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202-450 test plan - LPIC-2 test 202, Part 2 of 2, version 4.5 Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: 202-450 LPIC-2 test 202, Part 2 of 2, version 4.5 test plan June 2023 by Killexams.com team

202-450 LPIC-2 test 202, Part 2 of 2, version 4.5

Exam Name LPIC-2 Linux Engineer
Exam Code 202-450
Duration 90 mins
Number of Questions 60
Passing Score 500 / 800

Description: Candidates should be able to configure BIND to function as a caching-only DNS server. This objective includes the ability to manage a running server and configuring logging.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- BIND 9.x configuration files, terms and utilities
- Defining the location of the BIND zone files in BIND configuration files
- Reloading modified configuration and zone files
- Awareness of dnsmasq, djbdns and PowerDNS as alternate name servers

The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
- /etc/named.conf
- /var/named/
- /usr/sbin/rndc
- kill
- host
- dig

Description: Candidates should be able to create a zone file for a forward or reverse zone and hints for root level servers. This objective includes setting appropriate values for records, adding hosts in zones and adding zones to the DNS. A candidate should also be able to delegate zones to another DNS server.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- BIND 9 configuration files, terms and utilities
- Utilities to request information from the DNS server
- Layout, content and file location of the BIND zone files
- Various methods to add a new host in the zone files, including reverse zones

Terms and Utilities:
- /var/named/
- zone file syntax
- resource record formats
- named-checkzone
- named-compilezone
- masterfile-format
- dig
- nslookup
- host

Description: Candidates should be able to configure a DNS server to run as a non-root user and run in a chroot jail. This objective includes secure exchange of data between DNS servers.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- BIND 9 configuration files
- Configuring BIND to run in a chroot jail
- Split configuration of BIND using the forwarders statement
- Configuring and using transaction signatures (TSIG)
- Awareness of DNSSEC and basic tools
- Awareness of DANE and related records

Terms and Utilities:
- /etc/named.conf
- /etc/passwd
- dnssec-keygen
- dnssec-signzone

Description: Candidates should be able to install and configure a web server. This objective includes monitoring the servers load and performance, restricting client user access, configuring support for scripting languages as modules and setting up client user authentication. Also included is configuring server options to restrict usage of resources. Candidates should be able to configure a web server to use virtual hosts and customize file access.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- Apache 2.4 configuration files, terms and utilities
- Apache log files configuration and content
- Access restriction methods and files
- mod_perl and PHP configuration
- Client user authentication files and utilities
- Configuration of maximum requests, minimum and maximum servers and clients
- Apache 2.4 virtual host implementation (with and without dedicated IP addresses)
- Using redirect statements in Apaches configuration files to customize file access

Terms and Utilities:
- access logs and error logs
- .htaccess
- httpd.conf
- mod_auth_basic, mod_authz_host and mod_access_compat
- htpasswd
- AuthUserFile, AuthGroupFile
- apachectl, apache2ctl
- httpd, apache2

Description: Candidates should be able to configure a web server to provide HTTPS.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- SSL configuration files, tools and utilities
- Generate a server private key and CSR for a commercial CA
- Generate a self-signed Certificate
- Install the key and certificate, including intermediate CAs
- Configure Virtual Hosting using SNI
- Awareness of the issues with Virtual Hosting and use of SSL
- Security issues in SSL use, disable insecure protocols and ciphers

Terms and Utilities:
- Apache2 configuration files
- /etc/ssl/, /etc/pki/
- openssl, CA.pl
- SSLEngine, SSLCertificateKeyFile, SSLCertificateFile
- SSLCACertificateFile, SSLCACertificatePath
- SSLProtocol, SSLCipherSuite, ServerTokens, ServerSignature, TraceEnable

Description: Candidates should be able to install and configure a proxy server, including access policies, authentication and resource usage.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- Squid 3.x configuration files, terms and utilities
- Access restriction methods
- Client user authentication methods
- Layout and content of ACL in the Squid configuration files

