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ABCTE American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence test course outline |

ABCTE course outline - American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence test Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: ABCTE American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence test course outline November 2023 by team

ABCTE American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence Exam

The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence believes that highly skilled teachers should possess a
comprehensive body of knowledge that is research-based and promotes student achievement. The Professional Teaching
Knowledge test is designed to assess a new teachers knowledge of teaching-related criteria. Such knowledge is typically
obtained in undergraduate preparation in areas such as human development, classroom management, instructional design and
delivery techniques, assessment, and other professional preparation. This test also contains a writing component that will
evaluate a candidates ability to write to audiences they will most likely address as a teacher: parents, colleagues, and/or
school administrators.


Participants must:

1. Hold a bachelors degree.

2. Pass the ABCTE Professional Teaching Knowledge exam.

3. Pass an ABCTE subject area exam.

4. Pass a background check.


Eligible scholarship applicants must:

• Have completed either 15 college credit hours in your chosen subject
area or have one year of teaching experience in your chosen subject area.

• Hold U.S. Citizenship or permanent residency.

• Not hold a renewable teaching license.

• Commit to teaching for 3 years in a Teach & Inspire partner district.

The right way to get started: using the Standards as your syllabusbr>
The Standards are your study lifeline; you can find them on your Account page under Courses > Review PTK Course. Throughout the course of your study, you will learn all of them. How to begin? Here is the American Boards Standards Stepwise method:br>
Approach in bite-sized chunks: dont be overwhelmed or paralyzed by how many standards there are, simply pick a subject of a domain and get>
Define the terms: take the first three items in the subject and make sure you know all the terms. Look up any you are do not recognize. After all, you cannot answer a question definitively if you dont even know the>
Use the appropriate recommended resources to probe deeper if you need better understanding. Use the Standards to target the sections you need to>
Check for understanding and reflect: think about how you would use this in a classroom or how you would teach the subject. Use your quizzes to check for understanding and move>
Wash, rinse, and repeat: once you finish a chunk of three, go back and attack the next>
American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence Exam
Certification-Board Certification course outline

