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Mon, 05 Jun 2023 09:19:00 -0500en-UStext/html Top apps to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi signal

I think we can all agree on how frustrating it is when our Wi-Fi is super slow, especially when we're at home. We expect our internet service to perform at its best, given the amount we pay for it. There are ways to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection with these four apps that can work with your cell phone and laptop if they are connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile data network.


iPhone: 4.5 stars (at the time of publishing) 

Android: 4.3 stars (at the time of publishing) 

OpenSignal is an app that allows you to take speed tests of your Wi-Fi. Fox News © Provided by FOX News OpenSignal is an app that allows you to take speed tests of your Wi-Fi. Fox News

OpenSignal is a highly-rated app for both iOS and Android phones. It lets you do a speed test of your Wi-Fi, including download, upload and latency for 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi. You can also find the best network provider in your area with the app and compare coverage on Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. The speed test runs a 10-second obtain test, a 10-second upload test and a ping test to determine the speed you will likely experience. Opensignal works with Wi-Fi mobile broadband internet.



iPhone: 4.7 stars (at the time of publishing) 

Android: 4.8 stars (at the time of publishing) 

AmpliFI Wi-Fi is an app that allows you to view diagnostic information and upload activity. Fox News © Fox News AmpliFI Wi-Fi is an app that allows you to view diagnostic information and upload activity. Fox News

AmpliFi Wi-Fi is another great app that offers simple ways to add, monitor, configure and upgrade your network. You can view key diagnostic information, like a connected devices summary, upload and obtain activity, your IP address, and real-time network speed data. You can even control your family’s screen time with the ability to pause connected devices and create an in-home guest network for visiting family and friends.


iPhone: 4.5 stars (at the time of publishing) 

Android: 4.5 stars (at the time of publishing) 

Net Optimizer helps you to  Strengthen Wi-Fi speed and fix lag. Fox News © Fox News Net Optimizer helps you to Strengthen Wi-Fi speed and fix lag. Fox News

Net Optimizer lets you improve web surfing speed with faster response time, fix any lag you have and reduce latency. With just one touch, you can find and connect the fastest DNS server to Strengthen your connection. This app works for both mobile data (3G/4G/5G) and Wi-Fi connection and supports many different DNS servers.


iPhone: 4.4 stars (at the time of publishing) 

Android: 4.6 stars (at the time of publishing) 

Wi-Fi Analyzer tests your  obtain and upload speed. Fox News © Fox News Wi-Fi Analyzer tests your obtain and upload speed. Fox News

With Wi-Fi Analyzer, you can test your obtain and upload speed, plus do a one-tap to test speed for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, DSL, ADSL, and Wi-Fi. It gives you real-time network speed and traffic as well as lets you discover all the devices connected to the network. The app does have a subscription fee of $2.99 for one week, $5.99 for one month (with a 3-day free trial), or $14.99 for a lifetime subscription. Your subscription can be canceled at any time.


1) One way to speed up your Wi-Fi connection is by investing in a mesh network. They’re quick to install because you just have to plug in a few devices in areas of your home further from the router, and you’ll immediately notice the difference when it comes to speed.

2) You can also try changing the position of your router. If your Wi-Fi router is sitting behind a couch or hidden in a drawer, you are blocking the signals from getting out as strongly as they can throughout the house. Make sure your router is placed in a centralized spot in your home with nothing covering it for the strongest connection.

3) If those options don't work, try using an Ethernet cable. This will allow you to connect directly to your internet through a wire. That way, you can’t turn off the Wi-Fi accidentally, or even if the connection gets spotty, you’ll be hardwired in.


4) If you have tried all these options, you may have to upgrade to a faster internet speed. Contact your internet company and discuss upgrade options. You can usually get a better deal if you call and speak to the right representative and ask what promotions they currently have running.

5) Finally, it may be time to get a new router. The older your Wi-Fi router is, the slower your connection throughout your home is. Even if you’re used to this slow connection, you don’t want to wait until your router completely dies out on you before replacing it. These are some of the signs to look out for to indicate that it’s time for you to get a new router.

  • Speed doesn’t match up to the price: if you’ve upgraded to a better and more expensive internet package and your router just can’t keep up with the update, then it’s probably time to get one that can give you what you’re paying for.
  • No more updates: if your router is so old that it doesn’t even receive firmware updates anymore, that’s a telltale sign that it’s time for a new one. After your router receives its last update, any vulnerabilities that are discovered cannot be addressed, leaving your devices susceptible to potential security threats. Also, you will not be able to utilize the latest and most advanced Wi-Fi encryption on your devices.
  • The router is hot and noisy: any device that is running hot, whether it’s a phone, computer, or router, in this case, is probably not working very well. Most routers are also silent at all times, so a lot of noise coming from the device is also a sign that the device is struggling to keep working properly.
  • Too many devices: nowadays, most of us have multiple devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smart TVs. The more devices and people in a home, the more work the router has to do. Your old router might be getting too overwhelmed with all that extra work.
  • Not enough Wi-Fi coverage: your old router might only be able to cover a certain small area of your home, yet you want a router that can cover your entire indoor space.
  • It was released 5 or more years ago: if your router was released by its manufacturer more than 5 years ago, chances are they’ve come out with newer and better models for you to purchase since then. I recommend you purchase one that was released by the manufacturer in three years or less.

Visit to see our top picks for Mesh Networking devices.

Visit to see our top picks for Mesh Networking devices.


As you can see, there are several ways to boost your connection, including using apps, investing in a mesh network, changing the position of your router, or replacing it, using an Ethernet cable and upgrading to a faster internet speed. Try these options and see which works best for you.

Have you tried these steps yet? What ways have you used to increase your Wi-Fi speed? Let us know by writing us at


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Delete this app NOW: Popular Android app is secretly SPYING on users – what to do if you have it installed
  • iRecorder secretly steals pictures, files and web information on Android devices
  • It also records an audio snippet every 15 minutes by hijacking the microphone
  • Cyber experts at ESET currently do not know who is behind this malicious attack

Cybersecurity experts have warned that a popular Android app is secretly spying on users as part of a potential espionage campaign.

