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The best free PDF readers are perfect for viewing documents, collaborating online, and making changes to your PDF files without any subscription charges or one-off fees. 

Using your browser is the easiest way to read a PDF online, but options are usually limited. To do more with your documents, both online and offline, it’s worth investing time in the best PDF editors, free PDF editors, or dedicated PDF reader software. 

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Killexams : The Fundamentals of Contract Management
  • Contract management is when someone takes on the responsibility of managing contracts for employees or vendors or other parties.
  • Contract managers need legal knowledge to accurately lead the contract management process.
  • Not all companies have set contract managers, but major defense firms or companies that frequently work with the government tend to use contract managers.

Managing contracts is an overlooked form of management. Managers interact frequently with employees, and some of those discussions and situations naturally relate to compensation. Some of these conversations will deal with contract management. Other times, businesses need to manage contract agreements with other businesses. It’s not talked about much, but contract management is an important business topic. If you’re unsure of how the contract management process works, it’s important to understand the basics.  

What is contract management, and why is it important?

Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution, and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance at an organization, all while reducing financial risk. Organizations encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to reduce costs and Excellerate company performance. Contract management proves to be a very time-consuming element of business, which facilitates the need for an effective and automated contract management system.

The fundamentals of contract management

When two companies wish to do business with each other, a contract specifies the activities entered into by both organizations and the terms through which they will each fulfill their parts of the agreement. Contracts affect business profitability in a very large way due to the emphasis on revenue and expenses.

When a contract is phrased poorly, one organization might lose countless thousands of dollars over a simple technicality they lacked the resources to identify. Effective contract management can ultimately create a powerful business relationship and pave the road to greater profitability over the long term, but only when managed correctly. It’s a good idea to include a legal department or a lawyer in contract management discussions. The precise wording of contracts is crucial to contract management.

Contract management also applies to managing different contracts with freelancers or employees. These occasionally require management and alterations that help both parties.

Generally, contract management involves a few key stages. There’s the early stages or pre-award phase. This is all the work that takes place prior to a contract being given to someone, whether it be a business or an employee. The middle stage is when the process is awarded. This includes all the paperwork to make the agreement final. Third, there’s the post-award stage. This is where a lot of contract management and maintenance comes in.

Those three basic stages are a simple way of looking at contract management in three phases, but the process is more complicated than that and can be viewed in more stages depending on how detailed a view you’re taking. We’ll discuss a deeper view of the process later.

Elements of successful contract management

It isn’t enough that an organization has professionals in place to handle contract management. Employees must be augmented with the presence of processes and software companions to satisfy increasing compliance and analytical needs. When a contract management strategy is successfully implemented, organizations can expect to see:

  • The expected business benefits and financial returns are being realized.
  • The provider is cooperative and responsive to the organization’s needs.
  • The organization encounters no contract disputes or surprises.
  • The delivery of services is satisfactory to both parties.

Activities that comprise good contract management

The foundation for contract management relies on the implementation of successful post-award and upstream activities. During the pre-award stage, employees should focus on the reason for establishing the contract and if the provider can fulfill the terms of the agreement.

Additional consideration is needed to understand how the contract will work once awarded. Avoiding unwanted surprises requires careful research and clarity of purpose in the genuine contract.

Contract management requires a level of flexibility for both parties involved and a willingness to adapt contract terms to reflect any changing circumstances. Problems are inevitable, which means organizations must be prepared for the unexpected and be able to adjust contract terms when needed. [Related Story: Loan Contract Terms to Look For]

What are the stages of the contract management process?

While there are many components of contract management, we can summarize the process by breaking it into five clear stages: creation, collaboration, signing, tracking and renewal.

We can further identify individual steps within the stages. In all, we can break the process down into nine steps, each of which contributes to one of the five overarching stages. This makes it easier to manage the end-of-quarter crunch that tends to happen when it’s time for a new round of contracts. Here are the steps of each stage:


1. Initial requests. The contract management process begins by identifying contracts and pertinent documents to support the contract’s purpose.

2. Authoring contracts. Writing a contract by hand is a time-consuming activity, but through the use of automated contract management systems, the process can become quite streamlined.


3. Negotiating the contract. After drafting the contract, employees should be able to compare versions of the contract and note any discrepancies to reduce negotiation time.


4. Approving the contract. Getting management approval is the step where most bottlenecks occur. Users can preemptively combat this by creating tailored approval workflows, including parallel and serial approvals to keep decisions moving at a rapid pace.

5. Execution of the contract. Executing the contract allows users to control and shorten the signature process through the use of electronic signature and fax support.


6. Obligation management. This requires a great deal of project management to ensure deliverables are being met by key stakeholders and the value of the contract isn’t deteriorating throughout its early phases of growth.

7. Revisions and amendments. Gathering all documents pertinent to the contract’s initial drafting is a difficult task. When overlooked items are found, systems must be in place to amend the original contract.

8. Auditing and reporting. Contract management does not mean drafting a contract and then pushing it into the filing cabinet without another thought. Contract audits are important in determining both organizations’ compliance with the terms of the agreement and any possible problems that might arise.


9. Renewing. Manual contract management methods can often result in missed renewal opportunities and lost business revenue. Automating the process allows an organization to identify renewal opportunities and create new contracts.

