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Exam Code: 1D0-541 Practice test 2022 by team
1D0-541 CIW v5 Database Design Specialist

Exam Title : CIW Database Design Specialist
Exam ID : 1D0-541
Exam Center Fee : $150 (USD)
Exam Duration : 90 mins
Questions in test : 50
Passing Score : 75%
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : CIW Database Design Specialist Real Questions
VCE VCE test : CIW 1D0-541 Certification VCE Practice Test

Relational Database Fundamentals
- Identify basic database types and management systems
- List common database languages and their purposes, and identify language subsets of Structured Query Language (SQL).
- Identify relational data modeling schemas, characteristics and manipulation

Relational Database Design and Application
- Identify the steps of the database planning life cycle
- Identify the activities in the conceptual design phase of a database

Normalization and Database Design
- Apply normalization techniques and processes
- Describe logical database design steps and practices
- Interpret logical data models into a physical data model that can be implemented by a particular database management system (DBMS

Structured Query Language (SQL)
- Identify SQL commands and syntax
- Create statements using Data Definition Language (DDL)
- Form commands using Data Manipulation Language (DML)
- Use Data Control Language (DCL) statements to control the access to data in a database and to grant users permissions for data operations

Relational Algebra and Databases
- Define and describe the use of relational algebra in order to create new relationships from existing database relations
- Compose joins in a database

Transactions, Currency Control and Database Security
- Create transactions and enable currency control
- Identify elements of database security

CIW v5 Database Design Specialist
CIW Specialist Questions and Answers
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As RSV, influenza and COVID circulate, health care systems that were already strained are struggling even more. Children’s hospitals in particular are seeing a surge of patients with RSV, and departments are overloaded. As doctors expect this season of respiratory viruses to continue, many are asking provincial health officials to bring back mask mandates – which so far hasn’t happened.

You – our listeners – have questions about this respiratory virus season. Dr. Leighanne Parkes, an infectious disease specialist and microbiologist with the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, is here to answer them.

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But never fear, is here! Whether you are looking to play quizmaster and host your very own pub quiz, or you just want to practise your quizzing skills by doing a few Q&As to pass the time, we have compiled a huge number of Dumps for you to work with.

From general knowledge questions on history, geography, science and sport - to deep dives into the world of TV and entertainment with much more specialist quizzes on Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel or Friends trivia, our team of journalists have compiled a quiz for you.

Below you'll find our ultimate 300-question-plus general knowledge super quiz, which you may want to use as the basis for your quiz session.

You'll also find links throughout to many of our more specialist quizzes where you can lose yourself in Dumps galore. So, no matter what type of quiz you're looking for, we've got you covered.

Ready, steady... quiz!

General knowledge questions and answers

General knowledge questions

  1. In which part of your body would you find the cruciate ligament?
  2. What is the name of the main antagonist in the Shakespeare play Othello?
  3. What element is denoted by the chemical symbol Sn in the periodic table?
  4. How many of Henry VIII's wives were called Catherine?
  5. What was the most popular girls name in the UK in 2021?
  6. What is the name of the 1976 film about the Watergate scandal, starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman?
  7. Which comedian was the second permanent host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks after Mark Lamarr?
  8. Which popular video game franchise has released games with the subtitles World At War and Black Ops?
  9. In what US State is the city Nashville?
  10. Which rock band was founded by Trent Reznor in 1988?
  11. What is the currency of Denmark?
  12. Which Tennis Grand Slam is played on a clay surface?
  13. In which European country would you find the Rijksmuseum?
  14. How many films have Al Pacino and Robert De Niro appeared in together?
  15. What was the old name for a Snickers bar before it changed in 1990?
  16. Who was the head of state in Japan during the second world war?
  17. What is the smallest planet in our solar system?
  18. Who wrote the novels Gone Girl and Sharp Objects?
  19. Which legendary surrealist artist is famous for painting melting clocks?
  20. Which football club plays its home games at Loftus Road?
  21. Continental United States has 4 time zones, can you name them?
  22. What was the Turkish city of Istanbul called before 1930?
  23. From which US city do the band The Killers originate?
  24. Name the Coffee shop in US sitcom Friends.
  25. How many human players are there on each side in a polo match?
  26. In what year did Tony Blair become British Prime Minister?
  27. How many times has England won the men's football World Cup?
  28. What is the capital of New Zealand?
  29. Street artist Banksy is originally associated with which British city?
  30. From what grain is the Japanese spirit Sake made?

General knowledge answers

  1. Knee
  2. Iago
  3. Tin
  4. 3
  5. Olivia
  6. All the President's Men
  7. Simon Amstell
  8. Call of Duty
  9. Tennessee
  10. Nine Inch Nails
  11. Krone
  12. The French Open (Roland Garros)
  13. Netherlands
  14. Four (The Godfather Part 2, Heat, Righteous Kill, The Irishman)
  15. Marathon
  16. Emperor Hirohito
  17. Mercury
  18. Gillian Flynn
  19. Salvador Dali
  20. Queen's Park Rangers
  21. Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern
  22. Constantinople
  23. Las Vegas
  24. Central Perk
  25. Four
  26. 1997
  27. Once (1966)
  28. Wellington
  29. Bristol
  30. Rice

Kids general knowledge quiz questions and answers

Kids quiz questions

  1. What band was Harry Styles in before his solo career?
  2. What kind of food is Penne?
  3. Which Disney Princess called Gus and Jaq friends?
  4. Who is the President of the United States?
  5. What sport did David Beckham play?

Kids quiz answers

  1. One Direction
  2. Pasta
  3. Cinderella
  4. Joe Biden
  5. Football

More kids general knowledge quiz questions and answers

Obscure quiz questions and answers

Obscure quiz questions

  1. How many permanent teeth does a dog have?
  2. What is the most sold flavour of Walker’s crisps?
  3. What is the full postcode of the Houses of Parliament?
  4. What does the Latin word Tempus mean in English?
  5. How many chukkers are there in a polo match?
  6. On average how far away is the moon from the earth in miles?
  7. What is someone who believes in antidisestablishmentarianism opposed to the disestablishment of?
  8. What’s longer, a nautical mile or a mile?
  9. Saying the name of what dried fruit used to be used to encourage people to smile before a photo in the 1800s, before the phrase “cheese?”
  10. Which country in the world is believed to have the most miles of motorway?

Obscure Quiz Answers

  1. 42
  2. Cheese and Onion
  3. SW1A 0AA
  4. Time
  5. 6
  6. 238,000
  7. The Church of England
  8. Nautical mile (it’s 1.15 miles)
  9. Prunes
  10. China

Music quiz questions and answers

Music quiz questions

  1. What is the name of Dua Lipa's 2020 album?
  2. Matt Goss, Luke Goss and Craig Logan made up which band?
  3. In what year did The Beatles split up?
  4. What is rapper P Diddy's real name?
  5. Complete this Spice Girls lyric: "If you wanna be my [BLANK], you gotta get with my friends".
  6. Name the song and the artist for the following lyric: "Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m blind, thinking I can see through this and see what’s behind".
  7. Which two musicians collaborated on Another Way To Die, the theme song to 2008’s 007: Quantum of Solace?
  8. Gary and Martin Kemp were in what band?
  9. In what decade was pop icon Madonna born?
  10. Which two country singers famously sang together on 1983 song Islands in the Stream?

Music quiz answers

  1. Future Nostalgia
  2. Bros
  3. 1970
  4. Sean Combs
  5. Lover (from the song Wannabe)
  6. Human by Rag'n'Bone Man
  7. Alicia Keys and Jack White
  8. Spandau Ballet
  9. 1950s (1958)
  10. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

More music quiz questions and answers

Sport quiz questions and answers

Sport quiz questions

  1. Who won 2021's Sports Personality of the Year?
  2. What are the five colours of the Olympic rings?
  3. At which venue is the British Grand Prix held?
  4. Ben Stokes inspired England's 2019 Cricket World Cup final victory over New Zealand – who scored the second-highest number of runs in the match for England?
  5. How many horses are on each team in a polo match?
  6. What score did cricketing legend Don Bradman average as a batsman across his career?
  7. How many goals did England score (excluding penalty shoot-outs) at the Mens' 2018 FIFA World Cup?
  8. How many different teams have won the Premier League since the start of the inaugural season in 1992/93?
  9. Where is the US Masters golf tournament held?
  10. Which European city hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics?

