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Microsoft Configuring health
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Earlier this month, healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) company Paige announced a new partnership with renowned technology giant, Microsoft.

Paige describes itself as a company at the forefront of technology and healthcare, especially in the field of cancer diagnostics and pathology. The company explains its mission: “Led by a team of experts in the fields of life sciences, oncology, pathology, technology, machine learning, and healthcare…[we strive] to transform cancer diagnostics. We make it possible not only to provide additional information from digital slides to help pathologists perform their diagnostic work efficiently and confidently, but also to go beyond by extracting novel insights from digital slides that can’t be seen by the naked eye. These unique tissue signatures have the potential to help guide treatment decisions and enable the development of novel biomarkers from tissues for diagnostic, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.”

The company offers a variety of solutions. On the clinical front, Paige’s AI tools enable advanced diagnostics in the lab with computational pathology, which can be leveraged to identify complex tissue patterns. On the pharmaceutical front, the company’s tools offer new ways to identify and analyze tissue biomarkers, pushing forward diagnostic and predictive capabilities.

Given its new partnership with Microsoft, the goal will be to use the latter’s incredibly robust resources in healthcare and technology to further unlock value in Paige’s tools. Andy Moye, CEO of Paige explained: “In Microsoft, we’ve really found a partner that shares our vision in how healthcare is going to be transformed … For us, the vision we talked to Microsoft about is, how do we help create the digitization of pathology? How do we ensure that these tools are being used to get better patient care, to get better patient outcomes?”

Rightly so, Microsoft’s work in healthcare has grown tremendously in the last few years. The company has invested billions in developing important hardware tools such as HoloLens, which have genuine potential applications in the future of care delivery. Moreover, the company has also invested significant time and resources on the software side. The company’s robust Cloud offering in healthcare is the backbone of some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world. Through these services, Microsoft has helped unlock significant value in the areas of “enhance[ing] patient engagement, empower[ing] health team collaboration, improv[ing] patient-provider experiences, boost[ing] clinician productivity, improv[ing] health data insights, and protect[ing] health information.”

This partnership also comes at a time when the entire world is shifting attention to artificial intelligence. The world’s largest tech companies, ranging from Google, to Amazon and Apple, have unequivocally agreed that AI is the next frontier in technological innovation. Healthcare is just one of the many sectors that AI can potentially disrupt in a positive manner. At the very least, AI will likely enable novel ways to analyze, learn from, and utilize the terabytes of healthcare data that is generated annually.

Of course, AI technology is still largely immature for the most part, especially when it comes to applications in healthcare. Innovators still need to invest significant time and efforts in creating safe, ethical, and patient-centered use-cases for the technology. However, if developed correctly, the technology may change the face of healthcare for generations to come.

Sun, 22 Jan 2023 10:00:00 -0600 Sai Balasubramanian, M.D., J.D. en text/html https://www.forbes.com/sites/saibala/2023/01/23/microsoft-is-aggressively-investing-in-healthcare-ai/
Killexams : Microsoft restores PC Health Check app for Windows 11 compatibility24 24
pc health check

It has been around three months since Microsoft last offered an update on the PC Health Check app, which was subsequently pulled due to varying and incorrect results. Now, (via: Windows Latest) Microsoft has restored the app, which is still called a preview version, and it can once again be downloaded from the official page at Microsoft. However, in order to get it, you must be signed into a Microsoft ID and registered as a Windows Insider.

The new version, 3.0.210914001 does not come with a changelog, so it's not possible to see what has changed, and Microsoft has seemingly decided to launch it quietly, without announcing it in a blog post.

pc health check

When running the app, you can now get a detailed view of what is compliant or not. Microsoft has attempted to clarify the minimum hardware specifications for Windows 11 a number of times since the announcement in June, the latest guidelines added some seventh-gen Intel CPUs at the end of August, but those were limited to mainly non consumer SKUs, namely:

  • Core X and Xeon W series.
  • Surface Studio’s Core 7820HQ processor.

Microsoft later clarified that if people went ahead and installed Windows 11 on unsupported systems, they would be blocked from receiving updates. Ahead of general availability on October 5, Microsoft has already begun blocking Virtual Machines without access to a TPM from updating Windows 11 builds. Physical unsupported machines will continue to receive new builds and updates until October 5, after which they will be rolled back to Windows 10.

