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Nortel Converged Office for CS 1000 Rls. 5.x Configuration
Nortel Configuration Practice Test
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Killexams : Practice Test: Counting Money

In this short practice test, counting money is what it’s all about. First, students look at adding groups of coins and finding their totals. They’ll have to circle the correct answer choice to show they added them up. As a final challenge, students will read through two money math word problems and solve for the sums. This math worksheet is catered to the first-grade curriculum.

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Killexams : Practice Test: Synonyms and Antonyms

Tackle these vocabulary basics in a short practice test: synonyms and antonyms. Synonyms are words that have a similar meaning, and antonyms are words with opposite meanings. Students in first and second grade will think deeply about word meaning as they search for the matching synonym or antonym in each row of this studying and writing worksheet.

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Killexams : Listening Skills Test

Can you lend me your ear? Most people believe they are good listeners without considering the important differences between hearing and listening. The ability to hear is typically innate, but the ability to listen well is a skill that must be developed and practiced. Listening means paying attention and making a conscious effort to process what you hear. It is one of our most important skills and it is also one of the most overlooked. We often take our ability to listen for granted, even though it plays a major role in good communication. So are you the type of person who lets information in one ear and out the other, or are you a thoughtful, actively-engaged listener? Assess your listening skills with this test.

Examine the following statements and situations, and choose the option that best applies to you. In order to receive the most accurate results, please answer as truthfully as possible.

After finishing this test you will receive a FREE snapshot report with a summary evaluation and graph. You will then have the option to purchase the full results for $6.95

This test is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional diagnosis or for the treatment of any health condition. If you would like to seek the advice of a licensed mental health professional you can search Psychology Today's directory here.

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Bing Magnifying Glass

Here is another batch of Microsoft Bing Search tests and features that were caught out in the wild that I wanted to share with you. They include sorting, filtering, carousels, animations, related content and maybe even some bugs?

(1) Sorting results by more parameters:

(2) Related videos under the video results:

(3) Dynamic and animated carousel information box of sorts, life cycle feature:

(4) See this location:

(5) I am not sure what this is about:

(6) Left side product refinement filters:

(7) Want more deals feature:

(8) "Top Headlines" in Bing at the sitelink on the desktop search:

(9) Bing is testing a different style for sitelinks on their - via Frank Sandtmann on Mastodon:

click for full size

(10) Interesting character image on that search bar when you try to use a different search engine. I am not sure if it is new:

(11) Bing snippet with icon to represent multiple images from this source via Frank on Mastodon:

click for full size

This is in addition to the other items we recently posted about Bing.

Forum discussion at Twitter threads above.

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Killexams : Do Rapid Tests Still Work?

We’ve all heard the anecdotes: Your friend’s spouse or child gets Covid-19 — a known exposure to the virus, all the hallmark symptoms, a positive test, no question about it. Then your friend starts to feel crummy, so they do a quick swab, but their test result is negative. What gives?

Experts say that rapid home tests are still a helpful tool for stopping the spread of Covid-19, but they’re not foolproof. Here are a few explanations for why you might get a false negative result — and how to increase your chances of accuracy next time.

The most likely reason a rapid test would produce a false negative is that there isn’t enough virus circulating in your body. The tests require a lot of virus to be present to turn positive, much more than PCR tests do. When people test early — right after an exposure, or with the first tickle in the throat — viral load tends to be low.

“The tests just aren’t very sensitive,” said Dr. Sheldon Campbell, a professor of laboratory medicine at Yale School of Medicine. “It’s an inherent limitation of this kind of test.”

It can be confusing to have recognizable symptoms and a negative test, but experts say the early signs of Covid-19 — like fever and fatigue — are typically caused by your immune system’s initial response to the virus and are not necessarily a reflection of viral load.

Rapid tests are best used as an indicator of when you’re contagious with Covid-19 rather than when you’re infected with it, said Dr. Paul Drain, an associate professor of global health at the University of Washington. And in order to prevent the spread of the virus, contagiousness is what really matters.

Supporting this idea, scientists in Dr. Drain’s lab found that samples taken from people with Covid-19 who had very low levels of the virus (below what a rapid test can detect) were unable to infect cells in a petri dish. This suggests that people with small amounts of the virus also wouldn’t be able to infect another person, Dr. Drain said.

To receive an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, manufacturers must submit data showing that their rapid test is at least 80 percent accurate, which means it will return a false negative one out of five times. Because people often test too early, false negatives are even more common in the real world.

