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Killexams : ACE-Cert Personal course outline - BingNews Search results Killexams : ACE-Cert Personal course outline - BingNews Killexams : Course Certification

What is course certification?

The purpose of the USATF course certification program is to produce road race courses of accurately measured distances.

For any road running performance to be accepted as a record or be nationally ranked, it must be run on a USATF-certified course. In addition, the certification program is very important to the average road racer, as well as those of exceptional speed. Most runners like to compare performances run on different courses, and such comparisons are difficult if course distances are not reliable. No one can truly establish a personal best if the course distance is not accurate.

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Killexams : Chuck Haga: Students' personal columns outline a difficult year for so many

Chuck Haga is a columnist for the Grand Forks Herald. (Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald)

One of the last assignments I supply students in my UND newswriting course is to write a personal column. Many find it liberating, as all those tiresome, constraining rules of journalism – no first person, no opinion – are off.

You probably can guess what was foremost on their minds this semester.

“There have been so many things about my senior year that I’ve wished I could change,” one wrote. “I wish that I was still safely going to classes to see my professors in person. I wish that I was still able to go to parties and experience the downtown life in Grand Forks with my friends. I wish that I could stand in the crowd at graduation and throw my hat to the class of 2021. I wish that I could celebrate graduation with my grandparents and see the pride in their faces at their first grandkid to graduate from college.

“Most of all, I wish that it didn’t have to end. … I’m angry because I feel as though I’ve had a whole year of the ‘best years of my life’ taken away from me.”

From another student: “I miss walking on campus to study at the library. I miss my friends, sorority sisters and Greek events. I miss attending tailgates and celebrating football wins with the boys. I miss the classroom … interacting with classmates … and staying after class to have my professors walk me through life.”

On the bright side, though, “I was forced to grow and adjust,” she wrote, “and that is something positive I will keep with me.”

One student wrote thoughtfully about the challenges and rewards of being in a sorority and how she missed living in the house during quarantines. Another told of a rare social event where he and several other students bonded over an impromptu discussion of their various physical and mental health issues. “Within the span of roughly 15 minutes, I had gone from feeling alone … to engaging in deep conversation with people I didn’t know,” he wrote. “Yet no one seemed uncomfortable in that situation. In fact, we all seemed rather excited to share our experiences.”

Shared experiences. That’s college. Remember?

“I want more thrills,” another student wrote, voicing the frustration so many feel, “more moments, more memories, more time.”

The most touching personal column came from a young woman who recounted the day her mother told her she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. “Driving to school after having my world shift under me, I was careless and didn’t slow down for a curve. I slipped into the ditch near our house. My dad came and silently pulled me out, gave me a tight hug, and sent me off to school. I barely spoke the rest of the day.”

A young woman who excelled in science, math and other STEM fields in high school told how she came to UND to study engineering, then after three semesters decided that wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life. “I ‘followed my heart’ and switched my major,” she wrote, but she then had to deal with a fear that friends and family might think she was giving up, taking the easier way. “I want to tell people that I’m still valuable, even though I’m not an engineer,” she wrote. “Perhaps the truth is that I don’t need to tell others that but rather myself.”

Some chose lighter topics: Fights with Parking Services (which must employ a permit enforcer, the student wrote, for every car on campus). Or how the pandemic discouraged “darties” – daytime parties. Thank goodness, she wrote, that two fraternities opened their adjoining front lawns for a darty on a warm, sunny day recently, and she quoted a friend: “We were all meeting new people, getting caught up with old friends, and petting all of the dogs. It felt like freshman year all over again. It felt like UND.”

A former high school hockey player wrote about coming to terms with not being a college hockey star. Another student told how social media “can be brutal, setting bars people can’t reach, breeding insecurities, self-esteem issues, loneliness, the fear of missing out.” Another, here from a distant land, offered that many of UND’s roughly 1,000 international students “constantly walk on the tightrope between two countries,” and pandemic isolation has complicated the journey to belonging and acceptance.

Most people with some connection to UND would agree with my student writers that the year just ending has been difficult.

“This year has been hard,” Liz Legerski, associate professor of sociology and chair of the University Senate, said last week in opening – on Zoom – a University Council meeting. President Andy Armacost agreed. It has been “a really tough year,” but it also has been a good year, he said, as he saluted his digital audience for their efforts to deal with the coronavirus threat and the disruption to routines and traditions.

And he struck a hopeful note about the academic year to come.

“I’m looking forward to the campus opening this fall and the chance to engage with you face-to-face,” he said. “Our campus should and must exude the excitement of creativity, discovery, and learning.”