If you still need to check if your device is eligible for the free Windows 11 upgrade, you can grab the PC Health Check app from here, but as previously mentioned, you will have to be signed into a Microsoft ID and be registered as a Windows Insider. You can also view the detailed minimum requirements here.

Direct links: 64-bit | 32-bit or ARM | S Mode download

Fri, 20 Jan 2023 20:58:00 -0600 Steven Parker en text/html https://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-restores-pc-health-check-app-for-windows-11-compatibility/
Killexams : The best new features in ASP.NET Core 7

A major part of Microsoft’s “cloud-first” .NET 7 release in November, ASP.NET Core 7 brings powerful new tools to the web development framework to help developers create modern web applications. Built on top of the .NET Core runtime, ASP.NET Core 7 has everything you need to build cutting-edge web user interfaces and robust back-end services on Windows, Linux, and macOS alike.

This article discusses the biggest highlights in ASP.NET Core 7, and includes some code examples to get you started with the new features. To work with the code examples provided in this article, you should have Visual Studio 2022 installed in your computer. If you don’t have a copy, you can download Visual Studio 2022 here.

Now let’s dive into the best new features in ASP.NET Core 7.

Output caching middleware

ASP.NET Core 7 allows you to use output caching in all ASP.NET Core apps: Minimal API, MVC, Razor Pages, and Web API apps with controllers. To add the output caching middleware to the services collection, invoke the IServiceCollection.AddOutputCache extension method. To add the middleware to the request processing pipeline, call the IApplicationBuilder.UseOutputCache extension method.

Then, to add a caching layer to an endpoint, you can use the following code.

var builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(args);
var app = builder.Build();
app.MapGet("/", () => "Hello World!").CacheOutput();

Rate-limiting middleware

Controlling the rate at which clients can make requests to endpoints is an important security measure that allows web applications to ward off malicious attacks. You can prevent denial-of-service attacks, for example, by limiting the number of requests coming from a single IP address in a given period of time. The term for this capability is rate limiting.

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Killexams : Health info for 1 million patients stolen using critical GoAnywhere vulnerability
Photograph depicts a security scanner extracting virus from a string of binary code. Hand with the word "exploit"
Getty Images

One of the biggest hospital chains in the US said hackers obtained protected health information for 1 million patients after exploiting a vulnerability in an enterprise software product called GoAnywhere.

Community Health Systems of Franklin, Tennessee, said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday that the attack targeted GoAnywhere MFT, a managed file transfer product Fortra licenses to large organizations. The filing said that an ongoing investigation has so far revealed that the hack likely affected 1 million individuals. The compromised data included protected health information as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as well as patients’ personal information.

Two weeks ago, journalist Brian Krebs said on Mastodon that cybersecurity firm Fortra had issued a private advisory to customers warning that the company had recently learned of a “zero-day remote code injection exploit” targeting GoAnywhere. The vulnerability has since gained the designation CVE-2023-0669. Fortra patched the vulnerability on February 7 with the release of 7.1.2.

“The attack vector of this exploit requires access to the administrative console of the application, which in most cases is accessible only from within a private company network, through VPN, or by allow-listed IP addresses (when running in cloud environments, such as Azure or AWS),” the advisory quoted by Krebs said. It went on to say hacks were possible “if your administrative interface had been publicly exposed and/or appropriate access controls cannot be applied to this interface.”

Despite Fortra saying attacks were, in most cases, possible only on a customer’s private network, the Community Health Systems filing said Fortra was the entity that “had experienced a security incident” and learned of the “Fortra breach” directly from the company.

“As a result of the security breach experienced by Fortra, Protected Health Information (“PHI”) (as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”)) and “Personal Information” (“PI”) of certain patients of the Company’s affiliates were exposed by Fortra’s attacker,” the filing stated.

In an email seeking clarification on precisely which company’s network was breached, Fortra officials wrote: “On January 30, 2023, we were made aware of suspicious activity within certain instances of our GoAnywhere MFTaaS solution. We immediately took multiple steps to address this, including implementing a temporary outage of this service to prevent any further unauthorized activity, notifying all customers who may have been impacted, and sharing mitigation guidance, which includes instructions to our on-prem customers about applying our recently developed patch.” The statement didn’t elaborate.

Fortra declined to comment beyond what was published in Monday’s SEC filing.

Last week, security firm Huntress reported that a breach experienced by one of its customers was the result of an exploit of a GoAnywhere vulnerability that most likely was CVE-2023-0669. The breach occurred on February 2 at roughly the same time Krebs had posted the private advisory to Mastodon.

