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350-601 test - Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR) Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: 350-601 Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR) test November 2023 by Killexams.com team

350-601 Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR)

350-601 DCCOR

Certifications: CCNP Data Center, CCIE Data Center, Cisco Certified Specialist - Data Center Core

Duration: 120 minutes

This exam tests your knowledge of implementing core data center technologies, including:

- Network

- Compute

- Storage network

- Automation

- Security

Exam Description

The Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies v1.0 (DCCOR 350-601) exam is a 120-minute exam associated with the CCNP Data Center, Cisco Certified Specialist - Data Center Core, and CCIE Data Center certifications. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of implementing core data center technologies including network, compute, storage network, automation, and security. The course, Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies, helps candidates to prepare for this exam.

25% 1.0 Network

1.1 Apply routing protocols

1.1.a OSPFv2, OSPFv3

1.1.b MP-BGP

1.1.c PIM

1.1.d FHRP

1.2 Apply switching protocols such as RSTP+, LACP and vPC

1.3 Apply overlay protocols such as VXLAN EVPN and OTV

1.4 Apply ACI concepts

1.4.a Fabric setup

1.4.b Access policies

1.4.c VMM

1.4.d Tenant policies

1.5 Analyze packet flow (unicast, multicast, and broadcast)

1.6 Analyze Cloud service and deployment models (NIST 800-145)

1.7 Describe software updates and their impacts

1.7.a Disruptive / nondisruptive

1.7.b EPLD

1.7.c Patches

1.8 Implement network configuration management

1.9 Implement infrastructure monitoring such as NetFlow and SPAN

1.10 Explain network assurance concepts such as streaming telemetry

25% 2.0 Compute

2.1 Implement Cisco Unified Compute System Rack Servers

2.2 Implement Cisco Unified Compute System Blade Chassis

2.2.a Initial setup

2.2.b Infrastructure management

2.2.c Network management (VLANs, pools and policies, templates, QoS)

2.2.d Storage management (SAN connectivity, Fibre Channel zoning, VSANs, WWN pools, SAN policies, templates)

2.2.e Server management (Server pools and boot policies)

2.3 Explain HyperFlex Infrastructure Concepts and benefits (Edge and Hybrid Architecture vs all-flash)

2.4 Describe firmware and software updates and their impacts on B-Series and C-Series servers

2.5 Implement compute configuration management (Backup and restore)

2.6 Implement infrastructure monitoring such as SPAN and Intersight

20% 3.0 Storage Network

3.1 Implement Fibre Channel

3.1.a Switch fabric initialization

3.1.b Port channels

3.1.c FCID

3.1.d CFS

3.1.e Zoning

3.1.f FCNS

3.1.g Device alias

3.1.h NPV and NPIV

3.1.i VSAN

3.2 Implement FCoE Unified Fabric (FIP and DCB)

3.3 Describe NFS and NAS concepts

3.4 Describe software updates and their impacts (Disruptive/nondisruptive and EPLD)

3.5 Implement infrastructure monitoring

15% 4.0 Automation

4.1 Implement automation and scripting tools

4.1.a EEM

4.1.b Scheduler

4.1.c Bash Shell and Guest Shell for NX-OS

4.1.d REST API

4.1.e JSON and XML encodings

4.2 Evaluate automation and orchestration technologies

4.2.a Ansible

4.2.b Puppet

4.2.c Python

4.2.d POAP

4.2.e DCNM

4.2.f UCSD

4.2.g PowerShell

15% 5.0 Security

5.1 Apply network security

5.1.a AAA and RBAC

5.1.b ACI contracts and microsegmentation

5.1.c First-hop security features such as dynamic ARP inspection (DAI), DHCP snooping, and port security

5.1.d CoPP

5.2 Apply compute security

5.2.a AAA and RBAC

5.2.b Keychain authentication

5.3 Apply storage security

5.3.a AAA and RBAC

5.3.b Port security

5.3.c Fabric binding
Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR)
Cisco Implementing test

