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SUN Certified basics
Killexams : SUN Certified basics - BingNews Search results Killexams : SUN Certified basics - BingNews Killexams : You've Been Applying Your Skincare All Wrong

The golden rule of skincare has always been to wear SPF, as it’s a godsend product for addressing anti-aging, preventing and reducing dark spots, and offering protection from the sun. Truth is, SPF alone can’t address every skincare woe you may be dealing with, and often, it’s the big guns—targeted serums, gentle cleansers, hydrating moisturizers, etc.—that do the heavy lifting to bring you closer to your skin goals.

Like attempting to bake a cake from scratch, shopping for your skincare products is quite a humbling experience, especially when you’re unsure what ingredients to buy, the internet is inundated with conflicting tips, and prices aren’t the most flattering. Perhaps the most annoying part of it all is that regardless of brand, price, or ingredient, the order in which you apply your products can affect the efficacy of your routine. You wouldn’t add milk to a cafe after it’s already baked, right?

So before you splurge on that luxury moisturizer or introduce a new bakuchiol serum into your routine, let’s take it back to the basics. Ahead, is a comprehensive guide on how to correctly apply your AM and PM skincare routines—yes, there’s a difference.


When looking at your skincare formulas, it’s always better to apply products from the thinnest formula to the thickest. Now, the most important thing to remember when applying your AM skincare routine is the sun. “When you’re thinking about your skincare routine, it’s really simple. During the day, you want to protect your skin. At night, you want to repair,” Dr. Lian Mack, NY-based board-certified dermatologist at GlamDerm, explains.


    Cleansing your skin from all the dirt, oil, and debris is how you create the perfect canvas for all your subsequent products to seep through your skin and work their magic. Here’s the step that sets the tone for your entire routine. Pay close attention to your skin—are you more on the dry side or find yourself swiping away oil throughout the day? Understanding your skin type is how you decide what cleanser is right for you. If you have sensitive skin, Dr. Bertha Baum, a Florida-based board-certified dermatologist, suggests using a gentle cleanser. Those with oily skin can benefit from a foaming cleanser, Dr. Baum adds. But never forget about the sun! Since you’ll likely encounter the UV rays throughout the day, Dr. Mack recommends using cleansers without actives in them “because you don’t want to increase your risk for photosensitivity,” she says.

    CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser
    Exuviance Gentle Cream Cleanser
    Skinceuticals Soothing Cleanser
    La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanser


    Toners are an optional step in a skincare routine. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, Dr. Mack says it’s okay to skip a toner. Ultimately, toners serve different purposes but are great for hydrating the skin for the next step in the routine.


    A fun way to shop for serums for your morning routine is to remember what ingredients are typically associated with brightness, are antioxidant-rich, and are gentle enough for daytime wear. If vitamin C was the first thing that came to mind, you’re already on the right track. “During the day, you want to couple antioxidants—like vitamin C and E. In addition to antioxidants, you can sandwich other things into that regimen because serums have smaller molecules, and they’re able to penetrate the skin better,” she explains. After applying your serum, Dr. Mack advises incorporating “a hyaluronic acid molecule to help pull water to the skin.”

    SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic
    Hyper Skin Brightening Dark Spot Vitamin C Serum
    Credit: Courtesy
    L'Oreal Paris 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

    Now 31% Off

    Naturium Niacinamide Face Serum 12% Plus Zinc 2%

    Eye Cream

    The skin around our eyes is super sensitive and thin. Eye creams help delay any signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Mack says to look for ones with “peptides that help to firm and strengthen or lift the skin.” Since eye creams are not as thick as moisturizers, it’s perfectly fine to apply an eye cream before your moisturizer—but if you apply one after, you’re not wrong either.

    Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream Intense at Nordstrom
    REN Clean Skincare Radiance Brightening Dark Circle Eye Cream


    After cleansing and treating your skin, the next step is to seal it all in with a good moisturizer. Moisturizers not only keep the skin hydrated, but they also work in tandem with the serums previously applied. Thicker formulas work great to soothe dry skin. “Some people don’t need a thicker moisturizer because they tend to be oily,” Dr. Mack says, so those with oily skin should look for lighter formulas with hyaluronic acid.

    Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Peptide Face Cream
    Namesake The Daily Moisturizer
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid
    CeraVe Moisturizing Cream


    “The two mainstays of a morning routine are vitamin C and SPF 30 or higher,” Dr. Mack adds. No routine is complete without sunscreen, which protects the skin from harmful UV rays. However, the type of sunscreen you use should match your lifestyle.

