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2V0-21.20 Professional VMware vSphere 7.x syllabus |

2V0-21.20 syllabus - Professional VMware vSphere 7.x Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: 2V0-21.20 Professional VMware vSphere 7.x syllabus November 2023 by team

2V0-21.20 Professional VMware vSphere 7.x

Test Detail:
The VMWare 2V0-21.20 exam, also known as "Professional VMware vSphere 7.x," is a certification test that validates the knowledge and skills of professionals working with VMWare vSphere 7.x virtualization technology. The test focuses on various aspects of VMWare vSphere, including installation, configuration, management, and troubleshooting. This description provides an overview of the 2V0-21.20 exam.

Course Outline:
The course for the VMWare 2V0-21.20 test covers a wide range of syllabus related to VMWare vSphere 7.x. The course outline may include the following:

1. VMWare vSphere Architecture and Technologies:
- Introduction to VMWare vSphere architecture
- Understanding VMWare ESXi, vCenter Server, and vSphere Client
- Exploring VMWare vSphere features and capabilities

2. VMWare vSphere Installation and Configuration:
- Planning and preparing for VMWare vSphere installation
- Deploying and configuring VMWare ESXi hosts
- Creating and managing VMWare vCenter Server instances

3. Virtual Machines and Storage Management:
- Creating and managing virtual machines (VMs)
- Configuring VMWare vSphere storage resources
- Understanding VMWare vSphere storage policies and profiles

4. Networking in VMWare vSphere:
- Configuring VMWare vSphere standard and distributed switches
- Managing network connectivity and VLANs
- Implementing network security and load balancing

5. Resource Management and Monitoring:
- Allocating and managing compute resources (CPU, memory) in VMWare vSphere
- Monitoring and troubleshooting VMWare vSphere performance
- Using VMWare vSphere High Availability (HA) and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

6. VMWare vSphere Security and Authentication:
- Implementing VMWare vSphere security measures
- Configuring access controls and permissions
- Enabling VMWare vSphere Single Sign-On (SSO)

Exam Objectives:
The 2V0-21.20 test objectives cover the following areas:

1. VMWare vSphere Architecture and Technologies
2. VMWare vSphere Installation and Configuration
3. Virtual Machines and Storage Management
4. Networking in VMWare vSphere
5. Resource Management and Monitoring
6. VMWare vSphere Security and Authentication

Exam Syllabus:
The test syllabus for the 2V0-21.20 test includes specific syllabus within each of the test objectives mentioned above. It may cover areas such as:

- VMWare vSphere architecture components and their functionalities
- Installation and configuration of VMWare ESXi hosts and vCenter Server
- Creation and management of virtual machines, templates, and clones
- Configuring VMWare vSphere storage, including datastores and storage policies
- Network configuration and management in VMWare vSphere, including VLANs and switches
- Resource allocation and management, including CPU and memory settings
- Monitoring and troubleshooting VMWare vSphere performance
- Implementation of security measures and access controls in VMWare vSphere
Professional VMware vSphere 7.x
VMWare Professional Topics

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Professional VMware vSphere 7.x
vCenter High Availability (HA) protects vCenter Server against host and hardware failures.
What is the minimum number of ESXi hosts required to enable this capability? (Choose the best answer.)
A. 5
B. 7
C. 1
D. 3
Correct Answer: D
Which step can an administrator take so that vSphere can access patch information if vCenter Server does NOT have Internet access? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Use a Web server on the vCenter Server machine to automate the transfer of files.
B. Install VMware vSphere Update Manager download Service on a Windows server.
C. Use an offline ISO file to import patches to the vSphere Lifecycle Manager depot manually.
D. Install VMware vSphere Update Manager download Service on a Linux server.
Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 63 Which tool is used to monitor the vCenter Server Appliance resources? (Choose the
best answer.)
A. vimtop
B. esxtop
C. esxcli
D. vmstat
Correct Answer: A
An administrator places a 300 GB virtual machine named Finance1 on a 2 TB datastore containing other virtual machines. After virtual machine placement, the datastore has 200 GB of free space. The accounting department takes a nightly
snapshot of Finance1, then deletes the previous snapshot. The administrator is concerned about snapshots filling the datastore.
Which statement is true regarding snapshots? (Choose the best answer.)
A. The snapshots on Finance1 cannot outgrow the datastore in less than 24 hours.
B. Any snapshot on Finance1 has the potential to fill the datastore to capacity.
C. vCenter Server will not allow snapshots to fill the datastore beyond 95%.
D. The snapshots on Finance1 will be automatically committed if SEsparse format is used.
Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 65 What are two pre-requisites for enabling ESXi secure boot?
(Choose two.)
A. External Key Management Service
B. vCenter Server 7.0 or greater
C. Trusted Platform Module version 2.0
D. ESXi 7.0 or greater
E. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
Correct Answer: DE
QUESTION 66 An administrator wants to enable bandwidth allocation for workloads by using
Network I/O Control.
What should the administrator configure to accomplish this? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Management traffic
B. Virtual machine traffic
C. Load-balancing
D. NIC teaming policy
Correct Answer: B
Which type of network adapter is designed to provide connectivity to hosts and handle the standard system traffic of vSphere vMotion? (Choose the best answer.)
A. VMkernel port
B. VXLAN virtual tunnel end point (VXLAN VTEP)
C. Virtual machine network interface card (VMNIC)
D. VM network
Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 68 What can an administrator use to partition limited CPU and memory resources between two departments? (Choose the
best answer.)
A. vSphere distributed switch
B. vSphere High Availability
C. vCenter folders
D. Resource pools
Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 69 How does vSphere handle memory allocation during the instant clone process? (Choose the
best answer.)
A. The first child virtual machine serves as a memory snapshot for any subsequent child virtual machines. B.
An identical clone of the parent virtual machines memory is created for each child virtual machine
C. Memory is shared among all child virtual machines using a delta disk.
D. A unique memory pool is created per child virtual machine using copy-on-write.
Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 70 An administrator wants to be able to send vCenter Server log files to a remote syslog server and analyze logs using vRealize
Log Insight.
Which step must the administrator take to meet this requirement? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Configure the vCenter Server logging options using the vSphere Client.
B. Specify the remote syslog server name at deployment using the vCenter Server GUI Installer.
C. Specify the vRealize Log Insight system name using the vSphere Client.
D. Configure log file forwarding using the vCenter Server Management Interface.
Correct Answer: B
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VMWare Professional syllabus - BingNews Search results VMWare Professional syllabus - BingNews VMware EXPLORE Barcelona 2023 was an awesome event, again!