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American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence
Question: 191
The following statements deal with the availability of computers in the classroom. Which statement is false.
A. Numerous federal and state grants have enabled high poverty and minority schools to catch up to high socio-
economic schools in number of students per computer
B. Only one or two computers available in your classroom may limit use to demonstrations and word processing
C. More than two computers in a classroom adds the possibility of doing collaboratives, independent research,
portfolios, and research papers
D. Only about 30% or fewer students will have computers at home unless the family income is $50,000 per year or
Answer: A
Despite the large number of federal and state grants to help schools with high poverty and minority populations to
catch up with schools in higher socio-economic areas, the poorer schools still lag behind in technology. Answer B
is a true statement about the limitations placed on the teacher and students if there are not enough computers
available for use in the classroom; not much more can be done than demonstrations and the occasional individual
work. Answer C is true in that having more than two computers in the classroom allows more student access for
collaboratives; allows more time on computers for students since they dont have to share as much; and enables
students to work on more complex projects, such as research and portfolios. Answer D is true and very important
to know; while we assume that all kids are fans of technology, that does not mean that they have access to
technology at home, and the income level for having a home computer is perhaps surprisingly high.
Question: 192
Which of the following is NOT an effective way to deal with a student who has repeatedly broken classroom rules?
A. Moving that student to a desk away from other students
B. Sending that student to a "time out" in another classroom
C. Insulting or demeaning the student
D. Creating a behavior contract with the student
Answer: C
Insulting or demeaning a student is not an effective way to deal with misbehavior, no matter how severe. This
response sets a poor example for other students because the teacher is modeling a behavior that is prohibited in the
classroom (insulting others). In order to ensure adherence to rules, the teacher must follow classroom rules and
model respect for others.
Question: 193
Which of the following students is most likely NOT eligible for special education services?
A. Juanita, an ESOL student who has not been diagnosed with any learning disabilities but struggles academically
B. Victor, who has a cognitive impairment caused by a mild brain injury
C. Sylvia, who has been diagnosed with ADHD
D. All of these students would be eligible for special education services
Answer: A
Juanita, an ESOL student who has not been diagnosed with any learning disabilities but struggles academically, is
unlikely to be eligible for special education services. Students must be diagnosed with a disability that interferes
with their ability to learn in order to be protected by IDEA, and limited English proficiency is not the result of a
learning disability.
Question: 194
In order to meet the needs of ESOL students in mainstream classes, teachers should:
A. incorporate elements related to ESOL students' interests and backgrounds into the curriculum so that they feel
valued and accepted
B. never openly acknowledge any differences between ESOL students and students who are native English
C. hold ESOL students to lower academic standards than other students
D. sacrifice the academic needs of students who are proficient in English in order to focus on ESOL students
Answer: A
In order to meet the needs of ESOL students in mainstream classes, teachers should incorporate elements related to
ESOL students' interests and backgrounds into the curriculum so that they feel valued and accepted. All students
should be held to high academic standards, and it is important to acknowledge and embrace diversity so that
students from all backgrounds feel accepted.
Question: 195
Which of the following statements about Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Individuals
with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is correct?
A. D. Both students who qualify for protection under IDEand those who qualify for protection under Section 504
must receive Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).
B. Both IDEA and Section 504 only provide protection for students who have a disability that interferes with their
C. IDEA contains procedural safeguards for students with disabilities that interfere with their learning, while
Section 504 is designed to protect all disabled individuals from discrimination.
D. Both students who qualify for protection under IDEA and those who qualify for protection under Section 504
must receive Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).
Answer: C
Section 504 is a general law that is designed to protect disabled individuals from discrimination. It protects all
disabled students from discrimination, regardless of whether their disability interferes with their learning. IDEA is
specifically targeted at children who have disabilities that interfere with their learning. IEPs are only required for
students who qualify for protection under IDEA.
Question: 196
Which graphic organizer would be most helpful for practice with comparison and contrasting of ideas or objects?
A. SQ3R chart
B. Venn diagram
C. Flower diagram for the 5 Ws
D. Bar graph
Answer: B
Graphic organizers and visual displays are vital to reaching all types of learners. Each student learns differently and
some concepts are easier to understand when using two-dimensional organizers. Venn diagrams consist of two
overlapping ovals or circles, creating three separate spaces for students to record ideas. The outer areas can be used
to identify differences in objects or ideas; the overlapping area is intended for their similarities.
Question: 197
When planning lessons, a teacher who incorporates John Dewey's progressive theory of education would be most
likely to:
A. teach students who are struggling separately from the rest of the class
B. encourage problem solving and real-life experience as paths to learning
C. provide material rewards for excellent academic performance
D. encourage competition among students as a means of motivation
Answer: B
When planning lessons, a teacher who values John Dewey's progressive theory of education would be most likely
to encourage problem solving and real-life experience as paths to learning. Dewey also advocated cooperation and
the fostering of democratic values in the educational environment.
Question: 198
When teaching students to use Internet search engines for research, it is most important for the teacher to design a
lesson that covers:
A. how to use search operators such as site: and loc:
B. how to distinguish reliable, authoritative websites from unreliable ones
C. how to obtain and use antivirus software
D. how to build websites
Answer: B
When teaching students to use Internet search engines for research, it is most important that students learn how to
distinguish reliable, authoritative websites from unreliable ones. This is the most critical skill students need when
using the web for research purposes.
Question: 199
According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), students who are diagnosed with learning
disabilities must be placed in the:
A. least restrictive environment possible
B. safest environment possible
C. environment in which they will be least disruptive
D. most beneficial environment possible
Answer: A
According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), students who are diagnosed with learning
disabilities must be placed in the least restrictive environment possible. This means they must remain in the general
classroom as much as is practicable, and will only go to the resource room for predetermined periods of time based
upon their demonstrated needs. The priority is to accommodate students with disabilities in the regular classroom as
opposed to isolating them from general education students.
Question: 200
Parents should be informed about students' behavior:
A. only when it is negative
B. as soon as a pattern of problem behavior emerges
C. every time a student breaks a classroom rule
D. only at parent teacher conferences
Answer: B
Parents should be informed about students' behavior as soon as a pattern of problem behavior emerges. While it is
unnecessary to inform parents every single time their child breaks a rule, parents need to be informed if their child
is a "problem student." This should be done as soon as possible so that parents can intervene. Teachers should not
wait until conferences roll around to deal with the problem. It can also be very helpful to tell parents when students
are behaving well because it positively reinforces students' good behavior.
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Certification-Board Certification course outline - BingNews Search results Certification-Board Certification course outline - BingNews Contrast Security Announces New Certification Program for Partners

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Contrast Security (Contrast), the code security platform built for developers and trusted by security, today announced the launch of its new Certification Program for all active partners — Resellers, Service Providers, Systems Integrators, Distributors and Technology Partners. This innovative program is designed to empower the company's partners with the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver the highest level of Application Security (AppSec) to its customers.

Contrast Security Logo (PRNewsfoto/Contrast Security)

As organizations globally continue to face growing cybersecurity threats, Contrast's partners are increasingly tasked with safeguarding their clients' most critical software applications. Contrast's Certification Program equips partners with the knowledge and tools necessary to assess and protect their clients' applications from development to production.

"Contrast's new on-demand sales certification program demonstrates their commitment to enabling partners' success," said Jay Chappell, Regional Vice President Engineering at Trace3. "For Trace3 to deliver business transformation for our clients, we need to stay on top of transformational technologies such as this. I was able to take the technical training and was very impressed on how it enabled me.  Becoming the first certified member of their platform was a great honor, too."

