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Get your loved one’s military honors: My dad served during the Korean War. It was wonderful for me to get a copy of his service records and medals. The National Archives website lets you request a family member’s service records and medals. Here’s how. 

🏞️ Drop your credit card in your backpack: Our National Park System is saying no more cash for entry fees. Starting soon, these parks will be card only: Hawaii Volcanoes, Mount Rainier, Death Valley and the Rocky Mountains. Yosemite was made a national park so people wouldn’t take it for granite.

You got served: Investors in the failed crypto platform FTX finally served Shaquille O’Neal. One of the celebrity spokespeople for FTX, O’Neal, has been dodging legal summons for months. Shaq says he was “just a paid spokesperson for a commercial.” Remember that the next time you see him pitching any products.

😋 Latte and a snack: Startup Good-Edi hopes to eliminate disposable paper coffee cups. Its edible coffee cups are made of rye flour, wheat bran, oat bran, sugar, salt, coconut oil and water. Yummy, fiber. 

Steer with a stare: No joke, you can drive with your eyes in BMW’s new $50,000 5 Series sedan. The car will suggest a lane change. If you want to move over, simply glance at your mirror and, just like that, you’re in the next lane. But what if you were just looking at the hottie in the car over?

‘Stealth wealth’: The term for subtle cues someone is loaded. Here’s a new one: Wealthy folks don’t use an iPhone case. Watch “The White Lotus,” “Succession” or “Billions.” The same goes for Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos — both can afford a new phone.

Bonus dashcam: Google’s latest code update says you could soon use your Android smartphone as a bona fide dashcam. It’ll start recording as soon as it connects to your car and stop once you turn it off. Neat.

🛰️ Buzz Lightyear vibes: The U.S. Space Force plays a lead role in our military. Spotting incoming missiles? That’s their Monday … and Tuesday … and, well, every day. I really liked this video explaining our “Guardians” of the galaxy, and you will, too!

Mon, 05 Jun 2023 09:19:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.komando.com/issue/checks-to-keep-your-smart-home-safe/887745/
Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss: Does It Work? No result found, try new keyword!Apple cider vinegar is often used for weight loss, but does it really help? Read more to learn about the benefits of ACV, according to dietitians. Wed, 31 May 2023 07:47:00 -0500 text/html https://www.si.com/showcase/nutrition/apple-cider-vinegar-for-weight-loss Apple is expected to unveil a sleek, pricey headset. Is it the device VR has been looking for? No result found, try new keyword!Apple is also likely to use the event to show off its latest Mac computer, preview the next operating system for the iPhone and discuss its strategy for artificial intelligence. But the star of the ... Sun, 04 Jun 2023 04:17:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.chron.com/business/article/apple-is-expected-to-unveil-sleek-headset-aimed-18134386.php TikTok creator gets two free Apple Watches from Verizon and a surprise $600 bill
In a video posted on TikTok (via DailyDot), creator "@Meganmauk" said that she was "scammed" by Verizon. It all started when her family went to a Verizon store to upgrade their old phones to new models. While in the process of exchanging their old phones for new ones, a supervisor at the store stepped in to supply the family two free Apple Watch timepieces as part of a promotion that was going on.
The mother of the TikTok creator smelled something fishy and it wasn't the supervisor's cologne. After saying that the deal seemed like it was too good to be true, the supervisor said that the Apple Watch models being given away had no "cell gear attached to them" and they were not the "top of the line ones." With that in mind, the creator (her name is Meg, by the way) was gifted the two watches by her mother.

The family kept hearing that the free Apple Watch units they received were not cellular models

Meg planned on giving away one of the free Apple Watch units so she returned to the Verizon store with her mom and spoke with the same supervisor to make sure that the Watch SE models she was given did not support cellular connectivity, which was confirmed again by the store. The mother also noted that the cost of their plan was a little higher than expected, but the Verizon supervisor said that they shouldn't worry because it would go back down in two to three months.

Things go south in a hurry when the first bill arrives

So the first bill arrives in the mail and the family is floored because it was $600. So once again they return to the Verizon store to complain and they find out that the Apple Watch devices they received free as part of a promo were cellular models despite being told otherwise. And now the family hears that they have to pay the $600 each month until the promo kicks in. The family didn't expect to receive the two free watches and then find out that they would have to pay extra for them on their Verizon bill.