Phone owners have been urged to delete a malicious app known as iRecorder after it was found to subtly steal files, web information and even pictures.

The unsuspecting screen-recorder even makes use of a phone's microphone every 15 minutes, taking a snippet of audio for unknown purposes. 

This malware, discovered by ESET, did not come as part of the app when it launched in 2021.

Instead, attackers took a more unusual approach, with harmful features cropping up nearly a year later, in what may have been disguised as a typical update.

iRecorder secretly steals pictures, files and web information on Android devices (file image)

'Interestingly here is that the app passed initial tests to get on the Google Play store but it was the update that carried the malicious activity,' Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET said.

'Although the app is now removed from the Google Play store, it is advised to remove it from your phone if you installed it whilst it was still live. 

'By deleting the app, the phone will remain safe from prying eyes and ears.'

ESET believes the app has been downloaded by more than 50,000 people since its launch three years ago on Google Play.

Google has now removed this and Apple devices are unaffected, but it is still available to obtain from alternative Android markets.

Before using, phone holders are asked to give iRecorder permission to record audio and 'access photos, media and files'.

But ESET claims there are no other special permission requests that may hint to its harmful intentions. 

It is currently uncertain whether a specific group is behind this malware which uses a powerful open-source tool known as 'AhMyth'.

Google has now removed this and Apple devices are unaffected, but iRecorder is still available to obtain from alternative Android markets


  1. Tap Google Play on an Android device
  2. Select your profile in the top right 
  3. Hit Play Protect
  4. Press Scan
  5. Remove any malware that is flagged by the scanner  

But ESET claims that AhMyth was previously employed by the Transparent Tribe -  a cyberespionage group that targets governments and military groups in South Asia.

To remove these harmful features from a device, all users need to do is simply delete the app. 

Google also offers a built-in security feature called Play Protect that can scan your apps for malware in future.  

This malware also comes just weeks after the security firm Kaspersky found 11 other apps on Google Play that hold a new type of malware known as Fleckpe.

This largely included photo and video editing apps including 'Photo Effect Editor' and 'Beauty Slimming Photo Editor'.

At the time, Google said that it takes 'security and privacy claims against apps seriously' and deleted these apps.

Yet, in the face of malware risks, ESET urges phone users to continue updating their phones as the benefits outweigh these risks.

Mr Moore added: 'This should hopefully not put people off updating as more damage can usually be done by not installing timely app and device updates.'

A Google spokesman told MailOnline: 'When we find apps that violate our policies, we take appropriate action. Devices running Android 11 and above have protections that limit app access to device location, camera, or microphone.

'Google Play Protect also protects users from apps known to contain this malware on Android devices with Google Play Services, even when those apps come from other sources.'

Google warns of SPYWARE being used by foreign governments to hack into Apple and Android phones and snoop on citizens' activities 

Google warned of spyware being used by foreign governments to hack into Apple and Android phones and snoop on users' activities. 

The 'spyware' – software that steals information from a device – was created by Milan-based company RCS Lab, Google and security firm Lookout said. 

RCS Lab spyware has allegedly been used by the Italian and Kazakhstani governments to spy on private messages and contacts stored on their citizens' smartphones. 

RCS Lab is an example of a 'lawful intercept' company that claims to only sell to customers with legitimate use for surveillance, such as intelligence and law enforcement agencies. 

But in reality, such tools have often been abused under the guise of national security to spy on business executives, human rights activists, journalists, academics and government officials, security experts say. 

It's thought RCS Lab's spyware, nicknamed 'Hermit', is distributed via SMS messages that appear to come from legitimate sources.

Read more 

Wed, 31 May 2023 21:48:00 -0500 text/html
Screen recording Android app found to be spying on users

A screen recorder app with over 50,000 downloads on Google Play Store was found to be discreetly recording audio using the device’s microphone and stealing files, suggesting it might be part of an espionage campaign, according to researchers at Eset.

iRecorder was a legitimate app made available in September 2021 and a remote access trojan (RAT) AhRat was most likely added to it in 2022. The app is currently unavailable on the app store.

AhRat: the remote access trojan

The malicious code introduced in the app is a customized version of the open source RAT AhMyth. RATs can allow the threat actor access to a victim’s device and control it remotely. It can also have functions similar to spyware and stalkerware.

The customized version of the RAT, AhRat, shows that the authors of the malicious app invested significant effort into understanding the code of both the app and the back end, ultimately adapting it to suit their own needs.

“This is not the first time that AhMyth-based Android malware has been available on the official store; ESET previously published research on such a trojanized app in 2019,” Eset said.

In 2019, the spyware circumvented Google’s app-vetting process twice, as an app that provided radio streaming.

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AND-401 exam Questions - Android Application Development Updated: 2023

Our AND-401 Practice questions with braindumps are best
Exam Code: AND-401 Android Application Development exam Questions June 2023 by team

AND-401 Android Application Development

EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation offers professionals a unique certification that combines agile principles and scrum practices. The exam tests candidates on their understanding of key concepts and their application.

Main subjects
Agile Way of Thinking
Scrum practices
Scrum Planning and Estimation
Monitoring Scrum Projects
Advanced Scrum Concepts

Agile Scrum Foundation is designed to test a professionals fundamental understanding of agile principles and scrum methodology. It is especially useful for those leading or participating in projects. This certification is especially interesting for professionals who work in areas including project management, software development, IT service management and business management.
Android Application Development
Android Application exam Questions