The program will begin with Sales Certification, which consists of the following offerings:

  • On-Demand Training: Partners will have access to on-demand courses, learning tracks and webinars through Contrast's Partner Portal. These resources are designed to deepen the understanding of the company's cutting-edge AppSec solutions.
  • Instructor-Led Training: Select partners are eligible for in-person and hands-on workshops to fast-track their team's ability to become Sales Certified.
  • Certification Tracks and Badges: Contrast is offering its first certification, Sales Certified, with plans to expand the program to include additional certification tracks tailored to the specific needs and interests of each partner type. The goal is to ensure that partners of all kinds can focus on the areas most relevant to their business.
  • This training program will enable partners to increase their engagement with Contrast and its mutual customers well into the future.

    "We are excited to introduce our new Certification Program to our valued partners," said Callie McCormick, Global Channel Sales Director of Contrast Security. "This program represents our commitment to delivering the best-in-class AppSec solutions to our customers through our partners. By investing in the skills and expertise of our partners, we are collectively strengthening the cybersecurity landscape."

    Contrast encourages all current and potential partners to explore the opportunities offered by this Certification Program and take a step toward enhancing their AppSec capabilities.

    For more information about Contrast Security's Partner Program, please visit

    About Contrast Security

    Contrast is a world-leading code security platform company purposely built for developers to get secure code moving swiftly and trusted by security teams to protect business applications. Developers, security and operations teams quickly secure code across the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with Contrast to protect against today's targeted AppSec attacks.

    Founded in 2014 by cybersecurity industry veterans, Contrast was established to replace legacy AppSec solutions that cannot protect modern enterprises. With today's pressures to develop business applications at increasingly rapid paces, the Contrast Secure Code Platform defends and protects against full classes of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). This allows security teams to avoid spending time focusing on false positives, leaving them more time to remediate true vulnerabilities faster. Contrast's platform solutions for code assessment, testing, protection, serverless, supply chain, application programming interfaces (APIs) and languages help enterprises achieve true DevSecOps transformation and compliance.

    Contrast protects against major cybersecurity attacks for its customer base, which represents some of the largest brand-name companies in the world, including BMW, AXA, Zurich, NTT, Sompo Japan and the American Red Cross, as well as numerous other leading global Fortune 500 enterprises. Contrast partners with global organizations such as AWS, Microsoft, IBM, GuidePoint Security, Trace3, Deloitte and Carahsoft, to seamlessly integrate and achieve the highest level of security for customers.

    The growing demand for the world's only platform for code security has landed the company on some of the most prestigious lists, including the Inc. 5000 List of America's Fastest-Growing Companies and the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 List of fastest-growing companies.

    Learn more:

    Follow us: Blog | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

    Media Contact:
    Jacklyn Kellick
    Director of Corporate Communication
    Contrast Security            

    Cision View original content to obtain multimedia:

    SOURCE Contrast Security

Thu, 16 Nov 2023 03:28:00 -0600 en text/html
Boeing Outlines 777-9 Certification Test Plan

DUBAI—Amid growing hopes of beginning the long-delayed certification effort for its 777-9 flagship, Boeing is providing initial details of how the process will be structured.

The 777-9, which is making its second appearance at the Dubai Airshow, is targeted at entry-into-service in 2025 having endured several sizable delays. Issues during early flight trials and increased regulatory scrutiny have held back type inspection authorization (TIA) from the FAA—a move that will mark the formal start of certification.

Although the FAA will not grant TIA until it is confident the airplane is ready and Boeing has addressed all design and system safety assurance questions, Boeing Commercial Airplanes President Stan Deal tells Aviation Week that the milestone is approaching. “I anticipate shortly we’ll be at the first phase of type inspection authorization on the airplane and getting the FAA and eventually [the European Union Aviation agency] on for score for all those test cards we’ve been flying,” Deal says.

“We’re over 1,100 flights on the program already and 3,200 [flight] hours, so we’ve we put more time on this airframe and engine combination than any other airplane in history [in terms of Boeing pre-certification flight tests]. The performance is looking good in terms of the fuel burn and system functionality,” Deal says.

“It’s super exciting that we're getting to that point in the program,” says Heather Ross, project pilot for the 777X and lead pilot for WH001, the first development aircraft which is in the flight display here at Dubai. The aircraft was used earlier this year to complete company testing of takeoff performance and velocity minimum unstick (VMU) evaluations, a campaign which determines the minimum takeoff speeds for a new aircraft.

“VMU testing was a big step. We also completed some brake testing—we've got a little bit more tuning to go but that's all kind of progressing at pace. We've also got some other stability and control (S&C) testing as we evolve the flight control laws and as we make some changes we’ll go out and re-do that phase,” she adds. “The whole program is involved in focusing on trying to get some of those safety assessment reviews completed and the paperwork closed out so that we can document it—then we can work through completing the remaining items before TIA.”