@meganmauk Replying to @krissybdavis on my moms life i was not bullying anyone trust me as a girl with her mom alone in a store with 2 grown men i only wanted answers / clarification not problems. i even apologized at the end when i did nothing wrong because thats the kind of person i am @Verizon #verizon♬ original sound - meg

In a follow-up video, Meg says that she returned to the Verizon store in an attempt to return the two Apple Watches the family received. During that visit, while talking to the original rep who "helped" the family the first time, another rep stepped in and accused Meg of "bullying," even though she didn't insult anyone, or even raise her voice. She ended up leaving that store and heading to another Verizon location where she was told that yes, the numbers didn't add up. But all she could get from that second store was confirmation that something looked wrong with the bill and no change could be made to the monthly invoice.

It isn't clear what has gone down since Meg's last video was posted but we'd love to hear Verizon's side of the story. If we do get a statement from the carrier, we will update this article. It is possible that once the promo kicks in, bill credits will be issued to cover the cost of the watches. The bottom line is that if you are unsure about how a promo you're being offered by your carrier works, keep asking questions until you understand exactly what is going on.
You might recall that in 2021 some T-Mobile and Verizon customers were up in arms over an Apple Watch promotion that the carriers said did not exist. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman got caught up in that situation and customers complained that they didn't receive a $100 rebate that they felt entitled to. It isn't exactly the same situation that happened to Meg and her family, but it should act as another reminder to check out every great deal that you are being offered by your wireless provider.
Tue, 30 May 2023 00:59:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.phonearena.com/news/verizon-customer-surprised-by-big-bill_id147797

9L0-062 answers - Mac OS X v10.6 Troubleshooting Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: 9L0-062 Mac OS X v10.6 Troubleshooting answers June 2023 by Killexams.com team
Mac OS X v10.6 Troubleshooting
Apple Troubleshooting answers