Other Android exams

AND-401 Android Application Development provide latest and updated practice test with actual test Braindumps for new syllabus of AND-401 AND-401 Exam. Practice our braindump questions and braindumps to Strengthen your knowledge and pass your exam with High Marks. We ensure your success in the Test Center, covering all the subjects of exam and build your Knowledge of the AND-401 exam. Pass 4 sure with our accurate questions.
AND-401 Dumps
AND-401 Braindumps
AND-401 Real Questions
AND-401 Practice Test
AND-401 dumps free
Android Application Development
Question: 215
Consider the following AndroidManifest.xml file: What is the syntax error of this file?
A. The INTERNET permission must be removed.
B. Tag uses-sdk must have attribute android:maxSdkVersion set.
C. The activity under tag should have the android:name property.
D. The tag for Activity ".Compute" should be contained inside tag.
Answer: D
Question: 216
Consider the following:
public boolean onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem item) { switch (item.getItemId()) { case
newFile(); return true default: return super.onOptionsItemSelected(item); } } Upon clicking on one of the menu
items, the application did not behave as intended. Which of the following might be the cause of this problem?
(Choose two)
A. The developer did not set onClickListener on the menu item.
B. The developer did not include "" in the switch case.
C. The developer should create onOptionsItemSelected method for each menu item.
D. The developer did not override the activity method "onCreateOptionsMenu" and enflate the given menu layout.
Answer: B,D
Question: 217
Which of the following is NOT true about class ListActivity?
A. D. data source that can be bound in a ListActivity can be an array or Cursor holding query results.
B. Its layout must be set by calling method setContentView inside onCreate.
C. It contains a ListView object that can be bound to different data sets.
D. A data source that can be bound in a ListActivity can be an array or Cursor holding query results.
Answer: B
Question: 218
Which of the following Gradle statements adds the AppCompat library to an Android application?
A. dependencies { compile "" }
B. compile { library "" }
C. apply plugin:
D. defaultConfig { library "" }
Answer: A
Question: 219
Which of the following statements are correct about the v7 appcompat library? (Choose two.)
A. It adds support to the CardView widget.
B. It adds the RecyclerView class to provide support for the RecyclerView widget.
C. It adds support for the Action Bar user interface.
D. It includes support for the material design user interface implementations.
Answer: C,D
Question: 220
Which of the following statements are correct about the Action Bar? (Choose two.)
A. It is a window feature that provides user actions and navigation modes.
B. It allows applications to receives push notifications.
C. It offers users a consistent interface across applications that the system dynamically adapts.
D. It is a collection of Android libraries that can be included in your application for backward-compatibility.
Answer: A,C
Question: 221
You are building an application that supports API level 11 and higher. Which of the following classes you must
import if you want to add an Action Bar to your application?
C. android.view.ActionBar
D. android.widgets.ActionBar
Answer: B
Question: 222
When the user clicks on an action item in the action bar, which of the following Activity methods does the system
A. onOptionsItemSelected( )
B. onOptionsItemClicked( )
C. onActionButtonSelected( )
D. onActionBarItemSelected( )
Answer: A
Question: 223
Which of the following statements are NOT needed to adding support for RecyclerView with CardView in your
application? (Choose two.)
A. dependencies { compile '' }
B. dependencies { compile '' }
C. dependencies { compile '' }
D. dependencies { compile '' }
Answer: C,D
Question: 224
Which of the following is correct dependency for adding CardView?
A. dependencies {compile '' }
B. dependencies {compile '' }
C. dependencies {compile '' }
D. dependencies {compile '' }
Answer: A
Question: 225
Which of the following is the correct syntax for adding CardView to a layout file?
Answer: B
Question: 226
Which of the following options are correct about ConstraintLayouts baseline constraint handle?
A. Baseline constraint handles can be applied to only side constraint handles on the same axis.
B. Baseline constraint handles aligns the bottom edges of views.
C. "Baseline constraint handles can be applied to only side constraint handles on the same axis" and "Baseline
constraint handles aligns the bottom edges of views".
D. All answers are incorrect.
Answer: D
Question: 227
Which of the following methods can we call in Notification.Builder to add an action?
A. setContentAction(
B. setRemoteAction( )
C. setAction( )
D. addAction( )
Answer: D
Question: 228
Which of the following functions does not belong to LocationListener?
A. onLocationChanged
B. onStatusChanged
C. onLocationCaptured
D. onProviderDisabled
Answer: C
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Android Application exam Questions - BingNews Search results Android Application exam Questions - BingNews Malicious Android spyware detected in over 100 popular apps

Brace yourself for this troubling revelation. A new report from researchers at the IT security solutions firm Dr. Web found that over 100 Android apps that collectively have over an astounding 421 million downloads are infected with a new malware strain. 

What is this new malware strain


The malware strain has been named SpinOK, and it also contains a spyware module within it. SpinOK is being used mainly as a marketing software development kit (SDK) and was designed to maintain users’ interest in apps with the help of mini-games, a system of tasks, and alleged prizes and reward drawings.  

Below is an example of an ad SpinOk displays: 

 A new report from researchers at the IT security solutions firm Dr. Web found that over 100 Android apps (

The team at Dr. Web found that SpinOK is capable of invading even the best Android phone models and stealing private information stored on them, including data from sensors that can be used to detect a simulated or test environment and adjust the operating routine to avoid being detected by cybersecurity experts. 

Once it has the information it needs, it will send it to a remote server controlled by the cybercriminals running SpinOK. 

What are the apps that have been affected? 


There are over 100 Android apps that have been affected by this malware strain, and you can find a full list of them here. However, here is a list of the apps that have been downloaded the most often. 

Biugo - video maker&video editor (at least 50,000,000 installations) 

CashEM: Get Rewards (at least 5,000,000 installations) 

Cashzine - Earn money reward (at least 10,000,000 installations) 

Crazy Drop (at least 10,000,000 installations) 

Fizzo Novel - reading Offline (at least 10,000,000 installations) 

MVBit - MV video status maker (at least 50,000,000 installations) 

Noizz: video editor with music (at least 100,000,000 installations) 

Tick: watch to earn (at least 5,000,000 installations) 

VFly: video editor&video maker (at least 50,000,000 installations) 

Zapya - File Transfer, Share (at least 100,000,000 installations; the trojan module was present in version 6.3.3 to version 6.4 and is no longer present in current version 6.4.1) 

Many of these apps have been taken off the Google Play Store. However, some have just been updated to no longer include the malware strain. If you really want to keep an app that is listed, you can update it to its latest version. Although, I would recommend deleting it altogether. 


A stressed man screams out (

What can I do to protect myself against infected apps in the future? 

It's always an unfortunate thing when apps we love that seem safe at first end up being infected with malware. With these apps it is still unclear whether the app developers were tricked by the distributors of SpinOK or if the malware was included in the apps on purpose, so you have to be vigilant about protecting yourself and not putting all your trust into every app you see. Here are some of my tips. 

