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4A0-N01 Nuage Networks VCS Fundamentals

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) Fundamentals course presents the technology, techniques, and best practices for implementing a software defined networking (SDN) solution for datacenters. The course begins with an explanation of the traditional datacenter network architecture, its limitations, and the drivers and evolution of network virtualization. The Nuage Networks software and hardware-based products and SDN solutions are covered in detail. Emphasis is placed on common SDN use cases and implementation of common SDN services/applications on the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform. Cloud orchestration and integration of cloud management systems are also introduced. Students will conduct practical hands-on lab exercises throughout the course to ensure implementation-level knowledge of Nuage Networks products and SDN service solutions.

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform Fundamentals.
Exam number 4A0-N01

COURSE OBJECTIVES After completing the course, students should be able to: ■■ Describe the traditional datacenter architecture and its limitations
■■ Describe the evolution of network virtualization
■■ Describe the Nuage Networks SDN solutions
■■ Explain common Nuage Networks SDN use cases
■■ Deploy common SDN services and applications on Nuage Networks VSP
■■ Explain the concept of cloud orchestration and how different cloud management systems are integrated with Nuage Networks
■■ Explain the concept of virtualization in the datacenter and the role of SDN and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
■■ Describe the basics of hypervisors and common hypervisor technologies
■■ Explain the Nuage Networks virtualization solution and its value proposition
■■ Describe the Nuage Networks VSP and its software suite
■■ Explain cloud service network instantiation with Nuage Networks
■■ Explain the purpose of the Virtualized Services Directory (VSD)
■■ Explain the function and key components of the Nuage Networks SDN controller — the Virtualized Services Controller (VSC)
Describe the Nuage Networks Virtual Routing & Switching (VRS) agent and the virtual line card concept
■■ Explain the function and network position of the Nuage
Networks Virtualized Services Gateway (VSG)
■■ Describe the hardware-based 7850 VSG/VSA and the software-based Virtualized Routing and Switching Gateway (VRS-G)
■■ Describe the function and network position of the Nokia 7750 SR Datacenter Gateway and its integration into the Nuage Networks architecture
■■ Explain the security and forwarding policies provided by the Nuage Networks VSP and how to deploy them
■■ Describe service chaining and how to deploy service chaining in the Nuage Networks VSP
■■ Describe the Layer 2 and Layer 3 datacenter interconnect solutions and how to deploy them
■■ Describe the QoS and statistics policy options on the Nuage Networks VSP
■■ Explain how QoS policies are configured and enforced
■■ Describe shared network concepts such as floating IPs, public zone and how to implement them
■■ Explain the Layer 2 (L2) connectivity model in Nuage Networks VSP and how to instantiate L2 connectivity between VMs
■■ Describe Nuage Networks VSG/VRS-G function and how to instantiate connectivity between VMs and physical servers
■■ Describe the virtual machine (VM) migration workflow and implement VM migration using Nuage Networks VSP
■■ Explain what a cloud management system is and the two models for cloud management system (CMS) integration with the VSD and VRS
■■ Describe the various management architectures (Openstack, vCenter, vCloud, CloudStack) and their integration with Nuage Networks
■■ Describe the Nokia NFV solution and the CloudBand™ solution, and their benefits

Module 1 – Datacenter Network Architecture
■■ Virtualization in the datacenter
■■ Virtualized network in the datacenter
■■ Nuage Networks datacenter
Module 2 – Product Introduction
■■ Nuage Networks product portfolio introduction
■■ Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Directory (VSD)
■■ Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Controller (VSC) and Virtual Routing and Switching (VRS)
■■ Nuage Networks Gateway (7850 Virtualized Services Gateway and Virtualized Routing and Switching Gateway)
■■ Nokia 7750 Datacenter Gateway
Module 3 – Use Cases
■■ Security and forwarding policy
■■ Service chaining
■■ Datacenter interconnection
■■ QoS and statistics policy
■■ Shared network
■■ Layer 2 domain
■■ Baremetal integration
■■ Virtual machine (VM) migration
Module 4 – Cloud Orchestration
■■ Cloud orchestration overview
■■ CMS integration
■■ Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and
■ Nokia CloudBand

Nuage Networks VCS Fundamentals
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Killexams : Nokia Fundamentals get - BingNews Search results Killexams : Nokia Fundamentals get - BingNews Killexams : Nokia confirms Android 13 is coming to five more phones

Nokia revealed recently that it has completed migration to Android 12 and if any smartphone hasn’t received the OS, won’t be getting it in the future. The announcement was followed by a confirmation of which devices are first in line for Android 13.

