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1D0-621 CIW User Interface Designer student |

1D0-621 student - CIW User Interface Designer Updated: 2024 1D0-621 Brain Dumps with Real Questions
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1D0-621 CIW User Interface Designer

User Interface Designer is the second course in the CIW Web And Mobile Design series. This course introduces strategies and tactics necessary to design user interfaces, with particular emphasis on creating user interfaces for mobile devices. It focuses on teaching specific development techniques and strategies.

This course teaches how information obtained from the client, sales, and marketing to design and develop compelling visual experience Web sites for multiple platforms, including mobile, tablet, and desktop. You will learn more about wireframes, color schemes, tones, design templates, formatting, and typography.

This course builds upon your abilities to implement user analysis techniques, usability concepts, usability testing procedures and the vital role of testing to publish and maintain a Web site.

You will also learn branding considerations and responsive design implementation in relation to the user interface design of Web sites

Introduction to User Interface


What Is User Interface Design?

Evolution of Web User Interfaces

Current Trends in Web Design

Web Design Team Roles and


Web Design Project Management

Collaborative Web Design

Creating a Web Design Portfolio

Creating a Plan for a Web-Based

Business Project

User Interface Design Process

Choosing a Web Design


Creating a Web Site Vision


Creating and Implementing a Web

Site Strategy

Creating a Web Site Specification

Publishing a Web Site

Choosing a Web Site Host

Securing a Web Site

Creating Ethical and Legal Web


Creating a Mind Map

Using Metaphors

Creating Word Lists and Mood


Creating a Site Map

User-Centered Web Design

User-Centered Web Design

The Cognitive Psychology of Web


Personas and Usability


User Interface Design Principles

and Legal Guidelines

Web UI Design Principles

Visual Design Principles


Legal Issues Impacting Web Design

Color, Typography, Layout and





Wireframes and Mockups

Responsive Web Design

Designing a Basic Web Site

Creating a Web Site

Part 1: Creating One Site Page

Part 2: Creating the Remaining Site


Spell- and Grammar-Check the Site

Navigation Concepts

Why is Web Site Navigation So


Site Structure, Directory Structure

and URLs

Positional Awareness

Primary and Secondary Navigation

Navigation Elements

Navigation Conventions and


Creating a Navigation System

Designing and Developing a

Professional Web Site

Why is Prototyping So Important?

User-Centered Web Design

User Interface Design Patterns

Optimizing the look and feel of a

Web site

Focus on Web Forms


Constructing a Professional Web


Web Framework

User Interface Libraries

Web Content Management Systems

Additional Web Development Tools

Web Hosting Services and Domain


Site Publishing, Maintenance,

Security, and SEO Strategies

Making Sure a Web Site is Ready to

be Published

Maintaining a Web Site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO and Written Site Content

SEO and Mobile-Friendliness

SEO and Metadata

CIW User Interface Designer
CIW Interface student

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CIW User Interface Designer
Question: 49
Thomas and his web design team hurried to complete a 1,000 page data driven web site
to meet and exceed the customer's expectation of delivery of a final project. Upon final
testing of the site with the customer, Thomas discovered several of the features on the
site did not work or provided inaccurate results. A great deal of time is required to go
back and correct the mistakes. What is the most probable cause for these errors?
A. Data driven web sites are best suited for smaller sites and may cause errors in larger
B. The team failed to build and test a prototype of the site early on in the project.
C. The customer had set unrealistic expectations that could not be met by the design
D. The wireframe of the project was modified throughout the project creation, causing
Answer: C
Question: 50
Web development is a collaborative process. Which of the following is an example of a
benefit from collaborative design?
A. Customer recognition
B. Increased time for development
C. The ability to show off a skill set
D. Employee satisfaction
Answer: C
Question: 51
A confirmation message is displayed to a customer after the purchase of product is
completed on an ecommerce site. This is an example of which user interface design
A. Feedback
B. Tolerance
C. Structure
D. Visibility
Answer: D
Question: 52
Which of the following is a clear and specific vision statement?
A. Our website will be the most popular micro-blogging website for users 18 to 24 in the
United States. We will have a minimum million daily view and earn at least $4,000,000
in revenues for the first three years.
B. Our website will be the popular in our target demographic, and will be a springboard
to penetrate new markets. Those new markets will increase revenue by 50%.
C. Our site will have at least 40 million views in the first year and be frequently shared
across multiple social media platforms.
D. User will enjoy our website and be inspired to purchase products from us, share with
friends and family on social media and return to the site frequently.
Answer: A
Question: 53
Your web developer has presented a report of a focus group's review of your new
website. The report contains information on the amount of time the group spent on the
site, the number of clicks required to navigate, and the general pattern of navigation.
What kind of
A. Formative testing
B. Objective testing
C. Qualitative testing
D. Summative testing
Answer: A
Question: 54
You are including both a site map and a navigation bar on your website. What is the
rationale for doing this?
A. Navigation bars display well on large monitors, but site maps work better on mobile
B. Visitors need special training to use a site map.
C. Different users prefer different types of navigation.
D. It provides a clear sense of the layout of the entire website.
Answer: B
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Adopted by the Student Government Association

