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Aruba Certified Mobility Associate 6.4
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ACMA-6.4 Aruba Certified Mobility Associate 6.4

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Aruba Certified Mobility Associate 6.4

Aruba Certified study - BingNews Search results Aruba Certified study - BingNews AALAS certification exam study guidance

Recently certified technicians reveal the exam preparation techniques that helped them ace the test

For more than 30 years, the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) has been administering a nationwide voluntary certification program for laboratory animal technicians. Depending on educational background and work experience, a technician may sit for an exam to become a certified Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician (ALAT), Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT), or Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG).

Each of the multiple-choice exams is designed to measure the test-takers' competency in animal husbandry, facility management, and animal health and welfare. Nowadays, many laboratory animal care positions require AALAS certification.

Here we asked several technicians who recently passed the ALAT, LAT, or LATG certification exam what advice they would supply to someone preparing to take the test themselves.

“The best study aid I had was a set of AALAS in a FLASH cards. They helped all the way until my test date. Also, we have a training coordinator here at Penn who gives us study sessions once a week.”

Deborah A. Whitehouse, RALAT

University of Pennsylvania

“Have a designated place to study and study a little every day. The designated study area helps you to focus on your task and you can let others know not to disturb you while you are there. Studying a little every day helps you to make steady progress toward your goal and keeps you from cramming right before your test.”

Julia B. Drake, MS, CMAR, RLATG

National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health

Priority One Services Contractor

“Get as much hands-on training as possible. I could read the information and remember most of it but getting to work with the equipment or performing a procedure is what really helped me understand the subject. I would even suggest getting in contact with other facilities to access some equipment/procedures that you may not have the opportunity to be exposed to at your current job site.”

National Institutes of Health

Priority One Services Contractor

“We highly recommend taking a review course—it was a great review of the information in all three AALAS books and provided additional information that was not in the books. Definitely review the Animal Welfare Act, PHS Policy, and the Guide, and pay close attention to the GLPs. Also during the test be familiar with real lab animal facility situations to answer questions, as the test focused less on straight knowledge and more on situational knowledge.”

Karen Keeran, LATG Gayle Zywicke, LATG

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health

“When I received my confirmation letter to take the test I made sure to schedule my test a month before the real deadline so that I would push myself to study harder. A few days before test date I felt I was not ready and I decided to push back the test date. The new test date was the last chance I had to take the testand I knew that it was all or nothing.”

“Study for the AALAS exams by working in small groups—it is easier to brainstorm, and fosters a team spirit.”

“While studying the books I would take notes on what I read, but instead of writing down what was in the book I would write it down how I understood it or how I could remember it (mnemonic devices).”

Jose D. Chinchilla, LVT, ALAT

National Institutes of Health

Priority One Services Contractor

“Making flash cards while studying from the AALAS Training Manual really aided me in remembering the information that I found to be difficult to understand or remember. I would test myself by randomly picking a card and answering them correctly, which helped me to retain the information. I found this especially helpful with the 'Species Characteristics and Breeding Data' appendix.”

National Institutes of Health

Priority One Services Contractor

“To prepare for any AALAS certification test, you should purchase the study bundle, which will include a manual, workbook, and CD. After each chapter you read, do the related worksheet and if you have any questions ask your supervisor. Next, go to the CD and take the quiz for that chapter. If any of your coworkers are taking the same exam as you, consider forming a study group to help answer confusing questions.”

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Prepare for the CCST Exam
  • The correct answer is D, A/D converter. A digital controller requires a digital signal as its input. A 4-20 mA transmitter outputs an analog signal. Therefore, a device to convert an analog (A) signal to a digital (D) is required. This class of device is referred to as an A/D converter.

    An I/P transducer is used to convert an analog current (I) signal to a pneumatic (P) signal, as for actuation of final control elements. A P/I transducer is used to convert a pneumatic signal (P) to an analog current (I) signal, as for a pneumatic transmitter in a programmable logic controller loop. A DP transmitter is a differential pressure transmitter, which can output a pneumatic, an analog, or a digital signal, depending on the model of transmitter used.

    Reference: Goettsche, L.D. (Editor), Maintenance of Instruments and Systems, Second Edition, ISA, 2005.

  • The correct answer is C, "sample conditioning system." Answers A and C are items not generally associated with extractive field analyzers. Capillary tubes are used for collecting small samples (water, for instance) from a larger container. There are special capillary tubes that can be used in the analyzer chamber of a gas chromatograph, but they are not constructed from glass. Smooth-walled pipe is important for reducing friction losses in piping systems.

    A sample probe calibration system is important to the overall function and maintenance of an extractive field analyzer. However, these systems are not used to prepare the sample for analysis, but rather to provide a mechanism to verify and maintain analyzer performance.

    A sample conditioning system can contain devices, such as filters, demisters, flow regulators, and heaters. sample conditioning systems are used to bring the sample to the ideal process conditions for accurate measurement in the analyzer itself. The sample conditioning system can be a key maintenance item in an analyzer system, since each device needs to be calibrated, cleaned, etc.

    Reference: Goettsche, L.D. (Editor), Maintenance of Instruments and Systems, Second Edition, ISA, 2005.

  • The correct answer is B, "equal to." In order for air to be discharged from the end of a bubbler purge tube, the air pressure in the tube must be equal to (or higher than) the pressure exerted by the liquid head in the tank.