Terms and Utilities:
- squid.conf
- acl
- http_access

Description: Candidates should be able to install and configure a reverse proxy server, Nginx. Basic configuration of Nginx as a HTTP server is included.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- Nginx
- Reverse Proxy
- Basic Web Server

Terms and Utilities:
- /etc/nginx/
- nginx

Description: Candidates should be able to set up a Samba server for various clients. This objective includes setting up Samba as a standalone server as well as integrating Samba as a member in an Active Directory. Furthermore, the configuration of simple CIFS and printer shares is covered. Also covered is a configuring a Linux client to use a Samba server. Troubleshooting installations is also tested.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- Samba 4 documentation
- Samba 4 configuration files
- Samba 4 tools and utilities and daemons
- Mounting CIFS shares on Linux
- Mapping Windows user names to Linux user names
- User-Level, Share-Level and AD security

Terms and Utilities:
- smbd, nmbd, winbindd
- smbcontrol, smbstatus, testparm, smbpasswd, nmblookup
- samba-tool
- net
- smbclient
- mount.cifs
- /etc/samba/
- /var/log/samba/

Description: Candidates should be able to export filesystems using NFS. This objective includes access restrictions, mounting an NFS filesystem on a client and securing NFS.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- NFS version 3 configuration files
- NFS tools and utilities
- Access restrictions to certain hosts and/or subnets
- Mount options on server and client
- TCP Wrappers
- Awareness of NFSv4

Terms and Utilities:
- /etc/exports
- exportfs
- showmount
- nfsstat
- /proc/mounts
- /etc/fstab
​- rpcinfo
- mountd
- portmapper

Description: Candidates should be able to configure a DHCP server. This objective includes setting default and per client options, adding static hosts and BOOTP hosts. Also included is configuring a DHCP relay agent and maintaining the DHCP server.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- DHCP configuration files, terms and utilities
- Subnet and dynamically-allocated range setup
- Awareness of DHCPv6 and IPv6 Router Advertisements

Terms and Utilities:
- dhcpd.conf
- dhcpd.leases
- DHCP Log messages in syslog or systemd journal
- arp
- dhcpd
- radvd
- radvd.conf

Description: The candidate should be able to configure PAM to support authentication using various available methods. This includes basic SSSD functionality.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- PAM configuration files, terms and utilities
- passwd and shadow passwords
- Use sssd for LDAP authentication

Terms and Utilities:
- /etc/pam.d/
- pam.conf
- nsswitch.conf
- pam_unix, pam_cracklib, pam_limits, pam_listfile, pam_sss
- sssd.conf

Description: Candidates should be able to perform queries and updates to an LDAP server. Also included is importing and adding items, as well as adding and managing users.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- LDAP utilities for data management and queries
- Change user passwords
- Querying the LDAP directory

Terms and Utilities:
- ldapsearch
- ldappasswd
- ldapadd
- ldapdelete

Description: Candidates should be able to configure a basic OpenLDAP server including knowledge of LDIF format and essential access controls.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- OpenLDAP
- Directory based configuration
- Access Control
- Distinguished Names
- Changetype Operations
- Schemas and Whitepages
- Directories
- Object IDs, Attributes and Classes

Terms and Utilities:
- slapd
- slapd-config
- slapadd
- slapcat
- slapindex
- /var/lib/ldap/
- loglevel

Description: Candidates should be able to manage an e-mail server, including the configuration of e-mail aliases, e-mail quotas and virtual e-mail domains. This objective includes configuring internal e-mail relays and monitoring e-mail servers.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- Configuration files for postfix
- Basic TLS configuration for postfix
- Basic knowledge of the SMTP protocol
- Awareness of sendmail and exim

Terms and Utilities:
- Configuration files and commands for postfix
- /etc/postfix/
- /var/spool/postfix/
- sendmail emulation layer commands
- /etc/aliases
- mail-related logs in /var/log/

Description: Candidates should be able to implement client e-mail management software to filter, sort and monitor incoming user e-mail.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- Understanding of Sieve functionality, syntax and operators
- Use Sieve to filter and sort mail with respect to sender, recipient(s), headers and size
- Awareness of procmail