    In Dr. Mack’s office, she often recommends mineral sunscreens to her patients. “I prefer mineral-based sunscreens because there are great options for skin of color. For many, part of the struggle of searching for sunscreen is finding one that blends nicely with darker skin types,” she explains. Even if you’re using a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, Dr. Mack still recommends using sunscreen prior to applying. “You would have to apply a lot of that foundation or BB cream to get the protection that you would from a true sunscreen. When you’re applying sunscreen, use the two-finger rule to get the amount of protection that you need.”

    EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 Face Sunscreen
    Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

    Now 12% Off

    Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 42
    BOLDEN Brightening Moisturizer Face Sunscreen SPF 30



        After a long day at work, running errands, or at school, a good cleansing oil is necessary to enter repair mode. “Double cleansing is ideal at night because you have so many pollutants on your face. Most people are wearing makeup, moisturizers, and concealers, so there’s more to wash off. Double cleansing at night really gets the skin to a place where it feels really clean, and you’re not threatened by environmental exposures that you typically have during the day,” Dr. Mack adds. However, if you have sensitive skin, Dr. Mack says to skip double-cleansing.

        DHC DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

        DHC DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

        People with oily skin can cleanse with a foaming or milk-based cleanser, as it won’t leave you extremely dry. “If you’re sensitive, I would just wash once,” she says.

        Treatments/Topical Medication

        Now, it’s time to get your skin in order. This is the part of the routine where you either reach for your retinol (prescribed or over-the-counter). “After getting home and washing off your day, you want to apply a vitamin A derivative, something that has retinol or a retinoid in it. There is also plant-derived retinol like bakuchiol, which I tend to recommend for patients who are either lactating or pregnant,” she says. It’s important to pay attention to how your skin reacts to topical treatments. “You want to titrate up to a point where you can tolerate it. Once you can get to the point where you can tolerate it every night, you should definitely be coupling it with either hyaluronic acid or a moisturizer.”

        SkinCeuticals SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 Refining Night Cream (1 fl. oz.)

        SkinCeuticals SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 Refining Night Cream (1 fl. oz.)


        With an actives-heavy nighttime routine, you want to ensure your skin is being properly protected and moisturized as you catch some Zzz. While you can certainly use your morning moisturizer at night, most night creams are thicker in consistency and formulated to retain moisture longer than daytime creams. Creams that tout anti-aging, firming, radiance-boosting, and hydration are great formulas to reach for during the night.


        The best thing you can do for your skin is to get a good night’s rest. When you sleep, your skin has time to calm down and repair itself, with help from all the products in your routine.

        Wed, 30 Nov 2022 09:32:00 -0600 en-us text/html Killexams : Reverse Seasonal Depression? Here’s How Your Online Calendar Can Help

        You may have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is an annual depression that arises with the onset of the cooler months. Reverse Seasonal Depression, characterized by the same emotional effects but in the summer, can also be debilitating, although less common. If you’re feeling slower these days, you’re not alone — and this condition just isn’t discussed as much.

        Calendar - Calendar

        You may not be cured of Seasonal Affective Disorder or Reverse Seasonal Depression — but here are some tips to help you navigate through some of your pain by using your online calendar to remember to give yourself healing help and healing time.

        1. Make Time for Movement

        Exercise is something that you either love or you hate — but you can’t deny its positive effects on the body. For people suffering from depression, the thought of exercise can be taxing, particularly when you lack energy for basic tasks. But staying in motion doesn’t actually have to be rigorous or draining to be beneficial. A simple walk, even if as short as five minutes, can make a notable difference in your daily mind functions.

        Because of this, you should try to schedule some movement during your workdays in order to keep yourself up. This is where your online calendar can help by actually including them in your official itinerary. Some days you’ll only have the energy to follow the structure your calendar provides, and this lets you do both.

        2. Fit in Some Sunlight

        In a similar vein, sunlight has a comparable effect as exercise due to your circadian rhythm and instincts at large. Depression often causes sleep schedules to misbehave as energy varies, and being tired during the day makes that time worse. Not everyone can exercise for various reasons, but if you can, try doing so outside. Otherwise, just spending some time in the sun is enough to help your brain set its inner clock properly.

        Plan your time in the sun much in the same way as you would your exercise or alongside it. You can eat lunch in your backyard or sit for a few minutes in a public park. If this sounds like too much, you can at least open the blinds on your windows to let some in.

