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AD01 Blue Prism Developer

Achieving Partner Certification is a requirement of the Blue Prism Engage Partner Program and any partners that do not achieve the minimum requirements will need to make an appeal to our program teams. We want to reward those partners that make the investment in achieving the Partner Certifications and so you can expect the following.

Increasingly customers are wanting to work only with certified
partners which is why we have made this a requirement within the first
year of being a Blue Prism partner. Our Partner Locator tool will be the
primary source of information for customers to identify partners to
provide support for their connected-RPA initiatives.

CAPABILITY PROVIDER - Partners that help build scalable, resilient

Blue Prism connected-RPA capabilities for clients using accredited

Blue Prism resources.

• DELIVERY PROVIDER - Partners that deliver successful

Blue Prism connected-RPA client projects using accredited

Blue Prism resources.

• SERVICE PROVIDER - Partners that provide scalable, resilient proven

Blue Prism connected-RPA capabilities as a managed service for clients using accredited Blue Prism resources.

The relevant criteria for your certification will be defined by which of
the three types youre being assessed on – but youre not limited to just
one type. Partners can be certified as Capability, Delivery, and Service
providers, once the relevant certification has been achieved.

We have three levels of certification - Platinum, Gold and Silver - which
reflect the level of quality a Partner has/can provide. Platinum is the
highest level, reflecting where a Partner has demonstrated
exceptional customer success, and a has maintained an all-encompassing base of highly qualified, accredited Blue Prism resources.
Blue Prism Developer
Blue-Prism Developer techniques

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Blue Prism Developer
Question: 63
Which of the following Stages can be found in Process Studio but NOT in Object Studio?
Answer: C
Question: 64
When mapping the Training application, the User Name Field has been spied, but on highlighting the following situation is encountered:
Which of the following attributes would you use to help obtain a unique match?
A. Ordinal
B. Parent Window Text
C. Height
D. Control ID
Answer: D
Question: 65
Which of the following comments about an object's run mode is true?
A. C. run move of exclusive cannot run at the same time as any other business object.
B. A run mode of background will enable the business object to run at the same time as other background, foreground and exclusive business
C. A run move of exclusive cannot run at the same time as any other business object.
D. The run mode of a business object has no influence on how many business objects can be run at the same time. B
Answer: See Explanation
Question: 66
How can an environment variable value be updated?
A. By using the Internal "" Environment Variables business object.
B. By changing the Blue Prism Server configuration.
C. By updating the value in Credential Mode.
D. By updating the value in Credential Manager.
E. By updating the value in System Manager.
Answer: A
Question: 67
If you change an environment variable when will the new value be available to the process?
A. Immediately
B. Next time a new case is taken from a WQ
C. C. Next time resource Pstarts
D. Next time the process starts B
Answer: See Explanation
Question: 68
onsider the following process flow from the Main Page of a process in Process Studio:
Thinking about the standard Blue Prism Process Templates, what is wrong with this Main Page process flow? A. There is nothing wrong with
the Main Page flow shown in the image, it is a copy of Blue Prism's standard Process Template. B. The Stop? decision stage should be
removed from the process flow, as Stop times is configured either within the Scheduler or processes are stopped via Control Room. C. The
Main Page process flow is too high level. For better visibility of the process logic the flow steps hidden in the sub-pages should all be on the
main page instead. D. There is no exception handling on this Main Page so any exceptions that "bubble up" will cause the process to terminate
rather than exceptions being handled correctly. E. The Reset Global Data page is not required because sub-pages within a process should
always use input and output parameters rather than global data items. There should be no global data to reset.
Answer: B
Question: 69
Consider the following flow within an Object Studio action:
The developer of this flow found that writing some credentials to the target application sometimes failed with an exception even though the
element exists on the screen. He found that simply catching the exception, waiting for 2 seconds and then retrying fixed the problem. What
problems do you see within the flow?
A. The Resume stage is not within the same Exception Block as the Recover stage and therefore will not work.
B. There is a potential for an infinite loop if the "Credentials' stage keeps throwing an exception for some unforeseen reason.
C. The credentials stage is a read stage not a write stage.
D. There is no need for a wait stage in the flow.
Answer: B
Question: 70
The Work Queue "Customer Onboarding" has a number of Pending Items which may be tagged as "Domestic", "Retail" or "Business". What is
the correct configuration to get the next item from the queue that is tagged either "Retail" or "Business"?
A. Configure "-Domestic" in the Tag Filter parameter
B. Configure "Retail or Business" in the Tag Filter parameter
C. Configure "Retail;Business" in the Tag Filter parameter
D. Configure "Retail+Business' in the Tag Filter parameter
Answer: B
Question: 71
Which of the following can you perform in the System->Workflow area of Blue Prism?
A. View the contents of a Work Queue.
B. Refresh a Work Queue.
C. Encrypt a Work Queue.
D. Create a Work Queue.
Answer: C,D
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Blue-Prism Developer techniques - BingNews Search results Blue-Prism Developer techniques - BingNews Blue Prism

