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8010 Operational Risk Manager (ORM) mock |

8010 mock - Operational Risk Manager (ORM) Updated: 2023 8010 8010 exam brain dumps with practice software.
Exam Code: 8010 Operational Risk Manager (ORM) mock November 2023 by team

8010 Operational Risk Manager (ORM)

Exam Specification: 8010 Operational Risk Manager (ORM)

Exam Name: 8010 Operational Risk Manager (ORM)
Exam Code: 8010
Exam Duration: 3 hours
Passing Score: Not specified
Exam Format: Multiple-choice
Exam Delivery: Proctored online or at a testing center

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Operational Risk Management
- Overview of operational risk and its importance
- Key concepts and terminology in operational risk management
- Roles and responsibilities of operational risk managers

2. Risk Assessment and Measurement
- Identification and categorization of operational risks
- Risk assessment techniques (qualitative and quantitative)
- Key risk indicators (KRIs) and risk measurement methodologies

3. Risk Control and Mitigation
- Designing and implementing risk control measures
- Risk mitigation strategies and best practices
- Controls monitoring and testing

4. Operational Risk Monitoring and Reporting
- Establishing an effective risk monitoring framework
- Key metrics and reporting requirements
- Role of technology in operational risk monitoring and reporting

5. Operational Risk Governance and Culture
- Roles and responsibilities of senior management and the board
- Establishing an effective operational risk governance framework
- Building a strong risk culture within the organization

6. Regulatory Environment and Compliance
- Overview of relevant regulatory requirements and guidelines
- Compliance management and reporting
- Role of operational risk management in regulatory compliance

7. Incident Management and Business Continuity
- Incident identification, reporting, and escalation processes
- Incident response and recovery planning
- Business continuity management and disaster recovery

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the fundamentals and key concepts of operational risk management.
2. Assess and measure operational risks using appropriate techniques and methodologies.
3. Implement risk control measures and develop risk mitigation strategies.
4. Monitor and report on operational risks using relevant metrics and reporting frameworks.
5. Establish effective operational risk governance and foster a strong risk culture.
6. Comply with regulatory requirements and manage operational risk in compliance.
7. Manage incidents effectively and ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

Exam Syllabus:

Section 1: Introduction to Operational Risk Management (15%)
- Definition and importance of operational risk management
- Operational risk terminology and concepts
- Role of operational risk managers

Section 2: Risk Assessment and Measurement (20%)
- Identification and categorization of operational risks
- Qualitative and quantitative risk assessment techniques
- Key risk indicators (KRIs) and risk measurement methodologies

Section 3: Risk Control and Mitigation (20%)
- Designing and implementing risk control measures
- Risk mitigation strategies and best practices
- Controls monitoring and testing

Section 4: Operational Risk Monitoring and Reporting (15%)
- Establishing an effective risk monitoring framework
- Key metrics and reporting requirements
- Role of technology in operational risk monitoring and reporting

Section 5: Operational Risk Governance and Culture (10%)
- Roles and responsibilities of senior management and the board
- Operational risk governance framework
- Building a strong risk culture within the organization

Section 6: Regulatory Environment and Compliance (10%)
- Overview of regulatory requirements and guidelines
- Compliance management and reporting
- Role of operational risk management in regulatory compliance

Section 7: Incident Management and Business Continuity (10%)
- Incident identification, reporting, and escalation processes
- Incident response and recovery planning
- Business continuity management and disaster recovery
Operational Risk Manager (ORM)
PRMIA Operational mock

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Operational Risk Manager (ORM)
Question: 88
What would be the correct order of steps to addressing data quality problems in an organization?
A. Assess the current state, design the future state, determine gaps and the actions required to be implemented to
eliminate the gaps
B. Articulate goals, do a strategy-fit analysis and plan for action
C. Design the future state, perform a gap analysis, analyze the current state and implement the future state
D. Call in external consultants
Answer: A
The correct answer is choice a
The correct order of steps to addressing data quality problems in an organization would include:
Question: 89
Which of the following is not a permitted approach under Basel II for calculating operational riskcapital
A. the internal measurement approach
B. the basic indicator approach
C. the standardized approach
D. the advanced measurement approach
Answer: A
The Basel II framework allows the use of the basic indicator approach, the standardized approach and the advanced
measurement approaches for operational risk. There is no approach called the internal measurement approach
permitted for operational risk. Choice a is therefore the correct answer.
Question: 90
A bank expects the error rate in transaction data entry for a particular business process to be 0.005% .
What is the range of expected errors in a day within +/- 2 standard deviations if there are 2,000,000 such transactions
each day?
A. 80 to 120 errors in a day
B. 60 to 80 errors in a day
C. 0 to 200 errors in a day
D. 90 to 110 errors in a day
Answer: A
Error rates are generally modeled using thePoisson distribution. Recall that the Poisson distribution has only one
parameter which is its mean and also its variance. In the given case, the mean number of errors is 2,000,000 x
0.005% = 100. Since this is the variance as well, the standard deviation is 100 = 10. Therefore the range of outcomes
within 2 standard deviations of the mean is 100 +/- (2*10) = 80 to 120 errors in a day.
Question: 91
Which of the following is the best description of the spread premium puzzle:
A. The spread premium puzzle refers to observed default rates being much less than implied default rates, leading to
lower credit bonds being relatively cheap when compared to their real default probabilities
B. The spread premium puzzle refers to dollar denominated non-US sovereign bonds being priced a at significant
discount to other similar USD denominated assets
C. The spread premium puzzle refers to AAA corporate bonds being priced at almost the same prices as equivalent
treasury bonds without offering the same liquidity or guarantee as treasury bonds
D. The spread premium puzzle refers to the moral hazard implicit in the monoline insurance market
Answer: A
Choice a is the correct answer. The other choices represent non-sensical statements.
Question: 92
Loss provisioning is intended to cover:
A. Unexpected losses
B. Losses in excessof unexpected losses
C. Both expected and unexpected losses
D. Expected losses
Answer: D
Loss provisioning is intended to cover expected losses. Economic capital is expected to cover unexpected losses. No
capital or provisions are set aside for losses in excess of unexpected losses, which will ultimately be borne by equity.
Choice d is the correct answer.
Question: 93
Which of the following credit risk models relies upon theanalysis of credit rating migrations to assess credit risk?
A. KMVs EDF based approach
B. The CreditMetrics approach
C. The actuarial approach
D. The contingent claims approach
Answer: B
The correct answer is Choice b. The following is a brief description of the major approaches available to model
credit risk, and the analysis that underlies them:
Question: 94
Under the standardized approach to calculating operational risk capital under Basel II, negative regulatory capital
charges for any of the business units:
A. Should be ignored completely
B. Should be offset against positive capital charges from other business units
C. Should be included after ignoring the negative sign
D. Should be excluded from capital calculations
Answer: B
According to Basel II, in any given year, negative capital charges (resulting from negative gross income) in any
business line may offset positive capital charges in other business lines without limit. Therefore Choice b is the
correct answer.
Question: 95
The probability of default of a security over a 1 year period is 3% .
What is the probability that it would not have defaulted at theend of four years from now?
A. 11.47%
B. 88.53%
C. 12.00%
D. 88.00%
Answer: B
The probability that the security would not default in the next 4 years is equal to the probability of survival raised to
the power four. In other words, =(1 -3%)^4 = 88.53%.
Choice b is the correct answer.
Question: 96
There are two bonds in a portfolio, each with a market value of $50m. The probability of default of the two bonds are
0.03 and 0.08 respectively, over a one year horizon.
If the probability of the two bonds defaulting simultaneously is 1.4%, what is the default correlation between the two?
A. 0%
B. 100%
C. 40%
D. 25%
Answer: D
Probability of the joint default of both A and B =
We know all the numbers except default correlation, and we can solve for it. DefaultCorrelation*SQRT(0.03*(1
0.03)*0.08*(1 0.08)) + 0.03*0.08 = 0.014. Solving, we get default correlation = 25%
Question: 97
A bullet bond and an amortizing loan are issued at the same time with the same maturity and with the same principal .
Which of these would have a greater credit exposure halfway through their life?
A. Indeterminate with the given information
B. They would have identical exposure half way through their lives
C. The amortizing loan
D. The bullet bond
Answer: D
A bullet bond is a bond that pays coupons covering interest during the life of the bond and the principal at maturity.
An amortizing loan pays the interest as well as a part of the principal with every payment. Therefore, the exposure of
the amortizing loan continually reduces, and approaches zero towards the end of its life. The bullet bond will always
have a higher exposure at any time during its life when compared to an equivalent amortizing loan. Hence Choice d
is the correct answer.
Question: 98
Which of the following belong to the family of generalized extreme value distributions:
I. Frechet
II. Gumbel
III. Weibull
IV. Exponential
B. I, II and III
C. II and III
D. All of the above
Answer: B
Extreme value theory focuses on the extreme and rare events, and in the case of VaR calculations, it is focused on the
right tail of the lossdistribution.
In very simple and non-technical terms, EVT says the following:
Question: 99
In estimating credit exposure for a line of credit, it is usual to consider:
A. a fixed fraction of the line of credit to be the exposure at default even though the currently drawn amount is quite
different from such a fraction.
B. the full value of the credit line to be the exposure at default as the borrower has an informational advantage that will
lead them to borrow fully against the credit line at the time of default.
C. only the value of credit exposure currently existing against the credit line as the exposure at default.
D. the present value of the line of credit at the agreed rate of lending.
Answer: A
Choicea is the correct answer. Exposures such as those to a line of credit of which only a part (or none) may be
drawn at the time of assessment present a difficulty when attempting to quantify credit risk. It is not correct to take the
entire amount of the line as the exposure at default, and likewise the current exposure is likely to be too aggressively
low a number to consider.
While the borrower has an information advantage in that he would be aware of the deterioration in credit standing
before the bank and would probably draw cash prior to default, it is unlikely that the entire amount of the line of credit
would be drawn in all cases. In some cases, none may be drawn. In other cases, the bank would become aware of the
situation and curtail or cancel access to the credit line in a timely fashion.
Therefore a fixed proportion of existing credit lines is considered a reasonable approximation of the exposure at
default against credit lines.
Question: 100
Which of the following should be included when calculating the Gross Income indicator used to calculate operational
risk capital under the basic indicator and standardized approaches under Basel II?
A. Insurance income
B. Operating expenses
C. Fees paid to outsourcing service proviers
D. Net non-interest income
Answer: D
Gross income is defined by Basel II (see para 650 of the Basel standard) as net interest income plus netnon-interest
income. It is intended that this measure should: (i) be gross of any provisions (e.g. for unpaid interest); (ii) be gross of
operating expenses, including fees paid to outsourcing service providers; (iii) exclude realised profits/losses from the
sale of securities in the banking book; and (iv) exclude extraordinary or irregular items as well as income derived from
What this means is that gross income is calculated without deducting any provisions or operating expenses from net
interest plus non-interest income; and does not include any realised profits or losses from the sale of securities in the
banking book, and also does not include any extraordinary or irregular item or insurance income.
Therefore operating expenses are to be notto be deducted for the purposes of calculating gross income, and neither are
any provisions. Profits and losses from the sale of banking book securities are not considered part of gross income, and
so isnt any income from insurance or extraordinary items.
Of the listed choices, only net non-interest income needs to be included for gross income calculations, and the others
are to be excluded. Therefore Choice d is the correct answer. Try to remember the components of gross income from
the definition above because in the exam the question may be phrased differently.
Question: 101
According to the Basel II framework, subordinated term debt that was originally issued 4 years ago with amaturity of 6
years is considered a part of:
A. Tier 2 capital
B. Tier 1 capital
C. Tier 3 capital
D. None of the above
Answer: A
According to the Basel II framework, Tier 1 capital, also called core capital or basic equity, includes equity capital and
disclosed reserves.
Tier 2 capital, also called supplementary capital, includes undisclosed reserves, revaluation reserves, general
provisions/general loan-loss reserves, hybrid debt capital instruments and subordinated term debt issued originally for
5 years or longer.
Tier 3 capital, or short term subordinated debt, is intended only to cover market risk but only at the discretion of their
national authority. This only includes short term subordinated debt originally issued for 2 or more years.
An interesting thing to note is the difference between subordinated term debt under Tier 2 and the short term
subordinated debt under Tier 3. The distinction is based upon the years to maturity at the time the debt was issued.
The remaining time to maturity is not relevant.
For the subordinated term debt included under Tier 2, the amount that can be counted towards capital is reduced by
20% for every year when the debt is due within 5 years. This takes care of the time to maturity problem for Tier
2subordinated debt. For Tier 3 short term subordinated debt, this is not an issue because debt will only qualify for Tier
3 if it has a lock-in clause stipulating that the debt is not required to be repaid if the effect of such repayment is to take
the bank below minimum capital requirements.
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PRMIA Operational mock - BingNews Search results PRMIA Operational mock - BingNews Mock Trial Team

