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AD0-E103 Adobe Experience Manager Developer

Adobe Experience Manager Lead Developer test Information
 test name: Adobe Experience Manager Lead Developer Exam
 test number: AD0-E105
 Number of questions: 50
 Time limit: 100 minutes
 Format: Multiple choice, multiple select
 Language offered: English
 Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or Test Center proctored
 Passing score: All Adobe exams are reported on a scale of 300 to 700. The passing score for each test is 550.

An Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) has proven knowledge and experience to help clients optimize the value of their Adobe solution.
Adobe's certification exams are developed following industry-accepted standards to ensure validity and reliability. We work with industry experts to create our exams, which represent real-world requirements and objectives for the job roles we certify.

The Adobe Experience Manager Lead Developer Role
At a minimum, the candidate seeking certification should have and be able to:
 Provide high-level estimation of project/developer effort required to complete the project
 Configure Dispatcher (caching, security, with CDN)
 Configure AEM as a headless CMS (e.g. using the SPA editor, creating SPA components)
 Implement a content structure and taxonomy for a project
 Employ security guidelines
 Create asset schemas
 Maintain build processes
 Translate user requirements into technical designs
 Implement requirements for automated testing

The minimally qualified Adobe Experience Manager Lead Developer should be familiar with the following tools and comfortable in the following environments:
 Java IDEs
 Front-end IDEs
 Apache Maven
 Source version control (Subversion, Git, etc.)
 FileVault (vlt)
 CRX/DE Web console
 Query debugger
 Template editor
 ACS commons tools
 Linux
 MS Windows
 Web server (Apache, IIS)

Section Domain Domain Weight
Section 1: Installation, Integration, and Configuration of AEM 16%
Section 2: Configuring, managing, and deploying AEM projects 22%
Section 3: Workflows, Templates, and Components 20%
Section 4: OSGi Components, Services, and Configuration 20%
Section 5: Maintaining AEM projects 22%

Section 1: Installation, Integration, and Configuration of AEM
 Install author, publish, and dispatcher instances
 Setup users and groups
 Configure AEM to be integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud and third-party services
 Setup replication agents
Section 2: Configuring, managing, and deploying AEM projects
 Create the structure for an AEM project
 Setup the Maven configuration for a project
 Manage content version control
 Create and manage AEM configuration runmode folders
 Setup test frameworks for a project
Section 3: Workflows, Templates, and Components
 Implement workflows, models, and launchers
 Create templates and page components
 Create and manage template policies
 Create and extend components
Section 4: OSGi Components, Services, and Configuration
 Create OSGi services, bundles, and components
 Manage OSGi configurations
 Given a scenario, use the OSGi Web console
 Install OSGi bundles
Section 5: Maintaining AEM projects
 Given a scenario, troubleshoot and debug an AEM project
 Optimize the performance of an AEM project
 Given a scenario, upgrade and update an AEM project
 Configure maintenance settings
 Migrate content

Adobe Experience Manager Developer
Adobe Experience Study Guide
Killexams : Adobe Experience Study Guide - BingNews Search results Killexams : Adobe Experience Study Guide - BingNews Killexams : Forrester Study: Supercharge long-form content for consistent experiences with CCMS

As organizations increasingly focus on customer experience (CX) improvements, optimizing content experience can go a long way towards creating happier and more loyal customers. This commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe evaluates the content priorities, challenges and the role structured content management via a Component Content Management System (CCMS) plays in addressing strategic and operational gaps.

Read the study to explore:

  • Why existing content management systems don’t meet business needs
  • What are the top content creation, management and delivery challenges
  • How a CCMS helps organizations tackle these challenges, mitigate risks and gain a competitive advantage

A Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper commissioned by Adobe, August 2021

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The best Adobe Lightroom alternatives offer top photo organization, management, and editing tools - without requiring an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular photo organization apps, favored by many professional photographers, and often paired with Photoshop for a complete photo editor suite. 

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Killexams : Adobe Creative Cloud pricing: How to get the best deal

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat are well known apps used by creative professionals. There was once a time when all these apps, known collectively as Adobe Creative Suite, were purchased on disc and installed on Macs throughout the creative and publishing industries, but this eventually evolved into the subscription based Adobe Creative Cloud.

In this guide we will explain all the ways you can now buy Adobe’s apps. We’ll explain how much Adobe Creative Cloud costs, what the best way to purchase it is (monthly, annually, or another way), whether you can get it for free, and what happens if you cancel your subscription.

We’ll also include the best ways to save money, how you can use Adobe CC apps without committing to a subscription, and how you can buy the apps, such as Photoshop and Acrobat, separately.

So, if you are looking for Photoshop or Premiere Pro, wondering whether you need Creative Cloud to run Acrobat Pro, or even wondering whether you can cancel your Adobe CC subscription, you have come to the right place.

Best Adobe CC deals right now

Adobe CC costs $599.88 / £596.33 a year if bought directly from Adobe (on the annual prepaid plan). You may be able to save some money if you shop around.

