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Killexams : Apple Essentials test - BingNews Search results Killexams : Apple Essentials test - BingNews Killexams : Best Apple repair toolkit essentials: Bits, screwdrivers, tweezers, opening tools, more

The best tech repair toolkits include a variety of specialty tools and products.

AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site.

It's great that Apple has a self-repair program, but the tools that they sell are very, very expensive. There's no need to spend a small fortune on Apple's iPhone repair tools, with these options.

In April, Apple announced the launch of its self-repair program. For the first time, you can buy parts from Apple and get detailed instructions on how to fix your iPhone.

Apple extended this program to select Macs in August, with more to come at a later date. The self repair program then launched in eight European countries in December.

But if you're going to go that route, you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job — and Apple's tools aren't inexpensive, nor complete for every task. When dealing with phones, smaller tech, laptops, or even desktop PCs, you'll want to make sure all your bases are covered by building your own custom repair kit tool box.

It can be difficult to ascertain which products you need to round out your makeshift repair kit, so we've rounded out some of the best kits and tools that we've used to save you some time and money. With this equipment, you'll be able to make both small-scale and larger repairs on whatever electronic device comes your way.

Here are our top picks to begin building your own repair toolkit.

Whether you want to perform a little maintenance on your phone or your Nintendo Switch, the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit has everything you need to get started, from opening tools and picks to tweezers, bits of various shapes and sizes, an anti-static wrist wrap, and much more. It includes a large selection of items designed to help you repair devices like your iPhone, MacBook, iPad, camera, tablet, and even the gaming console of your choice, all in one attractive set.

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Plus, the set is covered by iFixit's Lifetime Warranty, should your tools fail or break.

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

The iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit offers a variety of larger items in addition to opening tools and precision bits to help you replace a broken screen, insert a new smartphone battery, or perform numerous additional repairs. It comes with a precision screwdriver with a magnetic bit socket, knurled grip, and swivel top. Plus, it all comes in a handy, ultra-portable case you can store with the rest of your multitude of bits and must-have items to get down to business.

Never struggle with finding the perfect tweezers, spudgers, or pry tools again with this extensive 17-in-1 set. It includes 6 dual-ended metal spudgers, 5 black plastic spudgers, and 5 black tweezers, all varying form factors to ensure you have everything you need to complete the repairs on your radar. Plus, you can carry it all in the handy bag that everything comes shipped in.

The 17-in-1 Opening Pry Tool Kit

The 17-in-1 Opening Pry Tool Kit

For less than a dollar a tool, you're getting your money's worth here, so buy a couple if smaller repair kit essentials are something you need help finding often.

ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set

A good screwdriver is the hallmark of any toolbox, and the ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set ensures you have every kind you need for intensive tech repairs. This is an 86-piece set with 57 precision bits, a triangle plectrum, cleaning brush and cloth, utility knife, wrist strap, tweezers, LCD suction cup, plastic spudgers, metal spudger, stainless steel ruler, and SIM card remover.

The ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set

The ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set

It's all safely stored in a nylon bag so you never have to go looking for the right screwdriver for the job again. Plus, spudgers galore!

The Kaisi iPhone Screen Opening Toolkit

The Kaisi iPhone Screen Opening Toolkit

Opening up a phone screen can be a tricky proposition. This kit gives you everything you need to make it as painless as possible. It comes with an LCD separator with powerful suction, 40 mm in diameter. It also comes with additional suction cups, should you need to swap things around a bit. Plus, you get pliers, a cleaning cloth, and additional tools to help accomplishing this task (or at the very least starting it) feel like a breeze.

The kit also comes with a 2-year worry-free warranty with a 90-day refund and replacement option if it doesn't end up fitting your tech repair toolkit needs.

Heavy Duty Screen Suction Cups

For when you really, really need to pry off an LCD screen (such as with a MacBook or something similar),you'll want to add these heavy duty suction cups to your arsenal. You get two suction cups as well as 2 plastic triangle tools, a 150 mm nylon crowbar, and 1 microfiber cloth to take care of all the cleaning before you get started in earnest.

The Heavy Duty Screen Suction Cups

The Heavy Duty Screen Suction Cups

These suction cups attach strongly and help you turn your phone's screen (or whatever you use them for) in a way that makes it extremely simple to get the LCD screen off of what you're repairing so you can move past this step.

Magnetic Large Silicone Repair Mat

If you're going to be dealing with tiny materials like bits, screws, and other can't-lose items, a repair mat is a must-have. This large magnetic silicone repair mat helps keep your work station clean while collecting all of those tiny pieces of equipment that somehow always manage to escape our grasp.

The Magnetic Large Silicone Repair Mat

The Magnetic Large Silicone Repair Mat

This mat is heat resistant up to 932 degrees, and it includes a variety of notches and magnetic areas to help you keep things tidy and organized. Don't set everything out on a table that you plan to work from. Invest in a repair mat first, especially one that helps protect surfaces from heat tools and your carpet from screws burying themselves within it after one false move.

Revlon Compact Hair Dryer

It might seem bizarre to include a hair dryer on a list of tools, but there's a reason you'll find it here. You may need to dry out a phone that's been submerged in water, let materials stand and harden, or loosen the adhesive on any one of a number of parts.

The Revlon Compact Hair Dryer

The Revlon Compact Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is cheap enough to add to a multi-piece kit, and this one is reliable enough that it's one of Amazon's best-selling hair dryers. It's a multipurpose device as it is, and if anything happens to it, it costs less than fancy coffee a few times a week to replace.