        3. Stay in Touch With Loved Ones

        Depression of any type can cause damage to your relationships by draining you of your social energy. As simpler tasks require more of your effort, small details like texts, calls, and invitations go declined or unanswered. This isn’t always a bad thing — you can’t reasonably expect yourself to be available 24/7. But under these depressive conditions, it can quickly evolve into isolating yourself — though your loved ones can Boost your mood.

        Because of this, you’ll want to schedule plans even if they’re not more often than once a week. Accept invitations or extend them, and the resulting plans, set up in your calendar, can end up being very refreshing. It makes a difference if you go out to dinner with your friends versus eating at home.

        4. Create a Productive Routine

        As previously mentioned, depression is known for its ability to suck out all of your energy for the day. You may not be capable of doing much other than following your schedule, which is designed to keep you moving. Luckily, that’s exactly what you need; design your schedule well, and the initial motivation will let you progress without depleting. When you have energy, sit down and figure out on your calendar how to build and snowball this momentum.

        For example, anything more than eating a piece of toast may feel too daunting to follow through with. That’s great — set “Make Toast” as your first daily task because completing it will build a little momentum to continue. Then schedule something a little bigger, like brushing your teeth, then getting dressed, sitting down at your desk, etc. Let these tasks guide you on what to do next; before you know it, you’ll be finishing the workday.

        5. Plan Breaks Throughout the Day

        If you feel like you’ve been resting a lot lately due to depression, that makes sense because you have been. You haven’t, however, been lazy! When depressed, everything takes more energy, so you truly do need it. Even without depression, the need for rest generally goes unacknowledged, and a lack of adequate sleep causes whole hosts of health issues. That’s why you should use your online calendar to plan sleep times and extra rest during your workday so you can relax properly.

        Breaks don’t need to be longer than five minutes to be valuable but can be as long as you need. Put your breaks in your calendar to make sure you look out for yourself, and take these “rest breaks” when you can. Think of it this way: the more you rest, the more energy and bandwidth you’ll have when you aren’t resting. Truly, this may be the way you can keep up with your work.

        6. Plan Outings for Yourself in Advance

        Sometimes a bit of excitement will get you through the week, but in the trenches, you might have trouble beginning. You may use your calendar mainly for work, but it provides a lot of structure for your personal life too. The best solution is to combine both — plan activities for yourself on your schedule so you can follow them easily. The more difficult self-motivation is during your free time, the easier it will be with a calendar by your side.

        Say that weekends are a drag of empty time and you have trouble knowing what to do. Think about your interests or places nearby that sound like nice outings like parks or concerts. In this way, you can schedule the day for going out and essentially push yourself to do so. If this doesn’t work, what a great movie you love. Sometimes it’s easier to watch something you are very familiar with rather than something new. A movie or book that is familiar can feel comforting, and sometimes new is too stimulating and aggravating.

        7. Set Simple, Attainable Goals

        It may be helpful to you to use your calendar as a place to put notes and goals for yourself. Many programs allow you to do this without setting up dates or times for these goals. This can be a low-effort, constructive way to keep track of your desired progress without too much pressure on yourself. That, of course, further depends on what kinds of goals you set and the expectations you have for yourself.

        Set a weekly goal without a specific time in mind, and the program will keep it visible throughout the week. Make sure that these goals are not too intense or abstract so they can be clearly attained. Instead of planning to “do some reading” each week, plan instead to “read three chapters” by the end of the week.

        8. Practice Mindfulness and Self-Love Techniques

        Now you’ve scheduled small breaks throughout the day, written notes, and set goals in your calendar. Using these methods, do the same to encourage yourself to engage in mindful activities like meditation or self-affirmation. You can do this by leaving affirming notes in your schedule or taking a moment to do nothing but sit with yourself and think (or not think) during a break. Mindfulness can be anything from being at one with the universe to keeping yourself hydrated when you’d normally forget to.

        Don’t underestimate the power of sitting with your thoughts, even if they are painful or it feels futile. Schedule some time for meditation and include some different meditation methods in your calendar notes so you can experiment with different methods. You can find many mindfulness methods online. I like Calm. Maybe set aside time to do something that calms you, like making a cup of tea or listening to music.

        Getting depressed when the sun comes out can be devastating because of how positively society sees the summer. But reverse seasonal depression occurs in so many people, in so many places, and is a serious, valid condition. So take your time and structure it however you need to push yourself just a little further each time.

        You deserve all the best and all the patience in the world. Be kind to yourself. This year, try using your Calendar and actually schedule time and reminders so you give the best to yourself.

        Featured Image Credit: Photo by Karolina Grabowska; Pexels; Thank you!

