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BTA Certified Blockchain Security Professional
Blockchain Professional questions

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Question: 11
The Bitcoin hack demonstrated that there are circumstances in which the principles of blockchain must be violated to
protect the blockchain.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Question: 12
Blockchain technology is designated to be self-contained with no interaction with external components.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
Question: 13
Which types of network attacks focus on partitioning the blockchain network? Select all that apply
A. Eclipse
B. Sybil
C. Denial of Service
D. Routing
Answer: A,B,C
Question: 14
Both sidechains and slate channels rely on the original blockchain for security and as a fallback if issues occur.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
Question: 15
In both blockchain and DAG-based distributed ledgers, the trust in all transactions that are part of the ledger Increases
as additional transactions are added to the ledger.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Question: 16
Properly encrypted data stored in the distributed ledger adequately protects data in both the short-term and the long-
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Question: 17
Which of the following is NOT a common regulatory requirement tor businesses?
A. Data transparency
B. Data encryption
C. Personal data protection
D. Data control
Answer: A
Question: 18
Which of the following biockchains uses a channel-focused architectural design?
A. Hyperledger
B. Corda
C. Ethereum
Answer: A
Question: 19
The code of smart contracts that are "self-destructed" is no longer visible to the blockchain network
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
Question: 20
Malware infections of blockchain nodes can compromise the security of the blockchain's consensus algorithm.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Question: 21
Sidechains can benefit the mainchain in what ways? Select all that apply
A. Speed
B. Functionality
C. Scalability
D. Security
Answer: B,C
Question: 22
Which of the following blockchains has a built-in consensus algorithm?
A. Ethereum
B. Corda
C. Hyperledger
Answer: A
Question: 23
Compromising blockchain accounts is beneficial to which of the following types ot attacks?
A. 51% Attack
B. Eclipse Attack
C. Routing Attack
D. Sybil Attack
E. All of the above
Answer: D
Question: 24
In which of the following attacks targeting Proof of Stake does an attacker create a divergent chain and race to make
their chain longer than the real chain?
A. Selfish Mining Attack
B. Long-Range Attack
C. Double-Spend Attack
D. 51% Attack
Answer: B
Question: 25
Spinning up a large number of temporary mining servers is likely part of what type of attack?
A. Routing
B. Denial of Service
C. Sybil
D. Eclipse
Answer: C
Question: 26
In which blockchain consensus algorithm does a user pay (give up coin forever) to participate in consensus?
A. Proof of Burn
B. Proof of Work
C. Proof of Stake
D. Proof of Activity
E. None of the above
Answer: A
Question: 27
Which of the following is designed to allow someone to prove they know a secret without revealing it?
A. Confidential Transaction
B. Ring Signature
C. Zero-Knowledge Proof
D. Stealth Address
Answer: C
Question: 28
Which algorithm was adopted by Bitcoin's creator for use as a consensus mechanism?
A. Proof of Stake
B. Proof of Space
C. Proof of Work
D. Proof of Activity
Answer: C
Question: 29
This demo code is vulnerable to which of the following attacks? Select all that apply.
A. Reentrancy
B. Unchecked Return Values
C. Arithmetic
D. Race Conditions
Answer: A,B,D
Question: 30
If an attacker can find two values that hash to the same output what is it called?
A. Match
B. Intersection
C. Collision
D. Correlation
Answer: C

Blockchain Professional questions - BingNews Search results Blockchain Professional questions - BingNews Crypto for Advisors: Digital Assets in 2024 No result found, try new keyword!With a spotlight on bitcoin and other digital assets, a looming U.S. spot bitcoin ETF approval and rising client interest, it may be time to start considering adoption for your practice. We understand ... Thu, 04 Jan 2024 02:45:00 -0600 en-us text/html Blockchain Professionals Share 2024 Outlook: Crypto Payments, Bitcoin ETFs, Global Expansion Are Focus Areas

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Blockchain, Web3 And GenAI: The Tech Superheroes Of Today

Neelima is an Author of 'Climb, Lead, Succeed' | Cofounder of Spectrum North | Tech Exec & a tireless advocate for women in technology.

Web3, blockchain and generative AI are all generating a lot of buzz these days. They are like our superheroes of the tech industry, each with their own unique set of abilities.

Consider Web3 to be an interesting platform that enables us to conduct business online without relying too heavily on major corporations. It's more like a group of friends collaborating than a single boss. It keeps everything secure and ensures that no one tampers with our digital data.