Huntress said that the malware used in the attack was an updated version of a family known as Truebot, which is used by a threat group known as Silence. Silence, in turn, has ties to a group tracked as TA505, and TA505 has ties to a ransomware group, Clop.

“Based on observed actions and previous reporting, we can conclude with moderate confidence that the activity Huntress observed was intended to deploy ransomware, with potentially additional opportunistic exploitation of GoAnywhere MFT taking place for the same purpose,” Huntress researcher Joe Slowick wrote.

More evidence Clop is responsible came from Bleeping Computer. Last week, the publication said Clop members took responsibility for using CVE-2023-0669 to hack 130 organizations but provided no evidence to support the claim.

In an analysis, researchers with security company Rapid7 described the vulnerability as a “pre-authentication deserialization issue” with “very high” ratings for exploitability and attacker value. To exploit the vulnerability, attackers need either network-level access to GoAnywhere MFT’s administration port (by default, port 8000) or the ability to target an internal user’s browser.

Given the ease of attacks and the effective release of proof-of-concept code that exploits the critical vulnerability, organizations that use GoAnywhere should take the threat seriously. Patching is, of course, the most effective way of preventing attacks. Stop-gap measures GoAnywhere users can take in the event they can’t patch immediately are to ensure that network-level access to the administrator port is restricted to the least number of users possible and to remove browser users’ access to the vulnerable endpoint in their web.xml file.

Wed, 15 Feb 2023 09:46:00 -0600 Dan Goodin en-us text/html https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2023/02/goanywhere-vulnerability-exploit-used-to-steal-health-info-of-1-million-patients/
Killexams : Microsoft and NVIDIA experts talk AI infrastructure

This post has been co-authored by Sheila Mueller, Senior GBB HPC+AI Specialist, Microsoft; Gabrielle Davelaar, Senior GBB AI Specialist, Microsoft; Gabriel Sallah, Senior HPC Specialist, Microsoft; Annamalai Chockalingam, Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA; J Kent Altena, Principal GBB HPC+AI Specialist, Microsoft; Dr. Lukasz Miroslaw, Senior HPC Specialist, Microsoft; Uttara Kumar, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA; Sooyoung Moon, Senior HPC + AI Specialist, Microsoft.

As AI emerges as a crucial tool in so many sectors, it’s clear that the need for optimized AI infrastructure is growing. Going beyond just GPU-based clusters, cloud infrastructure that provides low-latency, high-bandwidth interconnects, and high-performance storage can help organizations handle AI workloads more efficiently and produce faster results.

HPCwire recently sat down with Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA’s AI and cloud infrastructure certified and asked a series of questions to uncover AI infrastructure insights, trends, and advice based on their engagements with customers worldwide.

How are your most interesting AI use cases dependent on infrastructure?

Sheila Mueller, Senior GBB HPC+AI Specialist, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Microsoft: Some of the most interesting AI use cases are in-patient health care, both clinical and research. Research in science, engineering, and health is creating significant improvements in patient care, enabled by high-performance computing and AI insights. Common use cases include molecular modeling, therapeutics, genomics, and health treatments. Predictive Analytics and AI coupled with cloud infrastructure purpose-built for AI are the backbone for improvements and simulations in these use cases and can lead to a faster prognosis and the ability to research cures. See how Elekta brings hope to more patients around the world with the promise of AI-powered radiation therapy.

Gabrielle Davelaar, Senior GBB AI Specialist, Microsoft: Many manufacturing companies need to train inference models at scale while being compliant with strict local and European-level regulations. AI is placed on the edge with high-performance compute. Full traceability with strict security rules on privacy and security is critical. This can be a tricky process as every step must be recorded for reproduction, from simple things like dataset versions to more complex things such as knowing which environment was used with what machine learning (ML) libraries with its specific versions. Machine learning operations (MLOps) for data and model auditability now make this possible. See how BMW uses machine learning-supported robots to provide flexibility in quality control for automotive manufacturing.

Gabriel Sallah, Senior HPC Specialist, Automotive Lead, Microsoft: We’ve worked with car makers to develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and advanced driving systems (ADS) platforms in the cloud using integrated services to build a highly scalable deep learning pipeline for creating AI/ML models. HPC techniques were applied to schedule, scale, and provision compute resources while ensuring effective monitoring, cost management, and data traceability. The result: faster simulation/training times due to the close integration of data inputs, compute simulation/training runs, and data outputs than their existing solutions.

