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OMG Certified pdf
Killexams : OMG Certified pdf - BingNews Search results Killexams : OMG Certified pdf - BingNews Killexams : OMG! Sunny's Become A Ghost!

Tabu-Ajay promote Drishyam 2... Alaya goes to Marrakech... Dia cuddles a hippo...

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sunny Leone/Instagram

Sunny Leone reveals her look in the horror comedy, Oh My Ghost.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Tabu/Instagram

Tabu and Ajay Devgn can't stop giggling at the Drishyam 2 media interaction.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Anurag Kashyap/Instagram

Alaya F and Karan Mehta's Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat, directed by Anurag Kashyap, will have its world premiere at the Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sara Jane Dias/Instagram

Sarah Jane Dias walks the streets of London and writes, 'Very proud of how this outfit turned out... and oh yea, the lights are kinda pretty too...'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Mira Kapoor/Instagram

Mira Kapoor enjoys Fall in New York.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Laxmi Raai/Instagram

Guess where Laxmi Raai is holidaying?

Photograph: Kind courtesy Dia Mirza/Instagram

Dia Mirza shares a throwback pic from the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation in Assam.

'Happy 25th Birthday @wildlifetrustofindia These images are from my first visit to the CWRC in Assam along with you @vivek4wild. Having known you and worked with you now for 7 years i just want to say your existence helps Improve the lives of many more than you can imagine. Including mine! I am richer for calling you my own.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sunny Deol/Instagram

Sunny Deol with mum Prakash Kaur in Goa.

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Killexams : OMG? Oh My Grill! Local Plates & Affordable Prices

Hawaii’s Kitchen is on the road at a Pearl Kai Shopping Center with a restaurant that will have you saying “OMG”. Oh My Grill is a relatively new, but very popular restaurant in Honolulu for local style plate lunches and meals. The locally owned and operated restaurant serves up local staples like hamburger steak with savory gravy all over, crispy and juicy chicken katsu, or a good old mixed plate with all of the fixings. JJ Lee, owner of Oh My Grill, shared all of the details on their great, new location! 

Some of the menu items are exclusive to each of their locations. The Pearl Kai location serves fresh fruit, smoothies, Italian gelato, ice cream, Boba, tea, and some Hawaii-inspired specialty drinks. 

For more details, visit

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Killexams : Object Management Group Wins Prestigious Award

CubeSat System Reference Model lowers satellite development costs, improves quality

BOSTON, MA, Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, international technology standards organization Object Management Group® (OMG®) today announced announced that the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) has selected the winning team for the Lt General Thomas R. Ferguson Systems Engineering Excellence Group Award.  That team is OMG’s Space Domain Task Force, the INCOSE Space Systems Working Group, Dassault 3DS, and Orbital Transports, which developed a CubeSat System Reference ModelTM (CSRMTM).

A CubeSat is a low-cost, standardized satellite for secondary payloads often deployed from the International Space Station or ride share opportunities. The CSRM Logical Model, based on OMG’s System Modeling Language (SysML™), will help international academic, commercial, and government organizations and manufacturers lower development costs and increase the quality of CubeSat spacecraft.

Orbital Transports (not an OMG member) downloaded OMG’s CSRM Logical Model to a physical model, and created a CubeSat Ontology Library, Mission Architecture, and a SmallSat Sub-Systems Catalog to build a CubeSat for launch.

“Developing the CubeSat Systems Reference Model resulted from outstanding cooperation among modeling experts from OMG’s Space Domain Task Force and Architecture Board, INCOSE’s Space Systems Working Group, and OMG member Dassault. That Orbital Transports could create a physical model after downloading the beta-model from OMG’s website attests to the openness and continued success of OMG specification standards,” said Steve MacLaird, OMG’s SVP. “When the CubSat launches next March, it will prove that open standards work, and that modeling saves time and money.”

To date, universities and government entities worldwide have been downloading and exploring the benefits of the standard.

Established in 2003, the NDIA Lt General Thomas R. Ferguson Systems Engineering Excellence Group Award honors the memory of Lt Gen Thomas R. Ferguson, Jr., USAF. His leadership embodied the highest ideals in the development and deployment of defense systems.