If companies could hand off their mundane administrative tasks to software robots, employees could focus on higher-level work. That’s Blue Prism’s pitch, and an increasing number of companies—in finance, health care, law, and other industries—are receptive. Blue Prism’s “Robotic Process Automation” software mimics the way humans complete rules-based tasks, such as manually entering data from a paper form into a database. The U.K.-based firm recently expanded its U.S. and Australian operations and signed partnerships with Accenture and IBM. It is currently worth about 500 million pounds, a tenfold increase in value since it went public in March 2016.

Wed, 10 Feb 2021 08:39:00 -0600 en text/html
Blue Prism Group PLC

Blue Prism invented the term Robotic Process Automation. Its software platform enables business operations to be agile and cost-effective through rapid automation of manual, rules-based, back-office administrative processes, reducing cost and improving accuracy by creating a “virtual workforce”.
The virtual workforce is built by the operational teams or accredited Blue Prism partners using the company's robotic process automation technology to rapidly build and deploy automation through leveraging the presentation layer of existing enterprise applications. The automation schemes are configured and managed within an IT governed framework and operating model that has been iteratively developed through numerous large scale and complex deployments.

Mon, 14 Mar 2022 11:59:00 -0500 en text/html
Unlocking Blue Carbon Development

Conserving and restoring our marine and coastal ecosystems will help fight climate change, create meaningful jobs, and Strengthen people’s quality of life (Bertram et al. 2021):

• On average, restoring one hectare of mangroves stores five times more carbon than restoring a similar area of terrestrial forest.

Stopping seagrass destruction and degradation worldwide could save up to 650 million tons of CO2 emissions annually, roughly equivalent to the entire annual emissions of the global shipping industry.

Blue carbon ecosystems store carbon, provide natural habitats for biodiversity to flourish, support fisheries and food security, promote tourism and jobs, and help protect coastal communities from climate disasters, among other benefits. Blue carbon ecosystems demostrate how development, climate, and nature work together to feed, protect, empower, and uplift communities. 

Despite these staggering benefits, blue carbon has been eroded.

• Over 50 percent of the world’s original salt marshes were lost during the twentieth century.

• As much as 35 percent of mangroves were lost due to deforestation in the 1980s and 1990s.

• An estimated 25 percent of total global seagrass beds have been lost.

The World Bank's first-of-its-kind blue carbon readiness framework empowers governments to tap into their full blue carbon potential to benefit people and the planet. This tool helps governments invest in blue carbon to deliver real and scalable impact for their communities and economies and help meet their commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Wed, 22 Nov 2023 04:22:00 -0600 text/html
New fertility drug development techniques by Organon In the 7th International Symposium on GnRH Analogs in Cancer and Human Reproduction, Organon presented new techniques of development of fertility drugs. Organon scientists have succeeded in customizing the follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH) molecule by adding a hybrid subunit, which extends FSH's active life. This was achieved through an international collaboration. This longer active life will mean fewer injections for the infertile patient, making the treatment less difficult and more patient-friendly. The company indicated that a long-acting form of the genetically-produced fertility drug, Puregon(rFSH), has moved into the dose-finding phase of its development using the latest techniques of "knowledge driven drug development" (KD3). These new techniques model the drug's underlying mechanisms, and use that information to support decisions about doses, dose regimens and design of future trials.