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Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (DCCOR)
Question: 73
The Cisco Nexus switch Generic Online Diagnostics policy for a PortLoopback test requires 10 consecutive failures to error disable the port. The customer wants to change it to 5 consecutive failures.
Which configuration applies the changes for module 1 only?
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: D
“mod all” is incorrect. “mod 1test” is incorrect. “publish event” is incorrect.
“mod 1 test” is correct. It is with “policy-default”.
Question: 74
An engineer is configuring a backup operation on the existing Cisco UCS environment using a logical configuration.
Which configuration is expected to be saved by using this backup type?
A. systems
B. roles
C. service profiles
D. servers
Answer: C
Question: 75
A Cisco UCS C-Series server is installed at a data center. The server should be managed by the Cisco UCS Manager by using a single cable for management and data traffic.
Which configuration should be applied after the Physical connection is established?
A. UCS-A# scope server 1
UCS-A /server# scope cimc
UCS-A /server/cimc # scope mgmt-conn sideband
UCS-A /server/cimc # mgmt-conn-state enabled
UCS-A /server/cimc/mgmt-conn* # commit-buffer
B. UCS-A# scope chassis 1
UCS-A /chassis# scope cimc
UCS-A /chassis/cimc # scope mgmt-conn sideband
UCS-A /chassis/cimc/mgmt-conn # mgmt-conn-state enabled
UCS-A /chassis/cimc/mgmt-conn* # commit-buffer
C. UCS-A# scope chassis 1
UCS-A /chassis# scope cimc
UCS-A /chassis /cimc # set mgmt-conn-state enabled
UCS-A /chassis /cimc/mgmt-conn* # commit-buffer
D. UCS-A# scope server 1
UCS-A /server# scope cimc
UCS-A /server/cimc # scope mgmt-conn sideband
UCS-A /server/cimc/mgmt-conn #set mgmt-conn-state enabled
UCS-A /server/cimc/mgmt-conn* # commit-buffer
Answer: D
UCS-A# scope server 1
UCS-A /server # scope cimc
UCS-A /server/cimc # scope mgm
UCS-A /server/cimc # scope mgmt-conn
UCS-A /server/cimc # scope mgmt-conn sideband
UCS-A /server/cimc/mgmt-conn # set mgmt-conn-state enabled
UCS-A /server/cimc/mgmt-conn* # commit-buffer
UCS-A /server/cimc/mgmt-conn
Question: 76
The Cisco Nexus 5600 Series Switch experiences occasional packet drops on interface ethernet 1/16. An engineer wants to implement a SPAN session to investigate the issue further. The network
analyzer to which the packets must be directed is located on interface 1/3. The analyzer is limited on disk space available for traffic capture, so the Nexus switch should send only the relevant data.
Which two command sets configure the SPAN session that meets these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
E. Option E
Answer: A,E
The information to be sent is regarding dropped packets only.
Question: 77
An engineer performs a set of configuration changes for the vPC domain using Session Manager.
Which two commands are used to verify the configuration and apply the device changes when no errors are returned? (Choose two)
A. write
B. verify
C. commit
D. checkpoint
E. apply
Answer: BC
Question: 78
Question: 79
An engineer must shut down the Ethernet 1/2 interface when the Ethernet 4/5 interface state is down.
Drag and drop the CLI commands from the bottom onto the blanks in the exhibit to implement this EEM. Not all commands are used.
Question: 80
A host EPG Client wants to talk to a webserver in EGP Web. A contract with default settings is defined between EPG Client and EPG Web, which allows TCP communication initiated by the client
toward the webserver with TCP destination port 80.
Which statement is true?
A. If EPG Web is made a preferred group member, a contract between EPG Client and EPG Web is no longer required for the host in EPG Client to reach the webserver in EPG Web.
