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ASVAB Section 8: Paragraph comprehension
Military comprehension exam Questions

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ASVAB Section 8: Paragraph comprehension
Question: 143
Due process, the ensure of fairness in the administration of justice, is part of the 5th Amendment to the U.S.
Constitution. The 14th Amendment further requires states to abide by due process. After this amendment was
enacted, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down many state laws that infringed on the civil rights guaranteed to
citizens in the Bill of Rights.
According to the above passage, itís reasonable to assume that the 5th Amendment ___________.
A. is about taxes
B. guarantees due process in all criminal and civil cases
C. guarantees due process in federal law
D. should never have become part of the Bill of Rights
Answer: C
Because the 14th Amendment guarantees due process in statesí laws, the 5th Amendment must ensure due
process only in federal law. Nothing in the passage implies that the 5th Amendment is about taxes, so Choice " is
about taxes " is wrong.
Because the passage states that the 14th Amendment had to be enacted to require states to abide by due process,
Choice "guarantees due process in all criminal and civil cases" is incorrect. Choice "should never have become
part of the Bill of Rights" is neither stated nor implied in the passage.
Question: 144
High-school and college graduates attempting to find jobs should participate in mock job interviews. These mock
interviews help students prepare for the types of questions theyíll be asked, make them more comfortable with
common interview formats, and help them critique their performance before facing a real interviewer. Because
theyíre such a valuable aid, schools should organize mock job interviews for all of their graduating students.
The above passage states that mock job interviews ___________.
A. frighten students
B. should be offered to the best students
C. help prepare students for real job interviews
D. should be organized by students
Answer: C
The passage doesnít say anything about mock job interviews being frightening, so Choice "frighten students" is
The passage says that mock job interviews should be available to all students, so Choice "should be offered to the
best students" is wrong. The passage says that schools, not students, should organize mock interviews, so Choice
"should be organized by students" is incorrect.
Question: 145
High-school and college graduates attempting to find jobs should participate in mock job interviews. These mock
interviews help students prepare for the types of questions theyíll be asked, make them more comfortable with
common interview formats, and help them critique their performance before facing a real interviewer. Because
theyíre such a valuable aid, schools should organize mock job interviews for all of their graduating students.
From the above passage, it is reasonable to assume that ___________.
A. mock interviews can increase a studentís confidence when he or she goes into a real job interview
B. mock interviews are expensive to organize
C. few students are interested in mock interviews
D. students donít need job interview preparation
Answer: A
Choices "mock interviews are expensive to organize", "few students are interested in mock interviews", "students
donít need job interview preparation" are the opposite of what the paragraph states and implies.
Question: 146
I returned from the City about three oíclock on that May afternoon pretty well disgusted with life. I had been three
months in the Old Country and was fed up with it. If people had told me a year ago that I wouldíve been feeling
like that I shouldíve laughed at them; but there was the fact. The weather made me liverish, the talk of the ordinary
Englishman made me sick, I couldnít get enough exercise, and the amusements of London seemed as flat as soda
water that had been standing in the sun.
The author is speaking of his travels in __________.
A. Spain
B. Great Britain
C. Germany
D. Scotland
Answer: B
The words London and Englishmen make it clear that the author is speaking of his travels in England (Great
Question: 147
Surveys show that the average child under the age of 18 watches four hours of television per day. Although some
of the programming may be educational, most isnít. Spending this much time watching television interferes with a
childís ability to pursue other interests, such as reading, participating in sports, and playing with friends.
The author of this passage would agree that ___________.
A. television viewing should be restricted
B. parents who let their children watch this much television is neglectful
C. reading, participating in sports, playing with friends, and watching television should all be given equal
D. adults over 18 can watch as much television as they want
Answer: A
The author makes no reference to parents in the passage, so Choice "parents who let their children watch this