Annamalai Chockalingam, Product Marketing Manager, Large Language Models & Deep Learning Products, NVIDIA: Progress in AI has led to the explosion of generative AI, particularly with advancements to large language models (LLMs) and diffusion-based transformer architectures. These models now recognize, summarize, translate, predict, and generate languages, images, videos, code, and even protein sequences, with little to no training or supervision, based on massive datasets. Early use cases include improved customer experiences through dynamic virtual assistants, AI-assisted content generation for blogs, advertising, marketing, and AI-assisted code generation. Infrastructure purpose-built for AI that can handle computer power and scalability demands is key.

What AI challenges are customers facing, and how does the right infrastructure help?

John Lee, Azure AI Platforms & Infrastructure Principal Lead, Microsoft: When companies try to scale AI training models beyond a single node to tens and hundreds of nodes, they quickly realize that AI infrastructure matters. Not all accelerators are alike. Optimized scale-up node-level architecture matters. How the host CPUs connect to groups of accelerators matter. When scaling beyond a single node, the scale-out architecture of your cluster matters. Selecting a cloud partner that provides AI-optimized infrastructure can be the difference between an AI project’s success or failure. Read the blog: AI and the need for purpose-built cloud infrastructure.

Annamalai Chockalingam: AI models are becoming increasingly powerful due to a proliferation of data, continued advancements in GPU compute infrastructure, and improvements in techniques across both training and inference of AI workloads. Yet, combining the trifecta of data, compute infrastructure, and algorithms at scale remains challenging. Developers and AI researchers require systems and frameworks that can scale, orchestrate, crunch mountains of data, and manage MLOps to optimally create deep learning models. End-to-end tools for production-grade systems incorporating fault tolerance for building and deploying large-scale models for specific workflows are scarce.

Kent Altena, Principal GBB HPC+AI Specialist, Financial Services, Microsoft: Trying to decide the best architectures between the open flexibility of a true HPC environment to the robust MLOps pipeline and capabilities of machine learning. Traditional HPC approaches, whether scheduled by a legacy scheduler like HPC Pack or SLURM or a cloud-native scheduler like Azure Batch, are great for when they need to scale to hundreds of GPUs, but in many cases, AI environments need the DevOps approach to AI model management and control of which models are authorized or conversely need overall workflow management.

Dr. Lukasz Miroslaw, Senior HPC Specialist, Microsoft: AI infrastructure is not only the GPU-based clusters but also low-latency, high-bandwidth interconnect between the nodes and high-performant storage. The storage requirement is often the limiting factor for large-scale distributed training as the amount of data used for the training in autonomous driving projects can grow to petabytes. The challenge is to design an AI platform that meets strict requirements in terms of storage throughput, capacity, support for multiple protocols, and scalability.

What are the most frequently asked questions about AI infrastructure?

John Lee: “Which platform should I use for my AI project/workload?” There is no single magic product or platform that is right for every AI project. Customers usually have a good understanding of what answers they are looking for but aren’t sure what AI products or platforms will get them that answer the fastest, most economical, and scalable way. A cloud partner with a wide portfolio of AI products, solutions, and expertise can help find the right solution for specific AI needs.

Uttara Kumar, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA: “How do I select the right GPU for our AI workloads?” Customers want the flexibility to provision the right-sized GPU acceleration for different workloads to optimize cloud costs (fractional GPU, single GPU, multiple GPUs all the way up to multiple GPUs across multi-node clusters). Many also ask, “How do you make the most of the GPU instance/virtual machines and leverage it within applications/solutions?” Performance-optimized software is key to doing that.

Sheila Mueller: “How do I leverage the cloud for AI and HPC while ensuring data security and governance.” Customers want to automate the deployment of these solutions, often across multiple research labs with specific simulations. Customers want a secure, scalable platform that provides control over data access to provide insight. Cost management is also a focus in these discussions.

Kent Altena: “How best should we implement this GPU to run our GPUs?” We know what we need to run and have built the models, but we also need to understand the final mile. The answer is not always a straightforward one-size-fits-all answer. It requires understanding their models, what they are attempting to solve, and what their inputs and outputs/workflow looks like.

What have you learned from customers about their AI infrastructure needs?