Chuck Haga had a long career at the Grand Forks Herald and the Minneapolis Star Tribune before retiring in 2013. He can be contacted at

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Killexams : 12 Best Free Online Personal Finance Courses No result found, try new keyword!If you want to learn how to make smart financial decisions, save more and eliminate debt, you're in luck. Today there are plenty of free online personal finance classes to sharpen your money ... Wed, 25 Jul 2018 03:58:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Abilene CERT Preparedness Training course returns Abilene CERT Preparedness Training course returns © Provided by KTAB Abilene Abilene CERT Preparedness Training course returns

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The United Rescue Alliance will be hosting a four day course for people to become certified as a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in December.

The CERT program educates volunteers on how to respond to disasters that could impact the area they live in, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and fires. This nationwide program teaches volunteers how to help during a crisis, so first responders can focus on other complex tasks.

The Abilene CERT Preparedness Training will take place from December 7-10 at Camp Barkeley Training Center (3022 Braune Road). Training will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday through Friday (7-9), and from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 10.

Tickets are $35 per person and includes gear such as a first aid kit, CERT kit, solar powered lights, safety gear and a United Rescue Alliance t-shirt. The training will be divided into nine units and will end with a final test and disaster simulation.

Jace Johnson, Emergency Management Coordinator for United Rescue Alliance, will be the instructor for this course. With over 25 years of experience in disaster response, Johnson will bring knowledge learned from oil spills, hurricane relief and more from his service in more than four countries.

Click here to learn more about the CERT training course or to register for the event.

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For the latest news, weather, sports, and streaming video, head to KTAB -

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Killexams : What Is a Certificate of Deposit?

One of the most important parts of saving money is deciding where to keep your funds, which can be pretty tricky in an oversaturated market. Depending on your savings goals, you may consider opening a certificate of deposit, or CD, if you're looking for a predictable investment. With a CD, rates are locked in right off the bat, making them low-risk -- but they're not without their limitations. CDs come with withdrawal penalties and finite liquidity, so you need to consider what matters the most for you and your investment before jumping in. 

What is a certificate of deposit?

certificate of deposit is a type of savings account that pays interest on a fixed deposit for a fixed term, such as six months, one year or five years. CDs tend to have higher interest rates than a traditional savings account but don't allow easy access to your money. You'll incur a penalty if you withdraw your funds before the term ends. Keep in mind, however, the longer you leave your money untouched in a CD, the more interest you'll earn. 

How does a certificate of deposit work?

When you open a CD at a bank or credit union, the bank agrees to leave your money on deposit for a predetermined period of time, also known as a term. The term is the time you agree to keep your money in the CD, and you'll typically see terms ranging from 30 days to 10 years.

When deciding what length of CD term to choose, you should consider your plans for the money. If you're saving for a specific goal with a known timeline, you'll want to choose a CD term that matches the timeline. If you want to earn a higher interest rate on your savings and can withstand your money tied up for a while, you may want to choose a longer term.

If you open a CD with a five-year term, you're promising the bank that you'll leave your money in the account for five years. Once your CD reaches the end of its term, your CD is considered mature. At this point, you can either withdraw your money or renew the CD.

It is possible to withdraw funds early from most CDs, but you'll face a steep penalty. The exact penalty will depend on the terms and length of your CD, but early withdrawals tend to eat up any interest earned. There are exceptions with no-penalty (liquid) CDs. Flexibility comes at a cost, however, because liquid CDs typically pay lower interest rates to make room for penalty-free access to your funds. 

How do CD interest rates work?

The interest rate associated with a CD is noted as APY, or annual percentage yield. This is the total interest you'd earn on your CD deposit over the course of a year. Like savings accounts, CDs earn compound interest -- or interest on interest. With compounding interest, you're earning interest off the principal deposit and the increasing interest. 

How do certificates of deposit differ from savings accounts?

CDs are different than traditional savings accounts in several ways:

  • CDs typically pay more interest than traditional savings accounts. CDs usually offer a higher rate than savings accounts, but they also have a fixed rate of return regardless of whether interest rates rise during the term. CDs offer higher rates in exchange for limited to no access to that money.
  • CD rates are fixed; savings account rates fluctuate. CDs are a low-risk investment because they have a guaranteed rate of return. If you open a CD when interest rates are high, your interest rate will remain the same even if the interest rate on a savings account drops.
  • You can't access your money in a CD without facing a penalty. You'll face a penalty if you withdraw your funds from a CD before the term is up. You can deposit and withdraw as much money as you want with a savings account. 

Should I get a certificate of deposit?

CDs are low-risk investments that guarantee a rate of return. The predictability of CDs makes it easier to calculate what you'll walk away with because the APY is typically fixed, meaning you'll earn the same rate for the entire term.

Aside from predictability, CDs are one of the safest places to store cash, as long as the bank is federally insured. Banks insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and credit unions insured by the National Credit Union Administration protect your money if your bank goes bankrupt. You're covered up to $250,000 per depositor, FDIC-insured bank and ownership category. 