Much of contract management comes down to handling these nine steps. Contract lifecycle management is critical. As different contract types go through their various stages, contract managers need to monitor any potential changes or breaches of contract. If an employee or business is unhappy with their contract, it might be worth making alterations to the contract. It’s important to follow contractual obligations while also making sure both sides of the contract are happy.

There are many times during the contract management process when lifecycle management becomes important. Vendor performance and risk management are important considerations during the management of contracts. For example, if a vendor fails to meet their contractual obligations, you may need to rework the contract or enforce some disciplinary measure.

What is contract management software?

While the tradition is to manage contracts manually through folder and file cabinet storage, the practice is riddled with inefficiencies that can only detract from an organization’s overall efficiency.

Contract management software is an electronic approach to solving these problems. Contract management software suites can organize all contract paperwork. The software can put signing and renewing on an electronic calendar that is easy to manage, and it can help you track and allocate resources related to the contract management process.

Integration with an automated contract management service can free up countless man-hours and automate countless processes associated with managing a contract, thus creating more value for a company. 

“Contract management software stores key information about contracts relating to providers, commercial leases and licensing agreements,” said Robert Powell, CEO and founder of the Rob Powell Biz Blog. “The overall purpose of contract management software is to streamline administrative tasks by creating a centralized and uniform record for each contract’s processes.”

Using contract management software can make it easier to monitor complex contracts without relying solely on paperwork.  

“The most important aspect of contract management software is that it allows employees in multiple locations to access contracts in one place,” Powell said.

Who uses contract management software?

This software will primarily see use in departments that directly deal with creating, tracking and signing contracts. This is often offloaded to the HR department, which manages the vein of employment accounting. The software can also involve managers who need to complete vital processes. Since it can integrate with calendars and communication software, HR can use the heavy-lifting components of the software suite, while the rest helps to loop in managers and personnel who are needed for specific aspects of signing or negotiation.

How to become a contract manager

Not all universities offer a degree in contract management, but some schools do. Getting that education is one option, but there are other business degrees that position you for success in the industry. From there, you want to add contract management experience in some form.

“With a bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience in the field, you can apply and test for certification through the NCMA (National Contract Management Association),” said Jared Weitz, CEO and founder of United Capital Source. “Along with education and credentials, a contract manager needs to have solid communication and writing skills and a keen eye for organization and deadline management.”

A law degree can also be beneficial to this career path. Legal knowledge is critical in managing contracts. Contract management and negotiation both rely on legal knowledge and expertise.

If you want to become a full-time contract manager, it’s a good idea to connect with other contract managers to learn how they entered their current role. There’s no one set way to become a contract manager, but business experience is important when becoming a contract manager.  

How much money does a contract manager make?

Understandable, the salary for a contract manager varies by qualifications and location. According to PayScale,  the average annual salary for a contract manager is $80,151. The site lists Northrop Grumman Corporation, Accenture, and the Raytheon Company as a few of the most lucrative companies for contract managers.

Contract managers can also work their way up to a senior contract manager, contract director or a contract administrator. Contract analyst is another common career path within the contract management field.

The bottom line

Contract managers help manage the legal and financial aspects of contracts with businesses or employees. For companies that make frequent contractual agreements, hiring a contract manager can be a good idea.

Ryan Goodrich contributed to the writing and reporting in this article. Source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

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Killexams : Best free PDF Metadata Editor software for Windows 11/10

Here is a list of the best free PDF Metadata Editor software for Windows 11/10. Using the listed freeware, you can modify the metadata information of a PDF files on your PC. You can edit information like author, title, keywords, subject, creation date, and many more. Plus, some software even allow you to edit access permissions like printing, copying, etc. Many of these PDF metadata editors let you change the metadata of multiple PDF files at once. You can also clear the existing metadata of PDFs, import metadata from a text file, etc. There are many more features provided by these metadata editors. Let us check out the list now.

Here are the best free PDF metadata editor software that you can use to modify the metadata of PDF documents on your Windows 11/10 PC:

  1. AutoMetadata
  2. Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor
  3. Calibre
  4. PDF Info
  5. PDF Shaper

Let us talk about these PDF metadata editors in detail.

1] AutoMetadata

AutoMetadata is a free PDF metadata editor software for Windows 11/10. Using it, you can edit the metadata of multiple PDF files at once. Besides editing PDF metadata, it can also be used to extract and save PDF metadata in a text file. Also, you can find some more useful features in this freeware that include options like Clear Properties for Selected Records, Restore Original Properties for Selected Records, Find and Replace, and more.

This PDF metadata editor allows you to edit detailed metadata information of your PDFs. This information includes Document Properties which are basically access permissions, document statistics, file details, PDF details, viewer preferences, and more. You can set up access permissions for your PDFs including Allow Assembly, Allow Copying, Allow Printing, Allow Screen Recorders, Allow Editing, and more. It also shows a list of bookmarks and named destinations in your PDF.

How to edit metadata of multiple PDFs in AutoMetadata™?

You can follow the below steps to edit PDF metadata in AutoMetadata™:

  1. Download and install AutoMetadata.
  2. Start the application.
  3. Add the source PDF documents.
  4. Change PDF properties.
  5. Press the Save Changes button to save the new metadata.

To start with, you need to have AutoMetadata™ installed on your PC. So, get it from its official website and then install it. After that, open the application and import one or more source PDF documents whose metadata you want to edit. You can use the Select Files option to do that.