    As the tank level is decreased, the liquid head pressure at the tip of the purge tube decreases, and more bubbles per unit of time can escape. The corresponding reduction in pressure in the purge tube is proportional to the level in the tank. Therefore, the point at which the liquid head pressure and the purge tube pressure are equal is the highest level (URV = 100%) that the device will measure.

    Reference: Goettsche, L.D. (Editor), Maintenance of Instruments and Systems, Second Edition, ISA, 2005.

  • The correct answer is A, "51 K ohms ± 5%."

    The four-color band coding is:
    Color    Value    Multiplier
    Black    0    1
    Brown    1    10
    Red    2    100
    Orange    3    1000
    Yellow    4    10 K
    Green    5    100K
    Blue    6    1 M
    Violet    7    10 M
    Gray    8     
    White    9     
    Gold    ± 5%    0.1
    Silver    ± 10%    0.01

    So a resistor with four bands, green-brown-orange-gold, has a value of: 5 1 x 1000 ± 5% or 51 KΩ.

    Reference: Goettsche, L.D. (Editor), Maintenance of Instruments and Systems, Second Edition, ISA, 2005.

  • The correct answer is D, series and energized. To measure current, you must connect the two leads of the ammeter in the circuit so that the current flows through the ammeter. In other words, the ammeter must become a part of the circuit itself. The only way to measure the current flowing through a simple circuit is to insert your ammeter into the circuit (in series) with the circuit energized.

    Reference: Goettsche, L.D. (Editor), Maintenance of Instruments and Systems, Second Edition, ISA, 2005.

  • The correct answer is A; it prevents the formation of a second temperature measurement junction.

    A thermocouple measurement junction is formed wherever two dissimilar metals are joined. KX-type thermocouple extension wire is made of the same metals as the K-type thermocouple (chromel and alumel). When extending the thermocouple leads with an extension wire back to the control system input card, KX thermocouple extension wire must be used, and the chromel wire and the alumel wire must be joined to the wire of the same metal in the extension cable. If JX or another type of extension wire is used, another measurement junction is formed. For instance, if JX extension cable is used in the example in this problem, the point where the iron and chromel wires are joined would form another thermocouple. This will negatively affect the intended measurement signal. Proper installation of thermocouple extension wires also requires special terminal blocks to prevent additional junctions from being formed.

    Reference: Goettsche, L.D. (Editor), Maintenance of Instruments and Systems, Second Edition, ISA, 2005.

  • The correct answer is B, "hydraulic actuation." Although many pneumatic actuators can provide a large force, they require either a large diaphragm area (in the case of a diaphragm actuator) or a large cylinder (in the case of a rack and pinion actuator).

    Hydraulic actuators are driven by a high-pressure fluid (up to 4,000 psig) that can be delivered to the actuator by a pump that is remote from the actuator itself. Hydraulic cylinders can deliver up to 25 times more force than a pneumatic cylinder of the same size.

    Manual actuation is accomplished by turning a valve handle, and is limited to the amount of force that an operator can exert on the lever or hand wheel.

    Electric actuation delivers high torques for rotary-style valves, but electric actuators tend to be large and heavy compared to hydraulic actuators.

    Reference: Goettsche, L.D. (Editor), Maintenance of Instruments and Systems, Second Edition, ISA, 2005.

  • The correct answer is D; they measure pressure by sensing the deflection of the diaphragm. For most pressure applications, changes in pressure are detected by the change in deflection of a measuring diaphragm.

    The deflection is converted into an electrical signal (voltage) by a piezoelectric or capacitance device. The small electrical current is converted to a standard signal (e.g., 4-20 mA or a digital signal) by a transmitter. Therefore, answer B is not correct.

    Answer A is not correct, because pressure sensors can measure very small pressure changes (inches of water) and in some cases, millimeters of water.

    Pressure measurement devices are not affected by volume, since they are measuring force over an area only. Many pressure sensors are sensitive to temperature (capillary tubes are filled with fluids that can expand with temperature). Therefore, answer C is not correct.

    Reference: Goettsche, L.D. (Editor), Maintenance of Instruments and Systems, Second Edition, ISA, 2005.

  • The correct answer is C, "Gather information about the problem." Once a problem is identified, data must be gathered and analyzed to determine a viable set of potential actions and solutions.

    The logical analysis troubleshooting method consists of (in order):
    1. Identify and define the problem.
    2. Gather information about the problem.
    3. Evaluate the information/data.
    4. Propose a solution or develop a test.
    5. Implement the solution or conduct the test.
    6. Evaluate the results of the solution or test.
    7. If the problem is not resolved, reiterate until the problem is found and resolved.
    8. If the problem is resolved: document, store/file, and send to the appropriate department for follow up if required.

    Reference: Goettsche, L.D. (Editor), Maintenance of Instruments and Systems, Second Edition, ISA, 2005.

  • The correct answer is B, “location, elevation, and tag number.” Instrument location plans are most often used to support new plant installations and supply the installer information about the real physical location of the installation of an instrument, the elevation of installation (at grade, on a platform, at what height on a process line, etc.), and the tag number of the instrument to be installed.

    Specification numbers (part of answers C and D) are usually indicated on instrument lists and instrument installation details. Wiring plans (part of answer A) are typically shown on conduit and wiring schedules or cabling diagrams. Although these details are useful in the installation of a plant, they are not part of the instrument installation plans.

    Reference: Goettsche, L.D. (Editor), Maintenance of Instruments and Systems, Second Edition, ISA, 2005.