VMware EXPLORE 2023, the company’s flagship event for all things multi-cloud, took place from November 6 to 9 at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain. The event attracted thousands of attendees from around the world, who came to learn, network, and discover the latest innovations and trends in the multi-cloud universe. In this blog post, I will recap some of the highlights of VMware EXPLORE 2023, and share some insights and impressions from the event.


one of the pre-events which is not to miss, when you're going to VMware EXPLORE is a vRockstar party. There you can find some old friends and buddies to talk with and then the next day find out that you have not much voice left -:)…

vRockstar Barcelona 2023

vRockstar Barcelona 2023

The General Session and Solution Keynotes

In good company #explore3word Sitting in the blogging/press VIP area at #VMwareExplore next to @microlytix #vExpert
Waiting for the general session……

The event kicked off with a general session by VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram, who shared his vision of the future of multi-cloud and how VMware is enabling customers to achieve it. He announced several new products and updates, such as VMware Cloud Platform 7, VMware Cloud Foundation 5, VMware Tanzu AI, and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery. He also showcased some of the customer success stories and partner collaborations that demonstrate the value and impact of VMware’s multi-cloud solutions.

The general session was followed by six solution keynotes, each focusing on a different aspect of the multi-cloud journey: Cloud and Edge Infrastructure, Networking and Security, Modern Applications and Cloud Management, Hybrid Workforce, Vision and Innovation, and VMware Cloud on AWS.

The solution keynotes featured VMware executives, product managers, engineers, and customers, who shared their insights, best practices, demos, and use cases on how to leverage VMware’s multi-cloud portfolio to address the challenges and opportunities of today’s digital world.

The Breakout Sessions and Hands-on Labs

VMware EXPLORE 2023 offered over 500 breakout sessions across 10 tracks, covering a wide range of syllabus and technologies related to multi-cloud. The breakout sessions were delivered by VMware experts, customers, partners, and community members, who shared their knowledge, experience, and tips on how to design, deploy, operate, and optimize multi-cloud environments. The breakout sessions were also available on demand, so attendees could watch them at their own pace and convenience.

You could probably read all the announcements that were under NDA and I have covered in VMware EXPLORE Barcelona 2023 news here. To be honest, in this post, you'll find more than was announced during General Sessions, because we had actually more data to work with, during our NDA pre-briefing -:). But as we could not post it ahead of time, before the event, the post got then ‘buried' by my other blog posts that came later.

In addition to the breakout sessions, VMware EXPLORE 2023 also provided attendees with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with VMware’s multi-cloud solutions through the hands-on labs. The hands-on labs were self-paced, guided, and interactive, allowing attendees to explore, experiment, and learn at their own speed and level of expertise. The hands-on labs covered syllabus such as VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Tanzu, VMware NSX, VMware Horizon, and more.

The Expo Hall and the Solutions Exchange

One of the most exciting parts of VMware EXPLORE 2023 was the expo hall, where attendees could interact with VMware’s partners, sponsors, and exhibitors, who showcased their products, services, and solutions that complement and enhance VMware’s multi-cloud offerings. The expo hall featured over 200 booths, where attendees could learn, network, and discover new opportunities and possibilities for their multi-cloud journey.

Thanks to our partners/sponsors who were present. I had a great time meeting them all, in person, and with my video gear, recording an interview with their latest development. It's great to see that after the post-Covid era some of them are back and hoping for better -:).


With Nick and Sasha at the Nakivo booth…


And the video with demo….


With Chris Rogers in front of HPE/Zerto booth…


With Stan and Zuzka in front of the Runecast booth…


and the latest news about agent-less scanning!


#VMwareexplore #Veeam ⁦‪With Rasmus, in front of a ⁦‪@Veeam‬⁩ booth. ⁦‪@VeeamVanguard‬⁩ @vmware ⁦‪@VMware_EMEA

  Veeam Booth VMware EXPLORE Barcelona 2023


With Michal from Xorux showing upcoming Xormon NG which they are about to release (currently in BETA)…

The expo hall also hosted the solutions exchange, where attendees could watch live demos, presentations, and Q&A sessions by VMware and partner experts, who demonstrated how to solve real-world problems and scenarios using VMware’s multi-cloud solutions. The solutions exchange was a great way to see the multi-cloud solutions in action and get answers to specific questions and challenges.

Solution Exchange VMware EXPLORE Barcelona 2023

Solution Exchange VMware EXPLORE Barcelona 2023

The Social Media Buzz and the vCommunity

VMware EXPLORE 2023 generated a lot of buzz and excitement on social media, as attendees shared their thoughts, impressions, and feedback on the event using the hashtag #VMwareEXPLORE. The social media posts also captured some of the fun and memorable moments of the event, such as the welcome reception, the vExpert party, the VMUG party, the Hall Crawl, and the closing party.

That's how those blog posts are “in-progress”…..

I was especially impressed by the new VMware Tanzu AI, which is a generative AI platform that enables customers to create, train, and deploy AI models on any cloud. I also liked the new VMware Cloud Platform, which is a unified platform that simplifies and automates the management of multi-cloud environments.

I also enjoyed the networking and learning opportunities with other attendees, speakers, and experts, and the fun and entertainment activities that made the event enjoyable and unforgettable.

We had so much fun with the Fujitsu booth stand where you could take a picture of yourself, and then the AI driven software generated an avatar based on your choice. As I like the superhero and Marvel movies, the choice was done quickly !


VMware EXPLORE Barcelona 2023Party

During the party, the only way to find your peers is via What'sApp (maybe next time we should geo-localize ourselves? -:)…. Yes, here is the Czech Team.

@stmusil @STorder66

Czech Team 2023

Czech Team 2023

And here with my friends at the party.

#vmwareexplore party 2023 with ⁦⁦@NoLabNoPartY @MadiCristil @c_glemot 

Great experience again this year…


VMware EXPLORE 2023 was again a successful and inspiring event that showcased the power and potential of multi-cloud and how VMware is leading the way in enabling customers to achieve it. The event provided attendees with a wealth of information, insights, and opportunities to learn, network, and discover the latest innovations and trends in the multi-cloud universe. We hope you enjoyed this recap of the highlights of VMware EXPLORE 2023, and we look forward to seeing you at the next VMware EXPLORE event in 2024.

VMware EXPLORE 2024 is next

VMware EXPLORE 2024 is next

The event was a success, there is no doubt about it.

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Thu, 16 Nov 2023 18:46:00 -0600 Vladan SEGET en-US text/html
Professional Development Toolkit

The following resources are intended to provide professional development opportunities for the total Army. As we remain committed to an all-volunteer Army that is the most decisive land force in the world, strengthening our Army Profession based on implicit and universal trust has never been more important. The contents of this page will include rich venues for professional development that include Senior Leader speeches, Contemporary Military Forums (CMF), panels and meetings that address a wide range of professional syllabus such as leader development, enhancing Soldier capabilities, modernization, force structure and Army Families.

Thu, 17 Jun 2021 13:08:00 -0500 en text/html
VMware Explore Barcelona 2023: Enhanced Private AI and Sovereign Cloud Services Announced

VMware's Private AI platform will include interoperability with Intel, IBM's watsonx and Kyndryl.

VMware concept image
Image: Adobe Stock/CrazyCloud

Cloud computing company VMware rolled out new cloud, AI, edge and data services at VMware Explore Barcelona 2023 on November 7. The new private AI and sovereign cloud services reflect the increased adoption of AI products.