much television is neglectful" is incorrect.
The author doesnít imply anything about all these interests requiring equal time, so Choice "reading, participating
in sports, playing with friends, and watching television should all be given equal time" is incorrect. The passage is
about children under 18; no conclusion can be drawn about what the author thinks people over 18 should do, so
Choice "adults over 18 can watch as much television as they want" is incorrect.
Question: 148
To write or not to write Ė that is the question. If assigned a writing task, thereís no option. However, if someone is
looking for a specific answer, find out if they need a short answer or a detailed one. Can the requirement be met
with a telephone call, e-mail, or short note, or is something more necessary? A former CEO of a major corporation
once commented that he had looked at 13,000 pieces of paper in a 5-day period. Think how much easier and more
economical it would be if people would use the telephone, send an e-mail, or write a short note.
The main point of this passage is ___________.
A. Written records are important as they provide detailed documentation.
B. More business people should invest time and energy improving their writing skills.
C. Writing may not be the best way to communicate information.
D. Itís pointless for business people to spend time improving their writing skills.
Answer: C
Choices "Written records are important as they provide detailed documentation." and "More business people
should invest time and energy improving their writing skills." may be true in certain situations, but theyíre not the
point of this particular paragraph.
The passage doesnít say anything about working to Improve writing skills being a waste of time, so Choice "Itís
pointless for business people to spend time improving their writing skills" is incorrect. The main point of the
paragraph is that writing may not be the most efficient way of communicating, depending on the situation.
Question: 149
The transistor, a small, solid-state device that can amplify sound, was invented in 1947. At first, it was too
expensive and too difficult to produce to be used in cheap, mass-market products. By 1954, though, these cost and
production problems had been overcome, and the first transistor radio was put on the market.
According to this passage, ___________.
A. there was no market for transistors before 1954
B. when transistors could be produced cheaply and easily, the transistor radio was put on the market
C. transistors were invented in 1947 by order of the Department of Defense
D. transistors are still expensive to produce
Answer: B
Products with transistors werenít widely sold before 1954 because of the expense and difficulty of production, not
because markets didnít exist; so Choice "there was no market for transistors before 1954" is incorrect. Choices
"transistors were invented in 1947 by order of the Department of Defense" and "transistors are still expensive to
produce" arenít supported in the passage. The passage states that the problem of transistors being expensive and
difficult to produce was solved by 1954.
Question: 150
The success or failure of a conference lies largely with its leader. A leaderís zest and enthusiasm must be real,
apparent, and contagious. The leader is responsible for getting the ball rolling and making the attendees feel as if
the meeting is theirs and its success depends on their participation. A good, thorough introduction helps establish
the right climate.
A good title to this paragraph would be ___________.
A. Lead by Example
B. The Importance of Proper Introductions
C. Leading a Successful Conference
D. Conference Participation Basics
Answer: C
Choice "Lead by Example" is always a good philosophy but isnít pertinent to the main point of the passage.
Choices "The Importance of Proper Introductions" and "Conference Participation Basics" are subpoints, which
support the main point of the passage, which is how to lead a successful conference.
Question: 151
Cloud seeding is accomplished by dropping particles of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) from a plane onto super-
cooled clouds. This process encourages condensation of water droplets in the clouds, which usually, but not always,
results in rain or snow.
From this passage, itís reasonable to assume that __________.
A. cloud seeding could be used to end a drought
B. cloud seeding is prohibitively expensive
C. cloud seeding is rarely used
D. cloud seeding can be accomplished by using regular ice
Answer: A
One can assume that causing rain or snow would end a drought. Nothing in the passage has to do with expense, so
Choice "cloud seeding is prohibitively expensive" is incorrect.
The passage says nothing about how frequently the process is used, so Choice "cloud seeding is rarely used" is
The passage specifies that dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) is used; solid water (regular ice) is a different chemical,