John Lee: The majority of customers want to leverage the power of AI but are struggling to put an actionable plan in place to do so. They worry about what their competition is doing and whether they are falling behind but, at the same time, are not sure what first steps to take on their journey to integrate AI into their business.

Annamalai Chockalingam: Customers are looking for AI solutions to Boost operational efficiency and deliver innovative solutions to their end customers. Easy-to-use, performant, platform-agnostic, and cost-effective solutions across the compute stack are incredibly desirable to customers.

Gabriel Sallah: All customers are looking to reduce the cost of training an ML model. Thanks to the flexibility of the cloud resources, customers can select the right GPU, storage I/O, and memory configuration for the given training model.

Gabrielle Davelaar: Costs are critical. With the current economic uncertainty, companies need to do more with less and want their AI training to be more efficient and effective. Something a lot of people are still not realizing is that training and inferencing costs can be optimized through the software layer.

What advice would you give to businesses looking to deploy AI or speed innovation?

Uttara Kumar: Invest in a platform that is performant, versatile, scalable, and can support the end-to-end workflow—start to finish—from importing and preparing data sets for training, to deploying a trained network as an AI-powered service using inference.

John Lee: Not every AI solution is the same. AI-optimized infrastructure matters, so be sure to understand the breadth of products and solutions available in the marketplace. And just as importantly, make sure you engage with a partner that has the expertise to help navigate the complex menu of possible solutions that best match what you need.

Sooyoung Moon, Senior HPC + AI Specialist, Microsoft: No amount of investment can certain success without thorough early-stage planning. Reliable and scalable infrastructure for continuous growth is critical.

Kent Altena: Understand your workflow first. What do you want to solve? Is it primarily a calculation-driven solution, or is it built upon a data graph-driven workload? Having that in mind will go a long way to determining the best or optimal approach to start down.

Gabriel Sallah: What are the dependencies across various teams responsible for creating and using the platform? Create an enterprise-wide architecture with common toolsets and services to avoid duplication of data, compute monitoring, and management.

Sheila Mueller: Involve stakeholders from IT and Lines of Business to ensure all parties agree to the business benefits, technical benefits, and assumptions made as part of the business case.

Learn more about Azure and NVIDIA

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Killexams : BBC News ","

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u.default.createElement("ul",{"aria-labelledby":s,className:"lx-share-tools__items lx-share-tools__items--align-"+C+" qa-share-tools"},u.default.createElement("li",null,u.default.createElement(d.Facebook,{link:this.facebookShareUrl(),name:h,description:a,image:this.getShareImage(),classes:g,caption:_,customFacebookAriaLabel:T,clickCallback:this.sendIStats("share_facebook"),small:!0,noButtonPadding:!0,brandingTool:this.props.brandingTool})),u.default.createElement("li",null,u.default.createElement(d.Twitter,{link:this.twitterShareUrl(),description:this.props.title,viaHandle:this.getTwitterHandle(),classes:b,customTwitterAriaLabel:x,clickCallback:this.sendIStats("share_twitter"),small:!0,noButtonPadding:!0,brandingTool:this.props.brandingTool})),u.default.createElement("li",null,u.default.createElement(d.SharePanel,{shareButtonComponent:function(t){return 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Wed, 28 Dec 2022 08:26:00 -0600 en-GB text/html https://www.bbc.com/news/health
Killexams : Health News No result found, try new keyword!A recent bird flu outbreak at a mink farm has reignited worries about the virus spreading more broadly to people The Latest Family members say an 11-year-old Florida boy has died just days after a ... Tue, 14 Feb 2023 16:55:00 -0600 text/html https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news Killexams : Starling Medical’s new urine-testing device turns your toilet into a health tracker

If you enjoy some good toilet technology, then I think “urine” for a treat. Starling Medical is poised to launch its at-home urine diagnostic patient-monitoring platform, dubbed “StarStream,” that doesn’t rely on the traditional catching containers or dipsticks.

Now, if you’re thinking this technology sounds familiar, you would be correct: My colleague Haje Jan Kamps wrote about Withings’ U-Scan, a urinalysis device, earlier this month when the health-focused consumer tech company debuted it at CES. U-Scan also sits in the toilet for at-home monitoring.

However, Alex Arevalos, Starling’s co-founder and CEO, told TechCrunch that this is an underserved market — the global urinalysis market is forecasted to be valued at $4.9 billion by 2026, meaning there is plenty of room for Withings and a scrappy startup.

