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RSA SecurID Certified(R) Systems Engineer 7.1x
Question: 61
What default ports need to be opened if a company wants to implement and/or administer
RSA SecurID behind a firewall? (Choose two)
A. 5500 UDP
B. 5500 TCP
C. 5510 TCP
D. 5520 UDP
E. 1024 -65535 UDP
Answer: A E
Question: 62
The RSA Credential Manager function allows
A. users to self-register for RSA SecurID tokens.
Replica servers.
B. managers to control the deployment of
C. administrators to install software token packages remotely.
D. Agents to determine what credentials are valid for authentication.
Answer: A
Question: 63
RSA Authentication Manager installation on a UNIX platform is similar to installation on
a Linux platform because both platforms require
A. an Enterprise license
B. the installer to run as 'root'
C. internet access to obtain security patch files
D. the use of a command line console during installation
Answer: B
Question: 64
Planning the installation of RSA Authentication Manager software or an RSA SecurID
Appliance should
A. include planning what Agents are required at network access points.
B. take place after Agent devices and software have been installed and configured.
C. determine how to add the logout time of any authenticated users to the Agent audit
D. include how to generate and securely distribute Node Secret values for Agents in the
Answer: A
Question: 65
The value of an on-demand tokencode is
A. its ability to be re-used for login up to 5 times before expiration.
B. that it can be supplied to users who have no assigned authenticator.
C. that multiple users can share the same tokencode in an emergency.
D. the added security of a token that only displays a tokencode when activated.
Answer: B
Question: 66
After installation of RSA Authentication Manager software or RSA SecurID Appliance,
it is important to ensure
A. the correct UTC time is set in the Server host or Appliance.
B. that Agents and the Server host or Appliance are on the same network subnet.
C. that DHCP is enabled to assign a valid IP address to the Server host or Appliance.
D. the correct sdconf.rec file is moved from any installed Agent to the Server or
Answer: A
Question: 67
For what installation situations is creating a 'package' file necessary before installation
can begin? (Choose two)
A. for RADIUS client installation
B. for a RADIUS server installation
C. for an Authentication Agent installation
D. for a Replica database server installation
E. for a Primary database server installation
Answer: B D
Question: 68
RSA Authentication Manager software AND the RSA SecurID Appliance BOTH allow
the use of a separate, and standalone
A. RADIUS server
B. ORACLE database
C. LDAP user data source
D. Credential Manager server
Answer: C
Question: 69
arranged with the Organizational Units shown in the exhibit, how
If an LDAP directory is
can two Authentication Manager Realms be structured such that Realm 1 contains the
users in ou=B and Realm 2 contains the users in ou=C?
A. Create an Identity Source for all ou=A users in the default SystemDomain realm then
move the desired users to Realm 1 and Realm 2.
B. Create an Identity Source for ou=B and associate it with Realm 1; create another
Identity Source for ou=C and associate it with Realm 2.
C. Create an Identity Source for all ou=A users, create separate Security Domains for
ou=B and ou=C users,
and associate each Security Domain with a realm.
D. Create an Identity Source for ou=A and associate it with both Realm 1 and Realm 2
then filter each realm to include only the desired users for ou=B and ou=C .
Answer: B
Question: 70
In a Primary/Replica environment, administrative changes can be made only on a server
in the Primary instance.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Question: 71
Which of the following statements is true regarding restriction of user access by time of
A. Restricted times can only be set by using an Access Time template.
B. Time restrictions are established according to user group membership.
C. Fractional times zones can be selected for setting allowed access times.
D. Time restrictions are enforced for both restricted and unrestricted Agents.
Answer: B
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RSA Certified mock - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/050-v71x-CSESECURID Search results RSA Certified mock - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/050-v71x-CSESECURID https://killexams.com/exam_list/RSA RSA Adds Products To Services Certification Program

Netwitness, a network security monitoring system, and Archer, a platform for managing governance, risk and compliance, have been added to the company's Authorized Services Network, Joe Gabriel, director of worldwide channel marketing for EMC-owned RSA, said Tuesday. Before the addition, ASN only covered RSA's enVision and Data Loss Prevention Suite.

