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Symantec Administration download
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A medical professional wearing a stethoscope and researching what healthcare administration is on her computer.

Healthcare administration describes leadership roles held by managers in hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies and medical offices. In these settings, healthcare managers hold a broad range of responsibilities, including operations, finance, management, policies, strategy and more.

As the U.S. population ages and the need for healthcare continues to grow, the demand for healthcare administrators is also increasing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the addition of more healthcare jobs than any other occupational group from 2021 to 2031 — predicting about 2 million new job openings across the country. Because of the increasing demands on hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities, employment for medical and health services managers, or healthcare administrators, could see 28% growth through 2031, BLS reports.

In addition to new job openings, BLS estimates that additional opportunities will open up due to retirements or people leaving the field. Healthcare administration roles can pay robust salaries, too. The median annual salary for medical and health services managers was $101,340 in 2021, according to BLS.

What Does a Healthcare Administrator Do?

Healthcare administrators monitor the effectiveness of their organizations and make recommendations for operational improvements. The duties of healthcare administrators vary, depending upon your role, skill set and the type of organization you serve. For example, managers may oversee clinical and non-clinical staff functions within their department or an entire organization, or they could work with patients directly.

Healthcare administrators can expect to complete one or more of the following tasks in their roles, according to BLS:

  • Analyze and manage organizational or department finances
  • Assure regulatory compliance
  • Facilitate meetings with senior leadership, investors and other legislative groups
  • Manage facilities operations
  • Recruit, hire and train new staff
  • Write grant proposals to obtain research funding

No matter what healthcare administration role you ultimately choose, it’s important to have the right skills, education and training.

What Are the Skills Needed for a Healthcare Administrator?

Successful healthcare administrators should possess a combination of both hard and soft skills. For example, in your leadership role, you should be able to manage multiple projects at once and have the communication, analytical and technological skills you need to lead teams, departments or organizations.

Dr. Meredith O'HaraWhile you can obtain these skills through on-the-job experience in the healthcare field, a degree in healthcare administration helps prepare you to lead in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Most managerial and leadership positions require at least a bachelor’s degree, said Dr. Meredith O’Hara, associate dean of health professions at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).

“The courses in our online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Healthcare Administration program teach students to learn how to manage staff and processes within various units, floors, departments or an entire facility within a healthcare setting,” said O’Hara. “Coursework also provides insight into data and trends related to health care economics, health care reimbursement, health care quality, regulatory compliance, health care information systems and health disparities.”

Is a Healthcare Administration Degree Worth It?

Even if you already have years of nursing experience or have worked in a healthcare setting, a healthcare administration degree can help you learn how to apply evidence-based knowledge toward organizational decision-making, O’Hara said.

“If you already have a nursing degree, a healthcare administration degree can help you transition into a management role,” she said. “Having that clinical background knowledge can give you a better understanding of the patient experience and insights into the ways you might Excellerate functionality and operations in a healthcare facility.”

You can choose to pursue healthcare administration degrees at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. It's important to look for programs aligned to the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) that address the four competencies that have been deemed critical to a healthcare administrator’s success, O’Hara said. These include communication, computational skills, critical thinking and societal and cultural context.

Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration

Undergraduate healthcare administration programs include courses that focus on data-based decision-making, operational strategies and stakeholder communications. These could consist of courses in healthcare economics, finance and healthcare delivery services, to name a few. Some programs also allow you to specialize in an area of healthcare administration.

At SNHU, for example, the bachelor’s in healthcare administration program allows you to pursue one of two tracks: health information management or patient safety and quality. In the health information management concentration, you learn more about computerized diagnostic and treatment equipment and technologies impacting billing and reimbursement. You also learn about health insurance policies and record management systems and reimbursement. This concentration prepares graduates for roles such as front-line supervisor, business intelligence analyst or administration services managers, O’Hara said.

The patient safety and quality concentration looks deeper into management practices that focus on the patient experience, and students can learn how to mitigate risk through identification and analysis, data management, cultural change and patient advocacy. It can prepare graduates for roles such as compliance director, patient safety representative, patient safety manager and quality and patient safety specialist, O’Hara said.

