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Create sure that a person has Sair 3X0-102 Cheatsheet of actual questions for the particular Linux System Administration (Level 1) practice test before you choose to take the particular real test. All of us give the most up-to-date and valid 3X0-102 practice test that will contain 3X0-102 real examination questions. We possess collected and produced a database associated with 3X0-102 real questions from actual examinations having a specific finish goal to provide you an opportunity to get ready plus pass 3X0-102 examination upon the first try. Simply memorize our own 3X0-102

3X0-102 Linux System Administration (Level 1) education | Sun, 12 Nov 2023 07:05:00 -0600entext/html Educational Administration PhD

Our doctoral program in educational administration will prepare you with the theoretical and methodological skills for careers in university research, governmental and non-governmental policy analysis, educational and public agency leadership and community-centered non-profit work. our program is for researchers interested in connections between educational policy and leadership and increasing access to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts within public educational spaces. It also is for researchers who aim to find new ways to integrate theory into practice and utilize interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to make a difference on critical problems affecting society today.

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Online Doctorate in Education Administration No result found, try new keyword!A doctorate in education administration provides experienced teachers the opportunity to pursue educator leadership roles. Most education administration positions require at least a master’s ... Fri, 26 Apr 2019 03:16:00 -0500 Educational Administration EdD

Educational administration (EDA) develops the intellectual, performance and moral capacity for leadership roles in school districts, colleges and universities, and in training and development programs for other public agencies. Ranked in the top 20 programs nationwide, UB's educational administration program has been recognized by the American Association of School Administrators as outstanding in the preparation of educational administrators. The programs within the EDA draw upon the social and behavioral sciences to stimulate new ways of thinking about administering, and transforming education organizations.

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KU's Ed.D. in higher education administration and Ed.D. in educational administration are now completely online KU's Ed.D. in higher education administration and Ed.D. in educational administration are now completely online

PR Newswire

LAWRENCE, Kan., Dec. 21, 2023

Taught by full-time, nationally recognized faculty and researchers, these first-rate online doctorate programs are now accessible to more people.

LAWRENCE, Kan., Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- At KU, we recognize how family and work commitments, health or mobility limitations, and other responsibilities can create barriers to education and career advancement. With the goal of creating degree programs that are accessible to everyone with the ambition to succeed, KU's educational leadership and policy studies Ed.D. (available with a concentration in either higher education administration or educational administration) is now 100% online.

KU’s Ed.D. in higher education administration and Ed.D. in educational administration are now completely online

These doctoral programs are offered through the KU School of Education & Human Sciences, which was recently ranked No. 10 in the nation on U.S. News & World Report's list of best public education schools. Our online courses are taught by the same highly regarded faculty and expert instructors and meet the same rigorous educational standards as our on-campus programs — but they offer more flexibility for students to study whenever and wherever is most convenient.

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts 7% job growth in the coming years as the demand for educational administration increases. To meet this growing need, KU's online Ed.D. in educational administration is designed to help PK-12 educators and professionals advance in their careers as district-level leaders — including superintendents; director-level administrators in special education, curriculum, human resources, or business; and policy, consultancy, or professional educational specialists.

Likewise, KU's online Ed.D. in higher education prepares individuals in entry- and mid-level administrative positions in colleges, universities, and related nonprofits to advance in their careers as leaders in a wide range of areas, including student affairs, student support services, institutional research, admissions, and fundraising, to name a few. Some graduates have gone on to be deans, vice presidents, and even college presidents.

Through Jayhawk Global, the university's education innovation center, KU plans to offer many more online degree opportunities, giving more students the chance to earn a globally recognized degree that signals prestige, quality, and career readiness.

About the University of Kansas

The University of Kansas is a major comprehensive research and teaching university. Its mission is to lift students and society by educating leaders, building healthy communities, and making discoveries that change the world.