Organon is also in the process of developing oral tablet formulation alternative to the injectable hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). hCG has been used, in the past 30 years, to make ovulation and final oocyte maturation take place with precise timing. However, it has only been available in the injectable form due to its high molecular weight. Now, scientists have identified through high-throughput screening, compounds similar to hCG, but with lower molecular weight. These compounds have been optimized with respect to potency, selectivity and safety. The new compound, an LH/hCG agonistic agent, interacts with the human LH receptor just like LH (and hCG). Scientists carried out pre-clinical tests of this LH agonist in rats and found that it induced ovulation after a single oral dose and that fertilization of the ovulated eggs resulted in the normal implantation of healthy embryos in these rats. The scientists at Organon who are also exploring the IVF cycle concluded that this oral compound could also play a role in other infertility indications or at other moments during and after an IVF cycle.


Thu, 21 Dec 2023 22:27:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Session 4: Resource Development and Techniques

Handling and Analysis of Multi-dimensional Imaging Data

Carsten Wolff
Marine Biological Laboratory


This presentation will provide a general overview of current imaging modalities that allow long-term observation of arthropod development in a high spatial and temporal resolution. One of the biggest challenges still is the handling of multi-terabyte datasets and how to extract biologically meaningful information from it. I will present and hopefully demystify all required steps of the processing pipeline that are needed to successfully register multi-dimensional datasets. Furthermore, I will discuss routes of how to approach subsequent image analysis and how to visualize the data.


Resource Development and Techniques

in situ HCR in non-traditional arthropods 

Heather Bruce 
Marine Biological Laboratory


Visualizing the expression of genes is a fundamental tool in molecular biology. Traditional colorimetric in situ hybridization using long RNA probes has been a staple for visualizing gene expression but has many drawbacks. In situ HCR v3.0, developed by Choi et. al. 2018, offers improvements over traditional in situs in nearly every aspect: probes can simply be ordered rather than painstakingly cloned and transcribed, which also makes them cost-effective; an HCR takes just three days to complete rather than five or more days; HCR is robust and works well for first-time users; and HCR probes can be multiplexed, allowing four to eight genes to be visualized in a single sample. HCR has been used successfully in many arthropods, including insects (Drosophila, Tribolium), crustaceans (Parhyale, Daphnia, Artemia), and chelicerates (Limulus horseshoe crab, Acanthoscurria tarantula). In this demo, you will learn how to design and order HCR probes as well as best practices for experimental design. Please bring your laptop.


Resource Development and Techniques

An efficient and precise gene knock-in strategy with modified DNA donors in emerging model insects 

Taro Nakamura1,2, Toshiya Ando1,2,3,4, Yuji Matsuoka1 and Teruyuki Niimi1,2 
1Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology, National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki, Aichi 444-8585, JAPAN; 2 Basic Biology Program, SOKENDAI, Okazaki, Aichi 444-8585, JAPAN; 3JST, PRESTO, Kawaguchi, Saitama 332-0012, JAPAN; 

4the Hakubi Center for Advanced Research, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Kyoto 606-8501, JAPAN 


The CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology has opened new possibilities of genetic research in various emerging model insects. However, due to the technical challenges associated with establishing knock-in strains, applications in these insects are primarily limited to knockout experiments. A major obstacle in achieving successful knock-in experiments is the markedly low insertion efficiency into the target gene. Here, we tested multiple knock-in strategies in the harlequin ladybird Harmonia axyridis and the two-spotted cricket Gryllus bimacualtus, emerging model insects for evolutionary developmental studies. We found that ssDNA templates efficiently generated founder knock-in strains (10-20%), while the 5’ region of ssDNA templates was frequently trimmed when insert lengths exceeded ~40 bases. Based on these findings, we investigated various DNA templates with modifications to the 3’ terminal region and discovered a high founder generation efficiency (20-65%) with high accuracy. This approach is an effective method for generating knock-in strains in emerging model insects for developmental genetic research.


Resource Development and Techniques

DIPA-CRISPR Gene Editing in Insects

Yu Shirai and Takaaki Daimon
Kyoto University 


With over a million species described, insects are a treasure trove of diversity and represent boundless possibilities as research tools for answering fundamental questions in biology. 

Current approaches for gene editing in insects require microinjection of materials into early embryos, which is highly challenging. To overcome these limitations, we have recently developed a method named “direct parental CRISPR (DIPA-CRISPR)”, which enables highly efficient gene editing by injecting Cas9 ribonucleoproteins (RNPs) into adults. 