Those with a BS in Healthcare Administration reported a median annual salary of $65,000, according to Payscale, but your salary will vary greatly depending on your specific job title and location.

Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration

A master’s degree in healthcare administration (MHA) builds upon concepts taught in your undergraduate program and digs deeper into subjects that help you effectively lead in higher-level management positions. It’s a good degree option for those with previous healthcare experience who are on the leadership trajectory or managers looking to enter the healthcare field, O’Hara said. Overall, people with an MHA earn an average annual salary of $79,000, according to Payscale, although your salary will greatly vary according to your experience, workplace setting and responsibilities.

The MHA provides students with a breadth of knowledge in critical assets of healthcare, including reimbursement, quality improvement, strategic planning and marketing for nonprofits. For example, for positions such as hospital CEO or CFO, some organizations often look for candidates who’ve earned master’s degrees. Depending on your career goals, you may opt to earn an MBA in Healthcare Management or an online master's in management with a concentration in healthcare.

Whether you earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can greatly benefit from degree programs that also provide real-world learning opportunities. At SNHU, for example, both graduate and undergraduate students participate in weeks-long experiential learning challenges that help them connect theory to practice. These Higher Education and Real-world Training (HEaRT) Challenges ask students to address critical problems facing healthcare facilities across the country and give them the opportunity to present their ideas and recommendations directly to industry experts, O’Hara said.

It can take up to four years to complete a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration and about two years to complete your master’s degree, depending on your prior educational and professional experience. If you’re looking to work on your degree part-time, it might take longer.

If you have transfer credits, you may be able to finish your degree faster. Choosing an online healthcare administration program that offers shorter, more frequent academic terms can also help you compress the amount of time it takes to complete your degree and provide you with greater flexibility.

What Can You Do With a Healthcare Administration Degree?

Your degree in healthcare administration can prepare you for a wide range of management roles that support patients, healthcare providers and staff. You can opt to work with patients directly, focus on financials or Excellerate operational processes. Some positions may require additional educational requirements or accreditation.

Joanna Bradley with the text Joanna BradleyJoanna Bradley '17 '20G '22G, who recently completed her master’s degree in healthcare administration at SNHU, credits her undergraduate and graduate degrees for helping her land a job as an educational program manager at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. In her new role, she identifies gaps in educational offerings for staff and builds systems and processes to close those gaps. She also serves on various workgroups and hospital committees that examine issues impacting employees, including diversity, equity and inclusion.

“When it comes to education in the healthcare setting, there are a lot of regulatory requirements,” Bradley said. “My master’s degree in healthcare administration provided me with regulatory compliance knowledge and with leadership knowledge that’s helped me lead large-scale projects and people. It’s a very well-rounded degree.”

Bradley began taking undergraduate classes online at SNHU in 2015 when she was a single mother to a toddler. She juggled full-time work with family responsibilities while completing her coursework in the evenings and on weekends.

“My professors and advisors wanted me to be successful and achieve my goals, she said. “I never felt that level of support at any other college I had attended.”

What is the Career Path for Healthcare Administration?

Your healthcare administration degree opens the door to a wide range of career paths. With more experience and education, you may move from specialist roles to managerial roles.

Here are some common jobs a healthcare administration degree might prepare you for. Some may require additional certifications and licensure.