Until November 25 2022 Adobe is running Black Friday deals where it is offering discounts on the monthly subscription prices for students, individuals and business users. Read about that here: Adobe’s Black Friday deal slashes Creative Cloud subscription.

U.S. customers can take advantage of the following deal until November 25:

Get deal: Individuals Pay $39.99 a month (was $54.99 a month)

U.K customers can take advantage of the following deal until November 25:

Get deal: Individuals Pay £30.34 a month (was £51.98 a month)

If you are a student, Adobe already discounts the CC bundle, but at certain times of the year it offers even bigger discounts. For example prices were slashed for Back To School in August and Black Friday in November. More on these deals below.

U.S. Students and teachers can take advantage of the following deal until November 25:

Get deal: Students Pay $15.99 a month (was $29.99 a month)

U.K. Students and teachers can take advantage of the following deal until November 25:

Get deal: Students Pay £13.15 a month (was £24.96 a month)

There are also discounts for Business users:

In the U.S.:

Get deal: Businesses Pay $59.99 a month (was $84.99 a month, per license)

In the U.K.:

Get deal: Businesses Pay £42.14 a month (was £61.99 a month, per license)

The best Adobe CC deals prices, if you pay up front, will appear below. From time to time we have seen significant discounts at Amazon:

Adobe Creative Cloud, usually $599.88 / £596.33 a year:

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

The first iteration of Adobe Creative Cloud arrived back in 2011, offering subscribers the option to pay an annual or monthly subscription for access to the most up to date version of the Creative Suite apps. At first Adobe ran this option alongside Creative Suite, with CS6 launching in 2013, but Adobe eventually discontinued CS6 leaving creative pros with no other option than to subscribe to the software.

There are benefits to both Adobe and its customers with the subscription model: Adobe’s customers will always have the most recent version of Adobe’s software, and Adobe won’t find that most of its customers are still using four-year old versions of its software with no motivation to update to a new version of the expensive software (as was no doubt the case in most offices and studios).

The problem with the subscription model is that pricing can be very complex, added to that is the fact that there are multiple apps to choose from – some of which may not be required by every customer. The Adobe Creative Cloud offering needs some clarification and in this article we will seek to do that.

If you are looking for the best Mac for designers, best Mac for photo editing, or the best Mac for video editing, be sure to read our guides.

Adobe Creative Cloud pricing

There are various ways to buy Creative Cloud. You can subscribe to All Apps, Photography Plans with 20GB cloud space and another with 1TB cloud, a Lightroom Plan, as well as options for subscribing to single apps. These different packages will suit different types of users. For example, you may only need Photoshop, in which case you won’t want to pay for all the other apps too.

Once you have decided what software you want, the next choice is how you are going to pay for it. In most cases Adobe offers three different ways to pay. Monthly on-contract, monthly off-contract, or in advance for the year.

The best deals are usually for an annual subscription paid monthly, but this does tie you into a contract and if you cancel you may have to pay 50% of the remaining contract. If you would prefer to be able to cancel at any time then the monthly deal where you pay a bit more, but if you no longer need the software you can cancel, may appeal. This could be a great way to get an app that you don’t need long-term.

Alternatively you may be purchasing licences for a design studio, and therefore will be looking for the best deal for multiple seats. Ib that case you will be looking at the Business contracts, which are offered on a per-seat basis. There is also education pricing that should help if you are studying and specific pricing for education institutions.

When it comes to subscribing to single apps the pricing is usually as follows:

Plan: Single apps UK  US
Annual plan, paid monthly £19.97 $19.99
Annual plan, paid upfront £238.42 $239.88
Monthly plan, cancel at any time £29.96 $29.99

But the best deals are on the bundles, if you need two Adobe apps you might as well subscribe to All Apps as the price is:

Plan: All apps UK US
Annual plan, paid monthly £51.98 $54.99
Annual plan, paid upfront £596.33 $599.88
Monthly plan, cancel at any time £78.98 $82.49

We’ll look in more detail at each of the Adobe Creative Cloud purchase options below.

Can I get Adobe CC apps for free?

Adobe might be planning a free version of Photoshop for Mac. The company is currently testing a limited, web-only version in Canada. The free web version that is missing several features but the core features are accessible. Unfortunately, Photoshop on the web works only on the Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers, if you try to use it on Safari you will only be able to view and comment on existing documents. See: Free version of Photoshop in Canada.

That will be great news if you want a free version of Photoshop, live in Canada, and don’t mind having to use Chrome. For everyone else hoping to get the Adobe app you need for free, there is a free seven day trial, details here.

In addition to this, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days of your order and be refunded. So theoretically you could have a seven day trial, then sign up for Adobe CC, and after two weeks cancel. Which would effectively give you three weeks.

As we said above, if you don’t fancy committing to a year-long contract with Adobe then you can sign up for the more expensive monthly plan that allows you to cancel without having to pay your way out of the contract.

