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CCSK Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

EXAM NAME : Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
EXAM DURATION : 90 Minutes
QUESTIONS TYPE : Multiple-Choice

As organizations migrate to the cloud, they need information security professionals who are cloud savvy. The CCSK certificate is widely recognized as the standard of expertise for cloud security, and gives you a cohesive and vendor-neutral understanding of how to secure data in the cloud. The CCSK credential is the foundation to prepare you to earn additional cloud credentials.

An in-depth understanding of the full capabilities of cloud computing.
The knowledge to effectively develop a holistic cloud security program relative to globally accepted standards. Best practices for IAM, cloud incident response, application security, data encryption, SecaaS, securing emerging technologies and more. How to assess the security of cloud providers and your own organization using the cloud-specific governance & compliance tool: Cloud Controls Matrix.

Prove your competency in key cloud security issues through an organization that specializes in cloud research.
Increase employment opportunities by filling the skills-gap for cloud-certified professionals.
Demonstrate your technical knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively use controls tailored to the cloud.
Learn to establish a baseline of security best practices when dealing with a broad array of responsibilities, from cloud governance to configuring technical security controls.
Complement other credentials such as the CCAK, CISA, CISSP and CCSP.

The CCSK is an open-book, online exam, completed in 90 minutes with 60 multiple-choice questions selected randomly from the CCSK question pool. Purchasing the test costs $395 and provides you with two test attempts, which you will have 2 years to use. The minimum passing score is 80%. There are several ways you can prepare for the exam.

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
CSA Certificate learner
Killexams : CSA Certificate learner - BingNews Search results Killexams : CSA Certificate learner - BingNews Killexams : ISA Certification and Certificate Programs

ISA certification and certificate programs offer a standards-based learning approach to critical subjects within the automation industry. Certificate programs increase professional recognition and validate specific knowledge areas such as safety and cybersecurity, while certification programs provide an objective, third-party assessment and confirmation of your skills and experience.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Documents education, knowledge, and experience
  • Provides an objective, third-party assessment of skill level
  • Provides a tangible way to validate industry experience
  • Increases preparation for additional job responsibilities

Benefits for Employers

  • Recognizes automation professionals with the appropriate credentials and helps accelerate workforce development
  • Provides hiring and promoting qualifications for managers
  • Promotes safety and efficiency
  • Improves productivity and increases ROI by impacting mission-critical decisions

Certification Programs

ISA offers the following certification programs. When you earn ISA certification, you will receive a digital badge and can be listed in the ISA credential directory.

Earning an ISA certification demonstrates your mastery of working with a standardized body of automation knowledge. By verifying your expertise with ISA—the global leader in automation education and training—you can showcase your automation proficiency to employers and stand out among your peers. These programs leverage the Automation Competency Model, which outlines the core skills needed to excel in today's automation environments.

Certificate Programs

ISA certificate programs are designed to increase knowledge and skills across a broad range of subjects including cybersecurity, safety instrumented systems, automation project management, and many others. We offer certificate programs based on industry-developed job performance criteria and IEC adopted standards.

Learn more about our certificate programs and how they can add value to your career.

Support of the Control Systems Engineer (CSE) License Program

ISA supports the Control Systems Engineer (CSE) License, a specialized Professional Engineering (PE) license recognized in the United States for engineers working in automation and control. ISA offers training courses and review materials to help engineers prepare for state boards' exams held each October. Learn about the CSE Licensure Preparation Program.

Product Certification and Conformance

For over 75 years, ISA has been developing international standards for the industrial automation and control systems industry. Currently, ISA runs two conformity programs based on third-party conformity assessment and/or certification.

Together, these programs establish that a product meets expectations regarding safety, security, performance, and other essential criteria. For more information or questions about product certification and conformance programs, please contact Andre Ristaino.

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Killexams : Applied Professional Certificates in Instructional Design

Combine technology with a human-centered approach. You’ll be prepared to build engaging experiences in online, in-person, and hybrid settings all while keeping the learner at the core.

Apply your new skills through hands-on learning. Our program combines theory with real-world practice, and you’ll emerge with a comprehensive portfolio of course design plans, storyboards, module prototypes, learning activities, and more. 

