for speeding in 2017, the NTSB said.

“The state of Nevada must do better about removing the silos of adjacent courts and sharing information,” board member Michael Graham said. “The state of Nevada failed to hold the driver accountable.”

NTSB staff members said the problem of one court not knowing what another has done with a repeat traffic violator happens in other states as well. They said that unless court data is distributed widely, it will be hard to impose punishment.

Also, the Nevada Legislature in 2021 decriminalized traffic offenses including speeding less than 30 mph over the limit, making tickets a civil offense and lifting the possibility of jail time for unpaid fines. Serious offenses including 30 mph above the limit and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol remain criminal offenses.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson in Las Vegas and aides to Nevada state Attorney General Aaron Ford did not immediately respond to messages about the NTSB findings.

The NTSB also recommended that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration develop measures to reduce the number of repeat speeding offenders, and to develop guidelines to help states test speed-limiting devices on vehicles owned by repeat offenders.

NHTSA will be asked to require as standard equipment on all new vehicles “intelligent speed assistance systems” that use cameras and mapping to determine the speed limit and at minimum, warn drivers when they go over it. The board also discussed pushing states to install active systems that make it harder for a repeat offender to speed, or limit speeding altogether.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a trade group representing automakers, said technology can play a role in reducing speed-related crashes, but the group has long backed policies focusing on education, enforcement and infrastructure investment.

NTSB Chairwoman Jennifer Homendy expressed frustration that prior recommendations that NHTSA include speed limit warnings in its new car ratings have gone unheeded. Adding the warnings to features outlined in NHTSA’s “New Car Assessment Program” would prod automakers to install the features to compete over safety, Homendy said.

“We’re sick of not seeing action by NHTSA,” she said in an interview.

She said speeding accounts for one-third of the roughly 43,000 U.S. traffic deaths each year.

In a statement, a NHTSA spokeswoman said the safety agency welcomes NTSB input and carefully reviews it. In March of last year the agency sought public comment on updates to the new vehicle ratings, including whether speed limiters or warnings should be added. The agency, she said, is reviewing comments and is developing a regulation.

The NTSB also asked the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to study the impact of automotive marketing ads that the board said encourage speeding. Homendy cited a Dodge muscle car ad that she said emphasizes speed “and encourages drivers to never lift their foot off the gas pedal.”

This photo released by the North Las Vegas Police Department shows a wrecked Dodge Challenger, Jan. 29, 2022, in North Las Vegas. 

The North Las Vegas crash on a weekend evening killed the 59-year-old driver with a history of traffic and criminal offenses and his 46-year-old male passenger in the Challenger that investigators found accelerated before it ran a red light and slammed into the minivan.

Three other vehicles were damaged in chain-reaction crashes at the busy multi-lane crossroads. In all, 15 people were involved.

The seven dead family members ranged in age from 5 to 35 and lived in North Las Vegas.

An autopsy found the driver who caused the crash, Gary Dean Robinson of North Las Vegas, had levels of cocaine and PCP in his system above levels at which Nevada law says a driver is presumed to be intoxicated. Records showed he had a yearslong history of traffic and criminal offenses, including speeding, and served time in state prison after pleading guilty in 2004 to felony cocaine possession and violating probation.

Just days before the crash, Robinson pleaded guilty in Las Vegas to speeding, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. He was fined $150.

Thu, 16 Nov 2023 09:45:00 -0600 en text/html
Google adds search themes to Performance Max

Google today is adding search themes – a new, optional signal – to Performance Max.

Search themes are a new way for advertisers to provide information about a business (e.g., what subjects lead to conversions) or customers (e.g., search queries your customers are likely to use) to help Improve performance.

As Google explained:

  • “When you add search themes, you’re telling Google AI you want to reach that traffic in your Performance Max campaign across all Google Ads inventory, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Discover, Maps, and Display. Search themes also help you find audiences across channels based on users’ search behavior.”

Google also emphasized that for Search inventory, “exact match keywords that are identical to the search queries will continue to be prioritized over search themes and other keywords.”