so Choice "cloud seeding can be accomplished by using regular ice" is wrong.
Question: 152
Indo-European languages consist of those languages spoken by most of Europe and in those parts of the world that
Europeans have colonized since the 16th century (such as the United States). Indo-European languages are also
spoken in India, Iran, parts of western Afghanistan, and in some areas of Asia. The author of this passage would
agree that ___________.
A. Indo-European languages are spoken in areas all over the world
B. Indo-European languages include all the languages spoken in the world
C. only Europeans speak Indo-European languages
D. Indo-European language speakers can easily understand one another
Answer: A
Many languages are excluded from the Indo-European language group, so Choice "Indo-European languages
include all the languages spoken in the world" is incorrect.
Indians, Iranians, Asians, and Afghans arenít Europeans, so Choice "only Europeans speak Indo-European
languages" is incorrect.
The passage gives no evidence to support Choice "Indo-European language speakers can easily understand one
another", which isnít true.
Question: 153
In privatization, the government relies on the private sector to provide a service. However, the government divests
itself of the entire process, including all assets. With privatized functions, the government may specify quality,
quantity, and timeliness requirements, but it has no control over the operations of the activity. Also, the government
may not be the only customer. Whoever the government chooses to provide the services would likely provide the
same services to others.
This paragraph best supports the statement that __________.
A. the government must closely supervise privatized functions
B. privatized functions consist of a mixture of government employees, military personnel, and private
C. privatized functions are those institutions that provide services only to a government agency
D. privatized functions provide essential services to the government
Answer: D
Privatized functions operate independently of the government, making Choices "the government must closely
supervise privatized functions" and "privatized functions consist of a mixture of government employees, military
personnel, and private contractors" incorrect.
The passage states that privatized functions may sell goods and services to other customers as well as the
government, so Choice "privatized functions are those institutions that provide services only to a government
agency" is also incorrect.
Choice "privatized functions provide essential services to the government" is the correct answer, as privatized
functions do perform essential services to government agencies.
Question: 154
An important stage of personal time management is to take control of appointments. Determined by external
obligation, appointments constitute interaction with other people and an agreed-on interface between your activities
and those of others. Start with a simple appointment diary. List all appointments including regular and recurring
ones. Now, be ruthless and eliminate the unnecessary. There may be committees where you canít productively
contribute or where a subordinate may be able to participate. Eliminate the waste of your time.
Effectively managing your appointments allows you to __________.
A. spend more time with your subordinates
B. delegate responsibility to subordinates
C. make more efficient use of your time
D. attend only the most important meetings
Answer: C
Effective appointment management eliminates the waste of your time, as explained in the last sentence of the
Question: 155
The U.S. Congress consists of 100 senators and 435 representatives. Two senators are elected from each state. The
number of representatives from each state is based on population, although each state has at least one
representative. Senators serve six-year terms and representatives serve two-year terms.
According to this passage, ___________.
A. there are an equal number of senators and representatives
B. the number of representatives from each state is decided by a lottery
C. itís possible for a state to have no representatives
D. senators and representatives have different term lengths
Answer: D
The passage gives the numbers of senators and representatives, so Choice "there are an equal number of senators
and representatives" is incorrect.
The passage states that each stateís population determines the number of representatives a state has, so Choice
"the number of representatives from each state is decided by a lottery" is incorrect. As stated in the passage, each
state has at least one representative, so Choice "itís possible for a state to have no representatives" is incorrect.
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Military comprehension exam Questions - BingNews Search results Military comprehension exam Questions - BingNews 7 demo Interview Questions for Military Veterans