The Houston-based company wants to prevent hospitalizations from chronic conditions, including urinary tract infections, diabetes and kidney disease, and will eventually move into dozens of other health conditions that urine testing can detect, including preeclampsia during pregnancy.

Working in concert with urologist partners and insurance providers, the patient gets a reusable device that is attached to the toilet and is connected to artificial intelligence–powered digital health analysis. If a problem is detected after a patient uses the restroom, Starling connects them with their physician to learn more.

Starling’s StarStream is actually the company’s second iteration. Back in January 2020, Arevalos and co-founders Hannah McKenney and Drew Hendricks were working on a catheter device that allowed patients with neurological bladder dysfunction to pee at the press of a button.

Using some AI and spectroscopy sensors, the catheter would track the urine still in a patient’s bladder to detect urinary tract infections, which can lead to hospitalizations and sepsis.

While going through Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 batch, they got two ideas: to take the sensors and pair them with an easy-to-use at-home device that physicians and patients have been asking for, and put that device in the toilet.

And, rather than focusing on just neurological bladder dysfunctions, this would open them up to work with a larger market, including those with diabetes and preeclampsia kidney disease, which ends up being about a third of all patients in the United States, Arevalos said.

Over the past year, the company developed the device and the technology and has already validated its predictive models through a clinical study in partnership with Stanford University. It also closed on $3.4 million in seed funding, led by Rebel Fund.

Starling Medical StarStream health

The Starling Medical team Image Credits: Starling Medical

Also participating in the round was Y Combinator, Innospark Ventures, AI Basis, Capital Factory, Coho Deeptech, Magic Fund, Rogers Family Office, Hendricks Family Office, ReMy Ventures, Centauri Fund, Praxis SCI Institute, Gaingels and a group of angel investors.

The funding will be deployed into building an engineering team, developing the device and software, and hiring nurses and support staff. Nurses review the urinalysis data and file for the remote patient monitoring reimbursements. The company now has 10 employees.

In the first quarter of 2023, StarStream’s device and monitoring service will be deployed with Starling’s first enterprise customer, a large private practice in Texas with about 200,000 urology patients and the potential for $144 million in annual recurring revenue, according to Arevalos.

After getting the first customer up and running, he envisions adding additional physician groups throughout Texas, even saying that there is enough patient potential to “grow Starling into a unicorn without having to leave Texas.”

Arevalos touted StarStream as “the world’s first FDA-registered service,” explaining that Starling Medical can claim that title because, for one, Withings’ U-Scan is launching in Europe first and because he believes Starling is the first to apply this type of model — analysis and connection to care on the back end.

“Just data out there by itself can’t really help if there’s no follow-up,” he added. “Historically, one of the challenges is just convincing people to try something new and put something in the toilet. By doing that, it allows for health improvements for the patient, new revenue for our physician partners and the cost savings for patients not having to go through hospitalization.”

Fri, 27 Jan 2023 01:37:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://techcrunch.com/2023/01/27/starling-medical-urine-health/
Killexams : A Turning Point In Vietnam’s HealthTech: VinBrain Announces Collaboration with Microsoft To Expand AI-Powered Healthcare to Patients Worldwide
  • VinBrain will collaborate with Microsoft in data sharing, product cross-validation, and product research & development.
  • VinBrain is the first Vietnamese customer to sign a formal collaboration agreement with Microsoft to develop AI-powered healthcare services
HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 26 January 2023 - VinBrain, one of Vietnam's leading technology companies, is working to transform global healthcare through its AI products. One of VinBrain's primary products is DrAid™, an AI pathology prediction platform that has demonstrated its usefulness in over 150 hospitals and earned a prestige ACM SIGAI Industry Award 2021. DrAid™ is a value-added use case for Microsoft to collaborate on the validation of the impact of Florence, a new foundation model for computer vision developed by Microsoft.

In addition, DrAid™ is the first and only AI software for X-ray Diagnostics in Southeast Asia to be cleared by The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), putting Vietnam on the map of 6 countries owning an FDA-cleared AI product for Chest X-ray Pneumothorax finding.