Terms and Utilities:
- Conditions and comparison operators
- keep, fileinto, redirect, reject, discard, stop
- Dovecot vacation extension

Description: Candidates should be able to install and configure POP and IMAP daemons.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- Dovecot IMAP and POP3 configuration and administration
- Basic TLS configuration for Dovecot
- Awareness of Courier

Terms and Utilities:
- /etc/dovecot/
- dovecot.conf
- doveconf
- doveadm

Description: Candidates should be able to configure a system to forward IP packet and perform network address translation (NAT, IP masquerading) and state its significance in protecting a network. This objective includes configuring port redirection, managing filter rules and averting attacks.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- iptables and ip6tables configuration files, tools and utilities
- Tools, commands and utilities to manage routing tables.
- Private address ranges (IPv4) and Unique Local Addresses as well as Link Local Addresses (IPv6)
- Port redirection and IP forwarding
- List and write filtering and rules that accept or block IP packets based on source or destination protocol, port and address - Save and reload filtering configurations

Terms and Utilities:
- /proc/sys/net/ipv4/
- /proc/sys/net/ipv6/
- /etc/services
- iptables
- ip6tables

Description: Candidates should be able to configure an FTP server for anonymous downloads and uploads. This objective includes precautions to be taken if anonymous uploads are permitted and configuring user access.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- Configuration files, tools and utilities for Pure-FTPd and vsftpd
- Awareness of ProFTPd
- Understanding of passive vs. active FTP connections

Terms and Utilities:
- vsftpd.conf
- important Pure-FTPd command line options

Description: Candidates should be able to configure and secure an SSH daemon. This objective includes managing keys and configuring SSH for users. Candidates should also be able to forward an application protocol over SSH and manage the SSH login.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- OpenSSH configuration files, tools and utilities
- Login restrictions for the superuser and the normal users
- Managing and using server and client keys to login with and without password
- Usage of multiple connections from multiple hosts to guard against loss of connection to remote host following configuration changes

Terms and Utilities:
- ssh
- sshd
- /etc/ssh/sshd_config
- /etc/ssh/
- Private and public key files
- PermitRootLogin, PubKeyAuthentication, AllowUsers, PasswordAuthentication, Protocol

Description: Candidates should be able to receive security alerts from various sources, install, configure and run intrusion detection systems and apply security patches and bugfixes.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- Tools and utilities to scan and test ports on a server
- Locations and organizations that report security alerts as Bugtraq, CERT or other sources
- Tools and utilities to implement an intrusion detection system (IDS)
- Awareness of OpenVAS and Snort

Terms and Utilities:
- telnet
- nmap
- fail2ban
- nc
- iptables

Description: Candidates should be able to configure a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and create secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections.

