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AP0-001 Acme Packet Certification

Exam: AP0-001 Acme Packet Certification

Exam Details:
- Number of Questions: The test consists of approximately 60 multiple-choice questions.
- Time: Candidates are given 90 minutes to complete the exam.

Course Outline:
The Acme Packet Certification course is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills required to configure, deploy, and maintain Acme Packet solutions. The course covers the following topics:

1. Introduction to Acme Packet
- Overview of Acme Packet and its product portfolio
- Understanding session border controllers (SBCs)
- Acme Packet architecture and components
- Navigating and accessing Acme Packet management interface

2. Acme Packet Configuration and Deployment
- Pre-installation planning and requirements
- Installing and configuring Acme Packet devices
- Setting up network interfaces and routing
- Configuring security and access controls

3. Acme Packet Session Management
- Managing SIP sessions and call routing
- Implementing call admission control (CAC)
- Handling NAT traversal and media manipulation
- Configuring session policies and rules

4. Acme Packet Troubleshooting and Maintenance
- Monitoring and troubleshooting Acme Packet devices
- Analyzing logs and diagnostics information
- Performing software upgrades and backups
- Implementing high availability and redundancy

5. Acme Packet Integration and Interoperability
- Integrating Acme Packet with other network elements
- Interoperability with third-party systems
- Implementing SIP trunking and interconnectivity
- Testing and validating Acme Packet deployments

Exam Objectives:
The test aims to assess candidates' understanding and proficiency in the following areas:

1. Acme Packet fundamentals and product knowledge
2. Configuration and deployment of Acme Packet devices
3. Session management and call routing using Acme Packet
4. Troubleshooting and maintenance of Acme Packet solutions
5. Integration and interoperability with other systems

Exam Syllabus:
The test syllabus covers the subjects mentioned in the course outline, including:

- Introduction to Acme Packet
- Acme Packet Configuration and Deployment
- Acme Packet Session Management
- Acme Packet Troubleshooting and Maintenance
- Acme Packet Integration and Interoperability

Candidates are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of these subjects to successfully pass the test and demonstrate their proficiency in configuring, deploying, and maintaining Acme Packet solutions.
Acme Packet Certification
Acme-Packet Certification study help

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AP0-001 Acme Packet Certification

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Acme Packet Certification
Question: 125
The Net-Net 4000 supports ___________ VLANs per physical interface.
A. 1024
B. 6000
C. 999
D. 4095
Answer: A
Question: 126
Which one of the following statements about H.323 networks is FALSE?
A. The collection of all terminals, gateways, and MCU managed by a single gatekeeper is
known as an Autonomous System (AS).
B. Gateways are not mandatory in an H.323 network.
C. Gatekeepers are not mandatory in an H.323 network.
D. Gateways translate call set-up messages and convert media formats.
Answer: A
Question: 127
Which one of the four statements below about Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is FALSE?
A. SIP provides for resource reservation.
B. SIP works with both IPv4 and IPv6.
C. SIP can run on top of either UDP or TCP as the transport protocol.
D. SIP can be used to invite participants to an already existing session.
Answer: A
Question: 128
In a Net-Net 4000 high availability (HA) architecture, the standby Net-Net 4000 sends ARP
requests using which one of the following?
A. The utility IP address and its hard coded MAC address.
B. The IP address and its hard coded MAC address.
C. The virtual IP address and its virtual MAC address.
D. The utility IP address and the configured virtual MAC address.
Answer: A
Question: 129
Which one of the following statements is TRUE when H245 tunneling is enabled on the
Net-Net 4000. The Net-Net 4000 will ___________ .
A. tunnel signaling messages over the H.245 connection
B. establish a separate TCP connection to tunnel messages
C. tunnel H.245 messages over H.225.0 FACILITY messages
D. support the Generic Tunneling Protocol (GTP) for sending SIP messages over the
H.245 connection
Answer: C
Question: 130
The default baud rate for console connections to the Net-Net 4000 is .
A. 115200
B. 2400
C. 9600
D. 56600
Answer: A
Question: 131
The h245-stage parameter in the H323 stack determines .
A. The stage at which the Net-Net 4000 will start tunneling H.245 messages
B. The point in the call where H.245 messages are allowed, given that the call has been
C. The stage at which the Net-Net 4000 will indicate that a separate H.245 connection must
be opened or will react to an external indication to open a separate H.245 connection
D. The point at which H.245 will appear on stage
Answer: C
Question: 132
Which two of the following statements about network interfaces are FALSE?
A. For each physical interface, you must have at least one network interface with a sub-
port-id of 999.
B. More than one realm can be assigned to a network interface.
C. By configuring the hip-ip-list and icmp-address parameters, you enable the Net-Net 4000
network processor to respond to PING.
D. Network interfaces define a subnet of useable addresses, not necessarily the address that
signaling and media has to be directed to.
Answer: A, C
Question: 133
You have changed a parameter in the realm-config element and have issued the done
command. The change has now been committed to the configuration.
A. saved
B. active
C. edited
D. running
Answer: C
Question: 134
Which two the following Best Current Practice configuration models would be used to
provide complete topology hiding by re-writing the From and To headers of a SIP message?
A. Policy Based Realm Bridging
B. SIP-NAT Bridging
C. Header Manipulation Rule Bridging
D. Session Agent Bridging
Answer: B, C
Question: 135
To enable the Net-Net 4000 to provide next hop signaling load balancing, which two of the
following licenses must be installed?
A. session agent group
B. load balancing
C. routing
D. local policy
Answer: B, C
Question: 136
Upon issuing the done command, you get an Error 409. What does this error indicate?
A. The element you are creating is corrupted.
B. The element you are trying to save doesn't exist.
C. You are trying to create an element with a unique identifier that already exists.
D. There is an internal server error.
Answer: C
Question: 137
Examine the output below from the network interface configuration.
When the Net-Net 4000 does not get an ARP response from the device configured as its
gateway in the configured retry time period, it will__________.
A. send traffic to the device configured in the sec-gateway field
B. decrement its health score to 50 which may result in a failover to the standby
C. use the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to determine a new default gateway
D. use the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to the host(s) instead of the primary
Answer: B
Question: 138
In a high availability (HA) scenario, a node has a state of becoming Standby". This state
indicates ___________.
A. a transitory state as the active node initially moves to becoming the standby node.
B. the standby node is out of service.
C. the standby node is taking the active role.
D. the active node is out of service.
Answer: A
Question: 139
You configure the _________ and _____________ elements to use the Net-Net 4000 to
perform load balancing between two downstream SIP proxies.
A. realm steering pool
B. local policy session agent group
C. session router session router group
D. proxy proxy pool
Answer: B
Question: 140
Steering pools are realm specific, and by limiting the number of __________ provide
constraints on the number of concurrent RTP sessions allowed on the Net-Net 4000.
A. UDP ports
B. slots
C. IP addresses
D. Realms
Answer: A
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Master of Music Education (Teaching Certification)