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    Experience Abroad

    Study abroad supports your academic study and contributes to your scholarly growth - transforming your educational experience in important ways. There are advantages to seeing new locations and soaking up the tourist experience, but there is a greater purpose in studying abroad. When selecting a location, the timeframe, and integration into your plan of study, consider:

    IMPACT What will you contribute to the program, community, people of that location?

    ENRICHMENT How will this experience enrich you personally, academically, professionally?

    TRAJECTORY How does this experience fit into your greater post-baccalureate plans?

    Purdue offers hundreds of certified study abroad programs with varying lengths of time, depth of immersion, and service and internship opportunities. Your greatest assests in the study abroad planning process are your academic advisor and the Office of Study Abroad. You will find there are various programs within Purdue and some will fit better with you and your goals. Leave no stone unturned in your search for a meaningful study abroad opportunity.

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    The 10 Best All-Inclusive Resorts In Aruba

    All products and services featured are independently selected by Forbes Vetted contributors and editors. When you make a purchase through links on this page, we may earn a commission. Learn more

    Rosie Bell, Contributor

    Forbes Vetted

    For many, dreams of a holiday in Aruba began after listening to the first line of The Beach Boys’ infectious 1988 summertime anthem, “Kokomo.” Today, everyone from adrenaline-seeking families to lovestruck couples sings Aruba’s praises thanks to its dramatic caves, knockout ivory beaches and reliably warm weather outside the hurricane belt. Dubbed “One Happy Island,” the beloved Caribbean destination is ludicrously scenic, sprinkled with pops of color from soaring green cacti to turquoise blue water and majestic divi-divi trees casting angled shadows.

    From sprawling international hotel brands to family-run boutique marvels featuring traditional Dutch architecture, Aruba has a robust selection of excellent resorts. Lovers of all-inclusive resorts in particular can find an array of lodgings where the weight of planning is taken care of, leaving more time for beach splashes and national park dashes. In Aruba, you can go all in without breaking the bank or opt for a luxurious sanctuary with flamingo-filled private island getaways thrown in for good measure. Below, we’ve listed the best all-inclusive resorts in Aruba for 2023, from fully-inclusive properties to hotels with optional add-ons.

    Best Overall All-Inclusive Resort In Aruba: Riu Palace Aruba

    Riu Palace Aruba

    Who Will Love It: Night owls; fun-loving couples and groups; spa lovers

    All-Star Amenities: Swim-up pool bar; five restaurants; two outdoor pools; beach palapas; Renova spa; SUP, kayaks and snorkeling gear; aqua gym; children’s playground; ice-cream parlor

    What Not To Miss: The evening poolside entertainment

    Location: Noord

    Spanish hotel chain Riu has two expansive resorts in Aruba located on Palm Beach, the island’s photogenic hospitality epicenter on the west coast. Riu Palace Aruba caters to families, honeymooners, and everyone in-between with five restaurants, two pools, and 400-plus rooms and suites housed in a palatial chalk-white building. For guests seeking additional touches of luxury, suites with whirlpool baths and Jacuzzis are available. With any room you book you’ll have access to a complimentary in-room minibar and 24-hour room service for round-the-clock cravings.

    The all-inclusive rate at Riu Palace Aruba includes a daily entertainment program for children aged between four and 12 and global-themed meals at various dining establishments that range from Japanese and Italian to tantalizing fusion options. Guests older than 18 can also dine at the adults-only Riu Palace Antillas next door, which boasts a casino and nightclub. The resort is right near one of Aruba’s most iconic landmarks, the Old Dutch Windmill (De Oude Molen), which was built in 1804 and brought to the island in the 1960s.

    Best Luxury All-Inclusive Resort In Aruba: Barceló Aruba

    Barceló Aruba

    Who Will Love It: Shopaholics; families who appreciate resorts directly on postcard-worthy beaches; in-the-know travelers who favor additional VIP service within luxury establishments

    All-Star Amenities: 7 restaurants; 3 bars; in-room massages; 2 tennis courts; exclusive beach bar for Royal Level guests

    What Not To Miss: Free diving classes twice a week

    Location: Noord

    Ranging from charming Deluxe rooms to Royal Level Master Suites with outdoor hydro massage hot tubs, all accommodations at this luxe resort have terraces or balconies for taking in sublime Aruba sunsets. Guests in Royal Level suites occupy the highest three floors of the resort’s north tower and enjoy exceptional premium service, priority restaurant reservations, personalized check-in, and an exclusive bar on the beach. Better yet, the resort’s proximity to bustling Palm Beach Plaza and Paseo Herenica makes Barceló Aruba attractive for those craving a shopping spree.

    Thoroughly all-inclusive, you’ll be spoiled for choice and pampered right from the tone-setting welcome drink. A riveting repertoire of nighty shows awaits along with complimentary diving classes for novice aquanauts, up-tempo tennis matches on two courts, water polo games, and thirst-quenching sips at three bars where the cocktails flow freely. Famished? Indulge your palate with epicurean delights at six distinct restaurants that include Japanese, Mexican, and locally caught seafood.

    Best Boutique All-Inclusive Resort In Aruba: Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

    Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

    Who Will Love It: Families; remote workers; travelers with pets in tow

    All-Star Amenities: Waterfall pool; complimentary daily English newspaper; happy hour twice a day; free diving lessons held once a week

    What Not To Miss: A toes-in-the-sand dinner at Passions on the Beach

    Location: Oranjestad

    Aruba is known for its beaches and Eagle Beach is the fairest of them all, boasting sugary fine sand, balmy breezes and gorgeous fofoti trees. Located minutes from this iconic beach, Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort offers guests a singular experience in a Dutch baroque-style building. Akin to a saturation-rich painting of yellows and reds, this bright boutique property has just 72 rooms, meaning that only a fortunate few may stay at any given time. Four-legged friends are also welcome albeit for a supplementary nightly fee. Studios and suites are spacious with smart TVs, fully equipped kitchenettes or kitchens, and balconies or terraces.