Key Knowledge Areas:
- OpenVPN

Terms and Utilities:
- /etc/openvpn/
- openvpn
LPIC-2 test 202, Part 2 of 2, version 4.5
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LPIC-2 test 202, Part 2 of 2, version 4.5
Question: 112
Which of the following commands is used to change user passwords in an OpenLDAP
A. setent
B. ldpasswd
C. olppasswd
D. ldappasswd
E. ldapchpw
Answer: D
Question: 113
Which of the following is correct about this excerpt from an LDIF file?
A. dn is the domain name.
B. o is the operator name.
C. cn is the common name.
D. dn is the relative distinguished name.
E. DC is the delegation container.
Answer: D
Question: 114
Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding the LDIF file format?
A. It contains a dn line that indicates where the attributes listed in the following lines of
the file must be added.
B. In the file, a blank line separates one entry from another one.
C. If an attribute contains binary data, some specific configurations must be made for
this entry.
D. The LDIF file accepts any type of file encoding.
Answer: D
Question: 115
Which option within the ISC DHCPD configuration file defines the IPv4 DNS server
address(es) to be sent to the DHCP clients?
A. domain-name-servers
B. domain-server
C. name-server
D. servers
Answer: A
Question: 116
Which of the following PAM modules sets and unsets environment variables?
A. pam_set
B. pam_shell
C. pam-vars
D. pam-env
E. pam_export
Answer: D
Question: 117
Which of the following lines is valid in a configuration file in /etc/pam.d/?
A. authrequired pam_unix.sotry_first_pass nullok
B. authtry_first_pass nullok, require pam_unix.so
C. authrequired:pam_unix.so(try_first_pass nullok)
D. authpam_unix.so(required try_first_pass nullok)
Answer: A
Question: 118
Select the alternative that shows the correct way to disable a user login for all users
except root.
A. The use of the pam_block module along with the /etc/login configuration file.
B. The use of the pam_deny module along with the /etc/deny configuration file.
C. The use of the pam_pwdb module along with the /etc/pwdv.conf configuration file.
D. The use of the pam_nologin module along with the /etc/nologin configuration file.
Answer: D
Question: 119
Which of the following values can be used in the OpenLDAP attribute olcBackend for
any object of the class olcBackendConfig to specify a backend? (Choose three.)
A. xml
B. bdb
C. passwd
D. ldap
E. text
Answer: B, D, E
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LPI version test plan - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/202-450 Search results LPI version test plan - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/202-450 https://killexams.com/exam_list/LPI CFP test 101: Everything You Need to Know to Pass the CFP Test No result found, try new keyword!but your test clock won't stop when you do. "That 40-minute break is a critical time to plan for," says Courtney Stutts Huge, a certified financial planner at Wealth Enhancement Group in Charlotte ... Thu, 31 Jan 2019 01:13:00 -0600 text/html https://money.usnews.com/investing/investing-101/articles/cfp-exam-101-everything-you-need-to-know-to-pass-the-cfp-test Exam plan: needs more

A COLLEGE principal who advised the Government on radical changes to the test system believes plans announced this week do not go far enough.

Bury College principal Dr Helen Gilchrist wanted GCSEs and A-levels to be scrapped in favour of a new academic and vocational diploma system.

Dr Gilchrist was part of a working group that helped to compile the Tomlinson Report into education for 14 to 19 year-olds.

As part of a White Paper published as a response on Wednesday, Education Secretary Ruth Kelly announced that present qualifications would be retained.

However, she added that pupils would be able to study vocational subjects from the age of 14, alongside basic subjects such as maths and English.

The plans include new grades to stretch more able students, and a new general diploma for students who gain five A* to C-grade GCSEs.

Dr Gilchrist, who spent 18 months on the working group, welcomed some changes but maintained that more were needed.

She said: "I am delighted that the White Paper includes a lot of the recommendations made in the report.

"However, it does not take on our recommendation for an overarching system of diplomas for academic as well as vocational qualifications.

"We felt that would put an end to the academic and vocational divide.

"We were asked to be radical, and I think that the Government has backed away from the final radical step that was needed."

However Mr Frank McCarron, headteacher at St Monica's RC High School in Prestwich, said the present system was fundamentally correct but needed to be expanded.

He said: "For the last ten years we have put a lot of hard work into building up quite a respected system.

"I don't think that you should destroy everything just to cater for vocational skills.

"There is a good test and assessment system in place for the majority.

"It doesn't cater for all the students but we are working hard in the present system to cater for those children.

"We should supply them greater access to the curriculum by adding new courses that are vocational and that young people can use to get a job."

Sun, 28 Mar 2021 10:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/5793412.exam-plan-needs/
What You Need to Know to Pass the CFA Exam No result found, try new keyword!"In one version, the test may have been harder or slightly easier than the last time, so the score can shift a bit," he says. Other CFAs grade the exams, and for each item, the scorer considers ... Tue, 16 Mar 2021 07:17:00 -0500 text/html https://money.usnews.com/financial-advisors/articles/what-you-need-to-know-to-pass-the-cfa-exam What to Expect From AP Exams in 2022 No result found, try new keyword!Prepare for AP test Season With This One-Month Study Plan. Create a personalized schedule. Students who keep a calendar may best manage the challenges of AP test week if they set aside time to ... Tue, 28 Apr 2020 15:51:00 -0500 text/html https://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/college-admissions-playbook/articles/what-to-expect-from-ap-exams Board test results 2023: Plan your education stream as per your zodiac sign

Astrology has been practiced for centuries as a tool to understand our personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and potential. But did you know that it can also help guide you in choosing the right education stream? Yes, you read that right! Your zodiac sign can supply insights into which field of study aligns with your natural abilities and interests. Read on to discover how astrology can assist you in selecting the perfect education path for your future success.