While the additional S&C work will be undertaken by the second test aircraft, WH002, the brunt of the certification effort will be performed by the third test aircraft, WH003, which originally joined the program in August 2020. “That is really our engine and steady state performance airplane,” Ross says. “They're getting ready, and they'll be the first up when we do get TIA because that's the majority of the work that the initial certification is going to take place on. So they’re getting spooled up ready to go.”

“WH003 has got propulsion testing, so they’re going to have the most up-to-date software and hardware on that airplane, so they'll be first in the barrel as it were for the certification effort,” Ross adds. The aircraft will be configured with the production standard GE9X engine with an updated combustor liner, which has been upgraded to counter issues encountered a year ago. “One engine issue we found through the test program on the combustor liner, which GE Aerospace has got well in hand,” Deal adds.

The third aircraft has been used primarily to evaluate flight loads and performance of the auxiliary power unit, avionics and the GE9X engines. WH001, which first flew in January 2020, has taken the lead in testing S&C as well as high and low-speed aerodynamics. It has also been used for avionics, flight control systems and brake tests. The second aircraft—the entry of which into the program was also delayed until April 2020 by coronavirus-related precautions—was mainly targeted at autoland system work as well as ground effects testing.

A fourth aircraft, WH004, which is currently stored, incorporates a production-representative cabin configuration, and will ultimately finish its test role with a phase of extended twin-engine operations (ETOPS) and airline-like functionality and reliability operations testing.

Sat, 11 Nov 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html
Boston Professional Women's Hockey League ready to get first training camp going

It’s been a busy few months for the Professional Women’s Hockey League. In August, the new league officially announced its first six teams, which includes the currently unnamed Boston franchise. On Monday, that team will hold its first official practice of training camp.

In between then, there’s been players to draft, staff to hire, practice facilities to find and all of the other minutiae that goes into running a pro league. It would be a lot of work for a new franchise entering an existing league. But for a whole league to do from scratch? It’s something that even PWHL advisory board member Stan Kasten admits had a fair share of doubters.

“Doing what we’ve already done so far, a whole league hierarchy, six franchises in only four months so far, I would tell you that’s impossible,” he told members of the press earlier this week. “And yet, as I said, here we are. We’re seven weeks away from actually playing.”

For PWHL Boston, there are still plenty of questions to be officially answered before the team hits the ice for games in January. The team will be practicing out of the Boston Sports Institute in Wellesley, but it hasn't yet been announced where they'll play games. But for now, spirits are high as the team gets ready for a new journey in the league’s maiden voyage.

Speaking at that Wellesley facility on the team’s first day of camp on Thursday, PWHL Boston general manager Danielle Marmer described a work in progress.

“We were building this league in a span of three months. So, the graphics that you see behind me ... were just put up yesterday,” she said, motioning to a wall with a PWHL logo and an outline of what appears to be the Boston skyline. “I said it before: housekeeping. Getting everybody here, getting them their apparel, getting their headshots. It’s organized chaos right now, but such a good energy, such a good vibe and we’re just so excited that everyone’s here.”

A black wall with a city skyline and the word Boston in bold letters on it.
The entrance to PWHL Boston's space at the Boston Sports Institute features a graphic representing the Boston skyline

Esteban Bustillos GBH News

The walls at the team’s space at the Boston Sports Institute are painted with the team colors: forest green, gray and white. And if the big image of the skyline is any indication, it's clear that even without an official name, PWHL Boston wants to forge a close bond with its namesake — something Marmer indicated is important as the league decides on proper titles for its franchises.

“Being born here and spending a lot of time in Boston, I have a lot of family in Boston, it was sharing with them I think what the people of Boston are about,” she said. “Who [are] the people who are living here, the things that we care about? It’s a blue-collar city, it’s a passionate sports city. And so, making sure that we were relaying that kind of stuff to the branding team so that they pick a name that really encompasses what Boston’s all about.”

As important as getting everything off the ice ready is, that’s all secondary when it comes to figuring out how this group will gel. The team is starting with 28 players on its roster heading into training camp and will have to whittle that down to 23 active players and two reserves.

In a situation where everyone is essentially a rookie, at least in the PWHL, forward Shiann Darkangelo thinks the team’s leadership structure will naturally sort itself out.

“It’s sort of an untold thing that you figure out amongst the group,” she said. “People are natural leaders, some people fill different roles, that kind of thing. Some girls are coming out of NCAA, so we’ll look to girls that were on national teams or who have played professionally and things like that.”

But she did point out that quite a few of the players have played together in some fashion, including in the Premier Hockey Federation, the women's professional league that shut down in June 2023 to make way for the PWHL.

"There's girls that have played in college together, in the PHF together," she said. "So, there's a lot of connections. I mean, I feel like everybody kind of knows everybody 'cause it is a small group, right, in women's hockey."