B. If vzAny is configured to consume and provide a "deny all" contract, traffic between EPG Client and EPG Web is no longer allowed.
C. The host in EPG Client is allowed to connect to TCP destination port 80 on the webserver in EPG Web.
The webserver will not be allowed to initiate a separate TCP connection to a host port with TCP source port 80.
D. The host in EPG Client is allowed to connect to TCP destination port 80 on the webserver in EPG Web.
The webserver is allowed to initiate a separate TCP connection to a host port with TCP source port 80.
Answer: D
Apply Both Direction and Reverse Filter Port in the subject for the filter. These two options are by default enabled…This means that if the provider EPG initiates traffic toward the consumer EPG, the
Cisco ACI fabric allows it for any destination ports if the source port is 80.
Reverse filter and apply in both directions is default.
If a filter allows traffic from any consumer port to a provider port (e.g. 8888), if reverse port filtering is enabled and the contract is applied both directions (say for TCP traffic), either the consumer or
the provider can initiate communication. The provider could open up a TCP socket to the consumer using port 8888, whether the provider or consumer sent traffic first.
Question: 81
A network engineer needs to configure system logging on the MDS switch. The messages must be displayed with the severity level of "warning” and above. For security reasons the users must be
logged out of the console after 5 minutes of inactivity.
Which configuration must be applied to meet these requirements?
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: B
Question: 82
A new employee must be granted access to add VLANs into an existing Cisco UCS Manager and configure NTP synchronization with date and time zone settings.
Which two privileges must be granted to the employee to complete the task? (Choose two.)
A. Service Profile Compute (Is-compute)
B. Ext LAN Config (ext-lan-security)
C. Service Profile Network Policy (Is-network-policy)
D. Service Profile Config (Is-config)
E. Ext LAN Policy (ext-lan-policy)
Answer: B,E
NTP can be configured only with EXT LAN Security.
VLAN can be added using the following privileges:
– Ext Lan Config (ext-lan-config)
– Ext Lan Policy (ext-lan-policy)
service profiles will add VLANs to vNICs only if they are configured to UCS manager. So service profile is not valid solution.
Question: 83
Which storage protocol reduces file locks by using leasing?
B. NFS 4
C. NFS 3
Answer: D
Question: 84
An engineer creates a service profile in Cisco UCS Manager and must assign a policy that reboots blades when changes are applied. The changes must be applied only after user acknowledgment.
Which two policies must be configured to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Boot Policy
B. Global Policy
C. Power Control Policy
D. Maintenance Policy
E. Reboot Policy
Answer: D, E
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Cisco Implementing test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/350-601 Search results Cisco Implementing test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/350-601 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Cisco Cisco slumps after cutting annual profit, revenue forecasts No result found, try new keyword!Cisco tumbled more than 12% on Thursday after cuts to its annual forecasts raised fears that excess inventory with customers was sapping new orders in its mainstay networking equipment business. Wed, 15 Nov 2023 23:58:00 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ Cisco offers light guidance as new product orders slow, sending its stock lower