Be on the cutting edge. You’ll learn current and emerging practices in pedagogy, course design, educational technology, and interactive content development.

Prepare to meet a growing need. You can meet the growing demand for instructional designers, which is expected to have 20,900 openings each year, on average, over the decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Killexams : Certificate in Teaching English Language Learners




Teaching Bilingual Students in Elementary Schools

Deals with the practical aspects of the instruction of teaching English Language Learners in Sheltered English Immersion, and mainstream classrooms in elementary education. Reviews and applies literacy and content area instructional approaches. Includes such other subjects as history and legislation related to English Language Learners and bilingual education, and the influences of language and culture on students, instruction, curriculum, and assessment. Course EDUC6346 is for elementary and early childhood education students. 

Teaching Bilingual Students in Secondary Education

Deals with the practical aspects of the instruction of teaching English Language Learners in Sheltered English Immersion, and mainstream classrooms in elementary education. Reviews and applies literacy and content area instructional approaches. Includes such other subjects as history and legislation related to English Language Learners and bilingual education, and the influences of language and culture on students, instruction, curriculum, and assessment. Course EDUC6347 is for secondary education students.


Bilingualism, Second Language and Literacy Development

Explores first and second language and literacy development of children raised bilingually as well as students acquiring a second language during pre-school, elementary, or secondary school years. Also addresses theories of first and second language acquisition, literacy development in the second language, and factors affecting second language and literacy learning. Participants will assess the development of one aspect of language or language skill of a bilingual individual and draw implications for instruction, parent involvement, and policy. This course is fully online. The course will have biweekly synchronous meetings. The course meeting time will be determined at the first session by consulting with all students. 

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Killexams : CSA Receives Navy Training Support Task Order

Client Solution Architects will help Naval Education and Training Command deliver services across the U.S. Navy’s human resources enterprise under a potential $36.5 million task order.

The award covers support to MyNavy HR in the areas of cybersecurity, engineering, information technology, information assurance, network and strategic functions, the company said Tuesday.

CSA received the task order under the Technical Services Support 2 contract vehicle and is scheduled to commence work on Dec. 1.

Ronald “Fog” Hahn, chief growth officer at CSA, said the company will continue to support NETC’s cybersecurity and IT modernization initiatives to enable training delivery worldwide.

“CSA is continually adapting and innovating to meet the evolving needs of our customers, and we are honored for this opportunity to grow our global presence, reinforce the markets we are already in and provide job advancement to our people,” said Amy Bleken, CEO of CSA.

The base period of performance will run through Nov. 30, 2024, followed by a one-year option period.

Capstone, which CSA acquired in July 2021, was awarded a spot on the TSS 2 contract.

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Killexams : Graduate Certificate in Teaching Multilingual Learners

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Killexams : FarmerJawn’s Christa Barfield takes over Westtown School’s farm, and adds a new mission Christa Barfield, the owner and operator of FarmerJawn Agriculture, walking the fields of 123 acres she is leasing near West Chester. © Alejandro A. Alvarez/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS Christa Barfield, the owner and operator of FarmerJawn Agriculture, walking the fields of 123 acres she is leasing near West Chester.

The Westtown School has a new farmer to oversee the fields that sprawl across a fifth of its 600-acre campus south of West Chester, one with a new mission.

Christa Barfield of Philadelphia, who serves marginalized communities through her FarmerJawn Agriculture, said the partnership would allow her to “close the loop” — linking this rural setting with her current suburban farming operation in Elkins Park. She said FarmerJawn will operate as “one complete food system for the Philadelphia region.”

A field on the new FarmerJawn farm on Westtown School near West Chester, photographed Dec. 2. © Alejandro A. Alvarez/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS A field on the new FarmerJawn farm on Westtown School near West Chester, photographed Dec. 2.

With regenerative agriculture at the core of her mission, the 123 acres at Westtown School will become 100% organic, she said, though certification is three years off because the fields had been sprayed with nonorganic pesticides.

FarmerJawn will farm half of Westtown School’s acreage and run the existing market on Route 926, growing for local businesses, co-ops, and chefs. The market, which will hire at least five employees and tap into FarmerJawn’s volunteer network, will eventually include a community-supported agriculture business (CSA), prepared foods, and other locally grown and sourced products.