For more information contact:
Valerie Hawley at or 785-864-3804 

Cision View original content to download multimedia:

SOURCE University of Kansas

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Higher Education Administration

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3X0-102 education - Linux System Administration (Level 1) Updated: 2024

Look at these 3X0-102 real question and answers
Exam Code: 3X0-102 Linux System Administration (Level 1) education January 2024 by team
Linux System Administration (Level 1)
Sair Administration education

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3X0-102 Linux System Administration (Level 1)
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It is great to pass 3X0-102 exam with Full Marks at first attempt. We certain your 3X0-102 exam success with our valid and updated 3X0-102 dumps, mock exam that we take from real 3X0-102 exams. Our main focus is to help you pass 3X0-102 exam with greatly Excellerate knowledge about 3X0-102 objectives as well. So, it is two in one benefit to take our 3X0-102 exam dumps.
Linux System Administration (Level 1)
A. A GUI-based interface that runs on a Linux box and allows Windows to be booted on
top of the Linux operating system.
B. A GUI-based program that runs on the Windows platform and allows Linux to view the
localhost with a simulated Windows desktop.
C. A multiple platform program that connects one machine type to another using each
machine's native GUI.
D. A GUI-based program common to most X Window systems that allows for some
advanced features (i.e., colored xterms)
Answer: C
Question: 104
Which of the following is not true about Virtual Network Computing?
A. It is platform independent.
B. It allows for several users to be using the same windows box at the same time.
C. It allows for multiple machines on the network to be dedicated to performing the same
task, thus creating clusters.
D. It's software creates a host-to-host session.
Answer: C
Question: 105
What would the following command do?
mail root -s html < /var/html.access_log
A. Mail a copy of the html access log to root and then delete the file.
B. Send to root a message with the subject "html < /var/html.access_log".
C. Send to root a message containing the html access log.
D. Send from root a message where the body will be the html.access_log file.
Answer: C
Question: 106
The following is an example of a ".forward" file found in user Audrey's home directory.
| /usr/opt/bin/mail
Which of the actions below best describes what will happen when user "audrey" receives
A. (i) saves a copy of the mail locally;
(ii) forwards a copy of the mail to using the "mail" program found in
B. (i) saves a copy locally;
(ii) forwards a copy to;
(iii) appends it to the mail files stored in the "/usr/opt/bin"
C. (i) runs a program called "audrey" that is found in the root directory;
(ii) forwards a copy of the mail to using the "mail" program found in
D. (i) saves a copy locally;
(ii) forwards the mail to
(iii) runs a program called mail
E. (i) runs a program "audrey" that is found in the root directory;
(ii) forwards the mail to;
(iii) runs a program called "/usr/opt/bin"
Answer: D
Question: 107
What output will the following command generate?
sendmail -bp -v
A. an error message
B. a list of mail that is currently in the mailers spool directory
C. a readout of the log of error messages for sendmail
D. a log containing mail activity for the past day
E. a report containing a list of all un-delivered mail, and errors associated with the list.
Answer: E
Question: 108
Which of the following is NOT a news reader program?
A. pine
B. trn
C. strn
D. Netscape
E. newsrc
Answer: E
Question: 109
__________ is a GUI news reader that, for many, has replaced the older command-line
based news readers.
A. Netscape
B. xnewsrc
C. winews
D. rn
E. outlook
Answer: A
Question: 110
Which of the following would NOT be found in an entry of the httpd.conf file for a web
A. document root path
B. html user name
C. html group name
D. server name
E. path to mysql configuration file
Answer: E
Question: 111
A module loaded into an Apache Web server is:
A. code to interpret a new class of directives
B. a server, such as a news server
C. a dynamic link library
D. a virtual Apache for each user
Answer: A
Question: 112
Which of the following best describes a virtual hosting with Apache?
A. A web server that relays web requests to other computers within the server's virtual
private network.
B. One that allows multiple Internet domain names to be associated with multiple IP
addresses on the same host.
C. A server that owns multiple physical network devices with only a single IP address.
D. One that forwards web page requests to another server.
Answer: B
Question: 113
Apache is best described as __________. (Select the best answer)
A. a multi-tasking web-client for Linux
B. a web-server capable of responding to simultaneous download requests