If you do need Adobe’s apps on a long-term basis though, your best bet is to wait for Adobe to do a special offer – which it does from time to time.

For example, on June 22, 2021 it was possible to save an amazing 40% on the All Apps Adobe CC subscription via Amazon. This was the cheapest Adobe Creative Cloud offer we had ever seen. Prime membership was required to get the deal.

We’ve also seen Adobe take 20% off the price of Creative Cloud.

How to get a student discount for Adobe CC

Students don’t get Adobe Creative Cloud for free, but they can get some good discounts – which are better at some times than others.

Adobe offers a student discount across its range of products, you will see some of the options below. For example, students can get all apps on an annual plan for $239.88/£196.30 for the first year, rising to $359.88/£298.92 after, which is a large discount on the usual $599.88/£596.33.

However, at certain times of the year Adobe offers a Back To School deal where the discounts are even larger.

On August 16, 2022 Adobe introduced a promotion in the U.S. and Canada where students and teachers can get 60% off the usual monthly subscription price, and the first month free for the Creative Cloud All Apps bundle. That means that students can pay $19.99 a month, rather than the usual $29.99. This deal will run until September 5.

Adobe CC deal for students
Adobe is offering students even more money off as part of the Back To School deal running until September 5th.


A similar deal is running in the U.K. and Europe where students and teachers can get 65% off for a monthly subscription for £16.24 a month, rather than the usual £24.96 a month.

Unfortunately the student saving drops after the first 12 months, but the student discount after that time is still good compared to the full price.

Visit this page on the Adobe website to verify your student status. All you need it a school-issued email address to be verified. You also need to be 13 or older and be enrolled in an education institution, a school or university, or be home schooled.

If you are buying as a student, or as an education institution, the pricing is as follows. You can also see pricing during the Back to School (B2S) buying period (until mid/early September) and Black Friday (BF).

Plan: All apps UK US
Student, paid monthly £24.96 a month (was £16.24 B2S/£13.15 BF) $19.99 (was $29.99 B2S/$15.99 BF)
Student, annual paid monthly £298.02 a year $239.88
Student, annual paid upfront £298.92 a year (B2S: £196.30 for first year) $359.88 a year (B2S: $239.88 for first year)
Buy it here    

How to buy Adobe apps

We’ll run through each of the Adobe apps and explain how you can purchase them below.

If it’s just you looking to use one or all of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps there are individual plans, while if you are a business or education institutial there are plans that are based on how many computers the software is installed on. There is also a discounted student plan. Read on for all the info.

How to buy all the Adobe CC apps

If you want to buy three or more Adobe Creative Cloud apps the All Apps bundle offered by Adobe is your best value option. Where individual apps cost you $19.99/£19.97 a month on the annual plan, the All Apps deal gives you every one of Adobe’s CC apps for £51.99/$54.99 a month.

But, if you only need the software temporarily, the best option for you might be to sign up for the more expensive of the two monthly plans since you can cancel at any time.

Adobe’s All Apps plan includes the following apps: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe XD, Lightroom, Acrobat Pro, Animate, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, After Effects, Dimension, Audition, InCopy, Lightroom Classic, Media Encoder, Character Animator, Prelude, Fuse, Bridge, plus 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark.

Plan: All apps UK US
Annual plan paid monthly £51.98 $54.99
Annual plan paid upfront £596.33 $599.88
Monthly plan (cancel at any time) £78.98 $82.49
Buy it here    

If you are buying for a business the pricing is different:

Plan: All apps UK US
Businesses (per licence, ex VAT) £61.99 $79.99
Buy it here    

How to buy Photoshop

Photoshop is arguably Adobe’s most famous app, or at least one of them. Indeed, the phrase to have “Photoshopped” something is a frequently used verb in this modern age of faked photos.

Adobe’s Photoshop software is primarily used for editing photos, allowing users to adapt colour and light, apply effects, remove objects, and refine the image.

If you want to buy the Adobe Photoshop permanently or temporarily there are a number of options. Two include Lightroom, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, on desktop and iPad, and either 20GB or 1TB cloud storage. You can also buy Photoshop alone.

Option 1:

Plan: Photography Plan with 20GB cloud UK US
Annual plan paid monthly £9.98 $9.99
Annual plan paid upfront £119.21 $119.88
Monthly plan (cancel at any time) £75.85 $79.49
Buy it here    

Option 2:

Plan: Photography Plan with 1TB cloud UK US
Annual plan paid monthly £19.97 $19.99
Annual plan paid upfront £238.42 $239.88
Monthly plan (cancel at any time) n/a n/a

Option 3:

Photoshop with 100GB of cloud storage UK US
Annual plan paid monthly £19.97 $20.99
Annual plan paid upfront £238.42 $239.88
Monthly plan (cancel at any time) £30.34 $31.49

The best Adobe Photography Plan deals will appear below:

If you want a cheaper option, we also have advice about the best Photoshop alternatives.