Sport quiz answers

  1. Emma Raducanu
  2. Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red
  3. Silverstone
  4. Jos Buttler
  5. Four
  6. 99.94
  7. 12
  8. Seven (Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester, Blackburn, Liverpool)
  9. Augusta National Golf Club
  10. Berlin

More sport quiz questions and answers

TV quiz questions and answers

TV quiz questions

  1. When did Big Brother first air on Channel 4?
  2. Who was the first presenter of the X Factor in the UK?
  3. Which actor played the Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who?
  4. The Simpsons was the spin-off show of which American sketch series?
  5. Gillian Anderson plays a therapist in which hit Netflix show?
  6. What was the name of the fictional borough of Melbourne where Australian soap Neighbours was set?
  7. EastEnders began broadcasting on BBC One in which year?
  8. What was the name of the tower block where Del Boy and Rodney Trotter lived in Only Fools and Horses?
  9. Who is the longest serving presenter of the BBC children's show Blue Peter?
  10. What is the name of Mackenzie Crook's character in sitcom The Office?

TV quiz answers

  1. 2000
  2. Kate Thornton
  3. Christopher Eccleston
  4. The Tracey Ullman Show
  5. Sex Education
  6. Erinsborough
  7. 1985
  8. Nelson Mandela House
  9. John Noakes (12 years from 1965-1978)
  10. Gareth Keenan

More TV quiz questions and answers

Film quiz questions and answers

Film quiz questions

  1. Which British actor played Batman in 2022's reboot directed by Matt Reeves?
  2. Which colour pill does Neo swallow in The Matrix?
  3. Name the first actor to play Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films.
  4. Which Catastrophe star makes a cameo in Deadpool 2 as Peter?
  5. Which husband-wife duo starred in 2018 horror film A Quiet Place?
  6. Name the composer behind the soundtracks of The Lion King, Inception and Pirates of the Caribbean.
  7. Which 2014 Seth Rogan film caused the North Korean government to threaten action against the United States?
  8. What is the name of The Bride, played by Uma Thurman, in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill franchise?
  9. Which 2021 film won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture this year?
  10. What does Bridget Jones name her baby in the film series’s third instalment?

Film quiz answers

  1. Robert Pattinson
  2. Red
  3. Richard Harris
  4. Rob Delaney
  5. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski
  6. Hanz Zimmer
  7. The Interview
  8. Beatrix Kiddo
  9. Diana: The Musical
  10. William

More film quiz questions and answers

Food and drink quiz questions and answers

Food and drink quiz questions

  1. How many spice options are there at Nandos?
  2. Which soft drink is commonly associated with Scotland?
  3. What are the two main ingredients of a Dark and Stormy cocktail?
  4. Name the 2021 winner of The Great British Bake Off.
  5. Gouda is a popular cheese originating from which country?
  6. A screwdriver cocktail is orange juice, ice and which spirit?
  7. According to McDonalds' official website, how many calories does a regular Big Mac contain?
  8. Which southern Italian city is usually credited as the birthplace of the pizza?
  9. What number is found in reference to their varieties on Heinz products?
  10. Pret A Manger is a popular sandwich chain in the UK, but what does the French name mean in English?

Food and drink quiz answers

  1. 6 – Plain...(ish), Passion Fruit and Mango, Lemon and Herb, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot
  2. Irn-Bru
  3. Dark rum, Ginger Beer
  4. Giuseppe (Dell'Anno)
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Vodka
  7. 550
  8. Naples
  9. 57
  10. Ready to eat

More food and drink quiz questions and answers

Geography quiz questions and answers

Geography quiz questions

  1. What is the capital city of Australia?
  2. Which US state was Joe Biden born in?
  3. Which UK city is situated further west – Bristol or Edinburgh?
  4. What is the capital of Finland?
  5. What is the currency of Vietnam?
  6. What language is spoken in Brazil?
  7. How many countries are there in the region of Europe? (Recognised by the United Nations)
  8. If you completed the Three Peaks challenge, which three UK mountains would you have climbed?
  9. What do the French call the English Channel?
  10. How many permanent members are there on the UN security council?

Geography quiz answers

  1. Canberra
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Helsinki
  5. Vietnamese dong
  6. Portuguese
  7. 44
  8. Ben Nevis, Snowdon, Scafell Pike
  9. la Manche
  10. Five: China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States

More geography quiz questions and answers

Easy quiz questions and answers

Easy quiz questions

  1. How many notes are there in a musical scale?
  2. What temperature centigrade does water boil at?
  3. What company is also the name of one of the longest rivers in the world?
  4. What in the animal kingdom is a doe?
  5. What is the tallest mountain in the world?
  6. How many centimetres are there in a metre?
  7. What language is spoken in Norway?
  8. What is the busiest airport in Britain called?
  9. Who is next in line to the British throne after King Charles III?
  10. What number is a baker's dozen?

Easy quiz answers

  1. 7
  2. 100 degrees centigrade
  3. Amazon
  4. A female deer
  5. Mount Everest
  6. 100
  7. Norwegian
  8. London Heathrow
  9. Prince William
  10. 13

More easy pub quiz questions and answers

Comedy quiz questions and answers

Comedy quiz questions

  1. Who played Gunther in Friends?
  2. In which year did the original UK version of The Office air?
  3. What was legendary comedy actor Oliver Hardy's real first name at birth?
  4. What was Sheldon Cooper's one-word catchphrase in The Big Bang Theory?
  5. Complete the name of the classic British sitcom: Steptoe and [blank]
  6. Name the five ingredients demanded by one of Basil Fawlty's guests to make the infamous Waldorf Salad.
  7. Who played the Prime Minister, Jim Hacker, in Yes, Prime Minister?
  8. What was the name of Ronnie Barker's character in Open All Hours?
  9. Who plays comedy character Alan Partridge?
  10. Name the characters played by David Mitchell and Robert Webb in Peep Show.

Comedy quiz answers

  1. James Michael Tyler
  2. 2001
  3. Norvell
  4. Bazinga
  5. Son
  6. Celery, apple, walnuts, grapes, mayonnaise
  7. Paul Eddington
  8. Albert Arkwright, usually known just as Arkwright
  9. Steve Coogan
  10. Mark Corrigan and Jeremy Usborne

More comedy quiz questions and answers

Family quiz questions and answers

Family quiz questions

  1. Who is the Special in the Lego Movie?
  2. What colour are most buses in London?
  3. What's the name of the talking snowman in Disney's Frozen?
  4. What do the wheels on the bus do in the song?
  5. What is taller, an elephant or a giraffe?
  6. Who are Harry Potter's two best friends?
  7. What’s the name of the cowboy in Toy Story?
  8. How many planets are in our solar system?
  9. How many players are in a football team?
  10. How many zeros are there in one thousand?

Family quiz answers

  1. Emmet Brickowski
  2. Red
  3. Olaf
  4. Go round and round
  5. A giraffe (they are the tallest animal and can grow up to nearly six metres tall!)
  6. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger
  7. Woody
  8. Eight
  9. 11 players
  10. Three

More family pub quiz questions and answers

Hard quiz questions and answers

Hard quiz questions

  1. Gordon Sumner is the real name of what famous British musician?
  2. How many keys are there on a piano?
  3. Glossectomy is the removal of all of or part of which body part?
  4. What was the first single to be released by the band Oasis?
  5. Geoff Hurst famously scored a hat-trick in England's 4-2 win over West Germany in the 1966 World Cup final. Who scored the other goal for England?

Hard quiz answers

  1. Sting
  2. 88
  3. The tongue
  4. Supersonic
  5. Martin Peters

More hard pub quiz questions and answers

Literature quiz questions and answers

Literature quiz questions

  1. Name all five Brontë sisters.
  2. Which Stephen King novel takes place mostly in the fictional Overlook Hotel?
  3. What do Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien's initials stand for?
  4. What is the best-selling novel of all time?
  5. Who authored The Hunger Games book series?