C. a slow front-end web-client with a fast back-end server
D. a GUI-configurable web server for Linux
Answer: B
Question: 114
Which of the following best describes the function of the Apache directive "Document
Root"? (Select the best answer)
A. The httpd's home directory from which all web pages must branch off.
B. The root directory of the default web page for the host.
C. The root directory of each web page hosted on the server.
D. The directory where all configuration files are located.
Answer: C
Question: 115
Carol, the system administrator, needs to add a menu to user John's "Afterstep" window
manager. Which file must be edited in order to add the menu?
A. /home/John/.afterrc
B. /etc/.afterrc
C. /home/John/.steprc
D. /etc/.startrc
Answer: C
Question: 116
Harry, a user, needs to configure his window manager, "Window Maker." Where will he
find the configuration file?
A. .window
B. .windowMaker
C. ~/WindowMaker
D. ~/GNUstep/WindowMaker/WindowMaker
Answer: D
Question: 117
Consider the following code taken from the ".xinitrc" file. What is the value that the
WINDOWMANAGER should have at the end of the script assuming all window
managers are present on the system and that WINDOWMANAGER was NOT previously
if test -z "$WINDOWMANAGER" ; then if test -x /usr/X11R6/bin/kde ; then
WINDOWMANAGER=/usr/X11R6/bin/kde elif test -x /usr/X11R6/bin/startkde ' then
WINDOWMANAGER=/usr/X11R6/bin/startkde elif test -x / usr/X11R6/bin/fvwm2 ;
then WINDOWMANAGER=/usr/X11R6/bin/fvwm2 elif test -x / usr/X11R6/bin/wmlist ;
for i in '/user/X11R6/bin/wmlist' ; do
WINDOWMANAGER='type -p $i'
test -n "$WINDOWMANAGER" && break done
fi fi
A. the WINDOWMANAGER variable will contain a string with a zero value
B. the WINDOWMANAGER variable will contain a string containing the most recently
used window manager
C. the WINDOWMANAGER variable will contain a binary value to indicate whether a
window manager was found or not
D. kde
E. fvwm2
F. wmlist
Answer: D
Question: 118
Consider the following items. Select the items that most accurately describe daemons.
i. automated scripts that run at specified time as defined in the /etc/daemons.conf file.
ii. utilities that reside in memory waiting for events to occur in order to perform a service
iii. relatively small programs that reside in memory under the 640 K boundary
A. i
B. i and ii
C. ii and iii
D. i, ii, and iii
E. ii
F. iii
G. i and iii
Answer: E
Question: 119
After installing Linux, you notice that the X Window system must be started with the
"startx" command. Which of the following actions would allow one to automatically
initiate the GUI.
A. Edit the "/etc/inittab" line that reads "id:Z:initdefault:" where "Z" was the old multi-
user run level. Change "Z" to another run level (usually 5) that starts the X Window
display manager.
B. Edit the "/etc/xstart" file and uncomment the line "#/usr/X11R6/bin/xdm"
C. Edit the file "/etc/xhosts" and add the entry "startx wmanager" where "wmanager" is
the name of the window manager to run at system startup.
D. None of the above.
Answer: A
Question: 120
When attempting to initiate the X Window System, the configuration file will NOT be
read if: (Select all that apply)
A. X11 is initiated with the "startx" or "xinit" commands but the "~/.xsession" file has the
desired changes.
B. X11 is initiated with "xdm" but the "~/.xinitrc" file has the desired changes.
C. X11 is initiated with the "startx" or "xinit" commands but the "~/.xinitrc" file is not set
executable for the owner.
D. X11 is initiated with "xdm" but the "~/.xsession" file is not set executable for the
Answer: A, B, C, D
Question: 121
A system has crashed and to repair the system you must get a file system copied to the
damaged host but its network connection is not working. Thinking of alternative
solutions, you grab a stack of floppies and execute the following command:
goodhost$ tar cvzMf /dev/fd0 DirectoryName
Then, you take the floppies to the damaged host and execute the command:
badhost$ tar xzMf /dev/fd0
This is one way to move large files between two machines.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Question: 122
Some file names are "special." For example, if you were to write a shell script and use the
file names "script" or "test", you may have unexpected program results because: (Select
all that apply)
A. The example file names also happen to be internal shell commands.
B. The example file names are also system utilities and the shell may discover and
execute these commands before it executes your files.
C. You did not certain correct program invocation by using the "./script" or "./test"
D. You put "." directory in your PATH shell variable, but at the end of the list.
Answer: B, C, D
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Sair Administration education - BingNews Search results Sair Administration education - BingNews K-12 Administration