Head coach Courtney Kessel has had to wear many hats alongside Marmer as they tackle challenges like helping figure out what the locker room and lounge space for the team will be like.

On Monday, though, it will finally be time to coach. And she’s already building expectations for what kind of team she’ll have.

“I think really creating a culture where we’re a family and we trust each other and we feel safe to be whoever we are and show up,” she said. “But also, perform, battle, compete, hold each other accountable. If you can come to the rink and compete with each other, you’re gonna make each other better, and I think that’s why we’re all here.”

Thu, 16 Nov 2023 09:33:00 -0600 en text/html
How To Get Online TESOL Certification So You Can Teach English

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations.

If you’re an educator who aspires to work with students from other cultures, you may thrive in a job where you teach English to English language learners. Earning an online TESOL certification can help you qualify for such a role.

TESOL certification prepares teachers to instruct children or adults learning to speak English, including citizens of other countries or people who recently moved to an English-speaking country.

English language educators can pursue a variety of credentials, so you may wonder what makes TESOL different. Continue practicing our guide to learn who would benefit most from TESOL certification and what to prioritize when choosing an online TESOL certification course.

What Is TESOL?

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. If you want to teach English language learners, you can earn a TESOL certification, which qualifies you to become an English language instructor abroad or domestically.

While you don’t need a specific college degree to earn a TESOL certification, you do need to complete a TESOL program. Aspiring educators can pursue online TESOL certification programs to learn the necessary skills at their own pace.


As an alternative to TESOL certification, English language instructors can pursue a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) or Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) credential. TEFL and TESL are only slightly different from TESOL, so employers may refer to these three credentials interchangeably.

While TESOL can be used to teach English to learners in and outside of English-speaking countries, it is more common in contexts where students live in English-speaking countries and are learning English as a second language. TESL is similar to TESOL; it’s designed for people teaching English to learners in countries where English is the primary language. If you want to teach within the United States, you can pursue TESL or TESOL certification.

In contrast, TEFL is more popular for educators teaching students in countries where English is not the primary language.

Essentially, TESOL is a broader credential for teaching English to non-native speakers than either TESL or TEFL, certifying you to teach English worldwide. However, TESOL is the latest certification of the three, so employers in other countries may only recognize TESL or TEFL credentials.

What To Look For in a TESOL Certificate Online Program

The market for TESOL courses is saturated, so you might be struggling to narrow down your options. Here’s what to look for in a TESOL course.

How Many Hours Is the Course?

Most online TESOL certification programs require 120 hours of study. These hours typically include 100 hours of academic training and 20 hours of student teaching or a practicum. However, some TESOL online certification programs require all 120 hours to be academic, with practicum or student teaching experiences adding more hours.

Some programs offer extended lengths, including 150- and 250-hour options, which can benefit students who need teaching experience or want more in-depth training.

Is the Course Accredited?

When interviewing you for English education positions, employers may verify that you studied at an accredited program to ensure you received a quality education that meets industry standards.

Online TESOL certificate programs hold accreditation when offered through accredited colleges or universities. Independent organizations providing online TESOL programs can also hold accreditation, though these accrediting bodies are not regulated as heavily as institutional accrediting bodies for colleges and universities.

Accrediting bodies for independent providers vary by country. The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) and the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) are reputable accrediting agencies in the United States for TESOL programs.

If an organization offering a TESOL certificate online mentions it holds accreditation from ACCET or CEA, visit that accrediting body’s website to verify this information.

What Are the Instructor’s Qualifications?

Check that a qualified instructor leads an online TESOL course. Ideally, these instructors are currently certified in TESOL, TEFL or TESL and understand the certification process, including required education and best practices for training aspiring English language teachers.

Some accredited schools provide information about their instructors on their websites. If you want to know more about instructors’ credentials, contact the institution’s advisors or admissions counselors.

Does the Course Include a Practicum Component?

In a practicum or student teaching experience, you apply your TESOL skills in real-world scenarios. Though not all TESOL certification programs include practicum or student teaching hours, many reputable programs do. Finding an institution that offers this hands-on opportunity can be especially valuable if you do not currently have a teaching license or classroom experience.

An online practicum may be the best choice if you’re completing a TESOL certification program online and can’t complete student teaching in person. An online practicum typically requires you to teach online classes and engage with digital resources.

Does the Program Provide Job Placement Assistance?

Some TESOL programs include career resources to help students find jobs. These tools can prove useful for learners who want to start their careers as soon as possible, especially graduates who have not already established professional networks.

Look for programs that offer internships, job boards, networking groups and career services like résumé workshops. Some schools may even partner with TESOL organizations to help connect students to employment opportunities.

How Much Does a TESOL Course Cost?

Finding an affordable TESOL course is important, but be cautious when exploring low-priced courses, which may not provide the level of academic preparation that employers seek.