As soon as you add a PDF, you can view its respective metadata in the right-side panel. Now, you can start modifying each metadata detail as per your requirements. If you have metadata saved in a local file, you can import it by using the File > Import Metadata Records From Text File option.

Once you are done making changes to your PDF metadata, press the Save Changes button to save the new metadata in your PDF document.

In case you want to extract and save PDF metadata, you can use the Export Metadata Records to Text File option from the File menu. Also, bookmarks from a PDF document can be saved by going to the Bookmarks tab and using the Export to XML option.

It is one of the best free PDF metadata editor software using which you can modify the metadata of bulk of PDFs. If you liked this software, you can get it from evermap.com.

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2] Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor

PDF Metadata Editor software

The next free PDF metadata editor software on this list is Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor. It is a batch PDF metadata editor using which you can import multiple PDFs and change their metadata at once. It is very easy to use and comes with a simple user interface that makes the process of metadata editing easier.

Using it, you can edit various metadata information of a PDF. You can modify PDF details like title, author, subject, creation date, modification date, keywords, creator, and producer. To edit these details, you can use placeholders like filename, current date, creation date, author, title, and more. You can simply right-click on the enabled textbox and then add the respective placeholders to copy details from one field to another.

Some nice features provided in it are:

  • You can find a Use Metadata From Selected File option in it. This feature allows you to copy metadata from the selected PDF file to all other opened PDF documents.
  • It lets you manually edit the PDF metadata or load metadata from an existing metadata file saved on your PC.
  • You can remove the current metadata information from one or more selected PDF files.
  • It comes with a Search and Replace feature that allows you to search for specific text in metadata fields and replace it with other text.
  • You can save the current metadata details in a local file.

How to edit PDF metadata using Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor?

Here are the main steps using which you can edit PDF metadata in Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor:

  1. Download and install Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor.
  2. Open Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor.
  3. Add the source PDF documents.
  4. Enter new metadata.
  5. Press the Modify All Files or Modify Selected Files option.

Firstly, get and install this software on your system, and then start this application. Now, you can browse and select the source PDF files. It also lets you import a whole directory of PDFs for batch editing.

Next, from the left-side panel, enable the checkbox for the metadata fields you want to edit. And then, enter the new values for selected fields. You can use various placeholders for editing details.

When done, you can click on the Modify All Files or Modify Selected Files option to save changes.

It is a nice free PDF metadata editor that you can get from here.

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3] Calibre

Calibre is a free open-source PDF metadata editor software for Windows and other platforms like Mac and Linux. It is a popular eBook management software that provides various eBook utilities. It provides several tools including an eBook reader, eBook converter tool, eBook DRM remover, free eBook downloader, etc.

One of the many tools provided in it is Edit metadata. This tool lets you modify the metadata of eBooks and documents including PDFs. Using it, you cannot only edit the metadata of a single PDF file but multiple PDFs at a time. It lets you change details like author, publisher, rating, published date, languages, series, tags, eBook cover, comments, etc.

The good thing about this software is that it allows you to automatically get metadata for your PDF eBooks. It basically fetches the metadata information of PDFs from Google, Amazon, etc., and adds them to your PDFs.

It provides a nice feature to download the cover image for your PDF eBook from online sources like Amazon. You can add this cover image to the PDF metadata. Apart from that, it also lets you automatically generate PDF eBook cover images. And, you can even browse and import the cover image from locally saved files and add them to your PDFs.

How to edit PDF metadata in Calibre?

You can try the below simple steps to modify the metadata of PDF in Calibre:

  1. Download and install Calibre.
  2. Open Calibre.
  3. Import the source PDF files.
  4. Press the Edit metadata option.
  5. Enter the new metadata values.
  6. Save the information.

First, get and install Calibre from its official website. And then, launch this software and add the source PDF documents to it.

Next, select the PDFs from the main interface and then click on the Edit metadata option. If you want, you can either choose Edit metadata individually or Edit metadata in bulk option as per your requirement.

After that, in the newly opened dialog window, start editing the PDF metadata. You can use the Next button to move on to the next PDF to edit its metadata.

Once you are done, click on the OK button to save changes.

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4] PDF Info

One more free PDF metadata editor software on this list is PDF Info. It is a lightweight PDF metadata editor that lets you modify the basic metadata details of a PDF. You can edit details of a single PDF at a time. It allows you to modify information like author, title, subject, keywords, creator, and producer.

How to edit the metadata of PDF using PDF Info?

Firstly, get this software and install it on your computer. It is extremely lightweight that weighs about 1 MB. After that, launch the software and click on the Open button to browse and import the source PDF files. It will show the existing PDF properties in respective metadata fields. You can manually edit the values as per your requirements. When done, you can press the Save button to update the new metadata in the selected PDF file.

It is a simple and basic PDF metadata editor that you can use to modify general PDF details. This software is available here.

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5] PDF Shaper Free

PDF Shaper is yet another free PDF metadata editor software for Windows 11/10. This software is primarily used to carry out various PDF-related tasks including crop, convert, merge, split, extract, watermark, and more. It can also be used to edit the metadata of PDF files. A dedicated function to change PDF details is provided in it. You can even clear the existing metadata from PDFs if you want.

Let us see how to use this PDF metadata editor.