The list includes five devices - Nokia X10 and Nokia X20, Nokia XR20, Nokia G50, and Nokia G11 Plus, all of them on the cheaper side of the price spectrum.

Nokia X20 Nokia X10 Nokia XR20 Nokia G50 Nokia G11 Plus
Nokia X20 • Nokia X10 • Nokia XR20 • Nokia G50 • Nokia G11 Plus

The trio of new smartphones, C31, G60 5G, and X30 5G, announced back in September at IFA 2022 in Berlin, are not on the list, but that's because the last two aren't yet available in the China. The company already confirmed their update plans and Android 13 is definitely coming.

The other five Nokia phones confirmed today meet the Android Enterprise Recommended requirements, which are business-oriented, such as bulk deployment with zero-touch enrollment, quick Android security updates (within 90 days of release from Google), physical availability of enough units, and “consistent application experience”.

Via (in Chinese)

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Killexams : Nokia, Balitower Offer Premium In-home Wi-Fi Experience in Indonesia

Nokia announced that Balitower, a leading provider of telecommunication tower and network infrastructure in Indonesia, will use Nokia WiFi Beacon 2 to provide high-speed internet to home users under a three-year frame contract. 

The project marks the first deployment of a mesh Wi-Fi 6 solution in Indonesia. Nokia's Beacon 2 will allow the end users to enjoy high-speed internet throughout the premises and easily deploy and manage the Wi-Fi network through a mobile application.

Nokia WiFi Beacon 2 will allow Balitower to provide the end users with an intelligent, self-organizing and self-healing mesh system equipped with Wi-Fi management capabilities in the cloud. Nokia Beacon supports Wi-Fi 6, with higher speeds and lower latency, and enables Balitower to provide a consistently superior experience in every corner of the home.

Balitower is already using Nokia fiber access nodes, fiber modems and WiFi Beacon 1 to provide in-home Wi-Fi to its customers. The new deployment will enable extended coverage and enhance the end-user experience by delivering an intelligent mesh Wi-Fi 6 solution for homes.

Jap Owen Ronadhi, President Director of Balitower
Nokia is our longstanding partner and we have been using its Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) solution. We are now delighted to work with Nokia to further enhance the quality of Wi-Fi experience for our subscribers. We are confident that Nokia's world-class solution will help us provide a best-in-class network experience to the end users.

KP Goh, President Director of Nokia Indonesia
Quality indoor connectivity has become crucial as the digital ecosystem continues to become all pervasive. Nokia WiFi Beacon 2 will allow Balitower subscribers to enjoy reliable and high-speed internet in all areas of their homes. We look forward to supporting Balitower in ensuring an exceptional Wi-Fi experience for their users.

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Killexams : Why The Nokia N-Gage Was A Complete Failure

The N-Gage wasn't exactly the worst Nokia phone, but for a communications device with dedicated gaming hardware, it wasn't such a stellar attempt either. One of the biggest complaints was the N-Gage's bulky form factor, which had already been an issue since its pre-production unveiling. Another gripe involved Nokia's odd design decisions, which required users to dismantle the N-Gage's back cover and battery every time they wanted to swap in another game. For a phone that was meant to be a handheld gaming device, it didn't help that the N-Gage utilized cellphone-like buttons that were "mushy," along with a tiny 2.1-inch display in portrait orientation (via Phone Arena). This made the real gaming experience cumbersome.

