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AngularJS AngularJS

Exam: AngularJS

Exam Details:
- Number of Questions: The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and coding exercises.
- Time: Candidates are given a specified amount of time to complete the exam.

Course Outline:
The AngularJS course is designed to provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the AngularJS framework for building dynamic web applications. The course outline includes the following topics:

1. Introduction to AngularJS
- Overview of AngularJS and its features
- Understanding the AngularJS architecture
- Setting up the development environment

2. AngularJS Basics
- AngularJS expressions and data binding
- Directives and their usage
- Controllers and scope management

3. Modules and Dependency Injection
- Creating and managing AngularJS modules
- Understanding dependency injection
- Using services and providers

4. Templates and Views
- Working with AngularJS templates
- Using ngRoute for routing and navigation
- Handling form input and validation

5. Directives and Components
- Creating custom directives
- Building reusable components
- Understanding the directive lifecycle

6. Services and HTTP Communication
- Working with built-in AngularJS services
- Making HTTP requests with $http service
- Handling data using promises

7. Advanced Concepts
- Understanding the digest cycle
- Using filters and pipes
- Implementing animations and transitions

Exam Objectives:
The AngularJS exam aims to assess candidates' understanding of the AngularJS framework and their ability to develop web applications using AngularJS. The exam objectives include:

1. Understanding the key concepts and features of AngularJS.
2. Demonstrating proficiency in AngularJS expressions, data binding, and directives.
3. Building and organizing AngularJS modules.
4. Implementing routing and navigation using ngRoute.
5. Creating custom directives and components.
6. Working with services and making HTTP requests.
7. Applying advanced concepts such as filters, animations, and transitions.

Exam Syllabus:
The exam syllabus covers the following topics:

- Introduction to AngularJS
- Overview of AngularJS and its features
- Understanding the AngularJS architecture
- Setting up the development environment

- AngularJS Basics
- AngularJS expressions and data binding
- Directives and their usage
- Controllers and scope management

- Modules and Dependency Injection
- Creating and managing AngularJS modules
- Understanding dependency injection
- Using services and providers

- Templates and Views
- Working with AngularJS templates
- Using ngRoute for routing and navigation
- Handling form input and validation

- Directives and Components
- Creating custom directives
- Building reusable components
- Understanding the directive lifecycle

- Services and HTTP Communication
- Working with built-in AngularJS services
- Making HTTP requests with $http service
- Handling data using promises

- Advanced Concepts
- Understanding the digest cycle
- Using filters and pipes
- Implementing animations and transitions
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Section 1: Sec One (1 to 50)
Details:This section provides a huge collection of Angularjs Interview Questions with their
answers hidden in a box to challenge you to have a go at them before discovering the correct
Question: 1
What is AngularJS?
AngularJS is a framework to build large scale and high performance web application while
keeping them as easy-to-maintain. Following are the features of AngularJS framework.
AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript based development framework to create RICH Internet
Application (RIA).
AngularJS provides developers options to write client side application (using JavaScript) in a
clean MVC (Model View Controller) way.
Application written in AngularJS is cross-browser compliant. AngularJS automatically handles
JavaScript code suitable for each browser.
AngularJS is open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the
world. It is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0.
Question: 2
What is data binding in AngularJS?
Data binding is the automatic synchronization of data between model and view components. ng
model directive is used in data binding.
Question: 3
What is scope in AngularJS?
Scopes are objects that refer to the model. They act as glue between controller and view.
Question: 4
What are the controllers in AngularJS?
Controllers are JavaScript functions that are bound to a particular scope. They are the prime
actors in AngularJS framework and carry functions to operate on data and decide which view is
to be updated to show the updated model based data.
Question: 5
What are the services in AngularJS?
AngularJS come with several built-in services. For example $http service is used to make
XMLHttpRequests (Ajax calls). Services are singleton objects which are instantiated only once
in app.
Question: 6
What are the filters in AngularJS?
Filters select a subset of items from an array and return a new array. Filters are used to show
filtered items from a list of items based on defined criteria.
Question: 7
Explain directives in AngularJS.
Directives are markers on DOM elements (such as elements, attributes, css, and more). These
can be used to create custom HTML tags that serve as new, custom widgets. AngularJS has built-
in directives (ng-bind, ng-model, etc) to perform most of the task that developers have to do.
Question: 8
Explain templates in AngularJS.
Templates are the rendered view with information from the controller and model. These can be a
single file (like index.html) or multiple views in one page using "partials".
Question: 9
What is routing in AngularJS?
It is concept of switching views. AngularJS based controller decides which view to render based
on the business logic.
Question: 10
What is deep linking in AngularJS?
Deep linking allows you to encode the state of application in the URL so that it can be
bookmarked. The application can then be restored from the URL to the same state.
Question: 11
What are the advantages of AngularJS?
Following are the advantages of AngularJS.
AngularJS provides capability to create Single Page Application in a very clean and maintainable
AngularJS provides data binding capability to HTML thus giving user a rich and responsive
AngularJS code is unit testable.
AngularJS uses dependency injection and make use of separation of concerns.
AngularJS provides reusable components.
With AngularJS, developer writes less code and gets more functionality.
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The Ultimate Financial Stress Test for Hollywood

After the calamities of the dual strikes, industry heavyweights are adjusting to the new normal, which is anything but.

When a major disruption hits the entertainment industry, Hollywood business managers often see themselves as canaries in the coal mine — moving at, or even before, the first sign of a threat to guard and grow their clients’ assets. Sounding the alarm without provoking panic has been no easy task in exact years as dual union strikes ground film and television production to a halt on the heels of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

The goal, of course, is to prepare the A-list stars and top creatives on their rosters to weather financial storms before they hit — though that’s often easier said than done.