  • Clinical managers oversee a specific department or practice and are responsible for management and operations related to that specialty. They establish policies, goals, and procedures for their departments, evaluate employees and create reports and budgets, according to BLS. This job typically requires you to have a bachelor's degree.
  • Healthcare consultants work with senior leadership to conduct research, identify challenges and help design solutions. They may help organizations with insurance compliance, healthcare quality and staff retention. Many healthcare consultants hold a master's degree in healthcare administration. As of October 2022, healthcare consultants earned an average annual salary of $80,244, Payscale reports.
  • Health information managers maintain the privacy and security of patient information and healthcare data related to their organization. They follow healthcare information and privacy laws and safeguard facility databases. They also may supervise medical records and health information technicians, according to BLS.
  • Hospital administrators oversee the overall operations of a hospital, clinic, treatment center or other healthcare organization. They hold one of the top leadership positions in their organization and may have the title of chief executive officer or chief operations officer. Hospital administrators work closely with medical and support staff to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency.  They may also evaluate providers, enact policies, ensure quality assurance and participate in fundraising and community health planning, according to The Princeton Review. Hospital administrators most often hold multiple degrees, including medical and doctorate degrees. Payscale reports that hospital administrators earned an average annual salary of $88,322 as of October 2022; however, salaries vary widely depending on an organization's size and geographic location.
  • Human resources managers recruit and train new employees and may also oversee staff pay and benefits. These managers often address conflicts between staff and help identify management solutions. A bachelor's degree in healthcare administration can prepare you for this role, BLS reports. In 2021, human resources managers in the healthcare and social assistance sectors earned a median annual salary of $99,870, according to BLS.
  • Medical billing managers manage contracts with insurance providers, insurance claims, and patient billing for healthcare organizations. They oversee staff in their departments and track payments. This role typically requires a bachelor's degree. Medical billing managers earned an average annual salary of $56,994 as of October 2022, according to Payscale.
  • Medical office managers oversee a healthcare organization's day-to-day administrative tasks, including expenses and accounts, staff scheduling and file management. The role typically requires a bachelor's degree, and some organizations look for candidates with a master's in healthcare administration. Medical office managers made an average annual salary of $51,751, according to Payscale. Your salary may vary according to seniority, education level and geographic location.
  • Nursing home administrators manage resident admissions in a nursing home, overseeing finances, organizational effectiveness and regulatory compliance. Nursing home administrators usually hold master's degrees. All states require nursing home administrators to be licensed; licensing requirements vary by state, according to BLS. Nursing home administrators earned an annual average salary of $93,110 as of October 2022, according to Payscale.
  • Practice administrators oversee general operations at a medical practice, such as a primary care practice. They are responsible for managing a variety of administrative activities, including recruiting, contract negotiations and budgeting. Practice managers may hold undergraduate or graduate degrees. They earned an average annual salary of $62,371 as of October 2022, according to Payscale. Your salary will vary according to your years of experience on the job and education.

Healthcare administration continues to evolve and can be a lucrative and rewarding career path. Earning a degree in the field can bring you closer to your goal of breaking into a management role.

“The degree will give you so much knowledge and open so many doors,” Bradley said.

Discover more about SNHU’s healthcare administration degree: Find out what courses you'll take, skills you’ll learn and how to request information about the program.

Krysten Godfrey Maddocks '11 is a writer and marketing/communication professional. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Fri, 04 Nov 2022 02:53:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.snhu.edu/about-us/newsroom/health/what-is-healthcare-administration
Killexams : Biden administration to extend pause on student loan repayments

The Biden administration is extending the pause on student loan payments until no later than June 30, 2023, as the administration's plan to forgive up to to $20,000 in loans is held up in court. President Biden announced the extension Tuesday in a video posted to the White House Twitter account. 

Student loan repayments were supposed to resume Jan. 1, 2023, for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. But a federal appeals court has blocked the president's student loan forgiveness program, and the administration has asked the Supreme Court to reinstate their stalled plans. For now, the fate of the program remains unclear, with millions of borrowers in limbo.

The White House announced in August that Mr. Biden would be taking executive action to forgive $10,000 in loans for Americans making under $125,000 a year or $250,000 for married couples. Pell grant receipents are eligible for additional $10,000 to be forgiven. 

"I'm confident that our student debt relief plan is legal," Mr. Biden tweeted. "But it's on hold because Republican officials want to block it. That's why @SecCardona is extending the payment pause to no later than June 30, 2023, giving the Supreme Court time to hear the case in its current term."

Payments would restart 60 days after the Supreme Court decision or on June 30, whichever comes first. The Supreme Court has not yet said whether they will take the case. 

Since the Biden administration announced the plan, it has faced a number of legal challenges, and has been blocked by two federal courts. The White House has said that nearly 26 million Americans have applied for the program, and 16 million applications have already been approved. 

— Kristin Brown contributed to this report 

Tue, 22 Nov 2022 06:56:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.cbsnews.com/news/student-loan-repayment-pause-biden-administration-extension/
Killexams : Sophos CEO: Broadcom Is Repeating Same Mistakes With VMware That It Made With Symantec

Security News

Jay Fitzgerald

Kris Hagerman says his security firm is picking up some business due to customers’ concerns over the proposed Broadcom-VMware merger.