We as Blue Hens are part of a community of scholars that is committed to giving back and making a difference.  We create a community where diversity is essential, fearlessness is admired, and pride is born. Our legacy is built as we uphold these values defined by students for students:

Respect – We support the inherent right for all members of our community to have a voice and freely share their ideas. We acknowledge that an environment where there is mutual respect and dialogue leads to greater learning.

Openness – We believe that diversity is not enough. Diversity is acknowledging that differences exist. Openness means that we are accepting of learning from and engaging with all members of our community.

Innovation – We challenge all Blue Hens to be bold and creative as we strive for a better world. We will be committed to progress, while recognizing the value of past experiences. Our education provides us limitless opportunities to move ourselves and others forward.

Engagement – We will take an active role in the life of the university, both as learners and contributing community members. We know that true growth comes from being an active and engaged participant in our experiences.  

Mentorship – We seek to become visionary and passionate Blue Hens who understand our role in fostering society’s next generation of responsible and ethical leaders. We will build relationships that foster excellence, support, and accountability.

It is our responsibility as Blue Hens to enable and empower each other to attain these values. As Blue Hens, we are committed to these ideals and will work to hold one another accountable. Through this work, we are doing our part to ensure that “with a Daring Spirit Bold, Delaware Will Shine.”

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For Students

Following Smith College tradition, graduating students wear academic regalia for the first time at Rally Day, three months before Commencement. For Commencement, graduating seniors should come dressed in their full regalia.

Seniors may now begin ordering their academic regalia for Rally Day and Commencement. In order to pick up regalia prior to Rally Day, seniors should order their regalia by January 15, 2023. Regalia will be available for pickup at the Smith College Bookstore starting February 19, 2024. 

The regalia ordering page will be live until April 2, 2024, if you choose to not order regalia in time for Rally Day. Regalia ordered after the Rally Day deadline will be available for pickup at the Smith College Bookstore beginning May 6, 2024. 

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Adding and Dropping Courses

Course registration is a multi-step process that supports your academic progress through careful planning. This page provides information on how to register. If you need help regarding the specific courses that are required to progress you toward completing your degree, please use DegreeWorks and consult with your academic advisor prior to actually registering for courses.

Please note that not all students have the ability to register for courses online. There are specific programs and disciplines of study that require academic advising offices to register students for courses. Please check with your academic advisor if you are uncertain registering for courses online.

Preparing Your Preferred Schedule in Advance of Registration

The Schedule Ahead resource allows you to create demo course schedules for an upcoming term prior to your time ticket. This feature enhances your ability to map your academic progress and create up to 10 alternate schedules for an upcoming term. Once your registration time ticket opens, you will have the option to complete registration based on a demo schedule created prior.

You can use the Student Guide: Schedule Ahead Registration Feature [PDF] to help you use this new feature.