    Family-run Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort isn’t primarily an all-inclusive hotel, but signing up for the optional all-inclusive add-on is a prudent choice in order to partake in culinary indulgence at Horizons Bar—which has not one but two happy hours each day—and at Passions on the Beach, a well-documented setting for moonlit marriage proposals, where tempting ranch and reef dishes are served each night by tiki torchlight.

    All-Inclusive Resort With The Best Amenities In Aruba: Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort

    Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort

    Who Will Love It: Cocktail aficionados; bucket list travelers; starry-eyed honeymooners

    All-Star Amenities: A private island; luxurious beach cabanas

    What Not To Miss: The unforgettable opportunity to cavort with flamingos on Renaissance Island

    Location: Oranjestad

    At Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort, paradise lovers enjoy amenities such as rum-ready cocktail bars, recently revamped floor-to-ceiling window suites with island-inspired décor, and the Okeanos Spa, where skilled hands bestow the gift of heat wraps, shiatsu, and artful reflexology. But the star of the show here is Renaissance Island, where iguanas and vibrant flamingos grace the scene. A complimentary eight-minute shuttle whisks Renaissance guests to the 40-acre paradise which boasts Aruba’s only private beaches. One is solely for adults (Flamingo Beach) while the other (Iguana Beach) extends a warm embrace to families seeking shared moments of joy. A stay at this hotel is worth it just for the exclusive access to frolicking flamingos alone. Make the most of your time at Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort by adding the all-inclusive rate when booking a minimum four-night stay.

    Best Beachfront All-Inclusive Resort In Aruba: Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort

    Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort

    Who Will Love It: Poolside preeners; water babies; boredom-averse groups; families seeking beach proximity

    All-Star Amenities: Pickleball; tennis; nearby golf course; spa; on-site diving

    What Not To Miss: Getting your adrenaline pumping on the beachfront rock wall

    Location: Oranjestad

    A perpetually sunny forecast is always on the horizon in Aruba, which gets just roughly 15 inches of rain each year. Enjoy the fabulous weather with water-centric fun at Divi Dutch Village Resort, an all-suite oceanfront hotel just steps from Druif Beach. Beachgoers can savor swirly sorbet sunsets of gold, pink and purple (druif is Dutch for “grape”) from a sun lounger on the powdery white sand with a craft cocktail from the beach bar. Three glittering pools are also part of the allure (a main pool, a tiki pool, and a barbecue pool).

    The all-inclusive package at Divi Dutch Village Resort means full access to all water sports, volleyball, pickle ball, tennis, and weekly activities as well as unlimited food and drinks at Tiki Pool Bar & Grill or the beach bar. Golf at the nearby deluxe nine-hole course is not included in the room rate. After sun-splashed days outdoors, retire to suites that accommodate two to six guests and feature microwaves, fridges, and inviting king beds.

    Best All-Inclusive Resort For Groups In Aruba: Divi Village Golf And Beach Resort

    Divi Village Golf And Beach Resort

    Who Will Love It: Golfers; reuniting groups; large families

    All-Star Amenities: Multilingual staff; barbecue grills; washers and dryers in units; 4 swimming pools; swim-up bar; water sports center

    What Not To Miss: The preferred tee times at The Links at Divi Aruba for golfing hotel guests

    Location: Oranjestad

    Divi Village Golf And Beach Resort is a golfer’s dream with a nine-hole course (The Links at Divi Aruba) that features a pro shop and training facility. There is plenty to love for groups at this all-suite hotel, which has bed and breakfast, all-inclusive and room-only options. Even the smallest entry-level Golf Villa Studio Suite—measuring 600 square feet—accommodates four people, while the Golf Villa Three-Bedroom Suite sleeps up to 12 people in three luxurious king beds and a trio of queen sleeper sofas. There is ample space for the entire squadron to sprawl out at the four outdoor pools, tennis and pickleball courts, and the well-equipped fitness center.

    Upgrading to the all-inclusive plan is possible at check-in. Morning golf is free as part of the package and guests can drink, be merry, and devour sumptuous meals at three of the resort’s five food and beverage stations (the 180-degree view Windows on Aruba restaurant and the beach bar are excluded).

    Best Adults-Only All-Inclusive Resort In Aruba: Riu Palace Antillas

    Riu Palace Antillas

    Who Will Love It: Merrymakers; adults on a workation; nocturnal beach enthusiasts; empty nesters

    All-Star Amenities: Two function rooms; swim-up bar; on-site casino; evening shows; Pacha nightclub; Renova spa with six treatment rooms; a boutique; 24-hour room service included in the rate

    What Not To Miss: The delicious buffet breakfast with live cooking stations

    Location: Noord

    Riu Palace Antillas should be on the radar of any beachgoers seeking a thoroughly grown-up holiday sans the patter of little feet. This adults-only property has more than 300 suites and junior suites just steps from pretty Palm Beach, all of which offer liquor dispensers and have a terrace or balcony. The party starts upon arrival with a sparkling wine welcome drink and realistically never ends. After all, this is a 24-hour all-inclusive hotel.