Read on to discover how astrology can assist you in selecting the perfect education path for your future success.(HT)
Read on to discover how astrology can assist you in selecting the perfect education path for your future success.(HT)

Aries: You are known for your boldness, leadership skills, and competitive nature. Consider fields that allow you to take charge and showcase your individuality. With a natural talent for athletics and physical activities, you can excel in sports-related courses or degrees in kinesiology. You thrive on challenges and enjoy taking risks which makes you well-suited for studying subjects like law enforcement or military service.

Taurus: You are known for practicality and determination, making you excellent candidates for careers in finance or business. However, you also have a creative side that can lead you to pursue subjects in the arts or design. Your attention to detail means you can excel at tasks requiring precision and accuracy. Your love for worldly pleasures makes you suited to study management or hospitality as well as fashion designing or interior decoration.

Gemini: When it comes to choosing the right education stream, you should consider careers that allow you to use your natural talents. Your curiosity can make you great researcher or journalist while your strong communication skills make you well-equipped for studying sales, marketing and public speaking. However, you may struggle with sticking to one thing for too long as you tend to get bored easily. Therefore, choose subjects that allows room for growth and change.

Cancer: You have a high sense of sensitivity and caring nature towards others. You are usually drawn to fields that involve helping people or working in creative industries. Due to your nurturing skills, you excel in fields such as nursing, teaching, social work or counselling. You have an innate ability to connect with people on an emotional level and offer comfort during difficult times.
Your creativity can also lead you down paths of artistry, music or writing.

Leo: In terms of education streams, you would excel in fields that allow you to take charge such as business management or politics. You also have a flair for creativity and would do well in fields like fashion designing or acting. However, avoid subjects that require you to work behind-the-scenes or take orders from others. You thrive on attention and need recognition for hard work.
You can also make study entrepreneurship.

Virgo: You have a natural ability to break down complex information into smaller parts and analyse them thoroughly. You should consider pursuing streams that require precision and attention to detail such as medicine, law or engineering. Your critical thinking skills will also make you an excellent researcher or analyst. You can also excel in creative subjects such as writing or graphic design where your keen eye for detail can be put into practice.

Libra: When it comes to choosing an education stream, you should focus on subjects that allow you to use your communication skills and work with others. Some ideal education streams for you include law, public relations, marketing, psychology, counselling, or even event planning. These fields all require excellent communication skills and the ability to work well under pressure.
In addition, you are well-suited for creative fields like fashion design or interior decorating.

Scorpio: As far as education streams go, you have varied interests ranging from science to psychology to law. Your analytical skills make you an excellent researcher while your curiosity makes you a great problem solver. You are drawn towards streams where you can use your investigative abilities such as criminology or forensic sciences. However, you also possess a creative streak which makes you excel in fields like art and music.

Sagittarius: You are always looking for new experiences and learning opportunities, which makes you a perfect candidate for studying subjects related to travel or education. You have a passion for exploration and finding meaning in life. You often pursue higher education or seek out spiritual guidance to deepen understanding of the world around you. Look for careers in the field of teaching, spiritual learning or writing and study subjects related to them.

Capricorn: When it comes to choosing the right education stream, you should consider programs in business administration, accounting or economics. These fields align with your natural abilities and will provide you with ample opportunities to climb the corporate ladder. Another area of interest for you can be law. Your logical thinking skills coupled with sense of responsibility can make you successful judge or lawyer. Additionally, engineering or medicine also suits you well.