About OMG

The Object Management Group® (OMG®) is an international, open membership, not-for-profit technology standards consortium. With government, industry, and academia representation, OMG Task Forces develop enterprise integration standards for a wide range of technologies and an even more comprehensive range of industries. OMG's modeling standards enable robust visual design, execution, and maintenance of software and other processes. Visit for more information.

Note to editors: Object Management Group and OMG are registered trademarks of the Object Management Group. For a listing of all OMG trademarks, visit All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Karen Quatromoni Object Management Group SDO 978-855-0412
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Killexams : OMG, a Right-Wing Jerk Can Buy Twitter! Media Concentration Matters

It’s more than a bit bizarre that until Elon Musk bought Twitter, most policy types apparently did not see a risk that huge platforms like Facebook and Twitter could be controlled by people with a clear political agenda. While just about everyone had some complaints about the moderation of these and other commonly used platforms, they clearly were not pushing Fox News style nonsense.

With Elon Musk in charge, that may no longer be true. Musk has indicated his fondness for racists and anti-Semites, and made it clear that they are welcome on his new toy. He also is apparently good with right-wing kooks making up stories about everything from Paul Pelosi to Covid vaccines. (Remember, with Section 230 protection, Musk cannot be sued for defaming individuals and companies by mass-marketing lies, only the originators face any legal liability.)

If the hate and lies aren’t enough to make Twitter unattractive to the reality-based community, the right-wing crazies are putting together their lists of people to be purged. We don’t know who they will come up with, and what qualifies in their mind for banishment. We also don’t know whether the self-proclaimed free speech absolutist Elon Musk will go along, but there certainly is a risk that Musk will want to keep his friends happy.

In that case, Twitter may go the way of Truth Social and Parlor, which would be unfortunate, but probably better than having a massive social media platform subject to Elon Musk’s whims. But we should still be asking how we can get in a situation where one right-wing jerk can have so much power?

The Problem of Media Concentration Is Not New

The Musk problem is hardly new. After all, Rupert Murdoch has been broadcasting his imaginary world to the country for decades, highlighting pressing national issues like the War on Christmas and President Obama’s tan suit.

But the problem goes well beyond Murdoch. Media outlets are owned and controlled by rich people and/or large corporations. They exist first and foremost to make money. While there are some cases where owners may genuinely have a commitment to using their news outlet to serve the public, for example the Sulzberger family, which has controlled the New York Times for more than a century, these are the exceptions.

And, even with the exceptions, their perception of the public good is an extremely wealthy person’s perception of the public good. That may not be the same as the perception of an average working person struggling to get by.

As far as the for-profit enterprises, news outlets have to be concerned about getting advertising. That may make them less likely to report news that will reflect poorly on major advertisers. That means things like both-siding the role of the fossil fuel industry in global warming, or downplaying the windfall that corporations got from Trump’s 2017 tax cut.

This ownership structure could reasonably cause us to question the neutrality of news from outlets like CNN (owned by AT&T), ABC (owned by Disney), or NBC (owned by GE). But Musk’s takeover of Twitter takes the problem a step further. The viewership of each of the networks’ news shows numbers in the single digit millions. Twitter has almost 80 million active users in the United States. This means it matters much more if Twitter is taken over by a right-wing jerk than your average television network.

Alternatives to Corporate Control

Even though the media are incredibly important in shaping people’s view of the world, there has been remarkably little attention to the issue from most liberals or progressives. There are some small, and poorly funded, organizations, like Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting and Media Matters, which do focus on the issue. And there are a few prominent intellectuals who have written on the topic, like Rick McChesney, Dan Froomkin, and Jay Rosen, but for the most part the issue of media control gets little attention from the left of center.

Ironically, campaign finance reform, which is almost certainly an exercise in futility given accurate Supreme Court rulings, gets far more attention. The absurdity of the focus on campaign finance reform should be apparent to anyone who gives the issue a moment’s thought.

Suppose through some miracle Congress passed, and the Supreme Court upheld, a bill that limited billionaires’ abilities to buy political ads for their favorite candidate. Is anything going to stop these billionaires from buying up newspapers and television stations and running the ads supporting their favored candidates as news stories?

There is no remotely satisfying answer to that question, and it is ridiculous that campaign finance reformers haven’t recognized this fact. Limiting campaign spending by rich people will do nothing if we don’t do something to limit their ability to influence public opinion through the media.