Shares of Cisco Systems Inc. fell more than 11% in extended trading today as the company warned it will likely miss analysts’ expectations in its fiscal second quarter by a wide margin.

The company expects this to have a knock-on effect, and its forecast for the current fiscal year also came in low.

The disappointing guidance came in the wake of a solid earnings beat. The company reported first quarter earnings before certain costs such as stock compensation of $1.11 per share, with revenue up 8% from a year earlier to $14.67 billion. The results were better-than-expected, with analysts looking for earnings of just $1.03 per share on sales of $14.61 billion.

All told, Cisco reported a net income of $3.64 billion for the quarter, up from $2.67 billion a year earlier.

Cisco said its problem is that it has experienced a notable slowdown in new product orders during the quarter. This is because many of its clients are currently busy installing and implementing products that were delivered recently, over the prior three quarters, Cisco Chief Executive Chuck Robbins (pictured) said in a conference call with analysts.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company had been stuck with a backlog of unfulfilled orders caused by component shortages. But its supply chain constraints eased rapidly about a year ago as China exited its lockdown strategy, leading to a glut of product deliveries over the last four quarters. Now, customers have their hands full implementing all of those products.

“Our customers and our sales organizations have been very clear with us over the last 90 days that this is the issue,” Robbins said, though he also admitted that sales cycles are still longer than is usually the case.

According to Robbins, “customers are now taking time to onboard and deploy these heightened product deliveries,” hence the slowdown in new orders. He said it’s mainly larger enterprises, service providers and cloud customers that are facing these challenges, adding that the issue was “most pronounced in October.” On average, Cisco’s biggest customers are waiting to implement one to two quarters’ worth of shipped products, he added.

Cisco had a good quarter, but is now suffering from its post pandemic high, when it was finally able to deliver pandemic orders it could not fulfill due to supply chain challenges. Now that it has fulfilled those orders, the demand has weakened as enterprises are implementing and the channel reducing inventories. The good news is all product lines are growing, which has not been too often the case, and Cisco delivered approximately 1B more in profit on roughly 1B more in revenue, which means Chuck Robbins and team have kept costs constant and EPS per share are up a quarter. Let’s see if this trends continues.

Because of these customer issues, Cisco could only offer a much lower forecast than Wall Street analysts had been anticipating. Officials said they’re looking for earnings of between 82 and 84 cents in the second quarter, with revenue of $12.6 billion to $12.8 billion, implying a 7% decline from one year earlier. That compares very badly with the Street’s forecast of 99 cents pre share in earnings and $14.19 billion in sales.

For the full year, Cisco is reducing its revenue forecast while bumping up its view on earnings. The company now sees full-year earnings of between $3.87 and $3.93 on revenue of $53.8 billion to $55 billion. Previously, it had forecast a range of $3.19 to $3.32 in earnings and $57.0 billion to $58.2 billion in revenue. In any case, the new forecast is not great, as Wall Street is hoping for earnings of $4.05 per share on sales of $57.7 billion.

The after-hours stock decline masks the fact that Cisco delivered strong quarterly results, thanks to it finally being able to deliver pandemic-era orders that could not be fulfilled earlier, said Holger Mueller of Constellation Research Inc. “But now those orders have been shipped, it is faced with weakening demand as enterprise implement those products and the channel reduces inventories,” he explained.

Charles King of Pund-IT Inc. said Cisco has been caught on one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t situations”, because it did a great job in recovering from the pandemic-related supply chain chaos and has gotten back its manufacturing mojo. However, he said many of its customers have been slower off the mark. “Many are still struggling to deploy and configure the new kit they ordered months ago, so you can’t really blame them for slowing or stopping orders to deal with the backlog,” King said. “But investors appear to be blaming Cisco anyway, for failing to live up to analysts’ consensus. That may be short-sighted, but no one ever said that life, let alone the markets, are fair.”

In the longer term, Cisco’s prospects do look better. During the quarter, it announced that it intends to buy the data analytics and cybersecurity software giant Splunk Inc. in a bumper $28 billion deal, which would be its largest-ever acquisition. The move catapults Cisco, which is best known for its networking gear as well as other data center equipment, to the leading ranks of cybersecurity providers.

Robbins said at the time the deal was announced that the combination of Cisco’s and Splunk’s data would have real value for enterprises, allowing them to “move from threat detection and response to threat prediction and prevention.” He said it will enable Cisco to become one of the world’s largest software companies.

Besides its cybersecurity ambitions, Cisco has a lot of hope for artificial intelligence in the longer term. During the conference call, Robbins told analysts that his company believes it can win more than $1 billion worth of orders in fiscal 2025 for AI infrastructure from cloud providers alone. He said cloud providers are looking to move to “more of a standard, broad-based technology like Ethernet, where they can have multiple sources” to support AI networking workloads.

Mueller said it’s also notable that Cisco is running a tight ship in terms of its business expenditures. “Investors can be pleased that all of Cisco’s product lines grew during the previous quarter, which has not been the case too often,” he added. “That allowed Cisco to deliver approximately $1 billion in profit on almost $15 billion in revenue. That shows Cisco has kept its cost base constant, resulting in increased earnings per share. Cisco needs to continue this trend.”