    Guests may spend sun-kissed days by the lively pools—do make a beeline for the swim-up bar—and memorable nights feasting at five restaurants serving Aruban, Asian, Italian, and more cuisines, including the Palm Beach Steakhouse for carnivorous appetites. Grown-up perks at Riu Palace Antillas include letting chance dance with destiny at the casino and busting moves at the Pacha discotheque that’s open six nights a week. For winding down, the Renova spa has six treatment rooms for singles or couple’s massages, and a salon and gym round out the wellness offerings.

    Best Spa And Wellness All-Inclusive Resort In Aruba: Manchebo Beach Resort And Spa

    Manchebo Beach Resort And Spa

    Who Will Love It: Solace seekers; wellness devotees; romance-relishing couples; health-conscious foodies

    All-Star Amenities: Ocean-facing Balinese-style spa

    What Not To Miss: Sitting on the fortune-giving driftwood chair once owned by the queen of Saba

    Location: Oranjestad

    Green Globe-certified Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa is a sanctuary of unbridled well-being on Aruba’s wide and widely-adored Eagle Beach. The 72-key property consists of well-appointed rooms in a tranquil turquoise-meets-white color palette, with breathtaking views of the ocean or the enchanting garden landscapes. Refreshing perks at this low-rise boutique hotel include complimentary daily pilates and yoga classes where crashing waves provide a soothing soundtrack. Bali-inspired Spa del Sol is where skilled practitioners work their magic, whisking you away on a journey of relaxation and renewal in open-air gazebos.

    To unlock the full potential of your stay, look no further than the optional Premium All-Inclusive Package, which invites guests to a premium open bar and à la carte meals at Ike’s Bistro, The Chophouse, Omakase Sushi Bar and Pega-Pega Beach Bar & Grill with its oh-so-scrumptious seafood tacos and feel-good fresh fruit smoothies. All-inclusive guests staying for a minimum of four nights are treated to one off-property dinner to better acquaint themselves with their alluring Aruban setting.

    Best All-Inclusive Resort For Families In Aruba: Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive Resort

    Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive Resort

    Who Will Love It: Active families who want it all

    All-Star Amenities: Sea Turtles Club; state-of-the-art fitness center; bicycles; tennis clinic; live cooking restaurants; Zumba and pilates classes; access to Divi Aruba All Inclusive facilities with a complimentary shuttle

    What Not To Miss: The evening entertainment which ranges from live steel bands to artistic swimming

    Location: Oranjestad

    This waterfront resort provides covetable views of swaying palms on a dreamy white sand beach, 236 Deluxe and Premium oceanfront suites that have 55-inch smart TVs, and most notably for families, kids 12 and younger eat, stay and play for free. Families with children of all ages will feel right at home at Tamarijn Aruba, which has multiple restaurants, kid-friendly munchies, and a youngsters-only Sea Turtles Club. Where activities are concerned, boredom is unlikely as options run the gamut from limbo fire shows and live steel bands to snorkeling tours, basketball, karaoke, trivia, pirate treasure quests, windsurf tutorials or scaling the 30-foot rock wall. To top it all off, guests can also have a world of fun—and make use of all the amenities—at the adjacent Divi Aruba All Inclusive, Tamarijn Aruba’s sister resort.

    Best All-Inclusive Resort For Couples In Aruba: Divi Aruba All Inclusive

    Divi Aruba All Inclusive

    Who Will Love It: Laid-back couples looking for a blissful beach stay offering wellness and romance

    All-Star Amenities: Indulgence by the Sea spa; Alhambra Casino within walking distance; 3 pools; tennis clinic; catamaran; windsurf lessons; bike tours; rock climbing wall; Dive Winds Sports Center

    What Not To Miss: Sipping cocktails or Balashi beers barefoot at Pelican Bar at sunset

    Location: Oranjestad

    Divi Aruba All Inclusive has everything smitten twosomes need for a blissful vacation à deux. Perks for honeymooners include preferred room locations, bottles of bubbly, and a paper anniversary gift of one complimentary night’s stay the year after getting married. Duos prone to a little friendly competition can try their hands at tennis, volleyball, or golf—at The Links at Divi Aruba golf course, just a stone’s throw away—or place their bets at the adjacent Alhambra Casino.

    Housed in buildings of one to four stories, the 261 accommodations at Divi Aruba All Inclusive provide ocean, pool, or garden views and have spacious furnished patios or balconies that are just perfect for joint stargazing. There are three pools from which to get engrossed in a good book, an enviable collection of open-air bars and the Indulgence by the Sea spa for lovable tandem massages. With shared privileges to neighboring Tamarijn Aruba granting access to a total of 14 food and beverage locations, there’s even more to love about this oceanside retreat.

    About Rosie Bell, Your Aruba Guide

    I am a location-independent travel writer and the author of the book “Escape to Self.” I have written for publications on both sides of the Atlantic, including BBC Travel, BBC Worklife, Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Fodor’s, National Geographic Traveller, Cosmopolitan, Atlas Obscura, and Lonely Planet. I have been featured as a travel and life design expert in Business Insider, ABC News, NBC News, South China Morning Post, and Scandinavian Traveler. I am trilingual and grew up in four countries on two continents, but these days you’ll generally find me wherever it’s warm. I adore the Caribbean and I will never say no to the ABC Islands or a beautiful oceanfront hotel on powder-white sand with an inviting spa. Follow my travels on Instagram (@TheBeachBell) and read more of my writing at

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    ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia certified by Aruba’s Department of Civil Aviation

    The Aruba Department of Civil Aviation (ADCA), a civil aviation regulator in the Caribbean popular with some business jet operators, has certified ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia (ExecuJet) to maintain several aircraft types on its aircraft registry.