Additionally, please note the following important aspects of the Schedule Ahead resource:

  • Schedule Ahead is available from Week 4 through Week 1 of an upcoming term (i.e., a student can create demo mock schedules for the winter 2020–2021 term from Week 4 of fall 2020–2021 up through Week 1 of the winter term).
  • You can create up to 10 mock schedules for an upcoming term.
  • If you have registration holds, you will still be able to use Schedule Ahead, but will remain unable to complete real course registration until your hold(s) are resolved.
  • Course restrictions and registration errors will not show when creating a mock schedule in this tool. You should fully investigate each course you use in a demo schedule to ensure there will be no restrictions or errors when you attempt to complete real course registration. You can learn about restrictions by utilizing the Term Master Schedule.
  • Using this resource is for planning and demonstrative purposes only; creating a demo schedule does not ensure a seat in any of the courses selected.
  • As with all course planning, you should continue to utilize DegreeWorks and consult with your academic advisor

Course Registration

Student Guide: Registration Interface [PDF] – download the guide as a reference for navigating the registration interface.

Student Guide: Using DegreeWorks [PDF] download the guide as a reference for utilizing DegreeWorks.

Auditing a Course

The audit option provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to attend a course, but carries no earned credit with no standard letter grade. Participation in the course will be evidenced by the "AUD" grade designation on the transcript. The "AUD" grade designation does not affect a student's GPA.

Additionally, the following policies apply to audited courses:

  • Credits for courses taken using the audit option are not counted in clearance for graduation (Granting of Degrees policy); thus major requirements cannot be fulfilled using the audit option.
  • The credits for courses taken using this option count toward the maximum term credits allotted to full-time students for their program of study. Full-time undergraduate students who audit a course that raises their term credits above the maximum are billed on a per-credit basis for the term credits above 20. Full-time graduate students and all part-time students will be billed for the audited course on a per-credit basis. 
  • Due to pedagogical or other considerations, some courses may not be audited.
  • In order to take a course using the audit option, you must secure approval from both the instructor and your academic advisor before the close of the course add/drop period.
  • Students may not change the option to audit courses or petition to take these courses for credit after the end of the course add/drop period.
  • Instructors will not be able to assign a grade during grade submission for students electing this option.
  • Students electing this option will receive an automatic grade of "AUD."
  • Students who elect to audit a course are not eligible to receive financial aid for that course.

Registering a Course as an Audit

You may register for courses using the audit option during the course add/drop period. Registration is subject to the approval of the course instructor and your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will assist you in determining whether the audit option is an appropriate option for you.

  • Registration is subject to course availability within established enrollment limits. No new course sections will be added.
  • If you wish to add a course using the audit option, please contact your academic advisor to begin the course addition process.
  • Course audit requests must be submitted by the end of the add/drop period for the term in which you wish to audit the course.
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Student Life

At UMass Lowell, we know our students are juggling a lot more than just classes. We have a web of services and activities to support you in your studies and get you connected to everything the campus has to offer.

Strive Food Pantry

The Strive Food Pantry is accessible to all students in need, now with three locations. Learn more at the Strive website.  

Manual Care

UMass Lowell has partnered with Manual to provide all students with access to comprehensive men’s wellness and personal development guidance.

Wellness Wednesdays

Check out Wellness Wednesdays hosted by the Office of Student Life and Well-being every Wednesday! Follow their office @umlwellbeing.

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Chicago Bulls Student Pass

Basketball season is in session! College students are eligible to receive special ticket offers for every Bulls home game. To get started, please enter your .edu email address. Then, make your selection from the available games to purchase tickets. Tickets will be added throughout the season, so check back often for additional games.

Please note: changes cannot be made to the email address after purchase.

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Student Health Service



SHS Schedules 

Clinic Hours 
  Mon-Tue-Wed-Fri 8-5, Thu 9-5
  Please enter the clinic from the north doors
  facing Prexy's Pasture.
Pharmacy Hours
Mon-Fri 9-5
Winter Break
  Closed December 25th-January 2nd

Spring Break
 Mon-Fri 8-5

UW Holidays
   SHS will be closed during all UW holidays.
After hours - Nights and Weekends
   Ivinson Memorial Hospital          742-2142 ext. 2222
   Campus Police Department        766-5179
   After Hours Nurse Advice Line    766-2130
The Student Health Service is closed on University holidays, winter closure (between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays) and weekends. To check the holiday schedule: on the main UW webpage click on Calendar, and then click on Administrative Holidays and Summer Hours. These hours are subject to change depending upon the needs of the university.  