Microsoft will bring trusted and integrated cloud capabilities to VinBrain's developers, enabling VinBrain to deliver a better experience for users. This collaboration will implement data sharing through Microsoft Azure and apply it to the data gathered by VinBrain's DrAid™. Microsoft will also help safeguard sensitive patient data, further enhancing the security and privacy of VinBrain's offering, to manage ever-changing compliance regulations and Boost data governance and trust. DrAid™ currently has a large dataset that has been collected from multiple sources: USA, Europe, and Asia that complies of 2,300,000+ images, of which ~400,000 are labeled images approved by senior radiologists. Beside this data sharing, VinBrain will also offer the field of medical image data annotation services where VinBrain can utilize a pool of top doctors, including pathologists, radiologists, etc., and early field validation to developed AI to 100+ hospital-based customers.

"Nearly 2,000 doctors are currently using DrAid™ at more than 100 hospitals across Vietnam, including those with the largest patient traffic, such as 108 Military Central Hospital , 199 Hospital , Vietnam National Cancer Hospital, etc. Therefore, our datasets are updated and enlarged on a daily basis, which benefits the progress of data assessment", said Mr. Steven Truong, VinBrain's CEO . "Using the latest foundation of AI technology and evaluation, this collaboration with Microsoft will directly impact billions of people through early detection and workflow productivity."

With Cross-Validation, VinBrain will check the Deep Learning models and analyze AI-powered worldwide health outcomes using the latest and evolving technology along with Azure Cognitive Services for Vision. The remarkable capability evaluation period of Azure AI, such as computer vision and the latest Florence foundation model, will be directly empowering VinBrain and other HealthTech companies to Boost productivity and efficiency, leading to faster time to market and a potential high R&D cost saving especially for the HealthTech space. With the help of these technologies, the VinBrain developer team can also access and develop AI capabilities for processing uploaded images and returning information and building, deploying, and improving image classifiers. This will accordingly increase the accuracy rate of medical imaging for DrAid™.

With Product Research and Development (R&D ), VinBrain will work with Microsoft to take advantage of Azure Cognitive Services to overcome global healthcare obstacles. DrAid™ is professionally consulted by hundreds of specialized doctors in the progress of development and regular quality checking.

A future for sustainable healthcare service

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of the healthcare system, interfering with the continuity of healthcare delivery practices and patient access to high-quality medical care. Additionally, DrAid™ has also been added to the portfolio of Ferrum, the U.S.'s leading artificial intelligence marketplace, in the category of AI-based products for radiology to help deliver the highest quality patient care.

Both teams are committed to providing trusted and reliable solutions for some of the most pressing healthcare challenges using technology innovation with advanced data and analytics capabilities. On the social aspect, this will help speed up the process of resolving an increasing number of healthcare issues with a lack of infrastructure, uneven doctor-to-patient ratio, and increased demand for healthcare services. DrAid™ has also affirmed its impact during COVID-19, for it has increased the accuracy and productivity of medical examination and treatment for doctors and offered high-quality medical services for numerous citizens regardless of region and economic conditions. With the help of Microsoft Azure technology, VinBrain can apply AI to Boost medical services in remote areas, especially those with limited medical facilities, thereby ensuring healthcare is delivered impartially; this is also aligned with the Corporate Social Responsibility of both companies.

"We take pride in our relationship with Microsoft, as it deepens our focus on the HealthTech industry and accelerates the growth of our products with the best tech and business resources. The collaboration will also enable us to fulfill Vietnam's potential for innovation on an international scale and show our trust in the future of AI-powered products", Mr. Steven Truong, CEO of VinBrain emphasized.

"At Microsoft, we have prioritized our investment in the healthcare industry to address the most prevalent and persistent health and business challenges. The collaboration with VinBrain will be a good start for us to enlarge the sphere of operation in healthcare in Southeast Asia," said Dr. Yumao Lu, Partner Engineering Manager of Microsoft USA.

Hashtag: #VinBrain

The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

About VinBrain:

VinBrain is a leading AI healthcare products company, funded by Vingroup, the largest conglomerate by market capitalization in Việt Nam. Its mission is to infuse AI and IoT to Boost people's lives and productivity.

