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ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server

ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server

Capable Project Administrators are essential to the optimal functioning of Jira in large organizations.

Certified Jira Project Administrators are the power users who know how to configure projects and boards, customize workflows and manage project permissions in their organization's Jira Server or Data Center instance. They live in Jira day-to-day, and can help scale their instance to meet the demand of their business, so their Jira Administrator and teams can get more work done.

Roles, Permissions and Issue Level Security

Given business requirements, determine appropriate permissions for project team members

Determine if and how issue-level security should be configured in a project

Manage project role membership

Troubleshoot issues with roles, permissions and issue security and escalate if required

Project Configuration

Describe how versions are managed in Jira

Given requirements, determine how to create and configure project components and auto assi

Describe how to manage general project configurations (e.g., project details, project sidebar)

Describe the use of schemes and the implications of using project templates

Issue Types, Workflows, Fields, Screens and Notifications

Given business requirements, determine the appropriate issue types

Given business requirements, determine the appropriate Jira workflow configuration

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate method to edit project workflows to meet business needs

Given business requirements, determine appropriate screen configuration

Given business requirements, determine appropriate field configuration

Given business requirements, determine if and how to add fields to project screens

Given business requirements, recommend the appropriate project notifications

Troubleshoot issues with notifications, workflows, fields and screens Reports, Dashboards and JQL

Determine an appropriate dashboard configuration

Identify the appropriate project reports

Translate business requirements into appropriate JQL queries

Global Configuration

Given a scenario, select changes to issue links, time tracking, priorities and resolutions.
Project Administration in Jira Server
Atlassian Administration book

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Project Administration in Jira Server
Question: 57
Teresa is able to see the Start Progress transition but not the Approve transition on an issue. Her co-worker is able to see both.
Identify two possible causes why Teresa can NOT see the Approve transition. (Choose two.)
A. Teresa is not listed in the correct security level for the issue.
B. Teresa does not have the Transition Issues permission.
C. Teresa is not in the correct group or project role.
D. Teresa does not meet the condition on the Approve transition.
E. Teresa does not have the correct global permission.
F. Teresa does not have the correct Application access.
Answer: BC
Question: 58
Which two can project administrators associate with project roles? (Choose two.)
A. Security levels
B. Application access
C. Global permissions
D. Groups
E. Individual users
F. Project permissions
Answer: AD
Reference: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiracloud/managing-project-roles-776636382.html
Question: 59
Martina is unable to perform the following actions in the App project:
Create and manage versions
Create and manage components Rank issues in the backlog
The App project does not use a shared permission scheme.
Which two permissions will allow her to perform those actions? (Choose two.)
A. Transition Issues
B. Move Issues
C. Administer Projects
D. Bulk Change
E. Schedule Issues
Answer: CE
Reference: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiracloud/managing-project-permissions-776636362.html
Question: 60
All projects use a shared permission scheme.
The Browse Projects permission needs to be updated. Project administrators need to be able to manage access to their own projects.
What entry should be added to the Browse Projects permission?
A. Group
B. Project lead
C. Project Role
D. Single user
E. Application access
Answer: B
Reference: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiracloud/managing-project-permissions-776636362.html
Question: 61
Indicate which two use cases require the use of issue-level security within a project. (Choose two.)
A. Only managers should be able to see Critical issues in the project.
B. Only managers should be able to choose who sees certain issues in the project.
C. Only managers should be able to see the project.
D. Only managers should be able to set the Due Date on issues in the project.
E. Only managers should be able to Close issues in the project.
Answer: BC
Reference: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiracloud/configuring-issue-level-security-776636711.html
Question: 62
The extract of a permission scheme is shown below.
Clare is joining your team to help out as first-level support. Her job will be:
Analyze incoming requests
Re-assign requests to subject matter experts
Which two project roles will she need? (Choose two.)
A. Editors
B. Workers
C. Assigners
D. Viewers
E. Assignables
F. Administrators
Answer: CD
Question: 63
The extract of a permission scheme is shown below
Angela is a new team member. Her main tasks are:
Search the project for duplicate bugs
Link them
Close duplicate bugs in the workflow
Which two project roles does she need? (Choose two.)
A. Linkers
B. Creators
C. Editors
D. Transitioners
E. Viewers
F. Administrators
Answer: AE
Question: 64
View the extract of a Jira Software Scrum projects permission scheme shown.
The project uses a simplified workflow.
Who can drag and drop issues to the Closed column on the board?
A. only the board administrator
B. any user with Jira Software application access
C. nobody
D. any logged in user
E. only members of the Administrators project role
Answer: B
Question: 65
For the DEV project, Max has these requirements relating to time logging:
I need to be able to edit time logs.
I need to be able to delete time logs.
Which three project permissions does Max need in order to meet these requirements? (Choose three.)
A. Schedule Issues
B. Edit All Worklogs
C. Move Issues
D. Delete All Worklogs
E. Work On Issues
F. Edit All Comments
Answer: BDE
Reference: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirasoftwarecloud/logging-time-on-issues-902499028.html
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"This pioneering handbook shows how microdata can be used to give ... granular and real insights into how states work."

— Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University, author of State-Building: Governance and World Order in the 21st Century

“The most comprehensive work on practically building government administration I have ever seen."

— Francisco Gaetani, Special Secretary for State Transformation, Government of Brazil




Governments across the world make thousands of personnel management decisions, procure millions of goods and services, and execute billions of processes each day. They are data rich.  And yet, there is little systematic practice to-date which capitalizes on this data to make public administrations work better. This means that governments are missing out on data insights to save billions in procurement expenditures, recruit better talent into government, and identify sources of corruption, to name just a few.

The Government Analytics Handbook seeks to change that. It presents frontier evidence and practitioner insights on how to leverage data to make governments work better. Covering a range of microdata sources—such as administrative data and public servant surveys—as well as tools and resources for undertaking the analytics, it transforms the ability of governments to take a data-informed approach to diagnose and Strengthen how public organizations work.

Main Messages

  • Firms are capitalizing on innovations in data science at an unprecedented scale to Strengthen their internal operations, but many governments are lacking behind. This book introduces government analytics – how governments can repurpose their data and records to diagnose public administration and boost public sector productivity.
  • A wealth of approaches and data sources are available to governments for analytics to identify evidence-based improvements. Many of these approaches rely on data that governments already collect as part of their day-to-day operations
  • Government analytics can be undertaken with at least three types of data: administrative data from government entities (such as procurement data); surveys of public servants; and external assessments (such as household surveys or anthropological assessments).
  • Which data source is appropriate for analytics depends on what aspect of public administration an organization is seeking to diagnose and improve. Some data sources are better suited to assessing inputs into public administration, such as payroll data assessing the costs of different personnel. Some data sources are better suited to assessing the processes, practices, and cultures that convert inputs into outputs, such as surveys of public servants assessing perceptions of management in government. And some data sources are better suited to assessing the outputs and outcomes of public administration, such as citizen satisfaction surveys.
  • Frontier government analytics integrates different data sources and makes insights accessible to managers across government organizations. For instance, dashboards integrating data sources and updating in real time can provide managers with insights into staffing issues, quality of management, task completion rates and case productivity, among many. Comparative data can allow benchmarking with other government organizations, or where appropriate, other countries. The result is a transformational change, with managers integrating analytic insights with their tacit understanding of their organization to drive continuous public administration improvement.
  • Governments can advance government analytics by creating government analytics units at the center of government and within each major organization. Centralized units enable economies of scale in analytics, a common data architecture and government-wide benchmarking. Units within organizations can complement central analytics by helping interpret analytics for their organization, and adapting analytics tools to particular organizational needs.

Main Messages:  عربيEspañol | FrançaisPortuguês | Pусский | 中文

Sun, 22 Oct 2023 17:16:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.worldbank.org/en/publication/government-analytics
Northwestern Data Book

The annual Northwestern University Data Book started in 1967-68 as a medium to provide the community with a summary of official statistical information. The data are assembled from various sources. Tables will be uploaded to the site as the data become available. Data from past Data Books is available upon request.

We hope this information is useful to you. As always, we welcome any comments and suggestions you care to make about the content, utility, and accuracy of the information contained in this book. If there is other information about the University which you that like included in the next edition, please contact us.

All tables have been updated with the latest data available in 2021-22. Files will be updated for 2022-23 as new data becomes available.

External Rankings


Students - Enrollment

Students - General








Thank you for visiting Northwestern University's Institutional Research Data Book. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the data provided, including suggestions about the content of the Data Book, please feel free to contact us via email: ir@northwestern.edu.

Mon, 31 Jul 2023 18:20:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.northwestern.edu/provost/about/ir/data-book/
Equity and Administration

‘[The book] examines modern equity's impact on both private and public administration. Thirteen essays and accompanying commentaries - composed by scholars, practitioners, and jurists from across the former British Empire - reveal modern equity's distinguishing characteristic: its 'facilitative nature' … All told, Equity and Administration offers something for everyone: for fiduciaries and commissioners alike, equity has a role to play.’

Source: Harvard Law Review

'This book is a treat for those interested in what equity means, whether the academic or practitioner. … This perspective on the role of equity is an important one, not least because of its resonance with the practical role that equity plays in the administration of funds, a role that those of us who practice in the fields of trust and fiduciary law take as our bedrock.'

