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250-251 practice test - Administration of HA Solutions for UNIX (VCS 5.0) Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: 250-251 Administration of HA Solutions for UNIX (VCS 5.0) practice test November 2023 by Killexams.com team
Administration of HA Solutions for UNIX (VCS 5.0)
Symantec Administration Practice Test

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Administration of HA Solutions for UNIX (VCS 5.0)
Answer: B
Question: 200
Which resource Type can be used to mirror the state of another persistent
A. Phantom
B. Proxy
C. Process
D. Proctor
Answer: B
Question: 201
What is the first step when upgrading an operating system on a single node in a
running multimode Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) cluster?
A. offline service groups on the node
B. freeze the service groups
C. migrate parallel service groups
D. shut down VCS on all nodes
Answer: A
Question: 202
An administrator needs to add a new resource type to a running cluster. What
should the administrator do after installing the agent software on each cluster
A. generate the appropriate hatype commands with hacf -addtype
B. use the hatype command to add the new resource type
C. stop and restart Veritas Cluster Server so that the new resource type is
recognized as valid
D. use the hares command to add the new resource type to your cluster
Answer: B
Question: 203
Which three are valid user categories in Veritas Cluster Server? (Select three.)
A. Cluster Manager
B. Cluster Operator
C. Cluster Guest
D. Group Manager
E. Group Operator
Answer: B, C, E
Question: 204
Which method maximizes uptime for clustered applications during a Veritas
Cluster Server (VCS) upgrade?
A. use the harestart command when the upgrade is completed
B. stop VCS using the -force option and then restart VCS on each system
C. evacuate service groups while upgrading one system at a time
D. stop VCS using the -all option and then restart VCS on each system
Answer: B
Question: 205
A cluster has a service group with a particular functionality. There is a need for
an additional service group that has very similar functionality. How can the new
service group be created in a running cluster?
A. edit the Veritas Cluster Server simulators main.cmd file and import it into the
running cluster
B. copy the resources into a new service group using the Veritas Cluster Server
Java GUI
C. copy the service group using the Veritas Cluster Server Java GUI
D. run hacf -verify and paste the new service group into the cluster's main.cf
Answer: B
Question: 206
Which two files can be used to recreate a corrupt main.cf configuration file?
(Select two.)
A. main.cf.previous
B. main.cf.old
C. main.cmd
D. main.previous
E. main.cmd.old
Answer: A, C
Question: 207
Consider the following litstat output from both nodes of a cluster.
Assuming all hardware is operational, what is required to get the hearbeat links
running normally?
A. start LLT
B. Start GAB
C. assign an IP address to all four NICs
D. fix the main.cf file running hacf-verify.
Answer: B
Question: 208
Consider the following configuration:
While GroupA is online, all of the systems in the cluster are rebooted
simultaneously. All of the systems finish booting and successfully join the
cluster. What will happen to the service group, GroupA?
A. It will start on SystemA.
B. It will remain offline on all systems.
C. It will resume its state before the reboot.
D. It will start on SystemA in a frozen state.
Answer: B
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Calculus Readiness Test Practice Test No result found, try new keyword!The genuine test will cover the same concepts as this practice test does, but the questions will be different. For more information about the expectations, read Calculus Readiness Test Assessment ... Sun, 15 May 2022 08:54:00 -0500 https://www.sfu.ca/math/undergraduate/advising/calculus-readiness-test/calculus-readiness-test-practice-test.html How to Use practice tests to Study for the LSAT No result found, try new keyword!In the same way, LSAT test-takers should use full practice tests judiciously. Taking one test after another, day after day, may seem impressive, but it can reinforce bad habits and lead to burnout. Tue, 11 Oct 2022 01:36:00 -0500 https://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/law-admissions-lowdown/articles/how-to-use-practice-tests-to-study-for-the-lsat Test Optional Policy

Since 1969, we've been selecting the right applicants for Bowdoin, using only the materials that we require of you: your transcripts, your writing, and how your teachers talk about you.

This policy allows applicants to decide for themselves whether or not their SAT or ACT results accurately reflect their academic ability and potential. For candidates electing to submit them, test scores will be reviewed along with other indicators of academic ability. 

Forty-six percent of students in the Class of 2026 chose not to submit their scores.

Score Suppression

Applicants indicate on their applications whether they would like Bowdoin to review their standardized test results. Applicants also have the option to select some test types and not others for review (for example, a student might choose to use their SAT scores, but not their ACT). Applicants have until the application deadline to suppress their scores.

