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7220X Avaya Aura Core Components Support (72200X)

Exam ID : 72200X
Exam Title : Avaya Aura® Core Components Support Exam
Number of Questions : 62
Duration of exam : 105 minutes
Passing Scores : 68%

The Avaya Aura® Core Components Support exam (72200X) is a requirement to earn the ACSS - Avaya Aura® Core Components credential.

This exam has 62 questions and the minimum passing score is 68%. The candidate has 105 minutes to complete this exam.

Avaya Team Engagement Core Solutions Troubleshooting
Identify the Avaya Aura® Core architecture.
Explain the Avaya troubleshooting methodology.
Describe the fundamental voice network processes and standards,
Perform baseline troubleshooting on Avaya Aura® Core components.
Explain and draw call and message flows.
Use the Avaya GSS Troubleshooting Methodology, knowledge of Avaya Communication Applications and tools to isolate and resolve issues.

Avaya Aura Core Components Support (72200X)
Avaya Components exam contents
Killexams : Avaya Components exam contents - BingNews Search results Killexams : Avaya Components exam contents - BingNews Killexams : Prepare for the CAP Exam

ISA offers a variety of resources to help you prepare for the Certified Automation Professional (CAP®) exam.

Primary Textbook

A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge is the primary text resource for the CAP exam and provides a complete overview of all technical topics. Order the Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge.

Study Guide

The CAP Study Guide is a comprehensive self-study resource that contains a list of the CAP domains and tasks, 75 review Questions Answers complete with justifications. References that were used for each study guide question are also provided with the question. The Study Guide also includes a recommended list of publications that you can use to do further study on specific domains. Order the CAP Study Guide.

Review Courses

A CAP review course is available in several formats as preparation for taking the certification exam. This course is offered by ISA and can also be offered at your location.

ISA also has a variety of training courses that would be helpful in preparing for CAP. Visit the Automation Professional Training page for a complete list.

Additional Resources

Exam Topics

  1. Basic Continuous Control: Process Instrumentation, Analytical Instrumentation, Continuous Control, Control Valves, Analog Communications, Control System Documentation, Control Equipment
  2. Basic Discrete, Sequencing, and Manufacturing Control: Discrete Input & Output Devices and General Manufacturing Measurements, Discrete and Sequencing Control, Motor and Drive Control, Motion Control
  3. Advanced Control Topics: Process Modeling, Advanced Process Control, Control of Batch Processes, Environmental, Environmental Monitoring, Building Automation
  4. Reliability, Safety, and Electrical: Alarm Management, Reliability, Process Safety and Safety Instrumented Systems, Electrical Installations, Safe Use and Application of Electrical Apparatus
  5. Integration and Software: Digital Communications, Industrial Networks, Manufacturing Execution Systems and Business Integration, System and Network Security, Operator Interface, Data Management, Software, Custom Software
  6. Deployment and Maintenance: Operator Training, Checkout, System Testing, and Startup, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Long-Term Support and System Management
  7. Work Structure: Automation Benefits and Project Justifications, Project Management and Execution, Interpersonal Skills

CAP demo Questions

Questions on the exam were derived from the genuine practice of automation professionals as outlined in the CAP Role Delineation Study and job task analysis. Using interviews, surveys, observation, and group discussions, ISA worked with automation professionals to delineate critical job components to develop exam specifications to determine the number of questions related to each domain and task tested. This rigorous program development and ongoing maintenance process ensures that CAP certification accurately reflects the skills and knowledge needed to excel as an automation professional.

The following six questions were taken from the CAP exam question item bank and serve as examples of the question type and question content found on the CAP exam.

  1. The method by which the tasks and hazards associated with a machine or process are analyzed is known as:
    • A. Risk assessment.
    • B. Machine assessment.
    • C. Risk reduction.
    • D. Risk abatement.
  2. To test controller tuning or prototype new control strategies offline, the model should be a(an):
    • A. Tie-back (loopback) simulation.
    • B. Artificial neural network.
    • C. Dynamic process simulation.
    • D. Steady state process simulation.
  3. The temperature measurement with the BEST repeatability and resolution is the:
    • A. Thermocouple.
    • B. Resistance temperature detector (RTD).
    • C. Dial thermometer.
    • D. Capillary system.
  4. Which of the following is NOT a variable speed drive setup parameter?
    • A. Acceleration rate.
    • B. Motor winding type.
    • C. Output frequency.
    • D. Maximum speed.
  5. A complete test plan for system integration testing MUST include:
    • A. Comments for the application programmer.
    • B. Multiple test cases for each mode of operation.
    • C. At least five test cases for each test.
    • D. Expected results for each test case.
  6. Frequency of maintenance should be determined by:
    • A. Failure rates of components.
    • B. Availability of personnel and parts.
    • C. Management targets for efficiency and productivity.
    • D. Effectiveness of maintenance personnel.