Patients with military insurance (TRICARE) should check the eligibility page for more information.

Please call (766-2130) as far ahead as possible to make an appointment. Also, arrive at SHS 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you are late for an appointment, you may be required to reschedule.

Pharmacy Phone Number: 766-6602


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Student Loans

President Joe Biden reiterated on Tuesday that he and his administration wanted to "keep going" on canceling federal student loan debt. He has made similar comments in the past.

The most populated states in the country tend to have the highest student loan balances, while the least populated tend to have the lowest balances.

Student loans have become a burden for many borrowers, post-pandemic. Sixty percent of federal loan borrowers who had payments due in October didn’t make payments until mid-November, according to the Department of Education.

The latest private student loan interest rates from the Credible marketplace, updated weekly.

Millions of student loan borrowers are still not making payments on their debt, according to a new report published by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Biden administration has forgiven a total of $132 billion in federal student loans for more than 3.6 million Americans, and all of it has bypassed the need for congressional approval.

The latest private student loan interest rates from the Credible marketplace, updated weekly.

The Biden administration has taken the next step toward its plan B for student loan forgiveness after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down its first debt forgiveness attempt.

O'Leary Ventures Chairman Kevin O'Leary criticized the Biden administration's student debt relief initiative, claiming it's unfair to past and future cohorts.

The latest private student loan interest rates from the Credible marketplace, updated weekly.

The Federal Reserve's efforts to lower inflation have pushed interest rates to an all-time high, which means consumers pay more to borrow but could be earning more on savings, a exact survey by Santander said.

More student loan borrowers think they will have to file for bankruptcy in order to eliminate their debt after a three-year payment pause ended in October.

Student loan repayments will make the season unaffordable for many Gen Z and millennials this year, according to a exact Credit Karma survey.

The Department of Education has withheld millions of dollars of payment to student loan servicers over billing errors that triggered delinquencies for many students.

More Americans are discharging student loan debt in bankruptcy thanks to a rule change by the Biden administration last year that made the process easier.

Grand Canyon University President Brian Mueller announced the school plans to appeal a $37.7 million fine imposed by the Department of Education for allegedly misleading students.

The latest private student loan interest rates from the Credible marketplace, updated weekly.

The latest private student loan interest rates from the Credible marketplace, updated weekly.

The latest private student loan interest rates from the Credible marketplace, updated weekly.

25% of Americans said they’ll boycott student loan payments after the pause. But defaulting on student loans can be severe even with Biden’s student loan safety net programs.

Fri, 04 Jan 2019 04:35:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Looking for a Job?

Now hiring for fall semester! Join us at the Student Employment Job Fair on  November 29 from 12 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. in the Krach main lobby. Recruiting for hourly positions.

The Division of Student Life is committed to making every experience at Purdue University a learning opportunity for students. Employment within our division provides you the opportunity to work with other great students and leaders. As part of your employment, we incorporate the Leadership and Professional Development Competencies and the Steps to Leaps Learning Pillars into your learning and performance management experience to ensure you are building the skills employers want.

The staff in Student Life are here to assist you in finding part-time work to help pay for some of your college expenses. There are many more benefits when you work during college. Working 8-12 hours per week while in school actually has been shown to help academic achievement. The workplace is a great way to meet people. While on the job you'll be able to take on new responsibilities and develop practical skills like time management, problem solving and organization.

Why Student Employment?