How to edit PDF metadata using PDF Shaper Free:

Here are the main steps to edit PDF metadata using PDF Shaper Free:

  1. Download and install PDF Shaper Free.
  2. Start the application.
  3. Browse and import the source PDF files.
  4. Go to the Action > Security > Edit metadata option.
  5. Modify the metadata.
  6. Press the Proceed button to process the files.

Firstly, get and install PDF Shaper Free on your computer, and then open the main GUI of this application. After that, import one or multiple PDF files or you can even add a folder containing the source PDF files to it.

Next, go to the Action menu and click on the Security > Edit metadata option. Now, you can add PDF details including Author, Title, Subject, and Keywords.

You can get this simple PDF metadata editor from here.

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Can you edit PDF metadata?

Yes, you can easily edit PDF metadata on Windows. To do that, you can use a free dedicated desktop application like AutoMetadata™ or Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor. Calibre which is an eBook manager can also be used to edit PDF metadata. We have mentioned some best free PDF metadata editors for PC that you can check out. Apart from that, there are multiple free online tools that let you edit PDF metadata online. Some of these web services include PDFCandy and PDFill.com.

How do I change the metadata of a PDF online?

To change the metadata of a PDF online, you can use a free online tool. Web services like PDFCandy and PDFill.com provide you with a dedicated feature to modify PDF details as per your requirements. For example, you can simply visit the PDFill.com website, browse and select the source PDF file, and then start editing PDF metadata like author, title, subject, etc. Once done, press the Update PDF Metadata button to save changes.

How do I get metadata from a PDF?

If you want to extract and save metadata from a PDF document, you can do that using a free desktop application or an online tool. You can use free software called PDFInfoGUI which is specially designed to view, extract, and save PDF metadata. Other than that, you can also try a free online tool like GroupDocs to extract and save PDF metadata. From this post, you can use the AutoMetadata™ software to do the same.

That’s it.

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PDF Metadata Editor software
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Killexams : Best Free PDF Stamp Creator software for Windows 11/10

Want to insert stamps into your PDF documents? A Stamp is a type of annotation that effectively conveys your intention regarding the document. These PDF Stamp Creator software let you put a stamp into your PDF documents like Confidential, Approved, Rejected, Modified, Final version, Draft, and many more. You can even add customized stamps to PDF using these software.

This article lists down the best 4 free software that let you add stamps to your PDFs. These are:

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  2. Foxit Reader
  3. PDF-XChange Viewer
  4. PDFTK Builder

Let’s check these out.

1] Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

PDF Stamp Creator software

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a popular PDF reader that also lets you annotate PDFs. It has a lot of tools to annotate PDFs, one of which includes a PDF stamping tool. You can add some Standard, Dynamic, and Sign here stamps to your PDF file. It also gives you a feature to add a custom stamp from another PDF document.

To insert a stamp to PDF, go to its Tools tab > Stamp option and open a PDF document that you want to stamp.

Then, you can add any of the given stamps into the document with name, title, etc. It lets you customize stamp properties including color and opacity. Finally, save the edited PDF by going to File menu > Save option.

2] Foxit Reader

Free PDF Stamp Creator software

Foxit Reader is also a PDF viewer that lets you add different kinds of comments to PDF, e.g., stamps, callouts, textbox, etc. It lets you add both commonly used stamps as well as custom stamps. You can create a stamp from scratch by importing a PDF document.

The method to insert a stamp to PDF is quite simple. You first need to open the document and then go to the Comment tab. There you will get a Stamp feature; simply use the stamp you want to add to PDF and then save changes to the document.

It is quite a smooth PDF stamp creator freeware that is easy to use.

3] PDF-XChange Viewer

Another free software to add stamps to your PDF is PDF-XChange Viewer. It is a PDF viewer which has a lot of commenting and other tools. You get some stamp presets that you can use for stamping a PDF. Some of the stamps that you get in it are Draft, Experimental, Approved, Sold, and Top Secret.

You can open a PDF and go to the Tools menu where a Comment and Markup Tools sub-menu is present. In this sub-menu, you get a Stamp Tool option; select the desired stamp and then add it over the PDF at any place.

Later on, you can save stamped PDF by clicking CTRL+S hotkey or File > Save option.

4] PDFTK Builder

PDFTK Builder is a free and open-source PDF freeware that allows you to stamp a PDF file. However, unlike other software, it doesn’t provide you predefined stamps. You can only add a stamp to PDF from another existing PDF file. To do so, go to Background/Stamp/Number section and select the Stamp radio button. Then, select source PDF document, choose stamp (PDF file), and press Save As button to save the output.

These are some of the better PDF stamp creator software that you can use to add stamps to PDF documents.

PDF Stamp Creator software
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Killexams : Security Fundamentals ($24 Value) - Free eBook offer ends on 9/10 0

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Security is one of the most important components to every company’s computer network. That’s why the Security Fundamentals MTA Certification is so highly sought after. Filling IT positions is a top problem in today’s businesses, so this certification could be your first step toward a stable and lucrative IT career. Security Fundamentals is your guide to developing a strong foundational understanding of Windows security, so you can take your IT career to the next level and feel confident going into the certification exam.

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Security Fundamentals features approachable discussion of core security concepts and topics, and includes additional learning tutorials and tools. This book covers everything you need to know about security layers, authentication, authorization, security policies, and protecting your server and client. Each chapter closes with a quiz so you can test your knowledge before moving to the next section.