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Killexams : Apple seeds Release Candidate developer beta of macOS Ventura 13.1

macOS Ventura 13.1 beta 5 now available for developers

Apple is now on round five of its macOS Ventura 13.1 beta testing, with developers provided a Release Candidate build of the operating system to try out.

New betas can be acquired from the Apple Developer Center by developers signed up for Apple's test program, or via an over-the-air update for hardware already running beta software. Public betas generally appear soon after the developer versions, and are downloaded through the Apple Beta Software Program website.

The Release Candidate beta carries on from the fourth, which arrived on December 1, which replaced the third, which arrived on November 15. The second beta arrived on November 8, while the first beta was issued on October 25.

Apple included support for its new security-focused features in this Release Candidate — iMessage Contact Key Verification, Security Keys for Apple ID, and Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. Among other things, Advanced Data Protection enables end-to-end encryption of iCloud backups, Notes, and several other categories that weren't fully protected before.

The fifth macOS Ventura 13.1 beta and RC build is number 22C65, replacing the fourth, build 22C5059b. Apple also released betas for macOS Monterey 12.6.2 and macOS Big Sur 11.7.2 for testing on older devices.

Both AppleInsider and Apple itself strongly advise users don't install beta operating systems, or beta software in general, on to "mission-critical" or primary devices, as there is the chance of issues that could result in the loss of data. Testers should instead use secondary or non-essential hardware, and to make sure they have sufficient backups of their important data at all times.

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Killexams : Apple AirPods Pro 2nd gen: The best earbuds around? Apple AirPods Pro 2nd gen: The best earbuds around? © Provided by Business Today Apple AirPods Pro 2nd gen: The best earbuds around?

Featuring the same iconic design, Apple’s new AirPods Pro 2nd gen has improvements under the hood - an upgraded chip for improved noise cancellation, a better battery, ease of locating the case, and more. But is it enough to beat the stiff competition posed by the likes of Google, Jabra, Bose, Sony and others?


Companies have been experimenting with the shape and design of earbuds now and then. Still, Apple has continued with its iconic design in white - the rectangular case housing earbuds with a stem. There is still a pairing button, LED indicator and lightning port. What’s changed on the surface of the case is the addition of a lanyard loop to attach it to a backpack or handbag and the built-in speaker at the bottom. The latter is designed for utility sound alerts, such as locating the buds or when the battery is low. I found this feature very handy as, like many others, I often forget where I kept my buds after using them at home. The sound alert made it super convenient to locate them.


The beauty of the Apple ecosystem is the seamless pairing across devices. To pair the new AirPods Pro 2nd gen, I had to bring it closer to the iPhone (Bluetooth on), and a setup animation popped up on the screen asking to connect. Once paired, there was a quick tutorial on media controls, noise cancellation features, and more. Unlike the competition, there isn’t any need to install an app as all features are accessible from the control center giving access to controls such as switching between transparency, ANC, and others.

Fit & comfort:

Earbuds are all about the comfortable fit and sound experience. And while there was not much to complain about the AirPods Pro 1st gen, with the 2nd gen, Apple has taken the experience a notch higher.

Firstly, there is an additional ear tip, an ‘xs’ one for those with smaller ear canals, which makes it a total of four tips in the box. For me, the medium ear tip worked well. Ensuring the perfect fit is essential not just for cutting the environmental noise but also for ensuring they stay put in the ear. For the same, Apple introduced a special 'ear tip fit test' to check which ear tips offer a good seal and the best acoustic performance. When the buds are placed in the respective ear, the fit test plays music where the inside-facing microphone analyses the sound in the ear canal. Offering a good seal, these buds were comfortable to wear for an extended duration.

Catching up with swipe gestures:

Apple’s AirPods are world-class but lacked swipe controls that the competition has mastered. With these new buds, Apple has finally introduced swipe gestures. As a result, it now has a combination of press and swipe. The single press is for playing, pausing music and answering calls, while the double press is for the next track and the triple for the previous track. As earlier, press and hold will switch between ANC and transparency mode. Moving on to swipe gestures, swiping up and down increased and decreased the volume. And in Delhi winters, when I don’t feel like taking my hand out of my pocket, voice commands for Hey Siri does the job.

ANC and Transparency:

Apple has added new H2 chip that uses computational algorithms for better noise cancellation and enhanced audio experience. And these aren’t false claims, as the difference is noticeable compared to the 1st gen Pro buds. These new buds do a better job of cancelling traffic noise. Listening to music and podcast with ANC was a wonderful experience as it eliminated all the outside noise. But what’s most impressive is the Adaptive Transparency that minimises the intensity of loud, unpredictable sounds like cars honking, sirens, and construction sounds. This is super convenient while walking on the road or sitting in a café.


The new hardware brings improvement in the sound department as well. The buds sound better than the previous-gen AirPods Pro as they offer more clarity and bass across soundtracks. The vocals were well-pronounced,  and the highs were not so overpowering. The output was well-balanced across genres, including classical, rock, and pop. Apple has also introduced this personalised Spatial Audio feature which enhances the experience even further.


The improved battery backup, with ANC on, lasts close to six hours on a single charge. And as for the case, while it has the lightning port, it can now be charged by just placing it over the Apple Watch charger.


If you are new to the Apple ecosystem and there isn’t any budget constraint, then the AirPods Pro 2nd generation is a no-brainer. Similarly, for 1st gen users, if the battery is acting up and you are planning to upgrade, this is a good buy. But if you are an Android user, the answer is a big NO, as you won’t be able to access most of the goodies Apple offers.