        The post Reverse Seasonal Depression? Here’s How Your Online Calendar Can Help appeared first on Calendar.

        Tue, 06 Dec 2022 01:00:00 -0600 Deanna Ritchie en text/html
        Killexams : Measure U kicks the bucket again
        MEASURE C

        College of the Sequoias Local University, Careers Measure

        MEASURE B

        Exeter Cannabis Business Revenue Measure

        MEASURE Y

        Tulare Cannabis Business Tax

        MEASURE A

        Farmersville Transient Occupancy Tax

        • Yes – 49.2%
        • No – 50.8%
        MEASURE W

        Sundale Union Elementary School District Bond Measure, $3.8 million bond to address school improvements like new gymnasium and updating sewer system, repairing outdoor areas and ADA compliance

        MEASURE X

        Sundale Union Elementary School District Bond Measure, $4.0 million bond to address safety, class size reduction and technology needs

        MEASURE Z

        Farmersville Unified School District Bond Measure, $8.6 million to address modernizing outdated classrooms, restrooms and school facilities, construct new classrooms and health and safety improvements

        MEASURE V

        Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District Special Tax Measure, $48.00 per parcel annually raising $234,048 annually to address sport facilities upkeep and youth recreational programs. This measure required two-thirds of overall votes to pass. 

        • Yes – 46.5%
        • No – 53.5%
        Fri, 02 Dec 2022 07:35:00 -0600 en-US text/html
        Killexams : This Week in Naperville

        Pet Pictures with Santa: Santa will be posing for photos with pets from noon to 3 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4, at Two Bostons, 103 W. Jefferson Ave. Photos are free, but donations will be accepted for the Naperville Area Humane Society. For more information, go to

        tenThing Brass: The Norwegian group tenThing Brass Ensemble will perform at 3 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4, at Wentz Concert Hall, 171 E. Chicago Ave. Tickets are $45 to $50. For more information, go to


        History Speaks lecture: A History Speaks lecture on the York Center Co-op will be presented at 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4, at Naper Settlement, 523 S. Webster St. Register at

        Teen Hour of Code: Students in middle and high school can learn basics of programming to create a video game at 4 p.m. Monday, Dec. 5, at the 95th Street Library, 3015 Cedar Glade Drive. Register at


        Junk Journaling for Tweens: Children in 4th through 8th grades can use recycled materials to create a journal in a craft class at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 5, at the Nichols Library, 200 W. Jefferson Ave. For more information, go to

        Forest Therapy Walk: A certified forest therapy guide will lead a nature walk and tea ceremony at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6, at Knoch Knolls Park, 323 Knoch Knolls Road. Tickets are $20. Register at

        Walt Disney 101 webinar: A virtual discussion on how to plan a Walt Disney vacation will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6, via Zoom. Register at

        Concert Winds concert: North Central College Concert Winds will present a winter concert at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6, at Wentz Concert Hall, 171 E. Chicago Ave. Tickets are $3 to $5. For more information, go to

        Breakfast with Santa: Santa will be taking photos with families from 8 to 11 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 7, at the Egg Harbor Café, 175 Jackson Ave. Prizes will be given to the first 40 children. No reservations will be taken. For more information, go to

        Adult Hike with a Naturalist: A naturalist will lead a free hike at 9 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 8, at the Knoch Knolls Nature Center, 320 Knoch Knolls Road. Register at

        Naperville author Sonali Dev will sign copies of her book, "The Vibrant Years," Dec. 8 at Anderson’s Bookshop.

        Sonali Dev and Molly Fader: Sonali Dev and Molly Fader will sign copies of their books, “The Vibrant Years” and “The Sunshine Girls,” at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 8, at Anderson’s Bookshop, 123 W. Jefferson Ave. Register at

        Interfaith breakfast: The Mayor’s Interfaith Community Breakfast will be held at 7:30 a.m. Friday, Dec. 9, at the Fry Family YMCA, 2120 95th St. Tom Beerntsen, former CEO of the Heritage YMCA, will speak. Proceeds provide financial assistance for YMCA usage. Register at


        DuPage Symphony mini concert: A trombone quartet from the DuPage Symphony Orchestra will perform at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 9, at the 95th Street Library, 3015 Cedar Glade Drive. A question-and-answer session will follow. For more information, go to

        Chinese Storytime: Stories, songs and activities will be presented in Mandarin at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 9, at the Nichols Library, 200 W. Jefferson Ave., and at 11:15 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 10, at the 95th Street Library, 3015 Cedar Glade Drive. For more information, go to