Fortunately, there are some ideas for challenging the control the rich have on the media. The basic story is that we are not going to be able to prevent the rich from buying and owning media outlets. Instead, we will have to go the other way and allow the non-rich to have a voice.[1]

The idea is that we can deliver every person some amount of money (e.g. $100 to $200) to support the media outlet(s), or possibly a broader category of creative workers, of their choice. This system could be modelled along the lines of the charitable contribution tax deduction, where the government draws out general conditions for being eligible to receive the funds.

This means that the government specifies the types of organizations that can qualify to receive the funds. In the case of the charitable deduction, an organization has to indicate that it’s a church, or it provides food for the poor, or does something else that qualifies it to be a charitable organization.

The government doesn’t try to determine whether it’s a good church or whether the food it provides is high quality, the only question is whether the organization does what it claims. A similar policy could be applied to the recipients of funds allocated through this system. (In my view, I would make not getting copyright protection a condition of getting funding – the government gives you one subsidy, not two – but that is the sort of issue that could be resolved down the road.)

This sort of system could provide a large amount of money to sustain media organizations that are not owned by rich people. For example, if the credit were $200, and 10 million people chose to support a specific television network with their full credit, the organization would have $2 billion a year to cover its operating expenses. That is roughly equal to CNN’s annual operating revenue.

This credit could create enormous opportunities for the non-rich to finance newspapers/websites, television stations and other outlets that could compete with the current ones owned and controlled by billionaires. This path also has the great benefit that it could put adopted piecemeal, with states and even local governments, giving their residents the opportunity to support new types of news outlets.

If enough people could gain support for this type of program, they could get a more progressive state, like California or Massachusetts to pave the way, or a city like San Francisco or Seattle. Just as the movement for a higher minimum wage has spread from successes in these places, the same could happen with a tax credit system to support alternative media.

Fun with Elon Musk and Twitter

Even if it proves to be possible to advance a tax credit system to support alternatives to the billionaires’ media, we still have the problem of massive platforms like Facebook and Twitter being owned by rich people, who can essentially do what they want in accordance with their whims. The big problem here is the issue of network effects.

The idea of network effects is that people benefit from being part of a massive network, since they want to be able to see what a large number of other people are posting, and they may hope that a large number of people will see what they post. These effects can be exaggerated. For example, the overwhelming majority of users will never have their Facebook pages or Twitter posts viewed by more than a small number of people. Nonetheless, they are real. This makes it hard to dislodge a Facebook or Twitter, once it has become dominant.

One route to go is to make the playing field less hospitable to large platforms. This can be done by removing Section 230 protections for websites that either sell advertising or personal information. This means that the big platforms could be held liable for defamatory material that they circulated over their platform.

In this scenario, if election deniers wrote posts on Twitter saying that Dominion voting machines had switched votes from Trump to Biden, Elon Musk could be sued by Dominion for defamation, just as Fox News is now being sued. The same would apply to the vaccine deniers claiming that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have killed huge numbers of people.

Taking away Section 230 protection from these platforms would not just help large actors. As it stands now, if some racist asshole started posting on their Facebook page that a restaurant owned by Blacks or Asians had poisoned their family and sent them to the hospital, the restaurant owner would have no legal recourse against Facebook. They could sue the racist, who may not have much money, but they could not even force Facebook to take down the post.

By contrast, if a television station or newspaper had allowed the person to speak or printed a letter to the editor along the same lines, they would face liability. They could be forced to issue a correction to avoid being named in a defamation suit.

There are clearly complications with going this route. A platform with billions of posts daily could not be expected to monitor posts in advance for potentially defamatory material. This problem has been solved (imperfectly) with copyright, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), by requiring platforms to remove violating material in a timely manner after being notified by the copyright holder.

There could be a similar requirement for Internet sites. The evidence from the DMCA is that websites are overly cautious and err on the side of removing material even when the claim of violation is extremely weak. That may also prove to be the case with Internet platforms like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to allegedly defamatory material, but that is in part the point.

Part of the point of removing Section 230 protection from sites that rely on advertising or selling personal information is to put them at a disadvantage relative to sites that rely on subscriptions or donations to stay in business. In that case, people could count on posting material on a smaller site that might be removed by Facebook or Twitter. This would deliver sites operating on an alternative model a large advantage relative to the current Internet giants.

