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Nortel CallPilot teaching
Killexams : Nortel CallPilot teaching - BingNews Search results Killexams : Nortel CallPilot teaching - BingNews Killexams : Transforming Teaching & Learning

Several colleges have increased enrollment and reaped financial gains from using Rize Education’s courses in high-demand fields, largely overcoming faculty concerns about loss of control.

University buys assets of publicly traded Zovio to bring management of its roughly 28,000 online students in-house, citing online program management’s “inherent conflict.” Glad you finally noticed, critics say.

Two experts discuss the digital divide (including for adjuncts), the importance of training and how to ensure online education is a force for equity, not a deterrent to it.

Instructors’ awareness and use of open educational resources and their recognition of the efficacy of digital texts rose sharply this year, an annual survey finds.

As other public institutions seek to expand their offerings for place-bound adult learners, the formal end of the homegrown eVersity offers some lessons.

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Killexams : South Carolina teaching program strives to boost ranks of Black teachers

After a student in his classroom had yet another outburst, Tyler Wright couldn't bear to see him get written up again. Wright, then a student teacher at a Charleston elementary school, led the child out to the hallway for a chat.

Within minutes, the student started crying.

"He was telling me that he really doesn’t get to see his dad and stuff like that," Wright said. "That his dad was supposed to come see him but never did. At the end of the day, that was the root cause for the outbursts, because the child was angry."

Wright told him that he grew up in a similar situation, but he still paid attention the best he could, despite what was going on at home. The conversation was all it took, Wright said, for the student to open up and Improve his behavior.


Wright became a full-time teacher at Stono Park Elementary in January, thanks to a program in Charleston aimed at making the teaching profession more accessible to Black men, who are vastly underrepresented in classrooms in South Carolina and around the United States.

Just 7% of America’s public school teachers were Black during the 2017-18 school year although Black students make up 15% of the student population, according to the most latest available data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Their absence in classrooms is deeply felt, especially in states like South Carolina, where almost a fifth of students are Black and Black males account for less than 3% of teachers.

Having teachers who reflect the identity of their students can foster connections between teachers and students — and help avoid the kind of misinterpretation of behavior that can contribute to disparities in discipline for Black students, experts say. Research shows that Black teachers can lead to improved academic performance and higher graduation rates for Black students.

At a time of teacher shortages in South Carolina and around the country, the presence of Black teachers also can make it more likely for Black students to pursue careers in education themselves.

A South Carolina program, Men of CHS Teach, places new teachers in elementary classrooms to help males get teaching licenses. The program hopes to hire 20 male teachers of color within five years.

"The issue starts fairly young," said Eric Duncan, a member of the policy team at the Education Trust, a nonprofit advocacy organization. "They get negative impressions of school because they are traditionally overdisciplined or misidentified in terms of behavior challenges, when they may have some other issues or challenges that should be addressed in a more culturally proficient way."

There are other barriers to the teaching for Black men. Many come from low-income families and face pressure to find higher-paying jobs, and there are license requirements that were deliberately created to prevent people of color from becoming teachers, Duncan said.

The program in Charleston, Men of CHS Teach, is a partnership between the University of South Carolina and the Charleston County School District. It places new teachers in elementary classrooms even if they haven’t participated in a student teacher program and creates an alternative pathway for them to get teaching licenses.

CCSD decided to focus on recruiting elementary teachers because it’s typically difficult to fill those positions with men, and research shows that if Black students have a teacher of color in elementary school, they’re less likely to drop out of high school and more likely to consider college. For Black boys of low-income backgrounds, those effects are even greater.

Program organizers hope to hire 20 male teachers of color within the next five years. Close to half of the district’s student population is non-white.


Wright was one of the program’s first inductees. He decided he wanted to teach after working as a student concerns specialist at one of the district’s high schools. A few years later, Wright is leading a classroom of his own.

The South Carolina districts that have seen the greatest increase in Black male teachers in latest years are Charleston, York 3, Richland 1 and Aiken, with a net total of almost 80 new hires from 2017 to 2021. However, they still have a small share of Black male teachers overall.

Statewide, the racial demographics of teachers barely changed between 2016 and 2021, according to an analysis of state teacher workforce data.

The program in Charleston was partially inspired by Call Me MiSTER, a Clemson University program that aims to recruit, train and certify men of color to become elementary school teachers in South Carolina.

