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1Y0-403 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Assessment, Design and Advanced Configurations

Exam Code : 1Y0-403
Exam Name : Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Assessment, Design and Advanced Configurations (CCE-V)
Duration : 120 minutes
Questions : 61
Passing Score : 51%

Methodology and Assessment 7.5%
- Determine the design decisions that should be made based on given business drivers.
- Determine how to complete the user segmentation process for a given environment.
- Determine how to categorize applications based on a scenario.
- Assess a given environment to determine the capabilities of that environment.

User Layer 7.5%
- Determine the appropriate endpoint type and peripherals required for a given environment.
- Determine how to appropriately deploy Citrix Workspace app based on a list of requirements.
- Determine the network connectivity and graphics requirements for a design.

Access Layer 11%
- Determine the appropriate settings and configurations to make when designing an access deployment strategy for Citrix Gateway and StoreFront/Workspace.
- Determine the architectural needs of an environment when designing StoreFront stores.
- Determine access layer scalability for Citrix Gateway and StoreFront in a given environment.

Resource Layer – Images 11% - Determine how to appropriately scale the infrastructure for Virtual Delivery Agent Machines in a given environment.
- Determine how to secure the Virtual Delivery Agent Machines based on a scenario.
- Determine how to design the appropriate image provisioning strategy for a given environment.
Resource Layer - Applications and Personalization 9% - Determine the appropriate delivery options for Application deployment based on the analysis of the given environment.
- Determine the appropriate profile strategy to use in a given environment.
- Determine the appropriate policies to implement in a given environment.

Control Layer 9%
- Determine the appropriate delivery method to recommend when designing a Site for a given environment.
- Determine the appropriate management and administration design based on given requirements.
- Determine the appropriate site design and baseline specifications to ensure performance and stability in the given environment.
- Determine the Control Layer security requirements and features necessary to secure a given environment.

Hardware/Compute Layer 19%
- Determine the appropriate hardware or hypervisor to implement based on a given design.
- Determine the appropriate resource pool strategy for a given environment.
- Determine the appropriate hardware sizing based on a scenario.
- Determine the appropriate storage allocations to ensure optimization in a given environment.
- Determine the appropriate Datacenter configurations for network traffic in a given environment.
- Determine how to meet the security objectives and best practices for a given environment.

High Availability and Multiple Location Environments 20%
- Determine Multi-location architecture requirements and business considerations in a given environment.
- Determine the appropriate access configurations to recommend when designing a multi-site environment.
- Determine the appropriate Image Management requirements in a given environment.
- Determine the requirements for profiles and data in a multi-location environment.
- Determine the appropriate strategy to support printing in a multi-location solution.
- Determine how to design a site and FMA zones to ensure users have continuous access to resources in a multi-location solution.

Disaster Recovery 6%
- Determine the appropriate Disaster Recovery Strategy for a given environment.
- Determine how to recover a primary datacenter in the disaster recovery datacenter given a scenario.
- Network systems Including security, implementation and administration
- Citrix methodology and best practices for analysis and design
- Core design principles
- Installing Citrix technologies associated with app and desktop virtualization
- Configuring Citrix technologies associated with app and desktop virtualization
- Administering an app and desktop virtualization environment
- Maintaining an app and desktop virtualization environment
- Backing up components of an app and desktop virtualization environment
- Updating an app and desktop virtualization environment
- Monitoring an app and desktop virtualization environment
- Creating reports for trend analysis in environments that include a Citrix app and desktop virtualization solution
- Troubleshooting environments that include a Citrix app and desktop virtualization solution
- Cloud concepts such as private, public and hybrid clouds
- Storage concepts

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Assessment, Design and Advanced Configurations
Citrix Configurations mission
Killexams : Citrix Configurations mission - BingNews Search results Killexams : Citrix Configurations mission - BingNews Killexams : UPDATE 1-U.S. agency warns that hackers are going after Citrix networking gear

(Adds request for comment sent to Chinese embassy)

By Christopher Bing

Dec 13 (Reuters) - A hacking group named APT5, which is suspected to be Chinese, has exploited a vulnerability in networking gear from U.S. technology company Citrix Systems Inc to spy on targets.