Sample Questions Answer Key

Question Number Correct Answer Exam Content Outline
1 A Domain 1, Task 4
2 C Domain 2, Task 2
3 B Domain 3, Task 3
4 B Domain 4, Task 7
5 C Domain 5, Task 5
6 A Domain 6, Task 2
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Killexams : AEM Components

Found in the Sidekick menu, components can be described as "content containers" that are placed within a page in AEM as part of the editing process.  Once placed, they tell the system what type of content to expect and the types of properties the system should offer for editing.

Below is a listing of the components available in AEM.  Keep watching this page for updates; more information on other AEM components will be added in the near future.

Click on the links for more information:

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Killexams : exam preparation in a group

In our intensive and evening courses, which run over the course of several weeks and build upon one another, you can systematically work towards achieving a certain language level. The course content of the individual sub-levels is designed such that, by combining the applicable courses, the learning goals of a complete level are covered.

The difference is that our one-week Exam preparation in a group course focuses on targeted preparation for your German exam.

Book an exam preparation in a group course here

Yes, once you have completed the Exam preparation in a group course, you receive a certificate of attendance.

Book an exam preparation in a group course here

Yes, to attend an Exam preparation in a group course, you need previous knowledge of German to the level of the applicable course. This means, to do the Exam preparation in a group at level B1, you will need knowledge of German at level B1. To do the Exam preparation in a group at level B2, you will need knowledge of German at level B2. To do the Exam preparation in a group at level C1, you will need knowledge of German at level C1. To do the Exam preparation in a group at level C2, you will need knowledge of German at level C2.

Book an exam preparation in a group course here

One-week Exam preparation in a group costs EUR 340.

Book an exam preparation in a group course here

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Killexams : Styling Components

A number of AEM components include a field for adding a CSS class: Header Text, Image, List, Reference, Search Widget, Text, Text & Image. When you include a class in this field, AEM applies it to either the wrapper div that surrounds the element, or, in the case of the List component, the unordered list <ul> element itself.

To see how a style is applied to a component, try applying the globally-available class ruled to a Text component:

  1. Drag a Text component on to the page
  2. Fill it with placeholder text
  3. In the CSS class field, type ruled

A horizontal rule will be added to the top of the Text component's div. If you use Firebug to inspect the text block, or look at the source code directly, you'll see that AEM has given the <div> wrapper a class of ruled, in addition to the default text class that is applied to every text component. You can continue to add as many classes to the component as you wish — simply separate each class name in the CSS class field with a single space.

Next, create a new style in your custom stylesheet and upload it to the DAM. Apply that CSS class to the Text component and refresh your browser. Your custom style will be applied.

You can also apply styles directly to elements within the Text component. Click on the Source Edit button in the Text component to see the underlying HTML.

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Killexams : 2023 exam information - GCSEs and Highers

GCSE examinations in 2023 will mainly return to pre-pandemic arrangements, after several years of disruption due to Covid-19.

Dr Jo Saxton from Ofqual said "I can confirm that, in 2023, we will return to pre-pandemic grading as the next step in getting back to normal.

"But giving the 2023 cohort some protection against any impact of COVID-19 disruption is the right thing to do.

"Students in the 2023 cohort have not experienced national school and college closures during their 2-year courses of study, but we know they have experienced some disruption.

"That’s why we’re putting in place some protection for this cohort."

Return to full curriculum

Grade boundaries for 2023 examinations will be guided by the grades achieved by cohorts of students in pre-pandemic years, alongside prior attainment data. Dr Saxton said this "means the 2023 cohort will be protected in grading terms if their exam performance is a little lower than before the pandemic."

In May the Department for Education confirmed that there would be a return to full curriculum coverage in examinations for all GCSE subjects.