Literature quiz answers

  1. Emily, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Anne and Maria
  2. The Shining
  3. John Ronald Reuel
  4. Don Quixote
  5. Suzanne Collins

More literature quiz questions and answers

Science quiz questions and answers

Science quiz questions

  1. Which planet has the most moons?
  2. What part of a plant conducts photosynthesis?
  3. How many elements are in the periodic table?
  4. Where is the smallest bone in the human body located?
  5. How many hearts does an octopus have?

Science quiz answers

  1. Saturn
  2. Leaf
  3. 118
  4. Ear
  5. 3

More science quiz questions and answers

Technology quiz questions and answers

Technology quiz questions

  1. With over 222 million units sold, what is Apple's highest-selling iPhone model?
  2. In which year was the Microsoft XP operating system released?
  3. Elon Musk is the CEO of which global automotive brand?
  4. Which operating system does a Google Pixel phone use?
  5. In which year was the Nintendo 64 released in Europe?

Technology quiz answers

  1. iPhone 6/6 Plus
  2. 2001
  3. Tesla
  4. Android
  5. 1997

More technology quiz questions and answers

2000s music quiz questions and answers

2000s music quiz questions

  1. Who sang 2003 hit Stacy's Mom?
  2. Duo Gnarles Barkley had a hit in 2006 with Crazy, but what's the singer's name?
  3. What was the best-selling album of the 2000s in the UK?
  4. Which American rapper released The College Dropout in 2004?
  5. In which year did Taylor Swift release her debut single, Love Story?

2000s music quiz answers

  1. Fountains of Wayne
  2. CeeLo Green
  3. Back to Bedlam by James Blunt
  4. Kanye West
  5. 2008

More 2000s music quiz questions and answers

90s music quiz questions and answers

90s music quiz questions

  1. Who sang 1995 song Mysterious Girl?
  2. Who is the lead singer of Pulp?
  3. Name Britney Spears' first album released in 1999.
  4. Who is the former drummer of Nirvana who fronts the Foo Fighters?
  5. Who had a hit with MMMBop in April 1997?

90s music quiz answers

  1. Peter Andre
  2. Jarvis Cocker
  3. ...Baby One More Time
  4. Dave Grohl
  5. Hanson

More 90s music quiz questions and answers

80s music quiz questions and answers

80s music quiz questions

  1. What year did Dexys Midnight Runners release Come On Eileen?
  2. Which Frankie Goes to Hollywood song was banned by the BBC?
  3. A 1987 number one hit by The Firm parodied which sci-fi show?
  4. Which 1980s band was the Rev Richard Cole a part of?
  5. Which former Beatle had a number one hit with Stevie Wonder in 1982?

80s music quiz answers

  1. 1982
  2. Relax
  3. Star Trek
  4. The Communards
  5. Paul McCartney

More 80s quiz questions and answers

70s music quiz questions and answers

70s music quiz questions

  1. What was the best selling film soundtrack of the 1970s in the UK?
  2. Which characters famous for living on Wimbledon Common released several novelty singles in the 70s?
  3. What is the first line of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody?
  4. John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads is about which US state?
  5. True or false: Lynyrd Skynyrd got their name from a strict school PE teacher?

70s music quiz answers

  1. Saturday Night Fever
  2. The Wombles
  3. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  4. West Virginia
  5. True

More 70s music quiz questions and answers

60s music quiz questions and answers

60s music quiz questions

  1. How many number one albums did Cilla Black have in the 60s?
  2. The Animals formed in which UK city?
  3. Which blonde bombshell became the face of country music in the 60s?
  4. How many UK number ones did Elvis Presley have in the 60s?
  5. Which American singer-songwriter sang of falling into a Ring Of Fire?

60s music quiz answers

  1. None – her first number one album was in 2015
  2. Newcastle
  3. Dolly Parton
  4. 11
  5. Johnny Cash

More 60s music quiz questions and answers

Soaps quiz questions and answers

Soaps quiz questions

  1. Name the pub featured in Emmerdale.
  2. Who plays Phil Mitchell in EastEnders?
  3. Which iconic soap character lost his first wife to electrocution by hair dryer?
  4. Which year did the first episode of Emmerdale Farm air?
  5. What is the name of Scott Drinkwell’s drag queen alter-ego in Hollyoaks?

Soaps quiz answers

  1. The Woolpack
  2. Steve McFadden
  3. Ken Barlow
  4. 1972
  5. Anita Tinkle

More soaps quiz questions and answers

Netflix quiz questions and answers

Netflix quiz questions

  1. Name the actor who plays the role of Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things.
  2. When was the first season of drama series Ozark released on Netflix?
  3. Which US state was Joe Exotic a.k.a. the Tiger King's G.W. Zoo based?
  4. Who plays the title role in Netflix's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman?
  5. Which 2021 show has Netflix reported as its most-watched original series ever?

Netflix quiz answers

  1. Finn Wolfhard
  2. 2017
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Tom Sturridge
  5. Squid Game

More Netflix quiz questions and answers

Doctor Who quiz questions and answers

Doctor Who quiz questions

  1. What temporarily takes over Rose Tyler's body after she looks into the heart of the TARDIS?
  2. What is the home planet of the Slitheen, and how – exactly – do you spell it?
  3. In 2006’s Doomsday, what country is Bad Wolf Bay in?
  4. How old was Matt Smith when he was cast in Doctor Who?
  5. Which other alien race are the Sea Devils related to?

Doctor Who quiz answers

  1. Bad Wolf
  2. Raxacoricofallapatorius
  3. Norway
  4. 26
  5. The Silurians

More Doctor Who quiz questions and answers

Marvel quiz questions and answers

Marvel quiz questions

  1. Who killed Tony Stark’s parents?
  2. What Top Gun character is Captain Marvel's cat named after?
  3. Director Taika Waititi plays which comedic character first introduced in Thor: Ragnarok?
  4. Natasha Romanoff is the real name of which superhero?
  5. What is the highest-grossing Marvel movie without the word 'Avengers' in the title?

Marvel quiz answers

  1. The Winter Soldier
  2. Goose
  3. Korg
  4. Black Widow
  5. Spider-Man: No Way Home

More Marvel quiz questions and answers

Sci-Fi quiz questions and answers

Sci-Fi quiz questions

  1. Complete the following famous quote from the TV series Lost in Space: “Danger ____ _____.”
  2. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, what song does the rogue computer system HAL 9000 sing to himself as he’s shut down?
  3. Which character speaks the first line in the original 1977 Star Wars movie?
  4. When the Doctor first meets a young Amy Pond after he crashes the TARDIS in her back garden, what food does he ask her for?
  5. What does the licence plate on the DeLorean say in Back To The Future?

Sci-Fi quiz answers

  1. Full quote: “Danger, Will Robinson.”
  2. The nursery rhyme Daisy Bell (Bicycle built for Two)
  3. C-3PO
  4. An apple

More Sci-Fi quiz questions and answers

Harry Potter quiz questions and answers

Harry Potter quiz questions

  1. Name the eldest Weasley sibling.
  2. Who does Dobby serve before he is freed by Harry Potter?
  3. Who is Fluffy?
  4. What is the longest Harry Potter film? (Non-extended versions)
  5. What is the effect of the Obliviate spell?


  1. Bill Weasley
  2. The Malfoy family
  3. Three-headed dog
  4. Chamber of Secrets (161 minutes)
  5. Removes memories

More Harry Potter quiz questions and answers

Disney quiz questions and answers

Disney quiz questions

  1. Who played Cruella de Vil in the 2021 live-action film about the 101 Dalmatians villain?
  2. In The Princess Diaries, Mia Thermopolis is heir to the throne of which fictional country?
  3. How many Pirates of the Caribbean films have been released?
  4. Pedro Pascal stars as the lead character in which original Disney+ series?
  5. In Monsters Inc. what is Sulley's full name?