An important experiential learning component of the Pre-Law Program is the University’s Mock Trial Team, which competes annually along with more than 700 teams from more than 400 institutions from across the U.S. and Canada under the auspices of the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). There are weekly Mock Trial practices throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Since fielding its first team during the 1995-1996 academic year, a UAB team has routinely earned a bid to the National Championship Tournament, which it won in 2006.

The mock trial competitive season spans the fall and spring semesters, requiring team members to travel to invitational competitions, scrimmages, and tournaments in the Fall semester. Those teams earning a bid to a National Championship Tournament compete in St. Paul, Minnesota; Des Moines, Iowa; or Tampa, Florida; each March/April. Students have the option of earning 3 hours of academic credit by enrolling in CJ 333: Trial Advocacy or CJ 334: Justice Advocacy.

For more information about UAB’s Mock Trial Team, please contact Professor Brandon Blankenship at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thu, 31 Aug 2023 05:07:00 -0500 en-US text/html
NFL Mock Draft 2022 - Round 1

With Davis off the board to potentially beef up their defensive line, the Chargers have an easy pivot to think about their interior offensive line, where right guard is a big weakness next to solid veterans Matt Feiler and Corey Linsley. They hit big-time on Rashawn Slater for starting left tackle and Smith, a late fast-rising powerful natural run blocker with great athletic upside, would be another smart choice.

Thu, 02 Mar 2023 21:14:00 -0600 en text/html
Janet Mock

Janet Mock is one of the most visible and important voices in activism—not just for the trans community, but for women, people of color, LGBTQ people and marginalized communities everywhere. From her brilliant books (Redefining Realness and Surpassing Certainty) to her invigorating speeches, she does not placate bigotry or misogyny by approaching it politely, as if there are two sides to equality. She fights for people who have not been fortunate enough to be accepted for who they are. It is a never-ending battle, and she does not waver in the face of it.

I’ve dressed Janet for the Oscars, the GLAAD Awards and the cover of Surpassing Certainty, but one of my favorite memories with her was when she and her husband Aaron came to my country house in Connecticut last summer. She spent the entire weekend poolside in a bikini, reading through and taking notes in a work binder she had brought from the city. She was preparing for an interview and wanted to get it right so badly, she couldn’t stop working, even on a mini vacation. She and I are a lot alike that way: it’s hard to relax when you love your work.

To me, Janet is a hero, a thoughtful friend and a sympathetic ear. I could not be more in awe of her accomplishments and excited for her future.

Siriano is a fashion designer

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 17:05:00 -0500 en-us text/html
The Ultimate Guide to Making and Hunting Mock Scrapes

Mock scrapes (a hunter-made version of a whitetail scrape used to attract deer) have been a part of hunting media and folklore for decades. Generations of deer hunters have given their anecdotes and opinions on hunting over real and fake scrapes. As with most things in hunting, the bulk of deer hunters either love or hate mock scrapes. They are either the saviors of a deer season, or the biggest waste of time. You’ll find few deer hunters in between. For example, Tim Andrus, host of “Rush Outdoors,” doesn’t touch them.

“I don’t mess with mock scrapes,” he says. “I know some guys use them with trail cameras. I try to sneak in and out without deer knowing I’m there.”

Jared Mills, co-host of “Midwest Whitetail,” is on the other end of the mock scrape debate.

“From late summer through the rut, scrapes are the primary focus of my trail camera strategy, which ultimately plays a big role in my hunting strategy,” he says.

Whether you’re for or against mock scrapes, it’s useful to learn a little more about those stinky, muddy, urine-stained pits. Here’s your ultimate guide to mock scrapes.

Understanding Whitetail Scrapes

To understand mock scrapes, you must first realize what real scrapes are. These are communal spots where deer scrape up the ground and rub up against a branch above the scrape. They serve as a means of communication between deer. Most experts believe that general communication between deer is deposited via scent, and deer can identify the unique markers left behind by individuals. Some biologists also think reproductive status is shared as well.

“Scrapes are one of the main ways deer communicate,” said Kip Adams, chief conservation officer for the National Deer Association. “Deer are far more social than most hunters realize, and scrapes serve as a signpost for them to share information.”

While most scrapes serve the same purpose, there are different types. While virtually all scrapes are “community scrapes,” some are larger, located in areas of higher deer density and traffic, and get used by a lot of deer. These are very large, often reaching several feet in diameter. These might remain open most of the year, even during spring and summer.

whitetail scrape
A classic scrape location. Josh Honeycutt

Then there are other, lesser-used scrapes. Sometimes, these are in areas with less deer movement, and never become what we’d consider “community scrapes.” In other instances, scrapes are made on a whim by a frustrated buck and aren’t really meant to serve as longstanding communication centers. Oftentimes, these do not have a licking branch, which is a vital component of a viable scrape.

Scrapes share other common characteristics, too. The primary component is exposed soil. A lightly used scrape might only be several inches across, but larger ones can grow to several feet. Next, deer must urinate in these for them to be considered a scrape. And, as mentioned, it must have a licking branch approximately 45 to 60 inches above the ground.

Scrape Myths

Just as with any aspect of deer hunting, scrapes aren’t immune to a fat, juicy myth—or three. The biggest of the whitetail lies? Scrape lines. This is the idea that a buck makes a series of scrapes that run in a straight line and those are the scrapes that he visits.

“A big myth is that bucks have a scrape line,” Adams says. “Research shows that’s not true. Bucks (and does) can and will visit multiple scrapes to advertise their presence and collect information on other deer in the area.”

Mills agrees, and says scrapes aren’t really made in lines, but are more dictated by terrain and property layout. “I focus my attention on a single well-used scrape or cluster of scrapes, rather than trying to come up with a connecting line of them,” he says.

“Another common myth is scrapes are great places to hunt over,” Adams says. “Research shows about 84% of scrape use occurs at night, so rather than hunting over them, it’s often better to hunt near them (between the scrape and good cover). However, that still means around 16% of scrape use occurs during daylight, so many bucks have been killed at scrapes.”

So, figure out how to use this data in your own hunting scenario. Don’t expect a ton of daylight buck activity over scrapes but know that they are useful for running trail camera purposes. And know that you definitely can kill mature bucks over a scrape (especially in late October around Halloween).

Making Mock Scrapes

Your goal with making a mock scrape is to convince deer to adopt it and use it as their own. The first step in accomplishing that is placing mocks in natural spots. Position these in high-traffic areas, such as trail intersections, staging areas, pinch points, food source edges, near isolated water sources, and close to bedding areas.

“Bucks love to scrape on field edges or anywhere two or more vegetative cover types meet, so those areas are also great places for mock scrapes (and a trail camera to monitor them),” Adams says.

The second step is finding a good licking branch. These aren’t located just anywhere. It needs to be a lone branch that sticks out and grabs attention. It also needs to be approximately 45 to 60 inches off the ground. Too low or high and it doesn’t serve its purpose. Deer deposit scent on these, and if they must bend down to do so, they won’t use it. The same is true if it’s so high they can’t reach it, although I have watched bucks stand on their hind legs to reach a licking branch.