Advance information of exam content will no longer be provided, but students taking GCSE maths, physics and combined science will have formulae and equation sheets.

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Killexams : Replication fork components

Replication fork components

The RF is a multiprotein complex with helicase and DNA synthesis activities. It is called a fork because the structure resembles a two-pronged fork. The helicase activities unwind DNA in front of the fork to create regions of singled-stranded DNA (ssDNA). The helicase components shown are the minichromosome maintenance (MCM) helicase 2-7 hexamer, CDC45, and associated GINS complex (simplified as a single entity here). The ssDNA is coated in RPA (yellow circles) to keep strands from reannealing. Fork protection complex (FPC) components shown are Timeless (TIM), Tipin (TIPIN), Claspin (CLASPIN), and And1 (AND1). Claspin (MRC1 in yeast) helps connect the leading-strand polymerase epsilon (light blue circle) to the helicase. And1 connects the lagging-strand polymerase alpha (tan circle) to the helicase. Pol-alpha is part of the primase complex, which synthesizes primers (thick tan line) on the lagging strand. These primers allow the polymerase of the main lagging-strand (polymerase delta, light green circle) to start synthesis. The direction of DNA synthesis and RF movement into DNA is indicated by arrows.

What happens at the DNA replication fork? How does a replication fork stall?

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Killexams : Bus and Shuttle exam Week Schedules Announced

Republished December 2, 2022

Exam week transportation schedules are in effect Mon., Dec. 12 through Mon., Dec. 19. 

Highlights of UB Stampede Bus Schedule

  • The UB Stampede Weekday exam Schedule begins Monday, December 12 and is in effect weekdays through Monday, December 19.
  • The Fall Weekend schedule will be followed through Sun., Dec. 18. 

Highlights of Shuttle Schedule

  • The North Campus Shuttle, Blue Line, Safety Shuttle and Student Health Center Shuttle will continue to run on the Fall Semester schedule during exam week.
  • The Green Line will not be in service as of  Mon., Dec. 12.
  • The South Campus On-Demand Shuttle will not be in service as of Mon., Dec. 12.
  • The last night for Safety Shuttle service will be Mon., Dec. 19.

Highlights of Mall/Market Schedule

  • Mall/Market service will follow the fall semester schedule through Sat., Dec. 17.
  • A reduced Mall/Market service will operate on Saturdays throughout the semester break.

Contact For Help or Questions

Customer Service Walk-in Center
North Campus
Monday — Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Reservations are required during peak service periods. Visit the 1Capen website for available services and reservation updates. 

Administrative Offices
106 Spaulding Quadrangle
North Campus
Tel: 716-645-3943

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Killexams : exam stress - How can parents help

According to psychologist Dr Anna Colton, all young people are different both in the way they revise and show their stress.

Stress can manifest in many ways. For example, tearfulness, insomnia, a lack of appetite, or eating all the time. Alternatively, young people may show their stress by socialising too much or withdrawing from social activities altogether. To add to this, blind panic, which some young people experience when they are under pressure can result in inactivity - this can often be misinterpreted by parents as laziness.

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Killexams : ETH Entrance examination

The following fees are charged for sitting the ETH entrance examination:

The examination fee can be paid by bank transfer or at the ETH Zurich cash desk:

At the Cash Desk:
F 67.1 in the ETH main building, Raemistrasse 101, 8092 Zürich
Opening hours:  Mon-Thu  11:00 - 13:00 hrs
Cash money and credit cards are accepted
DownloadPayment Order (PDF, 160 KB)

Money transfer to ETH Zurich's bank account:
ETH Zürich, Finanzabteilung, 8092 Zürich
Swiss - Post Finance, 3030 Bern, Schweiz
Account No.: 30-​001171-7
Clearing-​No: BLZ 9000
IBAN: CH55 0900 0000 3000 1171 7
Please mention: Application fee, PSP 1-​002217-001 / 42010151

ETH account information is also provided on the last page of the examination registration form.

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Killexams : U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad


International Chemistry Olympiad Exams

The four international competitors are accompanied by mentors who translate the test, inspect laboratories and arbitrate the scoring of the exams. Students and mentors also have opportunities to interact with one another and experience the host country’s culture through planned educational and social events. 

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