The VMware site has details about the international availability of the company’s platforms and services

Jump to:

Private AI platform partners with Intel, IBM and Kyndryl

Organizations have begun to consider the possibilities of private AI, which brings generative AI capabilities to the enterprise without exposing confidential or copyrighted information to the outside world.

SEE: Databricks acquired MosaicML in June to add its “factory” for private AI models. (TechRepublic)

“We truly believe private AI will become the default architecture for enabling generative AI in the enterprise,” said Chris Wolf, vice president of VMware AI Labs, in a pre-briefing for the media on November 2.

To address this, VMware is releasing its own Private AI platform with three choices of partners: Intel, IBM’s watsonx or Kyndryl. Customers are often concerned about CPU and GPU capacity, and VMware brings the ability to intelligently scale access compute when customers need them in order to avoid cost overruns, Wolf said.

VMware Private AI with Intel processors and hardware accelerators can be combined with the VMware Cloud Foundation (Figure A).

Figure A

VMware Cloud Diagram
The variety of VMware announcements made on November 7, including Private AI, are shown here in an intersecting stack. Image: VMware

VMware Private AI brings IBM watsonx to on-premises environments using full-stack architecture built on the VMware Cloud Foundation and Red Hat OpenShift.

Kyndryl offers new services for VMware Private AI, specifically a framework, software tools and out-of-the-box integrations for building machine learning or generative AI applications.

Enhanced ransomware recovery

VMware Live Recovery, which will be available in Q4 FY24, is an upcoming service that provides unified management of ransomware and disaster recovery across on-premises and public clouds.

VMware Cloud Foundation 5.1 announced

Release 5.1 of the VMware Cloud Foundation infrastructure service will add expanded storage and new sovereign cloud services. It adds 2X GPU capacity, 4x storage performance boost with 16 virtual GPUs per virtual machine, and policy enforcement and self-service virtual private servers, Prashanth Shenoy, vice president of marketing at VMware’s cloud infrastructure business group, revealed at the pre-briefing. Updates to the VMware Cloud Foundation are expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2024.

VMware Cloud Data Services Manager will be expanded to Google’s AlloyDB Omni, which is appropriate for AI/ML workloads and analytics, and MiniO Object Store. Both are in Tech Preview now.

VMware is also adding ReadyNodes from OEMs to VMware vSAN Max Momentum.

Adding data services to sovereign clouds

Another development in VMware cloud relates to growing calls for data sovereignty in highly-regulated industries in the European Union. VMware is expanding managed data services for communications service providers, bringing data services to VMware’s existing network of sovereign clouds (Figure B). MongoDB, Kafka, Greenplum and NetApp StorageGRID are coming to the VMware Cloud Foundation in a self-service managed format for sovereign clouds to add agility and develop applications faster.

Figure B

VMware Sovereign Cloud diagram Fig B.
An illustration of the qualities of a sovereign cloud. Image: VMware

Tanzu Mission Control will now be available for container management as an air-gapped variant for sovereign services. VMware will let customers bring their own encryption keys to sovereign security services. VMware is working with new partners in this area as well: NetApp, which brings StorageGRID Object Storage, and Thales, which brings the CipherTrust data security solution and bring-your-own-key features. More than 50 cloud service providers, mostly in Europe and Asia, are now part of the VMware Cloud Verified program.

SEE: Large organizations add sovereignty controls to comply with regulations such as GDPR. (TechRepublic)

Updates to Tanzu application delivery

Tanzu, VMware’s application delivery service, is getting new services, including a new AI tab in Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Application Service. A multicloud data control plane within Tanzu Tech Hub is now available in Tech Preview for VMware Tanzu Data Services. The following improvements are coming to VMware Tanzu Intelligence Services:

  • GreenOps (beta) and deep K8s costing in CloudHealth.
  • Expanded governance visibility in Guardrails.
  • ML-based insights and Hub integration.
  • Intelligent Assist, a conversational AI for queries and search, in Hub.
  • Multicloud app transformation in Transformer.
  • App Catalog security enhancements.

Updates to Tanzu Data Services as of November 7 include a simplified bundle of all of VMware’s data offerings, plus a new VMware Tanzu Data Hub (currently in tech preview) for fleet management and ecosystem data services.

Additional updates apply to Spring, the open source Java development framework developed by VMware. Spring 6.1 includes a free Spring Health Assessment, Spring consulting and Spring Boot 3.2. This update was released on November 7.

“As we mark the 20th anniversary of Spring this year, our latest enhancements to the framework and its deep integration to the Tanzu Platform deliver application teams the ability to leverage more cutting-edge technology like AI in new apps and take those apps to production quickly, safely, and more securely,” said Purnima Padmanabhan, senior vice president and general manager of the modern apps and management business group, VMware, in a press release.

Changes to edge products

Four announcements reveal changes in VMware edge products.

  • VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator will help coordinate better visibility for edge workloads.
  • Intelligent Assist for the VMware Software-Defined Edge will simplify operational experiences for SASE customers and now includes Microsoft Security Copilot. A release date has not yet been announced.
  • A new Workflow Hub for VMware Telco Cloud Automation will support the proliferation of OpenRAN cell sites. It will be available Nov. 7.
  • Unifying the VMware Software-Defined Edge Ecosystem and adding integration with Symantec for security. This is expected to occur in Q4 2023.

For IT teams managing employees who use macOS, VMware introduced new Mac management capabilities in VMware End User Computing. For example, Hub Health in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and Workspace ONE UEM will automatically identify macOS device health trends.

Tue, 07 Nov 2023 01:00:00 -0600 en-US text/html
VergeIO Announces Free VMware Conversion

Today, VergeIO, a top-tier VMware alternative, unveils its risk-free VMware conversion services. Powered by IOmigrate, VergeIO ensures a frictionless transition of VMware virtual machines to VergeOS with just a few clicks. In light of Broadcom's pending acquisition of VMware and growing user concerns about the state of the virtualization software and the company behind it – ranging from rising licensing costs, ransomware vulnerabilities, and diminishing quality of support, VergeIO is stepping up, offering complimentary professional services for VMware customers seeking an exit.

VergeOS' IOmigrate is the epitome of user-friendly. It allows IT professionals to log into the VMware ecosystem swiftly, view available VMs, select desired VMs for migration, and within moments, these VMs are able to operate under VergeOS. The transition is almost invisible to users in daily operations, yet they enjoy enhanced performance and improved data resiliency, even when leveraging existing hardware.

The VergeIO Customer Success team complements IOmigrate. They offer a comprehensive migration plan encompassing application sequencing, meticulous testing, optimization, and final deployment. Furthermore, they arm customers with VergeOS' robust data protection, readying them against potential threats, be it disasters or ransomware attacks.

VergeIO's training module ensures a quick learning curve for VMware administrators. Typically, IT administrators become proficient with VergeOS in merely a few hours. Additionally, the team assists clients in phasing out superfluous applications now integrated into VergeOS.