In the DIPA-CRISPR method, Cas9 RNPs are injected into the body cavity of an adult female undergoing vitellogenesis (generating eggs in the yolk-uptake phase of oogenesis), and the female produces gene-edited offspring. Commercial Cas9 protein can be directly used for DIPA-CRISPR, making this method simple and straightforward. In our hands, more than 50% (in the beetle Tribolium castaneum) or 20% (in the cockroach Blattella germanica) of G0 offspring became gene-edited individuals under optimized conditions. In addition, we have recently shown that DIPA-CRISPR can be applied to mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) and hemipteran bugs  (Plautia stali and Orius strigicollis). In principle, its application could be extended to other arthropods such as chelicerates (mites and spiders) and crustaceans (shrimp and crabs). 

The original DIPA-CRISPR method uses a commercial Cas9, which hinders its application in large species due to the increasing cost of reagents. Therefore, we optimized and established a procedure for Cas9 purification. The performance of our in-house Cas9 was comparable to that of commercial Cas9, solving the cost issue and paving the way for rational engineering of Cas9 to further increase the efficiency and versatility of the DIPA-CRISPR approach. 

In this talk, I would like to introduce and share the latest updates of the DIPA-CRISPR method. 


Resource Development and Techniques

Non-traditional insect models are key for understanding the evolution and regulation of insect metamorphosis

Guillem Ylla
Jagiellonian University 


Holometabolous metamorphosis is one of the most successful innovations of insects, currently present in 90% of the living insect species. This development type emerged from the incomplete or hemimetabolous metamorphosis, which, in turn, evolved from the ancestral direct ametabolous development. Because most of the typical insect models are holometabolous, data on species that preserved these ancestral developmental types is scarce, yet is essential to understand the evolution of insect metamorphosis and its regulation. Thus, in the last few years, we have put significant efforts into sequencing new genomes of hemimetabolous species and releasing comprehensive transcriptomic datasets. 

Thanks to those efforts, we are now in a position to start leveraging these data to shed light on how metamorphosis is regulated, emerged, and evolved. For instance, this approach allowed us to identify a new role of E93 in the embryo which could have been instrumental in the emergence of insect metamorphosis. Initially, comparative transcriptomics along the ontogeny of the hemimetabolous Blattella germanica and the holometabolous Drosophila melanogaster, allowed us to identify several transcriptomic differences that could have played a role in the evolution of insect metamorphosis. Notably, the expression pattern of E93, the factor that triggers metamorphosis, was remarkably different. In addition to the canonical pre-adult expression peak, in B. germanica E93 appeared expressed in the early embryo. Depletion of E93 transcripts in B. germanica embryos interrupted the development and triggered the downregulation of genes involved in development. Then, querying hundreds of publicly available transcriptomic data from insect embryos and preadults, we tested whether high and low E93 levels in the embryo could be a general trend in hemimetabolans and holometabolans respectively. 

Thanks to the publicly available genomes and transcriptomes of dozens of non-traditional insect models, we were able to determine that E93 expression is high in the embryos of ametabolans and hemimetabolans while low in holometabolan embryos. This led us to hypothesize that E93 in the embryo might be responsible for the development of adult-like juveniles, and that the reduction of embryonic expression of E93 could have been instrumental in the emergence of the larva, and hence, for the emergence of the holometabolous metamorphosis. 


Resource Development and Techniques

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 15:19:00 -0500 en text/html
Blue Origin publishes New Glenn overview as pad... Blue Origin publishes New Glenn overview as pad and landing ship continue development - Tue, 27 Nov 2018 10:00:00 -0600 en-US text/html Two Coaching Techniques That Can Help Strengthen Your Customer Development Process

CEO & Founder @ Refocus, EdTech enthusiast, investor, mentor and marketing expert.

Qualitative research is a must-have for a startup to become successful. In fact, lack of market need is the second most frequent cause of business failure, according to CB Insights (registration required). This is when a comprehensive customer development study would have been useful.

During customer development, you are usually striving to answer two questions: What client pains should our product address, and what values should it align with? These questions can be pretty tricky to answer, but coaching your customers can help.

This is why my company has upgraded the traditional customer development experience by integrating coaching techniques. Our head of research who implemented these coaching techniques is following Erickson Coaching International's methodology in her coaching approach. Here are two techniques, based on Erickson's framework, that have helped our respondents answer questions more sincerely and comfortably, as well as my tips on how you can do the same:

1. Visualizing Point B

This coaching technique determines clients’ goals through four simple steps:

• Ask the person to position themselves comfortably; they can close their eyes or walk if they want.