Question: I'm a hiring manager with a small manufacturing company. We are interested in recruiting military veterans, who we believe bring many of the technical skills and work-ethic qualities we seek. Our biggest challenge is what to ask during the interview: What are some good questions to ask of a veteran job candidate?

Answer: First, I'm happy to hear that your company recognizes the value former military service members bring to the private sector. Particularly in an industry such as manufacturing, the experience, talents and skills our men and women develop during their military career are helpful to transitioning.

Related: To apply for jobs that match your skills, visit the Military Skills Translator.

Next, when developing interview questions for your veteran job candidates, it is important to remind yourself that the applicant in front of you is a human being with a family, a career history and goals, as any civilian would have. They spent years of their life serving a purpose and mission that is (oftentimes) of more significance than what we produce in the commercial sector, and they are now seeking a career that also has meaning and impact, and one that utilizes their skills and talents.

Sample questions you might consider asking former service members includes:

Tell Me About Yourself

This question opens the door to a narrative that may not be reflected on the resume. When answering this question, the candidate will hopefully share insights into their past career choices, their job progression through the military and those aspects of their work they value highest. If they do not answer in this way, consider following up with this question: "Can you relate your military career to what you want to do next?"

Tell Me About an Accomplishment You Weren't Sure You Could Achieve, But You Did

In this question, you uncover humility. What are they most proud of? How do they acknowledge their accomplishments? A veteran will typically shy away from taking credit for success if others were involved. Be careful assuming this means they are insecure. The military teaches them to focus on the value of the collective over their own needs.

What Would Others Say About Your Work Ethic?

Listen for words like "integrity, dedicated, reliable, hard-working, etc." Veterans are taught a very strong work ethic in the military.

What Is Your Most Significant Career Accomplishment So Far?

This question may solicit a military-specific response. If the context of the response is not clear to you (because you weren't in the military), ask them to clarify. Listen for qualities of leadership, problem solving, resilience and adaptability.

Describe Your Ideal Work Environment

Your candidate likely has researched your company and will relate their answer to the environment they believe you have. Listen for whether they prefer to work alone or in teams, how comfortable they are using technology and other aspects of the job that are important to your company and industry.

How Do You Spend Your Spare Time?

Remind your veteran job candidate that you view them as a person with a life outside of work. Asking about their hobbies and outside interests shows genuine interest.

What Are Three Words You Would Use to Describe Yourself at Work?

Similar to No. 2, it may feel awkward to your veteran job applicant to talk about themselves, particularly in favorable ways (which they will assume you want to hear). Listen for patterns throughout the interview that can be amplified with the words they describe themselves with. This can offer insight into what they believe to be their most important qualities, talents and skills.

Interviewing a veteran job applicant is no different from a civilian one, with the exception that their career transpired in another context and a different culture. Brush up on the legal questions to avoid, and embrace your candidate for the passion, experience and value they can offer your company.

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The Next Step: Find the Right Job

Whether you want to polish up your resume, find veteran job fairs in your area, or connect with employers looking to hire veterans, can help. Sign up for a free membership to have job postings, guides and advice, and more delivered directly to your inbox.

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The 10 Most-Asked Questions Veterans Have About Salary Negotiation

Meeting in person with job-seeking veterans and spouses is my favorite part of the job. As the transition master coach for's Veteran Employment Project, not only do I get to adjust the master class depending on what the group needs, but I also get to field their real transition questions in real time.

This week, I was at Fort Belvoir's Soldier Recovery Unit in Virginia. The people I spoke to were especially interested in salary (not so much on negotiating benefits). They wanted to figure out civilian pay, the job-offer process and getting a fair shake when it comes to salary. They wanted to know how to negotiate without seeming like sharks or pirates.

They were right to be curious about the process. According to a new study from McKinsey and Company, 60% of transitioning U.S. military service members earn less in their first civilian job than they did on active duty, resulting in billions of dollars of lost economic value.

As a transitioning military member, a veteran, or a job-seeking spouse, these may just be your questions about salary negotiation as well.

If you would like us to come visit your unit and deliver a master class in person, contact our program manager, Rachael Hubbard, at We love to see your faces!

Q.: When exactly do I start salary negotiations?

A.: Starting the salary negotiation too soon in the process is considered rude. Yes, it is essential to know your value on the market and be ready to act as your own agent, but you do not declare your number before you are asked. That is not the norm in the civilian world.

Q.: What exactly is the salary negotiation process?