For students seeking a career as a music educator in a public school setting, the Master of Music Education (Teaching Certification) program includes music education and general education coursework followed by an apprentice teaching practicum. 

The Master of Music Education, leading to Initial Licensure, is the graduate segment of the music teacher preparation certification program at the University. Upon completion of the M.M. Ed. (Teaching Certification) degree program, students may file an application to the Massachusetts Department of Education for Initial Licensure and become fully certified teachers in Massachusetts.

Bachelor's-to-Master's Program

For students currently enrolled in UMass Lowell's Bachelor of Music in Music Studies Dual Degree Program

Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Music in Music Studies program maintaining a 3.000 GPA will be prepared to enter the Master of Music Education (Teaching Certification) program leading towards Initial Licensure. 

Students may apply to this program during their senior year. Acceptance is not automatic; an application for admission must be filed and all requirements for admission must be met. Students enrolling directly from the Bachelor of Music in Music Studies program will have the GRE requirement waived. 

Master of Music Education program

For students with undergraduate music and music education degrees from other institutions seeking Initial Licensure in Massachusetts

The Master of Music Education program is a great option for students who did not attend UMass Lowell as a Music Studies undergrad but possess either an equivalent undergraduate degree in music education or an undergraduate degree in music. A transcript review will be conducted to determine what if any equivalency undergraduate courses need to be satisfied for official admittance into the program.

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Sat, 14 Oct 2023 18:09:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.cbsnews.com/video/researchers-work-to-increase-the-lifespan-of-pets/ Study: Hot yoga could help fight seasonal depression

A yoga studio in Slingerlands may be able to help Capital Region people who may deal with depression.

A Slingerlands yoga studio may be able to help Capital Region people who may deal with depression. That’s because new research has found hot yoga can actually be really good for your mental well-being.

Hot yoga can help treat symptoms of depression, according to researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital.

In the study, adults with moderate to severe depression performed 90 minutes of yoga in a 105-degree room at least twice a week for eight weeks. The study found nearly 60% of participants had a 50% or greater reduction in symptoms.

Jai Yoga School in Slingerlands offers different types of classes, which include warm and hot yoga. Jai is the only studio in the Capital Region with infrared heat.

Owner Meg Horan has been practicing yoga for about 20 years. She said the new study doesn’t surprise her.

“There’s a lot of magic to it beyond just doing the physical poses,” Horan said. “Any type of endorphin releasing, physical practice, working out in any way, they focus on the breath, and reassociating with your body, rather than just going through the motions, disassociating with your body, so becoming more mindful and becoming more present and taking the experience as it is, I think it gives people the opportunity to create space and clarity in their life, which helps navigate this crazy world we live in.” 

Click here to learn more about Jai Yoga School, or call 518-496-8382.

Thu, 09 Nov 2023 21:12:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://wnyt.com/top-stories/study-hot-yoga-could-help-fight-seasonal-depression/
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A new study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine found eating only between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. could help people lose weight and treat hypertension. Good Housekeeping's deputy nutrition director and registered dietician Stefani Sassos joins "CBS Mornings" to discuss the study's findings and limitations.