FarmerJawn & Friends Foundation Fund, as the 501(c)3 nonprofit arm is known, will use the rest of the land as a “farming incubator” — five- to ten-acre cooperative farms operated by Black farmers. This will offer educational-development opportunities and what she calls a “pathway to entrepreneurship” via sales.

Christa Barfield with a tomato left in the hoop house that she bought at auction at Westtown School. © Alejandro A. Alvarez/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS Christa Barfield with a tomato left in the hoop house that she bought at auction at Westtown School.

This year, FarmerJawn started a farmer incubator for Black and brown people with a goal to create a group of people who practice “agripreneurship” while learning how to farm and create an impact urban networks and food systems. In its first year, ten people were chosen out of 50 applications, and seven have graduated.

Christa Barfield of FarmerJawn Agriculture on the land that she will take over in 2023 on the grounds of the Westtown School near West Chester. © Alejandro A. Alvarez/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS Christa Barfield of FarmerJawn Agriculture on the land that she will take over in 2023 on the grounds of the Westtown School near West Chester.

Barfield and FarmerJawn take over from Pete Flynn, who retired this fall after more than two decades. (Flynn is not totally out of the farming game: He is the incoming president of the Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association.)

In addition to the usual vegetable crop, Barfield wants to create “seed-to-shelf products,” such as sunflower seeds, potato chips, and a hot sauce line.

Barfield wants to make the farm stand a community hangout, not only for produce but also for takeout food, such as soups, salads and sandwiches.

“I want to create a just food system that perpetuates regenerative and organic health for our customers and the planet,” she said.

An unlikely farmer

Barfield, 34, a lifelong resident of Germantown, quit her job in health-care administration in 2018, just before she turned 30.

For her birthday, she flew by herself to Martinique for a vacation. The first Airbnb at which she stayed was owned by a Thai chef who made her tea with herbs from his garden, and the second was owned by a family of farmers that ran a CSA. She said she had never heard of a CSA before.

Meet Christa Barfield of FarmerJawn

Impressed with the community spirit surrounding these entrepreneurs, she came home from her trip and wrote a business plan to become an urban farmer.

In summer 2018, she started Viva Leaf Tea Co., putting up a backyard greenhouse to grow herbs and renting plots at a community garden in Roxborough. Meanwhile, she founded FarmerJawn as a CSA. She accepted a developer’s offer to rent his greenhouses in Elkins Park.

Her organization now includes a retail and garden learning center in Germantown, a CSA, and five acres of land in Elkins Park.

How the Westtown School farm happened

With Flynn retiring, Westtown was looking to try organic farming, “somebody that was regenerative-minded and sustainably focused,” Barfield said.

Former Westtown teacher Kevin Eppler, who is affiliated with the land-equity group Jubilee Justice, suggested that the school partner with a farmer of African descent. Barfield said she joined a recruitment call that Eppler held last year. “By the end of the call, I knew that I was going to put my bid,” Barfield said. Jubilee Justice included her proposal among its recommendations to Westtown.

The property is across from Cheyney University. Barfield said she is in talks with the nation’s first historically Black university about starting a certificate program based on agriculture.

Given American farming’s history of farming by enslaved persons and sharecropping, “this is one reason why these partnerships are so historical and thought-provoking, as we are creating serious change,” Barfield said. “We are looking to change the history of Black farmers in America. We are determined to be definitive agents of change.”

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Killexams : Normalyze Joins Cloud Security Alliance

Company's Co-Founder and CTO, Ravi Ithal, joins CxO Advisory Council to share best practices for securing enterprise cloud data

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Normalyze, a data-first cloud security platform, today announced that it has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world's leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment.

Normalyze is a pioneering provider of cloud data security solutions (PRNewsfoto/Normalyze)

Normalyze helps organizations protect all the data they run in the cloud. The rise of Cloud Computing has increased the complexity of the enterprise attack surface. As a result, security teams don't know where their data resides or its value, leading to difficulty avoiding data breaches. While historically security professionals focused on protecting assets, not data, Normalyze put data security at the center of information security where it belongs. With Normalyze, users can discover and visualize their cloud data attack surface within minutes and get real-time visibility and control into their security posture including access, configurations, and sensitive data to secure cloud infrastructures at scale.