Sophos chief executive Kris Hagerman says his British security company is picking up new business from VMware customers nervous about Broadcom’s proposed $61 billion takeover of VMware.

In a accurate interview with CRN, Hagerman said Broadcom, the semiconductor heavyweight now branching out into other tech fields, appears to be following the same customer and channel strategies with VMware that it used after its often-criticized takeover of Symantec’s enterprise business for more $10.7 billion in 2019.

Asked by CRN during a accurate interview whether he saw an opportunity for Sophos to nab some VMware customers and partners due to the proposed merger, which includes the VMware Carbon Black security solutions, Hagerman replied, “Well, of course.”

He added: “The reality is we saw the same thing with Broadcom’s acquisition of Symantec. And I think this is a stated strategy of a Broadcom. That they really only focus on their top 500 to 1,000 customers. And as a result, they essentially step back almost entirely from the channel — and you’ve seen that in spades with Symantec and the acquisition of Symantec.”

He said smaller customers will be impacted along with partners as a result of any merger.

“They (at Broadcom) also essentially step back from almost all of their customers if they’re not in the top 500 or 1.000. And, as a result, it ends up opening up opportunities for all sorts of other vendors, including Sophos.”

Asked what VMware customers and partners were telling Sophos, Hagerman said: “They’re saying exactly the same thing that all those Symantec customers and partners said. There’s just exactly the same movie playing over. It’s literally the same game plan being applied to a new acquisition.”

He added: “So all those partners and customers, they just say, ‘OK, yeah, it‘s very obvious what’s going to happen. The same thing that happened with the Symantec products and partners and customers. The same thing is going to happen with VMware and the same thing is going to happen with the Carbon Black component underneath VMware.’”

Hagerman is not the only tech CEO to say that VMware customers and partners are reaching out to other vendors following Broadcom’s announcement last spring that it planned to buy VMWare.

At The Channel Company’s Best of Breed conference in Atlanta earlier this year, CrowdStrike chief executive George Kurtz said his cybersecurity company is fielding inquiries from a number of VMware customers concerned about the proposed Broadcom-VMware merger.

Since last spring’s merger announcement, Broadcom and VMware officials have aggressively pushed back at the notion that a VMware takeover will merely be a repeat of the budget cuts and price increases that happened after past Broadcom acquisitions.

Asked by CRN for a response to Hagerman’s comments, a Broadcom spokesman pointed to two accurate posts, one on Wednesday and the other last month, by Broadcom president and CEO Hock Tan.

In his post earlier this week, Tan addressed frequently expressed fears that Broadcom plans to raise prices for VMware products after the proposed merger goes through, assuming it gets final regulatory approvals.

“I’ve continued to see questions in press reports about whether we intend to raise prices on VMware products. The answer is simple: No,” Tan said in his post.

He also asserted that all customers will be treated fairly.

“Following the transaction’s close, we’re going to focus on making VMware’s products better for all of our customers, including enterprise customers who want products that are even easier to use. And, to be clear, we intend to continue serving customers of all sizes,” he said in the Nov. 30 post.

Tan added: “VMware has a robust partner ecosystem that we will build upon to help us serve even the smallest companies. In short, we plan to take a ‘no customer left behind’ approach.”

Worth Davis, senior vice president at Calian IT & Cyber Solutions, an Ottawa, Ontario-based solutions provider, said most partners assume VMware products will cost more after a merger with Broadcom.

“They know what’s coming. They know prices will increase,” he said.

Davis, whose firm is a VMware partner, said many customers and partners may talk about switching to new vendors, but he said it’s easier said than done. “It’s difficult to get out of a technical architecture decision.”

He said he’s not abandoning VMware products because they offer “critical technology.”

He added he wouldn’t be surprised if Broadcom ended up focusing on VMware’s top 500 to 1,000 customers. “It’s something everyone does,” he said.

Jay Fitzgerald

Jay Fitzgerald is a senior editor covering cybersecurity for CRN. Jay previously freelanced for the Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, Boston magazine, Banker & Tradesman, MassterList.com, Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, the National Bureau of Economic Research and other entities. He can be reached at jfitzgerald@thechannelcompany.com.