Jason Maynard from RecWell

Alumni Translate Student Employment Experience to Professional Impact

Student employment within the Division of Student Life provides a foundation for future careers by providing Boilermakers with opportunities to develop the professional skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

Alumni of student positions within Student Life have gone on to enjoy successful careers and impact their communities – including here on campus. Jason Maynard, senior assistant director - sport programs, Purdue Recreation & Wellness (RecWell); Zachary Hiscox, residential program administrative specialist, University Residences; and Kayla Clark, senior graphic designer, Student Life Marketing, have each translated their student employment experiences into impactful, full-time positions in Student Life. Continue practicing "Alumni Translate Student Employment Experience to Professional Impact" on the Vice Provost for Student Life website.

Follow us on Social Media!

Follow @PurdueStudents on Twitter and Instagram for student employment updates, facts, and to stay informed on upcoming events.

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Apple Student Discount

Apple offers several student discounts and deals when shopping for a device for college. These deals offer instant savings on hardware, with a free pair of AirPods or even AirPods Pro 2 with a qualifying purchase during certain times of the year.

Shoppers should also pay attention to deals from Apple resellers, as many times limited-time specials and coupon savings meet or beat Apple's own prices, with discounts on AppleCare as well. These deals do not require a student to be enrolled in college, making it an easy way for parents to pick up a device that can be used by the entire family —   or even educators looking for learning tools within the classroom.

2023 Student Discounts

As back-to-school shopping heats up, so do the deals. Below is a comprehensive list of offers, many that do not require student status. Wondering which Mac to buy? Check out our comprehensive MacBook buyer's guide for back-to-school.

Discounts are going on now on Microsoft Office. If you aren't eligible for the free version for students and educators, check out the offer below.

Adorama Coupon

Adorama discounts are open to all AppleInsider readers, regardless of student status. *Requires use of coupon code APINSIDER and this activation link.

  • 2023 MacBook Pro: Save $100 to $300 on the laptops with promo code APINSIDER
  • MacBook Air: Save an extra $10 to $200 on M1 & M2 models, plus $40 off AppleCare, with promo code APINSIDER
  • Mac Studio: Save up to $200 on the powerful desktop Mac, plus $30 off AppleCare, with discount code APINSIDER
  • M1 iMac: Save $80 to $130 on the desktops, plus $30 off AppleCare, with coupon code APINSIDER
  • M2 iPad Pro: Save up to $100 on select 11-inch and 12.9-inch tablets, plus $29.01 off AppleCare, with promo code APINSIDER


Amazon Prime Student program is perfect for students heading back to class. From free food delivery to discounts on snacks and groceries, Prime Student offers an abundance of deals, with a free 6-month trial available to new members.

B&H EDU Advantage

B&H has partnered with Unidays to offer discounts on thousands of items for students and teachers, including Apple computers. It's free to sign up and the portal even offers expert help to pick out the best MacBook for education. Students can even use B&H Photo's Payboo Card to save on sales tax or secure special financing.

Aggressive deals going on now for AI readers:

Best Buy

Best Buy also has a Student Deals membership program that's free to join and runs during the back-to-school shopping season each year. 2023 back-to-school deals can be found here.

Apple Student Discount

Save on a qualifying Mac or iPad with an education discount.

Current and newly accepted college students, as well as teachers and education staff at all levels, are eligible for the following deals:

Free Headphones

Apple has for years given student customers a free set of headphones with the purchase of an eligible device like an iPad or Mac. In previous years, Apple would supply students the choice between several different Beats by Dre headphones.

In 2021, Apple gave college students a free set of AirPods for buying an eligible device. These popular earbuds normally cost $159, or $199 with a wireless charging case.

Apple allows customers to upgrade from AirPods to AirPods Pro with a $90 upcharge as well.

In 2022, Apple changed the offer from free AirPods to a gift card valued at up to $150 with select Macs and iPads. In 2023, Apple reverted back to free AirPods with an eligible Mac or iPad purchase, with the deal ending March 13, 2023.