UMass Lowell's Master's of Education in Education Administration and Education Specialist in Administration, Planning and Policy degrees focus on educational administration and instructional leadership by offering cutting edge, practically based courses that provide future leaders with the knowledge and skills needed for roles as school principals in Massachusetts.

The Master's of Education in Education Administration is 30 credits and Education Specialist in Administration, Planning and Policy is 33 credits. For Massachusetts teachers, the degrees culminate in a two-semester practicum. The degrees are approved for principal licensure by the Massachusetts Department of Education for those candidates who work and are licensed in Massachusetts.

As the degrees are online, out of state students benefit from the coursework, but cannot be endorsed by UMass Lowell for licensure in any state including Massachusetts. We do not offer licensure programs for candidates who work in other states and these degrees culminate in either the Ed.S. seminar or the M.Ed. Action Research and not in a practicum.

  • PreK-12 Administration (for Principal Licensure and Non-licensure)

    1. Approved Massachusetts Licensure Programs for Massachusetts Educators Seeking Principal Licensure
      • M.Ed. Education Administration:: Massachusetts Teachers only (online coursework, field experiences and practicum) leading to principal licensure (3O Credits)
      • Ed.S. Administration, Planning and Policy: Massachusetts Teachers only (online coursework, field experiences and practicum) leading to principal licensure. (33 Credits)

      Massachusetts Teacher seeking principal licensure must be employed in a school which uses the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, where MCAS data are used and where your practicum can be overseen by a Principal and/or Assistant Principal who hold a Massachusetts Principal License.
    2. Non-Licensure Programs for Educators in States Other Than Massachusetts
      • M.Ed. Education Administration: 30-credit degree that culminates in Action Research and does not lead to licensure.
      • Ed.S. Administration, Planning and Policy: 33-credit degree beyond the master's level that culminates in an Ed.S. seminar and does not lead to licensure.

    These program do NOT lead to licensure in any field. Instead, it provides the professional knowledge required for the continuing education of experienced practitioners. Candidates who complete the program successfully are awarded a Master of Education or Ed.S. Degree, but cannot be endorsed for licensure in Massachusetts or in their own state. 

  • The program includes eight courses that are common to all programs. 

    For Massachusetts teachers the degree culminates in a two-semester practicum and leads to principal licensure. For candidates who work in other states the degrees culminate in either the Ed.S. seminar or the M.Ed. Action Research and not in a practicum. 

  • Paperwork and fees for admission are submitted to Graduate Admissions. There are specific requirements for admission to the M.Ed. and the Ed.S. in administration listed below. Once you have completed the admission cover sheet and submitted your fee, the other materials may be sent individually and will be added to your admissions file until it is complete. The file is not reviewed until it is complete; review takes about one to two weeks if materials are received during the semester.

