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050-SEPROSIEM-01 course outline - RSA Certified SE Professional in Security Information and Event Management Updated: 2023 050-SEPROSIEM-01 Brain Dumps with Real Questions. Read and pass
Exam Code: 050-SEPROSIEM-01 RSA Certified SE Professional in Security Information and Event Management course outline June 2023 by team
RSA Certified SE Professional in Security Information and Event Management
RSA Professional course outline

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RSA Certified SE Professional in Security Information
and Event Management
Device classes
A. apply to only active devices.
B. include multiple levels of sub-classes.
C. represent the status of devices and provide a framework for organizing the devices.
D. represent the general function of the devices and provide a framework for organizing the devices.
The Collector service
A. stores the log information in its raw format.
B. retrieves data according to requests and requirements for event viewing, reporting, queries, and alerts.
C. provides support for the Task Triage incident management and the Vulnerability and Assessment
Management features.
D. interprets all incoming event data to discover new devices not currently being monitored and adds new
devices to the list of monitored devices.
Events can be collected using which of the following services?
A. Syslog and Agentless Windows
B. Syslog, SNMP, File Reader, and ODBC
C. Syslog, SNMP, File Reader, ODBC, and Agentless Windows
D. Syslog, SNMP, File Reader, ODBC, Agentless Windows, SDEE, LEA and VMware Collector
Supported devices that require a service
A. do not need any additional configuration.
B. do not need to be added to the Manage Monitored Devices screen.
C. must be configured ahead of time and have the correct service installed to communicate with RSA
D. must be configured ahead of time and be set up in the EventSource Integrator to communicate with RSA
A device in active state has events that
A. are waiting to be stored in the Collector service.
B. are collected and stored via the Collector service.
C. have begun being collected from support devices.
D. have begun being collected from a new unknown device.
Device classes
A. apply to only active devices.
B. include multiple levels of sub-classes.
C. represent the status of devices and provide a framework for organizing the devices.
D. represent the general function of the devices and provide a framework for organizing the devices.
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Professional Studies Course Login

UAB is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and family-friendly environment in which all faculty and staff can excel and achieve work/life balance irrespective of race, national origin, age, genetic or family medical history, gender, faith, gender identity and expression as well as sexual orientation. UAB also encourages applications from individuals with disabilities and veterans.

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Professional Officer Course

The final two years of the four-year program comprise the Professional Officer Course (POC). It consists of four three-credit Aerospace Studies courses, a non-credit leadership laboratory each semester, and PT twice weekly. POC cadets earn a monthly stipend, tax-free subsistence allowance during the academic year and incur a military obligation after graduation. To be accepted into the POC, students must pass a physical examination, Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT), a physical fitness test, and meet certain academic standards. Cadets must compete for an enrollment allocation for field training which is normally administered the summer before POC entry.  

Recommended Course Sequence

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Refer to this link to search for the archived course outlines: The system has archived outlines starting from Fall 2015 onwards.

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All HSCI courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels must have a detailed syllabus that delineates course objectives and means of assessment. Attached to this policy is a template to help you design of a syllabus so that it outlines the appropriate level of detail in terms of content, objectives, and assessment tools. The recommended text in regards to grading distributions, student conduct, and other policies are also provided.

All new and substantively updated/revised courses must be reviewed as indicated below. Syllabi submitted for review do not need to be in the final draft.  The GSC and UGSC are generally concerned with the review of the following:  1) the statement of learning objectives; 2) an outline of topics; and 3) a list of required readings/texts.

You will receive an email from the TRACS system to upload your syllabus, in accordance with the following schedule:


Fall Semester

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First day of semester

First day of semester

For new or substantially revised courses, feedback will be provided to instructors three weeks prior to the start of the term. Notably for graduate courses, where accreditation requirements demand that courses meet certain core competency requirements, it is expected that faculty will comply with requests for revision.

The course syllabus represents a contract between the instructor and student. It is important that it clearly outlines expectations, grading and attendance policies, and appropriate student conduct guidelines to all students enrolled in the course.

 A syllabus does not need to be provided in hard copy and can be distributed through Canvas or through other online formats. The scheduling of subjects may be changed after the start of a term, but once the syllabus has been circulated to students, it is strongly advised not to make further changes to: a) grading policies; b) policies regarding student conduct and academic honesty; or c) the timing of key exams.

For more resources and guidelines, refer to the links below:

FHS course planning and syllabus checklist

Sample course syllabus

Syllabus template

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Basic Professional Training Course on Nuclear Safety

​​The Basic Professional Training Course on Nuclear Safety (BPTC) is intended to provide a broad overview of all the safety concepts and their application to nuclear power plants and research reactors design and operation.

Its nature and scope are primarily oriented to junior professionals recently involved in nuclear safety-related activities. It is also appropriate for highly specialized professionals who lack a broader view of nuclear safety. The Course is made up of 22 modules and is designed to run six to nine weeks. This textbook is the instruction source for course lecturers and provides background material for participants.

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Human Resources Professional Training

Understand all the things that must be considered when designing a compensation and benefits package.
Learn the ins and outs of complying with OSHA, protecting against workplace hazards, and investigating, recording, and preventing accidents and employee illnesses.
Gain knowledge of employment law as well as an understanding of equal employment opportunity, avoiding discrimination, and what happens when an employee files an EEOC claim.
Learn how to make decisions based on various company growth strategies and how to use HRIS Software as well as job analysis as a tool for decision-making.
Learn the full spectrum of affirmative action, how to create an affirmative action plan, and information on the AAP you will need to know.
Understand what diversity is and why it is a good thing in an organization as you learn to manage it and handle conflict.
Learn the laws that protect employee rights and privacy and how to properly monitor and document behavior and discipline employees.
Understand the alternatives to firing as well as how to prepare for termination including proper separation agreements as well as what to do in the event of wrongful discharge.
Learn why it is so important to investigate problems as well as the steps of an effective investigation including preparing, conducting, and wrapping it up.
Get a quick overview of the history of unions as you learn how they work and why employees join them.
Learn how to ask employees for input and act on it, delegate authority, keep communication open, and continuously ask for feedback as you strive to develop a high-performance workplace.
Understand the basics of staffing strategy, cultural differences, HR in other countries, choosing global employees, and issues faced by expatriates.
Learn the top reasons employees leave a company and how you can encourage them to stay as well as the importance of succession planning.
Find out fun ways to motivate workers and gain nine strategies for creating a great rewards program.
Gain information on externships and internships as you review the basics of the PHR test and begin to study.

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Professional Education

Whether you're looking for career advancement courses to Boost your professional prospects or customized training for a team of corporate employees, Collat Professional Education is ready to partner with you to elevate your potential and achieve desired results.

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Online Self-Paced Professional Development Courses

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For a limited time, when you purchase any course from Goodwin College’s Online Professional Development Course catalog, you’ll receive the online, self-paced course, Speak With Confidence for free! The link to access Speak with Confidence will be included in your course confirmation email that you receive 24-48 hours after registration.

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Instructor Led Professional Development Courses and Training

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Professional Development Courses

In addition to the Master’s degree programs described elsewhere, Project Dragonfly offers a number of online and hybrid courses that, along with our suite of Earth Expeditions global field courses, can be taken on their own for professional development and lifelong learning, outside of a degree program.

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