In any case, taking away Section 230 protection would clearly raise costs for the major Internet platforms. Given that Twitter was already struggling even before Elon Musk took it over, this sort of increase in costs would clearly be a serious blow.

Undoubtedly, changing the law on Section 230 protection would hurt some other sites as well. While some could probably switch over to a subscription model relatively easily, others may find it difficult. Sites will of course develop new modes of operation. For example, a site like Airbnb could require users to sign away their right to sue for defamation as a condition of usage.

As a practical matter, it is impossible to certain that there will be no negative outcomes from this change, just as is true of every policy that actually does anything in the world. The question is whether some number of sites either being seriously downsized, or going out of business altogether, is a price worth paying to prevent rich jerks from being able to operate huge platforms according to their whims.

To my view, it would be worth the price, but your mileage may vary. In any case, it is distressing to see we are now in a situation where this is the reality, not just a hypothetical. It speaks volumes about the quality of intellectual debate in this country, that this possibility apparently caught so many of our leading policy types by surprise.


[1] I also discuss this in chapter 5 of Rigged (it’s free).

This first appeared on Dean Baker’s Beat the Press blog. 

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Killexams : Holiday Baskets from OMG! Gifts

ST. LOUIS — Looking for the perfect gift to send to your special someone this holiday season?! OMG! Gift Baskets has officially launched their Holiday line. The customizable, personalized boxes are the perfect option for those looking to spread the Christmas cheer. 

Tuesday morning, CEO & Founder, Angela Brown, joined Mary in the Show Me studio. Be sure to add these creative gifts for all those on the nice lists! 

Tue, 15 Nov 2022 06:16:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : Airbnb OMG! Fund winner in Austin to receive $100K to build pig sanctuary

The top 100 aspiring designers, architects, DIYers and makers were selected to bring their crazy Airbnb ideas to life as part of Airbnb's $10,000,000 USD OMG! Fund.

AUSTIN, Texas — From tens of thousands of entries from around the world, 100 aspiring designers, architects, DIYers and makers from more than 20 countries and regions have been chosen to bring their unique space ideas to life as part of the $10,000,000 Airbnb OMG! Fund.

One of those winners includes Tracey Stabile, director of the Central Texas Pig Rescue (CTPR) in Austin. Due to the win, Stabile and Dan Illescas, founder of Central Texas Pig Rescue, will receive up to $100,000 to make their creation possible. Over the course of the next 10 months, they will design, construct and outfit the space to be guest-ready by summer 2023.

"Basically the OMG! Fund contest was a way for people to be really playful and kind of invent a really cool dwelling that would be something that's totally notable to people and be a destination," said Stabile.

Stabile said Airbnb left all of the freedom of creativity up to them. They went through several rounds of design and planning and review.

"Each step of the way, we were like, 'We're one step closer.' It was very exciting. Just getting those emails at each milestone and seeing that we were actually contenders in this contest. Then the fact that we, of course, won and now we're going to be able to build this amazing thing that we absolutely never would have been able to build under other circumstances. It's just an amazing opportunity," stated Stabile.

Stabile said she wanted to build something that was a little bit unpredictable and wanted to avoid some of the shapes that people might expect. The current pig sanctuary in Smithville, about 45 minutes outside of Austin, is home to over 200 pigs that were saved from abandonment. The sanctuary houses a mix of all different types of pigs, mostly potbellied pigs, and is 100% volunteer run and 100% donation based. 

Credit: Central Texas Pig Rescue

The project will be on the Smithville's property hilltop meadow. Guests who book the Airbnb property will have a semi-private access driveway and a rooftop deck overlooking beautiful sunsets over the Oakwood Ridge neighborhood. 

Credit: Central Texas Pig Rescue

"One of the unique features about the entire property and about the structure itself is that it will be 100% off-grid. So it's going to be powered by our off-grid solar system. We're actually not connected to the electric grid. I think it'll be a cool experience for people to disconnect with the real world and come out and connect with animals and connect with nature," said Stabile.

According to Stabile, the project will most likely start in January. They are currently waiting for the funding to come through. The entire sanctuary has to be finished and listed on Airbnb by Aug. 1 of next year.  