Remove apps from Android

If you have any malicious apps on your Android phone, delete them immediately by following these steps: 

  • Long-press the app you want to delete, and then a window will pop up
  • Then hit Uninstall  Or Go to Settings 
  • Scroll down to Apps to see a list of your apps
  • Tap on the app you want to delete
  • Then hit Uninstall (which is at the very bottom of the screen in the center)
  • Note: Settings may vary depending on your Android phone’s manufacturer 


Update your apps and operating system 

Developers regularly release updates that include security patches to fix vulnerabilities. Keep your apps and operating system up-to-date to ensure you have the latest protection against potential threats. 

Have good antivirus software  

Antivirus software provides more comprehensive protection by scanning your device for viruses, spyware, and other types of malware. It can also detect and remove malicious software that has already been installed on your device and alert you of any phishing emails or ransomware scams. Most importantly, antivirus software will prevent you from clicking a malicious link that could install malware on your device in the first place.  

See my expert review of the best antivirus protection for your Windows, Mac, Android & iOS devices by heading to 

Look for good reviews

The Anker portable charger can charge different cell phones such as Apple, Samsung, and other Androids.  (Anker)


Although having antivirus software is very helpful, it never hurts to do your own research before downloading an app. Even if the app comes from a source like the Google Play Store, keep in mind that Google Play Store apps can always get infected, and reviews and ratings on there can be faked. 

It's a good idea to look for reviews in places besides the Google Play Store. Check to see if the app has a website or social media page that you can look through. Go to YouTube and see if anyone has done video reviews on the app so that you can see how it really works. And always be cautious if the app is asking to use certain permissions like access to your photos or contacts. 

Be skeptical of app clones 

Sometimes, cybercriminals create fake or cloned versions of popular apps to trick you into downloading malware. Pay attention to app names, developer names, and reviews to ensure you're downloading the legitimate version. 

Trust your instincts 

If something feels off about an app, trust your gut instincts. If an app seems suspicious, has poor reviews, or exhibits unexpected behavior, it's best to err on the side of caution and avoid downloading or using it. 


Kurt's key takeaways 

The most important thing to remember is that not every app can be trusted. Although having lots of great reviews and downloads is helpful, we can see now that those reviews and downloads don't always matter because any app can be infected with malware. Do the research and obtain the antivirus software to make sure you're protected above all else. 

Should we expect better warnings from smartphone makers and app stores? Let us know by writing us at 

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Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games – Updated May, 2023

We all like games that test our fingers, but what about games that test our brains? For those times you want to stretch your minds, there are trivia games. These games are chock full of interesting questions and facts that you may or may not know.

There are a bunch of trivia games out there that get the gears turning, and some really make a unique experience out of it. They can either have you test your knowledge in solo rounds or they can pit you against opponents.

If you’re in the mood to kickstart your brain cells, then you’re in luck. Here are 10 of the best trivia games on Android.

Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games – May 2023

Here is a quick overview of the games on this list. It outlines the obtain price and the price range of in-app purchases.

Game Download Cost In-app cost (per item)
Train your Brain. Memory Games Free $7.99
Live Math Competitions Free No
4 Pics 1 Word Free $0.99 – $49.99
Capitals of the countries Quiz Free No
Jingle Quiz: logo music trivia Free $1.99 – $19.99
Erudite: Trivia Game & Quiz Free $0.99 – $99.99
Trivia Madness Free No
Art Quiz – Train Your Memory Free No
Daily Bible Trivia Free $0.99 – $79.99
Trivia Crack Explorer Free $0.99 – $79.99

Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games – May 2023

Now, here are all of the games with just a bit more information on them.  As always, it’s best to obtain apps only from the Google Play Store or other official vendors.

Train your Brain. Memory Games

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $7.99
  • Size: 46MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5

This is the game for you if you’re looking to sharpen your brain with some fun activities. The thinking behind this game is that these mentally stimulating games can help train your mind so that you can remain mentally sharp.

There are a ton of games that challenge your ability to remember different things. They’re not only helpful, but they’re also fun to play. They’re designed to test different aspects of your memory, so if you think that you need help in that department, then you should give this app a try.

It’s free to obtain and play, but if you want to get the full experience, then you’ll have to pay a one-time payment of $7.99. That’s a good price for all that you’re getting.

Download Train your Brain. Memory Games

Live Math Competitions

math live competition

math live competition

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: No
  • Size: 35MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.0 stars out of 5

If you’re looking to exercise your math skills compete against other math wizards, then look no further! This is a game that centers around letting you practice and sharpen your math skills. You’ll be given all types of math questions to solve and practice with.

This app really shines when you want to challenge others. After you’ve gathered enough coins, you’ll be able to enter challenges against friends or other people on the internet and put your math skill to the test.

In order to earn these coins, all you have to do is use the app. There are no in-app purchases, and that’s good news to most people.

Download Live Math Competitions

4 Pics 1 Word

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $0.99 – $49.99
  • Size: 78MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

This is a game that’s been around for a while, so most people into trivia games should know about it. For each level, you’ll see four pictures. The four pictures will be associated with one word, and it’s up to you to figure out what that word is. You can zoom into the pictures to get a better look at them. As you play through the levels, you’ll earn coins that you can use to buy hints.

There are ads in the game that pop up at about every other level. However, if you want to get rid of them, you’ll only need to pay $1.99.

4 Pics 1 Word

Capitals of the countries Quiz

Capitals on countries quiz

Capitals on countries quiz

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: None
  • Size: 5MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5

How well do you know the capitals of different countries around the world? Are you willing to test your knowledge? Well, Capitals Of The Country quiz is the best app to do this. It’s a quiz game targeted toward quizzing you on the different capitals of countries around the world.

While this app is pretty focused, there’s still a bit of variety to it. For starters, there are different game modes. You can choose to guess the capitals of countries chosen from all over the world, or you can go by continent. There are other game modes that you can play.

Also, if you need a little help, there’s a section where you can review all of the different capitals of the countries around the world. This is to help you brush up on your memory before you start playing rounds.