  • Learn everything you need for the Security Fundamentals MTA Certification
  • Understand core security principles, including security layers and network security
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IT professionals looking to understand more about networking will gain the knowledge to effectively secure a client and server, and to confidently explain basic security concepts. Thanks to the tools and tips in this Sybex title, you will be able to apply your new IT security skills in real world situations and on test day.

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Killexams : Get Your Free Credit Score No result found, try new keyword!But where to start? First things first—you need to know where you’re at. That’s why Credit.com provides your free credit score from Experian, updated every 14 days. You can stay up-to-date with your ... Tue, 14 Jul 2015 02:28:00 -0500 text/html https://www.credit.com/free-credit-score/?_escaped_fragment_= Killexams : Fundamental Analysis

Porter’s Five Forces is a fundamental analysis model for analyzing a company’s place within its industry or sector. The five forces are: competition in the industry, potential of new entrants into the industry, power of suppliers, power of customers, threat of substitute products.

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Killexams : The Best Free Software of 2023

It's a mobile world, but we have not fully abandoned the desktop PC. Real computing work (and a lot of the play) requires a full personal computing system. And to get the most out of it, you need software.

Software can be expensive, but free programs have been a mainstay of the desktop experience for decades, and today's offerings are powerful. You can find a great variety of free audio and video editors, office suites, file utilities, organizers, photo converters, and more. To keep things free, software developers can adopt an ad-based model, create donation-ware, or use a shareware/freemium model that charges for extra features.

To be included in this roundup, software must be available directly from the developer/creator/original publisher. It should (typically) have a Windows-based download—we're not including browser extensions, because we're not all using the same browser. But we've included web-based apps that are as good as—or even better than—most downloadable programs.

More requirements for inclusion here: If the software is on a tiered sales model, the free version cannot be trial-ware; it must offer at least a free-for-life option. Preferably, the program has had an update in the last year or two, and the program should have little or no advertising to support it. Finally, this list is about software for productivity; there are plenty of other places to find free PC games.

Always be on the lookout for crapware installers: To make ends meet, many creators of otherwise great free software, or the services that offer free programs for download, bundle in things you don't want—i.e., crapware. Worse, the installation steps are often obfuscated, so you might unintentionally provide the unwanted program with permission to be installed. For more about how to spot and avoid this problem, see How to Rid a New PC of Crapware.

A related pro tip: get desktop software only from the maker of the software directly. It's not foolproof—after all, developers want to eat, too—but it helps.

For more free software, check out The 100 Best iPhone Apps and The 100 Best Android Apps.

Did we miss any free programs you can't live without? Let us know in the comments.

Best Free Audio/Video Software

Audacity Image

Best Free Audio-Editing Software

Windows, macOS, Linux

Open-source Audacity(Opens in a new window) can record and edit audio files on more tracks than you can imagine. It then outputs exactly what you need. It is perfect for noobs and pros alike, on any desktop OS.


HandBrake (for Mac) Image

Best Free Video Converter

Windows, macOS, Linux

No one would call HandBrake(Opens in a new window) simple, but it's hard for any other video transcoder to compete in power and comprehensiveness. Transcode means to convert; Handbrake will turn almost any video format into another video format. It's free, it's open-source, and it has years of practice.

Shotcut Image

Best Free Video Editing

Windows, macOS, Linux

While it lacks the slick interface found in most other video editors, Shotcut(Opens in a new window)'s got lots of other powers, and you don't have to pay anything for them—you have nothing to lose but time in trying it out. You can undock panels as you work, customizing the editing on screen, which is great on multi-monitor setups.


Streamlabs OBS Image

Best Free Game Recording/Streaming Software

Windows, Web, iOS, Android

Stream your video gaming with Logitech's Streamlabs Open Broadcasting System(Opens in a new window) (aka SLOBS) directly to YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. You can even switch between gameplay and your webcam to make some commentary. There may be a learning curve because of the power it wields, but you can find plenty of help online.

VLC media player Image

Best Free Video Player

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

The premier way to watch just about any video, no matter the video's weird codec, VLC media player(Opens in a new window) has features including auto-rotating smartphone videos taken at the wrong orientation and resuming playback from where you stopped. Seriously, VLC plays back anything on all desktop platforms, and it guarantees no ads, tracking, or spyware. (For more, read How to Play DVDs in Windows 10.)


Best Free Communication Software

Discord Image

Best Free Messaging Software

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation

Millions of people worldwide use Discord for text, voice chatting, and video chatting—mainly while kicking one another's arses in online games or watching gameplay streams on Twitch or Caffeine. Even Microsoft wanted to buy it. You can spend a monthly ($9.99) or annual ($99.99) fee to go premium for better video/audio quality and to upload larger files.

Per Month, Starts at $9.99

TeamViewer Image

Best Free Remote Access

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, browsers

PCMag's top pick for software that can control of other computers is TeamViewer(Opens in a new window). Almost everything you need is free for personal use: desktop sharing, file transfers, and chatting with remote users. The setup couldn't be easier. Take control of a remote PC over an internet connection with the app, or use a browser (including Chrome OS) with the TeamViewer (Opens in a new window)extension. A caveat: Remote-access tools can be abused, so don't turn one on unless you're on the phone with the person you're allowing access to. And make sure to turn it off after you're done.