Generally speaking, TESOL programs cost between $400 and $800. Carefully analyze programs that cost less than $200 to ensure they meet the same standards as their more expensive counterparts. Specifically, look for information about the program’s accreditation status, instructor credentials, content and student outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Online TESOL Certification

Can I get a TESOL certificate online?

Yes, it is possible to earn a TESOL certificate online. Look at accreditation status, student outcomes, course content and instructor credentials to find a reputable program.

How long does it take to complete TESOL certification online?

If you can commit to a full-time study schedule, you can usually complete a TESOL certification online in about one month. Part-time students may need two or three months to complete a 120-hour program.

Is TESOL certification difficult?

TESOL certification programs—like any professional credential—can prove challenging. Students with prior teaching experience and a strong command of the English language may thrive more readily in these programs. Regardless, reputable TESOL courses should provide all learners with the necessary training for certification, preparing them for the job search.

What is the 120-hour TESOL certificate?

The 120-hour TESOL certificate signifies that you’ve completed a TESOL course and met industry requirements to teach English language learners. With a TESOL certificate, you can teach in countries where English is the primary language and in countries where other languages are with and without English spoken as the primary language.

Wed, 08 Nov 2023 23:01:00 -0600 Amy Boyington en-US text/html
Training program for nonprofit board members seeks applicants

Applications are now being accepted by Gulf Coast Community Foundation for its winter 2024 Gulf Coast Board Institute. 

Having graduated more than 400, the program is delivered through GCCF’s Invest in Incredible consultants to active and prospective nonprofit board members in the region. 

The deadline to apply for the governance training series is Sunday, Dec. 10. The online application and overview for the program are available at

“In this program, you will be given valuable resources, peer support and the opportunity to learn and thrive as a nonprofit board member,” said Invest In Incredible Director Betsy Steiner in a news release.

Training sessions will be held Fridays, Feb. 2, 9, 16 and 23, 2024, at GCCF’s Sarasota Philanthropy Center, 1549 State St. subjects will include fundamentals of nonprofit board governance; becoming an ambassador for your organization, financial and legal oversight responsibilities; fundraising and resource development; and how to create a diverse, highly functioning, and engaged board. 

Participants will be selected through a competitive process with the intent of creating a cohort of diverse experiences. Gulf Coast provides all training and resources at no cost to participants in exchange for their commitment to serve as advocates for good board governance in current and future nonprofit board roles. 

Applicants should be current, active board members at a nonprofit in the region, although prospective board members will also be considered. Applicants must sign a commitment to attend all four days of training if selected.

Tue, 14 Nov 2023 19:00:00 -0600 en text/html
Gov. Newsom appoints San Diego Police Lieutenant to State Peace Officer Accountability Board No result found, try new keyword!A long-time San Diego Police Department (SDPD) lieutenant was tapped by Governor Gavin Newsom to serve as an advisor to the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Thu, 16 Nov 2023 15:32:26 -0600 en-us text/html City Schools of Decatur looking to add honors English, math courses in 6-10th grades next year No result found, try new keyword!The City Schools of Decatur School Board, at its Nov. 14 work session, discussed adding English language arts and math honors courses in sixth through 10th grades beginning next school year. Wed, 15 Nov 2023 06:39:00 -0600 en-US text/html IUSG outlines advocacy goals in 7 new agendas

IU Student Government Congress outlined some of its priorities for the upcoming session in seven new advocacy agendas, which tackle issues from environmental protection to health and wellbeing across campus.    

According to IUSG Speaker of Congress Jack Tyndall, advocacy agendas are a way for IUSG departments to access funding from the IUSG Board of Finance to fund different advocacy initiatives. Some of these initiatives include hosting tabling events for sustainability efforts, working with IU officials to host panels to educate students on sexual assault prevention and holding events to promote multicultural centers on campus. 

“I think it’s also a pretty good representation of what we as students are advocating for,” Tyndall said. “Generally, it’s a pretty good pulse test of what things we think are big issues on campus at the moment.”  

Congress Enrolled Act No. 1002, which was passed by Congress on Oct. 30, focuses on the academic affairs advocacy agenda. The agenda emphasizes the creation and promotion of various academic resources. It also highlights the importance of research by reaching out to research institutions, promoting undergraduate research programs and developing a research database. The agenda aims to enhance course exploration through a new course auditing program, improved course descriptions and a syllabi repository. The agenda also aims to address the need for a strong cyber infrastructure by advocating for the posting of recorded class lectures for students to access when they are gone through Kaltura.  

A syllabi repository would store the syllabi written for each of the courses taught on campus by all of the professors who teach those courses. This would allow students access to information about a course and what they can expect from it. 

“The bill had something about a syllabi repository, which I think is very important for students who are looking to sign up for a class to know exactly what they’re paying for and what they’re getting into,” committee chair of student rights and concerns, Voilet Landrum said. “I think that’s crucial to just have open information about that beforehand.”  