Disney quiz answers

  1. Emma Stone
  2. Genovia
  3. Five
  4. The Mandalorian
  5. James P. Sullivan

More Disney quiz questions and answers

James Bond quiz questions and answers

James Bond quiz questions

  1. What does the acronym “SPECTRE” stand for?
  2. How many actors have played M in the official James Bond film series?
  3. Which year was Daniel Craig's first Bond film released?
  4. Name Christopher Lee's villain character in The Man With The Golden Gun?
  5. Which famous artist recorded the theme song for Goldeneye?

James Bond quiz answers

  1. Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, Extortion.
  2. Four (Bernard Lee, Robert Brown, Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes)
  3. 2006 (Casino Royale)
  4. Francisco Scaramanga
  5. Tina Turner

More James Bond quiz questions and answers

History quiz questions and answers

History quiz questions

  1. Who discovered penicillin?
  2. The late Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch of the UK, followed by Queen Victoria – but who is third?
  3. Which two houses were involved in the War of the Roses?
  4. Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived – who was Henry VIII's last wife?
  5. Which year did the European Union first introduce the Euro as currency?

History quiz answers

  1. Alexander Fleming
  2. George III
  3. York, Lancaster
  4. Catherine Parr
  5. 1999

More History quiz questions and answers

Star Wars quiz questions and answers

Star Wars quiz questions

  1. What day of the year is known by fans as Star Wars Day?
  2. Who did John Boyega play in the most exact Star Wars films?
  3. The former showrunners of which mega TV series reportedly walked away from a planned Star Wars trilogy?
  4. What is the name of the top secret order given by Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith, calling for all Jedi leaders to be killed?
  5. What type of creature does Luke Skywalker fight underneath Jabba the Hutt's throne in Return of the Jedi?

Star Wars quiz answers

  1. May 4th
  2. Finn
  3. Game of Thrones
  4. Order 66
  5. A Rancor

More Star Wars quiz questions and answers

The Simpsons quiz questions and answers

The Simpsons quiz questions

  1. What’s Marge’s maiden name?
  2. Which Springfield resident often appears as the Devil?
  3. What’s Homer’s catchphrase?
  4. How many fingers do Simpsons characters have?
  5. What instrument does Lisa Simpson play?

The Simpsons quiz answers

  1. Bouvier
  2. Ned Flanders
  3. D'oh!
  4. Four
  5. Saxophone

More The Simpsons quiz questions and answers

  1. Name the three players who share a record for most Premier League red cards (8).
  2. Which English Football League team holds the nickname The Cobblers?
  3. Who scored the fastest goal in Premier League history after just 7.69 seconds?
  4. What is the official name of the original FIFA World Cup trophy used between 1930 and 1970?
  5. Which team became the first to pick up 100 cards in a Premier League season in 2021-22?
  1. Richard Dunne, Patrick Vieira, Duncan Ferguson
  2. Northampton Town
  3. Shane Long (for Southampton against Watford in 2018/19)
  4. Jules Rimet
  5. Leeds United

More football quiz questions and answers

Cricket quiz questions and answers

Cricket quiz questions

  1. Who is the only batsman to record 400 runs in an international Test match?
  2. Which non-UK city was Ben Stokes born in?
  3. What is Joe Root’s ODI shirt number?
  4. Which England bowler earned the nickname ’The Burnley Express’?
  5. Was Alastair Cook’s England Test batting average above or below 45?

Cricket quiz answers

  1. Brian Lara (v England in 2004)
  2. Christchurch, New Zealand
  3. 66
  4. James “Jimmy” Anderson
  5. Above (45.35)

More cricket quiz questions and answers

Tennis quiz questions and answers

Tennis quiz questions

  1. How many Grand Slam singles titles did Serena Williams win across her career?
  2. Who won the Australian Open Women’s Singles title in 2022?
  3. How many Grand Slam titles has Andy Murray won?
  4. Rafael Nadal has won all four majors at least once in his career – true or false?
  5. Who was the last American player to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games Men’s Singles tournament?

Tennis quiz answers

  1. 23
  2. Ashleigh Barty
  3. Three (Wimbledon x2, US Open)
  4. True
  5. Andre Agassi (1996)

More tennis quiz questions and answers

Golf quiz questions and answers

Golf quiz questions

  1. Who won The Match: Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson in 2018?
  2. Which European golfer sunk the iconic winning putt in the 2019 Solheim Cup?
  3. In which US state is the famous Whistling Straits course?
  4. What is Tiger Woods' real first name?
  5. How many majors has Rory McIlroy won in his career so far?

Golf quiz answers

  1. Phil Mickelson
  2. Suzann Pettersen
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Eldrick
  5. Four (PGA Championship x2, US Open, The Open)

More golf quiz questions and answers

Boxing quiz questions and answers

Boxing quiz questions

  1. American boxer James J. Braddock was given which nickname inspired by a popular fairytale story?
  2. Carl Froch defeated which opponent at Wembley in 2014?
  3. Who beat Anthony Joshua in 2021 to become heavyweight champion?
  4. Muhammed Ali was born in which US state?
  5. Who is the Number 1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world according to The Ring’s top 10 rankings?

Boxing quiz answers

  1. Cinderella Man
  2. George Groves
  3. Oleksandr Usyk
  4. Kentucky
  5. Canelo Alvarez

More boxing quiz questions and answers

Film anagram quiz questions and answers

Film anagram quiz questions

  1. beanbag mints
  2. frog had teeth
  3. poetic inn
  4. think legion
  5. end of mining

Film anagram quiz answers

  1. Batman Begins
  2. The Godfather
  3. Inception
  4. The Lion King
  5. Finding Nemo

More film anagrams quiz question and answers

Art quiz questions and answers

Art quiz questions

  1. Where was Frida Kahlo born?
  2. Café Terrace at Night is an 1888 oil painting by which Dutch master?
  3. Where is the original Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh housed?
  4. In which century did Rembrandt live?
  5. In what decade was celebrated artist Tracy Emin born?

Art quiz answers

  1. Mexico
  2. Vincent Van Gogh
  3. Museum of Modern Art, New York
  4. 17th
  5. 1960s

More Art quiz questions and answers

Capital cities quiz questions and answers

Capital cities questions

  1. What is the capital of Bulgaria?
  2. What is the capital of New Zealand?
  3. Beirut is the capital of which country?
  4. What is the capital of Canada?
  5. Hanoi is the capital of which country?
  6. What is the capital of Argentina?
  7. The capital of Iceland is?
  8. Slovakia's capital is?
  9. What's the capital of Belgium?
  10. What is the capital of Brazil?

Capital cities answers

  1. Sofia
  2. Wellington
  3. Lebanon
  4. Ottawa
  5. Vietnam
  6. Buenos Aries
  7. Reykjavik
  8. Bratislava
  9. Brussels
  10. Brasilia

More capital cities quiz questions and answers

True or False quiz questions and answers

True or false quiz questions

  1. The capital of Libya is Benghazi. True or false?
  2. The Prime Minister of Great Britain has to be a sitting Member of Parliament. True or false?
  3. Michael Caine's real name is Reginald Dwight. True or false?
  4. The Second World War started in 1935. True or false?
  5. Netflix began as a DVD rental service. True or false?

True or false quiz answers

  1. False – it’s Tripoli
  2. True
  3. False. That's Elton John. Michael Caine's real name is Maurice Micklewhite.
  4. False. It started in 1939.
  5. True.

More true or false quiz questions and answers

Politics quiz questions and answers

Politics quiz questions

  1. What is the official name of the clock tower commonly referred to as Big Ben?
  2. In 1952 Albert Einstein was offered the Presidency of which country?
  3. What colour are the seats in the House of Commons?
  4. In what year did Britain join the EEC, now known as the European Union?
  5. In which state was former US President Barack Obama born?

Politics quiz answers

  1. Elizabeth Tower
  2. Israel
  3. Green
  4. 1973
  5. Hawaii

More Politics quiz questions and answers

Travel quiz questions and answers

Travel quiz questions

  1. O’Hare Airport serves which American city?
  2. Bohemian Switzerland National Park is in which country?
  3. Which lake is often described as the jewel of the Italian lakes?
  4. In which country would you find the original Legoland?
  5. Which island group includes Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca?

