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CHAD test - Certified Heroku Architecture Designer Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: CHAD Certified Heroku Architecture Designer test November 2023 by Killexams.com team

CHAD Certified Heroku Architecture Designer

Salesforce Heroku Architecture Designer exam.

Exam Questions : 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions

Exam Duration : 105 minutes

Passing score: 72%

Delivery options: Proctored test delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment. Click here for information on scheduling an exam.

Prerequisite: None

About the Salesforce Heroku Architecture Designer Credential

The Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer credential is designed for individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and extensive experience with architecting scalable solutions, deploying and managing apps, and managing teams and build-workflows on Heroku‚ÄĒspecifically, Heroku Enterprise. This credential is targeted for a Heroku Consultant or Partner, who has an awareness of app dev best practices and how they apply to Heroku, an understanding of how to build scalable apps on Heroku, and knowledge of Heroku use cases and how to apply Heroku best practices.

Audience Description: Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer

The Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer test is intended for an individual who has architectural knowledge of the Heroku platform and its capabilities, including:

Designing, building, deploying and scaling Heroku apps, managing and operating apps, teams, and build infrastructure
Knowing when to use Heroku Enterprise, and understanding the security and trust options available in Heroku and Heroku Enterprise Utilizing add-ons to extend applications, in particular Heroku Postgres and Apache Kafka on Heroku.
Integrating Heroku apps with Salesforce data via database, API and event systems, including Heroku Connect.

The Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer test is intended for an individual who has a minimum of two years of experience and skills across the Heroku domains, including:

- Building and deploying apps on the Heroku platform

- Architecting scalable solutions

- Using add-ons from the Elements Marketplace

- Architecting solutions using Heroku Postgres, Heroku Redis, Dataclips, and Heroku Connect

- Prescribing a third-party add-on and add-on sharing

- Using Heroku Private Space Peering and VPN Connections

- Understanding Private Space Runtime versus Common Runtime

- Understanding how Heroku Enterprise can Boost a system's architecture

- Architecting solutions using Heroku Shield, and the benefits of various certifications Heroku has

- Architecting solutions using Enterprise Teams

- Architecting an application using the Twelve-Factor methodology correctly

- Constructing solutions for building a microservices architecture

- Building architectures that use Apache Kafka on Heroku

- Integrating Heroku apps with the Salesforce Lightning Platform

- A candidate for this test is not expected to:

- Know how to architect Salesforce Lightning Platform solutions.

Exam Outline

The Salesforce Certified Heroku Architecture Designer test measures a candidates knowledge and skills related to the following objectives. A candidate should have hands-on experience with Heroku Architecture and have demonstrated the application of each of the features/functions below.

Heroku Platform: 10%

Demonstrate an understanding of the basics behind building and deploying apps on Heroku, including the role of buildpacks in slug creation.

Architect scalable solutions that are performant even during high traffic spikes.

Architect and deploy solutions using add-ons and other components from the Elements Marketplace, including various add-ons, buildpacks, and Heroku Buttons.

Data: 17%

Demonstrate knowledge of Heroku Postgres, including data handling, security, and common use cases for follower databases. Describe the use cases of Dataclips.

Architect solutions using Apache Kafka on Heroku to facilitate streaming communication between applications, services and/or functions.

Architect solutions using Heroku Redis.

Demonstrate the ability to prescribe a third-party add-on and add-on sharing, when appropriate.

Security: 15%

Construct architectures which leverage Heroku to achieve different security certifications.

Recommend Heroku Private Space Peering or VPN Connections for appropriate use cases.

Recommend when an app should run in the Private Space Runtime versus the Common Runtime.

Heroku Enterprise: 28%

Demonstrate how features of Heroku Enterprise can Boost a system's architecture.

Recommend networking solutions that use Heroku Private Spaces or the Common Runtime, appropriately.

Describe the compliance features of Heroku Shield.

Describe the features of Enterprise Teams.

Architect Applications: 15%

Recommend architectures that use the twelve-factor app methodology correctly.

Construct solutions for creating an orchestration layer for building a microservices architecture using Apache Kafka on Heroku.

Integrations: 15%

Recommend architectures that use Heroku Connect appropriately, including the correct use of External IDs.

Recommend techniques to integrate Heroku apps with the Salesforce Lightning Platform, and understand when to apply particular techniques.
Certified Heroku Architecture Designer
Salesforce Architecture exam