How to buy Lightroom

If you are a photographer then the Lightroom app may be of interest. Lightroom offers some image editing features and presets you can use to add filters to your photos, but it also offers organisation tools to help you store and locate your images.

Lightroom is available as part of the two Photography Plans detailed above, but if all you need is Lightroom then you can purchase the Lightroom Plan.

Lightroom with 1TB cloud UK US
Annual plan paid monthly £9.98 $9.99
Annual plan paid upfront £119.21 $119.88
Monthly plan (cancel at any time) £75.85 $79.49
Buy it here    

The best Adobe Lightroom deals will appear below:

How to buy Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat is another Adobe app that’s pretty well known. There are actually three Acrobat apps though, which can be a cause of confusion with people wondering whether they need to pay for Actobat, and even if they need to buy Adobe Creative Cloud to get Acrobat.

While we say there are three apps, that’s not true for us Mac users. Adobe offers the free Acrobat Reader, Adobe Acrobat Standard DC and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. But Acrobat Standard DC is not available for Mac. (DC stands for Document Cloud, if you were wondering.)

If you are just looking for an app to allow you to read and fill in PDFs, then Adobe Reader should be enough (although you could use Apple’s Preview software to do exactly this). Read: How to edit a PDF on Mac.

If you need to create PDFs you could just create a document on your Mac and choose Print > PDF. But assuming that you need to create a PDF with a little more finesse, Acrobat Pro DC will offer you the features you need.

PC users get the Acrobat Standard DC version, which is cheaper than Acrobat Pro DC, but lacks some of the features. Both make it possible to create and edit a PDF, but you need the Pro version if you want to do things like convert scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs, or add audio, video, and interactive objects. Acrobat Pro also works on iPad and iPhone.

Acrobat Reader is free and you can download it here.

If you need Acrobat Pro DC, here’s how the pricing is structured:

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC UK US
Annual plan paid monthly £15.17 $14.99
Annual plan paid upfront £181.10 $179.88
Monthly plan (cancel at any time) £25.28 $24.99
Buy it here    

If it doesn’t have to be Adobe there are plenty of alternative PDF apps available. Read Best free PDF editors for Mac.

How much do Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects cost?

Most of the other apps Adobe groups together under the Creative Cloud umbrella are available separately for a fixed price.

In addition to those we’ve mentioned above, you can get each of the following apps on either a monthly or an annual plan:

  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Dreamweaver
  • Animate
  • Audition

Prices start at £19.97 / $20.99 for the monthly plan if you sign up for the whole year.

Single Adobe apps with 100GB cloud UK US
Annual plan paid monthly £19.97 $20.99
Annual plan paid upfront £238.42 $239.88
Monthly plan (cancel at any time) £30.34 $31.49
Buy it here    

As we said above, if you don’t want to sign up for a one-year contract, the best option is to choose the monthly plan that you can cancel at any time. Alternatively, if a week is all you need then the seven-day trial might be an option, details here.

Adobe also offers a few apps at a lower price, these include InCopy and Premiere Rush.

InCopy with 100GB cloud UK US
Annual plan paid monthly £4.98 $4.99
Annual plan paid upfront £59.46 $59.88
Monthly plan (cancel at any time) £7.58 $7.49
Buy it here    

If you hoping to get Premiere Pro for free you can’t, but Premiere Rush might be able to do what you need – it’s offers basic features and functions. Alternatively, have a look at our round up of free and cheap Mac video editors.

Premiere Rush with 100GB cloud UK US
Annual plan paid monthly £9.98 $9.99
Annual plan paid upfront £119.21 $119.88
Monthly plan (cancel at any time) n/a n/a
Buy it here    

There are also various Substance 3D options, that combine 3D and AR apps 3D Painter, Designer, Stager and Sampler in a bundle.

Substance 3D plans UK US
Substance 3D Collection (paid monthly) £31.97 $39.99
Substance 3D Texturing (paid monthly) £15.97 $19.99
Buy it here    

Plus you can get Adobe’s user experience design tool Adobe XD for £9.98 / $9.99 a month, and Adobe Spark for creating sociak graphics, videos and webpages for £10.10 / $9.99 a month. Buy them here.

Finally, you can also sign up for Adobe Stock, which is Adobe’s royalty-free image, graphics, 3D assets and video library.

Adobe Stock UK US
Annual plan paid monthly £23.99 $29.99
Annual plan paid upfront £287.86 $359.88
Monthly plan (cancel at any time) £35.99 $49.99
Buy it here    

How many computers can you use a licence on

Once you have subscribed you can install the software on two computers. So, if you have Photoshop in the office you are able to also have it on your computer at home. 

What you can’t do is run the software on both computers at the same time – but you can, at least, still be signed in on your work computer. 

In fact, you can install the software on more than two computers, but if will only work on the third computer if you aren’t signed in on one of the others.