The after-hours stock decline means that Cisco’s shares are now up just 12% in the year-to-date, trailing the wider S&P 500 index, which is up 17% for the year.

Photo: Fortune GLOBAL FORUM/Flickr

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Wed, 15 Nov 2023 09:55:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://siliconangle.com/2023/11/15/cisco-offers-light-guidance-new-product-orders-slow-sending-stock-lower/
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A longtime leader in database software, Oracle also offers cloud solutions, servers, engineered systems, storage, and more. The company has more than 430,000 customers in 175 countries. 

Today, Oracle’s training program offers six certification levels that span 16 product categories with more than 200 individual credentials. Considering the depth and breadth of this program — and the number of Oracle customers — it’s no surprise that Oracle certifications are highly sought after. 

Vendor-specific certifications address a particular vendor’s hardware and software. For example, you can pursue Oracle certifications and Dell certifications to become an expert in those companies’ environments.

Best business continuity and disaster recovery certifications

Business continuity and disaster recovery keep systems running and data available in the event of interruptions or faults. These programs bring systems back to normal operation after a disaster has occurred.

Business continuity and disaster recovery certifications are seeing a healthy uptrend as new cloud-based tools grow in popularity. While business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning have always been essential, they’re becoming more critical than ever — and IT certifications are following suit.

Thu, 09 Nov 2023 10:01:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/10953-best-it-certifications.html
Cisco Systems (CSCO) Stock Punished by Weak Guidance No result found, try new keyword!Cisco Systems Q1 earnings beat low expectations. But it is the company's guidance that punished the stock on Thursday. The post Cisco Systems (CSCO) Stock Punished by Weak Guidance appeared first on ... Wed, 15 Nov 2023 22:32:16 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ Implementing RADIUS with Cisco LEAP No result found, try new keyword!Another new addition is Cisco s proprietary offering (now being used by many third-party vendors), Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP). LEAP is one of approximately 30 different ... Tue, 20 Feb 2018 21:27:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.globalspec.com/reference/47499/203279/implementing-radius-with-cisco-leap Cisco leans on partners, blueprints for AI infrastructure growth

Cisco has a variety of new partnerships and programs aimed at helping enterprises build AI-ready infrastructure.

Cisco is taking a collaborative approach to helping enterprise customers build AI infrastructures.

At its exact partner summit, Cisco talked up a variety of new programs and partnerships aimed at helping enterprises get their core infrastructure ready for AI workloads and applications.

"While AI is driving a lot of changes in technology, we believe that it should not require a wholesale rethink of customer data center operations," said Todd Brannon, senior director, cloud infrastructure marketing, with Cisco's cloud infrastructure and software group.

As AI projects move from science projects in an organization's backroom to mission-critical applications, enterprise infrastructure and operations teams are being challenged because they are dealing with new workloads running on familiar infrastructure but with new requirements, Brannon said.

"The idea is that we want to help our customers deploy and manage AI workloads efficiently, find that right mix of acceleration, and not over provision or leave stranded resources or create new islands of operations," added Sean McGee, cloud & data center technology strategist with Cisco.

One of the ways Cisco intends to help customers is by offering a suite of validated designs that can easily be deployed as enterprise AI needs evolve. 

The company recently announced four new Cisco Validated Designs for AI blueprints from Red Hat, Nvidia, OpenAI, and Cloudera to focus on virtualized and containerized environments as well as converged and hyperconverged infrastructure options. Cisco already had validated AI models on its menu from AMD, Intel, Nutanix, Flashstack and Flexpod.

The validated designs allow customers to use these models and fine tune what they want to do for their business, McGee said.

Cisco is building Ansible-based automation playbooks on top of these models that customers can use with Cisco's Intersight cloud-based management and orchestration system to automatically inject their own data into the models and build out repositories that can be used in their infrastructure, including at the edge of the network and in the data center, McGee said.