Per User, Per Month, Starts at Free

Zoom Meetings Image

Best Free Video Conferencing

Windows, macOS, Linux, web, iOS, Android

Want to host an online meeting for you and 100 of your closest friends? Zoom Meetings can let them all in for free, for up to 40 minutes from any device, even a smartphone. Competitively priced premium plans with additional features are also available. Zoom is a PCMag Editors' Choice award winner, and it made our list of the Best Tech Products of 2021, too. (Also check out our top zoom tips.)

Per User, Per Month, Starts at $14.99

Best Free Writing and Design Software

Scribus Image

Best Free Desktop Publishing Tool

Windows, macOS, Linux

Scribus(Opens in a new window) is the open-source equivalent of Adobe InDesign for desktop publishing, or as close as you can get. It has built-in color separation and management and a lot more, all free.

Trelby Image

Best Free Writing Tool (Screenwriters)

Windows, Linux

Do you fancy yourself a budding screenwriter but lack the funds for high-end tools such as Final Draft? Trelby(Opens in a new window) does a fine job of helping you format correctly, remember character names, and import and export to formats used in Hollywood.

yWriter Image

Best Free Writing Tool

Windows, macOS, iOS

The highly structured interface of yWriter can help a budding or experienced novelist get a real handle on their story and the characters who may be trying to overtake it. The program is full of stats on what you have written, giving you a data-driven writing experience. This program doesn't have the depth of Scrivener, but it does have a much lower price—it's free, or you can make a donation.


Shaxpir Image

Best Free World-Building Tool

Windows, macOS

Pronounced how you’d probably guess, Shaxpir(Opens in a new window) is like a simplistic version of our top-rated Scribner, with an “everyone” free tier that is very useful, although pros may consider the $7.99 a month subscription with extra features. For no charge, you get the full manuscript builder, world-building notebook, progress tracker, offline use, and cloud backup.

Best Free Entertainment Software

Google Earth Pro Image

Best Free Maps Software

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

As if high-end software that lets you virtually fly across the globe isn't cool enough—especially as it has all the same features as its online/mobile sibling, Google Maps—Google Earth Pro(Opens in a new window) for the desktop is totally free. It includes advanced features such as high-resolution printing, distance measuring, and global guided tours. Although it also comes in web and mobile versions, the desktop version is the only one that lets you view satellite images of the moon and Mars. It also has star maps.

Plex TV Image

Best Free Media Center

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Smart TVs, media hubs, NAS devices

If you don't know or care what a media server is, but you just want to stream your videos and music collection around the house, Plex could work well for you. Install it on all your devices, point it at some media, and those audio and video files become available on everything—even remotely. (For more, read How to Set Up a Plex ServerHow to Share Your Plex LibrariesHow to Organize Your Plex Media Library, and The Expert's Guide to Managing Your Plex Server.)

TikTok Windows Image

Best Free Social Media Software

Windows, iOS, Android, Web

You probably think of TikTok as a mobile-only phenomenon. But not only can you access the video wonderland on the desktop at TikTok.com(Opens in a new window) to see your For You page, there's also a well-done app for it right in the Windows Store. TikTok Windows won't work with your webcam, but you can use it to upload video you edit to perfection with desktop video tools. It's all free but has ads for support—just like on the mobile versions, they show up looking like videos you might want to see.

Best Free Imaging Software

Faststone Image Viewer Image

Best Free File Viewer and Converter

Windows only

View, manage, and compare your images with this fast and intuitive freebie. FastStone Image Viewer(Opens in a new window) supports a slew of image formats, including RAW image formats from specific digital camera manufacturers. It has companion apps for screenshots and photo resizing.

InkScape logo

Best Free Graphics Software (Vector Editing)

Windows, macOS, Linux

Adobe Illustrator is the high bar of vector image editing, but it has a premium price to match. You can still get cross-platform Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) image creation with the free Inkscape. You'll have to work a little harder to learn it, but it may be exactly what a talented (but cash-strapped or subscription-shy) artist needs.


Paint.net Image

Best Free Graphics Software (Bitmap Editing)

Windows only

Is Paint.net(Opens in a new window) a perfect replacement for Photoshop? Nothing is as powerful as Adobe's program, but at this price—free—Paint.net comes close. For any minor (and even some major) picture manipulation, it's fast, comprehensive, and easy to use.

Best Free Productivity Software

LibreOffice Image

Best Free Office Suite

Windows, macOS, Linux

There aren't many free office suites, and only one is a get for the major desktop operating systems. The open-source LibreOffice, now in version 7, suffers a bit in the polish department, lacks collaboration features, and sports an overstuffed toolbar interface that might remind you of Microsoft Office a decade ago. But it's powerful nevertheless, and it easily converts and imports files from other systems. It comes with a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet component (Calc), a presentation program (Impress), a vector drawing program (Draw), and even a full database (Base) and math-formula editor (Math). And it's all utterly free.


Microsoft OneNote Image

Best Free Note-Taking App

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web

Once just a part of Microsoft Office, the sublime OneNote has become a free, standalone powerhouse for note-taking across all the major OSes. It still works with Office, syncs data across all platforms, and has full online access via Office.com, with storage on OneDrive. That's why it's our Editors' Choice pick for note storage.

Per Year, Starts at $69.99

Notepad++ Image

Best Free Text Editor

Windows only

Notepad++(Opens in a new window) is nothing like the anemic Notepad most Windows users grew used to over the decades. This free get has tabs, color-coded nesting text, WYSIWYG printing, and support for macros. It's a must for hand-coders or any writer who wants a minimalist interface.