“You want more than just the bucks to utilize it,” Mills says. “Chest high is a good spot to aim for. However, during the early season, I will hang it closer to waist-high so that when the leaves start to fall and the branches lose some of that weight [and then raise higher in the air], it will end up around chest high.”

Just as with real scrapes, exposed soil is vital. Rake away grass, leaves, and other debris to create an oblong-shaped scrape. I prefer to make these approximately 2.5 feet tall by 2 feet wide. This fresh-smelling dirt grabs a deer’s attention before they ever see the scrape. Making these larger amplifies the smell, so don’t be afraid to get crazy with it. Some real scrapes become truck-hood-sized over time.

The final step is optional, which is depositing scent. Where legal, this can be some variety of buck urine or doe urine. If natural deer urine is banned where you hunt but synthetic scents are legal, consider trying a synthetic buck urine or synthetic doe urine. Also, just urinate in it yourself. (Yes, that works, too.) Or do nothing at all. Merely exposing the soil is sometimes enough to jumpstart fake scrapes.

While it might seem difficult to screw up making a circular spot in the soil with a damp spot in the middle, it’s certainly possible.

“A common mistake people make with mock scrapes is not creating a vertical aspect to the licking branch,” Mills says. “Whether you use a vine, oak branch, cedar branch, rope, etc., it’s important to make sure there is something hanging vertically out away from the trunk of the tree you’re placing the scrape under. That vertical aspect will get way more attention than a branch that is sticking straight out.”

scrape with a trail camera
Scrapes are perfect spots for placing trail cameras. Josh Honeycutt

Using Mock Scrapes

Given that a small percentage of scraping occurs during daylight, there’s more to using mock scrapes than simply hunting over them.

“I believe scrapes are the best way to inventory the bucks in your area,” Mills says. “Beyond that, it’s a great way to monitor the activity levels of those bucks, especially during the early season and pre-rut.”

Adams likes these for taking inventory, too, but not so much for hunting over.

“Knowing deer use [scrapes] regularly, we can be successful hunting near [mock scrapes] if we set up between good cover, like a bedding area, and a scrape,” Adams says. “This allows us to cross paths with a buck as he heads to the scrape.”

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That said, if you find a good scrape close to known bedding areas, it might be better to hunt the downwind side of the scrape.

“I’ve killed bucks over scrapes. As I mentioned before, especially during the early season and pre-rut, bucks spend a lot of time both day and night working scrapes,” Mills says. “That’s not to say that if you find one it’s automatically a great place to kill a big buck, but don’t avoid these. These are simply another piece of the puzzle when trying to pattern and kill mature bucks.”

a whitetail doe visiting scrape
Can’t find the perfect spot for your mock scrape? Plant a scrape tree instead and put one under it. Josh Honeycutt

The Best Time to Make Mock Scrapes

So, when is the best time to make mock scrapes? All year long. Deer are constantly communicating in this manner. Scrape use gradually increases through summer, early fall, and peaks just prior to the rut. It drops off during peak rut (when bucks are spending more time tending to does), and then slowly picks back up after the majority of does exit estrus. So, if you plan to make a mock scrape, do it now. Scrape activity should be hot over the next few weeks.

Mon, 23 Oct 2023 17:58:00 -0500 Josh Honeycutt en-US text/html
2024 NFL Mock Draft: Top-10 Surprises Highlight New 1st-Round Forecast No result found, try new keyword!It's still too early in the process to be terribly shocked at first-round projections, but the latest 2024 NFL mock draft from The Athletic certainly has a few selections that are sure to raise ... Wed, 18 Oct 2023 03:50:00 -0500 en-us text/html Tia Booth and Taylor Mock's Relationship Timeline

Tia Booth and Taylor Mock are married!

The couple tied the knot in Nashville on Nov. 4, 2023, after Mock proposed in April 2022.

Booth appeared on The Bachelor as well as two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise in pursuit of love, but it turns out her perfect match was a lot closer to home.

She met Mock at a party in January 2021, but she didn't pursue him immediately as she was about to film the seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise. After failing to find love on the show, she returned home to Nashville, where Mock continued to express his interest in her.

The couple made their relationship Instagram official in October 2021 and went on to welcome a son, Tatum Booth Mock, in December of the following year.

Here's everything to know about Tia Booth and Taylor Mock's relationship.

January 2021: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock meet

Booth and Mock first met at a party in Nashville at the beginning of 2021, as the Bachelor alum later explained on her podcast, Click Bait with Bachelor Nation. However, the two were not involved romantically at the time.

"We met actually in January at a party in Nashville. He moved from California," she said. "We hung out, like, in the same friend group and then he got the balls one day to try to hit on me and get me to hang out with him. And I was like, 'Sweetie, I'm going on Bachelor in Paradise. I'll see you later.' "

June 2021: Tia Booth stars in season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Booth made her third attempt to find love on the ABC franchise when she returned to "the beach" for season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. She joined the cast in week three but was eliminated during week six.

Summer 2021: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock go on their first date

As soon as Booth got back from filming, she and Mock started hanging out. Mock also shared that the pair didn't have a "proper first date."

"I literally told him — he was trying to wear me down — I was like, ... 'I'm in a good mood today. If you want to come watch me, like, do stuff at my house. Like, I have stuff to do. I have errands to do. I have stuff to do at my house. If you want to come, like, hang out with me when I do that,' " she explained on her podcast. "And that was like the first time we hung out just us. He thought I was kidding. I'm like, 'No, really. I have s--- to do.' "

October 17, 2021: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock make their relationship Instagram official

Taylor Mock Instagram

After quietly dating for a while, Booth announced her relationship on Instagram. She uploaded a video set to LANY's "Get Away" and captioned it, "Not gonna lie — it's been nice keeping this to myself. But it's about time y'all know too."

Mock also shared a sweet post about their relationship, writing, "It's hard to put into words how you truly feel about someone you love. I guess I'll keep it as simple as I've never felt more alive than when I'm with you."

October 21, 2021: Tia Booth speaks about her relationship with Taylor Mock on the Click Bait podcast

Booth opened up about her relationship for the first time a few days later during an episode of Click Bait. She also discussed her fear of going public with Mock.

"He's an angel. He really is really sweet and he's been doing sweet stuff for me for months," she said. "It's just scary being public in the public eye. Everybody, like, pays attention to every little detail."

October 26, 2021: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock attend an NFL football game

Tia Booth Instagram

That same month, Booth and Mock enjoyed a date night at a Tennessee Titans football game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Booth captioned a sweet photo from the night, "He wore a Rams jersey to a Titans/Chiefs game and I can't match my makeup to my face. We're doing great."

December 19, 2021: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock spend the holidays together

Tia Booth Instagram

The pair celebrated the holidays together for the first time in December 2021. To mark the occasion, Booth posted a picture of the couple laughing in front of a Christmas tree and asked fans what their couple name should be in the caption.

February 14, 2022: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock celebrate Valentine's Day

In honor of their first Valentine's Day as a couple, Mock shared a sweet picture of him and Booth dancing, captioned, "Happy Valentine's Day to my stone cold fox, thanks for always keeping me giggling."

February 21, 2022: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock vacation in Cancún

Tia Booth Instagram

Booth and Mock took a late winter getaway to Cancún, Mexico, in February 2022. The couple spent some time relaxing at the Garza Blanca Resort and Spa and they both posted photos from the trip on social media.

April 10, 2022: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock get engaged

Tia Booth Instagram

After less than a year of dating, Mock proposed to Booth onstage while she was participating in a The Bachelor Live On Stage event in Atlanta.

Booth shared the news on Instagram the next day, writing, "Never been more shocked or sure in my life💍 I love you so much Tay, my FIANCÉ!!!"

April 13, 2022: Tia Booth shares details about Taylor Mock's proposal

During a fan question-and-answer session on her Instagram Story a few days after the proposal, Booth joked that she and Mock both "blacked out" while it was happening.

"We *think* he said 'Sorry BIP didn't work out for you. I'm glad you came back to Nashville to me? Something or other. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you? Got down on one knee — Will you marry me?' " she said of the proposal.

She also shared that Mock had worked with Bachelor in Paradise alums Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs to pull off the surprise during the event.

May 15, 2022: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock attend a wedding together

Tia Booth and Taylor Mock. Tia Booth Instagram

In May 2022, Booth posted an adorable picture of herself and Mock at a wedding. She wore a coral dress and captioned the photo, "*cliché caption about @tmock39 being my forever wedding date* Congrats, Sam&Kaitlyn!"

The couple attended another wedding the following week, where Booth wore an eye-catching black tulle dress.

June 2, 2022: Tia Booth shares engagement photos with Taylor Mock

In June, Booth posted some of her and Mock's engagement photos on Instagram. She captioned the carousel of images simply, "Fiancé," before sharing the details of her outfit.

The Bachelor alum shared another snap from the engagement shoot a few days later in honor of Mock's birthday. She wrote in the caption, "Happy 27th birthday to the love of my life, my teammate, my biggest fan. So thankful for you today& everyday🖤 Girlies, if your old school brain tells you to write off a man solely because they're younger, don't listen." (Booth was born in 1991 while her fiancè was born in 1995.)

June 20, 2022: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock announce they're expecting a baby

On June 20, 2022, Booth and Mock shared some more exciting news with the world: they're going to be parents!

Booth announced the news on Instagram, where she wrote, "While I wish I could tell my dad all the good news in person, it brings me peace that he knows about it long before I do. Welcoming a new little life while mourning the loss of another proves that high emotions can exist simultaneously, and I have no doubt my dad had a hand in this. Happy heavenly Father's Day to the first man I ever loved and Happy soon-to-be Father's Day to my forever."

Her father died of cancer in February 2022.

Mock also honored Booth's father in his own heartfelt post about the pregnancy.

July 11, 2022: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock reveal the sex of their baby on the way

A month later, Booth and Mock shared on Instagram that they're expecting a baby boy. Booth posted a stop-motion-style video of her and Mock shooting off tubes filled with blue confetti and captioned the post with a simple blue heart emoji.