Cisco's Intersight package manages a variety of systems from Kubernetes containers to applications, servers, and hyperconverged environments from a single location.

"Utilizing Intersight and our systems stack, customers can deploy and manage AI-validated workloads," Brannon said. "The message is that we don’t want our customers and partners having to completely rethink the operation side, even though they’re having to rethink some things on the GPU provisioning side for AI, for example," Brannon said.

In addition, as Cisco gets feedback from its customers on AI-specific features or additional validated designs, it will augment Intersight with new features, Brannon said.

Also, over time these models will evolve as more data is used to tune them, and customers can easily adjust them to fit the needs of their enterprise infrastructure, McGee said. "Our partners, too, can utilize these models to significantly expand their services. [They can] really give them a head start and relieve a lot of the engineering expense and time that they need to put these services together for customers."

Cisco recently unveiled Data Center Networking Blueprint for AI/ML Applications that defines how organizations can use existing data center Ethernet networks to support AI workloads now.

A core component of the data center AI blueprint is Cisco's Nexus 9000 data center switches, which support up to 25.6Tbps of bandwidth per ASIC and "have the hardware and software capabilities available today to provide the right latency, congestion management mechanisms, and telemetry to meet the requirements of AI/ML applications," Cisco stated. "Coupled with tools such as Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights for visibility and Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller for automation, Cisco Nexus 9000 switches become ideal platforms to build a high-performance AI/ML network fabric."

Cisco has also published scripts so customers can automate specific settings across the network to set up this network fabric and simplify configurations, Cisco stated.

Wed, 15 Nov 2023 07:24:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.networkworld.com/article/1247274/cisco-leans-on-partners-blueprints-for-ai-infrastructure-growth.html
Cisco: Younger Consumers Are 7 Times More Likely to Exercise their Data Rights

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) published its 2023 Consumer Privacy Survey, an annual global review of consumers’ perceptions and behaviors on data privacy. This year’s survey highlights how younger consumers are taking deliberate action to protect their privacy, as 42% of consumers aged 18-24 exercise their Data Subject Access Rights, compared with just 6% for consumers 75 and older. Many say they have lost trust in organizations because of their use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 50% of respondents look to the government to set rules and enforce privacy protections. The survey also provides early insights on Generative AI (Gen AI), revealing that only 12% of respondents identify as regular users.

Artificial Intelligence and Privacy Concerns

From shopping to streaming services and to healthcare, 48% of survey respondents agree that AI can be useful in improving their lives. A majority of respondents (54%) said they are willing to share their anonymized personal data to help Strengthen AI products and decision-making.

Nevertheless, 62% of surveyed consumers expressed concern about how organizations are using their personal data for AI today, with 60% saying that they have already lost trust in organizations because of their AI use. Organizations can implement measures to (re)gain customer trust, such as auditing products and solutions for bias, being more transparent and explaining how the AI works, ensuring human involvement, and instituting an AI Ethics Management Program.

“The world is watching how companies will approach AI in a responsible way,” said Dev Stahlkopf, Cisco Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. “For Cisco, this means keeping a desparate focus on respecting privacy and human rights as we incorporate AI technology.”

Generative AI: The Privacy Contradiction

The survey also provides an early snapshot of the use of Gen AI and some of the potential risks and privacy challenges. Generative AI is still relatively new to most people. Over half (52%) of survey respondents said they were not aware of it.

Of those that use Gen AI regularly (12%), only half indicated that they were refraining from entering personal or confidential information into Gen AI applications. It is notable that the other 50% may indeed be entering personal or confidential information. This is despite 88% of respondents indicating that they would be “Somewhat” or “Very” concerned if their data entered in Gen AI were to be shared.

Young Consumers Championing Data Privacy

This year, 33% of respondents qualify as “Privacy Actives”: they care about privacy, are willing to act to protect it, and have acted, for example by switching companies or providers because of their data policies or data sharing practices. Younger consumers are the most willing to take action to protect their privacy. Forty-two percent of consumers, aged 18-34, are Privacy Actives, a percentage that steadily decreases with age.