Download Capitals of the countries Quiz

Jingle Quiz: logo music trivia

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $1.99
  • Size: 33MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5

Download Jingle Quiz: logo music trivia

Erudite: Trivia Game & Quiz

Erudite Screenshots

Erudite Screenshots

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $1.49 – $39.99
  • Size: 70MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5

This game is for people who like to test their knowledge of general trivia. Erudite covers a wide range of subjects including science, art, music, geography, and even celebrities. It’s for people who don’t want a game that’s focused on anything specific.

What’s neat about this game is the overall aesthetic. The quizzes are varied and they all have a different look and feel. This is something to keep people engaged while playing.

As you guess answers, you will have three guesses before you’re kicked out of the round. However, there are hints that you can use to help you get the answer.

Download Erudite: Trivia Game & Quiz

Trivia Madness

trivia madness

trivia madness

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: No
  • Size: 36MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5

Trivia Madness is a game that’s pretty simple and straightforward. You’re given a slew of questions to answer, and you need to answer them correctly to move on and earn in-game money. Each round has 15 questions to answer.

What’s neat about this game is that there aren’t in-app purchases. This means that you’re able to earn everything in the game just by playing it. So, you don’t need to worry about any paywalls keeping you away from trivia fun.

Download Trivia Madness

Art Quiz – Train Your Memory

Art Quiz Screenshots

Art Quiz Screenshots

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: None
  • Size: 41MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5

So, you’re an art fanatic and you know pretty much every painting out there. Why not put that knowledge to the test? This is exactly what Art Quiz is designed to do. It’s a trivia game focused on artists and art appreciators who want to test their Knowledge.

This is a fun and straightforward quiz game where you will be presented with different paintings. You will need to identify the name of the painting in order to proceed. Also, there’s a mode where you will identify the artist behind it. There are also hints if you need to get ahead.

What’s neat about this game is that there are no in-app purchases. You will gain coins to buy hints just by playing the game. Also, there are no ads.

DownloadArt Quiz - Train Your Memory

Daily Bible Trivia

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $0.99 – $79.99
  • Size: 106 MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.9 stars out of 5

If you’re well-read on the bible and you want to put your knowledge to the test, then you should think about getting this game. It’s a trivia game that’s made to test your knowledge of all things holy.

It’s a pretty straightforward and simple trivia game. You’ll go through several round of questions all dealing with characters and books from the bible. If you think that you can pick up a real bible for answers, you’d be mistaken. You only have 10 seconds to answer each question, so you’d better brush up beforehand.

There are in-app purchases, but they don’t get in the way of the game. You have your basic array of in-app currencies. There are gold coins and gems. You earn the coins by completing rounds, and you use them to purchase rounds. You use the gems to retry after getting a question wrong.

Trivia Crack Explorer

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $0.99 – $79.99
  • Size: 118MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5

This is another game in the popular Trivia Crack series. In Trivia Crack Explorer, you’ll be adventuring to different lands by completing quizzes. Before you start around, you will spin the wheel to see which randomly selected subjects you will answer questions in. Each subject will have two questions to answer.

When you answer both questions, you will progress along a game board. The game board is where the exploration comes in, as it has the theme of an adventure game. Also, the music matches the mood. This is a great way to add some nice flare to your trivia game. Just know that there will be ads that pop up every now and then.

Download Trivia Crack Explorer 

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iPhone apps are still better than Android apps, and a longtime Android blogger explained why

Which operating system is better, iOS or Android? The answer to this question depends on several factors: what system do your contacts use? Which one will be more suitable for your job? And where can you find the best experience with the apps you love the most?

Longtime Android Police blogger Manuel Vonau wrote an extensive article explaining why iPhone apps are still better than Android apps, and why he keeps going back to his iPhone. As a longtime iPhone user, I can certainly understand how he reached this conclusion.

While I have tested several Android phones over the years, the main reason iPhone apps seem to have an advantage over their Android counterparts is due to fewer options in the market. You can find a bunch of Android phones with different capabilities, processors, displays, cameras, etc. But Apple only makes a handful of iPhone models to choose from.

Even though Apple expanded the number of models, they are all high-end devices that can take advantage of the most demanding apps for years to come. Interestingly enough, Manuel Vonau notes that Google apps are also better on the iPhone.

“Google Maps builds its routes on the fly, giving you a sense of motion. WhatsApp delivers proper transitions when you open the keyboard or swipe to go back to all chats. And YouTube offers a rich, prolonged animation when you move your phone to landscape mode,” he writes.

Another point the writer makes is that iOS’s gesture navigation has been the default since the iPhone X, while Android phones offer different methods. For example, depending on the phone going back could involve pressing the back button, making a back gesture, or a custom implementation from the device manufacturer.

Lastly, although Vonau doesn’t mention this, it’s worth noting that iPhone owners are more likely to pay for an app or in-app subscriptions than Android owners. Statista has a chart that shows how much people spend on the App Store and on the Google Play Store and how much they will pay going forward — and the difference is wild.

That said, it’s only natural that developers would make better apps for iPhone users as the income will come from them, despite Android having a larger user base. Combining larger revenue, fewer phones to work with, and a user base that constantly updates their smartphones, you can see why the iPhone might offer better app experiences than an Android.

While Vonau says Android 14 will Strengthen upon that, users will still struggle with another issue: the lack of Android phones that actually update to the latest OS version. On the other hand, WWDC 2023 is just around the corner, and the vast majority of iPhone users will install iOS 17 as soon as it’s available.

Sat, 03 Jun 2023 10:14:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Best NBA Android apps – updated June 2023 NBA AH NS 03 © Provided by Android Headlines NBA AH NS 03

If you’re on the lookout for the best NBA Android apps out there, you’re in the right place. We’ve hand-picked 9 applications that you may be interested in. Before we get into it, please do note that we have not included NBA games on this list, we have a separate list for that.

Some of these applications are specifically focused on the NBA, while others are not. Whatever the case may be, they can be used either for getting information regarding the NBA, watching NBA matches, or something of that sort.