Travel quiz answers

  1. Chicago
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Lake Como
  4. Denmark
  5. The Balearics

More travel quiz questions and answers

Biology quiz questions and answers

Biology quiz questions

  1. A DNA molecule is described as being what shape?
  2. Botany is the study of what life form?
  3. Which process converts sugar to acids, alcohol or gases?
  4. Which chamber of the heart pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs?
  5. What is the largest animal on the planet?

Biology quiz answers

  1. Double helix
  2. Plants
  3. Fermentation
  4. Right ventricle
  5. Blue whale

More biology quiz questions and answers

The Crown quiz questions and answers

The Crown quiz questions

  1. Which actress plays Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown season 5, succeeding Olivia Colman?
  2. Where did the Duke and Duchess of Windsor visit in 1937, later causing controversy for the royal family?
  3. In which Welsh town did a young Prince Charles learn Welsh?
  4. To the nearest day, how many days in total was Elizabeth’s uncle reign as Edward VIII before he abdicated?
  5. Who played Prime Minister Anthony Eden in The Crown?

The Crown quiz answers

  1. Imelda Staunton
  2. Berlin
  3. Aberystwyth
  4. 326
  5. Jeremy Northam

More The Crown quiz questions and answers

Friends quiz questions and answers

Friends quiz questions

  1. What does Rachel claim is her favourite movie?
  2. Which Friend has the middle name Muriel?
  3. What is the name of Phoebe’s elusive roommate whom he never meet?
  4. What are the names of Frank and Alice’s triplets?
  5. Who plays Phoebe’s long-lost father in season 5's 'The One With Joey's Bag'?

Friends quiz answers

  1. Dangerous Liaisons
  2. Chandler
  3. Denise
  4. Chandler, Lesley and Frank Jr. Jr.
  5. Bob Balaban

More Friends quiz questions and answers

Game of Thrones quiz questions and answers

Game of Thrones quiz questions

  1. How does Viserys Targaryen die in Game of Thrones season 1?
  2. Which character is often referred to with ‘Giantsbane’ in their name?
  3. What US premium cable network made Game of Thrones?
  4. ‘All men must die’ translates as what term in High Valyrian?
  5. What is the ancestral home of the Lannister family?

Game of Thrones quiz answers

  1. Khal Drogo pours liquid gold over his head
  2. Tormund
  3. HBO
  4. Valar morghulis
  5. Casterly Rock

More Game of Thrones quiz questions and answers

Breaking Bad quiz questions and answers

Breaking Bad quiz questions

  1. Which colour is commonly associated with Marie Schrader throughout the show?
  2. How many episodes of Breaking Bad were aired?
  3. Which character is nicknamed Cap'n Cook in the pilot episode?
  4. Which specific form of cancer is Walt diagnosed with?
  5. What colour shirt is Walt wearing in the iconic desert scene where he is pointing a gun wearing his white underwear?

Breaking Bad quiz answers

  1. Purple
  2. 62
  3. Jesse Pinkman
  4. Lung cancer
  5. Green

More Breaking Bad quiz questions and answers

Peaky Blinders quiz questions and answers

Peaky Blinders quiz questions

  1. What product does Alfie Solomons make in his warehouses at Camden?
  2. Give the full name of Adrien Brody’s character in the fourth season.
  3. Which area of Birmingham is the show set?
  4. The disappearance of which items prompts Inspector Campbell to visit the Peaky Blinders in the first place?
  5. What does the slang term 'Tokyo' refer to in Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders quiz answers

  1. Rum
  2. Luca Changretta
  3. Small Heath
  4. Guns
  5. Cocaine

More Peaky Blinders quiz questions and answers

Action movie quiz questions and answers

Action movie quiz questions

  1. What actor feels the need, the need for speed, in Top Gun?
  2. What’s the main character, played by Ryan Gosling, in Drive called?
  3. What causes John Wick to return to his old life of crime in John Wick?
  4. Who plays John J Rambo in Rambo?
  5. What iconic weapon does the Bride use in Kill Bill?

Action movie quiz answers

  1. Tom Cruise
  2. His name is never said
  3. His dog's murder
  4. Sylvester Stallone
  5. Samurai sword/katana

More action movie quiz questions and answers

Tie breaker quiz questions and answers

Tie breaker quiz questions

  1. To the nearest thousand, how many words are in the complete works of Shakespeare?
  2. How many minutes long is the film Jaws?
  3. How high is Mount Everest in metres?
  4. How many bones are there in the average adult human body?
  5. What percentage of the Earth's surface is made up of the Atlantic Ocean?

Tie breaker quiz answers

  1. 884,000
  2. 124
  3. 8,848 metres
  4. 206
  5. 20 per cent

More tie breaker quiz questions and answers

WWE wrestling quiz questions and answers

WWE wrestling quiz questions

  1. Who is the tallest ever WWE wrestler?
  2. The Tombstone Piledriver is a finisher made famous by which iconic wrestler?
  3. Who did John Cena debut against?
  4. Edge is married to which former WWE wrestler?
  5. Who is the first ever female Money in the Bank winner?

WWE wrestling quiz answers

  1. Giant Gonzales at eight feet tall
  2. The Undertaker
  3. Kurt Angle
  4. Beth Phoenix
  5. Carmella

More WWE Wrestling quiz questions and answers

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Mon, 14 Nov 2022 23:14:00 -0600 Michael Potts en text/html
Killexams : Dumps from the ‘Car Doctor’

Q. I have a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria that is losing coolant, I have checked the system for leaks and haven’t found any. Even after being parked for a few days there are no wet spots on the ground. The oil is clean with no signs of no moisture in it. I am adding about a quart of coolant a week, what is the issue.

A. The problem is most likely a leaking cylinder head gasket. The standard procedure is to pressure test the cooling system and if the system holds pressure, then the next step is to look for an internal leak. You can purchase a kit that uses a special chemical to look for exhaust gases in the cooling system. These kits are $35-$50 and are easy to use and quite accurate.

Q. My daughter has a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Lately the car has started to vibrate/slide as she brakes, as if the ABS system is engaging even though the road is clear and dry. The light with the squiggly lines will appear briefly. No other lights activate. Our mechanic has been able to experience the issue but has not been able to fix the issue. Any advice?

A. The anti-lock brake system uses sensors at each wheel that monitor wheel rotation. What you describe as a phantom ABS application can usually be traced to a rusted or cracked ABS tone wheel. A careful inspection and some testing should be able to pinpoint the problem.

Q. My Mazda 2014 CX-9 has about 55,000 miles on it. During a couple of four-hour drives on the highway I noticed a hum coming from the car. After some novice detective work figured it to be the right rear wheel bearing/hub was the problem. I removed the assembly and replaced it with a “sorry to say” economy brand part I purchased online. I road tested it and for about 300 miles of highway driving, no sounds. Unfortunately, after a few hundred more miles the same “hum” is back, although less intense. I did more internet research, and some comments were that this brand failed prematurely. And other sites mentioned a bit of a sophisticated install process. The replacement of this bearing hub is straightforward: remove defective part and install replacement. Four bolts hold the assembly to the rear axle assembly, and you just remove and reinstall the axel nut. Mixed recommendations on the torque specs for the axel nut: 200ftlbs/258ftlbs. Do you think I just got a lemon part? Did I install it incorrectly? Not like the old days when you’d repack the wheel bearings and “set” them with rotating the wheel and tightening and backing off the holding nut.

A. I suspect you may have gotten an inferior part. You are correct the replacement of the bearing is fairly simple. According to AllData the technical database I use, the attachment bolts should be tightened to 58–75-foot pounds and the axle nut is tightened to 175-202 foot pounds of torque.

Q. I have three simple questions that I can’t get an answer for so I’m coming to you. What window wash fluid do you recommend, especially in the cold Northeast states, are there any window treatment products do you recommend that shed water or prevent fogging and are gas additives worth the money? My car is a 2015 Kia Soul, but I’m sure the advice applies to most cars.