Yan Ness, CEO of VergeIO, commented, "VergeOS isn't just about cost-saving, though it's notably 50% less expensive than VMware and slashes infrastructure costs by 75% or more. VergeOS streamlines IT Operations, simplifies compliance, provides superior ransomware protection, simplifies moving workloads, rapidly scales, and more. Our devoted Customer Success team consistently assists VMware clients through the entire conversion journey, from strategizing to implementing. With the looming changes at Broadcom, we're waiving fees for this service, aiding customers in a smooth and timely transition."

With IOmigrate and the added advantage of professional migration assistance, now is the opportune moment to devise your VMware Exit strategy. Watch our on-demand webinar, "How to Exit VMware Step By Step," where VergeIO experts address the top five migration questions and demonstrate a real-time VMware to VergeOS shift. All attendees will also receive a copy of VergeIO's State of the VMware Customer."

About VergeOS:

VergeIO is the Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) company. Unlike hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), it rotates the traditional IT stack (compute, storage, and networking) into an integrated data center operating system, VergeOS. Its efficiency enables greater workload density on the same hardware with high levels of data resiliency. The result is dramatically lower costs and greatly simplified IT.

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Continuing Education Requirements Framework

All who earn a new certification are required to earn continuing education units (CEU) over the 5-year term of their certification to be able to recertify or upgrade to the next level. All ecologists who were certified prior to 2021 are permitted to recertify or upgrade one time without fulfilling the requirement, but are required to complete the CEU afterward.*

CEU will be self-reported by participants on an annual basis through the ESA account. Participants are required to adhere to the ESA Code of Ethics in all activities related to their profession, including when reporting professional development.

Interpretive leeway will be given to participants to identify suitable professional development opportunities per the requirements. Beginning in spring 2021, ESA will publish and regularly update a roster of approved training providers and other opportunities in the Professional Development Calendar, and participants are encouraged to favor those opportunities, but any suitable scientific or professional content will be approved, including credits earned toward certifications offered in the professional practice and application of related scientific disciplines.


You must achieve 44 CEU across the categories as described below. Minima are the lowest number of CEU in a category that must be reported per review period; maxima are the highest number that will count toward your recertification or upgrade. You can of course complete more as you feel is beneficial to your professional development, but don’t report them toward your total requirement of 44 CEU, and don’t report more than 70 CEU across all categories.

Category Minimum Maximum
Category I: Professional Education and Training 14 24
Category II: Oral Communication 0 14
Category III: Written Communication 0 14
Category IV: Service 0 14
Category V: Human Dimensions 4 4
Total 44 70

In the spirit of continuing education, some activities are capped per event or year with the aim of distributing effort and professional development across multiple activities and multiple years. Ecologists certified by ESA are encouraged to seek development opportunities from a broad array of sources, and at least 50% of all units reported in Category I must be earned through activities provided by organizations other than ESA. This is to encourage broader professional scientific development and support organizations that support our certification program.

The time period in which you are eligible to earn CEU begins the day after your application due date and ends at the due date of your application for recertification or an upgrade. For instance, the application due date in 2021 was February 1; any CEU-eligible activity after that date can be reported and counted toward the requirements. Note that any participation in continuing education following application does not ensure approval of your application, and cannot be included in your application.

Category I: Professional Education and Training

Category I(a) includes scientific education and training that contributes to your professional development as a practicing ecologist. Training may be virtual or in-person.

At least 14 CEU per reporting period must involve education or training in ecology or closely related subjects. Examples include academic or professional development activity in ecology, environmental science, biogeoscience, evolutionary biology, conservation, botany, mycology, entomology, data management, statistics, etc.

Category I(b) includes professional development in key skills for a professional ecologist. Training may be virtual or in-person.

Up to 10 additional CEU per reporting period may involve education and training in leadership, teamwork, project management, resource management, research management and administration, etc., or in allied fields that support your professional development as an ecologist, such as proposal or grant writing.

Category Minimum Maximum
I(a): Scientific education and training 14 24 (of 24)
I(b): Professional education and training 0 10 (of 24)
Total 14 24

You may report up to 24 CEU for Category I toward your total requirement per reporting period.

Activities CEU
Participation in courses or symposia sponsored or conducted by commercial organizations, professional organizations, government agencies, employers, or postsecondary institutions Up to 4 per course or event, counting 0.25 per hour of attendance/participation
Attendance at oral or poster presentations at annual or semiannual meetings or special conferences of professional societies, educational organizations, etc. Up to 4 per course or event, counting 0.25 per hour of attendance/participation
Attendance at in‑house professional development events or similar Up to 4 per year, counting 0.25 per hour of attendance/participation
Attendance at seminars conducted by experts in the subject matter Up to 4 per year, counting 0.25 per hour of attendance/participation

Category II: Oral Communication

Includes training and practice in the communication of scientific research, data and outcomes via oral presentation. Examples include courses in public speaking or meeting facilitation, or applied instances like oral or live presentations at scientific conferences, teaching a scientific course or providing expert testimony. Includes virtual or in-person presentation. Activities should relate to your professional growth as an ecologist.

You may report up to 14 CEU for oral communication toward your total requirement. There is no required minimum.

Activities CEU
Author/coauthor of an oral or poster presentation at a professional scientific meeting 2 per presentation
Organizer or instructor of a short course, symposium, special session or workshop 4 per event
Instructor of a quarter- or semester-length course up to 10 per course counting 0.25 units per hour of instruction
Participation as a panelist or subject matter expert in a short (e.g., hour-long) event 1 per event
Presenting ecological or professional syllabus to another technical or non-technical audience (e.g., presenting a report to clients, community groups, invited talk) 2 per event
Testifying as an expert witness before a court or government body 4 per event

Category III: Written Communication

Includes writing, editing, reviewing and publishing on syllabus in ecology and related sciences. Content can include papers for peer-reviewed journals, professional reports, and scientific communication for non-technical audiences (including scientifically rigorous journalism). Teaching this content to others is included, as is participating in or providing training on best practices in science communication. Activities should relate to your professional growth as an ecologist.

You may report up to 14 CEU for written communication toward your total requirement.

Activities CEU
Author/coauthor of a peer-reviewed journal article 4 per article
Author/coauthor of a book chapter 2 per chapter
Author/coauthor of a book 10 per book
Editor/coeditor of a book 8 per book
Author/coauthor of an ecology-related article for a non-scientific publication such as a magazine, newspaper, etc. 2 per article
Author/coauthor of an article-length other technical report (e.g., client work products, monitoring reports, complex ecological permit applications, expert reports, etc.) 3 per report
Peer reviewer or editor of an article that has been submitted for publication or a grant application that has been submitted to an agency or organization for funding 1 per article or grant application
Reviewer of abstracts for submission to a scientific meeting 1 per review period (e.g., you reviewed several abstracts for the ESA Annual Meeting)
Book reviewer for a professional publication 1 per review

Category IV: Service

Includes service to a professional scientific society, public science programs, environmental advocacy groups and similar organizations. Activities should relate to your professional growth as an ecologist as you apply your skills as a scientist or leader.

You may report up to 14 CEU for service toward your total requirement.