        Swingin’ Into Christmas: The Naperville Chorus will perform as part of “Swingin’ into Christmas with The Pete Ellman Big Band” at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 9, and 3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10, at Wentz Concert Hall, 171 E. Chicago Ave. Tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for seniors and students. For more information, go

        Naperville Nutcracker: Elise Flagg Academy of Dance will present “The Naperville Nutcracker” at 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 9; 1 and 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10; and 1 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 11, at Pfeiffer Hall, 310 E. Benton Ave. Tickets are $37. For more information, go to

        Live Nativity: The Compass Church will host a free live nativity from 2 to 8 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 11, at its Naperville campus, 1551 Hobson Road. No registration is required. Last entry admitted at 7:30 p.m. For more information, go to

        Municipal band concert: The Naperville Municipal Band will present its free holiday concert at 3 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 11, at Wentz Concert Hall, 171 E. Chicago Ave. For more information, go to

        Fri, 02 Dec 2022 07:21:00 -0600 en-US text/html
        Killexams : The re-introduction of History in basic schools

        The Federal Government’s plan to re-introduce the teaching of History as a distinct subject in basic schools in Nigeria must be applauded. The exercise, which is coming 13 years after the subject was abolished, should be seamlessly implemented. Hitherto, the subject was lumped with others and taught as Social Studies.

        It is commendable that the government has deemed it fit to allow History to be taught alone. Not less than 3,700 teachers had been shortlisted from the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital territory (FCT), Abuja, for the first phase of training for enhanced teaching of the subject. The teachers will be provided with the requisite skills needed to teach the subject. These include the necessary technique and methodology to make the subject interesting to the school children.

        The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, who was represented by the Minister of State for Education, Goodluck Opiah, stated this during the flag-off ceremony of the teaching of History and training of History teachers at basic education level in Abuja. As Adamu admitted, the removal of History from the school curriculum at the basic education level was a monumental mistake.

        Unfortunately, the country is still grappling with its negative consequences. The minister lamented: “History used to be one of the foundational subjects taught in classrooms but for some inexplicable reasons, some things happened, and as a result, History was subsequently expunged from the list of subject combination in our schools.” The neglect of the teaching of History at the basic level of education and even secondary school level has led to the erosion of moral and civic values and palpable ignorance of our past and the connectedness among the diverse ethnic groups that make up the country.

        The significance of teaching History at the basic education level and others cannot be overemphasised. Apart from enabling the school children to understand and appreciate the history of the country, it will help them to understand the country’s journey to nationhood, including the good and bad aspects of our attempts to live as one united country despite experiencing bloody military coups and surviving a brutal civil war that lasted for 30 months from 1967-1970.

        Therefore, it is imperative that Nigerian school children should be taught the history of the Nigerian civil war, otherwise known as the Biafran war. The causes and effects of the war must be taught as well as the reconciliation moves of the then federal government. The school children must have knowledge of the history of military coups and military rule in Nigeria and their palatable and unpalatable consequences. They must also learn about the history of the inter-ethnic wars among some ethnic groups in Nigeria, the trans-Atlantic slave trade and British colonialism and the struggle for independence.

        Those who abolished the teaching of History in primary and secondary schools did a great disservice to the country and its future. They did not love the country at all. That can explain the various crises of our nationhood. No nation worth its name can run away from its past. Without doubt, the knowledge of our past will enable us to adequately moderate the present and envision our future. The school children should know the diverse cultures of Nigerian people and understand their similarities and differences. Instead of dividing us, our diversity should be a source of strength and unity.

        Beyond the return of History to the basic education classroom, the government must equally address those factors that have contributed to our disunity and created tensions among the various ethnic groups in the country. While our differences are quite obvious, especially in terms of tongue and creed, we should stop highlighting them. We should rather exploit our similarities to forge a united, virile and egalitarian nation of our dream.

        With our enormous human and material resources, Nigeria’s potential to become a powerful nation in Africa and the world is not in doubt. What is required now to propel us to the envisioned greatness is to have responsive and purposeful leadership. We need charismatic and exemplary leaders. For Nigeria to achieve the lofty dream of our founding fathers, all Nigerian citizens must be equal before the laws of the land.

        Therefore, the present emphasis on state of origin instead of state of residence of Nigerian citizens, which diminishes our unity, must be done away with. Above all, we must all resolve to build a nation based on equity, fairness and justice. That is perhaps the best way we can reinforce our unity and strength.

