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Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional
FB-Blueprint Professional exam format
Killexams : FB-Blueprint Professional exam format - BingNews Search results Killexams : FB-Blueprint Professional exam format - BingNews Killexams : FB Expands Professional Mode To All Creators Globally

San Francisco, Nov 2 (IANS) Facebook has announced to expand its professional mode to all the creators globally for more monetisation opportunities and tools.

Professional mode is a profile setting that provides creator opportunities to every user who wants to become a creator.

'With professional mode, you can use professional tools to build a public following, earn money from various monetisation programs, and connect with your audience in more meaningful ways,' the company said.

The company launched new programs and was testing new formats for the users to earn money as a creator.

US creators can apply to join Reels Play, which is a bonus program that allows users to earn money for the reels they share.

Previously announced Stars was now available to more eligible creators on professional mode, which gives them the opportunity to earn money directly from their followers.

The company also launched in-stream advertisements on an ongoing basis to suitable professional mode creators, which allows the users to earn money by enabling advertisements before, during or after long videos.

'We're testing Ads on Facebook Reels on professional mode with a group of creators across the globe,' the company said.

Subscriptions were being introduced and tested on professional mode, in order to increase fan support for the users and their work, by providing subscriber-only content.

The platform provides more professional tools on the mode, including analytics and enhanced well-being features which helps the users to build their brand and stay safe on Facebook.




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Killexams : Judge rejects firefighters’ bid to keep promotional exam scheduled for Saturday

Lawyers for the firefighters did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The state Human Resources Division pulled the firefighters exam after another Suffolk Superior Court judge in a previous hearing found that the near-identical promotional process used to determine who becomes a police sergeant in Massachusetts is racist and impractical and adversely impacted Black and Hispanic candidates.

State officials say they will follow the court’s directive to restructure the police promotional exam as well as the firefighters’ exam, because of its similarities. The state said it is working to offer a new exam in March.

Several Boston firefighters who filed a class-action lawsuit sought a preliminary injunction, saying that delaying the annual exam would cause irreparable harm to the approximately 880 people who had signed up and paid to take it.

Belezos on Thursday rejected that request, saying that state law directs officials to offer the exam, but does not set a schedule.

“To suggest that [the Human Resources Division] should be forced to administer what it believes is a defective test and deal with the potential consequences at some future date is both ineffective and irrational,” Belezos wrote in his five-page ruling. “Such a course of action will inevitably lead to further delay, confusion, and litigation.”

Belezos added: “The Court cannot envision how the public good is served by administering a test which is constructed in a demonstrably flawed manner, and about which there are strong indicators to suggest the potential for unreliable results.”

At a show-cause conference held by the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission Thursday, Michele Heffernan, general counsel for the Massachusetts Human Resources Department, said the findings that the police examination was discriminatory were “distressing” and required time to remedy, making a postponement of the exam necessary.

“We understand our decision is difficult to accept and unpopular, but it is one that we need to follow through with,” Heffernan said.

Time was necessary to “create a new exam format” that would comply with the law, she said.

A lawyer representing the firefighters, Leah M. Barrault, said they are not against “a fair test.”

“Our focus is on the people that are relying upon these exams, the firefighters, the fire chiefs, the fire departments, and making sure that things are done in a fair manner,” she said.

Barrault said the disruption of the exam schedule, beyond Saturday’s test, was particularly concerning.

“We continue to be disappointed the time frames can’t move up,” Barrault said. “We still have reservations, a lot of people are concerned.”

Tonya Alanez can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @talanez.