Mark Joseph, the program’s director, said they’ve seen a decrease in applicants in latest years and have had to put more effort into recruitment. It’s a new era of teaching after the pandemic, Joseph said, and the program has had to adapt.

"We took a different approach in terms of talking about leadership, talking about college, talking about what it’s like being a part of a program that provides support, encouragement, brotherhood and teamwork," he said.


One realization, he said, has been that teachers are ambassadors for the teaching profession.

After all, the teachers they’re looking to recruit aren’t coming out of thin air — they’re sitting in classrooms across South Carolina.

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Killexams : Nortel Networks

Campaign to Create Tomorrow

Learn more about The Ottawa Hospital's $500-million fundraising campaign, the largest in our city’s history, which will transform the future of healthcare in Ottawa.

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Killexams : Massachusetts prison correctional officers participating in body cam pilot program

About 50 correctional officers at a Massachusetts prison are participating in a pilot program to evaluate the use of body cams in improving safety and transparency in state Department of Correction facilities, officials announced Monday.

The program is taking place at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, a maximum security facility and the reception and diagnostic center for all newly incarcerated men, the department said in a statement.

Three different products are being evaluated during the program that started last month. The guards are wearing the cameras as they perform their normal duties and they augment the facility's network of stationary cameras.


"The use of this advanced technology in correctional settings has been shown to Improve safety, provide valuable documentation for evidentiary purposes, resolve officer-involved incidents, and offer a useful training tool for the department and its officers," prisons Commissioner Carol Mici said in a statement.

A prison in Massachusetts is holding a pilot program to test the use of body cameras on correctional officers.

The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, which oversees the Department of Correction, began exploring the use of body cams in 2021.


The pilot's first phase will concentrate on technology needs, while the second phase will focus on operational implementation.

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Killexams : The Internet Archive just put 565 Palm Pilot apps in your web browser

    The Internet Archive just put 565 Palm Pilot apps in your web browser

    The Internet Archive just put 565 Palm Pilot apps in your web browser


    Dope Wars, Space Trader, Graffiti, memos, calculators and more: the Internet Archive’s instant Palm Pilot emulator is an app store before the App Store.

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    Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

    Yes, I am playing Dope Wars on a Palm Pilot inside my iPhone. It’s thanks to The Internet Archive, which is once again launching a giant collection of software you can instantly play on any web browser, up to and including your touchscreen-equipped phone. There are currently 565 classic Palm apps in all, including games, widgets, and even free trials from both the greyscale and color eras.

    And it’s more than just the individual apps, too: the entire Palm OS is loaded with each launch, including its full selection of default apps (like the calculator and memo pad) and a working Graffiti touchscreen writing system. I cannot emphasize this enough: you can reach out and touch a 1996 pocket computer with your 2022 pocket computer and it works like a charm. It’s a tiny interactive window into the pre-iPhone era, and what lived in the proto-App Store.

    For me personally, it’s like taking a trip back in time to high school, when I read cached copies of Slashdot, played Space Trader and Flappy Bird predecessor SFCave during passing periods, showed off my tricorder to anyone who’d bite, and occasionally even took valuable class notes with a stylus. Other generations can now see what those were like with a single tap.

    Archivist and historian Jason Scott tells The Verge that it only took six months for the existing CloudPilot emulator to be ready to embed, and credits both its developer Christian Speckner and the POSE emulator that came before. (I’m reading that even POSE was based on an earlier project, Copilot, so quite a few people deserve thanks for the result.)

    Scott says his own favorite Palm software was a GPS app he used on his Palm III — but I don’t want to spoil why. You’ll understand immediately when you try it for yourself.

    An early productivity app around fuel economy.
    An early productivity app around fuel economy.
    Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

    You may also find some comedy gold in his dedicated collection of Palm Pilot trialware, back when developers were trying to figure out what would make people pay for an app. A calculator where “you can’t do any math calculations with the number 7” seems like it belongs in a certain circle of hell.

    Scott says he’s soft-launching the Palm Pilot emulator collection because he’s “kind of tired of people finding that I missed a spot,” and it genuinely still needs some work — mostly pulling out metadata like the names of each app’s creator. He also hopes to add the instructions for each app.

    If there’s a particular game or app that got you through school or work and it’s mysteriously missing, reply to me in the comments or shoot me an email? Scott says he’s still adding a few, and I’ll happily pass along requests.