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Certified Heroku Architecture Designer
Question: 109
Universal Containers wants to measure their adherence to specific SLAs for all Work Orders.
In which order should a Consultant implement the setup to achieve this requirement?
A. Set Up Milestones, Create Entitlement records, Set Up Entitlements Process for Work Orders.
B. Set Up Entitlements Process for Work Orders, Set Up Milestones, Create Entitlement records.
C. Create Entitlement records, Set Up Entitlements Process for Work Orders, Set Up Milestones.
D. Set Up Milestones, Set Up Entitlements Process for Work Orders, Create Entitlement records.
Answer: B
Question: 110
Universal Containers performs service on field assets that require a sequence of work tasks. A Consultant has recommended
Work Order Line Items to manage the tasks and assets/parts necessary to manage the work. Which two of the following must
be considered as part of this solution to ensure Work Orders are properly completed? (Choose two.)
A. Use of Work Order Line Items that automatically inherit the hierarchy of Assets attached to Work Order.
B. Use of a parent-child Work Order Line Item to create a Work Order Line Item hierarchy.
C. Use of Work Order Line Items to link to a specific Asset within the Asset Hierarchy that represents the BoM.
D. Use of Standard Reports to view Parent and Root Work Order Lines Items within Work Orders by Customer.
Answer: BC
Question: 111
Universal Containers wants their Technicians to record Asset Number using a barcode scanner when completing Work Orders.
What field type should be configured to capture this information?
A. Barcode
B. Date
C. Formula
D. Text
Answer: D
Question: 112
Universal Containers has a Partner Community. Work Orders are assigned to these partners. Partners are not interacting with
Service Appointments or Service Resources.
How would a Partner user update the Work Order record from a mobile device?
A. Field Service mobile app
B. Salesforce mobile app
C. Work Order records cannot be updated on a mobile device
D. Salesforce Touch
Answer: B
Question: 113
Universal Containers wants to reduce their mean-time-to-service.
Which three Field Service process should a Consultant recommend to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)
A. Adjust Scheduling Policy
B. Knowledge Base
C. Dispatching
D. Customer Entitlements
E. Scheduling
Answer: ABC
Question: 114
Universal Containers wants to invoice its customer for the parts used when performing repairs on installed Assets.
What should a Consultant recommend to track the price of the parts consumed?
A. Use Products and Price Books to track the price.
B. Use Opportunity Line Items and Price Books to track the price.
C. Use a custom object to model the Work Order pricing and price.
D. Use Assets and Products to track the price.
Answer: A
Question: 115
Universal Containers wants to track the total associated price when servicing Work Orders for customers.
Which two of the following should the Consultant recommend? (Choose two.)
A. Use Work Order and Work Order Line Items.
B. Use a custom object to model the Work Order pricing.
C. Use the Einstein Pricing Configurator.
D. Set up Products and Price Books.
Answer: AD
Question: 116
In the Dispatch Console, when viewing the Map, which three data elements can be presented to the Dispatcher? (Choose three.)
A. Google Traffic Data
B. Service Appointment Dependencies
C. Resourceís Home Base
D. Service Appointments
E. Resourceís Travel Speed
Answer: ACD
Question: 117
Universal Containers wants Field Technicians to capture customer authorization via a signature through Salesforce mobile app.
What should a Consultant recommend?
A. Create a Quick Action on the Service Appointment to launch a Visualforce signature page.
B. Create an Approval Process from the Service Appointment for the customerís Authorization.
C. Create a checkbox on the Service Appointment that will capture the customerís Authorization.
D. Create a custom text field to capture the customerís signature on Salesforce mobile app.
Answer: C
Question: 118
Universal Containers maintains their service level agreements at the customer level only.
How can a Consultant ensure agents can verify coverage?
A. Set up Entitlement Process, set up Service Contracts, display the related List on the Contact Page Layout.
B. Create Milestones, set up Entitlement Process, display the related List on the Work Order Page Layout.
C. Create Milestones, set up Entitlement Process, display the related List on the Account Page Layout.
D. Create Contract Line Items, set up Entitlement Process, display the related List on the Asset Page Layout.
Answer: C
Question: 119
Universal Containers has Role-based Technicians and Managers who handle Service Appointments. Many times, Technicians
arrive on-site but are unable to gain access to the customerís equipment. In this scenario, only the Manager has permission to
cancel the Service Appointment.
How should a Consultant recommend adhering to this business process?
A. Assign Permission Sets that allow Status Transitions.
B. Allow Status Transitions based on Role.
C. Limit Status Transitions based on Profile.
D. Configure Status Transitions based on Resource Type.
Answer: C
Question: 120
Universal Containers is tracking customer issues in their call center. Sometimes this requires a Technician to be on-site at the
customerís location.
What set of steps should a Consultant recommend to dispatch the Technician?
A. Create Case, Create Service Appointment, Create Work Order, Dispatch Service Appointment.
B. Create Work Order, Create Case, Dispatch Work Order, Create Service Appointment.
C. Create Service Appointment, Create Work Order, Create Case, Dispatch Service Appointment.
D. Create Case, Create Work Order, Create Service Appointment, Dispatch Service Appointment.
Answer: D
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Salesforce Architecture test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/CHAD Search results Salesforce Architecture test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/CHAD https://killexams.com/exam_list/Salesforce AWS Certified Solutions Architect test Guide

AWS Certified Solutions Architect test Guide

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is an industry‚ÄĎrecognized professional certification that validates one‚Äôs knowledge in the design and deployment of distributed applications in AWS Cloud. Having the certification can be a unique opportunity to grow your career, boost your resume, highlight in‚ÄĎdemand skills and generally become more competitive.

Get this prep guide for FREE and learn all you need to know to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam:

  • Deep dive into test domains (including storage, networking, security and more!)
  • Tips on how to prepare and understand theories
  • Links to useful resources and demo test questions

Download now!