        Mon, 28 Nov 2022 10:00:00 -0600 en-us text/html
        Killexams : The Sun shines at 2022 NMMA

        Features and Investigation Editor of The Sun, Mr. Henry Umahi, on Sunday, won the prestigious Investigative Reporter of the year award at the 2022 Nigeria Media Merit Award in Lagos.

        Umahi won with his extraordinary report entitled: ‘South East: Beaten, battered, bleeding

        •Real reasons anarchy reigns in the zone’.

        The eight-page report x-rayed the killings and general insecurity in the region and exposed the conspiracies involved.

        Other staff of The Sun, Messrs Henry Akubuiro and Steve Agbota, were also nominated for other categories.

        Mon, 28 Nov 2022 10:33:00 -0600 en-us text/html
        Killexams : Style Q&A: Canadian brand Ahiri aims to merge style with sustainability

        Co-founders Ahnaf Ali and Sheetu Latif aren't just looking to create cool clothing with their brand Ahiri.

        Article content

        Co-founders Ahnaf Ali and Sheetu Latif aren’t just looking to create cool clothing with their brand Ahiri.

        Advertisement 2

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        Article content

        The Toronto-based entrepreneurs are aiming to fill a void in the Canadian fashion market for cool, keepsake styles, while also changing the “narrative around Bangladeshi manufacturing” with their brand-owned factories. We caught up with Ali and Latif to learn more.

        Article content

        Q: For those who aren’t familiar, what is Ahiri?

        Ali: Ahiri is a Toronto-based direct-to-consumer womenswear brand created to elevate everyday basics and designed to seamlessly fit into the Canadian wardrobe. We’re curating a fresh community of fashion enthusiasts who seek quality designs at exceptional prices.

        Latif: On top of that, it’s very important to us to work with Canadian designers. The brand was formed in 2021 by myself and Ahnaf. Shortly after launching, Michael Jafine joined our team as head of design. Our debut fall/winter 2022 collection dropped in September, however each of our collections is designed to transition from season-to-season.

        Advertisement 3

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        Article content

        Q: What makes it unique? 

        Ali: There is a sizable market that is underserved in Canada. Often, consumers are stuck with choosing between garments at least a season behind or fashionable pieces at out-of-reach prices. Due to this gap, there is a huge reliance on fast fashion in Canada, but that’s not Ahiri.

        Latif: We’re creating pieces that are timeless and choose natural fibres as much as possible. This is why you’ll find merino wool, cashmere and 100 per cent silk in our collections, and we avoid using polyester as much as possible. While we make collections for each season, the pieces are not ultra-trendy. By creating timeless pieces we’re creating garments that are wearable for a long time. We put an emphasis on quality for the same reason. Ahiri is not meant to be worn at two parties and thrown out or donated.

        Advertisement 4

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        Article content

        Q: Who is the target customer? 

        Latif: Our brand is created with the North American consumer in mind, particularly Canadian fashion enthusiasts. We researched how the Ahiri woman dresses and what inspires them. Our collections nod to their everyday styles and feature elevated twists to breathe new life into the basics we know are in their wardrobes.

        Ali: We know Canadians love fashion but are often stuck for choices. They long for standout pieces. We challenged our head of design, Michael Jafine, to create high-design clothing for this customer while keeping prices accessible. He rose to that challenge and combined his experience at brands like The Row and Proenza Schouler to deliver a stylish, wearable and affordable FW22 collection.

        Advertisement 5

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        Article content

        Q: What more can you share about where the collections are designed/made? 

        Latif: All of our pieces are designed right here in Toronto. Almost all of the pieces are then manufactured in our Ahiri-owned factories in Bangladesh, which take a comprehensive approach to social and environmental well-being. They’re LEED Gold Certified and part of the Bangladesh Accord. The facility was designed with sustainability in mind, with a water re-treatment plant filtering to the point that all water used is drinkable. The plant also stores rainwater for the building’s cooling systems.

        Ali: We’re here to change the narrative around Bangladeshi manufacturing. Our factory is working to empower and Boost the quality of life of its workers, recognizing that employment is a key step for social mobility. Our factory has committed to employing women, contributing to the story of female empowerment in Bangladesh. This commitment is supported by prenatal care, on-site child care, a dedicated breast feeding space, and competitive maternity leave. There’s also free sanitary products, family planning products, health and life insurance, complimentary legal support on family and land issues and much more.

        Q: What is the price range for the designs? 