Going into the winter season, the Central Texas pig sanctuary says this is tough time for them to care for all their pigs. If you would like to donate to help CTPR, donations can be made here

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Killexams : OMG, LLC Announces the Recognition of Thomas von Strong, Strategic Account Manager, with the MSMA Shining Star Award

OMG, LLC continues its commitment to the mailing community and industry at large.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Onsite Management Group was established in 1992 as a professional outsourcing services organization specializing in Mailroom Management Services, Print/Copy, Document Scanning and Imaging, Logistics/Courier Management, Supplies Management, Switchboard, Reception Area Operation, and other professional office services.

Onsite Management Group, LLC (PRNewsfoto/Onsite Management Group)

OMG, LLC have announced today the recognition of Thomas von Strong as an exemplary professional in the postal industry and the deserving recipient of the Shining Star Award.

Thomas is a Strategic Account Manager who fulfills his daily roles in the California Valley region. He was nominated for the Shining Star Award by manager George Satiah, who is the National Customer Success Director at OMG, LLC.

As someone with a wealth of experience providing guidance to teams and delegating responsibilities, George noted his admiration of Thomas's leadership skills. George had this to say, "Thomas is an extraordinarily productive manager who consistently strives to go above and beyond to exceed all expectations. He sets priorities that are not limited to scope and contractual obligations. Whatever matters to the client, matters to Thomas. He has a 'What Else Can We Do For You' mentality and puts on many hats to find solutions that deliver benefits to the client."

It is clear that Thomas consistently strives to go the extra mile, which makes all the difference in the superior experiences he is able to bring to clients. When asked about how Thomas has impacted the success of his operation, George explained that "Thomas has contributed significantly to many positive changes that have added value in OMG's relationship with the client."

George went on to praise Thomas's initiative in identifying opportunities to build and strengthen internal partnerships as well as develop new processes to deliver efficiency and additional savings in the site operations. George adds that Thomas has gone above and beyond by even making "key recommendations to Improve service quality by ending redundant processes that no longer add value" to the daily operations of OMG. Thomas's wisdom and willingness to share his ideas that help optimize efficiency are greatly appreciated.

In his glowing nomination of Thomas for the Shining Star Award, George went into detail about how Thomas has shown significant personal growth during his time with OMG in both a personal and professional capacity. George praised Thomas's efforts in this respect, saying, "He takes every opportunity to develop his knowledge and skills. Within the past few months of this year, he has been certified as a Mailpiece Design Consultant (MDC) and Office Service Professionals Certification (OSPC) by the National Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA), and has taken additional courses to earn certification in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. He has grown rapidly in his knowledge and is highly regarded by the client as a reliable SME."

Moreover, Thomas's contributions to OMG, LLC extend even beyond client interactions. He is also an exemplary employee who his colleagues enjoy being around. In George's words, Thomas exemplifies "servant leadership" by "practic[ing] what he preaches". George proudly shared that Thomas personally trains every member on his team with passion, pride, and dedication to excellence. Because of this attention to detail, all new members who work under Thomas are given the proper tools to perform their job duties with clear understanding, honed skills, and the confidence to succeed in performing those responsibilities.

Additionally, Thomas cares about the personal development and growth of the individuals on his team, motivating and encouraging them continuously to excel in their core duties and always aspire to personal improvement goals. In this way, George affirms, Thomas shows a positive team spirit attitude and lifts up those around him.

Thomas's work ethic, dedication to constant improvement, supportive behavior, and repeated valued contributions to both the clients and the overall culture and operations of OMG are recognized by his managers and colleagues alike.

Lastly, Thomas has also made great strides in one specific area that deserves extra celebration. One of George's primary reasons for nominating Thomas for this award was Thomas's role in encouraging the implementation of personal protection equipment (PPE) use and safety procedures. George had this to say, "In his position, Thomas has been actively engaged in the storage and distribution of critical PPE equipment and supplies for the client from the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic." Thomas manages courier services and has taken extra care to ensure that his team adheres to strict protocols and safety guidelines in the transportation and distribution of much needed critical supplies to support the client's internal system.

OMG, LLC is incredibly proud to have Thomas as a team member. As the Shining Star Award is given to those who have shown exemplary contributions within the postal industry, Thomas is more than worthy of this honor.