A U.S. National Security Agency advisory on Tuesday reported the activity and requested that victims who discover additional evidence of an attack reach out to the NSA's Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, a unique division of the spy agency opened in 2021 with the mission of public-private sector collaboration.

Citrix in a blog post said it was "aware of a small number of targeted attacks in the wild using this vulnerability." The company has already released a fix for the vulnerability that customers can download.

The NSA alert did not say that APT5 is Chinese, but private sector security researchers have reported this suspected link previously.

APT5 is known for breaking into telecommunications providers as well as government organizations, satellite and other technology companies. Historically, the hackers have conducted operations across Southeast Asia and Europe in addition to the United States.

China's embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment. (Reporting by Christopher Bing; Editing by Leslie Adler and Cynthia Osterman)

Tue, 13 Dec 2022 05:39:53 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : Our mission is really to connect the people, things and companies securely: Citrix’s Parag Arora
 Parag Arora, Area Vice President and Country Head, India Subcontinent - Citrix
Parag Arora, Area Vice President and Country Head, India Subcontinent - Citrix
Bangalore: Citrix which started its journey as a pure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) player in the industry has come a long way. It has expanded and gone beyond the VDI offering with new portfolio of solutions including application virtualizations, enterprise mobility management, networking and file sync and sharing.

With annual revenue in 2015 of $3.28 billion, Citrix solutions are in use at more than 400,000 organizations and by over 100 million users globally.

In this interview, Parag Arora, Citrix’s Area Vice President and Country Head, India Subcontinent talks to Pankaj Maru of and discusses about company’s enterprise business in India, its strategy, growth plan and key markets, technology aspects of solutions and the latest industry rumor around sale of Citrix and much more.

Edited excerpts...

Q1. Can you brief about Citrix’s enterprise business in India particularly on the enterprise business and what sort of strategy are you driving for the Indian market?

We have a global view and share the same for the India market. There are 3-4 four key trends we are seeing cutting across enterprise market include – cloud, mobility, Internet of Thing (IoT) and analytics.

Cloud is really moving really very fast in the market. In last 18-24 months or so, we are seen the amount of customers’ interest in cloud is very high. I think in India, we believe that almost every big enterprise has something to do with cloud now. It’s a big eye opener for us.

Mobility is not just about devices but it’s also about how people work across locations and how they are connected with organizations. Mobility is much broader concept and it is clearly on the agenda of CXOs now. And that’s again is a key market theme that we have seen.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing bigger with the amount of things that are added on the internet every quarter is humongous. So we really believe this is the space (IoT) will have a big impact on the industry in the time to come. And the fourth trend is Analytics.

These are the four key trends that we are seeing today and from Citrix perspective we are trying to address these market trends. Our mission is really to connect the people, things and companies in a very secure way. And eventually we want to develop platform or solution to really help customers securely deliver their data and applications on any device anywhere on any cloud.

We sincerely believe that what matters to enterprises and business is the data and applications, irrespective of whether its cloud or on-premise. So our real focus on the enterprise technology is data and applications. Our larger mission is helping enterprises and organizations deal with data and applications in heterogeneous environments and streamline their applications and reduce the complexities.

Q2. Which are the key verticals for Citrix’s enterprise business?

We have 4 or 5 key verticals that include government, banking, IT services, telecom and mid-market.

Government is very important to us now with the major initiatives like Digital India and others, there’s a shift in the focus to deliver services to customers. With our solutions around mobility and virtualization we really believe that we have a big role to play in the government sector and enablement of those services to citizens. So government is certainly one of the important markets that we are focusing on and I would say government is a net new market for us.

Banking is the second market where we have been clearly dominant and very strong for past many years. We help banks in many ways and security is one of them. Since Citrix is secure by design (SbD), when banks deploy our solutions than security becomes kind of underline feature in them and we have other solutions around internet and mobile banking. Banks have been a big market to us and we believe that in next few years after the private banks embrace technology solutions, all the government banks will be our next big focus. We would able to leverage our learnings from private banks in terms of solutions deployment and use it in PSU banks and insurance companies.