Meanwhile, using it for phone calls felt awkward given its unusual taco-like shape. Now, outrageous design aesthetics are still one of the most prevalent compromises in gaming phones, but during the N-Gage's release, it was a social stigma that was even more palpable. Nokia's first gaming phone attempt didn't offer the best experience as either a cellphone or a dedicated portable gaming console in the first place. Then there are the N-Gage games, which consisted of fewer titles than those in the massive games library of Nintendo's cheaper alternative (via IGN). That's not to say it was inferior though, as the N-Gage's features were ahead of its time, even making wireless portable gaming possible courtesy of Bluetooth. Unfortunately, not everyone was ready for it just yet.

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Killexams : These five Nokia phones are getting Android 13

Everyone’s wondering where Nokia has been in the premium smartphone market. This company sits along with the likes of Motorola, Blackberry, LG, and other phone companies that are way past their prime or not making phones anymore. Regardless, Nokia confirmed that five of its smartphones are going to be getting Android 13 (via GSM Arena).

Nokia’s most premium phones right now are far removed from the current premium smartphones from the likes of Google, Samsung, Apple, and others. These are true-to-form mid-range phones, but that’s what makes them compelling for average consumers. While the hardware is subdued, Nokia does not want them to fall behind in terms of software.

The five phones on this list are on the cheaper side. First off, we have the Nokia X20. This phone will set you back $496 on Amazon. It has a decent 6.67-inch display with a 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution, a maximum of 8GB of RAM, a maximum of 128GB of storage, a 64-megapixel main camera, and a decent 4470mAh battery.

The only downside will be the processor. This is using a Snapdragon 485 G.

Next up, we have Nokia X10 this is a step down from the X20 with a maximum of 6GB of RAM, but it has the same 6.67-inch 1080p+ screen, battery capacity, and the same Snapdragon 480 5G SoC. Aside from the RAM, the camera also sees a drop. We’re looking at a 48-megapixel camera.

Third, we have the Nokia XR20. It has the same 6.67-inch 1080 x 2400 display, the same maximum of 6GB of RAM, and the same Snapdragon 480 5G SoC. It has a slightly smaller 4630mAh battery and a 48-megapixel main camera.

Moving further down the line, we have the Nokia G50. This is the first phone on the list that we see with a drop in display resolution (6.82-inch, 720 x 1560).

It caps out at 6GB of RAM, but it has the biggest battery out of the bunch, a 5000mAh battery. That’s about the average size for flagship smartphones. As for the processor, it still uses the Snapdragon 480 5G SoC.

Last but not least, we have the Nokia G11 Plus. The display is ever so slightly more pixel-dense than the Nokia G50. It’s a 6.52-inch display with a resolution of 720 by 1600. The camera got a slight bump up to 50 megapixels, however the RAM caps out at 4GB. There’s a 5000mAh battery.

We don’t know exactly when these Nokia phones will get Android 13, but it shouldn’t be too long.

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Killexams : Boring Nokia Needs More To Boost Stock Price (Technical Analysis)
Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone


Nokia (NYSE:NOK)(OTCPK:NOKBF) is a cellular network infrastructure provider focusing on next-generation communication. It also has a consumer division of other commodity-based electronics. After surviving its Microsoft takeover, it emerged as a potential industry leader. However, this company has some drawbacks, including the need for more exciting messaging for leading industry-competitive products.

Recent Fundamental Strength with Unclear Direction


Nokia has grown very little over the last five years but has strengthened significantly since 2019. As a result, current and quick ratios have risen slightly in the previous three years.













Current ratio






Quick ratio






Cash ratio






Source: Financial Modelling Prep


It seems 2020 was not kind to Nokia as significant losses were taken for net income growth and revenue growth. One concern is how long it will take Nokia to recover from this underperforming year.













Revenue growth






Gross profit growth






Ebit growth






Operating income growth






Net income growth






Source: Financial Modelling Prep


As one can compare Nokia against other companies, it has performed relatively well with minimal losses over the last 200 working days according to its simple moving average. One encouraging sign is how it has strengthened over the previous 20 days as the stock market seems to recover.









Source: FinViz


Nokia's stock price seems to have declined and then recovered since the low point of 2019. At the same time, market capitalization has grown over 20 plus percent in approximately year over a year.