For more information, contact Tony Fink, President of Onsite Management Group, at or (502) 515-7680, or go to our website at


View original content to get multimedia:

SOURCE Onsite Management Group

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Killexams : ‘OMG, what is this?’: Australian Instagram users react to new feature

Instagram notes have a limit of 60 characters.

“That many influencers on Instagram post pictures that they’ve highly edited and taken four days ago. I think Instagram needs more authenticity because there is not enough of it.

“It reminds me of MSN messenger and old Facebook statuses.”

Another user, Abdul Yusuf agreed and said the similarity to the Microsoft instant messaging app that was popular in the 2000s was uncanny.

“On MSN messenger you had your profile picture and right next to it was your ‘personal message’,” said Yusuf.

“I would encourage people to have a look at the old images of MSN, the similarities are uncanny.”

Instagram has been known to take inspiration from other social media platforms. Namely, its “Stories” feature was similar to those already on Snapchat, and its “Reels” came shortly after the widespread success of TikTok.

For Gen-Z Instagram users who were too young for MSN messenger like Tara Aksentijevic, the notes feature is lacklustre.

“It’s a bit pointless and unnecessary,” said the 17-year-old. “They could have fixed other issues instead of adding new features. I don’t think people are going to use it for long.”

Notes only remain live for 24 hours.

Associate professor and social scientist Lauren Rosewarne from the University of Melbourne said it’s no coincidence the change has come as many Twitter users threaten to leave the platform after its acquisition by billionaire Elon Musk.

“It doesn’t feel accidental,” Rosewarne said.

“The idea of a status update with a limited number of characters is coming at a time when we will see a bit of an exodus from Twitter as a result of Elon Musk’s ownership.”

Rosewarne also said Meta is especially good at making its products multifunctional and keeping users on them.

“It’s an attempt to get you to stay at their house, rather than going off and using other platforms, because, as we know, part of the business model of these platforms is to get you to stay as long as possible,” she said.


“It could also potentially be to create an incentive to spend more time in your DMs as well.”

The update comes as Meta said it would lay off more than 11,000 employees, just over a tenth of its global workforce, after a collapse in revenue.

However, for some loyal users of the app, notes is a positive change that has created more room for conversations.

“It’s definitely opened communication with friends that I’ve not spoken to in a while, especially the funny ones,” said Subritzky.

It is unclear whether Instagram notes will become a permanent feature of the app.

Make the most of your health, relationships, fitness and nutrition with our Live Well newsletter. Get it in your inbox every Monday.

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Killexams : NewJeans to release new single album ‘OMG’ in January 2023

NewJeans will be making their first comeback in January with their debut single album, ‘OMG’.

Earlier today (November 10), HYBE’s independent label ADOR announced via the rookie girl group’s social media that NewJeans are slated to return with new music this winter. The four-piece will be dropping their first-ever single album, titled ‘OMG’, on January 2, 2023.

NewJeans will also be unveiling a special pre-release single on December 19, ahead of the single album’s full release. The as-yet-untitled track was described by ADOR to be a song “prepared for [the group’s] first winter with Bunnies (NewJeans’ official fanbase)”.

Additional specifics about the pre-release single and ‘OMG”s tracklist remain scarce at the time of publication, however, more information is expected in the weeks leading up to their release.

In a brief statement to SBS StarADOR CEO Min Hee-jin told press: “If the debut album showcased NewJeans’ summer, this single album will be one that showcases NewJeans’ winter.”

The impending release of NewJeans’ new material marks the band’s first music since they officially debuted with their first, self-titled mini-album ‘New Jeans’ in August. The four-track record featured the songs ‘Attention’, ‘Hype Boy’, ‘Hurt’ and ‘Cookie’, all of which received video treatments in late July before they were officially released on streaming platforms.

Comprising members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haein and Hyein, NewJeans were awarded three stars in a review of their debut project by NME’s Carmen Chin, who wrote that the quintet have “managed to lay some solid groundwork for a bright future as trailblazers”.

In a past interview with KoreaJoongAng Daily, Min revealed that some within HYBE Labels believed her concept for the group had been “plain” and lacked “public appeal”. “But I didn’t care. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do, and I was confident with the music I chose,” she said.

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BAGUILD-CBA-LVL1-100 exam dump and training guide direct download
Training Exams List