Regardless of what exactly are you looking for, we did our best to assemble a versatile list of apps. Each app will be highlighted in a separate category with a specific type of user in mind, so that you can decide on what suits you most.

Best NBA Android apps 2023

Below is a quick overview of the best NBA Android apps for 2023, including any obtain and in-app purchase costs.

Download Cost In-app cost (per item)
NBA: Live Games & Scores $0.99-$399.99
SofaScore $0.99-$5.99
NBA Wallpapers Full HD / 4K
NBA Fan Quiz $1.49
Sports Alerts – NBA edition $4.99-$399.99
ESPN $5.99-$99.99
Feedly $7.99-$69.99
Basketball NBA Live Scores, Stats & Schedules $3.99
TuneIn $0.99-$149.99

Best NBA Android apps 2023 downloads

Below is a little more information on each app, and a direct link for easy downloading.

All obtain links go to the app’s Google Play Store listing. Users are always recommended to obtain apps from Google Play or an authorized app store.

NBA: Live Games & Scores

NBA Live games and scores image © Provided by Android Headlines NBA Live games and scores image
  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $0.99-$399.99
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

If you’re planning to install one NBA application for all your needs, well, this is probably the one you should get. This app’s name is ‘NBA: Live Games & Scores’, and it’s an official NBA application. It will provide you with all the necessary details. This app does offer ads and in-app purchases, though, so keep that in mind… but you’re not forced to buy anything.

This application brings you the latest scores from NBA matches, tons of stats, news, and more. If you acquire the ‘NBA League Pass’ subscription, well, you’ll get far more content. You’ll be able to watch matches live, while on-demand videos will be at your disposal as well. Rapid Replay function will become unlocked for you as well.

This app offers in-game and post-game highlights, so that you’re aware of what’s going on exactly. Game previews are included, as are recaps. You’ll get live access to select press conferences via this application, the same goes for events. You can decide to favorite players and teams, in which case you’ll get easy access to content specific to those teams / players. Not all news will be pushed your way via this application, only those picked by editors. That way, you’ll have less stuff to go through, and yet get all the best info you.

If you decide to go with a subscription model, well, there are several packages at your disposal. Depending on your personal preferences and budget, you can choose what you need this app to give you. All in all, there’s plenty of content here for all NBA fans.

Download NBA: Live Games & Scores (official app)


Sofascore app grid image 2023 © Provided by Android Headlines Sofascore app grid image 2023
  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $0.99-$5.99
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

If you’re looking for a free way to check out NBA match highlights, well, this is it. SofaScore, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the world’s most popular live score applications. This application is not limited to the NBA, though, it covers a ton of different sports. That being said, it delivers plenty of NBA info, and most importantly, match highlights. You won’t be required to pay in order to watch those highlights, or anything of the sort. All you have to do in order to access them is to select the game you want to check out, and hit the ‘Media’ tab.

Match highlights are only a part of the picture here, though. SofaScore has much more to offer. This application will show you match details as well, in addition to channels you can watch specific games. Detailed statistics are available here as well, that goes for both statistics for a specific game, and stats in general. You can check out team stats, and statistics for specific players. Box score information is also available.

All that is presented in a really nice-looking UI, which is really easy to navigate. The dark mode is also supported in SofaScore, in case you were wondering. SofaScore also offers push notifications, so it can let you know when a game is about to start, when a specific quarter is starting, when a team scores and so on.

Download SofaScore

NBA Wallpapers Full HD / 4K

NBA wallpapers fullHD 4K image 2 © Provided by Android Headlines NBA wallpapers fullHD 4K image 2
  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

If you’re changing wallpapers on your phone a lot, this is the app for you, especially if you’re an NBA fan at the same time. The NBA Wallpapers Full HD / 4K application is all about the wallpapers. Inside it, you’ll find a ton of high-res NBA wallpapers to use. The developer says that the app is designed with both phones and tablets in mind. You can easily share these wallpapers from the application itself, or set them as the background on your phone/tablet.

The app works really well, it’s lightweight and all the focus is on the wallpapers, as it should be. The vast majority of wallpapers are textless too, which is what users seem to prefer. We don’t know the exact number of wallpapers included here, but there are thousands of them. Chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for here. The app is free to use, though ads are a part of the experience, so do note that.

Download NBA Wallpapers Full HD / 4K

NBA Fan Quiz

NBA Fan Quiz app image 1 © Provided by Android Headlines NBA Fan Quiz app image 1
  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $1.49
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

If you’d like to test your NBA knowledge, what better way to do it than through a fan quiz. The ‘NBA Fan Quiz’ app is essentially a trivia application for hardcore basketball fans. There are ‘heads up’, ‘survival’, and ‘normal game’ modes included here, that you can choose from, and test your knowledge. Over a thousand NBA-related questions are included in this database, and more are being added constantly.

Before you begin, you can choose an avatar that best suits you. After that, and choosing your mode, you’ll be good to go. The app will keep track of your stats, just so you can show how good or bad you are at it. Top score leaderboards and achievements table is available here as well, for bragging purposes. This app even comes with tablet support, in case you still use it. On top of everything, the NBA Fan Quiz app allows you to suggest your very own NBA-related questions.

This application is completely free to use. There is one in-app purchase included here, and it’s ad-related. Ads are a part of the experience here, but you can easily remove them for a one-time payment. If you plan on using the app frequently, or want to support the developer, that is recommended, of course.

Download NBA Fan Quiz

Sports Alerts – NBA edition

Sports Alerts NBA edition app image 1 © Provided by Android Headlines Sports Alerts NBA edition app image 1
  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $4.99-$399.99
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Are you just looking for a great live score app for NBA games, well, here it is. Sports Alerts app comes in several forms, and this particular app is focused on the NBA only. It is officially called ‘Sports Alerts – NBA edition’, and it will keep you notified on games you’re interested in.

This app provides live play-by-play info, while it comes with live scores widget. That widget is updated every minute, but general push notifications are also available. You can actually customize notifications inside of this application, so that you’re notified only on aspects you’re interested in. For example, you can tell the app to notify you when the game starts, when the opposing team takes the lead, and when 30 points end up being scored. On the flip side, you can also focus notifications on assists, triple-double, and so on. There are various options to choose from.

