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SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 12
SUSE Administrator mission

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SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 12
Question: 118
In which file are global configurations for users who use bash as their login shell set?
A. /etc/bashrc
B. /etc/
C. /etc/bash.conf
D. /etc/bash.bashrc
Answer: D
Question: 119
Using wicked, how can you bring up the network interface eth0?
A. wicked ifup eth0
B. wicked up eth0
C. wicked set eth0=up
D. wicked-up eth0
E. wicked if=eth0 md=up
Answer: A
Question: 120
Which vi command replaces every appearance of "Suse” with "SUSE"?
A. :s/Suse/SUSE/
B. :s/Suse//SUSE/
C. :%s/Suse/SUSE/g
D. :/s/Suse//SUSE/u
Answer: C
Question: 121
050-733.html[10/12/2021 4:02:11 PM]
You want to install the gvim RPM package that is available on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation media. Which command installs the gvim package, and resolves
dependencies as needed?
A. rpm -i gvim
B. yast -i gvim
C. yast -I gvim
D. rpm -U gvim
Answer: A
References: 0.2/html/opensuse-manual_en/manual/ sec.yast.ncurses_commands.html
Question: 122
What is the type command used for?
A. type determines the type of a command (shell builtin, alias, file on hard disk).
B. type is used to determine the type of processor used (32-bit, 64-bit, Power)
C. type displays the type of terminal (ttyl, tty2) you are logged in to.
D. type is used to print text to a teletypewriter.
Answer: A
Question: 123
In the bash shell, which command can be used to create a MY_NAME variable containing the value Joe?
B. MY_NAME = Joe
C. echo Joe > MY_NAME
D. export MY_NAME = Joe
Answer: A
Question: 124
How long does "Long Term Service Pack Support (LTSS) for SLES" extend the span of getting updates for SLES packages belonging to a specific Service pack?
A. 3 years
B. 1 year
C. 5 years
D. 7 years
E. 10 years
Answer: C
050-733.html[10/12/2021 4:02:11 PM]
Question: 125
Which command can be used to set the system time? (Choose two.)
A. time
B. timeofday
C. date
D. netdate
E. hctosys
Answer: CD
Question: 126
Which statement about the primary (default) group of a user is correct?
A. Theprimary groupmembershipof a useris defined in the/etc/gppasswd file.
B. Theprimary groupmembershipof a useris defined in the/etc/shadow file.
C. Theprimary groupmembershipof a useris defined in the/etc/passwd file.
D. Theprimary groupmembershipof a useris defined in the/etc/group file.
Answer: C
Question: 127
What is the name of the file containing the initramfs?
A. /sbin/liniixrainfs
B. /lib/initramfs
C. /boot/ramfs
D. /boot/initrd
E. Zboot/vmram
F. /sbin/vmram
Answer: D
Question: 128
What is the result of the following command? dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdd bs=512 count=1
A. Writes zeros in the first 512 bytes of the first hard disk block
B. Assigns the physical volume zero to the logical volume hdd
C. Overwrites an existing partition table
D. Creates a LVM partition of 512 blocks
E. Backs up the /dev/zero and /dev/hdd files
050-733.html[10/12/2021 4:02:11 PM]
Answer: AC
Question: 129
Which protocol is used to send messages by the ping command?
Answer: D
Question: 130
You need to find the files in the /etc directory that contain the word DocumentRoot in a terminal window. Which command will help you find it?
A. discover DocumentRoot/etc
B. search-r DocumentRoot/etc/*
C. find /etc -content DocumentRoot
D. grep -r DocumentRoot /etc/*
Answer: D
050-733.html[10/12/2021 4:02:11 PM]
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The NTSB is investigating a crash that left four dead.

A woman was shot after a “neighborhood feud” involving children, the Marion County sheriff said. (WESH)

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