Filling in knowledge “gaps.” With search themes, Performance Max can go beyond using assets, feeds and landing pages to predict campaign-level performance. Google provided five examples of where it makes sense for advertisers to use search themes:

  • Your landing page doesn’t have complete details or the latest updates about the products and services you offer.
  • You’ve just expanded into a new market or launched a new product or service where your campaigns don’t have extensive performance history.
  • You are launching a new promotion or sale for the holiday season where you don’t have extensive performance history. 
  • You want to expand your reach within Performance Max—including on Search inventory in Performance Max—and ensure you have comprehensive coverage on important business themes.
  • You want to provide important information to help your campaign ramp up and optimize performance faster.

How it works. According to Google:

  • You can add 25 unique search themes per asset group (e.g., “car” and “automobile” would be the same audience).
  • Search themes will respect brand exclusions in Performance Max and account-level negative keywords.
  • Results driven from search themes will bring your customers to the landing pages you’ve indicated via your Final URL expansion, page feeds, and URL contains settings.
  • Search themes will have the same prioritization as your phrase match and broad match keywords in your Search campaigns.
  • You’ll be able to see the search categories that your ads matched to in your search terms insights at both the campaign and account levels, and associated conversion performance. You can now view search term insights for custom date ranges, download your data, and access it via the API.

New help doc. You can find instructions from Google on how to add search themes to campaigns, as well as FAQs, here.

New on Search Engine Land

About the author

Danny Goodwin has been Managing Editor of Search Engine Land & Search Marketing Expo – SMX since 2022. He joined Search Engine Land in 2022 as Senior Editor. In addition to reporting on the latest search marketing news, he manages Search Engine Land’s SME (Subject Matter Expert) program. He also helps program U.S. SMX events. Goodwin has been editing and writing about the latest developments and trends in search and digital marketing since 2007. He previously was Executive Editor of Search Engine Journal (from 2017 to 2022), managing editor of Momentology (from 2014-2016) and editor of Search Engine Watch (from 2007 to 2014). He has spoken at many major search conferences and virtual events, and has been sourced for his expertise by a wide range of publications and podcasts.

Fri, 27 Oct 2023 13:28:00 -0500 Danny Goodwin en text/html
P44 on-time parcel delivery performance numbers defy history

Project44's on-time delivery performance rate is historically low (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

In late September, the IT company project44 published the latest of its monthly reports analyzing on-time parcel-delivery performance in the last-mile segment. The report found that 85.1% of shipments were delivered on time, the highest monthly levels since COVID-19 hit the U.S.

Project44 said that the last-mile market is currently in its best shape since before the pandemic, and that the results bode favorably for peak-season performance.

Historical trends — those that predate the pandemic — would argue against those takeaways. In the parcel-delivery world, a roughly 15% failure rate would be considered inferior to the point of catastrophic. Parcel-delivery carriers who cite on-time performance in the high 90% range would strenuously argue against any hint that an 85% on-time delivery rate is considered acceptable, especially in a day and age when shipping performance can be make or break for all stakeholders.

Jenna Slagle, senior data analyst, marketing for project44 and the executive managing the survey, said she understands how its results could be interpreted differently by shippers, retailers and carriers. The analysis has many moving parts, she said. Delays could originate on the retailer’s end and not be the fault of the carrier. Outlier shipments — such as outsize, difficult-to-handle consignments — could skew the results, she said. Retailers have narrowed their delivery windows, making it more challenging for on-time delivery commitments to be hit, she said.

Overhanging all this is the tremendous growth in parcel-delivery traffic from 2020 through 2022, which could have impacted on-time delivery performance, Slagle said. At various times during that span, on-time delivery performance fell under 80%, she said. It’s not a stretch to connect the slowdown in volumes during 2023 with the improvement in on-time performance, though there is no hard data to correlate the two, she said. The August data reflected a “pretty good” performance by the parcel-delivery ecosystem, she said.

On-time delivery performance is based on whether the consignee receives a package by the pre-committed day and time when the order was placed, according to project44.

Most of the packages were business-to-consumer transactions, though some business-to-business transactions may have been included in the analysis, she said. The demo universe exceeds 50 million parcels a month, which is a small slice of the total domestic parcel-delivery market.

The pre-COVID high for on-time performance stood at 88.3% in February 2020. The industry is beyond any COVID-related hangovers, Slagle said. She added that, based on project44 data, the on-time delivery rate in the mid-80% range will likely become the new normal for on-time delivery performance.

The post P44 on-time parcel delivery performance numbers defy history appeared first on FreightWaves.