Jonathan Hilliard Source: Trust Law International

Sun, 12 Nov 2023 09:44:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/equity-and-administration/004E37ED23E89B4CD6AEA8741F992C91
Franklin Foer explores the life of President Biden in new book, "The Last Politician" Franklin Foer explores the life of President Biden in new book, "The Last Politician" - CBS News

Watch CBS News

Journalist Franklin Foer's new book, "The Last Politician," tells the story of a presidency 50 years in the making, diving deep into President Biden's life and career. The book also explores the workings of Biden's current administration and searches for answers on who Biden really is behind the scenes. Foer sat down with CBS News' Robert Costa to discuss.

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Sat, 09 Sep 2023 11:48:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.cbsnews.com/video/franklin-foer-explores-the-life-of-president-biden-in-new-book-the-last-politician/
Disbursement for Books and Supplies

Students who have financial aid funds awarded in excess of school charges are eligible to request a book voucher each semester via the student portal.  Book Vouchers are available 14 days prior to the beginning of each semester and close 35 days after the first day of classes. For summer sessions, book vouchers close on July 31.

  • Log into the Wilkes Portal and select the Student Services tab.
  • Under My Account, click Book Voucher.

Note: Students may request a book voucher two weeks prior to the beginning of each semester for a maximum amount of $750 per semester.

The book voucher is added to the student’s ID card and the student can then order books online through Barnes & Noble external website. Once the books have been purchased, any unused funds are refunded to the student by the Bursar’s Office.

Thu, 07 Jun 2018 06:35:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.wilkes.edu/about-wilkes/offices-and-administration/finance-office/bursar-tuition-billing/Disbursement_Books_and_Supplies.aspx
Hundreds made redundant as Bertram Books files for administration

Bertram Books has collapsed into administration, making the majority of its 459 employees redundant with immediate effect.

Eastern Daily Press: Hundreds of people have been made redundant. Pic: ArchantHundreds of people have been made redundant. Pic: Archant

The bookseller, famously founded in a chicken shed in 1968 before moving to the Broadland Business Park, appointed joint administrators Turpin Barker Armstrong this week.

The company, which operates as Bertram Trading, entered administration alongside two subsidary brands: Education Umbrella and Dawson Books.

MORE: Laura Ashley stores to shut following closing down sale

A spokesman for the administrators said: “We can confirm that Bertram Trading Limited, the global book wholesaler, has entered administration along with Education Umbrella Limited, a supplier of textbooks and digital education resources and Dawson Books Limited, an academic and professional library supplier.

“Book wholesalers have suffered from falling demand in recent years due to changes in the distribution model for literature and the rising popularity of e-books. These factors, combined with the Covid-19 related closure of many public libraries and educational facilities, meant these businesses could no longer operate viably.

“Sales have been agreed in principle with two unconnected parties for the tangible assets and unencumbered stock of Bertram Trading Limited and for the intangible assets of Education Umbrella Limited and it is hoped that these will be completed shortly.

“Unfortunately, the majority of employees have been made redundant with immediate effect with a small number retained to manage the winding down of operations. We are liaising with all employees impacted regarding their statutory rights and to direct them to support from the relevant government agencies.”

Bertram Books has been under strain for a number of months.

In May its owner Aurelius said it was “reviewing its strategic operations” for the Bertram Books division.

Aurelias said at the time: “As a result of the economic uncertainty created by Brexit and more recently the Covid-19 pandemic, Aurelius is reviewing its strategic options for the Bertram wholesale division.”

Chief executive Dirk Markus had previously said the firm was financially stable but that management were taking a 25pc pay cut.

He added: “Over the coming weeks and months, we might have to make difficult decisions for some of our portfolio companies.”

Fri, 19 Jun 2020 02:31:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/business/20753999.hundreds-made-redundant-bertram-books-files-administration/
Trump Administration Reneged on New York Infrastructure Plan to Punish Cuomo, New Book Alleges

The Trump administration broke off negotiations to provide federal help for several New York City infrastructure projects in 2020 after Andrew Cuomo publicly criticized the president, according to a forthcoming book by one of Cuomo’s top advisers.

The New York governor’s remarks at the Democratic National Convention that year breached a supposed peace pact between Cuomo and

Donald Trump, according to a new memoir by Melissa DeRosa, who was Cuomo’s top aide at the time. 

Copyright ©2023 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 87990cbe856818d5eddac44c7b1cdeb8

Fri, 20 Oct 2023 01:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.wsj.com/politics/policy/trump-administration-reneged-on-new-york-infrastructure-plan-to-punish-cuomo-new-book-alleges-ec9d0fdc
Biden Admin Wants Explicit Content to Stay in School Libraries, House Panel’s Chairman Says

What’s been labeled an epidemic of “book banning” is actually an epidemic of sexually explicit materials getting into American school libraries, witnesses at a House hearing say.