Price: Rs 26,900

Watch Live TV in English

Watch Live TV in Hindi

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Killexams : Apple Watch Series 8 review: A fun, fab, fitness-focused iPhone extension

Major health-tracking upgrades

Article content

I’m so deep into the Apple ecosystem that I’ll need the Apple Watch Backtrack feature (an real safety feature that gets you back to your starting point if you get lost during an activity, like a hike) to find my way out. But I like it here.

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Article content

I’ve been testing the Apple Watch Series 8 for the past few months — my first experience with an Apple Watch. I was so late to adoption because I didn’t want another thing to charge. We live in a time of charging over-saturation. Until smart people figure out a better solution to battery lifespans, I limit my needs-charging technology to my phone (iPhone 14, to be specific, read the review).

Article content

But now I charge the Apple Watch because it’s a wonderful extension of my phone and it’s packed with useful fitness and health information. And it tells the time. Always (thanks to the Always-On display).

This is a review of the Apple Watch Series 8, which includes a comparison to the SE and Ultra models that launched at the same time. The review is intended for the average user, because I, the tester, am an average user.

What: Apple Watch Series 8 (also mentioned below, the new Apple Watch SE which starts at $329 and Apple Watch Ultra which starts at $1,099)
Cost: From $529
Where to buy: Apple | Best Buy | Amazon
Release date: Sept. 16, 2022

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Article content


Size: Available in 45mm or 41mm
Display: Ion-X glass (aluminum) | sapphire crystal (stainless steel)
Processor: S8 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor
Battery: Up to 18 hours, fast charging allows you to charge up to 80 per cent in around 45 minutes
Finishes: Aluminum – Midnight, Starlight (light rose gold), Silver, Product(RED) | Stainless steel – Silver, Graphite, Gold
Sensors: Blood oxygen sensor, electrical heart sensor, third-generation optical heart sensor, temperature sensor, Crash Detection, GPS, compass, ambient light sensor and more


The Apple Watch Series 8’s main differentiators from previous models include fitness and health features and speedy charging. In general, I like how the watch keeps me focused on work and accountable for fitness, It also looks great on my wrist. The Series 8 has more features than the SE but the Ultra has most of all. The SE is less expensive and has almost the same features as the 8, minus a few like the Always-On display and health capabilities. The Ultra costs almost twice as much as the 8 but is packed with features, best suited for extreme adventurers.  

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Article content

New and noteworthy: Quick-charge, temperature sensors and other health features

Many of the Series 8 new features focus on health, wellness and safety. The major upgrades include temperature sensing and advanced Cycle Tracking, Crash Detection, redesigned Compass app, extended battery life and fast charging.

Crash Detection is a feature that detects serious car accidents and subsequently calls emergency services. Gonna trust Apple’s testing on this one. The updated Compass app includes Backtrack, a function that can retrace your steps if you get lost or disoriented. You can turn on Backtrack when you’re starting an activity like hiking or it will automatically start when you lose reception/Wifi.

Crash Detection.
Crash Detection. Photo by Apple

Quick-charge/extended battery life: As mentioned, I don’t like charging technology, especially a watch, which seems like a step back in technology. But the Watch does charge really quickly, up to 80 per cent around 45 minutes. The battery lasts for up to 18 hours on a full charge and can extend to 36 on Low Power Mode (which is easy to turn on).

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Article content

For around an hour each day, you’ll need to charge the watch. If sleep-tracking interests you, you may want to set it to Low Power Mode before bed and charge in the morning. I don’t sleep with it on because my wrist likes to be bare when resting, so it gets all powered up overnight. My daily routine is very happy to welcome its most latest addition, charging Apple Watch 8.

Temperature sensors: One watch, two sensors. The watch has a temperature sensor on the front and back to accommodate outside environment bias. If you wear your watch at night and have Sleep Focus and Sleep Tracking enabled, the sensors will take your temperature to help provide insights on your overall health (you must wear it for five nights initially to get your baseline temperature).

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Article content

The temperature sensors can also share insight with cycle tracking. And it was through this research that I learned that our body temperature rises after ovulation. Apple Watch 8 Series can retrospectively estimate ovulation times based on this data. This could be useful for family planning and period prediction.

Temperature sensor.
Temperature sensor. Photo by Apple

ECG and Blood Oxygen apps: The 8 can act as an electrocardiogram (ECG) through the ECG app. It’s so easy to use, too. You just open the app and put your finger on the little spinny wheel (Apple calls it the Digital Crown) on the side of the watch, and in 30 seconds, you get to see if your heart rhythm is normal. The data is stored in the Health app and can be exported as a PDF to share with your doctor.

Key differences between Series 8, SE and Ultra

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Article content

SE: The SE is similar to the Series 8 minus the extra health capabilities like the ECG app and temperature sensors. It also doesn’t have the Always-On screen which is a function that allows you to always see your watch face. And the SE doesn’t get the “certified IP6X dust resistant” distinction.

Available colours: Midnight (shiny black), starlight (light gold) and silver.

Series 8: Series 8 has all the new features listed above. It’s currently the top-of-the-line model for most wearers. The Ultra is intended for more extreme activities like scuba diving and mountain climbing.

Available colours: Aluminum options are starlight, midnight, silver and product (red), stainless steel options are silver, graphite (shiny grey) and gold.

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Article content

Ultra: The Ultra can essentially take you higher and deeper. It’s corrosion resistant, perfect for mountainous conditions, and can take water temperature readings up to 40 metres deep, ideal for the scuba diver. The Ultra also has an 86-decibel siren that can be activated to attract attention. It has many more features and can do everything the Series 8 can do too.