A.: First, do your salary analysis early so that you have a salary range prepared for the recruiter, sourcer or talent management professional when they do the first phone screening. That saves both you and the employer from going through the whole interview process, only to lose out to an unacceptably low salary at the last minute.

Next, wait to talk about your salary and benefits until you have a job offer in writing.

Q.: Why do I need to do a salary analysis? Shouldn't my civilian pay be the same as my military pay, plus a little (or a lot) extra?

A.: Your military pay and your civilian pay are completely unrelated. So many factors figure into what you will earn. For example, your real job, your in-demand skills, your new industry, the state of the economy, your geographic location, supply and demand, etc., all factor into your offer. Salary analysis -- including input from your network -- is essential. Learn how to do a complete and accurate salary analysis in our free master class, Show Me The Money.

Q.: Won't they take away the job offer if I ask for more money?

A.: There is less risk than you think. In a survey of 1,000 companies, nearly 90% of employers said they have never rescinded a job offer because of negotiations during an interview. As long as you negotiate promptly, politely and reasonably, negotiation is an expected part of the civilian process.

Q.: Are you sure? Won't they think I'm rude if I want to negotiate? After all, they asked my salary range.

A.: The compensation team at your new company puts a lot of work into the job offer. They consult national averages, local averages and their budget. Publicly traded companies are especially subject to audit, and auditors hate to see big disparities in pay. The salary they send you is not arbitrary, random or personal.

That said, the hiring team has made this offer with the expectation that you will negotiate. In a exact survey, 84% of employers said they always expect employees to negotiate. Always.

Q.: What about this book I read about hard-core negotiating for every aspect of the job offer?

A.: If you are a born negotiator, go for it. Don't let me stop you. My personal opinion is that most military people do best in negotiation when they are their straightforward, natural and genuine selves. Performing the expected ritual of negotiation in a relaxed fashion takes you most of the way to a great salary.

Q.: What are exactly the right words I'm looking for when it comes to salary?

A.: When you get your job offer by email, here are the right words:

Dear (whoever sent you the letter):

I am delighted to receive the job offer for (job title). I am very excited at the prospect of working for this company, especially because (offer a reason -- usually something that came up in the interview).

Your offer of a base pay of $XXX is generous. I hope you can see your way clear to increase your offer to $XXX because (offer a reason).

Q.: What is a good reason to offer the employer?

A.: The truth is, you do not need to offer a good reason at all. You can leave it as a straight-on desire for them to increase their number.

Offering a reason might make your request more compelling. Make sure your reason is related to the job itself, like an in-demand skill or subject matter expertise you have, a rare security clearance or computer language, or a job offer from another firm. Do not make it a personal reason like your house payment or your 10 hungry children or a crop in the fields. provide them something.

Q.: What if they say no?

A.: Then they say no. In the world of job hunting, asking for a better compensation package is not a sin. Throwing a fit or laughing at an offer is.

Q.: I see what you are saying, but why can't I just accept the offer as is?

A.: You can always accept the offer as is. It is your offer. But please know that the most common thing I hear from veterans about their salary is that they wish they had at least tried to negotiate. It is really distracting at work knowing that the person next to you who is not as skilled as you are and does not do as much work as you do is making more money -- all because they asked.

There is so much more to salary negotiation than I can include here. You can discover all this and more in our master class, Show Me the Money: Secret Practices of Best Paid Veterans. After serving so faithfully in the military, you are well-suited to so many jobs in the civilian world. Don't miss your chance to get the best paycheck ever by avoiding the salary negotiation process. It is expected, and you can do it.

Jacey Eckhart is's transition master coach. She is a certified professional career coach and military sociologist who helps military members get their first civilian job by offering career-level Master Classes through our Veteran Employment Project and on her website, Reach her at

Find Your Next Job Fast

Transitioning military, veterans and spouses may be qualified for the job, but they are missing the secrets of civilian hiring. Find out everything you need to know with our FREE master class series, including our next class. You can view previous classes in our video library. Questions for Jacey? Visit our Facebook page.