In addition to such notifications, this app also offers custom notification cards for Wear OS, in case you use a smartwatch. Team schedules are also available, and the same goes for full team rosters. You will be able to find season stats for every player inside the Sports Alerts app as well. On top of everything we’ve mentioned, this app also gives you an option to read the news. News from various outlets will be pushed your way, to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in the NBA world.

Download Sports Alerts - NBA edition


ESPN app image 1 © Provided by Android Headlines ESPN app image 1
  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $5.99-$99.99
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

If you’d like to watch full NBA games, ESPN does offer such a service. It will cost you, though. You can use WatchESPN service in order to do that, you’ll need your cable provider login for that, though. Once you log in, you’ll be able to watch those games on your tablets, smartphones, PCs, and so on. Some of you probably know that ESPN offers a streaming service called ‘ESPN+’, but it doesn’t seem to cover NBA games, or basketball in general.

EPSN app actually offers far more than just live streams. This app is generally free to use, but you have to pay up for some additional services. This app also provides highlights from matches that you’re interested in. You can also get plenty of new related to NBA and specific teams. All you have to do is select your favorite sports inside of this application, and the app will provide you the content that you may be interested in.

You can even listen to podcasts via this application. The design of this application is really nice as well, it’s not overbearing for new users, not at all. On top of everything, the app offers both light and dark themes, so you can choose which suits you the most. You’ll need Android 5.0+ in order to install and use this app, though, keep that in mind.

Download ESPN


  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: Yes
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Feedly is a news reader app, and in our opinion, one of the best ones out there. That being said, this app can act as a hub for your favorite news websites. You can add whichever NBA-related news websites you want, and the app will show you all the news that those websites publish. That way, you will stay tuned to what’s going on in the world of NBA, and you won’t have to use more than one app in order to do so.

Feedly is one of the best-looking news-reading applications out there. It allows you to fine-tuned your reading experience. You can fine-tune pretty much everything, from text size, to scrolling. If you prefer paginated scrolling, that is available. If you’re one that prefers list view over grid view or magazine view, you can choose that as well. On top of everything, you can choose between light and dark themes here, which is always appreciated.

Feedly does come with an in-app purchase, but won’t force you to pay up. Feedly Pro does offer some additional options, including Notes, for example. We never needed any of those features, though, as a free version offers plenty of stuff as it is. Chances are you won’t need to pay up either, so just try the app and see if you like it. You’ll need Android 5.1+ in order to do that.

Download Feedly

Basketball NBA Live Scores, Stats & Schedules

NBA Live Games Scores app image 1 © Provided by Android Headlines NBA Live Games Scores app image 1
  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $3.99
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

If you’re looking for a really simple application that will let you focus on statistics, this is the one. The app is called Basketball NBA Live Scores, Stats & Schedules, and that name is really descriptive. There are a ton of match stats that this app will provide you, and all that on the same page. You’ll be able to see assists, blocks, steals, turnovers, rebounds, free throws, and tons of additional content in the ‘Game Stats’ section of this app.

That is not all, though. This app is really good at providing live scores as well. So if you want to keep track of what’s going on during a specific game, this app is quite useful as well. Sports Alerts and SofaScore offer more options in that regard, but if you need something more casual, this app will do. Do note that push notifications are enabled, though. This app will also provide you with real-time plays information, so that you know exactly what is going on in a specific moment.

The app has been updated for season 2019/2020, and it will even show you want radios and TVs are streaming a specific game. If you’re in a place where an Internet connection is not available, that is not a problem for this app either. The whole schedule is saved on your phone, so you can check it at any time. This app does not come with ads or in-app purchases, while you’ll need Android 4.4+ in order to run it.

Download Basketball NBA Live Scores, Stats & Schedules

TuneIn Radio

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $0.99-$149.99
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

TuneIn Radio is a radio app that offers you a chance to listen to NBA games, play-by-play. Do note that you will need to pay for a premium service in order to access that feature, though. That premium service costs around $10 on a monthly basis. You can listen to MLB and NFL games as well, if you get that premium service, so it will pay off if you’re into more sports.

If you do not need play-by-play service, you can access local radio stations for free. So chances are that most people will be happy with coverage those stations offer, in which case this app will be completely free for you. At half time, you can switch radio stations and listen to something else if you want. This app is good to have no matter if you’re listening to sports games coverage often, or not.

This app allows you to listen to podcasts as well. You can favorite your favorite radio stations and podcasts, so that you have easy access to them. The app also offers a really intuitive design. You will be presented with four menus on the bottom, which contain every option you may need to access.

Download TuneIn Radio

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Download the New ChatGPT App on Your iPhone and iPad For now, ChatGPT is only available as an app on iOS. OpenAI plans to release an Android version soon. James Martin/CNET © Provided by CNET For now, ChatGPT is only available as an app on iOS. OpenAI plans to release an Android version soon. James Martin/CNET

You no longer have to use a web browser to access ChatGPT on your iPhone.

ChatGPT, the revolutionary and controversial artificial intelligence chatbot, is now available to use as a dedicated app on iOS. OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, released the official ChatGPT app last week -- a smart move, considering all the fakes and copycats that have flooded the market since ChatGPT first released in late 2022.

© Provided by CNET

The free ChatGPT app does everything you would expect from the web version, which is mostly providing comprehensive answers to your many prompts. Thanks to Bing Search, you can even get access to real-time information, something which ChatGPT had never been able to do (it could only provide data before 2021). There is one new feature exclusive to the iOS app -- you can now ask ChatGPT questions using voice recognition.

Don't missChatGPT vs. Bing vs. Google Bard: Which AI Is the Most Helpful?

If you're interested in testing out ChatGPT on your iPhone or iPad, we'll show you how to obtain the application, sign up for the service, and use ChatGPT to get answers to your biggest and most complicated questions.

And if you need a device to test out the ChatGPT app, check out the best iPhone models of 2023 and our review of the iPhone 14.