Booth also revealed that her due date is Dec. 23, 2022.

October 6, 2022: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock pose for maternity photos

Booth shared photos from her maternity shoot, in which she posed solo and with Mock. "Approaching 7 months pregnant, it's easy to feel like you aren't 'yourself' anymore," the mom-to-be explained. "There's so many physical and emotional changes happening so quickly! So the shoot was the perfect timing to get fixed up and feel beautiful."

"It really boosted my confidence!" she added. "I'm so happy to have these photos to remember this time forever."

The Bachelor in Paradise alum also shared that she and Mock have picked out the baby's first name but explains, "The middle name is harder than we thought." Booth hinted that she, her husband, and their baby "will all have the initials 'TM.' "

December 6, 2022: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock welcome their first child

The couple experienced the "best day" of their lives when they welcomed their son, Tatum Booth Mock, into the world.

Booth gave birth at exactly 6:13 a.m., and she shared audio from the moment on Instagram.

"Hi, buddy. Oh my god. He's so cute," the reality star can be heard saying. Hours later, she shared a sneak peek at the newborn on her Instagram Story and wrote: "He's the cutest thing we've ever laid eyes on. What an experience."

March 6, 2023: Tia Booth suggests that she and Taylor Mock have "10 more" kids

Three months after welcoming their first child, Booth is ready to have more babies with Mock.

"Let's have 10 more @tmock39," she wrote on Instagram alongside a video set to Tai Verdes' song "we would have some cute kids."

May 14, 2023: Taylor Mock celebrates Tia Booth on Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day, Mock penned a sweet post about Booth on Instagram.

"Watching you grow everyday is one of life’s greatest blessings. Thank you for being the best mom to our lil guy," he captioned an image of Booth and their son, Tatum.

August 11, 2023: Taylor Mock wishes Tia Booth a happy birthday

Taylor Mock Instagram

Mock celebrated his wife's 32nd birthday by posting a video montage on Instagram. The clip included videos of Mock and Booth smiling and hugging as well as lots of footage of Booth with their son.

"Happy bday Queen, 32 looks 10/10 on ya 🤍," he wrote in the caption.

November 4, 2023: Tia Booth and Taylor Mock get married

 Lela and Lyla

The couple's nuptials took place at Diamond Creek Farms in Nashville. Booth and Mock said, "I do," in front of 225 friends and family.

"It was either elope or have a huge party with all of our family and friends — no in between," Booth told PEOPLE. "I’ve waited a long time for this day, so we might as well have everyone there to witness it!"

The Bachelor in Paradise alum added that she's excited to now share the same last name as Mock and their son, Tatum.

"I’m honored to be Taylor’s wife and Tatum’s mom. I love our life so much. As long as I have them, I’m happy," Booth said.

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Fantasy basketball mock draft: 10-team H2H categories league

The ESPN fantasy basketball experts got together for their third and final mock draft of the 2023-24 NBA season, using a 10-team H2H category format.

If you're new to fantasy hoops and looking to try it out for the first time, here is a tutorial of all the basics. From there, it's easy to grab a handful of people, set up a draft and have some fun!

Let this mock draft serve as a learning experience and prime example of where players are being selected. This can help you on your way when it's time to draft for real.

Where did Shai Gilgeous-Alexander come off the board in this mock draft? How early was Anthony Edwards and Victor Wembanyama picked? And who were the biggest fallers?

The participants of our 10-team H2H categories mock, in order of draft position, were as follows: Eric Karabell, Matt Williams, James Best, Jim McCormick, Pierre Becquey, Andre Snellings, Eric Moody, Steve Alexander, Joe Kaiser and Tom Carpenter.

Round 1

1. Nikola Jokic, Den, C (C1) -- Karabell
2. Luka Doncic, Dal, PG (PG1) -- Williams
3. Jayson Tatum, Bos, SF/PF (SF1) -- Best
4. Joel Embiid, Phi, C (C2) -- McCormick
5. Tyrese Haliburton, Ind, PG/SG (PG2) -- Becquey
6. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mil, PF/C (PF1) -- Snellings
7. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, OKC, PG/SG (SG1) -- Moody
8. Anthony Edwards, Min, SG/SF (SG2) -- Alexander
9. Stephen Curry, GS, PG (PG3) -- Kaiser
10. Damian Lillard, Mil, PG (PG4) -- Carpenter

Round 2

11. Trae Young, Atl, PG (PG5) -- Carpenter
12. Devin Booker, Phx, SG/SF (SG3) -- Kaiser
13. Victor Wembanyama, SA, PF/C (C3) -- Alexander
14. LaMelo Ball, Cha, PG/SG (PG6) -- Moody
15. Mikal Bridges, Bkn, SG/SF (SF2) -- Snellings
16. Kevin Durant, Phx, SF/PF (SF3) -- Becquey
17. Domantas Sabonis, Sac, PF/C (PF2) -- McCormick
18. Anthony Davis, LAL, PF/C (PF3) -- Best
19. Karl-Anthony Towns, Min, PF/C (C4) -- Williams
20. Donovan Mitchell, Cle, PG/SG (SG4) -- Karabell

Round 3

21. Dejounte Murray, Atl, PG/SG (PG7) -- Karabell
22. Desmond Bane, Mem, SG/SF (SG5) -- Williams
23. Jordan Poole, Wsh, PG/SG (SG6) -- Best
24. Kyrie Irving, Dal, PG/SG (PG8) -- McCormick
25. Jimmy Butler, Mia, SF/PF (SF4) -- Becquey
26. Jalen Brunson, NY, PG/SG (PG9) -- Snellings
27. Lauri Markkanen, Utah, SF/PF (PF4) -- Moody
28. Jaren Jackson Jr., Mem, PF/C (PF5) -- Alexander
29. LeBron James, LAL, SF/PF (SF5) -- Kaiser
30. Cade Cunningham, Det, PG/SG (PG10) -- Carpenter

Round 4

31. Darius Garland, Cle, PG (PG11) -- Carpenter
32. Nikola Vucevic, Chi, C (C5) -- Kaiser
33. Chet Holmgren, OKC, PF/C (PF6) -- Alexander
34. Pascal Siakam, Tor, PF/C (PF7) -- Moody
35. De'Aaron Fox, Sac, PG (PG12) -- Snellings
36. Paul George, LAC, SG/SF/PF (SF6) -- Becquey
37. James Harden, Phi, PG/SG (SG7) -- McCormick
38. Chris Paul, GS, PG (PG13) -- Best
39. O.G. Anunoby, Tor, SF (SF7) -- Williams
40. Jaylen Brown, Bos, SG/SF (SG8) -- Karabell

Round 5

41. Zach LaVine, Chi, SG/SF (SG9) -- Karabell
42. Tyrese Maxey, Phi, PG/SG (SG10) -- Williams
43. Walker Kessler, Utah, C (C6) -- Best
44. Kawhi Leonard, LAC, SF/PF (SF8) -- McCormick
45. Jamal Murray, Den, PG (PG14) -- Becquey
46. Bam Adebayo, Mia, C (C7) -- Snellings
47. Scottie Barnes, Tor, SF/PF (PF8) -- Moody
48. Josh Giddey, OKC, PG/SG/SF (PG15) -- Alexander
49. Julius Randle, NY, PF (PF9) -- Kaiser
50. DeMar DeRozan, Chi, SG/SF (SF9) -- Carpenter

Round 6

51. Myles Turner, Ind, C (C8) -- Carpenter
52. Jrue Holiday, Bos, PG/SG (PG16) -- Kaiser
53. Jalen Williams, OKC, SG/SF (SG11) -- Alexander
54. Fred VanVleet, Hou, PG (PG17) -- Moody
55. Evan Mobley, Cle, PF/C (PF10) -- Snellings
56. Brandon Ingram, NO, SF/PF (SF10) -- Becquey
57. Kristaps Porzingis, Bos, PF/C (C9) -- McCormick
58. Spencer Dinwiddie, Bkn, PG/SG (SG12) -- Best
59. Zion Williamson, NO, PF (PF11) -- Williams
60. Nic Claxton, Bkn, PF/C (C10) -- Karabell

Round 7

61. Jarrett Allen, Cle, C (C11) -- Karabell
62. Franz Wagner, Orl, SG/SF/PF (SF11) -- Williams
63. Kyle Kuzma, Wsh, SF/PF (PF12) -- Best
64. Deandre Ayton, Por, C (C12) -- McCormick
65. Paolo Banchero, Orl, SF/PF (PF13) -- Becquey
66. Tyus Jones, Wsh, PG (PG18) -- Snellings
67. Mark Williams, Cha, C (C13) -- Moody
68. Devin Vassell, SA, SG/SF (SF12) -- Alexander
69. Brook Lopez, Mil, C (C14) -- Kaiser
70. Bradley Beal, Phx, PG/SG (SG13) -- Carpenter

Round 8

71. Khris Middleton, Mil, SF (SF13) -- Carpenter
72. Austin Reaves, LAL, SG/SF (SG14) -- Kaiser
73. Alperen Sengun, Hou, C (C15) -- Alexander
74. Zach Collins, SA, PF/C (C16) -- Moody
75. Jalen Green, Hou, SG (SG15) -- Snellings
76. Rudy Gobert, Min, C (C17) -- Becquey
77. Cameron Johnson, Bkn, SF/PF (SF14) -- McCormick
78. Tyler Herro, Mia, PG/SG (SG16) -- Best
79. Jakob Poeltl, Tor, C (C18) -- Williams
80. Scoot Henderson, Por, PG (PG19) -- Karabell

Round 9

81. Klay Thompson, GS, SG/SF (SG17) -- Karabell
82. Ja Morant, Mem, PG (PG20) -- Williams
83. Jabari Smith Jr., Hou, PF/C (PF14) -- Best
84. Tobias Harris, Phi, SF/PF (SF15) -- McCormick
85. Jerami Grant, Por, PF (PF15) -- Becquey
86. Keegan Murray, Sac, SF/PF (PF16) -- Snellings
87. Anfernee Simons, Por, PG/SG (SG18) -- Moody
88. Andrew Wiggins, GS, SF/PF (SF16) -- Alexander
89. John Collins, Utah, PF (PF17) -- Kaiser
90. Daniel Gafford, Wsh, PF/C (C19) -- Carpenter