Todoist Image

Best To-Do List for Everyone

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Web

This is our favorite to-do list app, ever. We supply the paid version a full five-star review, but even the free version is fantastic. The Todoist interface is simple perfection no matter what platform you use it on—even wearables and via email (turning messages into tasks). The free version gives you five projects with five collaborators on each, working across 300 possible tasks, supports uploads of 5MB files, and keeps a one-week active history.

Per Month, Starts at $5.00

Obsidian Image

Best Power-User Note Taker

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

Another place to put all your notes? Obsidian’s got a learning curve, but once mastered, it's the best note-taker you’ll find as a power user. The free version is available for personal use—it lacks only support and sync options, but you can get around the sync by storing your Obsidian Vault in a spot where a cloud service backs it up.


Visual Studio Code Image

Best Programming Environment

Windows, macOS, Linux, web

Need to write some code? Use VS Code from Microsoft(Opens in a new window). It has everything you’d want in a coding environment, from plug-ins to great organization. And it's easy to get started with this program, even though you have to do a little setup to tweak it to perfection. And the price is great.

Best Free Security Software

Avast One Essential Image

Best Free Antivirus

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Our Editors' Choice award winner for free antivirus this year, Avast One Essential really is essential if you've got a Windows computer. It's a top-scorer against malware in lab tests, and it did great in our hands-on tests, too. It has a whole new look, and it offers more free protection than ever.


Bitwarden Image

Best Free Password Manager

Windows (including a Microsoft Store app), macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, browser extensions

You'll see many password managers out there, and a few of them have a free tier, but none is so completely free as the fully open-source Bitwarden Free. (You can pay for extra features, if you want them.) The free version has unlimited password storage and full sync across all your devices. It even includes a full multi-factor authentication app. (For more, read our guide to the Best Free Password Managers.)


Brave Image

Best Free Secure Browser

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Do you want to stop the trackers watching you online dead in their digital tracks? Going incognito on a standard browser isn't enough. You need to use a full-on privacy browser, one that blocks the cookies and especially the fingerprinting of your whole browser and computer. Brave(Opens in a new window) is one of a slew of them with a rating for strong protection from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but it also adds in advanced protection against fingerprinting. (For details, read The Best Private Browsers.)



Proton VPN Image

Best Free VPN

Windows, ChromeOS, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

You probably should pay for a VPN, but you can skip it with a tool like the PCMag Editors' Choice award winner ProtonVPN, albeit with a few restrictions. That said, it's not just our pick for the best free VPN, it's our best VPN overall, period. With ProtonVPN, your bandwidth is not limited, and the focus is mainly on keeping you secure. (For more, read The Best Free VPNs.)

Price as Tested $9.99

Best Free Utilities

IDrive Image

Best Free Backup and Synchronization Software

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

You now get 10GB free from IDrive to back up files from all your devices, an upgrade from the original 5GB. If that's enough capacity for you, you'll find this service more than up to your needs. It'll even back up your photos and videos from Facebook. That's why it's a PCMag Editors' Choice award winner for backup services suitable for remote workers.

Per Year, Starts at $79.50

Recuva Logo

Best Free File Recovery and Deletion

Windows only

Recuva (say it out loud) is a must on the tool belt of any techie: It's the key to helping recover a lost file. It's easy to understand, but note: It should really be installed before you lose a file. It's a portable application, too, so you have the option to run it from a USB thumb drive.


Teracopy Image

Best Free File Transfer Program

Windows, macOS, Android

Sure, Windows itself copies files between folders and drives just fine. But TeraCopy(Opens in a new window) can take over that job and make it sing—it's faster, and the interface for making copies is better looking. Plus, it provides more information and feedback, and it can even recover from transfer errors.

Microsoft Snip Image

Best Free Screen Capture

Windows only

Even those with modest screen-capture needs would say the old Snipping Tool in Windows was lacking. Now Windows 10 and 11 users have Windows Snip & Sketch, an evolutionary leap akin to protoplasm turning into hominids—albeit still lacking things like video and voice capture. Still, the ability to annotate a screengrab will make all the difference versus what was available before. (For more, read The Best Screen Capture Apps.)



Screencast-O-Matic Image

Best for Screen Video Capture

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Want to capture more than a still image? Screencast-O-Matic will do it, bridging between underpowered screenshots and overpowered full-screen video capture. You can pay more if you want the latter. But the free-to-use-forever tier will take still shots, up to 15 minutes of video of your screen (with a watermark), and share to social. The mobile apps will sync your capture files.

Per Month, Starts at $4.00

IrfanView Image

Best Media Viewer and Annotator


Well over a quarter century old now, IrfanView(Opens in a new window) has long been letting people view, edit, and organize media and more on Windows—the current version supports Vista all the way up to 11. The list of file format types you can click on and view and annotate instantly is long, the ease of use is legendary. And it's utterly free for personal use.

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Killexams : GoPro: Solid Performance And Sound Business Fundamentals

Editor's note: Seeking Alpha is proud to welcome Ramkumar Raja Chidambaram as a new contributor. It's easy to become a Seeking Alpha contributor and earn money for your best investment ideas. Active contributors also get free access to SA Premium.

Black action camera on brown wooden tabletop.

Black action camera on brown wooden tabletop.

