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2B0-023 ES Advanced Dragon IDS testing |

2B0-023 testing - ES Advanced Dragon IDS Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: 2B0-023 ES Advanced Dragon IDS testing January 2024 by team
ES Advanced Dragon IDS
Enterasys Advanced testing

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ES Advanced Dragon IDS
Console to work properly?
C. Nessus
D. DataShowTable
Answer: C
Question: 42
From where does Dragon Trending Console import event data?
A. Dragon Ring Buffer
B. Dragon DB Agent
C. Dragon Export Log Agent
D. Dragon Trending Console Agent
Answer: C
Question: 43
Which Dragon configuration file allows you to modify Dragon Ring Buffer
A. /usr/dragon/dragon.cfg
B. /usr/dragon/tools/displayringstats
C. /usr/dragon/policymgr/driders.cfg
D. /usr/dragon/sensor/conf/
Answer: A
Question: 44
Given a scenario where an SSH session is already established between Host_A and
Server_B, what is the effect on the established session if you PUSH a SNIPER ACL
to a Network Sensor that is configured to block all SSH communication from Host_A?
A. The established session is immediately terminated, and all subsequent SSH
attempts from Host_A are denied
B. The established session is immediately terminated, and all subsequent SSH
attempts from Host_A are allowed
C. The established session remains active until the user terminates it, and all
subsequent SSH attempts from Host_A are denied
D. Host Sensor immediately logs an event and initiates strong monitoring on
Host_A, but allows all SSH to/from Host_A until an actual attack is detected
Answer: A
Question: 45
What is the purpose of the script?
A. Tails the Dragon Export Log, parses the data, then imports the data into an SQL
B. Starts the MySQL programs and connects the Dragon DB Agent to the Dragon
Realtime Console Agent
C. Writes detected event data to a dragon.log file in ASCII format
D. Exports data from a MySQL database to a dragon.log file in ASCII format
Answer: A
Question: 46
How can Dragon Workbench be configured to read a 'snoop' capture file on a Solaris
A. No configuration necessary; Workbench will read a 'snoop' file natively
B. Add the SNOOP keyword to the file
C. Add a 'SNOOP=1' entry to the dragon.cfg file
D. Run the /usr/dragon/install/config script and select the Workbench snoop option
Answer: B
Question: 47
Which of the following are true with regard to the catchTrap utility?
A. Will conflict with Host Sensor if run concurrently
B. Is located in the /usr/dragon/policymgr/tools directory
C. Monitors SNMP Traps during the phase of defining a Host Sensor SNMP-trap
policy library
D. Provides SNMP alerting functionality for Dragon Alarmtool
E. Allows traps to be caught, parsed and displayed in much the same way that Host
Sensor will process them
F. Analyzes traps and generates NIDS events for any anomalies within an SNMPv1
or SNMPv3 trap
Answer: A, C, E
Question: 48
Which of the following are true with regard to Dragon Workbench?
A. Allows Dragon to replay data contained in TCPDUMP trace/capture files with the
goal of tuning a Network Sensor prior to deployment
B. Can read data directly from the interface specified in the file
C. Will create separate dragon.db files for each 24-hours worth of data contained in a
TCPDUMP trace/capture file
D. Allows Dragon to compensate for the Snap Length limitation of TCPDUMP
E. Can read data from Snoop trace/capture files
F. Can analyze data contained in TCPDUMP trace/capture files and generate events
based on anomalies
Answer: A, E, F
Question: 49
What file must be present in the directory in which the 'reinstall' script is executed?
A. The dragon.cfg file
B. The config script
C. The Dragon software bundle in the .tar.gz format
D. The dragon.tar file after it has been extracted from the software bundle
Answer: D
Question: 50
In UPN's 'Acceptable Use Policy', what proactive service is designed to complement a
Dragon IDS deployment?
A. Deny Spoofing
B. Deny Unsupported Protocol Access
C. Protocol Priority Access Control
D. Dragon RealTime Console
E. Threat Management
Answer: E
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BANGALORE, India, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Impelsys, a leading global technology company, announced the launch of an advanced medical device testing lab in Mangalore. As a provider of cutting-edge technologies to the healthcare industry, this testing facility adds to its wide array of solutions and services, which include data and analytics, AI-powered platforms and solutions, cloud services, and learning solutions.

Impelsys Logo

The facility was inaugurated by Shyam Shetty, Managing Director – Laerdal Bangalore LLP*. Speaking at the inauguration, he said, "My experience of partnering with Impelsys gives me the confidence that this new testing facility too will be a great success, and will further augment and strengthen, their robust presence in healthcare. I wish the team all the very best."

Vincent Emerald, Global Head & Director of QA – Impelsys, shared his views, "Our goal with this facility is to accelerate transformation in healthcare, which will help hospitals and wellness centers offer safe and secure care to patients. It will also help medical device OEMs bring their products to the market faster."

Impelsys prides itself on being an organization that anticipates the needs of its clients and changing trends. With technology becoming a key differentiator in providing quality healthcare, the medical device testing facility is designed to make diagnostics and patient care safer.

Impelsys offers comprehensive Quality Engineering services leveraging the latest automation tools covering functional and non-functional testing. The QA team works closely with customers from all over the world to help them deliver high-quality, flawless, products and solutions.

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Impelsys is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions that empower organizations across the globe to become digital-first, data-driven intelligent enterprises. With over two decades of expertise in innovation and technology, Impelsys is a trusted partner for organizations seeking end-to-end digital advancement.

*Impelsys has been a long-term partner of Laerdal, a world leader in healthcare education and resuscitation training, focused on improving healthcare quality.

Press Desk Contact

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Impelsys Pvt. Ltd


(From left to right) Vincent Emerald, Global Head & Director of QA – Impelsys, and Shyam Shetty, Managing Director – Laerdal Bangalore LLP


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