AppleCare+ Discounts

Exclusive AppleCare Savings at Adorama

  • Applecare for Apple Pro Display XDR: $100 off with code APINSIDER
  • AppleCare for 16-inch MacBook Pro (Late 2021): $80 off with code APINSIDER
  • AppleCare for M2 13-inch MacBook Pro: $50 off with code APINSIDER
  • AppleCare for M1 MacBook Air: $40 off with code APINSIDER
  • AppleCare for iMac: $30 off with code APINSIDER
  • AppleCare for Mac mini: $20 off with code APINSIDER
  • AppleCare for iPad mini: $12 off with code APINSIDER

Apple Student Discount on AppleCare

Students purchasing eligible products can get AppleCare+ at a 20% discount during Apple's 2021 Back To School promotion. This doesn't extend to other devices purchased that are not eligible for back-to-school discounts.

AppleCare+ acts as an extended warranty for devices, so if the device's screen breaks or case is damaged it can be repaired for a small service fee. Otherwise, out-of-warranty repairs can cost hundreds of dollars.

Students who want to take advantage of the 20% discount can only receive the discount during the Back To School promotion period. Even if the device remains eligible for AppleCare+ after the period ends, the discount will no longer be valid.

Education Prices

Outside of Apple's annual Back To School sale, the company offers standard discounts on its hardware. The discount varies from device to device and applies even when upgrades are made before purchase.



Students can receive discounts on their Apple Music subscription as well. Qualifying students can attach their education discount to their Apple ID and pay only $4.99 per month for Apple Music.

Students who subscribe to Apple Music can also receive Apple TV+ for free as a limited offer. These are the single plans of the services and do not extend into a family group.

The student Apple Music pricing and free Apple TV+ last only as long as the Apple ID remains registered as a student account. If Apple ends the promotion, then the Apple student discount will only end once the subscription lapses.

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On-Campus Resources

SLU-Madrid provides computing equipment and access to networks in order to further the academic work of students.

In addition to accessing PCs/Windows 10, scanners and printers in the on-campus computer laboratories, our students can bring their own computers and use the wireless network available on campus.

New students are encouraged to complete an orientation session before using the available equipment at their disposal. The IT orientation session schedule is part of the orientation packet provided by the Office of Student Life.

On-Campus Computers

Padre Arrupe Hall labs

  • Basement, room 19 (18 computers).
  • First floor, room 25 (20 computers).

San Ignacio Hall lab

  • Ground floor, behind reception desk (20 computers).
  • Second floor, library practicing room (five computers).

Padre Rubio Hall

  • Basement (five computers).

Student Accounts and Personal Folders

To use SLU-Madrid campus computers, you need a username and password. Your username is provided to you by your admissions counselor or the registrar's office. Your initial password is composed of the letters "Id" and the last six digits of your banner number. You will be asked to change it immediately. If you do not set up a password, your account will be disabled. It should also be noted that although the username and initial password are the same as for your MySLU account, they are unrelated systems, so changing a password on one will not result in it being changed on the other.

To access your files from any of our computers, use your personal folder (Z drive).

Google Drive is included as part of your mySLU services and can be used for additional online storage space. It can be accessed from your mySLU tools or directly from the Gmail interface.

Student computer accounts are provisioned at the time of the student orientation session. If you did not register before orientation, you will have to request an account directly from ITS by contacting

Printing Facilities and Print Quota

You are assigned your entire printing quota at the beginning of the semester. It's your responsibility to manage your printing needs for the whole semester. If your print quota runs out, you may purchase blocks of 50 pages for five euros in the Finance Office.

Laboratory Admission Policy

Access to the laboratory facilities is limited to members of the SLU university community. Students should identify themselves on entering by showing a current SLU-Madrid identification card. Student ID cards should be kept on display while a PC is being used.

Students are generally allowed to use any lab, as long as there are no classes being held in it. Please check the timetables posted weekly on the notice boards next to the labs before entering the room. Please leave the room if asked to do so by a professor or a lab coordinator.

Other Resources

Laser printers are available in each computer lab, and in the PRH Student Lounge. Scanners are located in San Ignacio Hall and Padre Arrupe Hall. All lab computers have standard operating software installed on them, including:

  • Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Office.
  • Acrobat Reader.
  • Microsoft Explorer.
  • Other software required for class work.
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