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How to Handle practicing Comprehension on the Digital LSAT No result found, try new keyword!settings and the ability to flag questions for retrieval and review. For the practicing comprehension section, traditional test-taker tactics like marginal notes, symbols and underlining need a ... Sun, 10 May 2020 21:38:00 -0500 CAT Exam: 8 Strategies to Solve practicing Comprehension Effectively and Easily Reading Comprehension is an important section in the CAT (Common Admission Test) examination, designed to assess a candidate's ability to understand, analyse, and interpret complex passages. This section evaluates not only the candidate's practicing speed but also their comprehension skills, logical reasoning, and vocabulary. In CAT, practicing comprehension passages cover a wide array of topics, ranging from humanities and social sciences to science, technology, and business.
Candidates are presented with challenging passages of varying lengths and complexity, followed by a set of questions that test their understanding of the content, as well as their ability to make inferences and draw conclusions. Mastering this section is essential because it not only contributes significantly to the overall score but also mirrors the demands of real-world scenarios where efficient comprehension and critical analysis are paramount skills. As a result, developing a strategic approach and adapting the necessary skills in practicing comprehension is indispensable forCAT aspirants, enabling them to excel in this challenging yet integral part of the examination.
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Here are the 8 strategies to solve practicing comprehension in CAT effectively;
Develop a good practicing habit
The more you read, the better you will become at understanding and comprehending different types of texts. Make a habit of practicing a variety of materials, such as newspapers, magazines, novels, and non-fiction books.
Understand question types
There are different types of questions asked in RC passages, such as main idea questions, detail questions, inference questions, and vocabulary questions. Familiarise yourself with the different question types so that you can approach each question with the appropriate strategy.
Read actively
Don't just passively read the passage; engage with it by asking yourself questions as you read. What is the author's main point? What are the supporting details? What is the author's tone?
Underline key phrases and sentences
As you read, underline key phrases and sentences that you think are important. This will help you to remember the main points of the passage and to quickly find the information you need to answer the questions.
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Make notes in the margins
Use the margins of the passage to make notes about the main points, supporting details, and your own thoughts and observations. This will help you to keep track of what you have read and to organise your thoughts.
Don't get bogged down in details
Sometimes, the details in a passage can be overwhelming. Don't get bogged down in trying to understand every single detail. Focus on the main points and the overall meaning of the passage.
Use context clues to figure out unfamiliar words
You are not expected to know the meaning of every word in a CAT RC passage. Use context clues to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words.
Read the questions first
Before you start practicing the passage, take a quick look at the questions to get a general idea of what you are looking for. This will help you to focus your practicing and to identify the information you need to answer the questions.
Wed, 08 Nov 2023 08:40:00 -0600 en text/html
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Television Show Comprehension Questions

Encourage thoughtful media consumption with this set of television show comprehension questions. 15 thought-provoking prompts invite children to reflect and expand upon a television show they have seen. Designed for kindergarten through second graders, this set of questions helps guide children as they learn to become mindful viewers. These questions are also a good way to assess children's understanding of the media they are consuming.

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Questions that Gauge Comprehension

Lesson Plan

Need extra help for EL students? Try the Answering "Why" Questions pre-lesson.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to answer 5W + H questions about fictional texts.


(3 minutes)

  • Draw a blank concept web on the board with the word Questions in the center.
  • Ask students to brainstorm the type of questions we ask each other or that we are asked in class. Clarify that you are looking for the first word of the question, or the question starter.
  • Record the question stems in the outer circles of the concept web (who, what, when, where, why, how).
  • Read the learning objective and have students repeat it aloud. Explain that today‚Äôs lesson will be a review of some of the most basic, but important, comprehension questions that we are asked as readers. These serve as a foundation for being able to answer the deeper, more challenging questions about a text.
  • Beginning: Pair students with a supportive peer or an EL that speaks that same home language (L1), if possible.
  • Intermediate: Have students brainstorm with a partner before sharing with the whole group.