A. When choosing windshield washer fluid (which is basically soap, water and alcohol) look for fluid that will protect against freezing to at least 20 degrees below zero. Some fluids will have additives that do a better job of removing bugs and other debris and some will bead water. What ever fluid you choose, the best results come from a clean windshield. Clean the windshield inside and out with a good quality window cleaner and then go over the windshield with a clean microfiber cloth. Regarding window treatments, I have tried some and had mixed results, so I tend to stay away from them. If you are trying to prevent fogging, first make sure your defroster is set to fresh air. Fogging happens when there is a temperature differential of the inside and outside of the windshield. A DIY method to prevent fogging is to clean the window with shaving foam. I haven’t tried it on my car but it works on my bathroom mirror. Regarding fuel additives, adding a fuel injector cleaner periodically and using a gas line antifreeze just before cold winter temperatures can’t hurt, although typically not necessary if you use quality fuel and keep the fuel tak at least half full to prevent moisture.

Q. My 2008 Suzuki XL7, runs great but the RPM (idle speed) will dip or hesitate? Again, it runs great on the highway. I think it’s the timing belt or serpentine belt is off, what do you think?

A. A worn timing or serpentine won’t cause an engine to idle poorly. I suspect there is a fuel issue. This could be a clogged/dirty fuel injector, vacuum leak or even a sticking exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve.

Q. Let me first say that I enjoy the insight that comes from you on both your radio show and Newsday. My question is about thread sealant. When doing routine repairs on my vehicles (brakes, suspension etc.) is it advisable to use thread sealant as an additional measure of safety or is it ok to just tighten nuts and bolts according to manufacturer’s specification?

A. Topically use a thread locker (Loctite is one) when that bolt is under extreme stress or instructed to by the vehicle manufacturer. If the fasteners are something that is something that are removed periodically, I wouldn’t use thread locker, just tighten to manufactures specifications.

Got a car question, email the Car Doctor for a personal reply.

Fri, 25 Nov 2022 22:00:00 -0600 By John Paul, Senior Manager, Public Affairs and Traffic Safety, AAA Northeast en-US text/html
Killexams : Five interview questions you should be asking as an executive No result found, try new keyword!When interviewing as an executive, it is just as important to bring your own thoughtful questions to the table as it is to meet theirs confidently. This can show prospective employers that you’re ... Wed, 07 Dec 2022 01:00:00 -0600 text/html Killexams : 20 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them No result found, try new keyword!There's only one thing standing between you and the job that you want: your answers to common interview questions. When you know how to answer interview questions in a way that impresses the ... Tue, 11 Sep 2012 00:32:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : 100+ Fascinating Questions That Don't Have Answers

It’s human nature to be curious, and people have an undying desire to answer every question that comes to mind.

With advances in technology and the connectivity of the internet, questions that might have gone unanswered for eternity have come to a conclusive resolution.

However, even with all of the information at our disposal, there are some questions that simply do not have answers.

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100+ Questions That Don’t Have Answers

There are many questions that have gone unanswered forever and will most likely continue to cause confusion in the minds of those who just need to know. And that list of unanswerable questions is huge.

Some of the questions that plague us are about the concept of time, science, or philosophy. Others are random, weird, or funny and are centered around curiosity, not a bonafide need.

Life’s Biggest Unanswerable Questions

Below is a list of thought-provoking questions that may leave you baffled, send you out in search of real answers, or make you double over in laughter.

1. If God made everything, who made God?

2. Do ghosts exist and, if so, how do we know?

3. How did life first start?

4. Is there anything that can travel faster than light?

5. How did we first determine there was a consciousness and a subconsciousness?

6. Do beings on other planets consider us aliens?

7. If everyone has their truth, how do we know what the real truth is?

8. Why are cars built to go faster than the speed limits?

9. What came first, the sun or the Earth?

10. How far east can you travel before you start traveling west?

Most Confusing Unanswerable Questions

This next set of questions can take you down an endless trail of confusion, thinking and rethinking your answers. In the end, you'll have to accept you simply don't know.

11. Was math invented by humans or simply discovered?

12. When you forget a thought, where does it go?

13. What makes you uniquely you?

14. If rules are meant to be broken, why make them in the first place?

15. What do people who have been deaf since birth hear when they think?

16. What do blind people see when they dream?

17. If you try to lose on purpose, but accidentally win, did you win or lose?

18. If you are expecting the unexpected, isn’t the unexpected now expected?

19. When your soul leaves your body, does it look like you?

20. If Adam and Eve were the first and only people, aren’t we all related?

21. If you enjoyed wasting time, were you really wasting time?

22. Who was the first teacher’s teacher?

23. When you wait for your waiter to come take your order, aren’t you now the “waiter”?

24. What exactly was the first person to milk a cow really trying to do?

25. What is the exact definition of perfect health?

26. Do animals have a subconscious?

27. Will reincarnation ever be possible, or does it already exist?

28. Do you really need a license for a self-driving vehicle?

29. Is it possible to know it all?

30. Can technology be used to control our emotions?

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Unanswerable Questions About the Concept of Time

Time is a big topic. Because we use it to decide when birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions occur, there tend to be many unanswered questions about the concept.

31. When did time first begin?

32. Is there a reason you are here at this point in your life?

33. Does time end at some point?

34. Will time travel ever be possible?

35. Why do we keep time?

36. Who decided age is based on rotations around the sun?

37. If the early bird gets the worm, why do they tell you that good things come to those who wait?

38. Who created the first calendar and how’d they know where to start?

39. How do we know the future is not actually the past and vice versa?

40. Will there come a time when people will live forever?

41. Will people still drive in 20 years?

42. Does time always move forward?

43. Are past, present, and future real?

44. Is time infinite or will it one day run out?

45. Does time really exist or is it a shared mental construct?

Scientific Unanswerable Questions

Science has resolved a lot of questions for humankind over time. Still, there are many curiosities for which there are still no answers.

46. Is the Earth alive?

47. Where does the universe begin and end?

48. If you drill a hole through the middle of the earth and leap through, are you falling or floating?

49. Were there people that existed before the universe?

50. If everyone on Earth leapt into the ocean at once, would we flood the world?

51. Do caterpillars know they will morph into butterflies or do they just like cocoons?

52. If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys running around?

53. Who decided February should have 28/29 days while all the rest had 30/31?

54. Will a journey to the center of the earth ever really be possible?

55. Will we ever find a cure for cancer?

56. How long before people can opt to clone themselves?

57. Is there life on other planets?

58. Will we one day be able to back our brains up on storage devices?

59. If a human being is genetically enhanced, are they still human?

Funny Unanswerable Questions

The questions in the section won't necessarily change our lives if answered, but will definitely garner a chuckle or two.

60. Why do people bake cookies but cook bacon?

61. At what age does old age begin?

62. How do you know your life isn’t just one crazy hallucination?

63. If you hit yourself and it hurts, are you weak or are you strong?

64. If something is described as “indescribable,” hasn’t it just been described?

65. How would you look up the word “dictionary” in the dictionary?

66. How far up do bald people go when washing their faces?

67. Why do people say “slept like a baby” when babies wake up throughout the night?

68. If a cyclops closes its eye, is it winking or blinking?

69. Are eyebrows facial hair?

70. Can you talk down to a person taller than you?

71. Are prisons equipped with emergency exits?

72. If you dive into the fountain of youth but can’t swim and drown, will you still live forever?

73. If Cinderella fit the lost slipper perfectly, how did she lose it in the first place?

74. If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how do we find it?

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Random Unanswerable Questions

Do you know someone who randomly asks questions that make you wonder how they got there? Well, there are some things they might have tossed around in their strange minds.

75. What are dreams made of?

76. How long will people remember you once you die?

77. Why set goals if everyone is eventually just going to die?

78. Are soulmates really a thing or do two people just like each other a lot?

79. Why do we have belly buttons for our entire lives?

80. What do they call French kissing in France?

81. What is the wealth and fame threshold for being “assassinated” and not “murdered”?

82. Do dentists go to other dentists?

83. If R-rated movies are for adults, why do children act in them?

84. Are braces removed when someone dies?

85. Since tomatoes are a fruit, should ketchup be considered a smoothie?

86. Does hating hateful people make you a hateful person?

87. If the number 2 pencil is most widely used, why is it not number 1?

88. If people forget about you after you die, did you really ever exist?

89. Do we all hear sounds the same?

Philosophical Unanswerable Questions

Many thinkers have attempted to provide responses to philosophical questions. But there are some that might forever plague us.