If you are unable to sign out of one of these computers you can go to the account management page and sign out there.

Where can I obtain the Adobe CC software?

Once you are subscribed to Adobe CC – or the individual apps, you will be able to obtain them from Adobe’s website here.

How to cancel Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

There is a 14 day period after purchasing your Creative Cloud subscription when you can cancel and be refunded.

As we explained above, if you are likely to want to cancel your subscription within a year then you would be wise to choose the monthly payment plan that doesn’t mean you will be locked into a contract for a year. The price is more, but you won’t have to pay Adobe anything to break the contract. 

If you choose a monthly plan that is based on an annual contract then you may have to pay 50% of what you still have left to pay Adobe on cancellation of the contract. So, if you were to cancel after four months you would potentially have to pay half of what you would owe for the next eight months.

To cancel contact Adobe Customer Support here.

Tue, 16 Aug 2022 02:18:00 -0500 Author: Karen Haslam en text/html
Killexams : Adobe Acrobat Save As screen is blank

Adobe Acrobat is a professional PDF editing and viewing program developed by Adobe. They have been in the market for many years which a huge user base around the world. You can view, create, edit, print, and manage PDFs using Adobe Acrobat. To use Adobe Acrobat, you need to subscribe to it by paying monthly or annually. You can only get Acrobat Reader DC as freeware. Some users of Adobe Acrobat are seeing a blank screen while they try to save PDF files. In this guide, we have a few solutions to fix when Adobe Acrobat Save As screen is blank.

Adobe Acrobat Save As screen is blank

If you see a white blank screen when you try to use Save As option on Adobe Acrobat, the following methods can help you fix it.

  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Update Adobe Acrobat
  3. Disable Show online storage when saving the files
  4. Reinstall Adobe Acrobat

Let’s get into the details of each method and fix the issue.

1] Check your internet connection

Adobe Acrobat works on the cloud as well as locally. If you are working on documents from the cloud and see a white blank screen, you need to check your internet connection. If there is any issue with the internet connection, it will not load. Then, you will see only a white blank screen. Run a speed test using the online tools and see if your internet connection is working fine.

Read: Fix Network & Internet connection problems in Windows

2] Update Adobe Acrobat

Check for Updates Adobe Acrobat

The error might also have been caused by a bug in the previous update or a corrupted file. You need to update Adobe Acrobat to the latest version to fix it. Use the Help option in the Adobe Acrobat menu and select Check for Updates to find new updates and install them.

Read: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC not showing bookmarks in Windows PC

3] Disable Show online storage when saving the files

Disable Show online storage when saving the files

Since you are working on a cloud-based program, you need to disable Show online storage when saving the files options if you don’t want to save them online. You can enable or disable it at any time you want. It will fix the Save as blank screen issue on Adobe Acrobat.

To disable Show online storage when saving the files,

  • Click on Edit in the menu and select Preferences.
  • Select General tab
  • You will see various options under Basic Tools. Uncheck the button beside Show online storage when saving the files
  • If you want you can also uncheck the button beside Show online storage when opening files to disable storage options completely. Click OK to save the changes.

This should fix Save As blanks screen issue on Adobe Acrobat.

4] Reinstall Adobe Acrobat

If none of the above methods can fix the issue, you need to reinstall Adobe Acrobat. For that, you need to uninstall the program using the Start menu or from the Installed apps in the Settings app. Then, obtain Adobe Acrobat from Adobe and install it on your PC.

These are the different ways using which you can use when you see Adobe Acrobat Save as screen blank.

Read: Fix Adobe CEF Helper High Memory or CPU usage

Why is my save as screen blank on Adobe?

Adobe works on the cloud as well as locally. When the files you are working on are from the cloud and you have a bad internet connection, you might see a screen blank. The bugs in the previous updates can also cause it. You need to check the internet connection, disable online file options in the Preferences, and update Adobe Acrobat to the latest version to fix the issue.

Why is my Adobe Acrobat not saving?

Make sure your internet is working fine and see if the file is from a local disk or from the cloud. Then, go to Preferences from the Edit menu and change the storage settings. Disable Show online storage when saving the files in the preferences to save them locally.

Why is my PDF saving as blank?

If your PDF is saved as blank, there might be corruption occurring with the file. The plugins of the software you are using to save PDFs might be causing it, or the file is not saved fully due to a bad internet connection. You need to see if they are working fine and save the PDF again.

Related read: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has stopped working in Windows.

Adobe Acrobat Save As screen is blank
Sun, 20 Nov 2022 03:04:00 -0600 en-us text/html
Killexams : Cannabis acceptance goes along generational lines

A changing attitude in society towards the use of cannabis poses a series of policy challenges for Australia’s elected officials, a new study done by a team of academics from the University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales has revealed.

The researchers — Vivian Chiu, Gary Chan, Wayne Hall, Leanne Hides, and Janni Leung — pored over 19 years’ worth of data drawn from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey, collected during a time when cannabis use was made legal for medicinal purposes.