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Mac OS X v10.6 Troubleshooting
Question: 72
You go on site and find a customer's Mac Pro is hanging at loading the desktop. His external
firewire backup drive is not bootable, and he has misplaced his Snow Leopard Install DVD. The
customer has a spare MacBook Pro available, how can you use it to resolve this issue?
A. Restart the Mac Pro into Target Disk Mode, connect it to the MacBook Pro and open Console.
B. Restart the Mac Pro into Target Disk Mode, connect it to the MacBook Pro and use the Disk
C. Restart the Mac Pro into Target Disk Mode, connect it to
the MacBook Pro and open System
D. Restart the MacBook Pro into Target Disk Mode, connect it to the Mac Pro then attempt to
boot from it.
Answer: B
Question: 73
Your customer would like to create a back up his iMac's hard drive as a compressed and
encrypted disk image to an external hard drive. How can you accomplish this task when started
from the Snow Leopard Install DVD?
A. Open Restore from Backup and select the backup to disk image option.
B. Open Disk Utility, select the hard drive, then click the New Image button.
C. Open Disk Utility, select the hard drive, click the Restore tab, then select restore to disk
D. Open Image Capture, select the hard drive, select the compressed and encrypted options then
click capture.
Answer: B
Question: 74
Jill uses her MacBook late at night and occasionally has to restart. Despite having muted the
speaker volume the MacBook always boot chimes loudly after restart. What step should you try
first to resolve this issue?
A. Reset the SMC.
B. Reset the PRAM.
C. Reinstall Snow Leopard.
D. Repair disk permissions.
Answer: B
Question: 75
Scott's Mac mini is hanging during startup at a blue screen. What built-in startup mode might
resolve this issue?
A. Verbose
B. Safe Boot
C. Single User
D. Target Disk Mode
Answer: B
Question: 76
From the list below, select the new feature of the Security Pane in Snow Leopard.
A. The ability to use secure virtual memory.
B. The Firewall tab has been moved from Sharing preferences.
C. A setting to require a password to unlock each System Preferences pane.
D. The ability to add a delay to the required password after sleep or screensaver begins.
Answer: D
Question: 77
A customer with Snow Leopard finds that her MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2009) no longer asks
what to do with blank DVD-Rs. Which troubleshooting steps should you try first?
A. Start from the Snow Leopard install DVD, then run System Profiler.
B. Start from an external USB or FireWire hard drive, then test for the issue.
C. Open System Preferences CDs & DVDs pane, then check for incorrect settings.
D. Try a known good blank DVD-R, if the issue persists then replace the SuperDrive.
Answer: C
Question: 78
Which built-in application can be used for troubleshooting connectivity with a digital SLR
A. iMovie
B. Console
C. Photo Booth
D. Image Capture
Answer: D
Question: 79
If a technician suspects that a required system font is missing from a Snow Leopard install,
which folder should be investigated?
A. /Library/Fonts
B. /System/Fonts
C. /System/Library/Fonts
D. /Users/~/l_ibrary/Fonts
Answer: C
Question: 80
Apple recommends the________volume format when setting up a Mac's hard drive for normal
A. Unix File System
B. Mac OS Extended
C. New Technology File System
D. Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
Answer: D
Question: 81
Bob is very concerned about network security since he travels extensively for work and
frequently has to use public wifi connections. What built-in security setting could he enable to
help prevent others from finding his computer on a network?
A. Stealth Mode
B. Application Firewall
C. Block all incoming connections
D. Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections
Answer: A
Question: 82
Which THREE of the following are changes in Snow Leopard custom installation options
compared to Leopard? SELECT THREE
A. Rosetta is an optional installation.
B. You can select individual languages.
C. QuickTime 7 is an optional installation.
D. QuickTime X is an optional installation.
E. You can select individual printer brands.
F. You can select only printers your computer uses.
Answer: A, C, F
Question: 83
if a user needs to change the permissionsofa file to read onlyforall users, what is the
recommended method?
A. Use the Terminal to adjust file permissions with command line tools.
B. Use Repair Permissions in the Disk Utility to adjust the file's permissions.
C. Use the Sharing & Permissions pop-up menu in the file's Get Info window to choose read
only forall users.
D. Place the file into a folder, then change folder permissions to read only using the Sharing &
Permissions pop-up menu in the folder's Get Info window.
Answer: C
Question: 84
a Mac's wireless chipset supports
What built-in Mac OS X utility can be used to determine if
Wake on Demand?
A. Network Utility
B. System Profiler
C. Airport Admin Utility
D. Network System Preferences
Answer: B
Question: 85
if you need to reinstall an application from a package file on the Mac OS X 10.6 install disc,
what is the proper path to these files?
A. Mac OS X Install DVD/Installation/System/Packages
B. Mac OS XInstall DVD/System/Installation/Packages
C. Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Applications
D. Mac OS X Install DVD/Installation/Applications/Packages
Answer: B
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Apple Troubleshooting answers - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/9L0-062 Search results Apple Troubleshooting answers - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/9L0-062 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Apple How to fix an ‘Apple ID has not yet been used with the App Store’ error


Apple has made Apple ID the pivot point around which all purchases and synchronization occurs across its stores, iCloud, and your devices. But what to do when you set up a new Apple ID for yourself or are helping someone else, and you see the error in macOS, “This Apple ID has not yet been used with the App Store”?

That prompt should also come with a pair of buttons: Cancel and Review. Click Review and you should be presented with terms and conditions you can read through and click to agree with. You may also be prompted to enter or confirm payment and other information.

Your Apple ID may need to be primed to proceed. © Mac World Your Apple ID may need to be primed to proceed.

However, some readers report that macOS stalls at this point. Here are a few tricks that work:

・Click Review repeatedly. Some people have only had a response after a second or subsequent click.

・Try to get a free app at the Mac App Store.

・Log in at appleid.apple.com and make sure you have payment information stored there.

・Launch Music or iTunes and attempt to sign in with the Apple ID. This provides a different route that may complete successfully. Because Apple uses the same information across its stores, that should resolve the App Store issue.

This Mac 911 article is in response to a question submitted by Macworld reader Daniela.