“It’s one thing to say you want to save money,” says Robert Salzman of David Weise & Associates. “But it takes commitment and hard work. David Weise likes to use the analogy of our services to that of a personal trainer. It’s easier to work out when someone is there at your side motivating you to do that next rep. In our case, it means clients being open to meeting regularly to monitor finances and look at practical metrics.”

While it may seem safe to assume the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown in 2020 would have prompted people working in Hollywood to prioritize creating plans for any unforeseen events in the future, business managers say that hasn’t been the case for everyone. 

Belva Anakwenze, a principal at Abacus Financial Business Management, says that government aid in the form of cash payments and forgivable PPP business loans offered a lifeline during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there have been strike funds — and some stars and showrunners have kept their staff on the payroll amid the shutdown — there has been no equivalent to that federal aid during the labor actions.

“The strikes have taught our clients significantly more than the COVID-19 pandemic,” Anakwenze notes. “Even though we emphasize the importance of cash reserves, the aid during COVID-19 provided false comfort. The strikes have proved that there will not always be a safety net given, and it is crucial to create and have your own net readily available.” Again, she emphasizes that planning for a rainy day is about more than shoring up cash reserves: “It is essential to have assets available for sale and lines of credit open. We have been encouraging clients to leverage their assets to access cash for operations.”

For some, the dual strikes bringing the entertainment business to a standstill barely three years after the pandemic-era shutdowns came at a time when business managers and their clients were still on guard amid an evolving industry recovery.

“With COVID so exact in the rearview mirror, clients have become more adjusted to dealing with events impacting traditional income streams like the strikes, which has management teams proactively diversifying for sustained success and comfort despite the slowdowns,” notes Justin Sroka of Mann Gelon Glodney Gumerove Yee.

Even for those who were well prepared, the now-concluded WGA strike and the ongoing SAG-AFTRA labor action — which recently passed the 100-day mark — have made it difficult to stay afloat financially. 

Freemark Financial co-founder Steves Rodriguez notes that step one was doing an active review of spending. “Eliminating discretionary spending as much as possible is typically first on the list,” he says. “One would also look at the largest expenditure buckets, which for many people is their home. So looking at creative solutions around housing is one of the more impactful changes one can make.”

Adds Howard Altman of Grant Tani Barash & Altman: “Identify essentials. Identify matters that need to be addressed immediately versus those that can wait. Create a specific plan and path forward.  Everyone feels better and prepared when there is a specific plan — in all areas of life.”

For many, the path forward has required doing far more than cutting back on spending. 

“Unfortunately, some clients have had to go into their pension accounts and either borrow or liquidate some of their assets,” says Carrie Malcolm of CRM Management. “And, in cases where mortgage rates have changed or people have needed to relocate, the banks have been feeling nervous about lending to out-of-work actors and writers.”

The situation has led to difficult actions and conversations — especially when hot real estate markets in pre-shutdown years resulted in some individuals upgrading to more expensive homes. Says Larry Witzer of Gettleson Witzer & O’Connor, “Telling a client they have to sell their home or lay off staff is never a comfortable conversation.” 

This time around, it seems the collective industry trauma has forced showbiz creatives and talent to focus on what they really want out of life and set their financial priorities accordingly. “No matter how creative a person is, we can’t avoid the reality that bad things happen to good people,” says Steven Campeas of SJC. “There will always be an unexpected expense or circumstance that will require funds we had no intention of spending. I am not a cynic, but the ‘rainy day’ will always come, and sometimes it lasts for months. This strike brought that point home.”

The financial squeeze brought on by the dual strikes also has reignited debates and uncertainty over the future of content spending by major studios and streamers after the end of Peak TV, the ever-shifting economics of online video platforms, and the workplace implications of generative artificial intelligence.

Despite the challenging industry backdrop, Marie Ambrosino of Gursey | Schneider urges clients to keep their heads up: “Stay the course on what matters most in your life, keep your faith, make well-thought-out decisions.”

Generally, the business managers say this year has made clients more invested in their financial situation, more introspective and more willing to make changes moving forward. 

“I hear, ‘After the strike I need to examine how much I spend,’ ” says Randy O’Connor of Gettleson Witzer & O’Connor. “Our clients now realize they have built up a big fixed spending base that needs to be challenged and reduced.”

Of course, there’s no telling when “after the strike” will be. The 2023 WGA strike ran for 148 days before the lengthy work stoppage ended with a new deal for screenwriters, and SAG-AFTRA is back at the bargaining table after so far failing to reach an agreement with the AMPTP — but, even when it does, the livelihoods of Hollywood workers could quite possibly be upended again next year as the industry looks ahead to the 2024 labor contract battles. The Hollywood Teamsters, IATSE and unions that are part of Hollywood Basic Crafts and include IBEW Local 40, LIUNA! Local 724, OPCMIA Local 755 and UA Local 78 also head to the bargaining table. 

All of which emphasizes the need to continue being proactive for Altman: “This has underscored the importance of recognizing the volatility of the industry, the fact that nothing is guaranteed, and the reason for meaningful savings and reserves.” 

This story first appeared in the Oct. 25 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

Thu, 26 Oct 2023 21:45:00 -0500 en-US text/html
How Exactly Do You Stress-Test Your Financial Plan?

If you’ve been investing for some time, you most likely have a plan in place. Of course, these plans will vary depending on your specific goals, age and risk tolerance. But the essential consideration is that some sort of attainable goal, as well as a plan on how to reach that goal, is common to most investors.

Along with that, however, comes a fatal flaw that is seen far too often: These plans are made in a vacuum. You may think, if I continue earning my current salary, putting 10% in savings, and investing another 25%, then everything will turn out fine. Unfortunately, nothing happens in a vacuum — least of all in the world of investing.

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