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce held a subcommittee hearing on Thursday morning discussing the prevalence of explicit content in school libraries.

Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Aaron Bean, R-Fla., explained why the hearing was necessary.

“Some of my Democrat colleagues will inevitably accuse Republicans of engaging in a widespread campaign to ‘ban’ books because of racial animus or prejudice against LGBT students,” Bean said in his opening statement. “However, none of the evidence suggests books are being removed for any reason other than inappropriate, explicit content.”

Bean said that the truth is that the books that have been called into question are so obscene that reading passages from them has led to adults being censored in adult forums. 

He cited two explicit books in particular.

“School Board officials in Clay County, Florida, had to cut a father’s microphone for reading ‘Lucky’ for fear that the explicit passages would violate FCC laws and regulations, since the School Board meeting was being televised,” Bean said. “Late-night television refused to air an ad featuring language from ‘Gender Queer.’”

Bean said that this is an issue that reaches the federal level because the Biden administration is trying to deprive states and local districts of the right to determine what’s appropriate or inappropriate for their school library shelves.

“President [Joe] Biden appointed a book-review czar to monitor the actions of local school boards and potentially penalize them for simply reviewing books. I see this as a dangerous step and a violation of federalist principles,” he said.

He said that the hearing was meant to find out “how to best empower parents to be the greatest possible advocate for their child’s education.”

Lindsey Smith, chair of the Montgomery County, Maryland, chapter of Moms for Liberty, addressed issues she has with explicit content in her son’s school library.

“How did we get from protecting our children to the argument of ‘stop book banning?” she asked. “This is not a case of heterosexual versus LGBT+, nor is this a political issue, or as many would call it ‘book banning.’ This is about the innocence and protection of our children.”

Smith said that parents should expect that if their children go into the home of another person, they shouldn’t expect the children to have easy access to pornography. However, she said, that’s essentially what’s being demanded by proponents of keeping the explicit materials in school libraries.

Smith explained what she’d seen in school libraries was “appalling.” She said that sexually explicit materials were frequently accessible to children age 3 and older.

“One example is an innocent-looking book with bright colors and a puppy dog on the front,” she began. “To a 3-year-old, this is appealing to them. The language of this book is far from appropriate. In the ‘hide and find’ glossary, three- to four-year-olds are encouraged to find images of leather, a drag queen, and underwear.”

The Maryland mom said that when her 3-year-old son brought the book home from class and found that it was being used as curriculum, she began asking questions and speaking up.

That book, she said, was approved by a committee not known to the public.

Another book that was brought to her attention was “Gender Queer.” She said the book, which was available in school libraries, graphically depicts sex acts.

One teacher requested eight copies for his class and media center, she said.

Smith said that these explicit books are a violation of indecency and obscenity laws.

“’Gender Queer’ is just one of the many examples that parent groups and so-called book banners actually are speaking up against,” she said. “The sexually explicit and detailed content does not belong in our schools, and we are here asking you to hold [to] the laws and policies that were created on the local level.”

To prevent such material from getting into school libraries, she suggested that parent representatives be on the committees that review and select books.

Max Eden, a research fellow for the American Enterprise Institute, spoke about how left-wing media distort language to create the perception that there is an epidemic of “book banning.”

He cited an article he co-authored for The Daily Signal, in which he sought to find out how many books on a list created by PEN America, a left-wing advocacy group, were actually “banned.” 

“Given that most English-language speakers understand the word ‘ban’ to mean ‘made unavailable,’ we conducted a study to determine how many of the 2,532 books that PEN America alleged were ‘banned’ were actually still present in school libraries,” Eden wrote in early October. “The answer: About three-fourths of them.”

As far as the books that were “banned,” he wrote that there was a common theme.

“All 10 of the books we found that were actually removed most often contained disturbingly explicit passages about sex,” Eden wrote. The list included the aforementioned “Gender Queer.”

Eden said that the Biden administration’s Department of Education Office of Civil Rights is investigating and threatening to withdraw funding from school districts that “even think about removing these books.”

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., a former school board member, said there’s been an “erosion” of public schools as an institution.

Grijalva said that the issue is that there is an increasing trend of trying to “control what people read and don’t read.”

Have an opinion about this article? To sound off, please email letters@DailySignal.com, and we’ll consider publishing your edited remarks in our regular “We Hear You” feature. Remember to include the URL or headline of the article plus your name and town and/or state.

Wed, 18 Oct 2023 12:00:00 -0500 text/html https://www.dailysignal.com/2023/10/19/biden-admin-wants-explicit-content-to-stay-in-school-libraries-house-panels-chairman-says/

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