Additionally, co-founder and CTO, Ravi Ithal, has joined CSA CxO Trust, a broad-based initiative to elevate the knowledge of cloud computing and cybersecurity among organizational executive teams and governing bodies. Ithal has extensive background in enterprise and cloud security and is a prolific inventor with over 40 granted patents related to cybersecurity. Most recently, Ithal was named to the Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Influencer Top 10 List, which recognizes the top cybersecurity influencers providing immense value to the industry with groundbreaking research, visionary thought leadership, and consistent leadership and culture-building accolades.

Before Normalyze, Ithal was the cofounder and chief architect of Netskope, a leading provider of cloud-native solutions to businesses for data protection and defense against threats in the cloud. Prior to Netskope, Ithal was one of the founding engineers of Palo Alto Networks. Prior to his time at Palo Alto Networks, Ithal held engineering roles at Juniper and Cisco.

"There are dozens of reasons driving enterprise organizations to cloud computing, including the need for hyperscale, elasticity, scalable machine learning, metaverse applications, and more. But in this new world with continuous changes to not only infrastructure but enterprise data security posture, existing cloud security solutions fall short to help companies discover, classify sensitive data and secure it. Normalyze is thrilled to bring this lens to the Cloud Security Alliance to have broad, yet applicable discussions about cloud data at scale," said Ithal.

"We're excited to welcome Normalyze into the Cloud Security Alliance as a trusted partner and member. The company's approach to security within cloud computing is incredibly relevant for our members and growing community," said Jim Reavis, CEO and co-founder of the Cloud Security Alliance.

About the Cloud Security Alliance:

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is the world's leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. CSA harnesses the subject matter expertise of industry practitioners, associations, governments, and its corporate and individual members to offer cloud security-specific research, education, certification, events and products. CSA's activities, knowledge and extensive network benefit the entire community impacted by cloud — from providers and customers, to governments, entrepreneurs and the assurance industry — and provide a forum through which diverse parties can work together to create and maintain a trusted cloud ecosystem. For further information, visit us at, and follow us on Twitter @cloudsa.

About Normalyze:

Normalyze is a pioneering provider of cloud data security solutions helping customers secure their data, applications, identities, and infrastructure across public clouds. With Normalyze, organizations can discover and visualize their cloud data attack surface within minutes and get real-time visibility and control into their security posture including access, configurations, and sensitive data to secure cloud infrastructures at scale. The Normalyze agentless and machine-learning scanning platform continuously discovers resources, sensitive data and access paths across all cloud environments. The company was founded by industry veterans Ravi Ithal and Amer Deeba and has several customers, including Corelight, Netskope, and Orkes. The company is funded by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Battery Ventures. For more information, please visit

Cision View original content to obtain multimedia:

SOURCE Normalyze

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Killexams : Glencore amends CSA sales agreement

PERTH ( – Diversified miner Glencore has amended the terms of sales and purchase agreement with NYSE-listed Metals Acquisition Corp (MAC) over the sale of the CSA copper mine, in New South Wales.

The two companies in March this year struck an agreement under which Glencore would receive $1.05-billion in cash, $50-million equity stake in MAC and a 1.5% net smelter return life-of-mine (LoM) royalty on completion of the transaction.


Under the amended agreement, Glencore will now receive consideration of $1.1-billion as originally agreed with amended payment terms and a 1.5% net smelter return LoM royalty upon completion of the transaction.

The first $775-million will be paid in cash, with the ability to scale-up this payment to $875-million, with up to $100-million to be paid in common equity. A further $75-million deferred payment will paid out of half of the proceeds of any future equity raise, and a $75-million contingent payment will be payable when copper averages more than $4.25/lb for 18 continuous months over the LoM.


A $75-million contingent payment will be payable when copper averages $4.50/lb for 24 continuous months over the LoM.

“We have worked closely with Glencore to arrive at a transaction structure that delivers value to both parties, and an increased certainty of completion,” said MAC CEO Mick McMullen.