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Killexams : Examining the 2023 AEWR

The week of Thanksgiving, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service’s released the semi-annual Farm Labor Report. The report includes quarterly estimates of number of hired workers, average hours worked per worker and average hourly wage rates. The report also provides an annual weighted average hourly wage rate for field workers, field and livestock workers combined, and all hired workers, based on the quarterly estimates. Of utmost importance to users of the H-2A visa program, the field and livestock workers’ combined wage rate for 2022 contained in the FLR becomes the Adverse Effect Wage Rate utilized in the H-2A program in 2023. So, while the rates don’t become official until they are released by the Department of Labor in the Federal Register, usually around mid-December, the rates published in the FR are typically unchanged from what is published in the FLR. Given the overall tightness in the U.S. labor market, few would be surprised that the fiscal year 2022 U.S. average field and livestock workers’ combined wage rate rose, but the 6.8% fiscal year-over-fiscal year increase outpaced the 5.3% fiscal year-over-fiscal year growth in seasonally adjusted average hourly earnings of all private employees and will continue to put significant pressure on the bottom lines of farmers with significant labor needs.

As mentioned above, the field and livestock workers’ combined wage rate is the basis for the AEWR, but the AEWR is not a national rate, rather it is set at the farm labor region as defined in the FLR. There are 15 farm labor regions, plus individual rates for California, Florida and Hawaii. So, while the 2022 U.S. average field and livestock workers’ combined wage rate was $16.62 per hour, up $1.06 per hour or 6.8% from 2021, there are considerable differences between regions. (For the purpose of this article the average field and livestock workers’ combined wage will be referred to as the wage rate.)

Expand Image

In 2023, every state will have an AEWR in excess of $13 per hour. Six states (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi) will have an AEWR between $13.00 and $13.99. Eight states (Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina and Virginia) will have an AEWR between $14.00 and $14.99. Five states (Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming) will have an AEWR between $15.00 and $15.99. Seventeen states (Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont) will have an AEWR between $16.00 and $16.99. And sixteen states will have an AEWR in excess of $17.00 per hour (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Hawaii, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Oregon, Washington and California).

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Unlike in 2021, every farm labor region and state experienced a higher average wage rate in 2022 and will subsequently have a higher AEWR in 2023. The Appalachian II region (Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia) had the smallest increase in terms of dollar per hour and percentage with a $0.37 per hour or 2.7% increase. Florida had the largest percentage increase – 15.5%. The Lake region (Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin) had the largest increase in dollar terms – $1.97 per hour. Once again in 2022, California had the highest overall wage rate at $18.65 per hour. 

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While the H-2A program is utilized by farmers and ranchers across the U.S. for a variety of seasonal or temporary farm work, it is most closely associated with the fruit and vegetable sector, often short-handed to specialty crops. Like all other farmers and ranchers, specialty crop growers face a 2023 growing season filled with increased input costs from diesel fuel, electricity, seeds, fertilizer, cash rent to interest rates, just to name a few. With the release of the FLR we now know that labor costs will also be rising. With labor costs accounting for up to 38.5% of total production expenses in the fruit and tree nuts sector and 28.5% in the vegetable and melons sector (Castillo et al., 2021), this increase is no small part of the budget. Meanwhile, the value of U.S. production of citrus and non-citrus fruit, nuts, vegetable and dry pulse crops in 2021 at $48.4 billion was largely constant over the last four years. 2023 is shaping up to be another challenging growing season.

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Killexams : Kansas City community weighs in on Blueprint 2030

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Kansas City community members are voicing their concerns about Kansas City Public Schools’ Blueprint 2030.

The current 2030 plan is meant to deal with declining enrollment.

Last month, KCPS presented their Blueprint 2030 plan that consisted of closing eight metro elementary schools and two high schools.

KCPS said Blueprint 2030 is an academic vision for the district that gives students the experiences they deserve.

Many community members of those schools haven’t seen it that way, however. They have been very vocal with their concerns about the plan, frustrations regarding closing schools with historic value, and worries for the safety of children potentially having to go to school in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Whittier Elementary is one of the schools on the closure list. Members of the Lykins neighborhood are speaking up about their frustration.

“Many of the families don’t have money to have a car to bring their kids to school,” said Gregg Lombardi, Executive Director of Lykins Neighborhood Association. “So, the proposal that the district is talking about would send the Whittier kids to four different schools, miles away. If the kids get sick during the school day and the parents don’t have a car to pick them up, that creates a crisis.”