These surveys unlocked attitudes towards drug use and particularly the use of illicit drugs. It was started in 1998, with seven waves of the survey being used in this study.

People in specific age groups were more likely than others to try the plant, according to the analysis of the survey data.

“We observed larger increases in all cannabis use intentions among people born in the 1950s to 1960s than in those who were born before or after. As emerging adults, people in this generation experienced a decade in which the counterculture movement flourished from the mid-1960 s to mid-1970 s across many Western countries including Australia,” the research paper says.

“The social movement was marked by a revolution in social norms that were positive towards cannabis use. Living through this period appears to have influenced the attitudes about cannabis for this generation, making them more accepting of cannabis use than adults who were members of earlier or more recent birth cohorts.”

People born in the 1990s may be catching up with folks who were born much earlier in their willingness to entertain experimenting with or using marijuana.

“This appears consistent with a previous study that has found the association between medical cannabis legalisation and initiation of cannabis use and more frequent use among youths,” the researchers observe.

Overseas trends in the legalisation of the drug are one reason the researchers believe attitudes towards the use of cannabis began shifting in Australia from 2007 onwards.

There was also coverage in Australia in 2012 of the growth of the medicinal use of cannabis in the US, the research paper says, and that prompted a broader discussion in traditional and social media of the drug’s medical usage.

A series of policy implications are raised by the paper’s authors, and these include the observation that an increase in the plant’s usage may occur in Australia if trends of cannabis use following legalisation in Canada and the US are to be taken as a guide.

Other lessons for Australia from the overseas experience include the move by states in the US to legalise cannabis to reduce the black market, which increased accessibility and reduced prices.

“When cannabis use becomes fully legalised, a for-profit cannabis industry will have a commercial interest in expanding the number of daily consumers,” the research paper says. “The profitability of the enormous cannabis markets will give the industry sufficient resources to resist public health regulations, which seems to be happening with the legal cannabis industry in the US.”

The authors of the study said that policymakers can learn from the manner in which they regulate tobacco and alcohol in order to get an appropriate regulatory framework in place for the legalisation of cannabis.

These include taxing, limiting the marketing of cannabis, and plain packaging of cannabis products in order to make usage less attractive to younger people.


ACT reps give evidence to Victorian cannabis inquiry

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Killexams : Best PDF editors: Our top picks

Though it’s nearly 25 years old, the PDF may be more useful than ever in our increasingly multi-device, cross-platform world. Most of the time you can get by with a free PDF reader to review and comment on these files. But inevitably, particularly in a business setting, you’ll need to edit a PDF file and that usually requires upgrading to a premium PDF editor.

Historically, Adobe Acrobat has been the go-to option, but it has also been the most expensive, putting it out of reach for many individuals and small businesses. That has given rise to a whole host of alternatives with varying features and costs. We looked at several top PDF editors to see the features they offer and how they stack up against each other.

We even have a pick for best free PDF editor, because sometimes you just need the basics to help complete the job quickly. There are a surprising number of capable free services to choose from along with the more premium editors. Check out our recommendations below to see our takes on the best available options.

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC – Best overall


  • Easily navigable tabbed interface
  • Comprehensive PDF edting features
  • Streamlined sharing feature makes it easier to fill documents and get signatures


  • Rich feature set can be overwhelming for new users

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC remains the industry standard for good reason. Its rich combination of creation, editing, reviewing, and security features are what the best alternative options are built on, but we feel Acrobat still does it best. Its recent interface redesign makes it much easier to navigate its robust toolset than the nested menus of yore, and its cloud subscription option puts its advanced features within reach of more individuals and small businesses. See how it compares to the Adobe Acrobat Standard DC.)

Though many of its features are available in other, cheaper PDF editors, Acrobat is still the editor against which all others are judged.

Read our full Review Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

2. Nitro PDF Pro – Best overall runner-up


  • Microsoft Office ribbon-style interface
  • Fully integrated with Nitro Cloud for easier collaboration
  • Improved document conversion

Nitro PDF Pro’s now full-integration with Nitro Cloud—as part of Nitro Productivity Suite—makes collaborating on documents and securing signatures easier than ever. The ability to perform common editing tasks right in a browser rather than having to toggle over to the desktop program makes document workflows feel simpler and more seamless.

As far as alternatives to Adobe Acrobat go, Nitro PDF Pro sits near the top of the heap. Its recent upgrades have continued to help it narrow the gap at the top. If you’re looking for an Acrobat replacement, you won’t find many better.

Read our full Review Nitro PDF Pro

3. Swifdoo – Best budget option


  • Intuitive tabbed interface
  • Comprehensive PDF editing features
  • Affordable


  • Windows only
  • No mobile app

MSRP: $69 per year I $8 per month

Swifdoo might not have the name recognition of some of the other editors on this list, but it’s more than capable of holding its own in the crowded PDF editor market. Swifdoo provides all of the essential tools for managing PDF files without any of the fancy or hard-to-understand features. It allows users to jump right in to their toolset and get straight to editing with only what they need.