However, a CD isn't the best option for every investment. Once your funds are locked in, you can't take the money out until the term length is over without facing a penalty, making it a risky investment for an emergency fund. Your emergency funds are better off in an account with more liquidity, like a savings account or money market account.

It's also worth considering the consequences of low-risk investment. Although CDs offer a relatively stable place to stash cash, they have lower yields than you may earn by investing in the stock market. If you're looking for a higher rate of return, consider investing in something riskier, like a high-yielding money market account or savings bond. 

You also run the risk of losing purchasing power with inflation. Its possible inflation will rise above the interest rate you earn on the CD. If that happens, your money won't retain its value over time.

The bottom line

Different types of savings accounts offer different levels of risk and rates of return. CDs come in handy when you're looking for a low-risk investment, but it's essential to shop around and see what kind of CD rates and terms different banks are offering before you lock your money away.

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Killexams : 10 Best Ace Comb For Women Killexams : 10 Best Ace Comb For Women | Beauty & personal care | Recombu
Ace 62576 8" Tail Comb Ace

30 ratings

More info 2
Ace, 61286 7 All Purpose Comb Ace

547 ratings

More info 10
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Killexams : Leaving Cert 2023 students: Now is the time to research all the CAO courses

Now that the CAO has opened for 2023 application it is essential that all Leaving Cert students who are interested in attending third-level next year engage in extensive course research as soon as possible.

here are a number of ways to approach this task but it is important to keep the ultimate goal in mind — to finalise a list of courses on which the applicant would be happy to enrol.

Applicants can list up to 20 courses (10 at Level 8 and 10 and Level 7/6) and should aim to get as close to this number as possible. After all, the CAO cannot make an offer to an applicant for a course for which they have not applied.

At times my students express concern that they have not found their dream course or their perfect course, but I would argue that, for many, this does not exist. There are likely to be a large number of courses that an applicant might enjoy and there are always a number of paths to achieving a particular goal. Getting caught up in trying to find the perfect course can often close us off to wonderful options. It is unlikely that there will be a perfect course for most as every course will have some negatives in the eyes of some applicants.

Therefore, when conducting research, applicants should be aiming to find as many ‘maybe’ courses as possible. The more courses an applicant can find the better. At a later stage, applicants can consider the pros and cons of each and rate them in order of preference. If some courses naturally drop off the list at this stage then so be it.

There are a number of tools to assist the process, such as the ‘course search’ on the website. This allows applicants to search courses under different criteria, link to the college websites and ‘save’ courses which interest them.

Another essential, but often under-utilised, tool is the CAO handbook. This lists all courses available for application through the CAO (with any amendments to the handbook listed via Handbook/ Changes to Handbook 2023 on its website) as well as the rules, process and key dates about which applicants should be aware. The CAO handbook is available to obtain from the CAO website and there is also a useful interactive version available.

Finally, November is the busiest month in the calendar when it comes to college open days and, this year, the in-person open days have fully returned. The opportunity to visit a campus, listen to a talk from those involved in a course and have questions answered is invaluable. It is important to have fully read the course descriptions in advance of attending.

Aoife Walsh is a guidance counsellor at Malahide Community School, Co Dublin

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Killexams : 10 Best Ace Concealers Killexams : 10 Best Ace Concealers | Beauty & personal care | Recombu
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Killexams : Applications invited for certificate course in library science

Raavi Sarada, Principal of Paturi Nagabhushanam School of Library Science, Vijayawada, has invited applications for Certificate Course in Library Science (C.L.Sc.)

In a statement, she said classes would be conducted from December 1 this year. Candidates who have completed 18 years and have passed Intermediate are eligible to apply for the five-month course, which would be taught in both English and Telugu medium.

The candidates would be selected based on their Intermediate marks and this is a regular course, she clarified, adding that attendance was compulsory. After completion of the course, the government would conduct the examinations and issue certificates to the candidates, she added.

For applications and other details, aspiring candidates could contact the Principal, P.N. School of Library Science, Sri Sarvottama Bhavanam, Vijayawada-520 010 by sending a money order of ₹10 or obtain CLSc application from the website>CLSc application and attach photo copies of relevant qualifications and send by registered post by November 18 to ‘The Principal, P.N. School of Library Sciences, Sri Sarvottama Bhavanam, opposite Eenadu, Patamata, Vijayawada 520 010’.

For more details, the candidates could contact the phone numbers 0866 2472313/ 2487296 or 9290670671.

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Killexams : Admission begins for cert courses at JWU Jamshedpur: Enrollment for 11 job oriented courses began at Jamshedpur Women's University (JWU) here on Wednesday, said vice-chancellor Anjila Gupta. The certificate courses include artificial intelligence, tissue culture, food microbiology, event management,sericulture, mushroom farming and forensic science. Students of the women's university who are already enrolled in undergraduate science, commerce and humanities courses can also enroll for these certificate courses simultaneously, said Gupta. The forms for these courses can be filled online. tnn
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