• Suggest that they imagine a comfortable future in detail. What year is it, where are they and who are they with? For instance, perhaps they imagine working in a new home surrounded by their family.

• Ask them to describe the milestones that led them to where they are. For example, "I bought this house two years ago; I started saving for it four years ago."

• Question every step. How did they make the money, when exactly did they decide to do something, etc.?

Consequently, people verbalize what point B is for them, and you can ask them what difficulties they expect to encounter while reaching it. This strategy can be valuable because when companies know their customers' goals, they can come up with creative materials and offerings that align with them.

For instance, after implementing the Point B technique when launching my company in the Philippines, we learned of the difficulties customers assumed they would face when reaching their goals, and we were able to apply that information to our creative materials and product development. Once, a respondent said he was afraid he wouldn't finish the course because he was too shy and didn't have the courage to ask questions. To address this, we emphasized that students are welcome to directly ask their mentors or community managers questions instead of sending messages in the group chat. As a result, we made the learning process a bit more comfortable for clients like him to go through.

2. The Wheel Of Life

This technique involves asking the respondent to draw a circle, divide it into sections and dedicate each section to an important life aspect. It might be family, health or money, for example, but don’t think for the respondent; wait for them to come up with what really matters. Then, the respondent should rate each section from 0 to 10. The higher the respondent’s total score, the better their life situation is in regard to that category. This process also involves asking the respondent to describe each section in detail. Why did they provide it that score, what’s stopping them from ranking it a 10, etc.?

This coaching technique helps the respondent contemplate every part of their life. You can use this approach to understand, on a deeper level, why clients buy a product and what they think they need it for. Therefore, you can understand what the triggers are that your company can strive to appeal to in its creative materials and how to Strengthen the product.

For example, when entering the Philippines, my company also used this tool and heard from one respondent who scored the family section of his wheel of life a 10/10, but other sections scored lower. For the researcher, it's much more interesting to dive into syllabus where everything is not perfect. Therefore, the respondent spoke a lot about what actually motivated him and the sections that were rated five or less, which included self-realization, economic goals and career development. As a result, we started using messaging in our ad creatives that spoke to how our product could address these three areas, which increased our conversation rate.

In my experience, companies can use insights like these:

• When developing marketing strategies to increase advertisements’ conversation rates.

• During product development to make products more aligned with customers' pains and consequently increase their satisfaction. For instance, my team reached out to clients during the “honeymoon” stage, when they first start studying the course and feel the most motivated. During this phase, we discovered that many potential students are afraid of not being able to finish the course. So, we improved the onboarding process.

Can one use coaching without a psychology background?

At my company, we started using these strategies with the help of a coaching practitioner and our head of research. But the methods were easily applied by the whole research team. If you want to do the same, I suggest following these rules:

• Learn the basics of psychology and coaching methodology. Doing so can help you formulate the questions correctly. There’s an abundance of information about these strategies online.

• Listen carefully, and show the respondent their experience matters to you. Do your best to focus on the speaker while paying attention to the association that comes to your mind. If you're not sure you can memorize everything, listen to a recording.

• Create a safe space for the respondent to express themselves. Pay attention to nonverbal signals; these will help you understand how to make the respondent feel more comfortable.

• Do not answer the questions or suggest answers based on how you think the respondent is going to answer.

To summarize, the deeper you dive into your customer development, the more insights you will gain. Coaching techniques can help you obtain tons of information in a quick and cost-effective way. I found the practices discussed above can help you get to know your target audiences better in just an hour.

Forbes Business Council is the foremost growth and networking organization for business owners and leaders. Do I qualify?

Thu, 22 Sep 2022 01:45:00 -0500 Roman Kumar Vyas en text/html
Upscale developer loses bid to have Blue Springs property rezoned for apartments No result found, try new keyword!Neighbors of a proposed Blue Springs upscale apartment/mixed use retail complex turned out in droves at a Blue Springs City Council meeting Monday to successfully defeat the project. Supreme Court ... Mon, 18 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en-us text/html Blue Prism Group PLC

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Blue Prism Group Plc (BPRMF) No result found, try new keyword!*Data is provided by Data reflects weightings calculated at the beginning of each month. Data is subject to change. **Green highlights the top performing ETF by % change in the past ... Sat, 26 Oct 2019 14:58:00 -0500

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