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Top 8 IT certifications in demand today

IT certifications can help you quickly gain and validate valuable skills and know-how in a domain that will further your career. Here are the most popular IT certs today.

Certifications can validate your IT skills and experience to show employers you have the expertise to get the job done. When it comes to certifications, you can typically choose to get certified in skills that you already have, or you can use certification as an opportunity to grow your skill set and develop skills you’d like to put to use in your career. Whatever your reason for getting certified, certifications are a great way to strengthen your resume, set yourself apart from other candidates in a job search, and boost your salary.

According to the 2024 IT Salary report from Robert Half, these are some of the most valuable certifications IT professionals can hold in the coming year. Whether you’re just starting out and building your resume or you’ve been in the industry for 20 years, there’s a certification that can help boost your salary and your career.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications
  • Certified Agile Leadership (CAL)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Cisco certifications
  • CompTIA A+
  • Microsoft Azure certifications
  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a widely used platform across every industry, and Amazon offers several certifications that fall under the umbrella of AWS, with paths for IT roles such as solutions architect, application architect, cloud data engineer, software development engineer, systems administrator, cloud engineer, test engineer, cloud DevOps engineer, DevSecOps engineer, cloud security engineer, cloud security architect, network engineer, and machine learning engineer. It’s a vendor-specific certification that will benefit anyone who is tasked with working directly with AWS products and services or looking to make good on the high demand for cloud skills today. The certifications range in skill level, with options available for people who are completely new to tech, options for entry-level IT pros who have experience, and certifications designed for seasoned veterans of the industry.

According to PayScale, the average salary for AWS skills is $115,000 per year, while the average salary for each AWS certification varies depending on the specific certification.

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL)

The Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) certification is offered by ScrumAlliance and includes three certification modules, including CAL Essentials, CAL for Teams, and CAL for Organizations. The modules were customed designed by ‚Äúleaders in business and team agility,‚ÄĚ according to ScrumAlliance, and they employ approved educators who can demonstrate years of ‚Äúreal-world experience and success‚ÄĚ coaching others and implementing agile in the workplace. The goal is to help participants gain the skills and confidence to navigate and guide an organization through agile adoption and transformation. The certification is targeted at agile team members, managers, organizational decision-makers, change leaders, executives, coaches and consultants, and aspiring or current leaders.

While it does not offer certification-specific salary data for agile, according to PayScale the average salary for IT pros with agile development skills is $113,000 per year.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Offered through the ISACA, the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification is a globally recognized certification for IS audit control. It was established in 1978 and certifies your ability to report on compliance procedures, how well you can assess vulnerabilities, and your knowledge of every stage in the auditing process. To qualify, you need at least five years of experience in IS auditing, control, or security and must complete another entry-level test through the ISACA certification scheme. The certification covers high-level Topics such as the information systems auditing process, governance and management of IT, operations and business resilience, and IS acquisition, development, and implementation.

According to PayScale, the average annual salary for CISA certified IT pros is $114,000 per year.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification offered through the (ISC)² demonstrates your knowledge of and skills in IT security and information assurance. The vendor-neutral certification covers Topics such as organizational structure, security and risk management, asset security, security operations, identity and access management (IAM), security assessment and testing, and security architecture and engineering. You’ll need at least five years of cumulative, paid work experience in two or more of the eight domains included in the (ISC)² CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). It’s an advanced certification that is best suited for those in roles such as CISO, CIO, director of security, IT director or manager, security systems engineer, security analyst, security manager, security auditor, security architect, security consultant, and network architect.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a CISSP certification is $126,000 per year.

Cisco certifications

Cisco offers several certifications at the entry, associate, professional, and expert level, and these certifications regularly top the list each year as being in-demand for IT pros. Certifications are offered in a variety of Topics such as collaboration, CyberOps, data centers, DevNet and automation, design, enterprise networking, and security. The certifications are generally designed for network engineers, system engineers, CyberOps analysts, and network security analysts who want to grow and certify their skills and expertise. Cisco’s lineup of certifications is vendor-specific, typically focusing on Cisco products and services, so if you’re in a role working with Cisco products, it’s a great way to get a leg up.

Salary for Cisco certifications ranges depending on the certification, but the average salary for CCNA certified IT pros is $87,000 per year, while the average salary for CCNP certification is $104,000 per year.

CompTIA A+

CompTIA offers a variety of certifications for IT pros at every stage of their IT careers, and the CompTIA A+ certification is its entry-level IT certification covering the foundations of hardware, technical support, and troubleshooting. The certification is designed for those interested in a career as a service desk analyst, help desk tech, technical support specialist, field service technician, help desk technician, associate network engineer, data support technician, desktop support administrator, or end user computing technician. To earn your CompTIA A+ certification you’ll have to pass two separate exams. The CompTIA A+ 220-1001 test covers mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, virtualization and cloud computing, and network troubleshooting. The CompTIA A+ 220-1002 test covers installing and configuring operating systems, expanded security, software troubleshooting, and operational procedures. While it is an entry-level certification, it’s recommended to have at least 9 to 12 months of hands-on experience in the field.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a CompTIA A+ certification is $70,000 per year.