Round 10

91. Tre Jones, SA, PG (PG21) -- Carpenter
92. Jonas Valanciunas, NO, C (C20) -- Kaiser
93. Bruce Brown, Ind, SG/SF (SG19) -- Alexander
94. De'Anthony Melton, Phi, PG/SG (PG22) -- Moody
95. D'Angelo Russell, LAL, PG/SG (PG23) -- Snellings
96. Draymond Green, GS, PF/C (PF18) -- Becquey
97. Terry Rozier, Cha, PG/SG (SG20) -- McCormick
98. Shaedon Sharpe, Por, SG/SF (SG21) -- Best
99. Buddy Hield, Ind, SG/SF (SG22) -- Williams
100. CJ McCollum, NO, PG/SG (SG23) -- Karabell

Round 11

101. Jaden Ivey, Det, PG/SG (PG24) -- Karabell
102. Ben Simmons, Bkn, PG/PF (PG25) -- Williams
103. Brandon Miller, Cha, SG/SF (SG24) -- Best
104. Derrick White, Bos, PG/SG (PG26) -- McCormick
105. Michael Porter Jr., Den, SF (SF17) -- Becquey
106. Russell Westbrook, LAC, PG (PG27) -- Snellings
107. Marcus Smart, Mem, PG/SG (SG25) -- Moody
108. Markelle Fultz, Orl, PG/SG (PG28) -- Alexander
109. Josh Hart, NY, SG/SF (SG26) -- Kaiser
110. Jalen Duren, Det, C (C21) -- Carpenter

Round 12

111. Keldon Johnson, SA, SF (SF18) -- Carpenter
112. Onyeka Okongwu, Atl, C (C22) -- Kaiser
113. Bennedict Mathurin, Ind, SG/SF (SF19) -- Alexander
114. Wendell Carter Jr., Orl, C (C23) -- Moody
115. Saddiq Bey, Atl, SF/PF (SF20) -- Snellings
116. Aaron Gordon, Den, PF (PF19) -- Becquey
117. Mike Conley, Min, PG (PG29) -- McCormick
118. Jeremy Sochan, SA, PF (PF20) -- Best
119. P.J. Washington, Cha, PF (PF21) -- Williams
120. Jordan Clarkson, Utah, SG (SG27) -- Karabell

Round 13

121. Ivica Zubac, LAC, C (C24) -- Karabell
122. Herbert Jones, NO, SF/PF (PF22) -- Williams
123. RJ Barrett, NY, SG/SF (SF21) -- Best
124. Clint Capela, Atl, C (C25) -- McCormick
125. Talen Horton-Tucker, Utah, SG/SF (SG28) -- Becquey
126. Kevin Huerter, Sac, SG/SF (SG29) -- Snellings
127. Immanuel Quickley, NY, PG/SG (PG30) -- Moody
128. Dennis Schroder, Tor, PG (PG31) -- Alexander
129. Gary Trent Jr., Tor, PG/SG (SG30) -- Kaiser
130. Amen Thompson, Hou, SG (SG31) -- Carpenter

Team rosters are presented in first-round pick order. Picks indicated in parentheses in this manner: (Round.Pick)

Team Karabell

PG1 Dejounte Murray, Atl, PG/SG (Pick: 3.1)
PG2 Scoot Henderson, Por, PG (Pick: 8.10)
PG3 Jaden Ivey, Det, PG/SG (Pick: 11.1)
SG1 Donovan Mitchell, Cle, PG/SG (Pick: 2.10)
SG2 Jaylen Brown, Bos, SG/SF (Pick: 4.10)
SG3 Zach LaVine, Chi, SG/SF (Pick: 5.1)
SG4 Klay Thompson, GS, SG/SF (Pick: 9.1)
SG5 CJ McCollum, NO, PG/SG (Pick: 10.10)
SG6 Jordan Clarkson, Utah, SG (Pick: 12.10)
C1 Nikola Jokic, Den, C (Pick: 1.1)
C2 Nic Claxton, Bkn, PF/C (Pick: 6.10)
C3 Jarrett Allen, Cle, C (Pick: 7.1)
C4 Ivica Zubac, LAC, C (Pick: 13.1)

Team Williams

PG1 Luka Doncic, Dal, PG (Pick: 1.2)
PG2 Ja Morant, Mem, PG (Pick: 9.2)
PG3 Ben Simmons, Bkn, PG/PF (Pick: 11.2)
SG1 Desmond Bane, Mem, SG/SF (Pick: 3.2)
SG2 Tyrese Maxey, Phi, PG/SG (Pick: 5.2)
SG3 Buddy Hield, Ind, SG/SF (Pick: 10.9)
SF1 O.G. Anunoby, Tor, SF (Pick: 4.9)
SF2 Franz Wagner, Orl, SG/SF/PF (Pick: 7.2)
PF1 Zion Williamson, NO, PF (Pick: 6.9)
PF2 P.J. Washington, Cha, PF (Pick: 12.9)
PF3 Herbert Jones, NO, SF/PF (Pick: 13.2)
C1 Karl-Anthony Towns, Min, PF/C (Pick: 2.9)
C2 Jakob Poeltl, Tor, C (Pick: 8.9)

Team Best

PG1 Chris Paul, GS, PG (Pick: 4.8)
SG1 Jordan Poole, Wsh, PG/SG (Pick: 3.3)
SG2 Spencer Dinwiddie, Bkn, PG/SG (Pick: 6.8)
SG3 Tyler Herro, Mia, PG/SG (Pick: 8.8)
SG4 Shaedon Sharpe, Por, SG/SF (Pick: 10.8)
SG5 Brandon Miller, Cha, SG/SF (Pick: 11.3)
SF1 Jayson Tatum, Bos, SF/PF (Pick: 1.3)
SF2 RJ Barrett, NY, SG/SF (Pick: 13.3)
PF1 Anthony Davis, LAL, PF/C (Pick: 2.8)
PF2 Kyle Kuzma, Wsh, SF/PF (Pick: 7.3)
PF3 Jabari Smith Jr., Hou, PF/C (Pick: 9.3)
PF4 Jeremy Sochan, SA, PF (Pick: 12.8)
C1 Walker Kessler, Utah, C (Pick: 5.3)

Team McCormick

PG1 Kyrie Irving, Dal, PG/SG (Pick: 3.4)
PG2 Derrick White, Bos, PG/SG (Pick: 11.4)
PG3 Mike Conley, Min, PG (Pick: 12.7)
SG1 James Harden, Phi, PG/SG (Pick: 4.7)
SG2 Terry Rozier, Cha, PG/SG (Pick: 10.7)
SF1 Kawhi Leonard, LAC, SF/PF (Pick: 5.4)
SF2 Cameron Johnson, Bkn, SF/PF (Pick: 8.7)
SF3 Tobias Harris, Phi, SF/PF (Pick: 9.4)
PF1 Domantas Sabonis, Sac, PF/C (Pick: 2.7)
C1 Joel Embiid, Phi, C (Pick: 1.4)
C2 Kristaps Porzingis, Bos, PF/C (Pick: 6.7)
C3 Deandre Ayton, Por, C (Pick: 7.4)
C4 Clint Capela, Atl, C (Pick: 13.4)

Team Becquey

PG1 Tyrese Haliburton, Ind, PG/SG (Pick: 1.5)
PG2 Jamal Murray, Den, PG (Pick: 5.5)
SG1 Talen Horton-Tucker, Utah, SG/SF (Pick: 13.5)
SF1 Kevin Durant, Phx, SF/PF (Pick: 2.6)
SF2 Jimmy Butler, Mia, SF/PF (Pick: 3.5)
SF3 Paul George, LAC, SG/SF/PF (Pick: 4.6)
SF4 Brandon Ingram, NO, SF/PF (Pick: 6.6)
SF5 Michael Porter Jr., Den, SF (Pick: 11.5)
PF1 Paolo Banchero, Orl, SF/PF (Pick: 7.5)
PF2 Jerami Grant, Por, PF (Pick: 9.5)
PF3 Draymond Green, GS, PF/C (Pick: 10.6)
PF4 Aaron Gordon, Den, PF (Pick: 12.6)
C1 Rudy Gobert, Min, C (Pick: 8.6)

Team Snellings

PG1 Jalen Brunson, NY, PG/SG (Pick: 3.6)
PG2 De'Aaron Fox, Sac, PG (Pick: 4.5)
PG3 Tyus Jones, Wsh, PG (Pick: 7.6)
PG4 D'Angelo Russell, LAL, PG/SG (Pick: 10.5)
PG5 Russell Westbrook, LAC, PG (Pick: 11.6)
SG1 Jalen Green, Hou, SG (Pick: 8.5)
SG2 Kevin Huerter, Sac, SG/SF (Pick: 13.6)
SF1 Mikal Bridges, Bkn, SG/SF (Pick: 2.5)
SF2 Saddiq Bey, Atl, SF/PF (Pick: 12.5)
PF1 Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mil, PF/C (Pick: 1.6)
PF2 Evan Mobley, Cle, PF/C (Pick: 6.5)
PF3 Keegan Murray, Sac, SF/PF (Pick: 9.6)
C1 Bam Adebayo, Mia, C (Pick: 5.6)

Team Moody

PG1 LaMelo Ball, Cha, PG/SG (Pick: 2.4)
PG2 Fred VanVleet, Hou, PG (Pick: 6.4)
PG3 De'Anthony Melton, Phi, PG/SG (Pick: 10.4)
PG4 Immanuel Quickley, NY, PG/SG (Pick: 13.7)
SG1 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, OKC, PG/SG (Pick: 1.7)
SG2 Anfernee Simons, Por, PG/SG (Pick: 9.7)
SG3 Marcus Smart, Mem, PG/SG (Pick: 11.7)
PF1 Lauri Markkanen, Utah, SF/PF (Pick: 3.7)
PF2 Pascal Siakam, Tor, PF/C (Pick: 4.4)
PF3 Scottie Barnes, Tor, SF/PF (Pick: 5.7)
C1 Mark Williams, Cha, C (Pick: 7.7)
C2 Zach Collins, SA, PF/C (Pick: 8.4)
C3 Wendell Carter Jr., Orl, C (Pick: 12.4)