Aquarius: When it comes to choosing an education stream, you should consider pursuing degrees in fields that align with your values of innovation and social justice. Some examples include environmental studies, sociology, psychology, or any other discipline that promotes individuality while serving the community at large. Your innovative mindset also makes you a good fit for studying subjects related to technology, science, or research.

Pisces: When it comes to choosing an education stream or field of study, you thrive in areas that allow you to express your imaginative and compassionate nature. Pursuing studies in fine arts, literature, theatre, music, or philosophy can provide an outlet for your creative expression and emotional depth. Further, studying sociology, anthropology, or political science can provide you with a deeper understanding of societal dynamics.

Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder - Astro Zindagi)

Email: info@astrozindagi.in, neeraj@astrozindagi.in

Url: www.astrozindagi.in

Contact: Noida: +919910094779

Sat, 13 May 2023 05:43:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.hindustantimes.com/astrology/horoscope/board-exam-results-2023-plan-your-education-stream-as-per-your-zodiac-sign-101683979548140.html
ChatGPT aces CPA test after prior version flunked

The artificial intelligence known as ChatGPT, after failing the CPA test and similar accounting certifications, can now take off the dunce cap.

ChatGPT-4 recently passed the exams with an average score of 85.1%, outsmarting its earlier version, ChatGPT-3.5, which flunked with a 53.1% average, according to a recently released study by researchers at four universities.

The latest version of the generative AI, created by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, nailed the other exams that stumped its precursor, including tests for the title as Certified Management Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and enrolled agent, the researchers found.

“This suggests that computer programmers will likely be able to program apps that will allow computers to perform tasks that are currently performed by humans,” the researchers said. ChatGPT “likely will prove disruptive to the accounting and auditing industries.”

Accountants are not the only professionals who might be nudged out of a job by AI.

Large language models such as ChatGPT also imperil jobs for financial quantitative analysts, blockchain engineers, interpreters, mathematicians, journalists and workers in dozens of other lines of work, according to a study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and OpenAI.

The technology over time will streamline at least 10% of the tasks performed by 80% of workers, and half of the tasks done by 19% of workers, the researchers said.

Already, AI has brought big advances to accounting, the accounting researchers said. It has improved audit efficiency, internal and external audit quality, the accuracy of management forecasts, the timeliness of earnings announcements and the precision of earnings forecasts, they said, citing other studies.

Several companies have seized on the new technology. EY in March said it created a ChatGPT program to answer questions about payrollsPwC has deployed a platform using natural language processing, machine learning and data analytics to improve its legal work, the company said in March. It plans to invest $1 billion over three years in ChatGPT and other AI capabilities.


ChatGPT-4 and its rival programs, including Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing Chat, acknowledge their flaws, including occasional factual mistakes and lapses into “hallucination,” or complete fabrication.

OpenAI said in March that the accuracy of ChatGPT-4 in business applications is less than 80%. Google says in a disclaimer that “Bard is experimental, and some of its responses may be inaccurate, so double-check information in Bard’s responses.”

Indeed, generative AI apps that mimic accountants are far from replacing their human counterparts, researchers in the accounting study predicted.

“I can think of few professions that have disappeared because of a new technology,” David Wood, an accounting professor at Brigham Young University, said in an email response to questions.

“People predicted the end of accountants because of the computer, then because of spreadsheets, ERP systems, blockchain, etc. — it didn’t happen,” he said. “More often, you see professions change and adapt because of technology.”

ChatGPT will alter what accountants do but, in the short term at least, not cause net job loss, he predicted.

AI and other automation will probably replace many of the human tasks focused on compliance, and free up accountants to focus on higher value work such as prediction and advisory, Wood said.

If ChatGPT and other technologies can remove the ‘boring’ stuff, everyone is better off,” Wood said. “The job gets done more efficiently and effectively and the worker can then focus on the more enjoyable parts of their work.”

At the same time, “there will certainly be an uncomfortable disruptive phase as people adjust to what technology can do,” he said. “But I think after the adjustment people will be happy with the change.”

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