Microsoft Azure certifications

Microsoft Azure is a popular cloud services offering used by enterprises across every industry, and Microsoft offers several certifications to validate your skills and abilities working with Azure. You can select from several different versions of certification, including ones designed specifically for roles such as administrator associate, security engineer associate, solutions architect, IOT developer, data base administrator, data engineer, data analyst, AI engineer, and data scientist. Microsoft also offers certifications focused on fundamentals, specific job roles, or specialty use cases. Certifications range in expertise and experience from the fundamental level up to expert. It’s a widely recognized certification in the industry, enabling IT pros to validate that they have the specific skill set and knowledge that businesses are looking for when it comes to leveraging Azure in the workplace.

The salary for each Azure certification depends on its specific focus, but according to PayScale, the average salary for those with Microsoft Azure skills is $100,000 per year.

Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

Offered by Scrum.org, the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification is one of several Scrum-focused certifications for validating that you have knowledge of the Scrum framework, and the ability to apply it in real-world situations. The certification is offered at three levels, PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III, with each level covering a different scope and depth of the Scrum framework. At the entry level, the PSM certification covers the fundamentals of Scrum, focusing on the terminology and application of Scrum in Scum Teams. At the second level, the PSM certification focuses on Scrum Master accountabilities, and dives in deeper into how Scrum Teams function. At the third, and highest, level of certification the PSM test covers deeper knowledge, how to use Scrum to help influence organizational change, and how to coach and teach others on the Scrum framework.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a PSM I certification is $101,000 per year.

Thu, 19 Oct 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.cio.com/article/193586/top-15-it-certifications-in-demand-today.html
Best IT Certifications for 2023

Earning specialized certifications is a surefire way to advance your career in the IT field, regardless of industry or current career level. The right certification validates your skills and knowledge, which makes you more desirable to future employers who want to attract and retain the best employees. Below, we’ll explore the top IT certifications and share how to examine your goals to choose the right path forward. 

We’ve narrowed IT certifications into specific categories to help IT professionals assess what’s available and pursue the best certifications to show their willingness to learn and develop the in-demand career skills employers want.

Best database certifications 

Database platforms have changed greatly over the years, but database technology remains important for various applications and computing tasks. Available certifications for IT professionals include those for database administrators (DBAs), database developers, data analysts and architects, business intelligence, and data warehousing specialists, and other data professionals.

Obtaining database certifications demonstrates an understanding of database concepts, design, implementation, administration and security. This can boost your credibility in the job market and show potential employers that you have the skills needed to work with databases. The best database certifications include the following:

Best SAS certifications 

SAS is one of the world’s leading firms for business analytics, data warehousing and data mining. Today, the SAS Global Certification Program offers 23 credentials across categories including foundation tools, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and administration.

SAS programmers remain in high demand, with a quick search of job boards showing thousands of open positions. Obtaining SAS certification shows employers that you are proficient in the company’s popular suite of tools. Some of SAS’s certification programs include the following: 

Many professionals earn certifications to help navigate their career paths. According to the IT Salary Report, 92 percent of information technology professionals have at least one certification.

Best Cisco certifications 

Cisco Systems is a market leader not only in networking and communications products, but also storage networking and solutions for data centers. Cisco offers a variety of certifications for IT professionals, ranging from entry level credentials to expert-level exams. 

These certifications prepare professionals for Cisco-related careers. A search of job boards reveals thousands of open positions for Cisco experts, underscoring the continued relevance of these skills. Some of Cisco’s certifications include the following:

Best Dell certifications 

Dell Technologies remains one of the world’s leading computing companies. In addition to its well-known hardware lineup, Dell also offers solutions for networks, storage, servers, gateways and embedded computing, as well as a broad range of IT and business services.

Becoming certified in Dell products can help make IT professionals competitive in engineering roles for server, virtualization, networking, systems, integration and data security. Additional roles include consultants, account executives, system administrators, IT managers and deployment managers.

Best mobility certifications 

In the mobile era, it has become increasingly important for network engineers to support local, remote and mobile users, as well as provide proper infrastructure. The focus on application and app development now leans more toward mobile environments, requiring security professionals to thoroughly address mobility from all perspectives.

Due to the fast-changing nature of mobile technology, not many mobility certifications have become widely adopted. However, a few of the top mobility certifications can help IT professionals stand out in this rapidly evolving field. 

If part of your job includes selling and implementing an IT solution, you may want to pursue the best sales certifications. You’ll show your organization that you’re willing to go above and beyond to reach sales targets.

Best computer hardware certifications 

As remote and computer-based work has become more common, it’s more important than ever that businesses and individuals be able to maintain their hardware. While discussions about potential computer-related jobs often revolve around software work and coding, jumping into the IT field by becoming a computer technician is an excellent starting point.

Today, thousands of hardware technician jobs are available across the country. Entering this industry becomes more accessible for those who acquire computer hardware certifications. These certifications can showcase your expertise and proficiency in the upkeep of computers, mobile devices, printers and other hardware components.

Best Google Cloud certifications 

IT pros with solid cloud computing skills continue to be in high demand as more companies adopt cloud technologies. Today, Google Cloud is one of the market leaders in the cloud computing space. 

