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Exam Code: 4H0-712 Hyperion Essbase 7x Certifcation history November 2023 by team
Hyperion Essbase 7x Certifcation
Hyperion Certifcation history

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Hyperion Essbase 7x Certifcation
C. Accounts-Sparse; Time-Dense; Scenario-Dense; Market-Sparse; Product-
D. Accounts-Sparse; Time-Sparse; Scenario-Dense; Market-Sparse; Product-
Answer: A
Question: 117
Click the Exhibit button. Given the Data Prep Editor shown in the exhibit, what
defines the field 1 header to build Markets dimension?
A. Gen2, Markets
B. Child0, Markets
C. Level0, Markets
D. Level1, Markets
Answer: C
Question: 118
Your company wants to analyze historical data to help forecast trends. Initially,
you need to classify which products have similar sales patterns across various
markets. Which option can you use to determine the initial sales segmentation?
A. Hybrid Analysis
B. @TREND function
C. @SPLINE Function
D. Data Mining Framework
Answer: D
Question: 119
Query tracking holds query usage information in memory. Query tracking remains
on until you turn it off. Which three operations turn off query tracking? (Choose
A. clearing data
B. changing an outline
C. stopping the application
D. turning query tracking off
E. materializing an aggregation
Answer: B, C, D
Question: 120
You need to calculate for the member Commission in an aggregate storage
database. The logic requirements are: If it is a level 0 Transaction and Net Sales is
greater than 1000, then Commission is 5%. If it is a level 0 Transaction and Net
Sales is greater than 500 and less than 1000, then Commission is 2.5%. Otherwise
no Commission is paid. Based on this requirement, which two statements are true?
(Choose two.)
A. This can be calculated using an IF statement
B. This can be calculated using a FIX statement.
C. This can be calculated using an IIF statement.
D. This can be calculated using a CASE statement.
Answer: C, D
Question: 121
Click the Exhibit button. In the outline shown in the exhibit, Year and Measures
are dense dimensions. Data are loaded for every Month, Measure, Market and
Scenario. After a CALC ALL is run, how many blocks are there?
A. 14
B. 18
C. 24
D. 30
Answer: A
Question: 122
What is the effect of deleting the sparse shared member Diet Cola assuming data
values exist?
A. The outline file shrinks.
B. The block size is smaller.
C. The page file size shrinks.
D. The block density increases.
Answer: A
Question: 123
Which statement about shared members is true?
A. Shared members increase data storage.
B. You can assign UDAs to shared members.
C. You can assign formulas to shared members.
D. Shared members must be in the same dimension.
Answer: D
Question: 124
Given the following information:
Dimensions D/S Actual/Stored Dimension Type
Year Dense 20/12 Time
Measures Dense 16/8 Accounts
Product Sparse 22/19 None
Market Sparse 250/250 None
Scenario Dense 5/2 None
What is the optimal outline order for calculation?
A. Measures, Year, Scenario, Product, Market
B. Product, Market, Scenario, Year, Measures
C. Scenario, Measures, Year, Market, Product
D. Year, Measures, Product, Market, Scenario
Answer: A
Question: 125
Aggregate storage supports write-back functionally with some restrictions. What
are three restrictions for partitioning and write back functionally? (Choose three.)
A. linked partitions only
B. replicated partitions only
C. no outline synchronization
D. transparent partitions only
E. aggregate storage database as the source database
Answer: C, D, E
Question: 126
Which is the file extension for a data file in an aggregated storage database?
A. pjz
B. dat
C. ess
D. pag
Answer: B
Question: 127
You have a calculated database with a dense Accounts dimension containing a
parent/child relationship between Revenue and Cost. What is the status of the
blocks that contain Revenue cells after data are loaded to Cost?
A. dirty
B. clean
C. locked
D. unlocked
Answer: A
Question: 128
What is the default column delimiter in the Data Prep Editor?
A. tab
B. comma
C. white space
D. single quote
Answer: A
Question: 129
What does aggregate storage partitioning support?
A. outline synchronization
B. block storage as the source
C. aggregate storage as the source
D. transparent partition as the target.
Answer: C
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