The percentage of consumers requesting data deletions or change rose to 19%, up from 14% last year. Again, this is highly correlated with age: thirty-two percent of consumers aged 18-24 make data deletion or change requests compared to only 4% of older consumers.

Public awareness of privacy laws continues to be relatively low with 46% of respondents aware of their country’s privacy law. Those who are aware of the law are more likely to feel they can adequately protect their data: only 40% of those unaware of their country’s law feel they can protect their data compared to 74% of those who are aware of the law. Sixty-eight percent of consumers aged 18-24 feel they can protect their data, and this gradually declines to 47% of consumers over age 65 saying so.

Role of Laws and Governments

Many consumers look to the government to set the standard of care and enforce privacy protections. Half (50%) of respondents said national or local government should have the primary role in protecting data, whereas 21% said private companies should be primarily responsible for protecting data.

“As governments pass laws and companies seek to build trust, consumers must also take action and use technology responsibly to protect their own privacy,” says Harvey Jang, Cisco Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer.

Consumers are split on the value of data localization. Most have heard about such requirements, and 76% indicated initially that data localization might be good. However, when considering the cost associated with it, thereby making products and services more expensive, only 44% were in favor of data localization.

Mon, 06 Nov 2023 07:38:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://indiaeducationdiary.in/cisco-younger-consumers-are-7-times-more-likely-to-exercise-their-data-rights/
Rust in Linux: Where we are and where we're going next No result found, try new keyword!At the Linux Plumbers Conference in Richmond, Virginia, Linux and Rust developer Miguel Ojeda gave the Linux kernel developers an update on the state of Rust in the Linux kernel. In brief, Rust Linux ... Tue, 14 Nov 2023 01:37:51 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ Softchoice Named Cisco's Application Resiliency Partner of the Year at Cisco Partner Summit 2023 No result found, try new keyword!Softchoice has been named Cisco’s Application Resiliency Partner of the Year in the Canadian Partner category at Cisco Partner Summit. Thu, 09 Nov 2023 10:18:00 -0600 https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20231109729067/en/Softchoice-Named-Ciscos-Application-Resiliency-Partner-of-the-Year-at-Cisco-Partner-Summit-2023 HCLTech and Cisco enhance collaborative environment for modern hybrid workplaces

NEW YORK —HCLTech, a leading global technology company, announced the launch of Meeting-Rooms-as-a-Service (MRaaS), in collaboration with Cisco. Available on a subscription model, this solution modernizes legacy meeting rooms and enables users to join meetings from any meeting solution provider using Webex devices.

The MRaaS solution helps enterprises simplify the design, implementation and maintenance of integrated meeting rooms, enabling seamless collaboration for their globally distributed hybrid workforces.

“MRaaS combines our consulting and managed services expertise with Cisco’s proficiency in Webex devices to change the way employees conceptualize, organize and interact in a collaborative environment for a modern hybrid work model,” said Rakshit Ghura, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Digital Workplace Services, HCLTech. “The common vision of our partnership is to elevate the collaboration experience at work and drive productivity through modern meeting rooms.”

“Our partnership with HCLTech helps our clients transform their offices through cost-effective managed services that support the ongoing evolution of workspaces,” said Alexandra Zagury, Vice President of Partner Managed and as-a-Service Sales at Cisco. “As we reimagine the modern office, we are making it easier to support collaboration and productivity among workers, whether they are in the office or elsewhere.”

Cisco’s Webex collaboration devices harness the power of artificial intelligence to offer intuitive, seamless collaboration experiences, enabling meeting rooms with smart features such as meeting zones, intelligent people framing, optimized attendee audio and background noise removal, among others.

Mon, 06 Nov 2023 22:41:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://indiaeducationdiary.in/hcltech-and-cisco-enhance-collaborative-environment-for-modern-hybrid-workplaces/

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