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked most frequently, along with answers and links to columns: read our super FAQ to see if your question is covered. If not, we’re always looking for new problems to solve! Email yours to mac911@macworld.com, including screen captures as appropriate and whether you want your full name used. Not every question will be answered, we don’t reply to email, and we cannot provide direct troubleshooting advice.

Wed, 24 May 2023 19:46:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/how-to-fix-an-apple-id-has-not-yet-been-used-with-the-app-store-error/ar-AA1bFkZx
How to prep a HomePod for sale


The HomePod and HomePod mini are unique creatures in Apple’s line-up: unlike nearly all other hardware Apple sells, these assistants/speakers are not permanently locked to your iCloud account nor to a paired iPhone or iPad. An iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Watch has Activation Lock enabled if you turn on Find My. Most Beats and Apple audio devices, as well as all Find My devices (AirTags and third-party), use what Apple now calls Find My Lock–Find My Lock connects a device without a visible interface to your Apple ID, and the lock can only be disabled via an iPhone or iPad in the Find My app. (Audio devices can be used with other hardware but they remain trackable by the original owner, as reporter Casey Johnston looked into when she lost hers.)

A HomePod or HomePod mini has no such lock. This means that if they’re stolen, someone can perform a reset and put one right back into use.

If you intentionally hand yours off as a sale, gift, or donation, you should still go through the steps to remove it from your account and perform a hard reset. First, you can avoid any potential of someone else having access to playlists, songs, and other potentially private data associated with your account. Second, it’s always better to wipe anything associated with yourself from hardware before it leaves your ownership.

Apple makes it fairly simple.

First, in a Home app in iOS, iPadOS, or macOS:

・Find your HomePod or HomePod mini.

・Click or tap it to reveal settings.

・Click or tap the gear icon.

・Click or tap Reset HomePod and follow the prompts.

Click to remove a HomePod and you receive a warning about precisely what happens next. © Mac World Click to remove a HomePod and you receive a warning about precisely what happens next.

Now, after those steps are completed:

・Unplug your HomePod for 10 seconds.

・Plug it back in, and after a brief moment, place your finger on the top of the HomePod and keep it there. (Apple says to wait 10 seconds first, but I’m not sure it matters in testing.)

・Eventually, the HomePod will show a spinning white pattern. This will change to a solid red when the reset is triggered. Keep holding down.

・The device will say that it’s about to reset. You’ll hear three beeps. After the last of those beeps, you can remove your finger.

Your HomePod or HomePod is now fully removed from your account and ready for its next life.

This Mac 911 article is in response to a question submitted by a Macworld reader.

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked most frequently, along with answers and links to columns: read our super FAQ to see if your question is covered. If not, we’re always looking for new problems to solve! Email yours to mac911@macworld.com, including screen captures as appropriate and whether you want your full name used. Not every question will be answered, we don’t reply to email, and we cannot provide direct troubleshooting advice.

Sun, 04 Jun 2023 21:08:49 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/how-to-prep-a-homepod-for-sale/ar-AA1c8vnH
12 Compelling Features Coming to Apple’s Operating Systems in 2023

Apple took more time in the WWDC keynote to discuss what’s coming in its 2023 operating system releases than it did to introduce its new Macs (see “Three New Macs Complete the Apple Silicon Transition,” 5 June 2023). Even still, the company’s presenters focused on only a handful of features in each operating system.

We did learn the new name for macOS 14—in a nod to California’s wine country, it will be macOS Sonoma. I feel funny putting that detail up front, but it feels important given how commonplace the macOS name becomes in our vocabulary for the next few years. At least Sonoma seems like it should be easy to say and spell for most people, so it will hopefully generate fewer mistakes like Mohave, Big Sir, and Venture.

There’s no way to cover even those features that Apple highlighted in the keynote, much less the many others it describes in preview pages on its website. Instead, I focus here on 12 features I look forward to trying or find generally compelling, in no particular order. For a list of everything coming in 2023’s operating systems—and Apple’s descriptions of the features below—see:

All these operating systems are available in beta form for developers now, will appear in public beta form for everyone soon enough, and should ship in the usual September/October time frame.