Mon, 09 Oct 2023 11:25:00 -0500 en-US text/html
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Historical Performance in Music

'Lawson (Royal College of Music, UK) and Stowell (Cardiff Univ., UK) assembled a team of 112 expert contributors, most from British and American universities, and the entries are of uniformly high quality. … The encyclopedia includes many useful musical examples and illustrations, and most of the entries include a brief bibliography of suggested reading. Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty and professionals.'

W. E. Grim Source: Choice

‘This Encyclopedia is an outstanding publication which makes a valuable and timely contribution to the literature. It will be of interest not only to students, scholars, teachers and performers, but also to general music-lovers with a desire to learn about the subject of historical performance. It will undoubtedly become a standard text for many years to come …’

Source: Official Citation for 2019 C.B. Oldman Award

Thu, 26 Oct 2023 20:24:00 -0500 en text/html
In Performance at The White House

PBS will mark the holiday season with the premiere of In Performance at the White House: Spirit of the Season. This dazzling music special celebrates the holidays and highlights the seasonal décor at the White House.

Featuring special remarks by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and First Lady Jill Biden, actress Jennifer Garner will serve as the program host, which will also include performances by Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli, Virginia Bocelli, Camila Cabello, Eric Church, Jonas Brothers, Norah Jones, Pentatonix, Billy Porter, Northwell Health Nurse Choir, Voices of Service, and the United States Marine Band. The hour-long television special is produced by WETA Washington, D.C., the flagship public broadcaster in the nation’s capital, in association with Ken Ehrlich Productions, Inc., and will be recorded at the White House December 11-14, 2021. The music special is part of the Emmy Award-nominated PBS In Performance at the White House series and will premiere Tuesday, December 21 at 8/7c on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings). The program will also be broadcast at a later date via the American Forces Network to American service men and women and civilians at U.S. Department of Defense locations around the world. 

Sat, 27 Jun 2015 17:55:00 -0500 en text/html
Finance teams set to play greater role in driving business performance says new AICPA & CIMA report No result found, try new keyword!Finance professionals must adapt to expanding responsibilities in areas such as technology, ESG, and leadership AICPA & CIMA, together as the Association of International Certified Professional ... Sun, 22 Oct 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en-us text/html Mac Jones’s performance was the worst in Patriots history

In the second half, he was so stunningly bad — in execution and decision-making — that it felt like we were watching the unofficial end of his Patriots career.

Martin Meissner
Mac Jones's ill-advised attempted pass in the third quarter earned him an earful when he reached the sideline. Martin Meissner/Associated Press

Welcome to the Unconventional Review, an instant reaction to standouts, stats, and story lines from the Patriots’ most accurate game . . .

By unemotional, objective, analytical measures, Mac Jones’s performance in the Patriots’ 10-6 loss to the Colts Sunday was not close to the worst game by a quarterback in franchise history.

With the research assistance of and its awesome Stathead feature, the worst passing performance in Patriots history – by lowest quarterback rating, with five completed passes as the baseline — was by Don Trull in a 44-16 loss to the Bills on Dec. 9, 1967.

He went 5 of 20 for 57 yards and three interceptions, for a QB rating of 0.0, which I believe Shaughnessy would call the Full Blutarsky. Poor Don Trull was replaced by Babe Parilli, who went 2 for 9 for 67 yards, a touchdown, and three picks.

There have been many other brutal performances by quarterbacks both obscure and legendary in Patriots lore. Jeff Carlson — who was basically the 1992 version of Bailey Zappe — went 7 for 20 for 67 yards and two interceptions in a 20-10 loss to the Bengals on Dec. 20 of that lost season, for a 4.2 QB rating. Jim Plunkett had five of the 25 worst games by quarterback rating in Patriots history, and Steve Grogan had four. Drew Bledsoe had an 18.2 rating after throwing four interceptions and no touchdowns in a November 1994 loss to the Browns, who had a very familiar coach.

Lousy games happen to every quarterback, even football immortals. Your guess on Tom Brady’s worst is probably correct: the 2003 They Hate Their Coach season-opening 31-0 loss to the Bills, when he threw four picks without a TD pass. From what I understand, he avenged it and then some.

Now, with requisite history and context aside . . . and by all emotional, subjective, unscientific measures . . . Jones’s performance Sunday was the worst I have ever seen from a Patriots quarterback. His first-half numbers (10 of 11, 105 yards) were fine, though padded by a 30-yard dump off to Demario Douglas when they should have tried a Hail Mary on the final play. But in the second half, he was so stunningly bad — in execution and decision-making — that it felt like we were watching the unofficial end of his Patriots career.