90. Are we actually free-willed or are our actions predetermined by destiny?

91. What happens after you die?

92. Is it really possible to be objective?

93. What is the purpose of human beings?

94. What is God?

94. What is the Devil?

96. Who decided what was right and what was wrong?

97. If killing is so wrong, what makes us kill people who kill other people?

98. Was there a time when nothing existed?

99. Is karma real or are we just making it up so people will be kind?

Weird Unanswerable Questions

Some questions can only be described as "weird." Sure, we might want to know, but is it really necessary?

100. Which came first, the fruit called “orange” or the color?

101. Are we really living or are we actually dying slowly?

102. At what point does it go from partly sunny to partly cloudy?

103. Why does glue not stick to the inside of the bottle?

104. In the word “scent” which letter is silent: the "s" or the "c"?

105. What is the color of a mirror?

106. If it loses its wings, is it still a “fly”?

107. Why does a “cold” make your body temperature hot with fever?

108. If you drop soap on the floor, is the floor now clean or is the soap now dirty?

109. How do we know when it’s “all said and done”?

110. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

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NyRee Ausler is a writer from Seattle, Washington, and author of seven books. She covers lifestyle and entertainment and news, as well as navigating the workplace and social issues.

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Sat, 03 Dec 2022 04:33:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : Relationship therapist: The ten questions you need to be able to answer about your partner to know whether you're in a healthy relationship

Relationship therapist: The ten questions you need to be able to answer about your partner to know whether you're in a healthy relationship

  • A relationship therapist shared 10 questions all couples should be able to answer
  • Lauren Consul, from California, is a popular marriage and family therapist 
  • The questions include casual habits, intimate preferences, and big stressors

A marriage and family therapist has shared a list of ten questions you need to be able to answer about your partner to know whether you're in a healthy relationship.

The questions include how they like their eggs cooked and how many times they would like to be having sex each week. 

Lauren Consul, from California, is best known for sharing professional relationship advice on TikTok, and her latest video details the important information every couple needs to know about their other half.

Scroll down for video

Lauren Consul [pictured], from California, is best known for sharing professional relationship advice on TikTok

'If you can answer the majority of these questions about your partner, you're doing something right in your relationship,' Lauren said.

She added, 'It means you're paying attention to not just the big things - but also the small things - and you're making them important and internalising them.'

The questions can fit into four major categories: everyday routine, personal preferences, intimate issues, and trying times.

Everyday routine

Do you know how your partner likes their eggs cooked?


How many can you answer?

  • 0-3 125 votes
  • 4-6 222 votes
  • 7-10 1216 votes

Do they like the toilet paper over or under?

Personal preferences 

What would they consider to be a big purchase?

If you were to arrive at a bar before your partner, what would they want you to order for them?

What was their dream job when they were in elementary school? 

Intimate issues

How do they like you to flirt with them? 

How frequently would they ideally like to be having sex?

A marriage and family therapist has just revealed a list of ten questions you need to be able to answer about your partner to know if you're in a healthy relationship

Trying times 

What is something that they're very self conscious about? 

What is the biggest tell that they are stressed out?

What is one of the biggest stressors in their life right now?

10 questions you need to be able to answer about your partner 

  1. Do you know how your partner likes their eggs cooked?
  2. What would they consider to be a big purchase?
  3. What was their dream job when they were in elementary school?
  4. If you were to arrive at a bar before your partner, what would they want you to order for them?
  5. How frequently would they ideally like to be having sex?
  6. What is something that they're very self conscious about? 
  7. Do they like the toilet paper over or under?
  8. What is the biggest tell that they are stressed out?
  9. How do they like you to flirt with them?
  10. What is one of the biggest stressors in their life right now?



Many immediately sent the video to their partners in the hopes that they could answer the questions.

'I sent this to my boyfriend and he got seven right!' one woman wrote. 'I'm so proud.'

'I'm almost too thinking to answer these seriously,' said another. 'I barely know these things about myself'.

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Killexams : CBSE Class 10 Biology Chapter Wise Important Dumps for 2023

CBSE Class 10 Biology ALL Chapters Important Questions with Answers for the upcoming board examination 2023 of CBSE Class 10 Science students. Designed by subject experts to help you score more marks.

Important Questions for CBSE Class 10 Biology: In this article, we are providing different types of important questions (MCQs, very short and short answer questions, case study based questions, long answer questions) with their answers. This is to help the candidates of CBSE Class 10 Science prepare the Biology portions of the syllabus. 

Science syllabus for CBSE Class 10th is a consolidated whole with basic and essential elements from the field of Chemistry, Biology and Physics to help students have a strong foundation for their academic and professional pursuits. However, the course consists of a total of five units where the second and fifth units are Physics.

First let us have a brief look at CBSE Class 10 Science topics.

Unit I: Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour

Unit II: World of Living

Unit III: Natural Phenomena

Unit IV: Effects of Current

Unit V: Natural Resources

Here, as mentioned above, the second unit - World of Living and the fifth unit - Natural Resources are the Biology portions.  

Let us look at these two units in detail.

Unit II: World of Living

Life processes: Living Being. Basic concepts of nutrition, respiration, transport and excretion in plants and animals.

Control and coordination in animals and plants: Tropic movements in plants; Introduction of plant hormones; Control and coordination in animals: Nervous system; Voluntary, involuntary and reflex action; Chemical coordination: animal hormones.

Reproduction: Reproduction in animals and plants (asexual and sexual) reproductive health – need and methods of family planning. Safe sex vs. HIV/AIDS. Child bearing and women‘s health.

Heredity and Evolution: Heredity; Mendel‘s contribution- Laws for inheritance of traits: Sex determination: brief introduction: (topics excluded - evolution; evolution and classification and evolution should not be equated with progress).

To check the syllabus in details, view CBSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2022-23

Unit V: Natural Resources

Our environment: Eco-system, Environmental problems, Ozone depletion, waste production and their solutions. Biodegradable and non-biodegradable substances.

These Important Dumps are from these Biology portions of the CBSE Class 10 Science curriculum in a chapter wise format. 

In the table given below, you will get the link to all the Important Dumps of CBSE Class 10 Chemistry for 2023.

Along with the revised syllabus, students must be aware of the latest course structure to understand and prioritise accordingly the division of their attention and labour on different topics. 

CBSE Class 10 Science Course Structure (Annual Examination)

Theory Marks - 80

Unit No.




Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour



World of Living



Natural Phenomena



Effects of Current



Natural Resources






Internal assessment



Grand Total


Biology is a very interesting subject. At the secondary level, Biology is basically portions of Zoology and Botany that helps students build a strong foundation if they wish to pursue Biology in higher secondary and college level. It is an essential subject if students wish to continue in the field of medical science, pharmacology, Biotechnology and so on. 

Hence, all candidates must pay attention to these important Dumps to perform their best in CBSE Class 10 board examinations. 

Also check: CBSE Class 10 Science sample Paper 2022-23

All the best!

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Killexams : Got questions about Medicare enrollment? Here are answers

CLEVELAND, Ohio — If you’re in the middle of making decisions about Medicare coverage, you’ve got a little over a month to gather information and find answers to your questions.

How to choose a Medicare drug plan, what are the costs of various plans and what are the deadlines are common questions that arise during the Medicare open enrollment period, which runs through Wednesday, Dec. 7.

A panel of Medicare experts offered answers recently during The Plain Dealer and Guide to Medicare & Golden Retirement presented by Medical Mutual.

Below are questions posed by some of the 600 registrants who signed up for the virtual free event. Answers were supplied by panelists Christina Reeg, program director of the Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP) housed within the Ohio Department of Insurance; Amanda McFarland, account manager for Northeast Ohio at Medical Mutual; and Katie Goff, director of pharmacy, Medicare and Information Services at Medical Mutual. Some answers were provided by

Q: I’m not planning on using Medicare next year. Do I still need to enroll?