Team Alexander

PG1 Josh Giddey, OKC, PG/SG/SF (Pick: 5.8)
PG2 Markelle Fultz, Orl, PG/SG (Pick: 11.8)
PG3 Dennis Schroder, Tor, PG (Pick: 13.8)
SG1 Anthony Edwards, Min, SG/SF (Pick: 1.8)
SG2 Jalen Williams, OKC, SG/SF (Pick: 6.3)
SG3 Bruce Brown, Ind, SG/SF (Pick: 10.3)
SF1 Devin Vassell, SA, SG/SF (Pick: 7.8)
SF2 Andrew Wiggins, GS, SF/PF (Pick: 9.8)
SF3 Bennedict Mathurin, Ind, SG/SF (Pick: 12.3)
PF1 Jaren Jackson Jr., Mem, PF/C (Pick: 3.8)
PF2 Chet Holmgren, OKC, PF/C (Pick: 4.3)
C1 Victor Wembanyama, SA, PF/C (Pick: 2.3)
C2 Alperen Sengun, Hou, C (Pick: 8.3)

Team Kaiser

PG1 Stephen Curry, GS, PG (Pick: 1.9)
PG2 Jrue Holiday, Bos, PG/SG (Pick: 6.2)
SG1 Devin Booker, Phx, SG/SF (Pick: 2.2)
SG2 Austin Reaves, LAL, SG/SF (Pick: 8.2)
SG3 Josh Hart, NY, SG/SF (Pick: 11.9)
SG4 Gary Trent Jr., Tor, PG/SG (Pick: 13.9)
SF1 LeBron James, LAL, SF/PF (Pick: 3.9)
PF1 Julius Randle, NY, PF (Pick: 5.9)
PF2 John Collins, Utah, PF (Pick: 9.9)
C1 Nikola Vucevic, Chi, C (Pick: 4.2)
C2 Brook Lopez, Mil, C (Pick: 7.9)
C3 Jonas Valanciunas, NO, C (Pick: 10.2)
C4 Onyeka Okongwu, Atl, C (Pick: 12.2)

Team Carpenter

PG1 Damian Lillard, Mil, PG (Pick: 1.10)
PG2 Trae Young, Atl, PG (Pick: 2.1)
PG3 Cade Cunningham, Det, PG/SG (Pick: 3.10)
PG4 Darius Garland, Cle, PG (Pick: 4.1)
PG5 Tre Jones, SA, PG (Pick: 10.1)
SG1 Bradley Beal, Phx, PG/SG (Pick: 7.10)
SG2 Amen Thompson, Hou, SG (Pick: 13.10)
SF1 DeMar DeRozan, Chi, SG/SF (Pick: 5.10)
SF2 Khris Middleton, Mil, SF (Pick: 8.1)
SF3 Keldon Johnson, SA, SF (Pick: 12.1)
C1 Myles Turner, Ind, C (Pick: 6.1)
C2 Daniel Gafford, Wsh, PF/C (Pick: 9.10)
C3 Jalen Duren, Det, C (Pick: 11.10)

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Final Mock 2023 NHL Draft: Intrigue after 1st 4 picks

The 2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft will be held June 28-29 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

The first round will be June 28 (7 p.m. ET; ESPN, SN, TVAS) and Rounds 2-7 are June 29 (11 a.m. ET; NHLN, SN, TVAS). is counting down to the draft with in-depth profiles on top prospects, podcasts and other features. Today, writers Adam Kimelman and Mike G. Morreale submit their third and final mock draft of the first round.'s full draft coverage can be found here.

The most intriguing moment of the 2023 NHL Draft could come when the Montreal Canadiens go on the clock with the No. 5 pick. staff writers Adam Kimelman and Mike G. Morreale are in agreement on how the first four selections will go, starting with the Chicago Blackhawks choosing center Connor Bedard of Regina of the Western Hockey League with the No. 1 pick, and University of Michigan center Adam Fantilli going to the Anaheim Ducks at No. 2.

But starting at No. 5, their opinions vary widely.

The 16 teams that missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs took part in the lottery drawing for the first two selections on May 8; the Blackhawks won the No. 1 pick, and the Ducks won No. 2. The remaining teams were ordered based on inverse order of the NHL standings.

The 12 teams that lost in the first two rounds of the playoffs were slotted into picks 17-28. Teams that did not win their division were placed in inverse order of regular-season standings points, followed by the two division winners who lost, in inverse order of regular-season points.

The No. 29 pick belongs to the St. Louis Blues, who acquired it from the Dallas Stars via the New York Rangers. The Stars traded the pick to the Rangers for defenseman Nils Lundkvist on Sept. 19, and the Rangers sent it to the Blues as part of the trade for forward Vladimir Tarasenko on Feb. 9.

No. 30 goes to the Carolina Hurricanes, who lost in the Eastern Conference Final.

The Florida Panthers lost in the Stanley Cup Final but traded the pick, No. 31, to the Montreal Canadiens for defenseman Ben Chiarot on March 16, 2022.

The Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights have No. 32.

The Blues have three picks in the first round, No. 10 as well as No. 25 and No. 29. The Blackhawks, Canadiens, San Jose Sharks, Arizona Coyotes, Philadelphia Flyers, Detroit Red Wings and Nashville Predators each have two picks.

Kimelman -- Connor Bedard, C, Regina (WHL): Bedard (5-foot-10, 185 pounds) could be the best prospect to enter the NHL since Connor McDavid, who was selected No. 1 by the Edmonton Oilers at the 2015 NHL Draft. The 17-year-old has dominated every level he's played at, and he's done it while usually being the youngest player on his team. Bedard is a generational talent with the ability to fast-forward the Blackhawks back into Stanley Cup Playoff contention.

Morreale -- Connor Bedard: Bedard was flawless during his draft-eligible season, winning the Canadian Hockey League Top Prospect, Top Scorer, and David Branch Player of the Year awards this season after leading the Western Hockey League in goals (71) and points (143) in 57 games with Regina. He'll be a major building block for a franchise in need of high-end talent, especially at the center position.

NHL Tonight talks expectations for Connor Bedard

Kimelman -- Adam Fantilli, C, Michigan (NCAA): Fantilli dominated NCAA hockey as few 18-year-old freshmen have. He led all players in points (65) and tied for the lead in goals (30), helping Michigan reach the Frozen Four and winning the Hobey Baker Trophy as the top men's hockey player. At 6-foot-2, 195 pounds, he has NHL-ready size and should be able to make an NHL impact whenever he decides to turn pro, likely after one more season at Michigan.

Morreale -- Adam Fantilli: Fantilli, the top player in college hockey this season, has the tools required to become an elite power center in the NHL.

Cosentino Previews Upcoming Draft Prospects

Kimelman -- Leo Carlsson, C, Orebro (SWE): Carlsson won't blow your skates off like Bedard, but he does everything exceptionally well. He's got NHL-ready size (6-2, 194) and already has two seasons of experience in the Swedish Hockey League. Carlsson has the chance to be the top-end No. 1 center Columbus has been missing.

Morreale -- Leo Carlsson: Carlsson knows how to manage the puck along the boards and is difficult to knock down in battles. He was named junior player of the year in the SHL this season.

The guys discuss Leo Carlsson ranking in at number 3

Kimelman -- Will Smith, C, USA U-18 (NTDP): Smith is a game-breaking offensive talent with a well-rounded game that can be the best player on the ice whether he has a hat trick or doesn't get a point. He saved his best hockey this season for the biggest moment, helping the United States win the gold medal at the 2023 IIHF Under-18 World Championship in April with a tournament-best 20 points (nine goals, 11 assists) in seven games, matching the U.S. record set by Jack Hughes at the 2019 tournament. Smith (6-foot, 180) will play at least one season at Boston College, but will be more than worth the wait.

Morreale -- Will Smith: The right-handed center creates scoring chances and can handle the puck at top speed to drive offense and make players around him even better.

NHL Draft: Best of William Smith

Kimelman -- Matvei Michkov, RW, SKA St. Petersburg (RUS): From a pure skill standpoint, Michkov (5-10, 172) might be second only to Bedard in this year's draft class. His contract in the Kontinental Hockey League runs through the 2025-26 season, so whatever team drafts him will need patience. But the Canadiens have started to put some good young pieces in place with forwards Cole Caufield, Nick Suzuki, Kirby Dach and Juraj Slafkovsky, and defensemen Kaiden Guhle, Justin Barron and Jordan Harris. They've also drafted well recently, so they're well stocked to wait for Michkov to potentially arrive at age 22 in 2026.

Morreale -- David Reinbacher, D, Kloten (SUI): Reinbacher (6-2, 194) might turn out to be the best defenseman prospect of this draft. The Austria-born right-handed shot didn't look out of place playing in the top professional league in Switzerland with 22 points (three goals, 19 assists) in 46 games, and some scouts have compared him to Edmonton Oilers defenseman Mattias Ekholm. The thought of Reinbacher and Lane Hutson (2022 NHL Draft; No. 62) as a future defense pair is enticing.

Kimelman -- David Reinbacher: With two picks in the first round, the Coyotes can take the best defenseman available and still find a top-end forward later in the draft. Reinbacher is highly skilled in all areas of the game and already has been a standout against older, more developed competition in the top pro league in Switzerland as well as the IIHF World Championship. He could be a year away from playing significant minutes in the NHL.

Morreale -- Dalibor Dvorsky, C, AIK (SWE-2): Dvorsky (6-1, 200) is a good skater, great with the puck on his stick, and has an ability to maintain possession with good vision. He can win battles in the corner and shows great skill in tight spaces; he led fourth-place Slovakia with 13 points (eight goals, five assists) in seven games at the U-18 Worlds.