Regardless of where you are in your IT career, engaging with certification programs can demonstrate your willingness to keep on top of rapidly evolving cloud technologies. To that end, Google has introduced a host of certifications for its cloud platform, including the following: 

Best evergreen IT certifications

In the fast-changing world of technology, it can help to focus on certifications that have stood the test of time. ‚ÄúEvergreen‚ÄĚ refers to certifications that remain popular year after year.¬†

The top evergreen certifications are based on accurate pay surveys in IT, reports from IT professionals about certifications they want or pursue the most, and those that appear most frequently in online job postings. Obtaining these credentials is one step toward ensuring that your skills remain relevant for a long time: 

Best IT governance certifications 

IT governance provides structure for aligning a company’s IT with its business strategies. Organizations faced with compliance rigors always need experienced IT pros who can see the big picture and understand technology risks. This means certified IT governance professionals are likely to remain in high demand.

Earning one of the following certifications proves a commitment to understanding the role of IT governance and its position in a company’s current and future success. Getting certified can validate your expert knowledge and lead to advanced career opportunities.

Best system administrator certifications 

An IT system administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the information technology infrastructure within an organization. The position demands sought-after career skills, ranging from configuring and maintaining servers and clients to managing access controls, network services, and addressing application resource requirements.

If you’re in charge of managing modern servers, there’s a long list of tools and technologies that system administrators must master. Obtaining some of the most prominent system administrator certifications can demonstrate your mastery to potential employers. 

Best ITIL certifications 

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, was developed to establish standardized best practices for IT services within government agencies. Over the ensuing four decades, businesses of all types embraced, modified, and extended ITIL, shaping it into a comprehensive framework for managing IT service delivery. 

The ITIL framework remains the benchmark for best practices in IT service and delivery management, offering certification programs that cater to IT professionals at all levels. These training and certification courses ensure that IT professionals stay well-prepared for the ongoing evolution in IT service delivery management. There are four certifications in the ITIL certification program:

Best enterprise architect certifications 

An IT enterprise architect is responsible for designing and managing the overall structure and framework of an organization’s information technology system. Enterprise architect certifications are among the highest that an IT professional can achieve; fewer than 1 percent ultimately reach this level. 

Enterprise architects are among the highest-paid employees and consultants in the tech industry. These certifications can put IT professionals on a path to many lucrative positions. The average worker earns over six figures annually. Some top enterprise architect certifications are listed below:

To become an enterprise IT architect, you’ll need knowledge of systems deployment, design and architecture, as well as a strong business foundation.

Best CompTIA certifications

CompTIA is a nonprofit trade association made up of more than 2,000 member organizations and 3,000 business partners. The organization’s vendor-neutral certification program is one of the best recognized in the IT industry. Since CompTIA developed its A+ credential in 1993, it has issued more than two million certifications.

CompTIA certifications are grouped by skill set and focus on the real-world skills IT professionals need. Armed with these credentials, you can demonstrate that you know how to manage and support IT infrastructure. 

Best Oracle certifications 

A longtime leader in database software, Oracle also offers cloud solutions, servers, engineered systems, storage, and more. The company has more than 430,000 customers in 175 countries. 

Today, Oracle‚Äôs training program offers six certification levels that span 16 product categories with more than 200 individual credentials. Considering the depth and breadth of this program ‚ÄĒ and the number of Oracle customers ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs no surprise that Oracle certifications are highly sought after.¬†

Vendor-specific certifications address a particular vendor’s hardware and software. For example, you can pursue Oracle certifications and Dell certifications to become an expert in those companies’ environments.

Best business continuity and disaster recovery certifications

Business continuity and disaster recovery keep systems running and data available in the event of interruptions or faults. These programs bring systems back to normal operation after a disaster has occurred.

Business continuity and disaster recovery certifications are seeing a healthy uptrend as new cloud-based tools grow in popularity. While business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning have always been essential, they‚Äôre becoming more critical than ever ‚ÄĒ and IT certifications are following suit.

Thu, 09 Nov 2023 10:01:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/10953-best-it-certifications.html
Ex-Salesforce architect unites CRM intel with data to create ultimate B2B sales prospecting pathway at OneShot.ai No result found, try new keyword!via Ex-Salesforce architect unites CRM intel with data to create ultimate B2B sales prospecting pathway at OneShot.ai Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. (Syndigate.info). Thu, 19 Oct 2023 14:13:00 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ How to Study Architecture and Become an Architect No result found, try new keyword!Passage of the six-division Architect Registration Examination is mandatory for licensure, and the cost of taking all six portions of this test is $1,410. If someone loves problem-solving ... Thu, 01 Oct 2020 22:57:00 -0500 https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/articles/what-an-architecture-degree-is-and-how-to-become-an-architect Checking out the Mercedes-Benz transformation journey as Salesforce updates Automotive Cloud

With connected cars predicted to make up as much as 95% of new vehicles sold by 2030, there’s clearly huge commercial opportunity here for tech vendors. This week sees Salesforce expanding its Automotive Cloud offering, providing real-time views of driver and vehicle data, including location, speed, and in-vehicle apps and systems.