  • For applicants using the Common Application, these questions are located in the Bowdoin-specific questions section of the application.
  • For applicants using the Coalition on Scoir application, these questions are located in the Application Questions section.
  • For applicants using the QuestBridge Application, these questions are located on a Bowdoin-specific form available in the applicant portal after submitting the application.

Bowdoin will not review selected sections of an SAT or an ACT score (for example, just the Science portion of the ACT). If an applicant chooses to include scores for a specific test type, Bowdoin will review the complete score for that test type.


Bowdoin will "superscore" the SAT. Meaning, the admissions committee will consider the highest Critical Reading, Math, and Writing Scores submitted by an applicant, irrespective of test date.

Bowdoin will NOT combine results from Redesigned and pre-Redesign SAT exams to create a new total score. We will superscore Redesigned and pre-Redesign results separately, considering the highest section and total scores submitted from either set of results.

Bowdoin also superscores the ACT. The admissions committee will consider the highest submitted Composite score and subsection scores, and will also recalculate a new Composite score from subsection scores earned on different test dates.

Score Reports

For students submitting standardized test scores, we will accept scores that are self-reported on the student’s application, reported by the testing agency, or submitted through the self-report form found in the Bowdoin Application Portal. We accept self-reported scores for all applicants.

Bowdoin will verify scores for all enrolling students. Discrepancies between self-reported and official scores may jeopardize a student’s place at Bowdoin.

Official Score Reports

We will accept scores reported on a school transcript or sent to our office by a school counselor or CBO advisor as official. Official score reports may be sent to our office by email, fax, mail, or directly from the testing agency. Our testing codes are: 3089 (College Board) and 1636 (ACT).

Is standardized testing required for certain applicants?

No. Bowdoin College is test-optional for all applicants. Homeschooled candidates can find further information on additional requirements and recommendations on the Homeschooled Students page.

International applicants can find more information about required English proficiency testing on the International Applicant page.

Wed, 31 Oct 2018 01:05:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.bowdoin.edu/admissions/our-process/test-optional-policy/index.html Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Administration-Health Services

graduatesFounded in 1978, our mission is to Boost health administration practice and policy through the generation and conduct of research in the management of health service organizations. This mission is accomplished through the education of individuals for academic positions and for high-level research positions in non-academic organizations.

Interdisciplinary Approach

The program offers an interdisciplinary approach that provides advanced studies in the conceptual and applied aspects of health administration and health services. The program’s interdisciplinary foundation is based on the active involvement of faculty members who are nationally recognized scholars in their field from a variety of departments across campus, including the School of Health Professions, Collat School of Business, School of Public Health, Heersink School of Medicine, and School of Nursing. The program also draws on the resources of campus-wide centers, such as the Lister Hill Center for Health Policy, Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research and Education, and Center for Aging.

Student Life and Expectations

The educational experience in the Ph.D. Program includes didactic coursework with experts from a wide-range of disciplines relevant to health administration and policy from across the university. Additionally, students are expected to work closely with selected faculty in one-on-one mentorship relationships both prior to and during the writing of the doctoral dissertation. Upon completion of the program, students are expected to be highly skilled researchers capable of:

  1. Conducting and managing empirical and conceptual research.
  2. Demonstrating high levels of expertise in a specialization.
  3. Meeting the requirements for a faculty position in a department of health services administration or policy.
  4. Performing well in a high-level research or policy-making role in a non-academic organization, such as a corporation, non-profit institution, or a government agency.
  5. Effectively communicating their ideas orally and in writing.

In addition, recognizing that many of our graduates will find employment in academic settings, we offer students opportunities to develop their teaching skills. Doctoral students are often invited to provide guest lectures for master’s level courses, to serve as teaching assistants or graders for master’s level courses, and to serve as primary instructors for undergraduate courses.

Wed, 16 Sep 2015 13:51:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.uab.edu/shp/hsa/graduate/doctor-of-philosophy-phd
Practice Test No result found, try new keyword!The genuine test will cover the same concepts as this practice test does, but the questions will be different. For more information about the expectations, read Q Assessment Topics. If you do not ... Thu, 21 Apr 2022 09:31:00 -0500 https://www.sfu.ca/math/undergraduate/advising/placement-test/q-test-practice-test.html

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