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Best No-Exam Life Insurance Of November 2023

Calculate How Much Life Insurance You Need

A no-exam life insurance policy may not be able to provide the full coverage amount you need, especially if you’re looking to cover many working years or the years of raising a family.

Before you start getting life insurance quotes, calculate how much life insurance you need. A no-exam policy alone may not be able to provide sufficient coverage.

Assess Your Chances Before You Apply

Getting life insurance without a long application process is appealing, but don’t jump into a no-exam life insurance application without understanding your chances of getting approved. Many no-exam policies require very good or excellent health for approval. A denial goes on your insurance record and could hinder future applications.

Don’t be surprised if you end up doing a more traditional application process, including a life insurance medical exam if you’ve had some health issues.

Look Beyond the Cost

Of course you don’t want to overpay for life insurance, but research more than cost. There are coverage options that can be very valuable long after you buy the policy, such as the option to convert term life to permanent life insurance. Also, look at whether there’s an accelerated death benefit, which gives you access to money from your own death benefit if you become terminally ill.

Be Truthful On the Application

No matter what type of life insurance you’re applying for, be thorough and truthful on the application.

‚ÄúPay attention to each question carefully and be ready to respond with information around specific medical conditions you have. Giving more detailed information will help streamline the process as well as get a more accurate underwriting decision,‚ÄĚ says Tavan of Legal & General America.

Intentional misrepresentations can lead to application denials or, worse, denial of a claim after you pass away. Life insurance companies have many ways to verify application information. Technology on the backend allows them to verify data from additional sources.

Have a Plan in Case of a Rejection

If the company rejects you for no-exam life insurance because of your health, don’t provide up your life insurance search. If you need life insurance, you likely have other routes.

  • Be prepared to go through a more traditional underwriting process that involves a life insurance medical exam.
  • Work with an experienced life insurance agent who can identify insurers known to be more friendly to your specific health conditions.
  • An experienced life insurance agent can shop around your application anonymously so that you don‚Äôt risk another rejection.

Looking for traditional term life insurance? See Forbes Advisor’s ratings of the best term life insurance.

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Flights halted, stock markets open late for South Korea's big exam
Flights halted, stock markets open late for South Korea's big exam

A mother holds her daughter's hand as she takes the College Scholastic Ability Test in Seoul, South Korea, November 16, 2023. Reuters

Half a million South Koreans participated in the annual nationwide college entrance exam on Thursday, marking the first time in four years that the exam which holds significant importance in the highly competitive society has been conducted without pandemic-related restrictions.

Approximately 505,000 high school students, graduates, and others registered to take the single-day, five-session College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) at 1,279 test sites across the country, as reported by the education ministry. Unlike the past three years, test-takers were not obliged to wear face masks.

Considered a crucial assessment in the country, the annual exam is renowned for its significance. Notably, even airline flights are halted during the listening comprehension portion of the English test.

South Korean financial markets opened an hour later than usual at 10 a.m. (0100 GMT) to ease traffic.

Outside schools, parents cheered for their children, hugging them and some wiping away tears.

‚ÄúI feel so nervous. Maybe I‚Äôm more nervous (than my daughter),‚ÄĚ said Kim Mi-jae, mother of a 18-year-old student, after sending off her daughter for the exam at a high school in Seoul.

The difficulty of this year‚Äôs exam has yet to be confirmed, but South Korean officials have said it would not include the so-called ‚Äúkiller questions‚ÄĚ typically drawn from material not covered in the public school curriculum.

President Yoon Suk Yeol has blamed such questions as the cause of excessive spending on private education, one of the factors behind the country’s declining fertility rate.

South Koreans spent a record 26 trillion won ($19.97 billion) on private education last year, despite a declining student population, a government report showed.

With inputs from Reuters.

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