Contact Posters

We’ve been able to specify what photo we want to share with others for some time—those appear in Messages, Contacts, Phone, and more. In iOS 17, you’ll be able to create a custom Contact Poster containing your name over a photo or Memoji, and it will appear to others whenever you call. And before you ask, Apple’s Communication Safety protections cover it, so you shouldn’t have to worry about seeing someone’s naughty photo of themselves when they call.

Contact Posters

No More “Hey” with Siri

It may take a while to retrain my brain, but Apple says that we’ll be able to drop the “Hey” from “Hey Siri.” Given how many times per day I invoke Siri to turn lights on and off, set scenes, make reminders, and more, I’ll appreciate being able to use one less word. Alas, Apple said nothing about a new version of Siri that might take advantage of modern machine learning techniques for improved recognition and more fluid responses. I don’t want Siri to incorporate ChatGPT, but the current token-matching approach for commands is increasingly unimpressive.

Live Voicemail

I rarely answer calls from unknown numbers anymore because they’re nearly all spam calls. In most cases, I end up with a 90-second voicemail of a staticky phone line but no actual message. iOS 17’s Live Voicemail feature may block those outright, but when a person is talking on the other end, it will provide a real-time transcription of the message so you can see if you want to pick up. All transcription is handled on the iPhone to ensure privacy.

Live Voicemail

Dictatyping on the Mac

In iOS 16, Apple enhanced dictation so you could speak and use the keyboard simultaneously. That was a big win, and even though Dictation still hasn’t gained the helpful editing capabilities of Voice Control, I regularly dictate to my iPhone. With macOS Sonoma, that feature is coming to the Mac, and it may be what finally lets me use dictation for some of my writing.

FaceTime Apple TV Support

FaceTime is a distant third among the video calling systems we use. Zoom rules for everything related to Tonya’s work at Cornell and our meetings for the Finger Lakes Runners Club. We use Google Meet for family calls because some of them have Google Nest Hub Max smart speakers with video screens. But FaceTime’s new option to use an iPhone or iPad camera on an Apple TV via Continuity Camera would let us take video calls from the couch in the living room and see the other people on our big screen TV. It’s too bad Apple couldn’t have implemented this feature during the pandemic lockdowns before videoconferencing habits became so ingrained.

FaceTime on Apple TV

Messages Reaction Stickers

Apple spent an inordinate amount of time talking about iMessage stickers, and I tuned nearly all of it out while thinking uncharitable thoughts—during Tristan’s childhood, stickers seemed to feed a troubling “Ooo, shiny!” acquisitiveness among some of his peers. But then I heard that we’ll be able to use stickers as reactions to messages. I find the tapback icons in Messages helpful but limiting, so I may put a little effort into creating a set of personalized response stickers. Penguins, yes; Disney princesses, no.

PDF Form Filling

Could Apple be about to upgrade Preview in a tangible way after all these years? Apple says enhanced PDF functionality allows for quick form-filling with AutoFill looking up your information from Contacts. This feature works in iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma, but Apple emphasizes it for iPadOS 17, where it will require a relatively accurate iPad. This form-filling capability will apparently work even with scanned PDFs; we’ll see if it works with random PDFs not designed for form-filling.

Mac Desktop Widgets

It’s about time. macOS Sonoma will let you drag widgets from Notification Center, where I have literally never used them, to the Desktop. Even better, you’ll also be able to put iPhone widgets on your Mac, thanks to Continuity—the widgets will actually be running on the iPhone that’s nearby or at least on the same Wi-Fi network. That said, the only widget I use anywhere is CARROT Weather on the iPhone, so we’ll see if any widgets become more compelling on the Mac.

Widgets on the Desktop in macOS Sonoma

Check In

Whenever my family left my grandparents’ house for a long drive home, we’d be admonished to “Call when you get home.” (Probably due to the trip when my parents’ beater car broke down late at night after dropping me off for vacation, and my grandparents and I had to go rescue them. That car finished its life on blocks with a screw wood splitter replacing a rear wheel and a garden hose running straight into the extremely leaky radiator.) Nowadays, most people would probably text when they arrive home safely, but Apple aims to automate it all with the new Check In feature. It alerts a family member or friend when you arrive home safely, and if you stop making progress, it checks in with you. If you don’t respond, it shares information about your location and iPhone status with the other person. All end-to-end encrypted, of course.