        Latif: Our products are consciously ranged from $45 to $279, priced with the Ahiri customer in mind. We are able to offer such sensible prices because of our manufacturing model. We are also choosy with the fabrics we use and how we cut them. We source well-priced fabrics made of natural fibres and do our best not to waste.

        Q: And where can people check them out? 

        Ali: Online at, with shipping across North America. 

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        Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. Comments may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. We have enabled email notifications—you will now receive an email if you receive a reply to your comment, there is an update to a comment thread you follow or if a user you follow comments. Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings.

        Mon, 05 Dec 2022 05:05:00 -0600 en-CA text/html
        Killexams : In a word: Ten-hut! Basic training for military slang

        “Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world. A veteran doesn’t have that problem.” –Ronald Reagan 

        As we continue to celebrate National Veterans and Military Families Month, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the words and phrases that are supposedly being used by members of the various branches of our armed forces, along with a few that I remember using – the ones that can be printed, anyway – during my hitch in the Army many moons ago.

        First stop, basic training. If you were in the Navy, there’s a good chance that your introduction to all things naval came at the boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois, or, as the recruits like to call it, “Great Mistakes.”

        My Army basic training took place at Fort Jackson, South Carolina (which was named after President Andrew Jackson), but many others have been shipped to places such as Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (also known as “Fort Lost in the Woods, Misery”).

        It’s at these places that recruits become “G.I.s,” a term that likely came about because just about everything they use or wear – except for a couple sets of “civvies” (civilian clothes) – is government issue. Everything has a part number, including people, who are sometimes told that they’re “a good piece of gear.” Their Social Security numbers are their part numbers.

        In basic we got to “double time” (jog) to the rifle range and were told by the D.I. (drill instructor) to “grab some real estate” (do push ups) when we screwed up. And if we weren’t some place “15 minutes prior to 15 minutes prior,” we were late, which meant we had a lot of time to “stand by to stand by” (hurry up and wait), especially in the chow line.

        Once basic training was over, it was on to New Jersey for AIT (advanced individual training) for my MOS (military occupational specialty). Each MOS has its own alphanumeric designation, and mine was 26V10 (the V was pronounced “Victor,” as in the NATO phonetic alphabet), which had the impressive-sounding name “strategic microwave systems operation and maintenance.”

        Most of my electronics training came in the form of TMs (technical manuals, as opposed to FMs, which are used out in the field), and a group of instructors who basically taught us the tests we’d soon be taking.

        Once I was assigned to my genuine job, I discovered that it consisted mainly of replacing defective electronics modules and sending them out for repair. If a piece of equipment was determined to be “fubar” (“fouled up beyond all repair” – or something like that), that would cause a “snafu” (“situation normal, all fouled up” – or something like that).

        I’ve heard that people in the Air Force who have desk jobs are said to be in the “Chair Force,” or “flying a desk.” We used to refer to them as “wing nuts.” But then those of us at our microwave site didn’t exactly consider ourselves to be fierce fighters either. Instead of “airborne rangers,” we referred to ourselves as “chairborne strangers.”

        As I got closer to my discharge date, or ETS (expiration, term of service), I became a short timer, which allowed me to walk around and yell “SHORT” pretty much whenever I felt like it (except when there was a sergeant or officer in the vicinity) and irritate my coworkers by reminding them that “I’m so short I can walk under that door.”

        Jim Witherell of Lewiston is a writer and lover of words whose work includes “L.L. Bean: The Man and His Company” and “Ed Muskie: Made in Maine.” He can be reached at jl[email protected]. 

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        Sat, 26 Nov 2022 15:00:00 -0600 text/html
        Killexams : Supermarkets lock up basic essentials costing as little as £3.50 in bid to deter thieves amid crisis

        SUPERMARKETS have been forced to lock up basic household essentials costing as little as £3.50 in a bid to deter thieves amid the cost of living crisis.

        Customers buying washing detergent were shocked to find it had been put in security boxes next to signs warning: “Shoplifters will be prosecuted.”

        The cost of living crisis has led to tighter security at many supermarkets


        The cost of living crisis has led to tighter security at many supermarkets

        The Co-op in Manchester city centre has placed 12 different items in one aisle alone under lock and key.

        Images show packs of Persil, Bold, Fairy and Ariel detergent — costing between £3.50 and £7.50 — inside plastic casings, which buyers must ask staff to remove at the checkout.

        An alarm is triggered if thieves try to remove a tagged or boxed product from the store.

        The move comes after footage emerged on social media of shoppers fighting over reduced-price goods at a Tesco store.

        Customers grabbed and pushed each other in front of terrified children. And one member of staff had to dodge out of the way as the aisle descended into chaos.

