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201-01 Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate - Visibility

Exam Title : Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate - Network Performance Management
Exam ID : 201-01
Exam Duration : 90 mins
Questions in test : 50
Passing Score : 60%
Official Training : NPM200 Performance Monitoring Essentials
APM200 Application Performance Monitoring Essentials
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : Riverbed RCSA-NPM Real Questions
VCE practice test : Riverbed 201-01 Certification VCE Practice Test

Subject Area
Approximate Number of Questions from this area
AppResponse 13
NetProfiler 21
Packet Analyzer 9
Transaction Analyzer 1
NetShark 1
Portal 5
Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate - Visibility
Riverbed Visibility pdf

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Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate - Visibility
Question #234
Which program needs to be installed on the Windows Active Directory Server to retrieve and forward identity logs to a NetProfiler?
A. Wireshark
B. AD Connector
C. SNMP Connector
D. Syslog Collector
Answer: B
Question #235
NetProfiler provides a view of what is occurring on a network at what level of detail?
A. Packet-level detail with microsecond-level details.
B. Flow-level detail with one-minute level details.
C. Packet-level detail with nanosecond-level details.
D. Flow-level details with nanosecond-level details.
E. Packet-level detail with one-minute level details.
Answer: B
Question #236
Packet Analyzer Tooltips provides a summary of the calculated view metrics and various charts that compromise the view.
Where can you find Tooltips?
A. Tooltips is made visible by hovering over the icon for a view of folder.
B. download Tooltip manual from Riverbed support.
C. Tooltip is disabled by default.
D. Tooltips are included in the Packet Analyzer manual.
Answer: A
Question #237
If the status in a SteelCentral Portal Application Map does not show colors, this is likely because:
A. Manually created hosts are not monitored
B. Manually created relationships are not monitored
C. Thresholds need to be set
D. All of the above
Answer: D
Question #238
Which mode should be enabled to monitor traffic in high-throughput environments such as server farms or data centers?
A. Database Performance mode
B. Application Stream Analysis boost mode
C. Server Boost mode
D. Web Transaction Analysis mode
Answer: B
Question #239
Complete the following sentence: On NetProfiler, an interface centric report is used to report the amount of traffic…
A. inbound and outbound through an interface
B. on a network cable
C. transmitted and received by a host
D. transmitted and received through the wireless network only A
Answer: Explanation
Question #240
From what data source can AppResponses Application Stream Analysis process generate 60 different TCP/IP metrics?
A. Netflow
B. SteelFlow-NET
C. Passive monitoring via SPAN/TAP
E. Steelflow
Answer: E
Question #241
When you create a trace clip with Packet Analyzer, the packets are selected from the Job Trace and copied to a new repository in the remote probe.
Answer: B
Question #242
What are the advantages of deploying NetProfiler in your network infrastructure? (Choose five.)
A. Behavior analytics for proactive monitoring.
B. Ability to automatically create Hostgroups and draw Network Topology, using Netflow.
C. Dependency mapping for an always-accurate view of your applications and their dependencies.
D. Cost-effective visibility into remote sites by leveraging SteelHead.
E. Ability for true, end-to-end coverage of the enterprise with dashboard-to-flow-to-packet analysis, providing scalability and flexibility.
F. Executive-level dashboards for a quick summary of service performance.
Answer: ABCEF
Question #243
When using CX-Tracer Module, specific ICA metrics can be obtained for which environment?
A. XenApp
B. Any of them, but an agent on Citrix servers needs to be installed
C. NetScaler
D. XenDesktop
Answer: B
Question #244
AppNetwork Path Analysis, a troubleshooting workflow in AppResponse, is enabled by which solution?
A. WebAnalyzer
B. AppInternals
C. Tansaction Analyzer
D. NetSensor
E. Tansaction Analyzer Packet Trace Warehouse B
Answer: Explanation
Question #245
Auxiliary panels are used in custom dashboards to display the following"
A. HTML: For defining labels, hyperlinks, and other HTML-based text
B. Static Image: For defining an uploaded image
C. URL Image: For defining an image from a URL
D. All of the above
Answer: A
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About Riverbed Technology

Riverbed Technology, Inc. develops applications, websites, networks, data centers, the cloud, and remote offices. It offers visibility, intelligent optimization, and simplified control for all applications. The firm's solutions include application performance monitoring, network performance monitoring, end-to-end performance management, hyper-converge branch, wide area network optimization and hybrid wide area network. The company was founded by Jerry M. Kennelly and Steven McCanne in May 2002 and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

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