While Swifdoo’s features are great, they are also pretty standard fare among PDF editors. What makes Swifdoo stand out is its affordable price—it’s a great value for those who regularly edit PDFs and don’t want to pay out the nose. Swifdoo also offers a generous trial period so users can take it for a spin to see if it meets their needs before they commit to paying any money.

Read our full Review Swifdoo

4. PDF Candy – Best free option


  • Many advanced features
  • OCR capability
  • Very easy to use


  • No Mac support
  • Free trial only offers basic features

PDF Candy is the rare free PDF editor that offers a lot of the features you’d typically have to pay for. We’re talking scanning, multiple file-conversion options, and OCR functionality. All of this combines to make PDF Candy stand out among the multitude of lesser free PDF editors. It does have a bit of a wonky interface, but once you get the hang of it you’re off and running.

Unfortunately, while the free version has access to the expansive toolset of the paid version, you’re limited to one PDF task per hour. If you want unfettered access, you need to shell out $6 per month.

Read our full Review PDF Candy


  • Syncs across Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  • Comprehensive editing and annotation tools
  • Simple, intuitive interface


  • Requires annual payment
  • Lifetime license enables use on Mac only

PDF Expert is an excellent editor that fits seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem, making it our pick for Macs, iPads, and iPhone users.

While macOS does include a PDF editor in its Preview app, iOS devices don’t have a native PDF editor and PDF Expert fills that gap nicely. It has a clean and intuitive interface and offers a plethora of easy-to-use editing options such as page management, converting scanned files into editable documents, and conversion to other file formats, among other things. The pricing plan is also considerably cheaper than most of the other top picks, meaning this is a no-brainer for Apple users.

Read our full Review PDF Expert

6. Apple Preview PDF editor – Best free option for Mac users


  • Full set of PDF markup tools
  • Supports form filling
  • PDFs can be protected with passwords, encryption, and permission controls


  • Limited native sharing options
  • Only available to Mac users

MSRP: Built into macOS

Mac users needn’t look beyond the macOS for their PDF editing needs, since there is a full set of PDF markup tools already available at their disposal in Apple Preview. It has the chops to handle most personal and business PDF editing needs, including encryption, password protection, and permissions for files.

Apple Preview’s PDF features and capabilities are impressive and should be all you need for most common editing tasks. The drawback, of course, is that only Mac users can take advantage of them.

Read our full Review Apple Preview PDF editor

7. pdfFiller – Best web-based editor


  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • Robust security options
  • Lots of business-ready capabilities


  • Business features won’t be needed by some users
  • Requires annual commitment to get best value

MSRP: $20 a month/$96 a year

pdfFiller is a browser-based PDF editor that allows you do to just about everything—editing, securing, sharing, and storing PDF files—all from its intuitive and simple web interface. It has a surprisingly deep set of features for both personal and business use.

While incredibly versatile, not all of pdfFiller’s business features will suit everyone. Fortunately, there are three subscription tiers which gives users a way to meet their editing needs without paying extra for unnecessary features.

Read our full Review pdfFiller

A word about online PDF editors

Why spend a chunk of change on a desktop editor when free online PDF editors abound? The simple answer is because you get what you pay for. Generally, free online editors will let you add text and comments, merge and split documents, and convert files to and from PDF. With rare exception, however, they won’t let you edit existing text and many have file-size and page-volume restrictions. And a lot of them will watermark your edited document. For these reasons, web PDF editors are best reserved for simple, fast editing jobs. Call in these big dogs for anything more demanding.

What to look for in a PDF editor

  • Create, convert, and export PDFs: The most fundamental function of a PDF editor is to make PDFs, either from scratch, scanned hard copies, or by converting digital documents. A good PDF editor should be able to transform a variety of file types—from Microsoft Office formats to images to HTML—and do so seamlessly, preserving the original formatting. It should also include OCR technology to make the PDF text searchable and editable. Likewise, a good PDF editor must be able to export PDFs into other editable formats such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, HTML, or plain text, maintaining the original files hyperlinks, images, and other elements.
  • Content editing: Another bit of magic that PDF editors unlock is the ability to modify text; insert, resize, and move images; and reorganize pages in the PDF. A good one will perform these tasks as easily as in a text document or slide deck, allowing in-line editing, dragging-and dropping graphics, and adding or removing hyperlinks.
  • Review and annotate: A good PDF editor should also let you or anyone else using it add comments and other annotations to PDF files during review. It should have tools to mark up both text documents and graphic-heavy files like webpages. Common options include sticky notes, callout boxes, highlighting, freehand drawing tools, and stamps with messages like “approved,” “revised,” and “confidential.”
  • Security: All businesses deal with documents containing sensitive data. Look for a PDF editor that includes security features that allow access for authorized eyes only. Good options will usually offer several levels of security, including password protection, permissions setting, and content redaction, which “blacks out” selected text and images. Most PDF editors will also offer one or more ways to electronically sign documents.
  • Mobile support: While deep PDF editing is best done on a desktop, it’s nice to be able to review and annotate files when you’re out and about. While PDFs can typically be reviewed in any PDF reader or editor, regardless of which one they were created in, consider looking for an editor that has a dedicated mobile app, is optimized for mobile devices, or allows cloud access to features through a mobile browser.