    The ADCA certified ExecuJet by validating the company’s US FAA certification. The Aruban authority has certified ExecuJet to perform heavy maintenance work on Aruban-registered Dassault aircraft, namely the Falcon 7X, Falcon 8X, Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000. In addition, Aruba has approved ExecuJet to do heavy maintenance work on Bombardier Challenger 600s, Gulfstream G200s, GIVs and GV series; as well as Learjet 45s and Learjet 60s.

    Ivan Lim, Regional Vice President Asia at ExecuJet MRO Services, says: “We are truly delighted to be recognized by a growing number of the world’s leading aviation bodies. This approval is testament to our readiness to expand our capabilities and extend our support to business jet operators and owners in markets around the world.”

    “Our customers within the region and those flying into Asia from elsewhere, can expect their aircraft to be well-supported by a company with multi-OEM experience, backed by a team of highly trained and professional staff,” he adds.

    Besides the US FAA and ADCA, ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia is certified by EASA, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia as well as the civil aviation regulators of: Bermuda, Cayman Islands, China, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Indonesia, Libya, San Marino, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

    For Editorial Inquiries Contact:
    Editor Matt Driskill at
    For Advertising Inquiries Contact:
    Head of Sales Kay Rolland at

    Sat, 27 May 2023 21:07:00 -0500 en-GB text/html
    ExecuJet Malaysia Wins Certification from Aruba

    The Aruba Department of Civil Aviation (ADCA) has certified ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia to maintain several aircraft types on its registry. The ADCA validated the company’s U.S. FAA certification, permitting ExecuJet to perform heavy maintenance work on Aruban-registered Dassault aircraft—namely the Falcon 7X, Falcon 8X, Falcon 900, and Falcon 2000. Separately, Aruba has approved ExecuJet to perform heavy maintenance on Bombardier Challenger 600s, Gulfstream G200s, GIV, and GV series, as well as Learjet 45s and Learjet 60s.

    “We are truly delighted to be recognized by a growing number of the world’s leading aviation bodies," said Ivan Lim, ExecuJet MRO Services regional v-p for Asia. “This approval is a testament to our readiness to expand our capabilities and extend our support to business jet operators and owners in markets around the world.”

    Aside from the FAA and ADCA, ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia has won certification from EASA, the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia, and the civil aviation authorities of Bermuda, Cayman Islands, China, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Indonesia, Libya, San Marino, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

    Mon, 22 May 2023 19:44:00 -0500 en text/html
    Travel Insurance for an Aruba Vacation (2023)

    You do not have to buy travel insurance to visit Aruba. However, the government strongly recommends it.

    During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aruba required visitors to purchase its Aruba Visitors Insurance. Coverage is no longer mandatory as of July 2022.

    But purchasing Aruba Visitors Insurance is an affordable way to secure COVID-19 coverage for your trip. These policies will cover all hospitalization expenses and intensive care unit costs up to the $75,000 policy limit. Sublimits include up to $350 for specialized transportation, $500 for doctor consultations, $75 for COVID-19 tests and up to $125 per day for five days of isolation expenses. Alternatively, you can purchase a more robust policy through a third-party travel insurance company that includes COVID coverage.

    As you shop for a travel insurance plan, research the types of coverage you need and find out what you already have. Many credit card companies provide some complimentary coverage when you use their card to book your transportation and accommodations. You might also have some relevant coverage through your home or renters insurance, auto insurance or health insurance plan.

    Cancel for Any Reason Coverage

    Cancel for any reason coverage (CFAR) makes it possible to delay or cancel your trip without worrying about how you will recoup any deposits or payments you have already made.

    Compared to standard trip cancellation coverage, it offers one key advantage: the ability to cancel without providing a reason. You can cancel because of a rainy weather forecast, a new job or simply because you changed your mind.

    CFAR can be added to most travel insurance policies purchased within two or three weeks of making your first trip deposit. Keep in mind that CFAR may not cover your full travel costs, and it may only be available during a certain window.

    Many companies will only reimburse 75% of your nonrefundable prepaid deposits, and you may need to cancel at least 48 hours in advance of your departure to use your CFAR coverage.

    Gear Theft Protection

    Gear theft protection covers the cost to repair or replace your belongings if they are stolen, lost or damaged during your trip.

    Companies differ in what they call this coverage, but it can be added to most travel insurance plans. Instead of “gear theft,” your policy might reference “baggage and personal items loss.” Either way, this coverage will typically include an overall limit and a per-item limit. More expensive items may have a special limit.

    Purchasing gear theft protection is especially important if you plan to take any electronics or equipment with you to Aruba, such as a laptop, camera or scuba gear. However, you may want to ensure that your policy covers the rest of your stuff, too. Lost, delayed or stolen pieces of luggage can cause a major disruption to your trip even if none of it is particularly valuable.

    Medical Emergency Insurance and Emergency Medical Evacuation

    Almost every travel insurance plan includes medical emergency insurance and emergency medical evacuation coverage. In fact, these two coverages are among the main comparison points for travel insurance policies. Different policies provide different coverage limits. As you decide how much coverage to purchase, consider what you plan to do in Aruba and how risky those activities are.