Available colours: Only a silver titanium

Favourite features: Fitness tracker, personalization, iPhone integration, focus

Fitness tracker: I feel more empowered to make health and lifestyle decisions. The fitness tracker can do so many useful things like record (approximate) calories burned in a workout and throughout the day. It can tell you what your heart rate is so you can adjust your exertion level. It also gives you little reminders to stand and move. I feel like the watch is giving me attitude when it vibrates and tells me “it’s time to stand” but then I remember to peel myself out of my chair and stand.

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Article content

Personalization: Ultimately, if I don’t like the look of the watch, there’s a huge chance I’m not wearing it every day. The Apple Watch has so many ways to personalize your experience, from the colour of the watch to seemingly endless face and band options. I’ve spent the last few months testing the watch and convincing myself that I don’t need this Hermès (or this one) band. I’m not fully convinced yet but got the much more affordable scrunchie and leather bands from Amazon and they’re great.   

iPhone integration: Though I go on a rant below about how there are too many apps in this world, the Watch-iPhone integration is seamless. Setting up the watch in the first place is super easy. And then the two work wonderfully together, for example, the watch has a teeny tiny keyboard that can’t realistically be used by adult fingers, but a normal-sized one automatically pops up on your iPhone for an ideal typing experience.

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Article content

Focus: Because the Apple Watch and iPhone are best friends, I don’t need to be attached to my phone. The watch shows all key notifications for work and social (if turned on) so I can stay in the loop without having the opportunity to be distracted by the Instagram and TikToks of the world. 

Apple Watch Hermes.
Apple Watch Hermes. Photo by Apple

Least favourite feature: Too many apps

Apps on apps: Just like the oversaturation of technology that needs to be charged, too many products require an app. I have an air purifier, toaster and indoor garden that have an app. I’m referring to the apps you need on your phone to optimally use the watch, not the apps on the real watch. If you want the full functionality of the ECG, health, fitness, sleep and the overall watch, those are five separate apps for your phone. 

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Article content

Overall recommendation

I love the watch. It’s very clear that phone brands should be used with their corresponding watches. So Pixel phones should be used with Pixel watches and iPhones, the Apple Watch. If you’re looking for a smartwatch, you’ll likely want to stay in your phone’s ecosystem. 

If you’re interested in an Apple Watch and are deciding among the three new options, I’d recommend the Ultra if you’re an extreme athlete/adventurer, the Series 8 if you’re not and the SE for a more affordable option or if it’s for a child.

What: Apple Watch Series 8 (also mentioned below, the new Apple Watch SE which starts at $329 and Apple Watch Ultra which starts at $1,099)
Cost: From $529
Where to buy: Apple | Best Buy | Amazon

  1. None

    iPhone 14 review: Is it worth upgrading?

  2. iPad 10th generation.

    iPad 10th-generation review: Major upgrades from 9th gen

Shopping Essentials is a new category that features highly researched products, new and exciting launches or behind-the-scenes info — learn more.


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Killexams : Can Apple Watch Ultra really replace a dive computer? We asked an expert diver null © Torben Lonne/Divein null

The Apple Watch Ultra is billed as a watch that can support you throughout your adventuring highs and lows – sometimes literally. Designed to withstand temperatures from -4F / -20C to 130F / 55C, and with a built-in altimeter and compass, and water-resistance to 50 meters, this is wearable that promises to be an essential companion whether you're up a mountain or beneath the waves. 

We weren’t able to test the watch to such extremes in our initial Apple Watch Ultra review, but even so, Apple's top-of-the-line Watch has already earned its place on our list of the best Apple Watches. We have a sneaking suspicion that most Ultra buyers won’t be taking full advantage of the watch’s abilities either: it’ll mostly be on the wrists of weekend warriors who might jump at the chance to do a 10K trail run, or surf in the winter (like me), but aren't planning on going on a multi-day hike in the Andes (unlike TechRadar's own Michelle Rae Uy).

However, Apple has taken the next steps to make the Ultra a true adventurer’s partner. In collaboration with Huish Outdoors, it's released the Oceanic+ app for the Apple Watch Ultra, which effectively turns the Ultra into a dive computer. The app's free plan allows scuba divers to calculate their position with undersea GPS tracking, and features a diver’s logbook, depth gauges, picture sharing, and alerts if you reach your maximum depth. 

The paid subscription plan adds more sophisticated diving tools, such as the ability to calculate your no-decompression limit – that is, the time a diver will be able to spend at a given depth without the risk of suffering decompression sickness, aka the bends, were they to return directly to the surface without performing decompression stops. 

Tide predictions, a UV index, and weather forecasts are also included in the paid plan, which costs $79.99 / £81.99 / AU$129.99 annually. If you’re an irregular diver, you can pay per month for as long as you need the app, or just use the free version, but serious divers will need to shell out if they want to get the most from the Ultra and Oceanic+. 

Dive watches are nothing new, but they’re usually intricate analog watches or purpose-built digital models, rather than an app loaded onto an (albeit feature-rich) smartwatch. So can the Apple Watch Ultra, teamed with the Oceanic+ app, replace dedicated dive computers made by the likes of Garmin – as promised by launch footage of divers using the Ultra – or is it all a bit of a gimmick? 

To find out, TechRadar asked Torben Lonne, co-founder of diving and adventure website Divein and a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, about his experiences with the Apple Watch Ultra. 

“[To test the Ultra] we dived with the dive computer on the wrist, with a second dive computer mounted on the other wrist,” said Lonne. “The second dive computer will work as a reference for the dive time, depth and no decompression limit. Afterward, we mount a series of comparable dive computers on a rack to check that readings are the same, look at the brightness and readability of the screen, and see when and how alarms are displayed.