    • Cover sheet which can be completed electronically on the admissions website or may be submitted in hard copy
    • Admission statement:
    • Candidates must be working in a school system in order to complete field experiences in all courses. 
    • Minimum of three years PK-12 professional experience PRIOR to admission
    • Proof of Initial Teaching License or relevant professional support educator license
    • Two letters of reference including one from the candidate's principal or vice principal speaking to the their potential for leadership 
    • Official transcripts
    • Undergraduate and/or graduate GPA of 3.000 or better
    • For Massachusetts teachers only: Proof of having passed the MTEL in Communications and Literacy
    • For Massachusetts teachers only: Completed UMass Lowell Principal's Acknowledgment Form supporting: the need for the candidate to engage in field-based work during the practicum which may require him/her to gain release from the classroom on occasions; and the intensive practicum and willingness to facilitate, mentor and support the experiences in which the candidate must engage.

Named a Best Online Graduate Education program by U.S. News &amp; World Report.

2023 US News Online Grad Education

Thu, 23 Feb 2023 22:03:00 -0600 en text/html
Become an Administrator

The School of Education offers pathways for professionals seeking to advance their careers in K-12 administration, higher education administration or as institutional scholars.

K-12 Educational Administration

The K-12 Educational Administration degrees focus on educational administration and instructional leadership and offer cutting edge, practically-based courses which provide future leaders with the knowledge and skills needed for roles as principals and assistant principals.

Higher Education Administration

The Master's of Education: Higher Education Option focuses on policy and practice in Higher Education. Applicants to the program must be working or interning at an institution of higher education. 

Thu, 17 Aug 2023 00:38:00 -0500 en text/html
Online Master's of Science Degree in Educational Administration

Drexel University School of Education


Increasingly challenging educational environments, coupled with evolving accountability standards, makes today’s schools complex organizations that require strong leadership. Based on national and state standards, Drexel's Master of Science in Educational Administration prepares elementary and secondary teachers and counselors to become effective and successful school administrators.

Using 21st-century learning tools, rigorous academic preparation, and invaluable internship experiences, the MS in Educational Administration degree program offers graduate students an enduring model for successful school leadership in rural, urban, and suburban settings.


The MS in Educational Administration degree program is a performance-based credential designed as a path to career advancement for elementary and secondary teachers and counselors in K-12 schools. Eligible students may pursue school principal positions and/or supervisor of special education positions. Graduates become school leaders with the strategic vision and tools necessary to initiate change.

Specifically, the MS in Education Administration’s learning outcomes specifically address and respond to the Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL) Program.

All curriculum for the MS in Educational Administration is developed and vetted with PIL's standards* in consideration:


  • The leader has the knowledge and skills to think and plan strategically, creating an organizational vision around personalized student success.
  • The leader has an understanding of standards-based systems theory and design and the ability to transfer that knowledge to the leader's job as the architect of standards-based reform in the school.
  • The leader has the ability to access and use appropriate data to inform decision-making at all levels of the system.


  • The leader knows how to create a culture of teaching and learning with an emphasis on learning.
  • The leader knows how to manage resources for effective results.
  • The leader knows how to collaborate, communicate, engage and empower others inside and outside of the organization to pursue excellence in learning.
  • The leader knows how to operate in a fair and equitable manner with personal and professional integrity.
  • The leader knows how to advocate for children and public education in the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural context.
  • The leader knows how to support professional growth of self and others through practice and inquiry.

What can you do with a Master’s in Education Administration?

There are many career paths that an individual can pursue after completing a master's in educational administration. Job titles can vary from one school district to another, but a person with an MS in Education Administration can take on many K-12 administrative roles including:

  • School Principal
  • Dean of Students
  •  Director of Special Education programs
  • Athletics Director
  • Director of Curriculum 

Is a Master’s Degree in Education Administration Worth It?

A master’s degree in Education Administration is a great way to gain the knowledge and education credentials needed to be a great school leader. Individuals in administrative leadership positions have the potential to make a tremendous impact on their school, school district, or system. Education leaders are also in demand, especially school principals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for School Principals is expected to rise 5% between 2021 and 2031.