The CSA mine employs 540 staff and produces around 50 000 t of copper each year, which is mined and processed on site, and then railed 700 km to the Port of Newcastle for export. In 2021, the mine produced 40 530 t of copper in concentrate.

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Killexams : Longshoremen strike CSA operations at the Port of Mobile after mediation falls apart

The International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1410 began striking CSA Equipment Company’s breakbulk operations at the Port of Mobile Tuesday, less than a month after the two sides agreed to federal mediation.

In a news release, Mark Bass, president of the Local 1410, said that the union membership voted to strike after the union was notified that mediation, which was set to begin last Thursday, was canceled until further notice. On Friday, union membership voted to proceed with the strike at a special meeting.

“At this special called meeting, a frustrated membership voted to proceed with the strike action against CSA Equipment Company’s Breakbulk operation without any further delay,” the news release said.

In October, the union voted to strike CSA’s breakbulk—or non-container—cargo unloading operations after negotiations over a new contract stalled. However, both sides agreed to work with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) to try and avert a strike.

Local 1410, which represents around 800 dock workers, has worked without a contract with CSA since 2018, when their last contract expired. Three contract offers have been voted down by union membership: one presented in 2020, one in spring 2021 and one earlier this fall. Now, as the national ILA is set to re-negotiate its “master contract” with CSA’s two parent companies, SSA Marine and Cooper/T. Smith, Bass said it was time to agree on a new local contract.

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Killexams : Executive Spotlight: CSA CEO Amy Bleken Shares Challenges & Opportunities of Leading Company Transformation From Small to Mid-Tier Business

Client Solution Architects, a digital transformation and IT services consulting firm, is positioned at a critical point in the GovCon market. After successfully graduating from the Small Business Administration program, CSA has transitioned from a small-sized business to a mid-tier organization that competes with some of GovCon’s big players.

GovCon Wire spoke with Amy Bleken, CEO of CSA, to learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing the company during this transitory period, and to get her thoughts on the solutions and policy changes that could better support small mid-tier companies in the GovCon space.

Bleken joined CSA in 2019 and became CEO when the company acquired Capstone in July 2021, and now, she’s leading the organization through its next phase of growth with the help of a newly bolstered executive leadership team.

Read below to find out what Amy Bleken has to say about CSA’s commitment to veterans, the pillars of the company’s growth roadmap, giving back to the communities they serve and more.

GovCon Wire: It’s been a year since CSA acquired Capstone and you took the helm as CEO. What are the attributes of CSA’s mission that attracted you to the role? What do you hope to accomplish at CSA? 

Amy Bleken: “What attracted me to CSA and what I hope to accomplish really are the same thing. I want CSA to deliver impactful solutions and expertise to advance our client’s mission. I think it’s an awesome privilege and responsibility to lead a company where our culture and our environment celebrates diversity, acts with integrity, inspires transparent engagement and also commits to the success of both our clients and our employees.”

GCW: With the current administration focusing heavily on small business in the federal sector, how will your company move with the market to ensure success through changes in policy and compliance into the future? 

Bleken: “I’m very passionate about this topic. I’ve had a few opportunities to speak with the Defense Acquisition University about the challenges of what it’s like to be a mid-tier company in the current acquisition space. CSA is a business that directly benefited from the Small Business Administration program, and CSA is a successful mid-sized business today because of the small business programs that were successful. 

Over time, CSA made investments in our culture, we made investments in our employees, infrastructure and even the resources to pursue new business. But all of that was put at risk the minute we became successful as a result of the small business program. 

There are many benefits and incentives for our clients to continue to do business with mid-sized companies like CSA. We have the ability to move fast and nimbly with no bureaucracy, and because of our size, CSA is able to provide our clients attention directly from our executive leadership. CSA offers some of the best technical capabilities and expertise available to our clients, but most importantly, CSA has proven our ability to perform and to deliver on large scale contracts through the receipt of outstanding CPARS. 

However, now that we are a successful mid-tier, there are too many barriers of entry for small mid-tier companies to compete for unrestricted contracts. 