Stock price






Number of shares

5.652 B

5.588 B

5.600 B

5.612 B

5.630 B

Market capitalization

28.033 B

36.713 B

22.176 B

25.593 B

32.204 B

Enterprise value

20.225 B

28.767 B

18.246 B

21.300 B

26.344 B

Source: Financial Modelling Prep


Nokia's revenue between 2022 and 2025 appears to grow by 35% approximately. Earnings price per share may double over the same time. These are encouraging signs based on the network infrastructure product Nokia offers. They offer some competitive advantage by focusing on 5G advanced and 6G network products.















Dividend Yield (in %)










P/E Ratio















Net Profit





Net Profit Adjusted





Source: BusinessInsider

Technical Analysis Indicates Short Lived Upswing


In terms of initiating market orders for Nokia, it appears they are very close if one wants to take advantage of any upcoming momentum in this stock price. Nokia, over last year, has had a quick, short-lived spike but dropped back in February.

fibonacci nokia

fibonacci nokia (custom platform)

Bollinger Bonds

As for the current stock price of Nokia, the upper band of the Bollinger was able to stay ahead of the price action. This may indicate that momentum is very short-lived.

bollinger nok

bollinger nok (custom platform)


When any investor views the compressed price line of MACD, it is pretty rangebound but minimizes any collapse in the stock price this year. However, many companies did suffer from this, which shows the tight management control Nokia appears to have. On the upside, Nokia is not precisely participating in sexy product lines like it once did when making cellular phone handsets.

MACD Nokia

MACD Nokia (custom platform)


As with the current relative strength indicator, Nokia's latest price action might not have room to increase the stock price; however, as said earlier, it appears there's not enough momentum for this to be achieved, so it will continue to be rangebound as it has been since early last year.

rsi Nokia

rsi Nokia (custom platform)

Prediction via AI

Monte Carlo

One encouraging sign for Nokia is that predictive paths generated from this Monte Carlos simulation show higher potential for stock price upswings. Even better, the normalized distribution overwhelmingly shows higher stock price potential, which is encouraging.

monte carlo nokia

monte carlo nokia (custom platform)


Despite what the normalized distribution chart shows, the forecasted 30-day regression price line indicates Nokia will have a subdued stock price outlook.

regression Nokia

regression Nokia (custom platform)

Risky Selling Recommendation for This

Insider Stats

As usual, it is beneficial to see how their executives feel about the future of Nokia’s stock price. As one can see, for November, some are selling off stock which is not encouraging for Nokia. This helps hint at the future direction of the stock price despite other contradicting analyses.

Insider Activity


Shares Traded

Shares Held






















Source: BusinessInsider


Based on other market analysts, there is a strong recommendation for selling. When you overlay this and what executive insider activity shows, it only hints that Nokia can expect downward momentum.






One month





One week





One day





Source: Trading View


If Nokia could boost its stock price over the long run, it is wise for the company to focus on raising its sustainability rating. This could deliver Nokia a competitive edge over Asian-based competition as large institutional investors could be compelled to invest in Nokia.



Social score


Peer count


Governance score


Total esg


Highest controversy


ESG performance




Peer group


Small arms


Environment score


Source: Yahoo Finance


Based on the lackluster product line, Nokia will need to focus on higher profile products to garner attention as it once did with its cellular handsets. Also, Nokia should focus on market messaging to explain its competitive advantage over other players in the same space. As it stands, few market analysts are watching this stock, and there is little momentum in the stock price. It is encouraging to see guidance estimates showing some decent growth, but more is needed to boost the stock price. In summary, it might be wise to put Nokia on hold until certain competitive advantages are established.

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Killexams : The Podcast · Nokia, Vodafone and digital rights Killexams : The Podcast: Nokia, Vodafone and digital rights -

The Podcast: Nokia, Vodafone and digital rights

The team finally manages to get a pod out for the first time in three weeks, which may also be the last of the year thanks to train strikes. Thankfully they are delighted to welcome special guest Phil Siveter, CEO for Nokia UK and Ireland, and they start by picking his brains about some of the various technological trends his company has a stake in. The big news story of the week was Vodafone losing its group CEO, so they move on to speculate about who could replace him, before Scott concludes by moaning about the erosion of digital civil liberties.