Kuzmik_A/iStock via Getty Images

1 month Price movement

One-month Price movement (NASDAQ)

Subscription growth

GoPro Earnings

Quarterly Revenue Metrics

GoPro Earnings


Balance Sheet Metrics (GoPro Earnings)

Name P/E Ratio Total Debt / Total Capital Return on Equity Return on Invested Capital Revenue CAGR (5y) Asset Turnover EBIT Margin
Avid Technology, Inc. 31.14 12.9% NM NM -4.3% 1.73 13.1%
Canon Inc. 12.00 14.2% 8.1% 7.2% 0.6% 0.82 8.8%
GoPro, Inc. 30.76 17.3% 4.7% 4.2% -0.4% 0.94 4.3%
Eastman Kodak Company NA 41.0% 1.8% 4.6% -6.9% 0.64 4.7%
Name Gross Profit Margin Return on Assets Asset Turnover Cash Conversion Cycle Levered Free Cash Flow
Avid Technology, Inc. 66.2% 18.6% 1.73 50 days 39
Canon Inc. 45.3% 5.3% 0.82 122 days 785
GoPro, Inc. 37.9% 2.5% 0.94 30 days 140
Eastman Kodak Company 13.3% 0.7% 0.64 88 days -174
Revenue VS Non-GAAP EBIT Margin

Author Calculations

Asset Turnover vs Asset efficiency

Author calculations

Year R&D Expense (in $M) Unamortized portion (in $M) Amortization this year (in $M)
Current 139.77 1.00 139.77
-1 142.59 0.67 95.06 47.53
-2 136.19 0.33 45.40 45.40
-3 150.69 - - 50.23
Value of Research Asset 280.22 143.16
Amortization of assets for the current year 143.16
DCF Valuation Model

Author Calculation

Estimating the value of growth Value/Share
Value of assets in place = 478.37 3.07
Value of stable growth = (2.38) (0.02)
Value of extraordinary growth = 482.34 3.09
Value of Operating Assets = 958.32 6.15
Invested capital at the start of the valuation 676.17
Invested capital at the end of the valuation 1,025.36
Change in invested capital over ten years 349.19
Change in EBIT*(1-t) (after-tax operating income) over 10 years 120.84
Marginal ROIC over ten years 34.61%
ROIC at the end of the valuation 9.46%
Average WACC over the ten years (compounded) 13.03%
Your calculated value as a per cent of the current price 130.64%
Revenue CAGR 7.11%
Median EBIT% in 10 years 8.88%
Coefficient of Determination, r-squared
Excel RSQ, 10000 Trials
Intrinsic equity value= Revenue Growth= Target Operating Margin= Sales to Invested Capital=
Intrinsic equity value= 1.0000 0.0050 0.6056 0.2693
Revenue Growth= 0.0050 1.0000 0.0002 0.0000
Target Operating Margin= 0.6056 0.0002 1.0000 0.0001
Sales to Invested Capital= 0.2693 0.0000 0.0001 1.0000
Distribution of GoPro Values

Author calculation

Intrinsic equity value= Revenue Growth= Target Operating Margin= Sales to Invested Capital=
0.0% (4.12) 3.86% 2.59% 0.96
0.5% (0.23) 3.95% 3.28% 0.96
1.0% 0.38 4.02% 3.59% 0.97
2.5% 1.61 4.27% 4.21% 1.00
5.0% 2.43 4.68% 4.87% 1.03
10.0% 3.27 5.48% 5.83% 1.11
15.0% 3.81 6.34% 6.55% 1.19
20.0% 4.20 7.17% 7.16% 1.26
25.0% 4.55 7.92% 7.72% 1.34
30.0% 4.85 8.72% 8.22% 1.42
35.0% 5.11 9.59% 8.68% 1.50
40.0% 5.34 10.40% 9.09% 1.58
45.0% 5.60 11.11% 9.47% 1.65
50.0% 5.84 11.94% 9.81% 1.74
55.0% 6.08 12.72% 10.17% 1.82
60.0% 6.33 13.52% 10.49% 1.89
65.0% 6.56 14.31% 10.83% 1.97
70.0% 6.81 15.08% 11.13% 2.05
75.0% 7.08 15.94% 11.45% 2.13
80.0% 7.41 16.82% 11.83% 2.20
85.0% 7.81 17.63% 12.25% 2.27
90.0% 8.30 18.41% 12.78% 2.35
95.0% 9.10 19.27% 13.40% 2.43
97.5% 9.82 19.63% 13.88% 2.46
99.0% 10.54 19.85% 14.28% 2.48
99.5% 11.14 19.92% 14.50% 2.49
100.0% 13.54 20.00% 14.98% 2.50
ROIC vs Price to Book Value

Author Calculations

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Killexams : Altria: Stock Chart And Fundamentals Suggest It Is Currently Undervalued
Philip Morris Changes Name To Altria

Mario Tama


Altria (NYSE:MO) is a well-established company in the tobacco industry with a long history of growth and resilience. The company recently released its Q4 2022 earnings report, with earnings per share coming in at $1.18, beating

Graph of MO with its average and standard 15 P/E


Stock chart of MO with its 50 and 200 moving average


Mon, 13 Feb 2023 23:36:00 -0600 en text/html https://seekingalpha.com/article/4578080-altria-stock-chart-fundamentals-suggest-currently-undervalued
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