MS in Educational Administration - Program Options

In Drexel University’s MS in Educational Administration degree program, future school leaders participate in rigorous academics and authentic internship experiences while enjoying the flexibility of an online degree experience.

There are five unique online program options offered in the educational administration degree that are designed to fit your specific career goals:

  • Option 1: MS in Educational Administration
  • Option 2: MS in Educational Administration with school principal certification*
  • Option 3: MS in Educational Administration with school principal certification &amp; special education leadership concentration**
  • Option 4: MS in Educational Administration with special education leadership concentration**
  • Option 5: Pennsylvania administrative certificate, principal K–12 only.*

* Requires a state-issued teacher certificate prior to enrollment. Certification may be issued from any U.S. state or territory.

** Requires a state-issued special education certificate prior to enrollment

All our programs are ideal for certified teachers and counselors who aspire to support 21st-century students and make a difference in the field of education.

As a leading provider of online learning, we understand the dedication it takes to include advanced study in your work and family life and we make every effort to assist you with your studies. Every student is assigned a graduate academic advisor to map out a personalized plan of study. Advisors develop personal relationships with their students, helping them select courses and counseling them in reaching their academic and career goals.

Blackboard serves as an online support center. Through Blackboard students can:

  • Access course information
  • Network with classmates, faculty, and program advisors
  • Join discussion boards and share news
  • Check job postings
  • Access archived presentations
  • Access online tutorials

During the course of study, students benefit from activities such as lecture series by national speakers, dynamic workshops and internship orientations. After graduation, students continue to receive support through our mentorship program.

MS in Educational Administration Program Eligibility

  • A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher (graduate degree GPAs will be considered along with the undergraduate GPA)
  • For the Principal Certification option: A state-issued teaching or counseling certificate
  • For the Supervisor of Special Education concentration: A state-issued special education teacher certificate

Required Documents

With multiple ways to submit documents, Drexel makes it easy to complete your application. Learn more by visiting Drexel Online's "Completing Your Application Guide."

  • A completed application
  • Official transcripts from all universities or colleges and other post-secondary educational institutions (including trade schools) attended
  • Two letters of recommendation, professional or academic
  • PA Administrative Certificate, Principal K-12: One letter of recommendation must come from the principal of a school where you've worked, and discuss your presentation skills and experiences in leadership roles in a K-12 school setting as well as skills that would have a strong bearing on your success as a school leader and administrator
  • An essay describing why you're interested in pursuing graduate study in this field
    • Include two paragraphs briefly describing your educational philosophy
  • PA Administrative Certificate, Principal K-12: Also explain how principals shape learning in K-12 schools
  • Additional requirements for International Students

Educational Administration Courses and Curriculum

The degree in education administration offered by Drexel University's School of Education was created using a framework of national standards to train individuals with elementary and secondary teaching experience to become transformational school leaders for a new generation.

Education administration master's degree graduates learn a proven skill set that can be applied to the following six standards:

  • Identifying a personal school vision
  • Establishing a school culture based on learning
  • Managing finances, facilities, and resources
  • Collaborating and communicating with the school, parents and community
  • Operating with integrity and fairness in an equitable manner
  • Functioning as a student advocate within political, legal, social, economic and cultural contexts

To gain real-world experience in the duties of a school administrator, students pursue activities such as facilitating workshops for teachers, working with parents and community, observing in principal meetings, attending school board meetings, working on new curriculum or program initiatives and directing school-wide activities.

In the internship phase, the student works with a state-certified school principal or an assistant principal in their school district. The student accumulates 15 hours each week for a total of 600 hours over four terms.

Course descriptions may be found in the Drexel University Course Catalog.