Jones made three truly inexcusable plays: a no-look fling to Rhamondre Stevenson on third and 3 at the Colts’ 17 midway through the third quarter, which resulted in offensive coordinator Bill “Teapot” O’Brien tearing into him on the sideline; an alley-ooped third-and-5 throw to Hunter Henry that Colts defensive back Julian Blackmon dropped in the end zone; and — in what had to be the worst throw of his Patriots career, no hyperbole — a soft-toss directly to Blackmon with Mike Gesicki steps beyond him and wide open in the end zone.

He was benched for Zappe for the final drive. Jones’s final numbers – 15 for 20, 170 yards, one pick, 79.2 rating — weren’t awful. But the performance was. It wasn’t that long ago that it seemed he was the answer at quarterback for the Patriots, a modern-day Chad Pennington. Now? Jones makes me appreciate the Tony Eason years. His best football life might be as a reclamation project for a team that has a starter much better than he is. Turn out the lights, because the party is over for him here.

Some further thoughts, upon immediate review . . .

Three players who were worth watching

Players suggested in the Unconventional Preview: Jonathan Taylor, Rhamondre Stevenson, Kenny Moore.

Rhamondre Stevenson: It’s time to declare him officially back to his 2022 form. After running for 87 yards – including a 64-yard touchdown burst — on just nine carries in the loss to the Commanders last Sunday, Stevenson took on a heavier workload this week and gained 88 yards on 20 carries. He was especially impressive on a drive that began with just under six minutes left in the third quarter and carried into the fourth, when he had three runs of 8 yards each and another for 9. Arguably his most impressive run came in advance of Jones’s interception, when he rammed his way for 6 yards on third and 5 with 5:40 left in the game, giving the Patriots a first down on the Colts 13. Stevenson now has 482 rushing yards this season – 175 the past two weeks. It’s actually not out of the question he reaches 1,000 yards for the second straight year.

Rhamondre Stevenson has 175 yards in his past two games, 88 Sunday against the Colts. (Steve Luciano/AP Photo)

Demario Douglas: The promising rookie receiver had his most productive game yet, making six catches for 84 yards on nine targets. A big chunk of his yardage came on the aforementioned 30-yard dump off right before halftime, but even without that play he would have been far and away the Patriots’ leading receiver. He may have made a couple of damaging mistakes, though. He appeared to be caught in no-man’s land as the returner on Colts punter Rigoberto Sanchez’s 69-yard boot that bounced at the Patriots’ 37-yard-line and rolled to the 18. And on Rodney Thomas’s interception that thwarted the Patriots’ desperate final drive, quarterback Bailey Zappe’s reaction seemed to indicate that his target, Douglas, wasn’t where he was supposed to be.

Dayo Odeyingbo: Anyone predict this guy as their player of the game? Didn’t think so. But he sure made a case. The Colts’ third-year defensive end entered with three sacks this season. He doubled that total less than 18 minutes into the game. Two of his sacks came on third down, including his first on the Patriots’ promising opening possession, when they had to settle for a 37-yard Chad Ryland field goal.

Grievance of the game

It has to be Jones’s interception that got him benched. There were other options — JuJu Smith-Schuster had a pair of penalties before the snap, which is unacceptable — but nothing as egregious or impactful on the outcome of this game and, for that matter, the direction of the franchise.

Three notes scribbled in the margins

Predicted score: Colts 31, Patriots 17

Final score: Colts 10, Patriots 6

Isaiah McKenzie, who torched the Patriots for 11 catches for 125 yards and a touchdown in a 2021 game while he was with the Bills, remains a nuisance. He hauled in a 30-yard catch on third down on the Colts’ first possession, and later returned a kickoff 42 yards . . . The Patriots defense did a respectable job containing Jonathan Taylor. The Colts back ran 9 times for 31 yards on their first series, punctuating it with a 2-yard touchdown run on fourth down. But he gained just 38 yards on 14 carries after that drive . . . Bryce Baringer averaged 62.5 yards on four punts, including a 79-yarder. Any chance he can play quarterback?

Bryce Baringer averaged 62.5 yards on four punts, including a 79-yarder. (Greg M. Cooper/AP Photo)

Read more about the Patriots:


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