City and Government Relations 

CEA No. 1003 addresses IUSG’s city and government relations advocacy agenda. The bill addresses various student rights and concerns in areas such as affordable housing, student involvement in local government, healthcare product taxes, campus safety, menstrual product taxes, coordination with other Indiana State Student Governments, inclusive environment and student safety. Specifically, IUSG is looking to promote voter registration through tabling events and social media, increase bike lines to ensure student safety and work with real estate developers and property managers to advertise affordable housing options to students. CEA No. 1003 was passed through Congress on Nov. 6.  

Communications and Outreach 

Congress Bill No. 1004 focuses on IUSG’s communications and outreach. The bill would aim to Strengthen the accessibility and visibility of the IUSG organization by evaluating branding and increasing participation from underrepresented groups by introducing new ideas and practices. Congress passed CB 1004on Nov. 13.  

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Sexual Violence Prevention 

CEA No. 1005 addresses IUSG’s diversity, equity and inclusion and sexual violence prevention advocacy. The agenda promotes DEI training, support for LGBTQ+ students, cultural center promotion, addressing antisemitism and Islamophobia, supporting minority groups and advocating for survivor support. Specifically, the bill aims to hold administrators accountable for promises made regarding Queer Student Union endeavors including the All-Gender Restroom Inclusion Project, which has made more all-gender restrooms available and provided a Google Map of the all-gender restrooms on campus. IUSG also plans to partner with the cultural centers to raise awareness for issues multiracial and minority students face. Congress passed EA 1005 on Oct. 30.  

CB No. 1006 focuses on health and wellbeing, and, if passed, will address mental health, accessibility, sexual assault prevention and student advocacy. Under this agenda, IUSG would promote inclusive discussions on mental health, enhance survivor support through education and collaboration, Strengthen access to menstrual products and support students taking leaves of absence. It would also aim to expand disability support services and prioritize student safety and health services. Specifically, this bill aims to allow IUSG to work with IU officials to develop a safety app for students and support the IU Health Center in searching for and funding representative counselors for those struggling with mental health.  

Student Life and Health and Wellbeing 

CEA No. 1007, which authorizes the student life and health and wellbeing advocacy agenda, will allow IUSG to ensure access to nutritional food by bringing a farmers' market to campus, advocating for food variety and enhancing dining accommodations during religious holidays. IUSG wants to address food insecurity through a meal point exchange program and a centralized food pantry, alongside supporting first-generation and low-income students through financial wellness workshops and programs. The agenda advocates for pregnant and parenting students by expanding childcare support. It also offers better pay and benefits for residential programs and services staff and seeks renovations for the Indiana Memorial Union. It calls for IUSG to support international students, educates students on tenant rights, advocates for fair wages for student workers and supports the needs of students with disabilities. CEA 1007 was passed through Congress on Nov. 6.  

Sustainability and environmental responsibility 

CEA No. 1011 addresses IUSG’s sustainability advocacy agenda, which promotes campus sustainability and environmental responsibility. The bill focuses on reducing non-biodegradable waste, working with IU administrators on the Climate Action Plan, increasing real food options, improving recycling, expanding the campus farm and fostering partnerships with sustainable companies. IUSG also plans to introduce recycling programs in Greek housing, create an inclusive environment, promote sustainable landscaping, ensure access to sustainable menstrual products and authorize funding for policy departments.  

“One of them is a bill I’m working on and that is talking about the implementation of rain gardens, which I can kind of narrow down to incorporating these species back into IU’s campus,” Landrum said about important aspects discussed in the Sustainability Agenda. “It’s a very long-term solution to a lot of rainwater issues we might have been having on campus.” 

According to the United States Environmental Program Agency, a rain garden is an area of landscape that is planted with flowers and grass and collect rainwater and allows it to soak into the ground.  

All approved advocacy agendas are scheduled to expire Oct. 31, 2024.  

“Having these expire creates a good opportunity for us to work with the executive branch in future years to figure out what they want,” Recorder Aidan Chism said during Monday night’s meeting.  

Wed, 15 Nov 2023 05:20:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Doctors Outline the Safe and Proven Strategies That Lead to Significant Weight Loss No result found, try new keyword!Doctors share their top weight loss strategies that are safe, proven, and effective. Learn how to lose weight sustainably and keep it off. Sun, 12 Nov 2023 23:00:50 -0600 en-us text/html Various departments continue to outline ’24 county budget

Department of Human Services

Rio Blanco County DHS provides services and programs for child support enforcement, child welfare, aid to the needy and disabled, food assistance, old age pension and various others. Projected revenues are up 3% to $3.79M and budgeted expenditures are down 3.3% to $3.91M. Significant revenue increases come from Property Taxes (+$376K) and ownership taxes (+$11.6K) while intergovernmental (the department’s largest revenue stream) is projected to decline by $278K. Budget increases are attributed to wage allocation through county administration (attorney), increases to contracts with Garfield County, and the need for additional staff including on-call workers, lead eligibility workers and a technician.