Activities CEU
Holding a governing office (president, board member, committee chair) for a scientific or technical organization, including editors-in-chief or associate editors 8 per year
Serving on a committee or task force in a scientific or technical capacity 4 per year
Leading a public science program (e.g., coordinating a volunteer monitoring program, leading a school workshop on plant identification) Up to 8 per program counting 0.25 units per hour engaged
Participating in a public science program (e.g., a volunteer monitoring program, a school workshop on plant identification) Up to 4 per program counting 0.25 units per hour engaged
Mentoring in a scientific organization or educational program (e.g., mentoring a research student, intern, or young professional, or participating in youth mentorship in STEM), or as part of an institutional program (e.g., at your university) Up to 8 per year counting 0.25 units per hour engaged

Category V: Human Dimensions

This category must be fulfilled in addition to the other minimum 40 units. Ecologists certified by ESA should seek ongoing professional development in such syllabus as diversity, inclusion and equity; anti-sexual harassment; scientific or professional ethics; and community engagement.

You must report exactly 4 CEU for human dimensions toward your total requirement (if the total of your activities in this category exceeds 4, just report 4).

Activities CEU
Participating in a training in any of the Human Dimensions subjects described above 0.5 per hour of engagement
Teaching or providing written materials for a training in any of the Human Dimensions subjects described above 2 per session

*If, for instance, you hold a certification that was issued in 2018, you may upgrade or recertify in 2023, but will need to earn CEU moving forward. By 2026, all program participants will be required to earn and report their CEU.

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VMware Advances IT Modernization with Enhanced Automation Capabilities and New Security Integrations

BARCELONA, Spain--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov 7, 2023--

VMware Explore 2023 — Streamlining IT processes is not just a cost-saving strategy – it’s a necessity for organizations to remain competitive, secure, and adaptable in today’s hybrid work landscape. Today, VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) announced advanced automation capabilities and expanded third-party integrations delivered through the Anywhere Workspace platform that provide organizations with the tools needed to simplify IT workflows, enhance security, and Boost overall efficiencies.

“Implementing automation capabilities across all aspects of IT workflows is essential for creating a self-healing, self-configuring, and self-securing environment, which aligns with our autonomous workspace vision,” said Shankar Iyer, senior vice president and general manager, End-User Computing, VMware. “Today’s announcements of next-gen Mac management powered by a modern automation toolkit and new integrations with Intel will equip organizations with unified management and insights that advance IT modernization and security.”

“It’s imperative to maintain a comprehensive view across the modern workspace and our strategy involves enhancing it through a platform-based approach and harnessing automation whenever possible. As a global team working with more than 90 countries, a holistic view across our estate is crucial,” said Scott Gardiner, group end user computing manager, Rentokil. “With Workspace ONE Intelligence as our central data service, we can see real-time security posture data and experience data to help us troubleshoot and remediate issues effectively. The ability to drill down to specific security issues and device timeline data allows us to simplify our support and remediation workflows. Once we pinpoint exactly where we have issues, we can build automations with Freestyle Orchestrator to proactively resolve, allowing us to scale our IT organization.”

Next-Gen Mac Management Simplifies IT Workflows and Saves Cost

macOS adoption is on the rise as organizations support device choice programs, but the use of siloed tools to manage these endpoints can cause complexity for IT teams and inconsistent experiences for employees. Organizations recognize that integrating all devices into a comprehensive UEM strategy is the best way to Boost security and reduce the cost and complexity of managing endpoint diversity.

VMware End User Computing addresses this need by introducing innovative new Mac management capabilities supported by a modern automation toolkit in Freestyle Orchestrator, adding to the robust macOS management features already offered in Workspace ONE UEM. Support for macOS endpoints in Freestyle Orchestrator delivers a modern, low/no-code platform to create and automate complex IT workflows, including app and patch deployments, software and resource sequencing, and desired state management of the OS. This allows admins to work more efficiently by enabling powerful automation for essential daily tasks such as onboarding and configuring Macs.

To further establish a self-healing, self-configuring, and self-securing autonomous workspace, VMware is announcing Hub Health, new third-party security baselines, and a new updates management dashboard for macOS. VMware will bring self-healing capabilities via Hub Health, a unique, always-on service running on the endpoint. Hub Health is powered by Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and Workspace ONE UEM to automatically identify macOS device health trends and drive proactive UEM-led remediations for common issues. With new third-party security baselines for macOS, IT administrators can easily manage recommended configuration settings from common security standards without manual scripting. Alongside VMware Freestyle Orchestrator, IT can apply settings uniformly across all devices to ensure compliance and reduce errors. The new macOS updates management dashboard provides greater insights to secure Mac devices by supporting patch scheduling, user and device targeting, error handling, and escalations. These leading-edge Mac management capabilities are seamlessly integrated, eliminating management silos, which saves costs, enhances IT flexibility, and boosts security and compliance.

Chip Level Vulnerability Management Enables Pervasive Security

Enabling end-to-end security for today’s distributed workforce requires collaboration with a strong partner ecosystem. VMware continues to innovate with our technology partners and today is unveiling expanded integrations with Intel that enable more secure hybrid experiences.

Expanded Workspace ONE Integration with Device Vulnerability Insights from Intel

At VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas, VMware introduced vulnerability management dashboards in Workspace ONE and emphasized the need for comprehensive vulnerability management, including assessment, prioritization, remediation, and reporting. Today, VMware is announcing an expansion of its partnership with Intel to automate the detection of vulnerabilities at the hardware, firmware, and driver level – further advancing its commitment to holistic vulnerability management.

The exclusive integration with Intel Device Health cloud service will feed telemetry data from all Intel Core processors to Workspace ONE UEM to provide improved vulnerability insights below the operating system. IT and security teams will be able to protect their organizations more proactively against firmware and hardware level threats with the connection of Intel’s vulnerability insights and Workspace ONE vulnerability reporting and remediation capabilities. The integration will enhance endpoint security and increase speed and efficiency of vulnerability identification and remediation.

“Intel and VMware have a longstanding collaboration and we are proud of today’s latest step to deliver enhanced IT management and security benefits for our joint customers,” said Michelle Johnston Holthaus, EVP and GM, Intel Client Computing Group. “The integration of Intel vPro management features and now also Intel Device Health cloud service, with Workspace ONE, provide a unique endpoint solution that will help businesses meet the needs of their hybrid workforce.”

For the latest news and more on how VMware is delivering a faster and smarter path to cloud for digital businesses, visit the VMware Explore 2023 Barcelona Media Kit.

Additional Resources

About VMware Explore

VMware Explore aims to be the industry’s go-to-event for all things multi-cloud. VMware Explore 2023 will feature more industry-led solution and technical sessions than ever before, a thriving marketplace of multi-cloud ISVs and several networking events across the VMware community. With an unparalleled view into multi-cloud services, from public to private to edge, for all applications, VMware Explore 2023 attendees can gain the knowledge and tools they need to solve challenges by simplifying multi-cloud complexity without compromise. To learn more about VMware Explore, please visit:

About VMware

VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control. As a trusted foundation to accelerate innovation, VMware software gives businesses the flexibility and choice they need to build the future. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, VMware is committed to building a better future through the company’s 2030 Agenda. For more information, please visit

VMware, Explore, VMware Anywhere Workspace, and Workspace ONE are registered trademarks or trademarks of VMware, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other jurisdictions. VMware makes no ensure that services announced in preview or beta will become available at a future date. The information in this press release is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into any contract. This article may contain hyperlinks to non-VMware websites that are created and maintained by third parties who are solely responsible for the content on such websites.