Share Phone Numbers with NameDrop

Trading phone numbers with someone is always awkward, with you dictating it to the other person or handing them your phone to type it in. The new NameDrop feature leverages AirDrop, so you can just bring your iPhone next to another iPhone (both running iOS 17, I’m sure) to trigger a contact exchange. Contact Posters will appear, of course, and you’ll be able to pick the data you want to share before initiating the transfer. Bringing iPhones close together will also work for initiating AirDrop transfers.


AirTag Sharing

Finally! Find My will allow sharing AirTags and other Find My network accessories with up to five other people. That should work around the problems families have had with AirTags being associated with only a single person in the family. Everyone in the group will be able to use Precision Finding and play a sound to locate an AirTag when nearby.

Safari Web Apps

I’ve long evangelized the merits of site-specific browsers that essentially turn a website into a standalone app. Arc’s workspaces and pinned tabs have eliminated the need for site-specific browsers for me, but those who use Safari in macOS Sonoma will be able to transform any website into an app in the Dock merely by choosing a command in the File menu. We’ll see if Apple gets all the details of incoming and outgoing URL handling right—that’s the trickiest part of site-specific browsers. I feel bad for BZG and other companies currently making site-specific browsers; I’m sure they’ll be hard at work looking for ways to go beyond what Safari provides.

Web apps in Safari in macOS Sonoma

Which of these features seem the most compelling to you? Are there others that you’re waiting for with bated breath?

Mon, 05 Jun 2023 12:23:00 -0500 en text/html https://tidbits.com/2023/06/05/12-compelling-features-coming-to-apples-operating-systems-in-2023/
What to expect from the new Apple CarPlay at WWDC 2023 null © Polestar null

Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote is only hours away at this point, and while all eyes will doubtless be on the unveiling of the rumored mixed reality headset, that’s not all we have in store. We’re expecting new MacBooks, sure, but also updates to iOS, macOS and more information on CarPlay.

The latter was given a big overhaul at last year’s WWDC where it was billed as the ‘next generation’ of Apple’s automotive offering. Crucially, CarPlay with iOS 16 is now able to read information from cars and incorporate their features, such as the radio or climate control. There was also added support for cars with multiple screens. This could mean the central infotainment console as well as the driver's display behind the wheel.

This year, Apple is widely expected to supply us an update on how this revamped CarPlay has been received as well as an update on how the rollout is progressing. 

In April, Ford revealed the luxury 2024 Lincoln Nautilus which seems like the first car to support Apple’s upgraded CarPlay. The interior features an ultrawide display that wraps around the cabin from driver to passenger. This seems like the first implementation of the new CarPlay system, although both Ford and Apple have stopped short of confirming this. However, our sister site iMore points out the Nautilus’ interior looks extremely similar to what Apple showcased at last year’s CarPlay segment of WWDC.

Meanwhile, the Polestar 2 (from Volvo’s electric sub-brand) pushed out an OTA update this week to supply “extended functionality” to iPhone users wanting to get more from CarPlay. This includes being able to answer phone calls from the steering wheel and viewing Apple Maps on the display behind the wheel as well as the main infotainment screen. Additionally, the update (which also went to Volvo’s electric XC40) integrates “additional phone and media information on the home screen tile.”

Some automakers have signalled their intentions to move away from CarPlay (and Android Auto) in favor of developing their own in-house systems. Earlier this year, GM announced it would be cutting off access to CarPlay in its latest lineup of electric vehicles. And, of course, you won’t find anything from Google or Apple inside a Tesla. So, it could be the case Apple uses WWDC 2023 to delve into potential partnerships and other ways it can strengthen its position behind the wheel.

As iMore points out, Ford’s CEO Jim Farley was formerly Vice President of the Special Projects Group at Apple and has suggested the auto industry needed to lean more on U.S. silicon in the wake of the global semiconductor shortage. Could we see a marriage between the two whereby Apple supplies Ford with its M-Series chips? Anything’s possible.