“The Apple Watch Ultra has the brightest screen of any dive computer we have tested, making it easy to see the data in any condition. The information is displayed nicely in an easy-to-read format. There are clear visual, haptic, and audible alarms whenever the diver reaches a limit, gets to a safety stop, or ascends too fast.”

That's good news for divers, so far, with the Apple Watch Ultra’s updated retina display and 2000 nits of brightness allowing it to shine in the undersea murk. The more prominent digital crown and Action Button, meanwhile, are designed to allow divers, as well as athletes and outdoor adventurers, to operate the watch in a basic capacity while wearing gloves. 

“Usability-wise, it's clear to see that it's an Apple product,” says Lonne. “Out of the box, I could use this dive computer as easily as I can the Garmin Descent MK2i I've been using for the last two years.” 

Although the Oceanic+ app's dive computer software is good, spending a premium on a watch and then paying extra for additional diving features is a high barrier to entry. However, the Garmin Descent MK2i Lonne mentioned above retails for almost double the price of the Apple Watch Ultra, so if you're set on getting the Watch Ultra anyway, the extra subscription is a somewhat affordable alternative for casual divers.  

Lonne believes the Watch Ultra and Oceanic+ combo won’t replace a dedicated dive computer for serious divers, but, as we'd though would be the case, he thinks it’s a nice alternative to hobbyists who might otherwise rent a computer when they pick up the rest of their gear. 

“It won't be used by ultra-divers seeking depth or advanced diving; therefore the ‘Ultra’ name might be a miss for the diving parts of it,“ he says. “Still, I see a lot of divers using it, the ones that are diving for a few weeks or months a year. These are the divers that would typically rent a dive computer in the dive center.”

So, the Oceanic+ app appears to be a worthwhile addition to the Apple Watch Ultra's already-impressive array of hardware and software. It works as intended; it's easy to use; it shows the necessary information; and it's comprehensive enough to impress a professional diver. Sure, the Ultra's all-in-one approach is better suited to dilettantes and jacks-of-all-trades rather than enthusiast divers or professionals, but Apple knows this is where the demand is. For most of us, it's enough to wear the Ultra and use it as a running watch, safe in the knowledge we could dive with it if we ever wanted to. And we might… but we probably won't. 

Tue, 06 Dec 2022 19:26:19 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : Apple Again Delays its Car Program

Apple’s secretive carmaking venture has yet again been delayed — this time to 2026 — and reportedly will be scaled back from its ambitious, earlier plans that included full Level 5 autonomy.

Known inside the Silicon Valley tech giant by the codename Project Titan, senior company officials, including CEO Tim Cook, have so far provided only the vaguest hint of what’s in the works. But it is widely believed Apple has been targeting the development of an all-electric vehicle with full autonomy. Some believe the goal was to bring out a product that wouldn’t even offer conventional controls, such as a steering wheel or pedals.

But Apple apparently has come to the same conclusion as potential competitors — such as Ford which last month halted development of its own robotic vehicles — according to a report in Automotive News. It appears an eventual Apple car will still be all-electric but feature more conventional controls. It will permit limited hands-free operation on highways, the trade publication said, basing its report on “people with knowledge of the matter.”

Frequent detours

The Apple car has been in on-and-off development for more than a decade, though the tech company long downplayed such a program. Over the years it reportedly went through a variety of changes, Apple at one point in 2019 cutting hundreds of jobs, in the process raising questions about whether the company was giving up on the venture.

“We have an incredibly talented team working on autonomous systems and associated technologies at Apple,” a company spokesperson told CNBC at the time. “As the team focuses their work on several key areas for 2019, some groups are being moved to projects in other parts of the company, where they will support machine learning and other initiatives, across all of Apple.”

CEO Cook finally gave more insight into the Apple car’s new direction two years later, making it clear that a high level of self-driving capabilities was essential to the project.

“The autonomy itself is a core technology, in my view,” he said in an interview. “If you sort of step back, the car, in a lot of ways, is a robot. An autonomous car is a robot.”

Reality sets in

But, as a number of other automakers and test firms have been discovering, it’s far more difficult to reach Level 5 autonomy — where a vehicle can drive anywhere, anytime, without a human at least ready to take over under certain conditions.

Ford recently acknowledged the difficulty of reaching that goal, killing its Pittsburgh-based Argo AI subsidiary and ending a joint venture with Volkswagen.

The recognition that full autonomy isn’t yet feasible is causing Apple to not only rethink the goals of its vehicle program but also forcing a delay of the launch until 2026.

Setting more realistic goals

The tech giant isn’t abandoning self-driving capabilities entirely, but it appears it will offer a far more limited version of the technology. That would be more in line with the GM Super Cruise and Ford BlueCruise systems. They allow hands-free driving on roads that have been carefully mapped in high definition. And they require motorists remain at the ready to take over quickly, as needed.

The many changes the Project Titan has gone through has created turmoil within the development team, with frequent turnover among the ranks.

“Current leader Kevin Lynch has aimed to bring more stability and a focus on practical goals after years of priority changes and even some layoffs,” Automotive News said in a story released Wednesday. But the latest changes could create a new wave of challenges for Apple car team leaders.

A cheaper, less sophisticated vehicle

What happens now is uncertain. Until now, the plan called for the EV to start at around $120,000 and come to market by around 2024. The new report indicates that, without the hefty computing power needed for Level 5 autonomy, a base Apple car might now come in closer to $100,000. That would put it in line with a base Tesla Model S, a Mercedes-Benz EQS and the newest version of the Lucid Air.