As per the formal announcement, coming early in 2024: 

  • Connected Vehicle Visualization, pitched as ‚Äúa real-time visualization of a vehicle‚Äôs connected features and services that will help make it easy for automakers to provide better in-car experiences, like remote assistance, and surface relevant new services to consumers ‚Äď like notifying them about a free park assist trial‚ÄĚ.
  • Actionable Telematics¬†- these are intended to help automakers monitor telematics data, like vehicle location, speed, fuel, or battery consumption, and use automation to detect and alert customers to changes in their car‚Äôs status. Salesforce cites the example of¬†Automotive¬†Cloud¬†being able to read the data coming off of a vehicle, noting an increase in revolutions per minute (RPMs), or loss of tire pressure, and automatically sending an alert to the driver in their infotainment console to warn them of the potential safety issue.
  • More data management - Automotive¬†Cloud¬†taps into Salesforce Data Cloud and as such is positioned as securely connecting data from any source, like telematics and dealership management systems, so¬†automotive¬†companies have a unified, real-time data foundation to build connected vehicle and driver experiences.
  • AI - Inevitably there‚Äôs an AI angle. Automakers can use Einstein Studio to build and train custom AI models. Using connected car data with custom AI models will enable automakers to deliver predictive insights, such as automakers being able to alert dealers automatically when a driver‚Äôs vehicle is about to hit 100,000 miles and proactively pitch new vehicles or offer personalized discounts and trade-in offers.


I confess at this point that I‚Äôm not a ‚Äėcar person‚Äô myself¬† (unlike Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff who‚Äôs a big EV fan), but this announcement brought me back to the Automative keynote session at Dreamforce a couple of months back, where the company‚Äôs thinking around the future of mobility was laid out.¬†

According to Bart Seidner, Senior AVP Sales for Energy, Automotive and Utilities at Salesforce, while the company has been working with leading players in the automotive industry for over two decades, advances in technology mean that everyone is navigating what he calls ‚Äúuneven terrain‚ÄĚ. Expectations have never been higher, he says:¬†

Customer experience is a top priority. With the advent of the EV, new vehicle innovations are no longer just about the vehicle itself; it's about the software that differentiates the vehicle. Every vehicle is a connected vehicle. The automotive industry is trying to find new revenue streams, recurring revenue streams. Finally, [there's] sustainability. There's so much happening with sustainability, sustainability with EVs, sustainability in the value chain. Customers are driving sustainability behaviors. 

Seidner also highlights the amount of data that’s being generated by connected vehicles.  According to consultancy McKinsey, a connected car can generate around 25 GB of data every hour - and that’s just today. With further advances in technology, how much larger does that number become? This new stream of data is an opportunity, suggests Seidner: 

We must be smart about how we leverage this data. We can take advantage of AI, automation, analytics. We can leverage this data at scale. I have the opportunity to talk to customers in the automotive industry from all over the world and everybody agrees the opportunity in this industry could not be bigger. Strategic imperatives are changing the way that we operate. We must harness all this data so we can create new experiences to increase customer lifetime value, increase vehicle lifetime value, create those new revenue models, and deliver on the promise of AI.

The Mercedes-Benz journey 

Among Salesforce customers putting this into practice is German giant Mercedes-Benz. Timo Bularczyk, Director of Global Operations at Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG, has a clear vision of  the direction of travel for his industry: 

There's no doubt that the future is is fully electric and fully connected. We have more and more devices where we get data from. It's up to us to make use of that data, to ensure that we can offer the right product at the right time to our customers. 

For a brand like Mercedes-Benz, a key concept is luxury and that extends to the customer journey itself, with consumers expecting a seamless online/offline convergence. That presents two challenges, according to Bularczyk: 

First of all, we need to run this in the most efficient way that you can imagine. The other [challenge] is that it must be very customer-specific. So, two targets that are contradicting themselves. With Salesforce, we have 'out of the box' scalability with standard processes that we can use throughout the globe, and we enrich that with the data that we are getting from all of the different sources to create that luxury journey with unstandard processes. 

Mercedes-Benz's engagement with Salesforce on this transformation dates back a couple of years to when the automotive manufacturer carried out an analysis of where there would be room and opportunity to optimize potential. Salesforce was invited to take part. Bularczyk recalls: 

We saw that there was a lot of potential when we integrate the different Salesforce implementations that we have in Mercedes-Benz. With the replacement of legacy [systems], we could pull data together much better. We started the journey together with Salesforce Professional Services. They came in and they helped us to refine our strategy, gain confidence on the way forward, and ensured that we have the right skills in place to go on that journey together.

The customer experience is at the heart of the Mercedes-Benz transformation, insists Bularczyk:

As the customer, you don't want to understand that sales, after sales, financial services are independent legal entities with different people, different telephone numbers, different call centers. If you have a roadside assistance case with a leased vehicle, the last thing that you want to have to figure out is who you have to call to get assistance. 

Just imagine that you have a single source of truth, of customer data, and the agent has that available at their fingertips - that's where we want to go. That's how we want to integrate our products seamlessly together…So when it comes to the fact that there is a roadside assistance case that we can bring the best customer experience in that special moment.