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Wed, 06 Jul 2022 09:10:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.cbsnews.com/video/new-study-finds-intermittent-fasting-could-help-weight-loss-hypertension-and-mood/
Mediterranean diet could help reduce belly fat and muscle loss caused by aging, study finds

The Mediterranean diet could be the key to blasting belly fat.

A new study from the Prevención con Dieta Mediterránea-Plus (PREDIMED-Plus) revealed that the Mediterranean diet, partnered with physical activity, can counter aging-related body changes suchh as fat gain and loss of muscle mass.

The study, published in JAMA Network Open on Oct. 18, was designed to determine whether the diet could prevent cardiovascular disease — but in the meantime, a subgroup was evaluated to measure the impact on body composition after a three-year period.


The results showed that an energy-reduced (lower-calorie) Mediterranean diet and increased physical activity appeared to reduce aging-related weight gain and muscle loss.

A total of 1,521 middle-aged and older participants, who were either overweight or had obesity and metabolic syndrome, were separated into two groups.

The study author explained that people in Mediterranean countries incorporate vegetables into every meal. (iStock)

The first group followed a Mediterranean diet while reducing their calorie intake by 30% and increasing their physical activity.

The second group followed a Mediterranean diet without calorie restrictions or changes in physical activity.


The participants in the first group experienced "clinically meaningful" changes in body composition throughout the three-year experiment, according to the researchers.

This included a 5% or greater improvement in fat mass, visceral (belly) fat mass and loss of lean muscle mass after only one year of following the diet.

Fox News Digital reached out to the researchers for comment.

The study revealed that an energy-reduced Mediterranean diet and increased physical activity can reduce fat gained with aging. (iStock)

Nutritionist and registered dietitian Ilana Muhlstein, who was not involved in the study, told Fox News Digital that the Mediterranean diet has been "touted for many years as the healthiest diet in the world."

She added, "And while that may be true, it is extremely arbitrary advice for a health professional to deliver to an average person."


The diet encompasses a "broad array of advice" beyond just emphasizing whole foods, Muhlstein said.

The "great aspects" of the diet include beans, legumes, whole grains, healthy fats, seeds, nuts and fish-centered entrées, the nutritionist said.

Foods with high levels of Omega-3 fats include salmon, sardines, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, and various nuts and seeds. (iStock)

An energy-reduced Mediterranean diet differs from the original by incorporating more protein, having less added sugars and containing higher volumes of fresh vegetables or fruit instead of dried fruit.

"Yet the healthiest part of the Mediterranean diet that so many Americans overlook is the absolute obsession with veggies and fresh herbs," Muhlstein said. 


"These high-volume, nutrient-dense, low-calorie ingredients are the heart and soul of the true Mediterranean diet that sadly get dismissed."

Countries that have a "much better cardiovascular health status compared to America," like Israel or Greece, have an "abundance" of vegetables present at every meal, according to the dietitian.

Participants saw a 5% or greater improvement in fat mass, visceral (belly) fat mass and total lean mass after only one year of following the diet. (iStock)

"These countries don’t just eat vegetables — they celebrate them and would never think to have a meal without them," she said. 

"When they serve dips, like hummus, and tzatziki, they are always accompanied by a tray of sliced cucumbers or a mixed salad." 

She added, "However, in the United States, I see people devour high-calorie Mediterranean delicacies, like pita, shawarma and falafel, with almost no veggies in sight, which misses the point."


Muhlstein said people in these other countries "tend to live healthier" since they "easily maintain a healthy body weight by filling up on lots of low-starch veggies every single day."

She encouraged Americans to limit the pita bread and fill half of their plates with Mediterranean diet staples like roasted eggplants, pickled turnips and chopped salads.

As far as physical activity is concerned, Muhlstein recommended about 45 minutes of exercise six days a week to align with the "naturally active lifestyles" of people living in the Mediterranean.

Ilana Muhlstein, known as NutritionBabe on TikTok, has nearly two million followers on the app. (BODi)

Participants in the study were contacted by trained dietitians three times a month throughout the study, which Muhlstein said most likely led to "significantly improving" their relationship with food.


"Sadly, in America, our view of food has become really unhealthy," she said. 

"We’ve been encouraged to seek carbs and sugar for emotional comfort, and only turn to vegetables if we have to go on a diet."


She noted, "This is a type of unhealthy mindset that can result [in] poor health and obesity … Giving the participants an opportunity to meet with a dietitian and to regularly and steadily Strengthen their eating behaviors and relationships with food is key for creating results that last."

For more Health articles, visit www.foxnews.com/health.

Sat, 21 Oct 2023 21:44:00 -0500 Fox News en text/html https://www.foxnews.com/health/mediterranean-diet-could-help-reduce-belly-fat-muscle-loss-caused-aging-study-finds
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