Download ChatGPT on your iPhone or iPad

As previously mentioned, there are a ton of third-party applications pretending to be ChatGPT, so you have to be careful when downloading the correct one. If you don't want to search for it in the App Store, use the link below to obtain ChatGPT for iOS. You'll know it's the correct one if the developer is OpenAI.

The ChatGPT iOS application is free to download. Nelson Aguilar/CNET © Provided by CNET The ChatGPT iOS application is free to download. Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Sign in or create an account to use ChatGPT

If you already have an account, hit the Log in button and sign in with your existing email and password. 

If you don't, you can easily create an account using your Apple ID, Google account or email. You'll then be asked to enter your name and birthday (people age 13 and older can use ChatGPT, but minors may need a parent's consent) and type in your phone number to verify that you're a real person.

Finally, you'll see a single welcome page, where ChatGPT will warn you that its responses may be inaccurate and that you shouldn't share sensitive information because the chats may be reviewed by AI trainers. Hit Continue to use ChatGPT.

If you already have a ChatGPT account through OpenAI, you can log in with your existing credentials. Nelson Aguilar/CNET © Provided by CNET If you already have a ChatGPT account through OpenAI, you can log in with your existing credentials. Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Using ChatGPT on your iPhone or iPad

Now you can use ChatGPT just as you would in your web browser, although the user interface does have a slightly different look on mobile. 

To ask ChatGPT a question, tap on the text field at the bottom of the screen that says Message. If you want to use the new voice-to-text feature, tap on the audio icon on the far right of the text field. ChatGPT will ask for access to your microphone. After providing access, you can then speak for as long as you like -- tap to stop recording. Hit the enter button to send your prompt to ChatGPT.

The voice-to-text feature allows you to speak for minutes at a time while creating ChatGPT prompts. Nelson Aguilar/CNET © Provided by CNET The voice-to-text feature allows you to speak for minutes at a time while creating ChatGPT prompts. Nelson Aguilar/CNET

In the top right, you can access ChatGPT's menu, which allows you to rename your chats, delete your chats, view your history, manage your settings and start a new chat. 

In your settings, you can subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, which gives you access to OpenAI's most current language model -- GPT-4 -- and provides access to ChatGPT, even when demand is high and free users may be locked out. You'll also get early access to any new features. It's $20 a month for ChatGPT Plus, but it's not necessary to pay for ChatGPT on iOS unless you want these advanced features and guaranteed access.

ChatGPT Plus gives you access to GPT-4. Nelson Aguilar/CNET © Provided by CNET ChatGPT Plus gives you access to GPT-4. Nelson Aguilar/CNET

ChatGPT on iOS is currently limited to the US, but will expand to other countries in the following weeks. And for Android users, don't fret -- OpenAI says that ChatGPT will be coming to Android devices soon.

For more on AI, check out all the big AI reveals that Google made in its keynote and why Apple isn't in the generative AI game just yet.

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5 Of The Best SMS App Alternatives To Replace Messages On Android

Handcent has 4.5 stars out of 5 and over a million downloads. It is also one of the most robust in terms of features. There is plenty of room to customize your inbox's look and feel through a variety of background, font, ringtone, and notification options, to name a few. You can also take advantage of scheduled texts and turn on driving mode, on top of other basic functions you'd need for an SMS app.

However, for the most part, users are encouraged to create a free Handcent account in order to unlock more capabilities within the app. For instance, once you register and log into the app, you get access to Handcent Anywhere, which provides cross-platform support that lets you access your messages on your computer or other mobile devices where the app is also installed. You can also take advantage of Private Box, which is a virtual space that can hold text conversations you'd like to shield from prying eyes. What is perhaps the most intriguing update to this text messaging app is its integration of AI bots like ChatGPT and Google Bard. You will need to provide an API key to these services (linked to your personal ChatGPT and Google Bard accounts) and manually plug them into the app to be able to talk to the AIs in a text thread.

Handcent offers a premium subscription for a minimum of $5.99/year if you want the ability to remove ads and back up messages, among other things.

Wed, 24 May 2023 02:42:00 -0500 en-US text/html
🛒 Get this shopping app off your phone


Seriously, stop using Temu

It took just 17 days for China-based shopping app Temu to whizz past Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Shein in the Apple App Store top downloads in the U.S. (Amazon is nervous about this, FYI).

I warned you about Temu’s security problems back on April 10. Its sister app, Pinduoduo, was caught using malicious code to bypass cellphone security settings to spy on other apps, read notifications and messages, and even change settings.

Now, the U.S. government has accused Temu of data risks. To our subscribers with a White House email addy … glad you’re reading. 

On a slow boat from China

An HD Wi-Fi security cam for $6.98. An Android fitness watch for $8.38. A $7.99 wedding dress feels like bad vibes, with even the cake in tiers.

You might get lucky and find a gem that lives up to the description, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Shipping is slow, too, since they’re coming from China.

In exchange for those cheap goods and prices, Temu makes money with your data. The app requests 24 permissions on your device, including access to your Wi-Fi network info, Bluetooth, photos and videos, contact info and payment details. Yikes.

What about the website?

If the app is off-limits, is the website safe to use? Sorry, but no. You’re still handing over (at a minimum) your full name, address, phone number, email and payment details.

The more permissions an app requests …

… the more you should consider whether it’s truly worth having on your smartphone. Don’t see the big deal? Think about all you do on your phone: Have private conversations with friends, log into your banking app, type in passwords, enter your credit card info and more.

🦺 Keep these security smarts in mind before you hit “install” on Temu:

  • Biometrics (like fingerprint and face scans) should be stored locally, not sent back to an app’s servers. (Temu’s e-commerce buddy Pinduoduo does this.)
  • Limit all the permissions you can. Turn off access to your camera, microphone, GPS location and anything else you can. 
  • Read the reviews. No, you can’t trust them all, but scan for reports of strange phone behavior after installation. That’s a sign of malware.

I wrote about this in a USA Today article, too. It includes the right way to remove Temu from your device. Spoiler, deleting the app isn’t enough.

✅ It’s hard to tell what’s legit and what you should avoid. I’ve got your back. I compiled a list of Communist China-based apps you should get off your phone now. This story is def worth sharing, folks.

Go ahead, use the links below right now to spread tech knowledge.

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