Automotive Cloud is helping to enable this, he concludes: 

It helps us with the standardization of our data. There's a data model in place. Within Mercedes, we have different opinions on how this should be done, but we want to stick to the standard. We leverage the capabilities of the platform. You don't want to bring new services into every market with legacy software and re-invent the wheel every time.  You want to go on a platform. You want to have easy integration. You want to have the data available. And that's the journey that we're currently on, that we have started with, that we're successful with, and that we will grow. So, Automotive Cloud will have an increasing footprint in our strategy.  

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Buckley the architect of kicking exam

NATHAN Buckley may be leaving the AIS-AFL Academy this year but his legacy will live on through a new test to be used at the NAB AFL Draft camp to judge a playe

NATHAN Buckley may be leaving the AIS-AFL Academy this year but his legacy will live on through a new test to be used at the NAB AFL Draft camp to judge a player’s kicking.

The test gives a player three seconds to receive a handball, turn around and kick to a nominated one of six targets.

The test was designed by the former Collingwood great after consultation with the 16 clubs to find out what changes they wanted to the current draft camp.

"The feedback from the clubs and the research the AFL has done over the last 24 months has highlighted the need for trying to measure the kicking in some way. To add to what recruiters see in games and decision making aspects etc. This is a good measure of technique and result as much as anything," Buckley said.

Buckley, who was widely regarded as one of the best kicks in the game, said when devising the test he wanted to combine speed, skills on both sides of the body and quick choices under pressure.

"For the kick test itself, we wanted to add a little bit of decision making. Basically having to make that decision in your mind and that adjustment to know which of the six kicks you’re going to do," he said.

"We’re trying to hold that information back as late as we can so there is an element of decision-making. There’s an element of intensity with the time restriction, left and right foot was something that needed to be considered.

"We’ll film each of the footballers from behind and from the side so that clubs will get vision of the technique, their footwork around the cones which is becoming even more important in the game today and their ability to basically execute the skill under a deal of pressure and there will be people watching them as well."

Buckley said the feedback he received from clubs was that they would like to see more resources put in to kicking skills, defensive skills and managing the volume of football a junior plays.

"The kicking was highlighted first and foremost. I think they will enjoy the fact there is a measure of it at the camp. The other massive plus is that it sends a message down through the grades about what is valued and what is important," he said.

"To have a kick tested at draft camp is going to be crucial because it will send a message to a 12 or 13-year-old kid coming through that your kicking is going to be measured. We’re looking at introducing handball probably not this year, maybe next year."

Tue, 25 Aug 2009 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.afl.com.au/news/69660/buckley-the-architect-of-kicking-exam
How architecture students can remain focused amid the COVID-19 crisis

For every student, apprentice, and academic in architectural education throughout the UK, the last few weeks have been puzzling, stressful and unpredictable. We’re all reacting in different ways to this crisis, mostly with concerns for the wellbeing of family and friends. Being confined to our homes more than is usual and losing physical touch with our social circle are also new challenges we’re adapting to.

The RIBA understands that ‚Äď irrespective of which part of the programme they‚Äôre studying ‚Äďeveryone in a school of architecture has worries about completing their work. People are concerned how their submissions will be taught and assessed, whether the usual deadlines will apply, and the effect this will have on their studies and employment.

The RIBA has no greater ability to foresee the future of this pandemic than any other organisation, news source or independent commentator. However, we‚Äôre offering some common sense advice for everyone in UK schools of architecture, accepting that as the situation develops, we will review and revise what we‚Äôve said ‚Äď and provide more help.

The choice of representation and media submitted by students as part of their final projects and portfolios may have to adapt in the current context without access to more sophisticated software at home, but standards should not drop. Some academics, in fact, are predicting a revival in hand drawing and a rise in quality. Image courtesy of The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

Part 1 and Part 2 students and apprentices who are not scheduled to graduate this year

  • Focus on the long view: you need to stay focused on being successful with your studies this academic year. Remember that although the present situation is a challenge, your future is more important. What you do now will have implications for your degree, and your employment in the profession.
  • Moving online: with the accurate closure of all UK universities, teaching has moved online. You should now all be able to talk to your tutors and lecturers online with a video and audio link. If you don‚Äôt yet have this set up, please ask your school how to do it; there are helplines on your school and university websites. If you don‚Äôt have access to a computer, please make your tutors aware of this as soon as possible.
  • Media and representation: university closures will affect your ability to produce 3D analogue and physical models, so consider instead how you‚Äôll represent the same ideas entirely through drawing (or whatever materials you have at home).
  • Showing up and submitting: When your tutors schedule virtual meetings with them, please make sure you ‚Äėattend‚Äô. You need to ensure you receive clear feedback from your tutors, and know what to do next. Structure each day to achieve defined goals (even if they‚Äôre modest), critically reflecting on what you‚Äôve achieved. Stick to set submission dates for your work. Instead of asking whether your deadline should be moved, plan for hitting that deadline as effectively as you can.
  • Don‚Äôt forget your classmates: A critical part of studying architecture is your peer group ‚Äď all those friends and colleagues in your studio and lecture room who you learn with and from. Keep in touch with them as regularly as you would in the world outside, exchanging progress updates, information, and support

Part 1 and Part 2 students and apprentices who are scheduled to graduate this year

  • Strengthening your degree: it‚Äôs particularly important for graduating students to concentrate on working to given deadlines. Your degree needs to be as valuable and strong in its own right, and not compromised by the health crisis. Remote working offers you a unique time to produce a wonderful digital portfolio, which will be the passport to the next stage of your career in architecture. In most schools, there will still be interviews with external examiners at the end of this academic year, even if you‚Äôre likely to meet them through a video link. These external examiner interactions are a critical point to work to as they offer you the chance to demonstrate everything you‚Äôve learnt ‚Äď and how this is expressed through your work.