Thu, 01 Dec 2022 02:49:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.crn.com/news/security/sophos-ceo-broadcom-is-repeating-same-mistakes-with-vmware-that-it-made-with-symantec
Killexams : Biden administration encourages supporting Black businesses this Small Business Saturday

To the delight of consumers eager to save this holiday season, there are many bargains and a lot of shiny objects to attract shoppers and their dollars. Today is Small Business Saturday, a marketing initiative geared toward encouraging spending with small businesses across the country. Moreover, in an effort to encourage support for Black-owned businesses, the day has also become known as Black Business Saturday.

For many small business owners, the month of December and the holiday buying season is a make or break for their balance sheets. This especially holds true for Black-owned businesses. 

Derrick Young organizes books at Mahogany Books in Washington, DC on April 27, 2018. Young operates the business with his wife, Ramunda. (Photo by Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

During a accurate interview with theGrio, Small Business Administrator Isabel Guzman says Black businesses make up over 10% of all businesses in the United States. However, a large proportion of Black-owned businesses are sole proprietorships, meaning they are usually owned and operated by one individual. Scaling these businesses and setting them up for success is key for the Small Business Administration.

“We want to make sure that they have growth opportunities,” says Administrator Guzman, who shares that the SBA is working on securing more federal contracts with Black-owned small businesses. “There are only 1.7% of federal contracts [obtained by Black businesses] … that’s where that disparity needs to be addressed so that they can grow.”

During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 40% of Black businesses shut down, shaking the Black American economy and the overall national economy. As data shows, a majority of these businesses did not receive funds from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) – federal money poured into mostly small banks during the Trump administration to loan to businesses in need of cash flow to stay afloat during the pandemic.

As businesses and the U.S. economy fight to bounce back from the impacts of the pandemic, Guzman said Black and minority businesses “constantly need that support.” 

“Not only in our pocketbooks but even in our social media platforms … reminding people to shop with them or dine with them or entertain with them is what helps propel them forward every year,” says Guzman.

Flanked by Vice President Kamala Harris (L) and Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA) Isabella Casillas Guzman (R), U.S. President Joe Biden signs the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) extension in the Oval Office of the White House on March 30, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)

Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, tells theGrio that “strengthening Black-owned businesses is a strategy to close the racial wealth gap.”

In years past, Black Business Saturday received unprecedented support. Understanding the economic significance of his presence by purchasing at a Black-owned business in Washington D.C., then-President Barack Obama made it a priority to patronize a Black coffee shop to show support and spur others to do the same. After leaving office, Obama has continued to encourage patronage of Black businesses.

Fast forwarding to 2022, Guzman tells theGrio that “spending that we do on small business Saturday on Black [Business] Saturday is really critical for our businesses just to make sure that they can survive and position themselves for growth into the new year.”

Morial also emphasized that consumers “must promote and participate in supporting Black-owned businesses by spending our dollars on the goods and services that they produce.”

“During the high volume holiday shopping season, I urge all to shop online or in person at a Black-owned business,” he adds. “Do your research to locate Black-owned businesses in your community, as well as online.”

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Sat, 26 Nov 2022 04:26:00 -0600 April Ryan en-US text/html https://thegrio.com/2022/11/26/biden-administration-encourages-supporting-black-businesses-this-small-business-saturday/
Killexams : UA students, faculty call to remove university administrator after clash with student

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Mon, 21 Nov 2022 13:12:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/arizona-education/2022/11/22/ua-students-faculty-want-administrator-gone-after-clash-with-student/8249873001/
Killexams : Joules collapses into administration
// Joules calls in administrators from Interpath Advisory
// The company’s shares were suspended from trading on the AIM

Joules has collapsed into administration as it calls in Will Wright, Ryan Grant and Chris Pole from Interpath Advisory.

The lifestyle retailer said the board of Joules resolved to file a notice of intention to appoint administrators to the company.

The company’s shares were suspended from trading on the AIM on 7 November 2022.

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The board currently expects that, in due course, the listing of the company’s ordinary shares will be cancelled.

Any residual value will be distributed to the company’s shareholders and the company will be wound up.