If you don’t take Medicare when you’re first eligible, you can sign up every year during the general enrollment period. But there is a penalty. It’s 10% of the Part B premium for every year of delay. If you’re two years late, the penalty is 20%. So typically, if you’re eligible for Medicare, you absolutely want to sign up.

The only exception to that penalty comes if you are covered by current group health coverage. If you or your spouse is currently working, and the current employer is providing you with health insurance, you can delay that Medicare Part B sign-up with no penalty. But mostly, if you’re not working, you need to sign up for Medicare.

Q: Does Medicare take money from my Social Security benefits?

Most people elect to have (Medicare premiums) come out of their Social Security check. It’s just easier than getting a bill and having to pay it. But premiums don’t have to come out of Social Security.

Typically, the times when members have lost their Medicare, the reason was because it wasn’t automatically deducted from Social Security and they forgot to pay for it.

Q: Is there a deadline for adding a supplemental plan?

Remember, Medicare supplement is the secondary coverage after original Medicare - adding coverage for things Medicare doesn’t pay, such as Part A and Part B deductibles, coinsurance and copayments. If you’re in original Medicare, you can apply for a supplement any day of the year. Individuals new to Medicare Part B and are at least 65 years old have a 6-month open enrollment to purchase Medicare Supplemental Insurance without medical underwriting.

The best time to buy is when you’re new to Medicare; then you have a six-month Medicare supplement open enrollment period. At that time, you can make an application for any plan that’s out there. The plan has to accept your application. Beyond that enrollment period, if you apply for a supplement, they may sell to you or they may not.

Q. How will I know if my drugs are covered if I go to a new Medicare Part D plan?

We live and breathe by a formulary, or a list of drugs, that the plans cover. Every plan is different. Check to see how that plan covers your drugs. You can do this by visiting the plan’s website.

The websites allow you to put in your list of medications and see how each of the plan options available from that plan will cover your drugs. As an example, allows you to compare prices for specific drugs by plan.

Q: Does income affect premium cost?

It can, yes. For part B and part D — not Medicare Advantage — you could pay more if you have a high income (over $97,000 for individuals, $194,000 for couples). If you’re low income, there’s additional help out there to help you pick up some of those costs.

Q: How are independent Medicare agents compensated?

There’s no cost to the member to work with an agent. The agents are compensated by the insurance carriers. If somebody’s asking you to pay for their services, that should be a red flag. The agents are not compensated unless a member enrolls in a plan they represent.

Q: Can I pay my Medicare premium with a health savings account?

Once you’re on Medicare Part A, you can no longer contribute into a health savings account. But if you’ve got money sitting there in an account, you can spend it on any medical need, including the premium.

Q: In a Medicare Advantage plan, is there an amount I must pay out of pocket before the plan starts paying?

There are going to be co-pays for all sorts of sorts of different services. But the nice thing about Medicare Advantage, is that Medicare Advantage plans have a maximum out-of-pocket charge. Whereas with original Medicare, if you incur a lot of high-cost claims, there would be no cap. It’s not like a group insurance plan where you might have a $2,500 deductible and then once you hit that, the (health insurance) carrier starts paying. Medicare Advantage is different.

Q: If I am not taking any prescription drugs, how do I choose a Medicare part D plan?

Think about those acute episodes of illness when you may need an antibiotic . Or you might want your vaccines; they’re going to be free in 2023. Look at it from that perspective. You’ll have to pay out of your pocket for those products if you don’t have part D to cover it.

Q: Can I go to any hospital within a Medicare Advantage plan?

Each health insurance carrier is going to have its own network of hospitals. If you have an emergency situation that is life threatening, it does not matter where you go. Get to that closest hospital and you are covered for emergency and urgent care no matter what. But for routine surgery, make sure you’re using an in-network hospital.

Here are websites that can help with Medicare questions:


Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP)

Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging

Medicare plan comparison tool

If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation.

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Killexams : Dumps from the ‘Car Doctor’

Q. I was following my wife as she was driving her 2017 Toyota Camry down the highway last week heading to Maine. When she first got on the highway there must have been a gallon of water that came out of the tailpipe. Is this serious?

A. When an internal combustion engine burns a gallon of gasoline it makes nearly a gallon of water. Generally, this water gets so hot it disappears as steam vapor. If your wife’s car in driven primarily short distances the water collects in the muffler. When she accelerated out on the highway the collected water was forced from the exhaust system. This is completely normal and also explains why muffler systems rust from the inside out.

Q. I have a 2002 Hyundai Elantra that has a crankshaft seal leak. The mechanic is suspicious that the engine has a problem. As of right now he is saying that I might be looking at as much as $2500 to fix the oil leak. Can you supply me some advice?

A. There have been problems with the thrust bearing wearing on the 2.0-liter four cylinder engines in some Hyundai models. When these bearings wear or in some cases fall out all together the crankshaft “walks” in the engine block and causes the crankshaft seal to leak. To replace the bearings is a big job, taking nearly 13 hours. At 20 years old it may make more sense just to live with the oil leak.

Q. My check engine light came on and I had a diagnostic check, and nothing was wrong. Since then, the light comes on once every two weeks. What should I do?

A. If the check engine light comes on there is a problem of some kind. When the light is on, go back to the repair shop and have them check the car for a trouble/fault code. This code won’t pinpoint the exact cause of the problem but will lead the technician to the proper repair.

Q. Electric vehicles are always in the news and in fact I don’t go a day now without seeing some electric vehicle. But my question is when will we see real self-driving cars?

A. Self-driving cars are divided into different levels of autonomy from 0 to 5. At Level 0 you are in full control, Level 1 is typically smart cruise control, Level 2 has some steering assist and Level 3 the car drives itself until it can’t and then the driver needs to jump in and take over. Level 4 is full self-driving on certain roadways and finally level 5 is completely self-driving on all roads and in fact the car may not have a steering wheel. Currently Mercedes Benz is offering some Level 3 car in Europe and may be offering them here sometime next year in their new line of EQ electric vehicles.

Q. My car coolant and transmission fluid started mixing causing my transmission to fill up with a yogurt like substance. I believe the head gaskets are blown out what is the best solution for this?

A. If it were a head gasket there would be coolant in the oil and oil in the radiator. In the case of your car, there is oil in the coolant and coolant in the transmission fluid, which indicates the transmission oil cooler has failed. The transmission cooler is part of the radiator. Depending on how long the fluids have been mixed together the transmission may need an overhaul and cooling system completely flushed out as well as the hoses and thermostat replaced. Sometimes you can get lucky and flush out the cooling system and the transmission and the everything will operate as designed.

Q. I always read your column, and but now I would like your honest opinion. I have a 2003 Mazda Miata that I bought new. It has 115,000 miles and is well taken care of and I love this car. However, I just paid $1200 to have a new brake line replaced, an axle seal leak fixed and some other maintenance stuff. I have been averaging $1000 for repairs every year for a few years, sometimes a bit more. Friends say get rid of it, it’s too small, it’s too old, I’m too old and it’s a money pit. The problem is short of buying a new Miata there isn’t anything I like better. I like the simplicity of this car, and how much fun it is to drive. Is this crazy? My other car is a 2015 Lexus LS, what do you think?

A. Repairing an old car is always cheaper than buying a new car. If the Miata is structurally sound (some Miatas can get very rusty), fairly dependable and satisfies your needs, spending $1000 a year isn’t crazy. For many cars today $1000 would be two and three months of car payments. Although at some point you may need to consider a replacement when dependability becomes more of an issue. Since you also own a very dependable Lexus, I vote to keep and repair the Miata. By the way, who says you are too old to drive a Miata, certainly not me.

Q. Do you really send a personal replay to every question you get? I think you once wrote that there are no stupid questions. I have a couple of questions that I want to send and feel they may be too trivial.

A. Yes, I will try to answer every question, in fact readers if you don’t hear from me in a few days, email me again. And like my fourth-grade teacher said, the only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask. Although just to prove the point, I think the original source of that statement is Confucius who said “the man who asks a stupid question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask a stupid question is a fool for life” So readers was it Confucius?

Got a car question, email The Car Doctor for a personal reply.

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