Kimelman -- Ryan Leonard, RW, USA U-18 (NTDP): Leonard's play got better as the season went on, and he was outstanding at the World U-18s, scoring eight goals in seven games, including the overtime winner in the gold-medal game. But more than the skill, Leonard (6-foot, 190) plays a feisty game, reminiscent of Matthew Tkachuk of the Florida Panthers. The Flyers are a bit deep at right wing, with Travis Konecny and Joel Farabee at the NHL level and prospects Bobby Brink and Tyson Foerster all right-handed shots. But Philadelphia amateur scouting director Brent Flahr said recently if the best player available is a right wing, then they'll take another right wing.

Morreale -- Ryan Leonard: He's a prototypical Flyer with high-end compete, grittiness, a big shot and the willingness to be the player that stirs the pot when his team needs a spark. Leonard also provided leadership as a member of USA Hockey's National Team Development Program Under-18 team, with 94 points (51 goals, 43 assists) in 57 games.

Kimelman -- Axel Sandin Pellikka, D, Skelleftea Jr. (SWE-JR): The Capitals have done well with adding young forwards at the top of the draft the past few seasons, with Connor McMichael (2019, No. 25) and Hendrix Lapierre (2020, No. 22) looking like they're ready for more. Now would be a good time to address the defense, and Sandin Pellikka (5-11, 180) is the best defenseman prospect available. He had 36 points (16 goals, 20 assists) in 31 games in Sweden's junior league and is the best offensive-minded defenseman in the draft.

Morreale -- Matvei Michkov: Washington can afford to make a splash here and the 18-year-old, compared by some to Minnesota Wild forward Kirill Kaprizov, would qualify. He had 20 points (nine goals, 11 assists) in 30 games on loan to Sochi of the KHL and offers great acceleration, puck handling skills and confidence reminiscent of Bedard. With three more seasons left on his KHL contract, patience will be needed, but the payoff for the Capitals could be tremendous.

Kimelman -- Zach Benson, LW, Winnipeg (WHL): Benson (5-10, 170) has elite-level hockey IQ with a work ethic to match. His creativity and playmaking helped him lead best team in the Western Hockey League with 98 points (36 goals, 62 assists) in 60 games, a team that featured two first-round NHL draft picks, Matt Savoie (Buffalo Sabres) and Conor Geekie (Arizona Coyotes). Once he develops more physically, Benson has the chance to be a top-line playmaker.

Morreale -- Matthew Wood, RW, Connecticut (NCAA): Wood (6-4, 197) probably has the highest ceiling of any prospect selected in the first round and Detroit general manager Steve Yzerman might be the one willing to take that chance on him. His shot is accurate and hard, and he can score multiple ways, with a one-timer or toe-drag. He led Connecticut with 34 points (11 goals, 23 assists) in 35 games.

Kimelman -- Dalibor Dvorsky: Dvorsky was able to showcase a smart, skilled game with good quickness while playing against older, more physically developed competition in Allsvenskan, the second-highest pro league in Sweden. The potential of pairing Robert Thomas and Dvorsky through the middle has to be appealing to the Blues.

Morreale -- Tom Willander, D, Rogle Jr. (SWE-JR): With their first of three picks in the first round, the Blues can add a skilled right-shot defenseman (6-1, 180) with excellent mobility, skating speed, and good understanding of the game. He finished third among defensemen at the U-18 Worlds with eight points (three goals, five assists) in seven games for Sweden.

Kimelman -- Tom Willander: The Canucks have selected two defensemen in the top two rounds of the draft since 2017, Quinn Hughes and Jett Woo with their first two selections in the 2018 NHL Draft. Finding more talent at that position is an imperative. Willander, who will play at Boston University next season, brings a complete game with a nice competitive edge who got better and more impressive as the season went on.

Morreale -- Nate Danielson, C, Brandon (WHL): Danielson has great vision and patience with the puck. The right-handed shot (6-1, 186) made one of the most significant jumps in Central Scouting's final ranking of North American skaters, to No. 7 from No. 13 on the midterm list, after leading Brandon with 78 points (33 goals, 45 assists) in 68 games. He can play all situations, including the power play and penalty kill.

12. Arizona Coyotes (from Ottawa Senators)

Kimelman -- Colby Barlow, LW, Owen Sound (OHL): The Coyotes need goal scorers and Barlow showed a great scoring touch this season, finishing fifth in the OHL with 46 goals in 59 games, and he has a high-end shot that is reminiscent of Sabres forward Jeff Skinner. Barlow can skate the puck into the offensive zone and is strong enough (6-foot, 190) to win battles along the wall. He also rates high in intangibles: He was a 17-year-old captain and was the top scholastic player in the Canadian Hockey League.

Morreale -- Oliver Moore, C, USA U-18 (NTDP): Moore (5-11, 195), who is headed to the University of Minnesota in the fall, is considered by many to be the fastest skater of this draft class. On top of his elite speed and top-line potential in the NHL, he can play center or wing. He had 75 points (31 goals, 44 assists) in 61 games with the NTDP.

Kimelman -- Matthew Wood: Wood's game got better as the season went on, capped by 13 points (seven goals, six assists) in seven games for Canada at World U-18s, where he answered any questions about his skating. His size and skill make him one of the best players below the dots in this draft class. The Sabres have built an impressive array of young offensive talent, led by Tage Thompson (also a Connecticut product), Alex Tuch, Peyton Krebs, Dylan Cozens and Jack Quinn, plus top prospects Jiri Kulich and Isak Rosen. Wood would make a strong group even better.

Morreale - Dmitri Simashev, D, Yaroslavl Jr. (RUS-JR): The 18-year-old plays a strong physical game and has good size (6-4, 198). He's competitive, alert and active in all three zones. The Sabres can afford to let Simashev develop and mature overseas with what they already have among their lineup and their pipeline along the blue line.

Kimelman -- Nate Danielson: Danielson stood out on a Brandon team that struggled this season, and scouts were impressed with how he continued to develop the offensive side of his game to complement a defensive game that Bedard said made him the most difficult player to skate against in his draft class. It's imperative for the Penguins to find centers that can eventually replace Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, and Danielson has the potential to develop into a strong top-six player.

Morreale -- Zach Benson: A terrific skater and relentless contributor on the forecheck, Benson will go to the tough areas of the ice and always battle hard despite his frame. His best asset is his hockey smarts and he's improved his defensive game; Pittsburgh needs to build prospect depth in all areas.

Kimelman -- Oliver Moore: Barry Trotz, who will take over as general manager July 1, wants his scouts to "take some high-end swings on some guys," so Moore would be the perfect addition here. The left-shot center is considered the best skater in the draft class with a skill set reminiscent of Detroit Red Wings forward Dylan Larkin.

Morreale -- Gabriel Perreault, RW, USA U-18 (NTDP): Nashville needs help on the wing in its prospect pool and Perreault (5-11, 163) led the NTDP in goals, assists and points and was second for the United States at the U-18 Worlds with 18 points (five goals, 13 assists) in seven games. The son of former NHL center Yanic Perreault has great instincts, smarts and knows how to put himself in good areas to create offense.

Kimelman -- Samuel Honzek, LW, Vancouver (WHL): Honzek's strength and hockey IQ stood out this season, his first in the Western Hockey League after coming over from his native Slovakia. He showed he could make plays off the rush and use his big body (6-3, 195) to hold off defenders to create time and space to use his quick, heavy shot. He missed nearly two months because of a bad skate cut to his left calf sustained during the 2023 IIHF World Junior Championship, but he looked recovered when he returned and his Video: 'NHL Tonight' talks expectations for Connor Bedard removed any lingering doubts about his quickness and power.

Morreale -- Samuel Honzek: Honzek is a power forward with good hands and skating ability. He had 56 points (23 goals, 33 assists) in 43 games to become the third-highest Vancouver rookie scorer in a single season after Fabian Lysell (62 points, 2021-22) and Gilbert Brule (60 points, 2003-04).

17. Detroit Red Wings (from New York Islanders via Vancouver Canucks)

Kimelman -- Eduard Sale, LW, Brno (CZREP): After taking a center at No. 6, the Red Wings can take a top-end left wing who was voted rookie of the year the top professional league in the Czech Republic after he had 14 points (seven goals, seven assists) in 43 games. Sale (6-2, 175) has high-end puck skills and a high hockey IQ that will allow him to develop into a top option for the power play and penalty kill.

Morreale -- Axel Sandin Pellikka:Sandin Pellikka compensates for his lack of size with his hockey smarts and tremendous work ethic. He's a quick and agile puck-mover from the back end, and Pellikka has proven reliable and consistent. In addition to his outstanding play in Sweden's junior league, he made his SHL debut this season with Skelleftea and had five points (two goals, three assists) in 22 games.

Kimelman -- Brayden Yager, C, Moose Jaw (WHL): Yager (5-11, 170) is a strong, quick skater and a puck hound with a dynamic shot. He needs to get stronger, but the upside is a top-line center that can make players around him better.

Morreale -- Colby Barlow: Barlow can beat defenders with his great speed or strength in shielding them off 1-on-1 in tight quarters. He can play physical along the boards and could be a top-nine forward at the NHL level.

19. Chicago Blackhawks (from Tampa Bay Lightning)

Kimelman -- Gabriel Perreault: The Blackhawks find a great complement to Bedard with Perreault, who broke Auston Matthews' NTDP record with 132 points (53 goals, 79 assists) in 63 games this season. His hockey sense is his best asset, and it allows him to use his anticipation and puck skills to create scoring chances for himself and his teammates.

Morreale -- Brayden Yager: It's a perfect time to start building the forward prospect pool with players to surround Bedard, and Yager is a fantastic two-way center. The right-handed shot improved his playmaking this season to complement a powerful shot. He's responsible in all three zones and effective on face-offs.