People in the Lykins neighborhood hope their words will have an impact on the board and make them hold off on the plan.

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Killexams : The Cybersecurity Assessor and Instructor Certification Organization Launches Certified CMMC Professional Exam

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.--()--The Cybersecurity Assessor and Instructor Certification Organization (CAICO) today announced the formal launch of the Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) exam that is now available to qualified candidates within the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Ecosystem. The CCP examination verifies a candidate’s knowledge of the Department of Defense (DoD) CMMC framework and the roles and responsibilities of various positions within it. This is a key milestone for the program, as having trained and certified assessors ready to support Certified Third-Party Assessment Organizations (C3PAOs) is paramount for the successful scaling of assessments across the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

“The CCP exam represents the foundation of an individual’s journey to becoming a CMMC Assessor or Instructor and can open a wide variety of career opportunities,” said Kyle Gingrich, the CAICO’s Interim Executive Director. “CCPs, bringing their industry knowledge and expertise, are like apprentices who are continuing to build upon their prior experience with new CMMC skills and knowledge. They learn as they go— not only through training and exams, but also through hands-on experience in the field.”

The beta test program for the CCP exam was conducted from August through September of this year. The CCP beta exam enabled the CAICO to gather the qualitative and quantitative data required to assess how exam items were performing so that development could appropriately refine and enhance the exam to ensure it validates the knowledge a CCP is expected to demonstrate.

“With the launch of the official CCP exam,” Gingrich noted, “we are validating that those individuals who achieve the CCP certification have a standard and consistent working knowledge of CMMC as a whole and how it is implemented in the context of assessments.”

CMMC certification exams are not publicly available. To gain access to the exam registration process requires successfully completing CCP training through a CAICO-approved Licensed Training Provider (LTP), which are organizations that deliver formal CMMC professional training. Individuals seeking CCP training to pursue their certification can select an LTP through the Cyber AB’s Marketplace. More information on the qualifications and timelines for CCP and CCA certifications can be found on the Cyber AB’s Assessing and Certification page.

To find out more about the CCP exam itself, the CCP Blueprint can be found on the Cyber AB’s website at

About The Cybersecurity Assessor and Instructor Certification Organization

The Cybersecurity Assessor and Instructor Certification Organization (CAICO) is the dedicated CMMC entity facilitating the training, examination, and professional certification for individuals within the CMMC Ecosystem. The CAICO is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CMMC Accreditation Body, Inc. and operates as a nonprofit organization with federal tax-exempt status.

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Killexams : Best no medical exam life insurance of 2022

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Killexams : Here's How to Find the Best No Medical exam Life Insurance
A couple pays bills on the phone and with cash at home.

Image source: Getty Images

Learn how to get life insurance coverage without a trip to the doctor's office.

Key points

  • Insurance agencies use medical exams to assess an applicant’s health status.
  • Some insurers offer life insurance coverage without requiring a medical exam.
  • No medical exam life insurance is typically more expensive than traditional insurance coverage because of the risk taken on by insurance providers.

Buying life insurance can be confusing with so many providers and coverage types to choose from. Choosing may be even more difficult if you have pre-existing medical conditions or other issues that prevent you from getting approved for traditional life insurance coverage.

One option to consider is no medical exam life insurance. With this insurance coverage, there's no need to head to a doctor's office or lab for an examination or have blood drawn. Sometimes, you may need to answer questions regarding your health, but generally, it's a much less invasive process.

No medical exam life insurance typically costs more than traditional coverage but is a godsend for individuals who may not qualify for coverage any other way. Keep practicing to learn how to find the best no medical exam life insurance for your needs.

What is no medical exam life insurance?

Some insurance providers allow you to qualify for life insurance without a medical exam. Generally, many insurers require a medical exam to assess an individual's health and determine rate class and insurance premiums. Medical exams may include blood tests, urine samples, and other tests to assess your health status.

With no medical exam insurance, you can qualify for life insurance coverage without revealing details of your health, although often at a higher cost than traditional life insurance. Without a medical exam, insurers take on greater risk and charge customers accordingly for that risk.