View source version on

CONTACT: Heather Donner

VMware Global Communications

+1 (925) 482-4333



SOURCE: VMware, Inc.

Copyright Business Wire 2023.

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Canada’s Best Law Firms: meet the winners
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Meet the most recommended firms across 31 practice areas, from Aboriginal law to white-collar crime.

Aboriginal & Indigenous Law

Olthuis Kleer Townshend

Toronto, Yellowknife | 43 lawyers

Olthuis Kleer Townshend has some of the deepest expertise in Aboriginal law in the country, including treaty rights, land claims, legislation, self-governance, human rights, business law and economic development, plus litigation. OKT lawyers represent the Saugeen Ojibway Nation in an ongoing case over water and land claims relating to 1.5 million acres, including the Bruce (Saugeen) Peninsula. The firm also acted for First Nations in a now-settled class action over drinking-water advisories on reserves across the country. The firm is committed to training and developing Indigenous lawyers, and many of its practitioners hail from Indigenous communities, including managing partner Renée Pelletier. Justice Harry Laforme, the first Indigenous judge at the Ontario Court of Appeal, is a senior counsel at OKT.

Administrative & Public Law

Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein

Toronto | 50 lawyers

Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein’s lawyers have played prominent roles in some of the most high-profile public inquiries in Ontario, frequently as counsel to the commissioner or leading the inquiries. The firm includes noted litigators Linda Rothstein, Chris Paliare, Jean-Claude Killey and Rob Centa, who’ve participated in significant proceedings, including the Ottawa LRT, Walkerton, Ipperwash and pediatric forensic pathology inquiries. The boutique litigation firm is also often called in by other firms to resolve internal disputes and works with regulators on professional misconduct cases.

Banking & Finance | Competition, Antitrust & Foreign Investments | Corporate & Commercial | Infrastructure Projects | White-Collar Crime

Blake, Cassels & Graydon

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York, London | 750 lawyers

Blake, Cassels & Graydon is one of Canada’s most storied firms—it was founded in 1856—and consistently ranks No. 1 in the broad area of corporate and commercial law. Its financial services practice, led by Paul Belanger, is one of the largest in the country, counting most of Canada’s big banks as clients (CIBC has been a client since Edward Blake incorporated its first iteration in 1867). Last year, the group represented RBC when it acquired HSBC Canada.

Blakes’ competition, antitrust and foreign investment team has a track record in high-value, multijurisdictional merger-clearance filings, and advises on foreign direct investment filings, antitrust inquiries related to price-fixing cartels, and abuse-of-dominance cases at the Competition Bureau. It was Canadian counsel to VMWare on aspects of its US$61-billion acquisition by Broadcom.

The firm’s integrated corporate-commercial team has clients in key sectors, including automotive, food, retail and tech, dispensing advice on governance, mergers and acquisitions, procurement and more. The team includes John-Paul Bogden in Vancouver, who works with tech clients on domestic and cross-border M&A deals, and Calgary litigator David Tupper.

Blakes also specializes in domestic, cross-border and international large-scale infrastructure and public-private partnership (P3) transactions, including transit, roads, bridges, ports, health care, power, water and waste, airports, telecom and more.

Blakes’ business crimes, investigations and compliance practice, meanwhile, has significant experience defending white-collar-crime enforcement actions, conducting domestic and multijurisdictional internal investigations, defending against class-action litigation resulting from white-collar prosecutions, and designing and assessing compliance programs. The 27-lawyer team, led by Calgary partner Mark Morrison, is noted for its expertise relating to corruption of foreign public officials. Morrison was recently appointed independent compliance monitor in criminal cases involving SNC-Lavalin’s activities in Libya and in connection with the refurbishment of Montreal’s Jacques Cartier Bridge.

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Cassels Brock & Blackwell

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto | 325 lawyers

Cassels Brock & Blackwell’s 35-strong cannabis team offers a broad range of commercial advice, from intellectual property to securities law, regulatory issues, financing, branding and celebrity endorsements. At the forefront is group co-chair Jonathan Sherman, who acts for Canopy Growth on corporate, commercial, securities and M&A matters, with transactions valued at more than $5 billion. Cassels also advised Leef Holdings in a US$120-million reverse acquisition by Icanic Brands.

Capital Markets | Mergers & Acquisitions | Private Equity & Investments

Stikeman Elliott

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York, London, Sydney | 550 lawyers

Stikeman Elliott is frequently involved in some of Canada’s largest debt and equity offerings, with securities expertise in private placements for early-stage issuers through to complex multijurisdictional public equity and debt offerings. According to the firm, Stikeman pioneered a number of novel securities structures for the Canadian market, including some of the earliest REITs, income funds and special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs).

Its active M&A team, meanwhile, has acted on many of the country’s largest transactions, both contested and friendly, including Teck’s recently announced sale of its steelmaking coal assets to Swiss giant Glencore. Clients of its private equity group include venture capital and pension funds, merchant banks, hedge funds and investors, as well as founders and management teams seeking investors.

Some of its corporate practitioners include chair Jeffrey Singer, and John Laffin and Jeff Hershenfield, who co-lead its capital markets and public M&A group.

Construction | Cyber Security & Data Protection | Transportation

Borden Ladner Gervais

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal | 800+ lawyers

Borden Ladner Gervais—created in 2000 through the merger of five storied firms—is one of the country’s largest full-service business firms. Its 71-lawyer construction law group handles all aspects of the industry, including infrastructure, P3s and large commercial projects, as well as related disputes. Led by Calgary’s Patricia Morrison, the group’s clients include project owners, engineers, architects, insurers, contractors, suppliers, developers and financial institutions. A few examples: BC Hydro, Canada Infrastructure Bank and NouvLR, the group building Montreal’s light-rail system.

Its 50-lawyer cyber, privacy and data protection group—co-led by Daniel Michaluk in Toronto and Bradley Freedman in Vancouver—has extensive experience in cyber-risk and crisis management for financial and academic institutions, and technology, entertainment and retail companies.

BLG notes it’s the only firm in Canada with a fully integrated national transportation practice, a multidisciplinary team of 65-plus lawyers recognized for its work in disputes, regulatory, environmental and transactional aspects of all modes of transportation, including autonomous vehicles. It serves major railways, urban transit authorities, shipping lines, trucking companies, marine terminals, insurers and airlines.

Criminal Law

Addario Law Group

Toronto | 9 lawyers

Defence counsel Frank Addario’s eponymous firm practices criminal, regulatory and constitutional law, representing clients during investigations, at trial and on appeal. Addario has acted on dozens of high-profile cases; last year, he won acquittal for former CannTrust Holdings CEO Peter Aceto on fraud and securities offences. He also represented intervenor Criminal Lawyers’ Association in one of the most impactful Supreme Court of Canada cases, R. v. Jordan, which introduced a new set of timelines for the hearing of criminal cases in Canada.