Kimelman -- Oliver Bonk, D, London (OHL): The Kraken have done well adding young forwards in the draft, topped by Calder Trophy finalist Matty Beniers (2021, No. 2) and Shane Wright (2022, No. 4). Now they can start building prospect depth at defenseman with Bonk (6-1, 180), a right-handed shot with a well-rounded skill set and the smarts that come from having a father, Radek Bonk, who played in the NHL.

Morreale -- Quentin Musty, LW, Sudbury (OHL): The Kraken can continue to bolster their forward prospect pool with big, mobile players and Musty (6-1, 200) fits that mold. He's a power forward with good vision and playmaking ability with a high hockey IQ who should be a big contributor on the power play.

Kimelman -- Calum Ritchie, C, Oshawa (OHL): The Wild lack a legitimate No. 1 center and Ritchie (6-2, 184) has that kind of upside. He had 59 points (24 goals, 35 assists) in 59 OHL games and nine points (three goals, six assists) in seven games to help Canada finish third at the 2023 IIHF Under-18 World Championship, despite playing through a season-long shoulder injury that required surgery. He is expected to be fully healed for training camp, when his full skill set should really be on display, including a top-end skating that powers a strong offensive game.

Morreale -- Calum Ritchie: Ritchie excelled all season, including helping Canada to a bronze medal at the World U-18s despite his shoulder injury. He can play in traffic and manages that with good hands and hockey sense.

22. Philadelphia Flyers (from Los Angeles Kings via Columbus Blue Jackets)

Kimelman -- Otto Stenberg, C, Frolunda Jr. (SWE-JR): After taking a high-end wing at No. 7, the best pick here for the rebuilding Flyers is a smart, skilled center who has been a leader of almost every team he's played on. After selecting center Cutter Gauthier with the No. 5 pick of the 2022 NHL Draft, adding Stenberg would set them up nicely through the middle as they return to Stanley Cup Playoff contention.

Morreale -- Oliver Bonk: Bonk is a two-way defenseman with high hockey IQ and a threat on the rush. The right-handed shot is capable of transitioning the puck quickly while using his size to shut down plays and move opposing forwards down low. After selecting Leonard earlier, the Flyers would be wise to choose a top-tier defenseman with a well-rounded game.

Kimelman -- David Edstrom, C, Frolunda Jr. (SWE-JR): Adding young skill in the middle could be the best option for the Rangers at this point, with Mika Zibanejad at age 30 and Vincent Trocheck turning 30 before next season starts. Edstrom (6-3, 185) is a smart player with great size who averaged a point per game (28 points in 28 games) in Sweden's junior league.

Morreale -- Charlie Stramel, C, Wisconsin (NCAA): Stramel (6-3, 222) has an impressive combination of size, skating and skill. He's good in traffic and positions himself well to provide scoring opportunities for himself or teammates. He can finish checks and doesn't shy from contact.

24. Nashville Predators (from Edmonton Oilers)

Kimelman -- Danil But, LW, Yaroslavl Jr. (RUS-JR): After taking a playmaking center with their first choice, the Predators can add a big wing in But (6-5, 203). He skates well and knows how to use his size to protect the puck, clear space for himself and finish from anywhere in the offensive zone. Projects to be a power forward difficult to handle below the dots in the offensive zone.

Morreale -- Otto Stenberg: Stenberg has leadership qualities and a tremendous two-way game. An offensively gifted player with quick hands and an accurate shot, Stenberg had 16 points (seven goals, nine assists) in seven games for Sweden at the World U-18s. He's a complete player with a strong work ethic and the ability to come up big in clutch situations. He's also versatile enough to play wing or center.

25. St. Louis Blues (from Toronto Maple Leafs)

Kimelman -- Mikhail Gulyayev, D, Omsk Jr. (RUS-JR): After filling one need at center, the Blues can address another with Gulyayev (5-10, 172), a left-shot defenseman who can skate well enough to be a one-man breakout and is positionally strong all over the ice.

Morreale -- Eduard Sale: Sale is a talented forward with great offensive instincts who can shoot and pass with good accuracy. He is active in the offensive zone and presents a challenge for opposing defenders with his size and strength. He had six points (four goals, two assists) in five games for Czechia at the World U-18s.

26. San Jose Sharks (from New Jersey Devils)

Kimelman -- Lukas Dragicevic, D, Tri-City (WHL): After taking a playmaking center with their first pick, the Sharks can take a swing on Dragicevic (6-1, 194). There's questions about his skating but he's a right-handed shot with the kind of offensive game that allowed him to put up 75 points (15 goals, 68 assists) in 68 games, including a 27-game point streak.

Morreale -- Danil But: Compared by some to Columbus Blue Jackets forward Patrik Laine, But skates well for his size and he can win most 1-on-1 battles. He plays with confidence and offers plenty of creativity with the puck. He had 26 points (15 goals, 11 assists) in 26 games in Russia's junior league, and scored two goals in 15 games for Yaroslavl in the KHL.

Kimelman -- Gavin Brindley, C, Michigan (NCAA): Brindley's game is based on his non-stop motor. He obviously needs to get stronger, but his size (5-8, 168) certainly wasn't an issue in the second half of the season at Michigan, when he had 28 points (11 goals, 17 assists) in 21 games. The Avalanche need to develop a second-line center, and Brindley's high-end work ethic will mesh well with star center Nathan MacKinnon.

Morreale -- David Edstrom: Edstrom is an effective passer and playmaker with good hands and puck protection ability. He was reliable, used on special teams, and plays a strong two-way game.

28. Toronto Maple Leafs (from Boston Bruins via Washington Capitals)

Kimelman -- Andrew Cristall, LW, Kelowna (WHL): Cristall (5-9, 175) mixes high-end skill with an edge. Most importantly for the Maple Leafs, Cristall plays with a chip on his shoulder that comes from constantly hearing about all the things he can't do. He'll need time to get stronger and Excellerate his quickness, but Cristall brings a certain swagger that would only elevate Toronto's core forwards.

Morreale -- Tanner Molendyk, D, Saskatoon (WHL): The Maple Leafs need some skilled defensemen in their prospect pool and Molendyk (5-11, 181) is a good start. He has a good transition game and will make the occasional open-ice hit; he plays bigger than his frame and is an outstanding skater. The left-handed shot had 37 points (nine goals, 28 assists) in 67 games and saw time on the power play. He also was one of Saskatoon's most-used penalty killers among its defensemen.

29. St. Louis Blues (from Dallas Stars via New York Rangers)

Kimelman -- Kasper Halttunen, RW, HIFK (FIN): Selecting Halttunen (6-3, 215), a big forward who skates well and is hard to handle down low in the offensive zone, would be a great finish to the night for the Blues. He had 24 points (18 goals, 6 assists) in 18 games in Finland's junior league and 10 points (six goals, four assists) as Finland's captain at the 2023 IIHF World Under-18 Championship.

Morreale -- Gavin Brindley: Brindley is too good to pass up at this point, especially since this is the third pick of the first round for the Blues. They can be patient with Brindley, an every-situation player with good skating, a big compete level and high hockey IQ. He's strong for his size, can play in tight areas and looks to turn over pucks.

Kimelman -- Dmitri Simashev: The Hurricanes lack a top-flight defenseman prospect, but adding a player like Simashev would change that. The left-handed shot is a very good skater for his size, and has a smart stick when it comes to breaking up plays in the defensive zone. His style of play is reminiscent of Colton Parayko of the St. Louis Blues, and Simashev could have a higher offensive upside.

Morreale -- Andrew Cristall: Cristall was an offensive catalyst for Kelowna this season, leading them in goals (39), assists (56) and points (95) in 54 games. He's offensively gifted and contributes to the power play (nine goals, 24 assists) because of his great vision and ability. With the proper development, Cristall has top-six NHL potential in the next 3-5 years.

31. Colorado Avalanche (from Florida Panthers via Montreal Canadiens)

Kimelman -- Ethan Gauthier, RW, Sherbrooke (QMJHL): Gauthier plays with an edge similar to his father, former NHL defenseman Denis Gauthier, but his skill level is significantly higher. Ethan (5-11, 183) has nice quickness and can beat defensemen with his speed, but also is willing to get to the net and fight for opportunities in front.

Morreale -- Ethan Gauthier: The right-handed shot was fourth for Sherbrooke with 69 points (30 goals, 39 assists) in 66 games, including 23 goals at even strength. He scored seven power-play goals and had five game-winning goals this season. Gauthier is good down low, and plays the type of game that NHL coaches crave during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Kimelman -- Michael Hrabal, G, Omaha (USHL): The Golden Knights used five goalies this season and have played 12 in their six seasons, and the only one they drafted to play for them was Jiri Patera, who played his first two NHL games this season. Taking a goalie here could be a reach, but Hrabal (6-7, 215), who will play at the University of Massachusetts next season, has the size and athleticism to develop into a franchise goalie.

Morreale -- Danny Nelson, C, USA U-18 (NTDP): Nelson (6-3, 212) can play forward or defenseman, though he prefers center. He's responsible in all zones, is versatile, fast, has a hard, heavy shot and can create offense in tight spaces. He's got the makeup and size that fits the Vegas profile. He'll attend the University of Notre Dame in the fall.

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Fantasy Basketball: Early mock draft for 2023-24 season

Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo were both picked in the Top 10 of the RotoWire Mock Draft.

Monday morning marked our first fantasy basketball mock draft of the 2023-24 season. A handful of RotoWire NBA faithful participated, while the rest of the crew was put together via Twitter. If you’d like an opportunity to be in upcoming mocks, follow me on Twitter @BaruthaAlex.

The league used the following settings:

  • 12 teams
  • 14 rounds
  • 3G, 3F, 1C, 3 FLX, 4 RES
  • 8-Category
  • Roto Scoring

Below are the draft results listed in order of selection.

Get a head start on the competition by preparing early for 2023-24 fantasy basketball by taking a peek at our fantasy basketball rankingsfantasy basketball rookie rankings and fantasy basketball dynasty rankings. Also, check out Alex Barutha’s Summer League recap analyzing each lottery pick’s performance.

NBA Mock Draft 2023-24

Tue, 18 Jul 2023 00:58:00 -0500 en text/html
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