There are typically two types of no medical exam life insurance available:

  1. Simplified issue life insurance: Insurance providers require you to answer health questions and provide medical records in place of an exam.
  2. Guaranteed acceptance life insurance: Insurance companies offering this type of coverage do not require you to provide any health information, only to meet age restrictions and other underwriting requirements.

Why do some insurance providers require a medical exam?

Insurance companies take on risk every time they provide coverage for a customer. To lessen the financial risk, insurers often require applicants to undergo a medical examination by an approved medical provider. You must meet the insurance company's underwriting guidelines to qualify for coverage. A medical examination often determines the coverage level you'll receive.

Medical exam requirements vary between insurers but often include a thorough medical exam, a deep dive into your medical history, and providing urine and blood samples. Some companies may require you to get X-rays or an EKG, especially if your medical history reveals you may be at higher risk for specific medical conditions. There's no way for insurers to predict the likelihood of an insurance claim, but a medical exam can help them determine the statistical risk of insuring an individual based on their health.

Who should consider life insurance without a medical exam?

If you've been declined coverage because of pre-existing health conditions, no medical exam life insurance may allow you to obtain sufficient coverage. It's also a great option for individuals who work in high-risk occupations like firefighting or construction, or who participate in high-risk activities such as rock climbing or skydiving.

No medical exam life insurance is typically more expensive than other life insurance types and provides fewer coverage options. Traditional coverage is often a better option if you are in good health and qualify for lower premiums.

Tips for finding the best no medical exam life insurance

Finding the right insurance provider can help you save money and provide a partner that's easy to work with long-term. Consider the following tips when searching for the best no medical exam life insurance:

  • Determine your insurance needs: No-exam life insurance policies are often limited compared to traditional policies. Calculate how much coverage you need for yourself and your family to determine if life insurance coverage without a medical exam is right for you.
  • Pay attention to requirements: While you may not need a medical exam, insurance providers may still require you to share details concerning your health and medical history. If there are any concerns, they may require you to provide more information, Some insurers may require you to be in excellent health to get approved for a policy.
  • Consider other benefits: Some no-exam life insurance policies are more restrictive than others. Look for additional benefits outside of saving money, such as convertibility to permanent coverage, multiple term lengths, high customer support ratings, and more.
  • Be honest: Regardless of what type of health information is required, provide accurate personal and health information during the application process. Insurance companies verify application information and could deny coverage if they determine you provided false information. If you're approved for coverage, the provider could deny insurance claims after your passing if they think you lied on your application.

Determine your needs and choose a policy that provides enough coverage for your family after you pass away. Shop around to find insurance companies that offer policies you qualify for that match your needs.

Our picks for best life insurance companies

Life insurance is essential if you have people depending on you. We’ve combed through the options and developed a best-in-class list for life insurance coverage. This guide will help you find the best life insurance companies and the right type of policy for your needs. Read our free review today.

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Killexams : Footpatrol’s ‘Blueprint’ Exhibition Brought The Sneakerheads To Town

Earlier this month (Nov. 5 & 6), sneaker retailer Footpatrol launched The Blueprint Exhibition, which saw hundreds of sneakerheads pull up to celebrate two decades of unique drops, top-tier releases and premium apparel and accessories. 

Set on the ground floor of Noho Studios in London, the two-day event and installation showcased Footpatrol’s impressive history of collaborations, with rare archival and never-seen-before pieces on display—as well as offering a sneak peek at some of the brand’s upcoming collabs. In addition to the exhibition, the venue also played host to a series of interesting community, design and sneaker culture-themed panel talks, led by crep experts Will Stowe and Stephanie Hulbert-Thomas.