The final specs for the revised Apple car should be ready by late 2024, with prototype testing to occupy the next year. Barring still more setbacks, Apple expects to have it in production by 2026.

More broadly, Apple is known to be looking for new revenue lines, having introduced few new products since the debut of its smartwatch. And it has been investing heavily in vehicle development, spending an estimated $1 billion annually on Project Titan.

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Killexams : How to Pass a Drug Test In 2023: Best Detoxification Methods For Detox Cleanse

Drug tests are a part of life for many people. Whether you're applying for jobs, taking a school test, a professional athlete, or just generally trying to stay safe, knowing how to pass a drug test is immense.


If you have ever tried to detox in preparation for a drug test and still felt like you haven’t done enough, you’ll understand how important it is to know how to pass a drug test.


Or maybe you smoked/consumed something a little stronger than what you're used to, or you have the unfortunate luck of being like many others taking synthetic drugs.


It doesn't matter what it is; drug tests are terrifying, and failing one can affect life negatively.


This article will show you everything you should know about drug tests. Read on to learn about the types of drug tests and how to pass them!


Top 7 Best THC Detox Methods

1.        Detox Drinks: Overall Best Solution To Flush Weed Out Of Your System

2.      Detox Pills: Trusted Ways to Beat Weed Drug Test

3.      Home Remedies: Best Methods To Detox Naturally & Flush Toxins

4.      Cranberry Juice: Fastest Cleansing Way To Detox Urine Test

5.      Apple Cider Vinegar: Best Detox Solution Of Getting Marijuana Out Of Your System

6.      Hair Shampoos: Top Choice Solution For Beating Hair Follicle Drug Test

7.       Mouthwash: Effective Detox Methods To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

#1. Detox Drinks: Overall Best Solution To Flush Weed Out Of Your System

Detox drinks are designed to help you beat any drug test by flushing your system. The idea is that if you drink enough of them, you will be able to expel enough toxins from your body that any traces of marijuana will be gone by the time you take your test.


Many detox drinks on the market claim to help your system get rid of THC and other substances. Some detox drinks, such as Mega Clean, contain activated charcoal and bentonite clay.


These ingredients absorb toxins in the digestive tract and can also be found in some detox pills.


In addition, some detox drinks also contain herbs such as dandelion root, milk thistle, and kudzu root. These herbs are believed to help cleanse the liver and kidneys, but little evidence supports this claim.


Notwithstanding, one detox drink on the market that can help you properly detox is TestClear's best selling detox drink, produced by megabrand DETOXIFY, Mega Clean. Mega Clean is a potent detox drink that has been proven to work.


It uses multiple ingredients, including creatine and glutamine, to help exterminate toxins from your body. In addition, the formula is safe, making it one of the most popular products on the market.


Mega Clean works by causing your body to sweat out the toxins through the pores in your skin. That helps to flush out toxins that are stored in your fat cells.


You can use this product as often as needed to help you pass your test, making it ideal for those who need to take drug tests on short notice.


The Mega Clean detox drink comes in three flavors: apple cinnamon, cherry, and grape. Each bottle contains 32 oz of liquid and will last for about 24 hours before another dose is needed.


In addition to being practical, Mega Clean is also affordable. You can get a one-time supply for under $70 and a discounted bulk price from the TestClear official website, on Amazon, and in Walmart stores.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Detox Drinks

#2. Detox Pills: Trusted Ways to Beat Weed Drug Test


If you are looking for a fast and easy way to pass a drug test, then detox pills are the way to go.


Detox pills have been proven to help you pass a urine test. They work by cleansing your system of all traces of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. Most detox pills will work on any urine test and can be taken up to 24 hours before the test.


There are various types of detox pills on the market, but the most popular is Toxin Rid 5-Day Detox which has been proven effective by millions worldwide.


The Toxin Rid 5-Day Detox is a daily detox pill that balances toxins and other drugs from your system. This product works fast and is guaranteed to clean you in just five days.


The five-day detox program is made up of two pills per day, which work to rid your body of toxins or harmful substances that have been ingested. The pills are designed to work without needing any other supplement or product.


Toxin Rid 5-Day Detox has been used by thousands of people across the United States, Canada, and Europe to pass their drug tests.


When using Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox, it's best to take one tablet in the morning and another before bedtime with water. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules and should be taken over five days before your test date so you can pass it comfortably.


The Toxin Rid 5-Day Detox contains vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other organic ingredients that help to cleanse your system.


This product comes with a money-back certain if you fail to pass your test after using it for five days. You can order this product online or buy it at nearby stores.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Detox Pills

#3. Home Remedies: Best Methods To Detox Naturally & Flush Toxins

There are plenty of home remedies that claim to help you pass a drug test. You can increase your chances of beating a drug test at home—without spending money on pills or powders.


The best way to detox naturally is by drinking water and taking vitamin B12 supplements, which will help flush toxins from your body within 24 hours.


You can also try eating foods rich in fiber and protein and exercising regularly so your body has more energy to burn fat stores and produce more urine than usual.


Drinking lots of water before a drug test will not help you pass, and if taken too far, it can damage your kidneys and cause other health problems.


Drinking lots of water will dilute the concentration of THC metabolites in your urine and make them appear less concentrated than they really are. Although, this is one of those myths that has existed for a long time and has no basis.


Moreover, scientists have found that drinking lots of water will dilute your urine and help it come out clean. So if you want to pass a drug test, drink plenty of fluids before taking it. But this may cause dehydration and make you feel worse than before.