The Sheriff’s Office Budget is down 11% to $2.7M representing a decrease of $340K to total expenditures from 2023. Notable decreases listed are under Sheriff’s Office wages (-$206K) and related expenses ($116K). Similar cuts were made under the dispatch category for personnel-related costs such as life and dental insurance, workers’ compensation, retirement, FICA and Medicare and others totaling approximately $15.8K. Additional cuts were made across a wide variety of expenditure items which department staff attributed to: 

– utilization of supplemental income for budgeted expenses including the use of grants and donations

– creative/efficient use of resources such as utilizing on-call deputies to manage overtime costs

– considering the potential savings of hiring a radio technician versus hiring a contractor

– and cost-saving measures like adjustments to the budget based on genuine expenses and income

The sheriff’s office also anticipates a large increase to revenues (+$65%) mostly from projected property tax increases which are projected at $467K, up from $258K estimated in 2023 and only $86K in 2022.

Public Health

The Public Health Department’s operations include immunizations, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Child Safety, emerging infectious diseases laboratory response network, emergency preparedness and environmental health. Projected revenues are down significantly at $300K for 2024, a 48.6% decrease. Expenditures reflect a similar trend totalling $468K, down 28.7% (graph). Budget discussions reviewed each program individually, highlighting a budget shifting to staff development, insurance costs and increased costs for medical supplies like strep testing equipment. The board and staff discussed concerns over the State Health Department threatening to withdraw funding for various programs due to RBC’s decision to stop providing COVID vaccines. Revenue decreases are listed under “charges for services” with some level of shortage being potentially offset by a 451% increase of property tax allocations versus 2023 proposed budget allocations ($83K). One major expenditure cut is to “purchased services” down 43% (-$121K). 


During the IT budget discussion RBC paralegal Vicky Edwards asked how many people were engaging with budget discussions noting that some residents requested they be held at night. IT director Trevor Nielsen said at the time that no one had yet called into the meetings and said YouTube recordings were getting three or four views each. As of print time, the seven total meeting recordings have been viewed an average of 39 times each.

Overall expenditures for the IT department are up 45.6% from 2023 with increases proposed under supplies (up 216%) at $201K, professional services (up 34%) at $201K, purchased services (up 10%) at $80K, and training and development (up 50%) at $75K. These increases compared to the previous year pertain to a variety of improvement projects requested by other departments such as new ID systems, specialized network connections, computer replacements and more. A large portion of increases relate to general equipment replacement of network devices, and a variety of security upgrades deemed most urgent for continued secure communications and protection of sensitive county information/networks.

Senior Nutrition and Transportation 

Discussion revolved around a need to increase efficiency and decrease costs associated with meal purchasing for services like Meals on Wheels, and drivers for the White River Roundup senior transportation. Overall expenditures are decreasing by 1.8% ($8.7K) to $451K.


The facilities department handles day-to-day maintenance/upkeep and capital improvements for county buildings, tower sites and associated grounds and is specifically responsible for daily activities not managed by other departments. Expenditures are up 15% at $1.24M, continuing a 2-year trend of expenditure increases for the department. Increases are represented across a wide range of categories including general salaries/wages (+28%), supplies(+11.5%), utilities(+9.6%) and future allocations for repairs and maintenance (+24.5%) Overall revenues for the department are down 15% compared to 2023. Facilities director Eric Jaqcuez also covered airport operations noting specific needs for projects and activities at both and required budget allocations. Examples include safety inspections, a boiler system and terminal building, utility costs, fuel farm insurance and others. Projected costs for Meeker Airport are around $120,000, while Rangely Airport is around $130,000.

Use Tax Fund and Administration

The Use Tax fund is primarily funded through construction/building use tax, motor vehicle use tax, and grants and is allocated to various departments and projects throughout the year. Projected revenues are slightly down (-0.5%) and expenditures are set to decrease by 7.8%. Notable changes to overall use tax allocations fall under categories such as Purchased Services (-9.9%), Fleet Management Charges (+8.8%), and Interfund Services (+40%).

Sales Tax

Sales tax revenues are projected to increase by 7% continuing a trend of slight but sustained increases to sales tax revenue for the county. Sales tax is overseen by the “Use Tax Admin” department which works to correct misallocated sales tax revenue caused by addressing changes and other minutia. In 2022 the department redirected approximately $300K in misallocated funds to county revenues, indicating an improvement in misallocations overall compared to 2022 numbers ($600K).

You can access the county’s latest proposed budget accessible as of Oct. 16, 2023, at by clicking “View Most exact Budget” at the bottom of the page. 

Wed, 15 Nov 2023 05:27:00 -0600 en-US text/html

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