Blockchain is similar to a very secure diary that no one can change after you write in it. It's great for keeping important records safe and prevents tampering.

And let us not forget GenAI—it's like having a wonderful doctor who understands your body so well that they know exactly what medicine or therapy you need. It learns, adapts and assists us.

These superheroes, however, have challenges. That is where we come in, working together to ensure they are used in the best, safest and most equitable ways possible.

All of these great technologies are working together to present us with a whole new internet experience. They are altering our digital conversations, making them more secure, intelligent and interesting. It's as if you've entered a whole new digital universe filled with opportunities.

Organizations, in my experience, have used this technology to upgrade their processes, enhancing efficiency and security. For example, using blockchain in supply chain management increases transparency and addresses fake products. Similarly, AI-driven algorithms have dramatically improved client experiences by personalizing services.

Let us look at various Web3, Blockchain, and GenAI use cases, benefits, strengths, challenges and remedies.

Certification Verification Using Blockchain

BlockCerts is an open standard developed by Learning Machine (now owned by Hyland Software) for generating, issuing and verifying blockchain-based certifications. According to TechCrunch, "Institutions like MIT can cryptographically sign a credential and place it on the blockchain, then another person (say an employer) can use the BlockCerts app to verify that the credential is valid."

Blockchain technology secures your educational credentials with an unbreakable cover, ensuring their strength and confidentiality against tampering. This enables your certifications to be universally accepted at any educational institution or profession, constantly trusted and easily confirmed. Furthermore, it is a lightning-fast technique, allowing institutions and businesses to independently check the authenticity of your qualifications without the need for third-party support.

It can be challenging to keep personal data confidential while using blockchain for certification verification. Blockchains are fantastic for openness, but they may expose sensitive information. One remedy is to utilize privacy-focused technology such as encryption or specific proofs. These techniques aid in the verification of credentials without revealing personal information, keeping things secure and confidential.

The Web3 Revolution

Web3 is revolutionizing various industries by offering decentralized, secure and user-centric solutions. Companies in the education business, such as Hyland Credentials, use Web3 to securely store and validate educational credentials on a blockchain. This facilitates the verification of credentials for businesses and institutions while also reducing fraud.

The user experience and accessibility of Web3 technology is one of the major challenges. For the ordinary user, the difficulty of dealing with decentralized applications (dApps) and managing cryptographic keys can be intimidating. Improving user interfaces and providing user-friendly technologies are critical solutions to remedy this.

Another key obstacle to Web3 technology is scalability and performance. As more users join the network and demand rises, congestion and slower transaction times may result. Various scaling strategies are being explored to remedy this matter. Layer-two solutions, such as state channels (as used in Bitcoin's Lightning Network or Ethereum's Raiden Network), enable off-chain transactions, lowering the pressure on the main chain and enhancing scalability.

GenAI's Customer Care Chatbots

Zendesk provides AI-powered chatbots that interface with its customer service platform, giving real-time support and automating responses to frequently asked questions. Zendesk's integration of AI-powered chatbots within its customer service platform provides numerous advantages. It improves customer satisfaction by offering real-time help and automating solutions to frequently requested queries, resulting in faster response times and around-the-clock assistance.

The capacity to employ advanced AI algorithms for natural language processing, allowing for tailored and context-aware interactions, is one of its benefits. The necessity for ongoing improvement to ensure accurate results, as well as potential restrictions in answering complicated queries, are problems. Continuous learning and training of AI models, providing a robust knowledge base, and supplementing with human support when appropriate are all remedies.

These intelligent assistants occasionally require upgrades to ensure that they provide the correct responses. It's difficult to teach them everything. To keep them performing well, we need to teach them more and ensure that they are doing things correctly.


Web3, Blockchain and GenAI are surely technological superpowers in today’s era. They work together to make the internet safer and smarter. The blockchain secures certificates, making them extremely reliable. These heroes require our assistance to be used responsibly, but they are altering the digital world for the better.

Remember that, while these technologies have huge promise, staying informed and identifying practical uses related to your hobbies or business goals is key to making the most of them.

Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. Do I qualify?

Tue, 26 Dec 2023 20:30:00 -0600 Neelima Mangal en text/html
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Student Coin Launches the STC.University - A New Era in Web3 Education No result found, try new keyword!WARSAW, POLAND / ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2023 / STC.University is an innovative educational platform developed by Student Coin, dedicated to the evolving world of blockchain technology. Wed, 20 Dec 2023 16:24:00 -0600

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