    Also known as travel medical insurance, emergency medical insurance covers the medical expenses that arise if you become ill or injured during your trip. This medical coverage can help pay costs associated with diagnosis and treatment, including X-rays and hospital bills. As a general disclaimer, most policies will not cover pre-existing conditions unless you purchase a special waiver.

    Medical evacuation coverage, meanwhile, can help arrange transportation to the nearest hospital if you experience a medical emergency. It will also pay for repatriation if the physician in charge of your medical treatment deems it necessary for you to return to the U.S. If you’re uninsured, emergency medical evacuation can easily cost thousands of dollars, especially if it requires the use of an air ambulance or specialty vehicle.

    Rental Car Protection

    Rental car protection comes in two forms. The first is liability insurance, which may be included in the rental price. This covers any property damage or injuries that you cause to other people while driving the vehicle. The second is a collision damage waiver. When you purchase this coverage, the rental car company agrees not to hold you liable for damage you cause to the vehicle.

    As an alternative to buying insurance through the rental company, many travel insurance policies include some form of rental car protection. If not, you may be able to add this coverage for an extra fee. You may also qualify for complimentary coverage through your credit card company. Note that most U.S. car insurance companies limit their coverage to the U.S., Canada and Mexico. That means your existing policy likely won’t cover you while you’re in Aruba.

    Note: If you don’t plan to venture far from your resort or hotel, you may not need a rental car in Aruba. However, the island does have several rental car companies to choose from. You can even rent an all-terrain vehicle to explore more rugged areas.

    Trip Cancellation Insurance

    Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, most travel insurance plans have started to include trip cancellation insurance. This coverage will reimburse your nonrefundable travel expenses — such as prepaid deposits — if you need to cancel your Aruba vacation due to an unforeseen event.

    It’s important to note that trip cancellation insurance only kicks in if you cancel for certain reasons. The list of covered reasons may differ slightly from one company to another but generally includes natural disasters, a death in the family, unexpected legal obligations and serious illness or injury. Basically, your reason for canceling must be something unpredictable and outside of your control.

    Many policies now list a COVID-19 diagnosis as a covered reason. A doctor-ordered quarantine or sick family member who needs your care may also be covered.

    Fri, 10 Feb 2023 09:21:00 -0600 en-US text/html
    How to Plan a Romantic Honeymoon in Aruba

    Experience romance in this slice of Caribbean heaven.

    “One happy island” might be a corny tagline, but Aruba’s tourism department isn’t lying about this characterization. Situated 20 miles off the coast of South America, the island is outside the “hurricane belt” that pummels the rest of the Caribbean so mercilessly with bad storms. In fact, Aruba’s weather remains almost monotonously perfect year-round. Consistent trade winds cool things off even on the hottest days, and clouds are less likely to produce rain than provide colorful, postcard-perfect sunsets.

    Technically part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and what’s known as the “Dutch Caribbean,” its popularity is understandable. Travel consultant Nancy Redman points out, “Arubans are incredibly friendly—they really want you to enjoy your vacation and their island. The service is consistently outstanding, whether at a bar, on a dock jutting out into the Caribbean, or at an upscale restaurant,” she says. In short, “Bon Bini!” (or “Welcome!” in the local dialect) isn’t just something you’ll find spelled out in chocolate on the welcome treat in your honeymoon suite. It’s a way of life on this remarkably hospitable slice of paradise.

    Meet the Experts

    Nancy Redman is a Luxury Travel Adviser for High Access Travel, a Virtuoso Agency located in Morganville, New Jersey. For nearly thirty years, she’s pursued her passion for planning flawless getaways, and her expertise in Aruba has taken her there repeatedly. “You’ll be amazed by how many people come back to Aruba again and again and again," she says.

    Related: How to Plan a Romantic Honeymoon in the U.S. Virgin Islands

    Planning Your Aruba Honeymoon

    Worrying about the weather might not be an issue, but figuring out what you want to do when you get there most certainly is. First, you should decide whether you’d prefer to stay in one of the hotels clustered along Palm Beach—the livelier, more densely populated area with beach bars, nightclubs, and gambling. (Not for nothing is the island known as the “Las Vegas of the Caribbean.”) Meanwhile, mellow Eagle Beach has more of a boutique atmosphere. Once you’ve settled on that, you can start making reservations for the myriad of activities, ranging from all-day sailing excursions or a hike in a magnificent national park, to sipping champagne poolside or being pampered in a spa.

    Brides Tips

    • Language: Dutch is the official language, but the most commonly spoken is a Spanish/Portuguese-based creole called Papiamento. “Danki,” which means “thanks,” is about all you’ll need to remember, though, because the huge number of North American tourists means that nearly everyone speaks English.

    • Currency: The Aruban florin is the legal tender, but dollars are accepted almost everywhere. We suggest withdrawing a small amount of florins from an ATM and keeping denominations appropriate for tipping on hand, but you can pay with a credit card for almost everything else.

    • When to Go: Besides its dependable climate, one of Aruba’s advantages as a honeymoon destination is that the best time to go coincides with wedding season in the U.S.: From April to August, prices are lower than the high season of January to March.

    • How Long to Spend: Given its accessibility, you can stay as few as four days, but given the array of diversions, you still won’t be able to do and see everything in two weeks.