The joint administrators will continue to trade the group as a going concern while they assess options for the business, including exploring the possibility of a sale as a going concern.

All stores, including the group’s online store, will remain open.

“Joules is one of the most recognisable names on the high street, with a unique brand identity and loyal customer base,” Interpath Advisory joint administrator, Will Wright said.

“Over the coming weeks, we will endeavour to continue to operate all stores as a going concern during this vitally important Christmas trading period while we assess options for the group, including a possible sale.

“Since the group’s announcement on Monday, we have had an overwhelming amount of interest from interested parties.

“We will be working hard over the days ahead to assess this interest, but at this stage we are optimistic that we will be able to secure a future for this great British brand.”

Wed, 16 Nov 2022 02:07:00 -0600 Sahar Nazir en-GB text/html https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/blog/2022/11/joules-administration/
Killexams : Kremlin-installed administration evacuates Kakhovka

Members of the Russian-appointed administration in the annexed Kakhovka area of the Kherson region are leaving a 15-kilometer (around 9-mile) zone on the left bank of the Dnipro River.

“Today the administration is target number one for UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces] attacks. Therefore, by order of the government of the Kherson region, we, as acting authority, are relocating to safer territory, and will govern the district from there,” the pro-Russian administration said in a Telegram announcement.

The announcement notes that the 15-kilometer zone on the Dnipro’s left bank has become “possible combat territory, where the military presence increases daily.”

In times of war it is impossible to immediately verify information disseminated even by official representatives of parties to the conflict.

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Kakhovka sits on the left bank of the Dnipro River, upstream of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Station. On October 31, Russian-appointed authorities in the annexed Kherson region announced the “mandatory evacuation” of settlements in a 15-kilometer zone on the Dnipro’s left bank, including the Kakhovka area.

On November 11, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported the withdrawal of troops from Kherson to the Dnipro’s left bank. The administration subsequently named Henichesk the temporary capital of the occupied part of the Kherson region. It is located on the shore of the Sea of Azov, around 200 kilometers (about 120 miles) from Kherson.

Fri, 11 Nov 2022 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html https://meduza.io/en/news/2022/11/12/kremlin-installed-administration-evacuates-kakhovska
Killexams : 2022 Midterm Election Results & the Biden Administration
| Clip Of Open Forum, Part 1
User-Created Clip
by Craig McAndrew
November 13, 2022

A look at Democrats retaining control of the Senate following the 2022 midterm elections, and what they may mean for the remaining two years of President Joe Biden's first term.

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Sat, 12 Nov 2022 10:00:00 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.c-span.org/video/?c5040611/2022-midterm-election-results-biden-administration
Killexams : Stef Kight on Biden Administration Immigration Policy

Axios reporter Stef Kight discussed the end of the Title 42 border policy, the uptick in migrant encounters, and the future of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as Republicans retake control of the House.

Fri, 18 Nov 2022 23:21:00 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.c-span.org/video/?524339-3/washington-journal-stef-kight-discusses-biden-administration-immigration-policy
Killexams : Judge Names Anne Heche's Oldest Son Permanent Administrator of Her Estate

Anne Heche's estate will be overseen by her eldest son Homer Laffoon, a judge has ruled.

On Nov. 30, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lee Bogdanoff named the 20-year-old as the permanent special administrator of his late mother's estate, effectively denying a challenge for control from Anne's ex, James Tupper. According to court documents obtained by E! News Dec. 1, the court found that Homer, who is the son of Anne and her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon, provided "sufficient evidence" to support his petition.

Another hearing has been scheduled for March 15, 2023, with bond set at $800,000 in the meantime to protect the interests of heirs and creditors.

"We believe the court reached the correct result, both legally and equitably, and are glad to have this phase of the process behind us," Bryan L. Phipps, an attorney for Homer, said in a statement to E! News after the ruling. "With Mr. Tupper's allegations and objections now resolved, we are hopeful the administration of the Estate can proceed without unnecessary complication."

Anne passed away on Aug. 11 at the age of 53 due to injuries she sustained from a car crash six days prior. 

Thu, 01 Dec 2022 07:43:00 -0600 text/html https://www.eonline.com/news/1356626/judge-names-anne-heches-oldest-son-permanent-administrator-of-her-estate
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