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devolo at Network X 2022: efficient fibre-optic networking with the Giga Bridge

Helping Operators Boost Network Sustainability by Introducing New Technologies


There are no upcoming events.

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Killexams : These Nokia smartphones will be first to get Android 13 update

HMD Global-owned Nokia has reportedly released names of the smartphones that will be eligible for Android 13 update. As per a report by IT Home – a chinese website, the company has shortlisted five Nokia phones that will get the update. Nokia has recently announced that all its devices eligible for the upgrade have been upgraded to Android 12, and that the company is now focusing on rolling out the Android 13.

The report says that Nokia Mobile has confirmed names of five smartphones that will be the first to receive the update. These include Nokia XR20 5G, Nokia G50 5G, Nokia G11 Plus, Nokia X20 5G and Nokia X10 5G. As per the report, all these five phones meet Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended requirements. Although other Nokia phones such as Nokia X30 5G and Nokia G60 5G are on the AER list, they do not show support for Android 13, the report adds.

Nokia recently launched the Nokia G60 5G phone in India. It is a mid-range phone which comes powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G octa-core processor. It boasts of a 50MP primary camera at the back and an 8MP camera at the front for selfies. Nokia G60 5G phone comes with a price tag of 29,999. The handset is packed with 6GB RAM and has 128GB internal storage capacity.

The smartphone comes equipped with a 6.58-inch full-HD+ screen with 1,080x2,400 pixels resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz. The phone’s display offers an aspect ratio of 20:9. The screen has a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on top and offers a peak brightness of 500 nits.

The Nokia G60 5G smartphone comes powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G octa-core processor and runs on Android 12 operating system. Nokia promises up to three OS upgrades as well as up to three years of monthly Android security updates with Nokia G60 5G. The device is backed by a 4,500mAh battery with 20W fast charging support. It comes with IP52 rating and is water and dust resistant.

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Killexams : Nokia sends four applications for export license to supply to Russia

Nokia is leaving Russia, but wants to supply MegaFon equipment

According to Pombukhchan, two applications were sent to European regulators, while another two were submitted to a U.S. regulator. He added that one of the applications had already been accepted.

Read also: Finnish energy company Fortum still buying Russian uranium fuel to power its nuclear reactors

At the same time, he confirmed that Nokia does not plan to return to the Russian market but wants to complete contractual obligations and supply equipment.

The share of Nokia equipment in the Russian market is 20-25%. All major telecom operators use the company’s equipment.

Read also: Over 1,000 major companies have left Russia, Yale study shows

After Russia had launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Finnish company announced it would cease all supplies to Russia and would gradually reduce its business there.

Nokia’s Russian legal entities will reportedly be liquidated as the company’s obligations to clients are completed. It may take about a year after obtaining export licenses.

According to RBC, Nokia also recommended that its customers contact Russia’s Telesistemy Servis LLC for technical support of its equipment installed by mobile operators. Part of the employees of Nokia’s Russian entities will continue to work in this company.

Read also: Finnish ATM chain stops accepting UnionPay cards after ‘devastating’ influx of Russians

According to an investigation conducted by The New York Times, Nokia helped the Russian authorities create a wiretapping system for phone calls, as well as intercepting messages and tracking other Internet communications.

Read the original article on The New Voice of Ukraine

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Killexams : Nokia confirms five new models to get the Android 13 update

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Killexams : Nokia ahoy

Nokia ahoy


Finnish multinational company Nokia recently revealed that it has completed migration to Android 12 and if any smartphone hasn’t received the OS, won’t be getting it in the future.

According to GSM Arena, a tech news website, the announcement was followed by a confirmation of which devices are first in line for Android 13.

The list includes five devices - Nokia X10 and Nokia X20, Nokia XR20, Nokia G50, and Nokia G11 Plus, all of them on the cheaper side of the price spectrum.

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