Dispute Resolution (Litigation, Arbitration & Investigations)

Lenczner Slaght

Toronto | 90+ lawyers

Lenczner Slaght is a go-to firm for complex and bet-the-company litigation, with leading practitioners like Tom Curry, Peter Griffin, managing partner Monique Jilesen and former Supreme Court justice Ian Binnie on the roster. Its lawyers litigate at every level in a wide range of areas, and it has governments, financial institutions, public authorities, corporations, boards and commissions as clients. The firm consistently innovates through both technology (Data-Driven Decisions and and diversity and inclusion (ReferToHer, resumé anonymization in hiring).

Energy & Natural Resources (Mining, Oil & Gas)

Bennett Jones

Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto,Ottawa, Montreal, New York | 500+ lawyers

Bennett Jones—founded in 1922 by future prime minister R.B. Bennett—has been involved in almost every major energy development project in Canada in the past 20 years, from oil and gas to renewables, in areas including litigation, financing, real estate, labour, regulatory and Indigenous law issues. Its team includes highly respected energy partner Patrick Maguire, and the firm counts Canadian power giant Atco as a long-time client, a subsidiary of which recently signed a landmark energy partnership with the Chiniki and Goodstoney First Nations.


Gowling (Canada) WLG

Vancouver, Calgary, Waterloo, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal | 788 lawyers

Gowling WLG’s Canadian environmental law group is known domestically and internationally for its work on climate change, environmental negotiations and litigation, due diligence and risk assessments, regulatory compliance, waste management, and transportation of dangerous goods. Its climate and environmental group, which includes 30-plus lawyers, also works with many Indigenous organizations. The group is led by Adam Chamberlain, who has extensive experience in the Arctic, and includes Rod Northey, who was just retained by the city of Burlington, Ont., to oppose expansion of a gravel pit on the Niagara Escarpment. The international firm has offices in 19 cities across nine countries and three continents.

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Family Law

Epstein Cole

Toronto | 29 lawyers

Epstein Cole, founded in 1978, is the largest family law firm in Canada, with an international reputation for handling sophisticated and difficult matters ranging from complex trust, property and support issues to international child mobility and abduction cases. Epstein Cole’s lawyers have argued cases up to the Supreme Court of Canada, including, most recently, one about the best interests of the child and, notably, on the case that led to legalized same-sex marriage.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Rosen Sunshine

Toronto | 6 lawyers

Founding partners Lonny Rosen and Elyse Sunshine opened their unique health and regulatory boutique firm in 2011. The duo has practised together since 1999 and are passionate experts in their field. Their small but mighty firm advises clients in the health and regulatory sectors, including professionals, health care providers, associations and regulators, and it frequently handles cases of alleged misconduct and privacy breaches before tribunals and courts. Sunshine also serves as the independent complaints review officer for the Ontario Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority.

Human Rights


Toronto | 30 lawyers

Cavaluzzo was founded in 1983 by Paul Cavalluzzo, Jim Hayes and Elizabeth Shilton with a commitment to social justice and equality. It has boasted some of the country’s top human rights, labour, employment and feminist lawyers, and has been involved in many groundbreaking human rights cases addressing racial and gender-based discrimination, and other equality-rights issues. Partners Cavalluzzo and Adrienne Telford represented multiple parties in a case where the Ontario Court of Appeal this year struck down as unconstitutional the Ford government’s restrictions on third-party spending limits in elections. The firm was also counsel to the Association of Ontario Midwives in a precedent-setting appeal in 2022 on systemic gender pay discrimination in Ontario.


Green & Spiegel

Toronto; Cleveland; Philadelphia; Providence, RI; Vail, Co.; Amsterdam | 20+ lawyers

Green & Spiegel is Canada’s oldest immigration law practice, providing a full range of Canadian and American personal and corporate immigration services for employers, temporary workers, individuals and their families. Led by senior partners Evan and Stephan Green, the firm was co-counsel for Thanh Tam Tran in the 2017 Supreme Court case that ruled conditional sentences don’t count as jail time in cases where permanent residents convicted of a crime face the loss of their status in Canada.


Clyde & Co.

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal | 2,400 lawyers worldwide

Clyde & Co.’s Canadian wing is part of a global firm with 60 offices on six continents and is a key part of its global insurance and construction practices. Clyde & Co. launched in Canada in 2011 through a merger with boutique firm Nicholl Paskell-Mede. Since then, it has become a leader in coverage, litigation, corporate and regulatory matters for domestic and international insurers, as well as gaining a strong reputation for professional defence. Montreal-based litigator Carolena Gordon is the firm’s senior partner, the first woman and person outside the U.K. to hold that top management position.

Intellectual Property

Smart & Biggar

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal | 125+ lawyers

Canada’s largest IP firm recently got even bigger through a 2022 merger with Ridout & Maybee. The two firms, both dating back to the 1890s, are now part of the Australian publicly traded patent and trademark group IPH Ltd. The firm says it has filed more patent and trademark applications than any Canadian firm. Its stellar lineup includes IP strategist Daphne Lainson and litigator Steven Garland, who represented Dow Chemical all the way to the Supreme Court in the largest Canadian patent infringement award in history.

International Trade | Real Estate | Technology

McCarthy Tétrault

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, New York, London | 700+ lawyers

Recognized as one of the top international trade-law practices in the country, McCarthy advises on trade remedies such as anti-dumping and countervailing actions, customs and tariff regulation, government procurement, anti-bribery legislation, and import and export transaction controls and trade embargoes. The team is led by John Boscariol, whose expertise makes him a sought-after speaker and writer on international trade–related issues.

McCarthy’s commercial real estate group—consistently ranked as the best in Canada—advises on a complete spectrum of real estate transactions, from purchase and sales to leasing, financing and development for REITs, private investors, financial institutions and pension plans. Group leader John Currie’s clients include Slate Asset Management, RBC and Scotiabank.

The firm’s technology group acts for a broad array of players in software, hardware, e-commerce, fintech, aeronautics, biotech, life sciences, IT services and data management. Christine Ing heads the group and was part of the team that recently advised Corus Entertainment on the $147.5-million sale of subsidiary Toon Boom Animation to Integrated Media. The group also includes Barry Sookman, one of the country’s pre-eminent authorities on IT and intellectual property law.

Labour & Employment

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin

Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, London, Johannesburg | 950+ lawyers

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin is not only Canada’s largest law firm but also boasts one of the biggest national labour and employment practices, co-led by partners David Wong in Vancouver, Karen Sargeant in Toronto and Stéphane Fillion in Montreal. The 132-lawyer team helps clients with collective agreements, risk management and compliance programs, as well as representing clients like Air Canada before tribunals and courts. The group also plays a key role in deals, both national and cross-border, for clients like Pierre Karl Péladeau in Quebecor’s March purchase of the Montreal Alouettes football club.