Some of the recommended policy changes that have frequently been discussed in other forums are contracting officers and acquisition offices should consider using a NAICS designed for 1,000 employees. If you are a small business prime on a restricted IDIQ and you graduate, you should be automatically on-ramped to the unrestricted track. And I think that there is a scarcity of those smaller size contract solicitations. So it would benefit to keep those acquisitions in the $50 million-150 million range set aside outside of the small business program to allow for more contract competition within the mid tiers.”

GCW: What are the most significant ways that CSA is working to advance its contract bidding offerings and processes in order to drive company growth and establish itself as a big player in the GovCon sector? 

Bleken: “We recently hired Tim Spadafore and Ron “Fog” Hahn as part of our new executive leadership team, and we have spent a lot of time focusing on our growth roadmap. The three pillars of that growth map really for us are differentiated and demand-generating offerings, attracting and retaining high-functioning talent, and expanded and highly-leveraged contract vehicles. You can’t boil the ocean, you have to have focus, and those are our three focus areas. So we are now developing specific growth initiatives tied to that roadmap and establishing metrics to measure our success. In doing so, we will ensure our continued advancement and growth throughout the GovCon community.”

GCW: An important part of having strong business ethics in the federal sector is about giving back to the community. Can you speak to the various charities and work with other organizations that your company does to make a difference?

Bleken: “CSA’s community outreach program has been in place for more than 18 years. We lead several charitable endeavors, which vary from monetary donations to participation events every year, which means that we have the ability to not just serve one or two communities, but we are able to serve communities all over the globe where we have employee representation. 

For instance, when COVID-19 was ravaging our nation, we were able to partner with several food banks in the communities that we serve and have a large presence in places like San Diego, Philadelphia, the DMV and Mechanicsburg. These partnerships gave our employees a really easy and straightforward outlet for giving. Through that giving, we were also able to do a company match donation, and we all saw the impact and the result of that giving, especially in the communities that we serve. 

During the holidays, I like to think we offer a very unique way to help our employees pay it forward to the charities of their choice. We launch a 12 days of giving campaign every year that selects a random number of employees each day for 12 days. The employees receive a prize that they can either keep or that they can donate to a charity of their choice. If they choose to donate, we donate the cash value of that prize, plus we do a company match to the organization or the charity of their choice. Last year, through that giving, we were able to provide away more than $60,000 to several different charities specific to our employees and their own personal impact. 

An additional charitable success for us is witnessing our company’s culture come to life outside of the office. Living a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness has been in CSA’s DNA since its inception. In 2022, we sponsored a spring and summer 5K run/walk series that carries on the tradition of improving the quality of life for our employees through exercise and also impacts the communities that we serve. In doing this 5K run/walk series, we supported communities all over the U.S. Plus, through our employees efforts in Germany, we raised over $35,000 in the fight against cancer by organizing and participating in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. So those are just some of the ways that we’re trying to make an impact throughout all the communities we serve.” 

GCW: CSA is known for its strong commitment to our veterans — can you expand on why this core value is so important to CSA’s company culture? 

Bleken: “I am a service disabled veteran, and CSA was founded by a service disabled veteran 18 years ago. We have a long and rich history of supporting and participating in outreach events highlighting veterans and their spouses. CSA’s employee demographic is almost 50 percent veteran. The mission-centric work that CSA performs depends on the enriched and unique skill sets, experience and knowledge that only veterans can bring. We recently achieved the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Certification. This is a significant responsibility that recognizes CSA’s commitment to the veterans and military members transitioning to civilian life, so it’s a deep and active passion for CSA.” 

GCW: You mentioned your Army service. Can you talk about how your military experience has shaped your executive leadership style and values and prepared you for an impactful career delivering mission solutions to military customers?

Bleken: “I joined the Army at 17, and it exposed me at a very young and impressionable age to the discipline and impact of the Army core values. I learned the true meaning of character, confidence and commitment, and I believe these truly laid the foundation for my personal values in action today. As a CEO who is responsible for delivering impactful solutions and expertise every day to clients around the world, I am reminded that CSA’s own core values of integrity, diversity, transparency and commitment reflect really what I learned in basic training so many years ago. I think that’s the foundation that has to be set to do what we do every day.” 

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