    • Getting There: Direct flights to Queen Beatrix International Airport leave from Boston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, and other major U.S. travel hubs, and part of the beauty of an Aruba honeymoon is the ease of getting there. “Arrival is easy. Customs is fast and hotels are about a 30-minute taxi ride from the airport,” says Redman, “but my main tip for honeymooners in Aruba is you must arrive at the airport for your return flight a good two and a half hours before departure because you need to clear both Aruban and U.S. customs and security. I’ve never had any trouble. It just takes time.”  
      Must-Pack: Everything you would expect for a beach vacation: Sunscreen, swimwear, sandals, hat, comfortable walking shoes, casual clothes for the day, and “island chic” outfits for the night. Despite it being one of the driest islands in the Caribbean, mosquitos can be a problem, so bring repellent. 

    Where to Stay During Your Aruba Honeymoon

    The options are literally dizzying when it comes to hotels, which run the gamut from all-inclusive beachfront palaces to intimate boutique hotels tucked into the palm trees. A good rule of thumb, however, is that the properties arrayed along Palm Beach are more of a scene, whereas those along more isolated stretches like Druif Beach tend to be quieter and more subdued.

    Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, Eagle Beach

    The Caribbean’s first and only certified carbon-neutral resort, this property takes sustainability and eco-tourism seriously, with numerous green initiatives like no single-use plastics. There’s an additional emphasis on wellness, so you can feel virtuous while indulging at this luxurious, adults-only property, with its pristine beach, a sumptuous spa, and a “romance concierge” to arrange those perfect honeymoon touches.

    The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach

    “One of my favorite hotels is the Ritz-Carlton,” says Redman. “It’s at the North end of Palm Beach [meaning it’s near all the action but a bit quieter] and has romantic balconies for early morning coffee (or private sunset viewing), along with a beautiful gym, restaurants, and casino. For active honeymooners, it’s a short walk to some of the best kiteboarding and windsurfing in the world.”

    The Hyatt-Regency, Palm Beach

    The Hyatt Regency is another favorite,” Redman says. “It’s located in the center of the ‘High-Rise Hotels’ section, right across the street from dozens of outstanding restaurants and nightlife venues. It also has beautiful pools, a spa, and dining, with palapas for daytime shade (as most Aruban hotels offer). A quick walk brings honeymooners to Carlitos, an on-the-beach bar that will remind brides and grooms of their favorite haunts in college, and daily you’ll find wedding parties toasting each other.”

    Riu Palace, Palm Beach

    Resembling a grand 1920s hotel, this all-inclusive Moorish-art-deco palace features a central pool complex, pub, multiple dining options that run from steakhouse to Japanese fusion, and a prime beachfront location. Water sports, volleyball, live music, and an on-site disco mean there’s never a dull moment, and a French patisserie, ice-cream parlor, and swim-up bar keep everything sweet.

    Tierra del Sol Golf Resort, Caya di Sero

    Luxurious condos and villas offer privacy and freedom, many with swimming pools. The Robert Trent Jones golf course offers 18 holes that have been compared by Golf Digest to playing in Scotland, Arizona, and the Caribbean at the same time. And the location near Palm Beach (without being on it) offers seclusion with the ability to shop, dine, gamble, or bar-hop within minutes. The best of both worlds.

    Divi Aruba and Tamarijn Aruba, Eagle Beach

    An all-inclusive two-for-one, because guests at either hotel can take advantage of amenities at both, which are located side by side on the stretch of Eagle Beach called Druif. What that amounts to is ten restaurants, eight bars, four swimming pools, and every watersport you’ve ever heard of, without ever having to bother with a check. After all, isn’t the whole point of a honeymoon to take a break from reality?

    Things to Do During Your Aruba Honeymoon

    According to Redman, “Aruba is notoriously windy. That makes riding a bike tough, but it also keeps things cool. Activities abound—casinos, kiteboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and trips in four-wheel drives. My husband and I have enjoyed at least two 'jewelry quests' at the many stores for fine gems.”

    Arikok National Park and the Ayo and Casibari rock formations will thrill naturalists, while the twelve casinos will thrill high rollers. (The Alhambra alone boasts over 20 restaurants and shops, as well as a spa and salon.) Whether you want to go horseback riding on the beach or be propelled through the air by water jets attached to the soles of your feet, there’s something to entertain everyone and a stroll around the ice-cream-colored capital of Oranjestad is like walking through a fairytale with shopping opportunities.

    Brides Tips

    Can’t Miss Experience: Redman advises: “Don’t miss long walks along the beach. And just before sundown, find your perfect ‘Honeymoon in Aruba’ photo spot. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine!”

    Where to Eat During Your Aruba Honeymoon

    Redman’s favorite restaurants are casual and within walking distance of the larger hotels. “One great toes-in-the-sand place is Moomba Beach Bar. Nearby, and a bit dressier, is the Sea Breeze Restaurant and Bar. Finally, Hostaria da Vittorio is one of our favorites. We love the pizzas, pasta, and especially prosecco at their friendly bar.”

    Number eight on a list of the “World’s 21 Best Beach Bars” is the Flying Fishbone in the little bustling fishing town of Savaneta, while Fusion Aruba lives up to its name by combining a steakhouse, tapas place, and piano bar.

    Budgeting for an Aruba Honeymoon

    Because of its enormous popularity with American tourists, there are always deals to be found on both airfare and accommodations. Resorts range from $200 to over $1,000, but this varies greatly depending on the season—as does airfare. But keep in mind that, as with many Caribbean destinations, booking ahead can save you hundreds of dollars. Finally, be sure to factor in the temptation of duty-free shopping and some extra cash for the casinos.

    Up Next: How to Plan a Romantic Honeymoon in the Bahamas

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