However, if we put our sensible hats on for a minute, given the changes introduced to CarPlay last year and the focus on mixed reality at the present time, we may not see much more than a cursory update to CarPlay when Apple execs take to the stage later today. At the very least, it would be nice to hear about some new features Apple may have been able to squeeze in over the last twelve months. 

At any rate, you can follow along with our WWDC 2023 live blog right here to stay up-to-date with the latest announcements as they happen. 

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Sun, 04 Jun 2023 22:27:09 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/what-to-expect-from-the-new-apple-carplay-at-wwdc-2023/ar-AA1c9ufh
Apple is about to launch its biggest product in years. Here’s what you need to know

Apple is about to launch its first new platform in almost a decade, and what could be its most decisive product since the iPhone.

A new mixed reality headset is due to be launched during its Worldwide Developers Conference event on Monday, though it might not arrive then.

When it is revealed, it could decide the future of Apple, its users and the devices that everyone uses.

Here’s everything we know about the headset, ahead of Monday’s likely big reveal.


One thing has been discussed at length about the headset: how much exactly it will cost. And most of that discussion has agreed that the answer will be a lot.

Rumours have pointed at $3,000 for the first version of the headset, which would make it very expensive even among the otherwise expensive Apple products. That high price is likely to be a result of the high-end components that are required to power the headset, which is rumoured to have significantly higher performance than its competitors.

Apple is said to be expecting far fewer people to buy the headset than would buy its other products. As such, the high price might not translate to high revenues, and Apple might not be expecting it to.

There is some chance, however, that all of those rumours are wrong; when the iPad was released, everyone though it would cost $999, and Steve Jobs took great joy in delighting in having proven the “pundits” wrong when he unveiled it at $499. It’s helpful for Apple if people think that it will cost more and they can then reveal that it’s actually just quite expensive, rather than very expensive.

Release date

Monday is almost certain to be the day the headset is revealed. But it would be very surprising indeed if it went on sale any time after that.

Recent rumours have suggested that it will not actually be on shelves – or however it is sold – until much later in the year. It’s likely that Apple will want it ready for the important holiday period, which would mean getting it on sale in October or November.

Apple, under Tim Cook, has developed a much-envied knack for announcing products and having them ready to go soon after, even when they are sold in such vast quantities as the iPhone. But it has still left big gaps between the announcement and the introduction of a product in the past, especially when they represent a whole new platform.

The Apple Watch was announced during the September release event for the iPhone 6, but it did not actually arrive until the end of the following April. The move to Apple Silicon for Macs was announced in June 2020, at WWDC, but the first computers using it did not actually arrive until the following November.

Those delays meant that Apple could be prepared, ensuring that it could have enough of the hardware made in time and not have to worry about the design or other details leaking. But waiting also meant that developers could be prepared, too, and ensure that their apps and other software were ready for the new platform.


Apple is said to be very focused on ensuring that the headset brings a high-quality experience. That means a much more luxurious specification than existing headsets at this kind of price point.

That includes very detailed and powerful displays. Reports have suggested that it could offer up to 5,000 nits of brightness – enough for HDR – and a total 8K resolution from two Micro OLED displays that should allow for rich detail and fast response times.

It is set to be powered by equally high-level hardware. It will have two chips that ensure it is able to work on its own without a companion device, reports have indicated, and provide stable and quick output.


Leaked designs have suggested that the headset will look something like the AirPods Max combined with an Apple Watch: the same unapologetic aluminium used on both of those devices, and the soft material that it is combined with to make them actually wearable.

That would certainly make sense, since Apple has always been focused on ensuring that its products do not just look nice on their own but sit well together, too. And it will no doubt have learned plenty from its earlier work in wearable devices, including headphones and watches.

But little has leaked about what the headset will actually look like. Apple could opt to go for some other look entirely.


VR headsets need sensors both to know where they are and to know what their user is doing. The headset is expected to include a strong array of them.

It will use 3D sensors to know where users hands are, as well as any other objects. They are likely to be similar to the LiDAR tools that are in the iPhone and iPad, and can already be used for mapping rooms, for instance.