In an interview at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Gabriel said Netwitness provides the bigger opportunity for post-sales revenue. The certification program provides training in forensic analysis with Netwitness, which gathers and stores event data from a network. Such data is used to track attacks.

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"Getting trained and getting that skill set to become that network forensic analyst is huge for a partner," Garbriel said. "That's the service they can add."

Archer is targeted at channel partners with a different practice than those selling Netwitness. While the latter is a security product, Archer is aimed at helping an organization set and manage policies throughout the IT network.

"It's a different type of a skillset from a traditional security reseller partner," Gabriel said. "Having a GRC practice is very different than having a security practice and obviously very different from having a network forensic practice."

RSA partners with GRC practices include FishNet Security and Accuvant.

In January, RSA launched a revised SecurWorld partner-training program that divided the company's channel products into two categories: authentication and identity and security management. To encourage certification, the company offered approved partners as much as double the deal registration margin on some products. In addition, RSA stopped requiring partners to get certified in the entire product portfolio and allowed them to specialize in one category or the other

"With the changes that we made in the program, we have the training available and we have a rich set of incentives and rewards for partners that invest in RSA," Gabriel said.

In other RSA news, the company released Monday an upgrade of Netwitness that included enhancements to the software's central management console and increased the amount of intelligence data within the system.

Tue, 28 Feb 2012 08:13:00 -0600 text/html https://www.crn.com/news/security/232601680/rsa-adds-products-to-services-certification-program
Validation of certificates

When a certification authority wants to revoke a certificate prior to the expiry of the indicated validity period, it records the serial number of the certificate on a validation server in a Certificate Revocation List.

Validation servers can be used in three ways:

  • On one hand the complete Certificate Revocation List (CRL) in standardized data format can be downloaded in regular intervals (e. g. once a week). When using this procedure possibly one only becomes aware of a revocation after days.

  • On the other hand one can send the serial number of a certificate during validation to the server that responds whether the certificate is still valid: Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP).

  • Even better the servers includes into his response the current corresponding OCSP response signed and timestamped by the certification authority: OCSP Stapling.

Addresses for CRL obtain are included as additional details in the issued certificates and the OCSP address in the certificate of the certification authority. This allows for fully automatic use of the validation mechanisms. CRLs can also be used semiautomatically or manually.

To keep up-to-date, the links in the table below point directly to the validation servers of the certification authorities involved in the operation of the CA.

When you import a CRL this way, your WWW program probably starts to reload the newest version of the CRL from the same address in regular intervals.

When clicking on Import the certificate is downloaded in binary format for automatically importing into your WWW program. When clicking on Text the certificate is downloaded in PEM format for saving.

PDF certificates

„TCS“ certificates



X.509 root CA

X.509 alternative root CA



User RSA certificates:
GEANT Personal CA 4
Import (.crl)

USERTrust RSA Certification Authority
Import (.crl)

AAA Certificate Services
Import (.crl)

User eScience RSA certificates:
GEANT eScience Personal CA 4
Import (.crl)

Code Signing RSA certificates:
GEANT Code Signing CA 4
Import (.crl)

Server RSA certificates:
Import (.crl)

Server eScience RSA certificates:
GEANT eScience SSL CA 4
Import (.crl)

Server RSA certificates via ACME:
Sectigo RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA
Import (.crl)

User ECC certificates:
GEANT Personal ECC CA 4
Import (.crl)

USERTrust ECC Certification Authority
Import (.crl)

User eScience ECC certificates:
GEANT eScience Personal ECC CA 4
Import (.crl)

Server ECC certificates:
Import (.crl)

Server eScience ECC certificates:
Import (.crl)

Server ECC certificates via ACME:
Sectigo ECC Organization Validation Secure Server CA
Import (.crl)

„Global“ certificates

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