Lemon juice is another common home remedy for cleaning the body and detoxifying it.


Lemon juice is very acidic, which means that it may be able to break down the toxins in your body and get rid of them in your urine. However, this method is ineffective because most labs use immunoassay tests, which can detect even small traces of marijuana.


Lemon juice will work best if you only try to mask THC in your body by drinking lots of water. It can also help flush out any contaminants from your system if you're taking a test in a day or two.


However, using synthetic urine or cleansing tablets may be more effective if you have time before the test.


Other home remedies include taking vitamin B12, eating cranberry juice or cranberry pills, and drinking vinegar (this is a myth).

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Home Remedies

#4. Cranberry Juice: Fastest Cleansing Way To Detox Urine Test

Cranberry juice is a natural diuretic, making you pee more often. However, if you drink enough cranberry juice before taking a drug test, you will flush the toxins out of your system faster and pass the test with flying colors.


However, remember that there are only so many times your body can produce urine per day before running out of water.


The rate at which your body processes drugs depends on how much of each drug you have ingested over time — not just in one sitting.


If you've been smoking pot every day for years (or even months), no amount of cranberry juice will eliminate all traces.


If you use lots of alcohol with your marijuana use, then no cranberry juice can help as much as abstaining from alcohol altogether.


However, there are two significant problems with relying on cranberry juice to pass a drug test:


●         It only works with certain types of tests

●         If you have a Cranberry allergy, it might not be suitable for you

●         There's no certain that it will work on the specific type of test you're taking


Cranberry Juice may be a better option for some. However, it contains sugar and can cause a false positive for glucose in your urine sample.


For example, Suppose you have diabetes and use insulin or other medications you must inject into your body.


In that case, your doctor will screen you for glucose in your urine before determining how much medication to administer.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cranberry Juice

#5. Apple Cider Vinegar: Best Detox Solution Of Getting Marijuana Out Of Your System

Apple cider vinegar is an age-old detoxifying agent that can help clear your system of toxins and pass a drug test. It works by binding to the toxins in your body, which are flushed out of your system through urination.


It's essential to note that apple cider vinegar does not actually "cleanse" your system of drugs.


The idea behind cleansing is that you take a substance like cayenne pepper or psyllium husk, and it acts like a magnet, attracting all the toxins in your body and then making them easier to excrete from your body.


Apple cider vinegar doesn't do that — it simply binds to toxins so they can be excreted more easily.


You can use ACV (apple cider vinegar) for drug testing in two ways: Drink it or use a tincture (a liquid extract of herbs).


Here's how:


Drink two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before testing yourself with a drug test kit. The best time to drink it is just before bedtime since this gives it time to work overnight while you sleep.


Ensure you drink at least eight ounces of water afterward to help flush the toxins out of your system before they build up again.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Apple Cider Vinegar

#6. Hair Shampoos: Top Choice Solution For Beating Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair follicle drug tests are the most accurate way to detect cannabis use. They can detect marijuana in your body for up to 90 days after you've last smoked it, although you should always be aware that this is an estimate based on average user behavior.


If you're concerned about a hair follicle drug test, then a hair shampoo for hair follicle drug test can help ensure that it comes out negative.


Hair shampoos for follicle tests are shampoo products that can help you beat a hair follicle drug test. They work by cleansing your hair and removing the traces of drugs from your body.


The most crucial thing to do is to use the product before you take the test so that it has enough time to cleanse your hair.


There are many different types of hair shampoos available on the market today. Some are designed specifically for drug tests, while others are not. You must be careful when choosing one because some may contain ingredients that can cause you to fail your test.


Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo is the best for hair follicle drug tests. Professionals recommend this shampoo because it has been around for many years and has proven to pass drug tests quickly and effectively.


The reason why this product works so well is that it cleanses your hair and scalp of any toxins that they can detect in your hair follicles. In addition, this shampoo only takes about 2 minutes, so it's simple and easy to do.


It also doesn't require mixing or diluting, making it even more straightforward than other products on the market.


However, if you have long hair, you will need to use this product twice a day for about three days before your test date to have sufficient time for all the toxins to get out of your system.


If your hair is short, you can use this product once a day for about two days before your test date.


After using this product consistently for three days, you should stop using it at least 24 hours before your test date so that there isn't any residual toxin left in your system that could end up failing your test.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hair Shampoos

#7. Mouthwash: Effective Detox Methods To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

Mouthwash is great for various things, including getting rid of bad breath, getting rid of the bad taste from eating spicy foods, and even helping fight cavities. But did you know that mouthwash can also help you pass a drug test?


If you are taking a saliva test and are worried about failing due to smoking marijuana in the past week or two, using mouthwash could help you pass your drug test.


If you know that you will be tested soon and have no time to prepare, you can use mouthwash to pass the swab test. The main ingredient of most mouthwash is alcohol, which helps remove all traces of THC from your saliva.


However, this method will not work for urine or blood tests because THC is fat-soluble and does not dissolve in water.


You can use Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash to detox for a saliva drug test. Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash is an excellent product for passing a drug test.


It has been designed to help rid toxins from your system so that your urine sample will be clean and free of contaminants. That is essential to pass a drug test since it can be difficult if there are traces of drugs in your system.


The detox mouthwash contains a unique formula that helps to eliminate toxins from the body. It includes THC and other drugs such as opiates, amphetamines, and cocaine.


The product also contains several natural ingredients that help fight bacteria and viruses which may be present in your body.


These include aloe vera extract, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil which all have anti-inflammatory properties.


Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash is perfect for anyone who wants to pass their next drug test with flying colors!

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mouthwash

Types of Drug Tests

Regarding drug tests, there are many different options for employers. Each test has its own detection time and method. Understanding this will make passing a drug test very easy for you. However, the two most common drug tests are urine and hair follicle tests.


Let's look at the popular types of drug tests and how they work. There are four main types of drug tests: urine, blood, saliva, and hair. Each one tests for a different kind of substance and shares a reasonable probability of false results.


So, let's quickly glance over what you can expect from each type:


Urine test: Can detect THC  use for up to 3 weeks after your last exposure

Blood test: Can detect THC use within 1-3 days of your last exposure

Saliva test: Can detect THC use up to 3 days after your last exposure

Hair follicle drug test: Can detect THC up to 3 months after exposure

Urine Test

The urine test is the most standard and least expensive drug test. It can be done at home or the workplace and is relatively inexpensive. A urine test measures the presence of metabolites, which are by-products that indicate latest drug use.


Urine tests are easy to administer and collect, which makes them ideal for on-site testing. However, urine tests are less accurate than other drug tests because they can detect drug use within a week after use.


There are two types of urine tests:


Screening Test: This test looks for marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines. The results are usually not conclusive enough to warrant disciplinary action, but you may use them to determine if further testing should occur.


Confirmatory Test: This test verifies the presence of illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines.

Blood Test

A blood test is the most accurate way to detect drugs in a person's system. Blood tests can also determine how much of a drug is present in a person's system, but these tests are less common than urine tests.


A blood test measures the amount of drugs in your bloodstream at a specific time. Blood tests can detect most illegal drugs within one to three hours after use but may not detect some synthetic cannabinoids and designer drugs such as K2 or Spice.


Blood tests are typically performed on people arrested or involved in an accident.

Saliva Test

Saliva drug testing is a simple, non-invasive way to test for drug use. Saliva drug tests are often used in the workplace and schools to detect the presence of THC, such as in marijuana, amphetamines, and cocaine.


A saliva drug test collects a sample of saliva from the person being tested. The saliva is then analyzed for the presence of drugs using an immunoassay technique that requires no lab equipment or special training.


The test is usually administered by having the person place a vial in their mouth for about one minute and then spitting it into a collection cup. The collection cup is then sent to a lab for analysis.


The time it takes for THC (marijuana) to show up in someone's system varies depending on how often they use marijuana, whether they smoke or ingest marijuana products such as edibles, and how much they consume at a time. On average, THC can be detected anywhere from two hours after smoking to 72 hours after using pot.

Hair Follicle Test

Hair follicle drug testing is a relatively new way to test for drugs. The hair follicle test is like the urine drug screen, but it takes samples from your hair instead of a urine sample. This method is more accurate and can detect latest drug use for up to 90 days.


Hair follicle drug tests are commonly used by probation officers and employers who want to see if their employees are using drugs without their knowledge or consent.


They are also used by parents who suspect their child may be using drugs but cannot force them to take a blood or urine test against their will.

FAQs About THC & Detox

Q1. How Long Does THC Stay in Your Body System?

THC and its metabolites are fat-soluble, and the half-life of THC is about 1.5 days for infrequent users and 3 to 4 days for frequent users.


The time it takes for a THC to leave your system depends on how often you use it, how much you weigh, your metabolism, and other factors.


For example, heavy smokers who consume large amounts of cannabis daily have higher plasma concentrations than light smokers who regularly consume little or no cannabis.


For example: If you weigh 150 pounds or less and smoke once a day, it will take approximately 11 days for the last trace of THC to leave your system.


If you weigh 150 pounds and smoke once an hour, it will take approximately seven days for the last trace of THC to leave your system.

Q2. What are the Factors that Impact How Long THC Stays in Your System?

Factors that can impact how long THC stays in your system include:


The frequency of use. If you use marijuana frequently, it may stay in your system longer.


How long have you been using marijuana? If you're a new user, THC may leave your body faster than if you've been using it for a long time.


Body fat content. If you have more body fat, THC may remain in your system longer.


Age and gender. If you’re older or female, it may take longer for THC to leave your body than if you’re younger or male.


Q3. What’s the Best Detox Drink for Weed?

The best detox drink for weed is water.


If you want to get rid of THC, you only need a lot of water. The more water you drink, the faster your body will flush out all traces of THC from your system and return to normal.


The quickest way to do this is by drinking lots of water before and after using cannabis (or any other psychoactive drug).


Drinking lots of water helps flush out these extra toxins so they don't build up in your system.

Conclusion: How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

Passing a drug test is something that all marijuana users and drug abusers should consider, especially in these challenging times when jobs are so hard to find. However, it does not have to be as challenging to take care of as many people may think.


There are plenty of good ways to pass that drug test and get back on your way to employment. Please use the information above to help you pass your drug test.


Of course, the methods we have reviewed in this guide are not 100% guaranteed to work. Nonetheless, these methods have been proven to work more often than not. So, choose the method that suits your upcoming test and use it. Good luck with your drug test!




Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the above article are independent professional judgment of the experts and The Tribune does not take any responsibility, in any manner whatsoever, for the accuracy of their views. This should not be considered as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician for more details. Makers of the respective products shall solely be liable for the correctness, reliability of the content and/or compliance of applicable laws. The above is non-editorial content and The Tribune does not vouch, endorse or certain any of the above content, nor is it responsible for them in any manner whatsoever. Please take all steps necessary to ascertain that any information and content provided is correct, updated, and verified.



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