        More thefts have led to tighter security at many supermarkets.

        Tesco and Aldi customers have reported security tags being fixed to milk and cheese, which have soared in price by more than 27 per cent in the last year.

        As well as detergents, the Co-op has placed baby milk brands, such as Aptamil and Cow & Gate, in locked cases. They can cost up to £18 a pack.

        And Sainsbury’s has started putting security tags on tubs of Aptamil baby, toddler and follow-on milks. Shoppers struggling with the cost of living voiced their concerns online.

        One mum tweeted: “Families are really struggling so what do they expect?” Another said: “It’s a sad sight to see. Things can surely only get better.”

        A spokesman for the Co-op said the security boxes are not a UK-wide policy.

        They added: “We remain keen to trial new deterrents and this has involved a small-scale trial of packaging for higher value products.”

        Sun, 27 Nov 2022 04:17:00 -0600 en-gb text/html
        Killexams : I finally got the lip flip everyone’s been raving about – but now basic things like brushing my teeth are a challenge

        MANY beauty lovers are ready to change their faces without giving much thought to the aftermath - and one woman learnt it the hard way.

        Looking to give her pout a fuller appearance, Mia Kanti, believed to be from Australia, decided to get a lip flip.

        The young Aussie revealed she's just about able to keep her mouth clean


        The young Aussie revealed she's just about able to keep her mouth cleanCredit: TikTok/miakanti_
        Meanwhile, blowing up balloons is impossible


        Meanwhile, blowing up balloons is impossibleCredit: TikTok/miakanti_

        Growing in popularity amongst those who seek a more natural enhancement, a lip flip promises more fullness without the extra volume plumped into your pout.

        At first, the Aussie seemed pleased with the results, which she even documented and shared on TikTok.

        But little did she know she procedure would leave her unable to perform even the most basic of everyday tasks, such as brushing her teeth.

        Responding to how the lip flip has affected her life, Mia revealed: ''I used mouth wash and had to cover my mouth with my hand to keep it closed.''

        And it's not just keeping her gnashers clean that's proven to be a challenge - at work, she discovered, she faced issues too.

        After being asked to blow up a hundred balloons, Mia realised she was struggling with this too.

        Mortified, the young Aussie grabbed her phone and filmed the process - and despite her best efforts, the balloons remained limp.

        ''My boss gave me 100 balloons to blow up & I simply can not,'' she chuckled in the caption of the now-viral clip.

        Uploaded less than 24h ago, the video has since taken the platform by storm, racking up close to half a million views.

        And it seems Mia is not the only one who wasn't aware of the drastic changes about to happen, as people flocked to comments to share their stories.

        FABULOUS BINGO: Get a £20 bonus & 30 free spins when you spend £10 today

        ''(I had a lip flip done) I was swishing water my mouth after brushing my teeth and it went everywhere, i was not expecting it,'' a beauty fan revealed.

        Someone else added: ''Realising also I can’t whistle anymore.''

        ''Truly thought something was wrong went I couldn’t close my mouth around a straw the other day,'' a third penned.

        Mia's not the first Aussie who's taken over the internet because of her pout - back in October, Romina Nikkah Matanagh's pout was compared to two Frankfurt sausages.

        Romina, who regularly shares videos demonstrating her filler face, said she gets ''excited'' whenever it's time to visit a beauty clinic for some more work to be done.

        Aspiring to look like a ''doll'', the young Lebanese, who lives in Australia, has had Botox, as well as jaw and lip fillers pumped into her body.

        However, not every professional has been willing to make the pout even bigger - Romina's favourite clinic, Radiance Cosmetics, has refused to touch her lips on multiple occassions.

        But this hasn't stopped the woman getting more work done, as she continues to praise the results, likening her looks to Kylie Jenner.

        ''Look how amazing I look! My jawline looks so sexy, you guys,'' Romina said in a video.

        ''I feel so confident right now.''

        Romina might be oozing with confidence and feeling more beautiful than ever - but people watching her videos have not fallen in love with her pout, leaving dozens of comments expressing their sheer horror.

        One person was wondering: ''Are those Frankfurt sausages.''

        Someone else was left speechless: ''I have no words.''

        ''I want the same mask for halloween,'' a third chuckled.

        ''Is she melting?'' a viewer asked.

        An eagle-eyed social media user had also noticed something and pointed out: ''Interesting how you advertise for them but they don’t even post your results on their page.''

        Mon, 28 Nov 2022 05:23:00 -0600 en-gb text/html
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