It wil also have tools to detect more about the person wearing it, too. Reports suggest that it will be able to see people’s facial expressions, as well as including microphones for voice control through Siri.

It is also expected to include more standard cameras, that will allow users to see the real world and overlay virtual objects on it. That will be controlled using a dial similar to the one on the Apple Watch and AirPods, which can be used to add more or less of the real world, reports have indicated.

The headset is also likely to be able to connect to the iPhone for some uses, such as text input. And it will probably be able to use other earphones, such as the AirPods – Apple has already been working hard on “spatial audio” features for them, which would slot in nicely with virtual reality.


Apple is said to be working on a new AR/VR operating system for the headset, with rumours suggesting that it could be called xrOS or realityOS.

But there has been little reported about how exactly that software will work. It will probably be based on Apple’s other platforms – which all have a fairly consistent look – tailored so that users can see it in 3D space.

Apple has been rumoured to be working on augmented reality versions of its own apps, such as FaceTime. And part of the reason for launching at WWDC is probably so that it can help developers start working on their apps, too.

But one of the key unanswered questions is how the will all work, both individually and within that broader operating system.


No major platform of this kind could be without problems. But numerous reports have suggested that the new headset could have a few more than most.

Throughout its development, some both within and outside Apple have argued that the product is either not a good fit or is not ready yet in its current form. At the same time, others have pressed on, arguing that it is better to get some version of the headset out into the world and develop it from there.

Even in accurate days, as the release of the headset nears, reports have suggested issues. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that even in current testing the headset appears to be getting hot, for instance.

Another headset?

The mixed reality goggles, due to be released at WWDC, are thought to be just one part of Apple’s big plan for augmented and virtual reality. Apple is also said to be working on a separate headset that could be released at a later date, and for a lower price.

Eventually, too, Apple might want to take some of the technology from the goggles and integrate them into glasses that allow people to see the world normally but with virtual objects imposed on top. Rumours have long suggested that is the eventual aim – but it might never come.

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🛒 Get this shopping app off your phone


Seriously, stop using Temu

It took just 17 days for China-based shopping app Temu to whizz past Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Shein in the Apple App Store top downloads in the U.S. (Amazon is nervous about this, FYI).

I warned you about Temu’s security problems back on April 10. Its sister app, Pinduoduo, was caught using malicious code to bypass cellphone security settings to spy on other apps, read notifications and messages, and even change settings.

Now, the U.S. government has accused Temu of data risks. To our subscribers with a White House email addy … glad you’re reading. 

On a slow boat from China

An HD Wi-Fi security cam for $6.98. An Android fitness watch for $8.38. A $7.99 wedding dress feels like bad vibes, with even the cake in tiers.

You might get lucky and find a gem that lives up to the description, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Shipping is slow, too, since they’re coming from China.

In exchange for those cheap goods and prices, Temu makes money with your data. The app requests 24 permissions on your device, including access to your Wi-Fi network info, Bluetooth, photos and videos, contact info and payment details. Yikes.

What about the website?

If the app is off-limits, is the website safe to use? Sorry, but no. You’re still handing over (at a minimum) your full name, address, phone number, email and payment details.

The more permissions an app requests …

… the more you should consider whether it’s truly worth having on your smartphone. Don’t see the big deal? Think about all you do on your phone: Have private conversations with friends, log into your banking app, type in passwords, enter your credit card info and more.

🦺 Keep these security smarts in mind before you hit “install” on Temu:

  • Biometrics (like fingerprint and face scans) should be stored locally, not sent back to an app’s servers. (Temu’s e-commerce buddy Pinduoduo does this.)
  • Limit all the permissions you can. Turn off access to your camera, microphone, GPS location and anything else you can. 
  • Read the reviews. No, you can’t trust them all, but scan for reports of strange phone behavior after installation. That’s a sign of malware.

I wrote about this in a USA Today article, too. It includes the right way to remove Temu from your device. Spoiler, deleting the app isn’t enough.

✅ It’s hard to tell what’s legit and what you should avoid. I’ve got your back. I compiled a list of Communist China-based apps you should get off your phone now. This story is def worth sharing, folks.

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