Media, Entertainment & Sport


Toronto | 200 lawyers

Goodmans, established in 1917, has one of the leading practices in Canada dedicated exclusively to film and television, sports, digital media and book publishing. The firm provides advice, including financing, mergers and intellectual property, for studios such as Amazon, Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney, Netflix and Apple. Canadians represented include Bell Media, Blink49 Studios, Corus Entertainment and the Writers Guild of Canada. David Zitzerman, who has practised entertainment law exclusively for 25 years, heads the group.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Osler Hoskin & Harcourt

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York | 450+ lawyers

Osler Hoskin & Harcourt’s restructuring and insolvency team advises all players in complex business-critical matters, from purchasers of distressed assets and loans to bondholders, directors, senior executives, in-house lawyers and investors. Marc Wasserman, national chair of the 46-lawyer group, has clients including Credit Suisse, Sears Canada and Just Energy Group. Also on the team are highly regarded partners Tracy Sandler, who has handled mandates for Target, GM and Canwest, and Montreal office managing partner Sandra Abitan. As for the firm overall, its roots date back to pre-Confederation days.



Toronto, Vancouver | 60+ lawyers

Thorsteinssons is the largest firm in Canada that practises nothing but tax law, from tax planning to compliance, and at all levels of court. Its clients include multinationals in a broad range of industries, including aerospace, defence, pharmaceuticals, financial services and natural resources. Thorsteinssons’ team includes top-ranked tax litigator Matthew Williams, who recently represented the Canadian Bankers Association in the Supreme Court case Canada v. Loblaw Financial Holdings, about taxes on income earned by foreign subsidiaries.

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Nearly 25,000 lawyers, along with in-house counsel and legal executives across Canada, were actively invited to take part in the survey. The demo was collected via research conducted by Statista on company websites and other publicly available sources. Invitations were sent by email with a one-use-only personalized link.

In addition, lawyers and clients could participate via an open link. In these cases, the participants were required to validate themselves by providing a personal company email address before their answers were included in the evaluation.

The survey, available in English and French, was conducted online between May 16 and July 11, 2023, and more than 3,100 practitioners responded. Statista recorded more than 10,000 recommendations for firms in the different fields of law. Self-recommendations (or recommendations of one’s own law firm) were prohibited, and these recommendations were not included.

The participants were also asked to answer some optional editorial questions. There was also an opportunity to answer questions specifically focused on developments in the Canadian legal world.

Canada’s best law firms were identified in 31 different fields, based on the number of recommendations they received for a respective legal field.

The lists of the top law firms in the various categories were determined after careful examination, based on the available data. The research team endeavoured to be as complete in its reach as possible, within reasonable means. To view the complete list of winners, please visit

About Statista: Statista publishes worldwide established rankings and company listings with high-profile media partners. This research and analysis service is based on the success of, a leading data and business intelligence portal that provides statistics, business-relevant data, and various market and consumer studies and surveys. For information about the methodology, please contact To license the award logo, please contact

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New website launched, syllabus added to Teaching@Purdue professional development program

Purdue West Lafayette instructors and staff looking for professional development in top-of-mind syllabus such as artificial intelligence in education, online and hybrid teaching, and inclusive pedagogy now have easier access and more content areas to choose from in the Teaching@Purdue (T@P) series designed by Innovative Learning via its new website. Authenticated login is no longer required to access resources that address the pedagogical needs and goals of PWL tenure-track and clinical faculty, lecturers, instructional staff, and graduate teaching assistants. 

The T@P website is organized into an easy-to-navigate ecosystem of eight guided paths, each regularly updated and with various tiers of engagement, for a total of 38 self-paced, accessible modules that allow instructors to follow their own individual development routes. Content and resources are designed to allow people to invest their time as needed – from a quick overview to more in-depth “deep dive” exploration.

Each syllabu is segmented into key points to provide descriptions, tips, and examples. This content is dynamic, with new areas and resources added as they become available.
–A new content area on Extended Reality (XR) will help instructors explore and integrate XR technologies into their teaching methodologies by blending the physical and digital realms to create immersive, interactive, and transformative environments that enhance learning.
–Another new set of modules is focused on providing Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) essential information and resources to orient them as GTAs at Purdue University. This content area is helpful whether a graduate student is working as a teaching assistant for an instructor or teaching their own class.
–The popular content area on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education provides an overview of generative AI applications, considerations for course syllabi and assignments, and creative uses of AI in educational settings. It also includes recordings of Innovative Learning’s interactive workshops on AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) held in September 2023.
Online & Hybrid identifies initial steps for structuring a course and teaching in student-centered online or hybrid learning environments.
Inclusive Pedagogy seeks to develop an understanding of what inclusive pedagogy is, share attitudes and mindsets that support the creation of inclusive learning environments, and provide tools, resources, examples, and feedback to help instructors put these ideas into practice.
–The Academic Regulations content area provides fundamental academic regulations for Purdue instructors necessary for teaching and learning. It also links to the complete list of academic regulations found in the official university catalog.
-The New Instructor Path was designed to provide essential information and resources to aid new instructors at PWL.
-A section on PWL’s Foundations of Teaching Excellence outlines the Teaching Academy Framework for Teaching Excellence at Purdue that informs all of the content areas.

Questions and feedback on Teaching@Purdue may be emailed to Dr. David Nelson, associate director of the Center for Instructional Excellence, at

Teaching@Purdue is a program of Innovative Learning, Purdue West Lafayette’s hub approach to connect PWL instructors to the resources they need to engage students, develop courses in any instructional modality, and enhance learning across the University. Members include the Center for Instructional Excellence, Libraries and the School of Information Studies, Purdue Online, and Teaching and Learning Technologies. To learn more, visit or email
For questions and support at your campus, contact:
Purdue Global: Direct teaching-related questions to Technical support questions should be directed to or 866-522-7747 (toll-free).
Purdue Fort Wayne: Teaching-related questions should be directed to PFW’s Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) at, 260-481-6354, or CELT’s website for resources and to request one on one consultations. Technical support questions should be directed to PFW’s IT Services Help Desk or 260-481-6030.
Purdue Northwest: Direct teaching-related questions to the Center for Faculty Excellence at, 219-989-8328, or CFE’s website. Technical support questions should be directed to The Office of Instructional Technology by email or OIT’s website or through their Virtual Help Desk.

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Professional FAQs: What are myths and misconceptions about atopic dermatitis? No result found, try new keyword!Myth: Atopic dermatitis is contagious, it is caused by stress, it can be cured. → Learn more about eczema: See the causes, symptoms, treatment options and more. → See more questions and expert ... Mon, 02 Oct 2023 22:37:00 -0500 en-us text/html Professional Development Toolkit

The following resources are intended to provide professional development opportunities for the total Army. As we remain committed to an all-volunteer Army that is the most decisive land force in the world, strengthening our Army Profession based on implicit and universal trust has never been more important. The contents of this page will include rich venues for professional development that include Senior Leader speeches, Contemporary Military Forums (CMF), panels and meetings that address a wide range of professional syllabus such as leader development, enhancing Soldier capabilities, modernization, force structure and Army Families.

Wed, 24 Jul 2013 03:52:00 -0500 en text/html

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