A large meta-analysis of over 150 independent studies of rapid tests reported that, on average, the tests correctly detect a Covid-19 infection 73 percent of the time when a person is symptomatic. For asymptomatic infections, the accuracy drops to 55 percent.

Other research suggests that the accuracy of rapid tests improves a few days into an infection. A large study released as a preprint paper last year showed that rapid tests were only 60 percent accurate on the first day of a person’s infection if they had symptoms. If the person was asymptomatic, the accuracy dropped to just 12 percent. However, doing a second test 48 hours later improved rapid test accuracy to 92 percent for people with symptoms and 51 percent for asymptomatic infections. A third test after another 48 hours improved accuracy to 75 percent for people without symptoms.

Because of this, the FDA now recommends so-called serial testing: If you think you’ve been infected with the coronavirus but test negative, test again in 48 hours, after the virus has had more time to replicate. If you’re still negative, take one more test in another two days. (Unfortunately, for the sake of accuracy, this will mean spending more money on tests.) The FDA made this announcement in November 2022, and manufacturers are required to change rapid test packaging to reflect the new guidelines.

“A negative does not necessarily rule you out of having the disease, and that’s why multiple tests are recommended,” said Nathaniel Hafer, an assistant professor of molecular medicine at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School who worked on the repeat-testing study. “If you’re positive, you can feel pretty confident that you’re positive. If you’re negative, that repeat test is really important for increasing the accuracy.”

Another possible explanation for a false negative result is user error. To make sure you’re testing correctly, read through the instructions first, even if you think you know what you’re doing.

“A lot of us this far into the pandemic have done tests multiple times, and it’s easy to be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, I know what to do,’” Dr. Hafer said. “Pulling out those instructions and really making sure you go through it step by step is the best thing to do because each test is a little bit different.” For example, tests may differ in terms of how long you need to swab each nostril, how far up your nose you should go, how many drops to use on the test strip and how long you need to wait for a result.

Another tip is to blow your nose beforehand. Tests for Covid-19 detect the virus in the cells that line the inside of your nose, not in your mucus, so you don’t want your snot getting in the way of the sample. Also, make sure you’re going far enough up inside your nose.

“The most important thing you can do to Excellerate the accuracy of the tests is get a good sample,” Dr. Campbell said. “If you’re swabbing up there where it burns just a little bit, that tells you you’re doing it right.”

For the most part, though, people seem to be pretty good at self-testing. One of the few studies that compared test accuracy between health care professionals and people swabbing themselves found no difference in rapid test results. Another study found that children as young as four were able to swab themselves proficiently, with test results matching a health care worker’s swabs 98 percent of the time.

Accuracy doesn’t appear to be changing with each new variant. Several studies have found that rapid tests performed just as well on the first Omicron variant as they did on earlier strains of the virus. And although there isn’t data yet, the experts say there’s no reason to think that more recent subvariants like BA.5 and XBB.1.5 are any different. That’s because most of the mutations occur in the spike protein, which the virus uses to enter and infect a cell. Rapid tests detect a different kind of protein, called a nucleoprotein, that has undergone many fewer changes.

“Because the tests are designed to detect nucleoprotein, and because nucleoprotein hasn’t been mutating, we can be pretty confident that the tests are going to still be able to perform as well as they have in the past,” Dr. Hafer said.

If you think you have Covid-19 but test negative, Dr. Hafer recommended waiting 48 hours and testing again. However, if you are over the age of 50 or have a pre-existing condition, Dr. Drain advised getting a PCR test as soon as possible so you can begin taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid if you are positive. Paxlovid can reduce the risk of severe illness, but the medication needs to be started within the first five days of an infection. “The earlier one starts Paxlovid, the more beneficial it would be,” Dr. Drain said.

If you feel awful but you’ve tested negative on three rapid tests in five days (or if you have a negative PCR test), you could be infected with another virus, like influenza or R.S.V. Regardless of what’s making you sick, it’s important that you stay home until you feel better so that you don’t infect other people.

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Killexams : Stock Up on Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests While You Can

As of May 11, the COVID-19 pandemic will no longer be considered a national or public health emergency in the U.S., the Biden Administration announced on Jan. 30. That’s not only a symbolic move. It also means the government will stop footing the bill for things like COVID-19 tests, vaccines, and treatments, which could bring changes to many of the free programs U.S. residents have come to rely on throughout the pandemic.