The big picture: keep in mind that the profession of architecture will still be there when this pandemic ends. There will be economic challenges ahead, but the best practices will still want to recruit the best talent, so nothing has changed. What you do now in your online school will affect your opportunities in the professional context outside, so keep all your big plans in mind, and work to the same goals you had before; your portfolio is as important now as it was before all this happened. Finally, don’t hesitate to get your beautifully written and illustrated CVs to those practices you want to work with.

Interaction with peers is an essential part of architectural education and students should make time to interact with their classmates as they would when at university.

Part 3 candidates

Understandably, your primary concern, at this time, may be about redundancy, so it‚Äôs important to ask what your employer is doing to keep their workforce together ‚Äď and how this affects you. With construction sites closing, projects you‚Äôre working on and using for a part 3 case study could be suspended for some time.

PEDR: use this change in circumstances as an opportunity. You could (for example) describe in detail in your case study: how your practice, its clients, and the design team adapted to the new situation, transitioning to homeworking; what challenges did this create, and what were the implications for business management and resourcing? In other words, you could talk about the professional responses made to complex and unpredictable circumstances.

Examination of Part 3: check with your Part 3 provider that the timeline for your Part 3 submissions, examinations and viva is proceeding as usual. Though it is likely that the format for your exams and viva may change to an online format, the rigour of the process will be no different.

As much as possible, whether you are a Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 student, try to retain your long-term aspirations for your career; your goal to register as an architect in the UK should not be affected or impaired by this crisis.

 RIBA Future Architects is our network and community for future and emerging architects, designed to support, inspire and provide a voice as you transition from study to practice. View our resources.

Article by David Gloster, RIBA Director of Education.

Thu, 26 Mar 2020 03:01:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.architecture.com/knowledge-and-resources/knowledge-landing-page/how-architecture-students-can-remain-focused-amid-the-covid-19-crisis
Education, CPD and careers

Since 1834, RIBA has been committed to setting standards in architecture, both in the education of architecture students and the continuing professional development of architects. The Way Ahead is RIBA’s Education and Professional Development Framework which maps the different stages of career development and their level of responsibility.

In education, RIBA is a global organisation representing over 23,500 student members and 52,000 members around the world. We validate over 230 architectural programmes at over 120 schools of architecture around the world, preparing students for professional practice.

We support architecture students through our suite of scholarships and bursaries and award excellence through the President‚Äôs Medals ‚Äď RIBA‚Äôs oldest awards which are regarded as the most prestigious prizes for architecture students in the world.

Whether you decide to become an architect or explore a career in wider disciplines, there are university courses, RIBA’s own RIBA Studio examination programme, degree apprenticeships and collaborative practice models available, to fit your style of learning.

Watch a video of RIBA President Muyiwa Oki taking about his career so far.

Past President Simon Allford explains 'architecture's skills for life' in a RIBAJ article from May 2023:

"I have been hurry to promote the connection of the RIBA membership with those who have studied architecture for Part 1 and/or 2 - and even 3 but gone on to work in other fields, ranging from film to construction, Artificial Intelligence to finance and many more. So many of these people will tell me that the culture, craft and discipline of architecture is core to their thinking. It has given them the skills to analyse situations and contexts, identify opportunities and to put forward creative solutions.'

If you‚Äôre new to the industry, see our become an architect page for guidance on education, training and study options. Architecture is always evolving - get inspired through our learning workshops for all ages, or keep up to speed with professional CPD ‚Äď check out the¬†What‚Äôs On page¬†and RIBA Academy platform.

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KEAM 2023 - Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical Entrance Examination, 2023


KEAM 2023 entrance examination was held on 17th May and is conducted annually by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations (CEE), Kerala for admission to undergraduate engineering and medical programs in the state of Kerala, India. The test pattern for KEAM is as follows:

  • Mode of Examination: KEAM is conducted in offline mode (pen and paper-based test).

  • Type of Questions: The test consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

  • Number of Papers: KEAM is held in two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2.

  • Duration of Exam: Each paper is of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Number of Questions: There are 120 questions in Paper 1 and 120 questions in Paper 2, each carrying 4 marks.

  • Marking Scheme: For every correct answer, 4 marks will be awarded and for every incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted.

  • Language of Examination: KEAM examination is conducted in the English language.

Note: Candidates must keep in mind that the aforementioned pattern is subject to change each year, and it is advisable to keep up with the latest information available on the official website of CEE (https://cee.kerala.gov.in/)

Tue, 09 May 2023 21:31:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.telegraphindia.com/edugraph/colleges/exams/keam-2023-kerala-engineering-agriculture-medical-entrance-examination-2023/exam-pattern/35

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