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Killexams : CAT exam 2022 On November 27: Test Format; Marking Scheme Explained
CAT exam 2022 On November 27: Test Format; Marking Scheme Explained

CAT exam 2022 details on test format and marking scheme

New Delhi:

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore will conduct the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2022 on November 27. As per the IIM Bangalore, the CAT 2022 paper pattern will be same as the last year's exam pattern. Alike last year, the CAT 2022 paper will consist of 66 questions divided in three sections- Verbal Ability and practicing Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA). Candidates will be allowed to solve each section of the exam paper in 40 minutes.

Latest: CAT 2022: Answer key and response sheet (Slot 1 & 3). Download EBook

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Recommended: India's top 100 private B-schools accepting CAT score. Download EBook

The CAT question paper will have some questions of multiple-choice question (MCQ) types with options to select and some would be non-MCQ types. The examination will be held in the same number of slots which is three and the duration will also remain the same as 120 minutes (2 hours), while PwD candidates will be allotted an extra 13 minutes and 20 seconds for each Section. The timer on the screen would display the remaining time for the section being answered.

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The candidate should carefully read the questions displayed on a computer console and choose the answer by clicking on the correct option for the MCQs. For non-MCQ questions, the answers should be inserted using the mouse or the onscreen keyboard in the designated space.

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IIM Bangalore has also kept the marking scheme for the CAT examination same as that of last year's.

  1. Candidates will be awarded three marks (+3) for each correct answer
  2. One mark (-1) will be deducted for each wrong answer, for all MCQ types.
  3. There is no negative marking for a non-MCQ type question.
  4. No mark will be awarded for questions which are not attempted.

After completion of 40 minutes of a particular section it will be locked and auto submitted, and the candidate will be taken to the next section. Aspirants will not be allowed to leave the test lab before the completion of the examination. Once the exam is complete, candidates will need to drop their CAT admit card, pen and scribble pad in the boxes provided at the entrance of the examination hall.

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Killexams : SponsorCX Secures Growth Equity Funding Led by Blueprint Equity

LEHI, Utah, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SponsorCX, Inc., an industry leading SaaS sponsorship management platform announced today that it has received a growth equity investment led by Blueprint Equity. In conjunction with the investment, Michael Merritt from Blueprint Equity will join the Board of Directors.

Funding validates modern approach to sponsorship management; enables Utah-based company to accelerate product, customer service, and sales across the country.

"This is a very exciting time for SponsorCX," says Jason Smith, founder and CEO of SponsorCX. "From the beginning, our goal was to have a platform built by sponsorship professionals for sponsorship professionals. Our team has worked extremely hard to create an amazing platform for the sponsorship industry. This partnership with Blueprint, allows us to take the software to even greater heights."

"SponsorCX has experienced exceptional growth since officially launching in late 2021 and what really stuck out to us was SponsorCX's all-in-one platform for all things sponsorship related," said Michael Merritt, Vice President with Blueprint Equity. "There is no easy way for properties or brands to manage sponsorships, and it is a very time-intensive, manual process to do so without the use of any technology. SponsorCX allows its customers to manage the entire process in one place while providing extensive functionality and optionality."

"SponsorCX has been a blessing for our overall Business Development Team," says Gabrielle Doria, Director of Partnership Activation with the Premier Lacrosse League. "We have never had a tool that both our activation team and sales team have been able to use in tandem."

SponsorCX's property platform is used today by many well-known properties, such as Clemson University Athletics, Real Salt Lake, Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, Van Wagner Sports & Entertainment, and the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA),  having increased its customer base over 400% year-over-year. SponsorCX plans to deploy the funding to further invest in client support, sales, and engineering teams, as well as add new software features to further support its current and prospective customer base.

About SponsorCX

SponsorCX is a sponsorship management platform within the sports, entertainment, non-profit, arts, and events industries. Its all-in-one platform streamlines its customers sales, fulfillment, and inventory to increase operational efficiencies and maximize revenue.

About Blueprint Equity

Blueprint Equity provides expansion capital to high-growth, capital efficient enterprise software and technology-enabled services businesses worldwide. Blueprint has $275 million of assets under management and is based in Solana Beach, CA. For more information, please visit

Contact: Jason Smith, 801-842-1887

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