For example, the end of the public health emergency may mean the end of the federal government’s free at-home test program, through which U.S. residents can periodically order antigen test kits. Medicare and private insurers will also no longer be required to cover free at-home tests each month, though some plans may choose to continue reimbursing some costs, with beneficiaries picking up the rest of the price out-of-pocket.

Read More: Why Rapid COVID-19 Test Results Are Getting More Confusing

For now, though, these programs are still up and running—so you can stock up on free at-home COVID-19 tests while they’re a sure thing. Each U.S. household can currently get four tests for free from the federal government, and Medicare and private insurance plans reimburse the costs of up to eight at-home tests per insured person per month. Between the two, an insured individual could receive more than two dozen free tests between now and May 11.

Those at-home kits expire, however, so your stash won’t last forever. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has extended the expiration dates for many test kits, so their shelf lives may be longer than the packaging suggests. Current expiration dates are listed here on the FDA’s website.

Whether they’re reimbursed or not, at-home tests will remain for sale even after the public-health emergency expires, and labs and pharmacies will also still offer testing services—people may just have to pay for them going forward. It remains to be seen exactly how much lab tests will cost in the future, but some insured people may continue to have no out-of-pocket costs as long as they use in-network providers.

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Killexams : COVID-19 antigen tests recalled over potential for inaccurate results

More than 56,000 COVID-19 antigen rapid tests are being recalled because they may provide inaccurate results, according to federal health officials. 

Universal Meditech Inc., which initiated the nationwide recall, discovered that the Skippack Medical Lab SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kits were "distributed without appropriate premarket clearance or approval," according to a notice posted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

This "potentially could result in inaccurate test results due to lack of performance evaluation by the FDA," the notice said.  


Consumers are told to "immediately" stop using the recalled product and contact the distributor to return it, according to the notice. 

Universal Meditech Inc. initiated a nationwide recall of 56,300 Skippack Medical Lab SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kits.  (FDA/ Universal Meditech Inc.)

The products were manufactured between October 2021 and December 2021. Universal Meditech Inc. sent the products to distributors in California and Texas. They were distributed in January 2022, officials said. 

The company has been notifying both distributors and customers about the recall and is arranging for the return of all recalled products.


There haven't been any injuries related to the recalled product. Still, officials say that any adverse reactions or quality problems that have been experienced with the product can be reported to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program. 


Antigen tests are able to produce test results within 15 to 30 minutes. Although they are rapid, they are less reliable than nucleic acid amplification tests, such as PCR-based tests, "especially for people who do not have symptoms," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Mon, 13 Feb 2023 08:03:00 -0600 Daniella Genovese en-US text/html https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/covid-19-antigen-tests-recalled-potential-inaccurate-results
Killexams : Patrick Mahomes excited to test injured ankle out at Wednesday’s practice

CINCINNATI, Ohio - Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is ready to get back to work.

The MVP frontrunner suffered a high ankle sprain on his right ankle in the first quarter of a 27-20 win over Jacksonville. He re-entered the game in the third quarter and passed for 195 yards (22 of 30) with two touchdowns.

Kansas City coach Andy Reid and Mahomes both said he would play on Sunday in the AFC Championship against the Bengals, with the only lingering question being how healthy he will be.

“It’s doing good, few days of treatment, few days of rehab,” Mahomes said on Wednesday. “I’m excited to get on the practice field to test it out and see where I’m at.”

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Mahomes started receiving treatment when he got back to Kansas City the night of the game after undergoing further testing. He’s spent nearly the entire day at the team facility over the last 48 hours rotating between treatment, rehab and watching film.

“It’s a full-day thing to make sure you prepared mentally and physically,” Mahomes said.

Mahomes has battled and played through a variety of ailments throughout his career including a high ankle sprain on his other ankle. He said the most challenging injury he’s played through was the turf toe that he was dealing with in Super Bowl LV.

He told reporters on Wednesday that his latest ankle injury will impact the way he pushes off the ground to throw. His goal in practice this week is to find out the “limitations that he will have to work through.”

The encouraging part for Mahomes is he’s felt better than he thought he would at every step and that’s given him confidence to attack practice in the coming days.

“I’m going to push it to see what I can do on Saturday,” Mahomes said.

Michael Niziolek covers the Bengals for cleveland.com. Follow him on Twitter @michaelniziolek, click here for more coverage.

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Killexams : The COVID emergency declaration is ending: What it means for tests, vaccines, treatment

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