To learn more, visit VinBrain's website:

For more information, press only:
VinBrain JSC,

Thu, 26 Jan 2023 03:04:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.asiaone.com/business/turning-point-vietnam-s-healthtech-vinbrain-announces-collaboration-microsoft-expand-ai
Killexams : Mubadala Health and BioIntelliSense host global tech delegation from Microsoft, Medtronic and others
  • Healthcare technology leaders came together to discuss the future of healthcare and technology-enabled care
  • The meeting underscores Mubadala Health’s commitment to transform the regional healthcare landscape through technology and innovation
  • The discussion marks one of many strategic meetings at Arab Health that align with Mubadala Health’s broader efforts to deliver integrated, multidisciplinary care to communities across the UAE and region  

Dubai, UAE: Mubadala Health, the integrated network of world-class healthcare facilities, and BioIntelliSense, a continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence company, hosted a delegation of Chief Medical Officers and leaders from the world’s leading technology and healthcare companies from Microsoft, Medtronic, Ardent Health Services, and Cleveland Clinic to discuss the future of healthcare, and how tech-enabled care could lead to enhanced healthcare efficiencies and improved patient outcomes.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Chief Executive Officer of Mubadala Health and Dr. James Mault, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BioIntelliSense met with the delegation during Arab Health 2023, where they highlighted the growing and exciting business potential between the two partners.

Among those present included: Dr. David Rhew, Global Chief Medical Officer & Vice President of Healthcare, Microsoft; Dr. Samuel Ajizian, Chief Medical Officer of Patient Monitoring and Vice President of Global Clinical Research & Medical Science: Patient Monitoring and Respiratory Innovations, Medtronic; Dr. Frank J. Campbell, Chief Medical Officer, Ardent Health Services; Dr. Toby Cosgrove, former President and Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland Clinic and current Executive Advisor for Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Peyvand Khaleghian, Chief Operating Officer and Acting Chief Medical Officer, Mubadala Health.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Chief Executive Officer, Mubadala Health, commented: “Mubadala Health’s reputation and visibility in the region as a trusted and authoritative network of healthcare assets is second to none. Through our discussions with a delegation of global leaders in the technology and healthcare space we hope to continue our work in advancing healthcare in the UAE and wider region, with a focus on continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence for remote patient care. We are confident that healthcare technology will further contribute to our rigorous standards when it comes to integrated care, and deliver a new approach to personalized, patient-centric care.”

Dr. James Mault, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BioIntelliSense, said: “It’s an honor to host this delegation with our healthcare partner Mubadala Health and an opportunity to showcase what BioIntelliSense has to offer in the area of continuous patient monitoring solutions. Our partnership with Mubadala Health demonstrates to the region and the world how the UAE is leading the way in delivering next-level patient care and revolutionizing patient-centered, integrated care. Collaboration with global tech leaders will reinforce our commitment with Mubadala Health to put the region’s healthcare industry on the map when it comes to continuous patient monitoring and clinical intelligence from in-hospital to home.”

The significance of this meeting reinforces Mubadala Health’s support for the development of a sustainable healthcare sector in line with the vision of Abu Dhabi by bringing its patient commitment, ‘Together at Every Stage of Life’ to the communities it serves.

Mubadala Health has begun rolling out BioIntelliSense’s monitoring technologies within its world-class network to drive tech-enabled world-class patient care. As a result, patients have benefited under Mubadala Health’s continuum of care model that is driving clinical workflow efficiencies, unlocking data-driven insights, and enhancing patient experience. Mubadala Health’s partnership with BioIntelliSense is providing patients in the UAE with access to convenient, effective, and seamless care whether they are in a hospital or under a remote monitoring program at home.


About Mubadala Health:

Mubadala Health is the integrated healthcare network of Mubadala Investment Company. Established in 2021, Mubadala Health operates, manages, and develops a portfolio of healthcare assets including: Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Healthpoint, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC), Amana Healthcare, National Reference Laboratory (NRL), Capital Health Screening Centre (CHSC), Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre (ADTC), Danat Al Emarat, HealthPlus Diabetes & Endocrinology Center, HealthPlus Family Clinics, HealthPlus Fertility, HealthPlus Women’s Health Center and Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi. With a vision to transform the regional healthcare landscape, Mubadala Health sets a new benchmark for the UAE and regional healthcare industry through its state-of-the-art facilities and world-class caregivers who strive to put patients first across its continuum of care. Innovation, research, and education are the foundational pillars of Mubadala Health, supporting the further development of a sustainable healthcare sector in line with the vision of Abu Dhabi and the region.

Mubadala Health is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn with the handle: @mubadalahealth.

Wed, 01 Feb 2023 20:54:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.zawya.com/en/press-release/companies-news/mubadala-health-and-biointellisense-host-global-tech-delegation-from-microsoft-medtronic-and-others-w5b3ckq4
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