One of the great things about a PDF is that it can be read and edited in any PDF program regardless of which one it was created in. So beyond the features outlined here, let your personal preferences guide you in making your decision.



What is the difference between a PDF document and a PDF form?

While there are a number of different types of PDF file formats, they all fall under the umbrella term of PDF documents. A PDF form is a type of PDF document that has editable form fields a user can fill out. Typically, parts of the document are static and can’t be changed in a PDF form. These usually include questions and instructions for those who end up filling out the form later on. In a PDF form, the content fields a user fills out are open to editing and can offer a list of possible answer options or can be written in freely.


Are PDF documents and Word files different?

Yes. They are two entirely different document formats. While you can export from one file format to another, they are not the same. Word file formats are usually used for word processing, editing, and making changes to text. PDF documents on the other hand, are most often utilized for viewing, sharing, and printing documents. Additionally, Word files are read and write and contain some version of the “.doc” file format. Whereas PDF files are typically read-only and contain the “.pdf” file format.


Can you protect PDF documents from being edited by other people?

Yes. If you have a PDF document which you do not want anyone else to be able to edit, you can protect the file. You can do this by opening the file in Acrobat, clicking Tools > Protect. Then you have a few options as to whether you want to simply restrict editing with a password, or if you want to encrypt the file for further safety. Once you choose how you want to protect the PDF document, you can set a password and save.

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Killexams : Adobe Media encoder not installed in Premiere Pro

Adobe Media Encoder is an encoding engine released by Adobe to function with programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Character Animator, and Adobe Prelude. It is also useful as a standalone encoder. You can encode audio, video, and different formats to suit your social media and professional filmmaking needs. Professional audio and video editors use Adobe Media Encoder to streamline their work. If you are facing issues with Adobe Media Encoder, this guide has some fixes to help you. Let’s see how we can fix the Adobe Media Encoder not installed error in Premiere Pro or After Effects.

Adobe Media encoder not installed in Premiere Pro

Adobe Media Encoder is not installed. Please obtain and install it to use this feature. Go to

If you see Adobe Media Encoder not installed error message in Premiere Pro or After Effects, here are some suggestions to resolve the issue.

  1. Update Adobe software to the latest versions
  2. Install Adobe Media Encoder manually
  3. Uninstall Creative Cloud products and reinstall them

Let’s get into the details of each method and fix the issue.

1] Update Adobe software to the latest versions

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe products that work interdependently require updated versions to function smoothly. Adobe Media Encoder is used by both Premiere Pro and After Effects to render outputs. You need to update them to the latest versions using the Creative Cloud program. After updating them, restart your PC and see if it has fixed the error.

2] Install Adobe Media Encoder manually

Install Adobe Media Encoder

You need to install Adobe Media Encoder manually using the Adobe Creative Cloud or by downloading it from the Adobe website. Run the downloaded file to install and don’t change the default location of its installation.

3] Uninstall Creative Cloud products and reinstall them

If the problem is not yet fixed, you need to uninstall Creative Cloud products like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe Prelude, and Adobe Media Encoder leaving Photoshop and Illustration aside. After uninstalling them, you need to restart your PC and reinstall them from the Creative Cloud. See if it has fixed the error.

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These are the different ways you can use when you see Adobe Media Encoder not installed error on Premiere Pro or After Effects.

How do I fix Adobe Media Encoder not installed in After Effects?

If you are seeing Adobe Media Encoder not installed error in After Effects, you need to install Adobe Media Encoder using the Adobe Creative Cloud or by downloading the executable file from the Adobe website. If you’ve already installed the Adobe Media Encoder and still facing the error, you need to update After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder using the Creative Cloud to the latest versions or reinstall them if none of the other methods fixed it.

Why does Premiere Pro Say Media Encoder not installed?

If Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder are not the latest versions, you might see this error. You need to update them to the latest versions using Creative Cloud. Uninstall both programs and reinstall them, if updating them does not fix the issue.

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Fix Adobe Media Encoder Not Installed Error in Premiere Pro and After Effects
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Killexams : Best Adobe Acrobat alternatives of 2022: free and paid options

The best Adobe Acrobat alternatives offer advanced PDF editing capabilities that rival the best PDF editor

Adobe Acrobat DC has long been the go-to PDF editing software - for the very good reason that Adobe invented the PDF format. The filetype allowed true document standardization. No matter what device you viewed the file, it would appear the same to all users.