The third market is IT Services, where we have two different roles to play – one is shift around the automation and other is productivity in organizations, where they are trying to make their every employee more productive and implementing automation solution that is not just linked with the people. So we are working with CIOs of firms and helping their employees to be more productive by facilitating them to be mobile, work remotely and collaborate as teams.

And the second big area around of IT Services is that most of Citrix solutions whether it be virtualization, mobility or file sharing – all are cloud ready. Most of the top IT companies want Citrix to build a cloud based platform that would enable them to deliver services to customers around the world. So we are engaging with top 5 or 6 IT companies in India to create a cloud based Citrix platform, which would be a net new market for them. So from IT Services perspective we have two approaches – CIO and Go-To-Market (GTM).

Telecom is fourth vertical, which is very interesting again because we have a big role to play in networking space. And we have our networking portfolio Netscaler, which has range of solutions including ADC (Application Delivery Controller) for the telcos. And now we have another telco in India which is investing extensively in networking and is big customer to us. Networking is clearly very important aspect for telcos. Secondly, they want to make sure that their applications or apps stores run in more cost efficiently. So they are leveraging the old approach of application or app virtualization and VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure).

And lastly, the mid-market is our big market for us and that’s where we are working with our partner networks. In India we have about 5000 customers but we really believe it can be atleast 10 times more given the number of companies here. So that’s where lot of our investment this year has been happening in the partner engagements and enablement programs with a full time dedicated team in place trying to tap mid-market customers across verticals. Interestingly about 80-85% of top 100 (BSE & NSE) companies in India are Citrix customers.

We really believe that mid-market segment will have a huge relevance for us so, we are trying to put a strategy that will bring right coverage in that market for us.

Q3. From enterprise and CIO perspective what’s Citrix proposition to boost its solutions adoptability among enterprises?

I think the big message is democracy of users as most customers today are allowing their employees or users to bring their own devices and that’s a harsh reality. Because CIOs are known to live in a world where they define all the parameters of usage but that world has now completely shifted where you have no choice but let the people bring devices of their choice.

The second reality is security. Today, the shift is that CIOs are looking at security more proactively and discussion is building architecture that is secure by design (SbD). And SbD is now a big conversation because the day new solution is designed it has to be made sure that it takes care of all secure aspects upfront and enhancing the overall security. At a broad level these are the two areas, but our portfolio is all around building platform for our customers.

For example, our offering XenDesktop, XenMobile, XenApps, NetScaler and now SD-WAN, which is our latest cost effective solution means over MPLS from customers’ point, which allows aggregation of different bandwidth, applications and networks. And that’s really interesting aspect that we are trying to address today.

I think the world of VDI solution has gone and today it’s just one application in the app store. The whole concept of has moved from VDI to unified app store and VDI is just one application there. And it goes back to the concept of letting the users with their choice but at the same time make sure it’s secure by design.

Q4. What are company’s growth plans for this year in India?

From e-commerce perspective, I think our real play is networking. With our Netscaler platform we are working with hosted providers in India because lot of e-commerce is still hosted on the cloud and right most of our play is around ADC, web-application firewall, performance and security services. And most of the global e-commerce players are Citrix customers.

Q5. What are your comments on the media reports stating that Citrix is seeking for buyers?

Basically we don’t comment on such rumor as a corporate policy and they have been there for long time. I think these are rumors and we definitely not comment on it. I have been here for five years now and have been hearing these rumors off and on.

Wed, 16 Nov 2022 10:01:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : China will launch 2-in-1 asteroid deflection mission in 2025

China is now looking to launch its first planetary defense test mission a year earlier than planned and on a larger rocket.

Like NASA did on its exact Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission, China wants to test changing the orbit of a potentially hazardous asteroid with an impactor spacecraft and also accurately measure how much its orbit is altered.