Capstone Courses

Students in the MS in Educational Administration program complete a research capstone course where they are introduced to various types of research designs and learn to be both consumers and producers of research. Following completion of the research course, students will complete a capstone experience by selecting one of the two-course multidisciplinary sequence options below:

  • Thesis (Part I and II) - Students who select this option will be required to complete a master’s thesis which consists of a well-written research paper, comprised of five chapters that posits a research question and uses logical arguments &amp; data to address/answer a gap in research
  • Lesson Study (Part I and II) - Students who select this option will be required to complete a research-based lesson design and analysis project
  • Practitioner Course (Part I and II) - Students who select this option will be required to complete a master’s project. Examples include: A reform initiative narrative, program or grant proposal, white paper or policy analysis, or program evaluation

How to Apply for the Master's of Science in Educational Administration

The MS in Educational Administration is offered 100% online. You can get started by filling out the Drexel Online application.

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Online Education Administration Master's Degree No result found, try new keyword!Education administration professionals unite teachers, students and families in the pursuit of academic success. There are several directions a professional earning an online master’s degree in ... Fri, 26 Apr 2019 03:16:00 -0500 Higher Education Administration

At UW, the higher education administration master’s is a broad-based program that will give you a strong foundation in the history and ideas underpinning America’s system of higher learning. You will also gain expertise in learning theory, adult education and the functional areas of “business” in universities, community colleges and adult education agencies.

By the time you complete your program, you will be ready to level up your career and take your place as a skilled administrator in higher education, government or the nonprofit sector.

Have Questions?
Contact our program coordinator!

Application Deadline

  • January 15 - Fall/Summer
  • May 15 - Fall
  • September 15 - Spring

Required Documents

  • Letter of application or personal statement
  • Professional resume or curriculum vitae
  • Three references

How to Apply
Please visit our program admission webpage for more details and application guidelines.

These are just some of the classes you might take as a higher education administration M.A. student at UW:

  • Community College Leadership
  • Higher Education Systems
  • Higher Education Staffing
  • Workforce Training
  • Teaching Adults
  • Community College
  • Introduction to Research

View the full master of arts in higher education administration concentration degree program curriculum.

Whether you are working at a community college, four-year institution or in other adult education environment or you want to enter the higher education field, the UW master’s in higher education administration will prepare you for leadership roles that will give you the chance to increase educational access and economic mobility for people in your region.

Graduates from the UW master’s in Higher Education program go on to earn promotions, serve as administrators in government and nonprofits and pursue doctoral-level degrees.

Higher Education Careers

UW higher education administration M.A. graduates can hold titles such as:

  • Director Student Recruitment and Outreach
  • Director of Admissions
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Project Coordinator
  • Case Manager
  • Athletic Director
  • Program development specialist
  • Academic advisor
Advisor helping student
mountain logo

Higher Education Administration Concentration Degree Program Highlights



WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE Higher Education administration Program?


The UW online higher education administration master’s program is designed for students in the Rocky Mountain West and beyond, who seek to learn theoretical as well as practical knowledge that will help to help people in their communities access post-secondary and lifelong-learning opportunities.

The UW program is distinguished by the following:


Online Flexibility

Keep your current work schedule while taking part in online courses set at convenient times for working adults.


Study with faculty who have worked in the field in areas ranging from student affairs and admissions to academic affairs and distance education.


Compile a portfolio during your master's studies to display your competencies and showcase your work.


Travel Grants

Explore opportunities to apply for travel funds to subsidize costs of attending or presenting at professional meetings and conferences.



Look into relevant graduate scholarships from UW, such as:

Clarence Jayne Memorial Scholarship
Kercher Family Scholarship in Education


Choosing the Ed.D. program was a very positive decision. The classes are interesting and timely, the faculty are incredibly supportive, and the ability to complete a doctoral degree at a distance made getting the Ed.D. a reality while working full-time. This is a quality program with great support, in a convenient format and at a reasonable cost!

- Katie Gooch, M.A. ’20


The College of Education at UW is nationally accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).


Travel Grants

Explore opportunities to apply for travel funds to subsidize costs of attending or presenting at professional meetings and conferences.



Are you considering an academic or leadership position in higher ed? These programs might be of interest:

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